Western Networking vs chinese guanxi

No Asian-American networks exist with the old boys club kinda power that helps out the bros and runs and funds things in the West. AA orgs on campus and such are more limited to being the cultural immigrant refuge kind.

Your garden variety popular drunk party bro frat can provide a better network rolodex and career opportunities for its members, that’s how America works.

Because Asians are raised to get jobs via the studious Asian ways and not thru fratty networking they’re often blind to how whites move beyond them in school and work with ease.

For this scene, they recruited 2 Asian women, 1 Hispanic woman, 3 white men and 1 black men. The same trope we have seen 1,000,000 times before. This is western “diversity” – Asian women are promoted as white and black men’s property, while Asian men cease to exist. A sick form of social engineering

True. I just talked to a user on here too actually who divert white power from within by doing business with outsourcing and manufacturing.

Sure the roads are harder but you gotta get more Asians to stop wasting their talents beneath the bamboo ceiling to enrich whites at their own expense. The Asian workforce needs to start revolting, currently there’s only a few of us out there who attained freedom and success beyond the bamboo ceiling. The wealth and power gap between the ownership and investor class and model minority success Asians is still huge.

Too many Asians study and work their asses off without questioning how the institutions control and limit their payout potential.

MFW someone believes too many Asians in top school to be a problem.

Schools like Stuy are a tiny peasant tunnel
route for a limited amount of spots (controlled by whites) of excessively hard working academically talented Asian students.

Getting into these top schools and getting cushy jobs in finance for rich private school whites is pretty much a birth right. They coast thru it pretty easily while partying hard in campus and in the Hamptons but most studious Asians aren’t aware of that.

For this scene, they recruited 2 Asian women, 1 Hispanic woman, 3 white men and 1 black men. The same trope we have seen 1,000,000 times before. This is western “diversity” – Asian women are promoted as white and black men’s property, while Asian men cease to exist. A sick form of social engineering

STEM industries like tech/Silicon Valley are Asian men’s #1 enemy. Asian progress in that field will be exclusively made by Asian females obviously for obvious reasons.

In the end more Asians need to quit the bamboo ceiling and start their own thing though.

Challenging the “Asian patriarchy” stereotype

It’s just non-sensical mental gymnastics that many AF’s frequently use to justify their white worship.

Because being upfront and honest about their fetish fever for white male patriarchy would discredit their PC progressive female empowerment narrative.


That’s true in general. But because of bad stereotypes unique to Asian men some attempts to look better (like accessorizing with Harry Potter glasses) can backfire spectacularly for them.

50-year old creepy French author says he cannot stand dating WF, and prefers young AF, who link him with another “cosmos”

Luckily for him plenty of young AF’s will love him long time too.

United We Stand Divided We Fall

Amount of “Bananarangs” is so tiny it’s negligible IRL. For every instance of them there are ~50+ AF’s who move from AM to WM.

R/Seduction: Tinder in Asian countries VS europe

White worship is global. It is rampant across Latin America for example but that doesn’t get much attention because it’s easily eclipsed by the comical scale of Asian white worshipping.


Correct, most Asian guys can’t afford to wear glasses because it magnifies the nerdy, effeminate stereotypes that plague them. If you’re a hot guy to begin with then you can probably get away with it much like how you can pull women just in jeans and basic t-shirt.


Those round Harry Potter glasses are not a good look on ~90% of Asian men who rock them. Not because there’s something wrong with the glasses per se but because most men who wear them are too petite and neotenous themselves. So unfortunately those glasses magnify the traditional emasculating Asian stereotypes for those guys but for guys with attractive features (tall, fit, chiseled jawline etc.) it might be a plus and enhance their look.

Bottom line is no glasses or fashion can compensate for a lack of fundamentals.

Do most white people still have all these stereotypes of Asian people? I don’t live in a majority white country so I wouldn’t know but just asking any of you Asians living in the west.

Oui. Yes. Ja. Si.

Being Chinese American in Japan

I know a couple white and latino dudes who barely get shit for Tinder matches at home so they go to Asia every year.

Can’t blame them, it’s like they found a super cheat code to play Tinder in extra easy mode.

Marvel’s next major film will be lead by an Asian director

I can see it happening soon – Asian female super heroine who sleeps with white guys only that is.

