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As you, the reader, might have noticed, I created this site not only to write out my technical thoughts/notes but also as a medium of realistic expression on matters historical, social, and political misrepresented or silenced in the mainstream media. A list of that would be

  • education/academic system
  • STEM cultures
  • human biodiversity/cognitive differences
  • race relations and discrimination in elite careers
  • China
  • Soviet Union/Russia
  • Jewish overrepresentation, even when controlling for IQ

Like many, I consider quite unfortunate and regressive much of the political madness, self-censorship, and outright historical falsification engulfing this country whose values and system are still a de facto world standard, an artifact of course of America’s dominant position in economics, military, and science/technology, and as a natural consequence, its cultural projection.

I champion taking a more active, open approach towards shaping our cultural norms and consensus on consequential historical and political matters, with an emphasis on the hard facts, something our mainstream media definitely does not do very well. While passive conformism is the default of human nature, remember that culture does change from generation to generation, and while the influence on it of an individual is almost always negligible, the effect is always manifest when accumulated over a large number of people.

All the material on this site up to the day of writing of this page, August 6, 2018, has been written or curated by an individual owner of this site. I have been pleased to receive more readership lately. It has inspired me to aggregate more high quality content from more sources. Yes, I’m extremely smart, with strong academic and contest credentials on the technical side, and not only that, a rare combination of linguistic and historical knowledge, but one can only do so much as an individual contributor.

So I welcome visitors of this site with substantial content to contribute to make a submission by emailing to gmachine1729 at what you would like published. The material will be screened and edited for quality prior to publication. All the details associated with its publication, like location on site and description of author(s), can be discussed flexibly and openly with me.

Your anonymity will be safely guarded. You can publish as simply anonymous, or with a pen name.

You might wonder how this will be different from the gazillion other (professional) media sites out there. My intention is that the signal to noise ratio will be unusually high. As you see, most mainstream media sites have volumes of content very difficult to wade through, because so much of it is junk. I will definitely not be that way. I believe heartily in learning and reading a few important and substantial topics/articles extremely deeply, as opposed to superficially learning a large number of subjects, which is sadly the way the US education system has been going. Breadth can be important, but it is almost always that depth is an essential foundation any true breadth.