I am a native Chinese living in China but previously spent significant time living in the West so I would like to dispel some confusion for AA especially younger folks.


(A) WMAF is the natural consequence of a tribe of people defeated by another tribe. This is what human beings do to each other — confrontation, conflict, oppression and annihilation.

(A) 白人男性亚裔女性是一个部落征服另一个部落的自然结果。这就是人互相之间所做的:对峙,冲突,压迫,和歼灭。

When the defeated group is ethnically close enough to the victors, the culture and history of the defeated may be wiped out but the people may swear allegiance to the victors as citizens. This is what happens in a civil war.


When the defeated is not ethnically close enough to be assimilated, then the men are killed and the women are enslaved. Humanity has been doing this tribe on tribe for thousands of years.


In today’s world, massacres are not 100% necessary when you have other means to wipe out an ethnicity such as making propaganda to demean an ethnic group and make them vulnerable to internal division along gender lines.


(B) Asian Americans are the Aboriginal Indians of the 21th century. The plot is exactly the same. Wars, sowing internal division, the women are given a lower position on the totem pole in mainstream society and the men die out.

(B) 美国亚裔就是二十一世纪的土著印第安人,策划是恰恰相同的,制造内部分裂之战争中,女性在主流社会之阶梯上得以更低的位置,男性被灭绝。

(C) Asian Americans are not really Asian. If you don’t have an Asian passport, you are not truly Asian. This is true even if you speak some of the homeland language or prefer Asian food. Even the first generation immigrants, the moment they lose the homeland citizenship BAM they are not truly Asian anymore.

(C) 美国亚裔非真正亚裔。若没有亚洲护照,你非真正的亚洲人,即使你说一些母国语言或倾向于亚洲餐。即使那些第一代移民,他们失去母国国籍时就不在是真正的亚洲人了。

(D) Asia and native Asians are absolutely nothing like Asian America. Just as importantly, native Asians are not similar to first generation Asian immigrants! Asia is not some continent inhabited by people exactly like first generation immigrants.

(D) 亚洲和本土亚洲人完全不像亚裔美国。同样,本土亚洲人不同于第一代亚裔移民。亚洲不是一个被与第一代移民恰恰相同的人所居住的洲。

The introduction of Western influence in Asia starting with Portuguese and Dutch traders in the 16th century and extending to the Opium War in the 19th century, colonization of SE Asia and foreign concessions in Qing Empire, and finally post-WW2 American domination of Pacific Asia periphery and the social upheaval created is the ultimate reason why there are ethnic Asians in America.


In this social upheaval, some people and some groups became pro-Western and some people and some groups became anti-Western.


First generation Asian immigrants are very often the most pro-Western extremity of the population plus some people who went there not entirely voluntarily — famine, persecution, etc. Basically, the more well off the family and the better quality of stable life the family enjoyed in Asia, the more status climbing and white worshipping they must be to be motivated to emigrate away from their homeland.

第一代亚裔移民经常是人口中政治上最亲西方的, 也有一些由于饥荒,迫害,等等,不完全自愿去的。简而言之,家庭情况越好,所享受的稳定生活之质量在亚洲越高,就越需要社会地位攀登性及崇洋媚外才会有动力离开母国。

Actually, the ethnic Asians in America from 1970s and earlier did not have such a WMAF problem because they were largely involuntary not motivated by status climbing or white worshipping.


(E) So basically now the situation you have is one group of Asians living in Asia who are mainly proud to be Asian and don’t particularly like the West. Although within this native Asian group there is a minority who are still pro-West (wanting to emigrate in other words).


Then you have another much smaller group AAs who are living in the West. They are there because some generation decided to leave their homeland. Very often especially if the emigration is voluntary, status climbing and white worshipping is a major factor.


AAs are basically the collaborators of the Western imperialists plus their offspring. The Western imperialists do not accept the collaborator’s surrender and simply allow them to swear allegiance like a defeated civil war faction. Rather, the West treats them like an unassimilable ethnicity that must be wiped out just like Aboriginal Indians. The men must be wiped out and the women enslaved.


(F) There is pretty much no hope for AAs because you are not strong enough to form a national independence movement with a guerilla army and carve out your own country.

(F) 美国亚裔几乎没有任何希望因为他们没有足够实力以游击队形成国家独立运动,挖出自己的国家。

You have too many internal divisions because the first generation are usually stuck in their collaborationist ways and actively try to emasculate their sons and sell off their daughters as sex partners to white men to gain acceptance or status in society.


Then you have certain groups of AAs who are just politically really closely aligned with American power in Pacific Asia.


Then you have the AA females who are naturally status climbing and white worshipping just like their parents.


Then you have some weak minded AA men who are okay with this.


Then you have some people who try to do something — they are activists for greater representation of AA in the media. However, they are still trying to make the dream of assimilation into reality by mimicking the African American experience.


Then you have some WMAF hapas who are born from Western imperial domination and racism and just regret they cannot pass for white.


The remainder who can possibly realize that their interests as a human being are in direct contradiction with Western civilization aims and behavior probably lack the language and cultural skills to reconnect with Asia. Thanks again to collaborator parents.


In summary, AA is a huge mess, ripe for exploitation, sexploitation, ethnic cleansing and massacres as a convenient scapegoat and target for a Western world frustrated with the rise of China and consequent full liberation of Asia from Western imperial influence.


China has a massive nuclear arsenal, stealth fighters / bomber and a blue water naval just to protect ourselves from the hostile West. What chance do AA have, stuck deep behind enemy lines? Zip. Nada.