[21M] Guys, be honest with me, am I just ugly?

That’s correct. Gotta fill out the frame to make use of the height advantage.

Also, because there’s a gazillion of opinions and trolls on Reddit OP (u/infurno8) should seek out advice and opinion from a select few verified members who have demonstrated that they successfully transformed themselves and do consistently well in the dating market.

The ratio of useful legit advice vs random garbage is 1 to 30 or so around here. I’ve seen guys on here who are literal Doppleganger dead ringers for Bobby Lee and Long Duk Dong giving looks improvement advice on here. Those guys should be reported imho.

Reminder: if you are non-white and a cop in America, you will be punished or go to prison for killing someone. If you are white, you go free.

Anyone who’s even slightly shocked at the amount of Asian women who are willing to risk their lives to be with “hansum whyyy guyy“ has zero understanding of how the world works.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

Also, even though most progressive feminist #metoo activist women might be able to resist and reject the amateur-level fratty toxic bro the right handsome successful sociopath who is manipulative enough will easily have them wrapped around his fingers. The Dexter/Patrick Bateman type is one of the biggest consistent winner types of men I’ve seen.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

I understand your concern and your disdain for toxic masculinity but end results and numbers speak for themselves.

In other words, toxic masculinity is the way to go by a landslide if a results-driven guy wants to increase his socio-sexual market value, # of matches and wealth but I absolutely see your point that it is probably not the moral high road to take. We live in an amoral world though.

People hold us Asians to a way different standard than they ever would to a white man

Don’t forget that most Asians hold whites to a different standard too – by treating whites much better than themselves.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

Doing bad things because you can get away with it isn’t a “white males in power” thing, it is a general “men in power” thing. Boys being boys essentially.

I’ve seen a shitload of guys all races evolve from humble nice guys into massive dbags/toxic assholes/bullies once they came into power (e.g. getting famous/rich/laid a lot). In fact, I just spoke to two of them this morning, one of them non-white.

Disgusting China Sexpats SerpentZA and Laowhy86 have now moved to Vietnam

That’s correct. The only thing that’s lower than sexpat bottom feeders are the locals who roll out the red carpet for them.

Racism faced by AM

Brah if this is not troll:

  1. Lift (500 hours)

This exactly. Start there, then complain and analyze if you wish. u/azncommunity either sounds like a troll or is that exact spineless Asian male weakling stereotype that hasn’t taken self-responsibility to address his own miseries yet.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

You don’t get to smash women like Madonna to begin with by being a model minority doormat.

The mindset and morals that led Asian men to having zero power in the West is the same that led them to being the biggest failure of all men in the sexual arena too.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to blaze your own path and stick to your own principles but when the results consistently lead to no promotion at work, getting beat up on the school yard and getting no pussy then you may wanna try something that works.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

Some toxic traits may be morally bad but in the end are beneficial to certain end goals like gaining power and bedding women. Also, “toxic masculinity” is a far lesser evil to live with in this world than emasculation and the asexual treatment that most Asian men have to live with every day.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

Because there are so few of us who have the power, those of us who get the power need to be responsible

The cautionary model minority attitude is why Asian men aren’t in power and treated like doormats.

Also, Ken Jeong and Warner CEO aren’t representatives of AM’s in power because there aren’t enough AM’s to form any pattern yet. There are general patterns and traits of men in power in general from CEO’s to world leaders though. Asian-American men just aren’t present in that category.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

You have a man in power who is behaving like a man in power. Because it’s so rare to see an Asian man in this position there’s no need to discuss this further. It’s a one-off until more Asian men are in power.

[21M] Guys, be honest with me, am I just ugly?

You have lots of work to do and room for improvement. Height is an asset. Bulk up, a good neck and thick shoulders can make you look more intimidating which is a plus. I’m around your height and keep my body weight in the UFC light heavyweight range.

“I Need to Be Careful”: Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship

Acquire power and privilege first, then you can discuss whether this behavior is good or bad. An AM having that kinda power to begin with is a good thing and unfortunately too rare in this century,

How I beat the idea that I’m a weak Asian male into the dirt

You did the right thing. To earn respect both for yourself and your surroundings you beat, win, and overpower the opponent. That’s how things work around here. Nothing gets handed to you and no one respects begging like a peasant. Whether they like you or not after you conquered them is of secondary concern for Asian looking men for now.

One of the biggest tools to coming out ahead in the racial social scene – plausible deniability

What’s wrong with sociopathic behavior? The biggest winners in areas that Asian men traditionally struggle with (women, power etc.) I’ve ever met are charismatic, polished and ruthless sociopaths. The Patrick Bateman and Ted Bundy types.

Also, note how a wide range of negative Asian male stereotypes are variations of the “nice guy” stereotype – e.g. nerdy, studious, pushover, humble etc.

High-Performance Asian Male, Justin Kan (Twitch co-founder), gives his tips about achieving High Performance in Life (including a generally happier life)

Those CEO tips from Justin Kan can benefit anybody much like how dribbling tips from Jeremy Lin can benefit anyone who plays bball. Considering systemic discrimination barriers like the bamboo ceiling it is more likely that non-Asians benefit from Kan’s tips.

The reality is there aren’t enough Asians in the West in top positions (e.g. CEO’s, leadership, investor class-/independently wealthy) yet to form a viable clear path for Asians to follow. Most who get further than where they’re supposed to be have blazed their own trails or had certain advantages to benefit from.

Asians don’t address systemic barriers because they’re proud of being hard workers and too ashamed to acknowledge struggle and failure. They’d rather tout the success up to the bamboo ceiling and ignore the lack of representation above it on the C-suite & Old Boys Club levels.

And that’s exactly why Asian six-figure white collar workers who are toiling up to mid-level are a dime and dozen and hardly any Asians beyond that.

Stanford Employee Arrested on Attempted Murder Charge

To show Asians the types of people who are in charge of college admissions. To highlight that hard studying Asians are entirely at the mercy of privileged whites who can move the goal post if they want to. This continues after college as well.

On a side note – he has that white privilege “Brock Turner” look.

Has Tinder been getting even harder these past years?

Shirtless selfie may not be allowed on Bumble. But casually throwing the football on the beach or raving with your bros and hoes at Coachella while shirtless is allowed and possibly a + if you have some abs.

Informal Poll: What do you consider sexual success?

Having the options, power and freedom to do, love and fuck whoever I please is ultimate success.

Whether I want to use my privilege to settle down and be monogamous with the woman of my dreams, have a hot mistress or sugar baby on the side while on business trips, being able to pump and dump by swiping on Tinder, fuck my neighbor‘s wife or daughter etc. is secondary.

What matters to me first and foremost is having the wealth of choices to do what I want to begin with. The higher your SMV the more options you can enjoy in this world.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

I’d be careful about teaching your kid to be a disciplined and decent person on paper. Here’s why:

WASPS and hipsters (same economic bracket) raised their kids to treat their babysitters, teachers and doormen like shit to empower them. To teach them they’re better than the rest of the world, especially minorities.

That sense of entitlement and arrogance might be morally deplorable but gives them an edge when it comes to hoarding power, getting ahead of everybody, conquering women etc.

Meanwhile, Asians are traditionally exploited by those in power because of their humility and working class discipline. Most Asians lack that arrogance, that selfish and greedy edge that is often needed to get to that next level.

Yesterday’s article from Jezebel repeats the old Asian Feminist claim that Elliot Rodger was inspired by Asian masculinity. Its notable that the author knows enough to specifically identify Elliot’s mom as Chinese Malaysian, but is seemingly unaware of the disdain he held Asian men in

Yes, white loving AF like her have zero sympathy for the 3 Asian men Eliot Rodger killed because those ching chongs aren’t a concern or even human to her when she pushes her white patriarchy worshipping activist narrative on a platform like Jezebel ironically.

Like many progressive AF’s Clio Chang feels that the killing of these invisible chinks is no loss to her or society at all. Mentioning these asexual FOB nerds would’ve introduced questionable cracks in the subtle white man ass kissing narrative that she published.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

The “system” is set up so the middle class have almost no chance to make it to the 1% or other areas of power. So the upward mobility rate is even more firmly capped for Asians as every study ever done on this subject has shown.

It is also harder to attain than ~20 years ago since costs have inflated and salaries haven’t kept up during my entire adult life so far. And I agree, you’re probably right about Asians never being able to knock down the gates of Newport Beach or Hamptons or Malibu in our lifetime.

But since Asians in the West stopped moving up a long time ago they have nothing to lose. Thus by grabbing their balls and traveling the hard road of financial independence the most talented workers at least don’t get fed into that bamboo ceiling grinder that the wealthy whites above them traditionally benefit from. If you’re your own boss you don’t have to deal with not being promoted or having to work for some bro who hasn’t done much more than inheriting his position of power.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

It’s good to have more people from SoCal with a street level view on here. A lot of Asians from other places falsely view SoCal as this utopia where Asians run shit and enjoy a diverse social scene. In reality the social segregation is pretty obvious everywhere you look whether you’re in SFV, LA or OC. Whites keep to themselves and Asians interact far more with Latinos.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

Yes, hipster gentrification is where you can see the wealth advantage that whites have over Asians and other minorities. Not too many Asian white collar bros have the means to open the kinda craft cocktail bars and yoga studios you see popping up in Highland Park or K-Town etc. but having them coming to your door is waking up some local Asians at least.

Some filthy rich new money fobs may have similar means to trust fund hipsters but they’re currently completely oblivious to social and racial dynamics like you mentioned and don’t leave their bubble like SGV much. If they could be woken up to reinvest their resources with power in mind then it could be a decent local boost that Asian-Americans need.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

Inheritance, funding, trust funds, not being bound by debt etc. are huge advantages that middle to upper middle class Asians aren’t aware of. Thanks to connections to funding, some white guys who fail 5x+ with their startups even get more funding repeatedly. Pretty common in Silicon Valley actually. Also common in the restaurant/bar industry.

Despite most Asians not having that kinda advantage it is still necessary for more talented Asians to quit bamboo ceiling work and go to the independent route. Sure it’s a harder path when you don’t have mommy and daddy’s funds and connections but financial independence and investing and being your own boss is the only solution for most dead end bamboo ceiling model minority victims. Link up with other Asians who have balls and maybe something happens.

Asian man ingeniously saves a boy dangling from a ski-lift; some smarmy white kids take all the credit

Watch the scene again. Asian hero in the video is unattractive and invisible. If it were me on the other hand in the scenario of course it would’ve been different.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

Yes, whatever I discuss here should ring a bell to you if you actually grew up in SoCal (unlike various trolls) and if you’re aware of local social conditions. In fact some of the private schools I talk about here are the well known San Fernando Valley ones. The social dynamics are similar to OC.

Painful recollections of a woke Australian Asian woman: “I went to bed every night wishing I could just wake up white”

Can confirm this. A lot of your favorite Asian celebrity chef personalities have to turn a profit for their mostly white investors and a lot of popular Asian themed bars in popular Asian nightlife neighborhoods are owned by rich white bros too.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

So in Australia private schools select by merit not money?

Family power, prestige and fame are big admission factors to a lot of top private schools in places like LA and NYC. So grades and even wealth alone sometimes isn’t enough for Asian kids to get into those. That’s why you have ultra competitive elite public schools like NYC‘s Stuyvesant HS as a refuge for those who only know the Asian meritocratic way.

The fact that these things exist alone should raise alarm bells for halfway intelligent Asians. It is a corrupt system and Asians are on the losing end of it.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

Yes, things that keep whites in power such as old boys club networking, legacy and preferred prep school admissions etc. are a very foreign concept to most working-to-middle class Asians. Even on here these things sound Greek to most Asians. I think they’re blinded by that typical hard working immigrant mentality even though a lot of the stuff I mention on here (e.g. racial demographic stats, college admission rates, bamboo ceiling data) is basic open knowledge that anyone can read about.

Even the high achieving Asians who are exposed to power by being in certain jobs such as tech or high finance are either the studious kind who’ll crunch the numbers without complaining or they come from a legacy “old boys” network themselves (e.g. coming from a prominent HK banker family).

Has Tinder been getting even harder these past years?

Yes you can. Which is why said “unless you do something else” which involves investing and lifestyle choices.

Has Tinder been getting even harder these past years?

How is Tan Tan better? I don’t think it is due to simple lack of supply of women vs mainstream dating apps. It serves a niche for Asian men who aren’t desired in the Western dating pool and any AM gets more matches by default but I think that’s more than offset by the lack of supply.

I do slay like a beast on Tan Tan too but if you have your shit together (as in non-stereotypical Asian) then you should be better off on the most widely adopted mainstream dating apps vs Asian specific apps like Tan Tan or East Meets East etc. Other niche markets like AMWF dating sites are monopolized by the same few Asian “Chads” that the female user base passes around.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

Old money isn’t common but if you grow up in certain areas (coastal CA beach enclaves, NYC, waspy Northeastern suburbs etc.) or work in certain fields (Wall St, BigLaw, VC/tech etc.) you’ll see them around.

A lot of hipsters in places like LA and Brooklyn are mainly fueled by huge trust funds too. Some of them are laid back and don’t really show off their wealth. They do their own thing like start craft breweries because they can. A far smaller % of Asians I know have the funds and capital to even run such passion projects, that’s where the wealth and power gap is especially visible.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

It’s pretty systemic. Minorities are being priced out of desirable neighborhoods plus there’s good ol’ racial segregation and discrimination in real estate. There are many examples of the top desirable neighborhoods being almost entirely white even though they’re often literally located next door to successful hard working Asian enclaves. Examples include Malibu, Pacific Palisades, all the Bay Area old money and tech areas like Atherton, Marin County (the wealthiest county in CA). Basically there are no Asians wherever America’s ruling class resides.

I’m one of the few people who grew up going to both Asian enclave public schools and mostly white private schools in California so I got to bounce between 2-3 very different worlds. In California races stick to themselves clique-wise in public schools and in SoCal whites don’t interact with Asians very often in general. In LA’s enclaves like K-Town and the San Gabriel Valley it is far more common that Asians grow up going to school together with Latino kids while whites either stick to their own districts (ex, old money Pasadena area) or have the privilege to go to private schools (ex. Harvard-Westlake). Because so many Asians target UC schools for college they don’t interact with whites much throughout college either.

Also, another pretty huge thing that meritocratic Asians are completely unaware about for some reason is that kids in preferred prep schools don’t have to study that hard to get admitted into Ivy-caliber schools. This is public knowledge too but Asians still stay blind to it. That Harvard admissions controversy shouldn’t have been a big shock to them. To a lot of my white classmates getting to an Ivy wasn’t a big deal because all their family members go to top schools and at some of these 1/3 to 1/2 of their entire class gets admitted to Ivy Leagues as long as they had decent grades and standard letters of recommendations. By contrast, Asian students in places like Irvine work their asses off just to get admitted to a public UC school and getting into an Ivy is like a miracle come true to them.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

Some of the families I’ve been around growing up haven’t had to work real jobs for several generations. Grown ass 45 year old dads being surf bums for life basically. They even form their own surf gangs in certain old money beach cities like Rancho Palos Verde. They might be taken care of for at least a few more generations too.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

You’ll be surprised how few Asians who even live in the area their whole lives are clueless about power dynamics, otherwise there’d be some action to try to break the bamboo ceiling one would imagine. This general lack of power awareness in Asian-America is pretty much equal to a colonialized mindset.

Irvine is the poster boy of an ideal Asian-American enclave and unbeknownst to the local Asian residents themselves it is also the poster boy of the power gap between whites and Asians. It is the largest city in the US with an Asian-American plurality, with something like 42% being Asian. You’ve probably seen neighboring Newport Beach and Laguna Beach on TV, it is another level of wealth and power with ~5-7% of residents being Asian.

These swastika beer pong Newport Beach kids live adjacent to Irvine, one of the most successful Asian enclaves. Your Asian kids will be working for them in the future.

“Boys will be boys” is pretty institutional and accepted in the US (see Brett Kavanaugh for example). Some people get away with more than others depending on their race and social status. The fact that minorities like Asians punish their children for things that privileged whites get away with is a function of Asians knowing “their place”.

The bamboo ceiling is pretty institutional too and ensures that Asians can’t attain too much wealth and power no matter how hard they work. Irvine is one of the wealthiest Asian enclaves and meritocratic in culture but Newport is old money power and easily keeps Asians out of their gates despite bordering Irvine.

Asian man ingeniously saves a boy dangling from a ski-lift; some smarmy white kids take all the credit

It’s not just whites taking credit for Asian men’s work for themselves (like it’s the common norm in the workplace). Media and society also naturally prefer to assign credit to the more attractive and extroverted non-Asians in these kinda scenarios. Google “Platano Man”.

Society is permanently conditioned to see Asian men as undesirable and uncharismatic.

Has Tinder been getting even harder these past years?

It works like the economic wealth gap. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

To illustrate the payout equity gap: Much like how no 5-figure to lower 6-figure job will never make you a multi-millionaire no matter how hard you work (unless you do something else), those in the lower echelons of the dating economy can put in 10x the effort and still not yield a payout/matches close to a guy who’s in the top %ile.

If you’re in the top range it should be fairly effortless to get matches and dates because that’s where the women have to do some competitive chasing.

Has Tinder been getting even harder these past years?

Nice guy smile is nearly a death sentence if you’re an Asian engineer type, shirtless selfies I believe are even banned on apps like Bumble. Add pictures including interesting life activities or a good social life setting.

PM me if you want help. I clear the 80/20 Tinder rule and get hot matches pretty easily, can show you what I do. I do better than most of my white bro friends on these apps.

Do asian families come to the west to die?

They come here to work hard for their overlords.

I’m dating an Asian guy and have some questions

Providing for family might be alpha by 3rd world immigrant or working class standards but definitely not in a society that aspires to fulfill higher self-actualization goals (e.g. power, prestige, creative & spiritual achievements etc.)

I’m dating an Asian guy and have some questions

The difference and complications of how Asian families work vs other families is overstated, no need to over-analyze. The main difference is Asian boys are more coddled and less independent growing up, thus they seem more tight-knit.

Have you tested the waters yet by keeping him at length?

I’m dating an Asian guy and have some questions

No surprise since most girls are turned off by clingy guys. So by keeping you at arms length he might be trying to keep the ball in his court. Right power move from his end.

But something like not paying on dates and immature behavior when his fam comes around could be a rookie mistake so if you want the ball back in your court you’ll have to call him out for that. You might have the stronger hand here over his family since there are more alpha and more experienced men out there who also have the common sense to treat a woman better.

I’m dating an Asian guy and have some questions

Traditional Asian parenting marginalizes their sons into a beta position while empowering the girls to sell out to white men. That’s the clear result in real life whether it’s intended or not.

I’m dating an Asian guy and have some questions

OP might be better off with a more alpha guy who is used to making his own independent decisions in life and career while his family having less influence on him. But then again those men tend to be less clingy as they hold more individual power so the woman will have to initiate the chase.

Being coddled by an overbearing large family is another pretty common emasculating AM stereotype. It is discussed less because it’s overshadowed by much worse stereotypes that AM’s have to deal with. The “mama’s boy” treatment sabotages AM’s chances of interracial dating and makes them look beta compared to other men.

As others have pointed out here it is not a burden that AF’s who date out have to live with. Because coddling Asian families subordinate themselves under WM’s authority while marginalizing their sons.

Disgusting. The white entitlement. And the vapid Asian women who bash and laugh along at their own kind with whites.

AMAF been more “taboo” and less acceptable than WMAF my whole life. The real problem is that too many Asian men are still in denial of that reality even as of today.

Disgusting. The white entitlement. And the vapid Asian women who bash and laugh along at their own kind with whites.

You’re the exception, that’s why you get so much shit.

I’m dating an Asian guy and have some questions

The most pathetic and hypocritical part about traditional Asian parents is that they would never ever question or scrutinize their daughter’s white boyfriend in a similar way. Instead, they roll out the red carpet and kiss his ass as long as he is white.

Can’t expect the world to respect you when you have no pride and respect for yourself.

LPGA golf champion Michelle Wie dyes hair platinum blonde and dates WM… is there any successful American-born AF who doesn’t try to escape their Asian heritage?

Seriously. If you were forced to bet all your money and assets on what ethnicity men Michelle Wie or Chloe Kim or any similar Asian-American public figures are dating, what would you bet on?

Great, New York Times front page is on Asian prostitution and sexual slavery in America. Why doesn’t the media ever run anything positive about Asians?

Because Asians lack self-respect and self-responsibility, that’s why. Whites don’t really have to put in much effort to keep Asians in a low position as Asians do a bulk of the job for them already.

Long Duk Dong was 30+ years ago and today more AM’s still look closer to the Long Duk Dong stereotype than being in the territory of breaking them.

Bullied Asian kids still don’t punch back and sexpats will continue to trample and rape the dignity of locals in Asia for the foreseeable future.

Instead of gunning for leadership and financial independence tiger parenting continues to lead to the bamboo ceiling. When Harvard admissions raise the SAT score standard for Asians the Asian parents will make their kids study harder instead of questioning it. List goes on and on.

I’m in my early-to-mid 30’s now but haven’t seen much change in my lifetime so far.

Just browsed through 10 Asian-American female news anchors. All 10 had white husbands/boyfriends. 8 had photos with black guys. 0 had photos with Asian guys, other than 2 who had a fathers day photo with their dad.

Chans are automatically less visible because unlike AF’s most don’t have access to the open dating pool.

It’s laughable and preposterous how many AM’s claim to “prefer” whatever female when in reality they haven’t even earned the privilege to exercise any options based on preferences yet.

Just browsed through 10 Asian-American female news anchors. All 10 had white husbands/boyfriends. 8 had photos with black guys. 0 had photos with Asian guys, other than 2 who had a fathers day photo with their dad.

In my large apartment complex in a large urban downtown area the AFWM vs AFXM ratio (incl AFAM) is ~7:1.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

Enclave Asians strive to be “basic”, that’s why. Maybe they emulate their white “valley” suburbia counterparts to become an Asian version of them. A sense of belonging, I get it. In the end they’re very basic, watered down and predictable in terms of culture, taste and ambitions. 9-5 middle to upper middle class job, white BMW or Lexus, McMansion or bland gated Irvine condo, giant human chain of Asians at EDC, mediocre boba and ramen etc.

One of the funniest enclave sights to me is when a large group pops bottles in the VIP booth at the club. It’s like an awkward 8th grade dance where the genders are separated.

In Tech Race With Asia, U.S. Universities Are Actually Behind in Key Areas like AI, 5G. — US Govt is talking the talk, but not putting money where the mouth is

No but sadly it does make perfect logical sense for Asian men – a sexually neutered working underclass with no bargaining power.

Those who break out of “their place” face general hatred and hostility. Guys like me feed off that kinda hatred though. Homie of mine takes it a step further and home wrecks trophy wives regularly while openly taunting the cuq’ed husbands. Good for him although I wouldn’t risk my life just to feed my ego either.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

Incredibly enough a whole lot of AA’s who stick exclusively to typical enclaves speak their mother tongue poorly or even not at all. Being business fluent and bilingual/tri-lingual is such a huge asset that AA’s can’t afford to miss out on (given bamboo ceiling limits in many fields).

What’s even more embarrassing is that I know a lot of white people who can school most 2nd gen AA’s in their mother tongue, food and culture because they’ve done a lot more travel, living and business over there.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

Or from what i hear the white women in san Francisco are horrible and some of the reason why the white guys there prefer Asian girls.

Yes, even white dudes and women complain about the Bay Area. Look around in non-Asian forums or talk to whoever has lived there. No other metro area in the US gets more overall complaints and disdain by people of all kinds of backgrounds than the SF Bay Area. I can’t even think of a distant #2, I hear it just as often IRL as I see it online.

Makes sense that white guys go for AF’s at a higher rate in SF as their whiteness gives them extra leverage and admiration from Asian and Indian females especially.

In Tech Race With Asia, U.S. Universities Are Actually Behind in Key Areas like AI, 5G. — US Govt is talking the talk, but not putting money where the mouth is

Asians in tech are mostly specialized workers – a working class with higher technical skills and degrees but not part of the leadership/ownership class. Sand Hill Road traditionally puts their VC money where the white mouths are.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

It’s a larger uphill battle because Asian parents aren’t exposed to how the ruling class works let alone how to prep their kids to get there. Otherwise they’d understand how playing sports and frat/old boy networking plays a role in maintaining leadership and power.

The few Asians who were fortunate/wealthy enough to attend preferred private schools or made it a bit further in the job chain are exposed to what things look like above the bamboo ceiling. But to most enclave Asian-Americans it is a foreign world though. They’re content as long as they get to attend some UC school and make enough money for a comfy upper-middle class existence. Thus the inherent immigrant/working class mindset of Asian-America holds itself back from making it further in life.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

They keep you out of their gate when you get too close their power holdings. That’s why the barriers are extra firm in Silicon Valley and Hollywood for Asian men.

They also literally keep you out of their gate, not just institutionally. That’s why Asians have established their own enclave communities like Irvine and Cupertino but there are hardly any Asians in the top prime areas next to them such as in Laguna Beach, Los Gatos, Malibu, Marin County (Calfornia’s wealthiest county) etc.

Irvine’s Asian population is 41% vs Newport Beach’s 8% and Laguna’s 5%, respectively. The population data somewhat mirrors the Bamboo Ceiling effect where Asians are doing well on the middle class level but are barely present in the upper levels of society.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

Asian men are less desirable in the SF Bay Area because they’re ranked lower in the social hierarchy. That is primarily because white tech bros get all the funding and are in charge of a major industry where 50% of employees are of Asian descent but a much smaller % of Asians are promoted to leadership levels.

Plus you have a lot of old money communities around who have inherited their wealth and power for generations now (Stanford, Marin County, Wine Country etc.).

So the bamboo ceiling effects are most visible in the Bay Area as Asian men are firmly “put in their place”. There are a few exceptions who do very well despite these conditions though.

Why do many girls like girlish looking Asian guys like BTS, etc?

Not that many girls like girlish looking K-Pop guys yet. It is a niche but not big enough yet to influence Western culture.

If enough K-Pop acts regularly occupy the Billboard Top 20, have top billing spots at major music events like Coachella, VMA’s, Iheartradio festival, the Grammys etc, grace the front cover of US fashion magazines like GQ (not the Asia edition) and last but not least K-Pop looking guys get more Tinder and Bumble matches than your typical white bro in the West, then K-Pop has officially conquered by wielding significant influence. Until then K-Pop is to mainstream Western pop culture similar to how crypto is a tiny market cap compared to traditional money.

If I had to make a bet I’d say it would take a much more innovative genre than K-Pop to put Asians on the music map. A groundbreaking new genre much like how jazz, r&b/rock & roll, hip hop and electronic music have changed the music landscape forever over the past century.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

It’s true that tiger parents didn’t do their kids any favors by essentially making them work too hard for a manipulated scam system. Asian parents and upbringing “gifted” their sons with a handicap start and life set in extra hard mode.

As a result of this 3rd world immigrant mentality a lot of effort is wasted and growth/potential in social and financial areas have been greatly sabotaged by that upbringing.

Later in life some of them wake up when they hit the bamboo ceiling hard or get rejected by women far too often but I’d say most don’t wake up. Otherwise Asians would be far more empowered by now.

Hollywood’s racism against AM caught red-handed: Script Deems Asian Men With White Partners ‘Highly Unrealistic’

“self-hater” – precisely this.

Sadly no other race is chock full of examples of self-haters such as: the Asian kid that doesn’t fight back when being attacked, the overachieving model minority who doesn’t quit his job despite being hindered by the bamboo ceiling, the gazillion colonial white fever AF sellouts, the locals in Thailand or Japan who roll out the red carpet for sexpats etc.

Hollywood’s racism against AM caught red-handed: Script Deems Asian Men With White Partners ‘Highly Unrealistic’

To stay in power, that’s why they care. The better question is why do Asians want to stay powerless?

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

Anyone who doesn’t satisfy certain standards is screwed or will struggle, whether you’re a nerdy Asian guy or a 300lb neckbeard incel troll. That’s common sense.

However, Asian men are the only race of men who lack that common sense on an epidemic scale. Who else consistently complains about doing poorly in dating while completely neglecting fundamentals like having social skills and taking care of looks and fitness? Sift thru this forum alone and you’ll see an endless example of guys who whine to no end without even mentioning the obvious shortcomings that cause their misery.

Delivery man assaulted

Sadly that’s still revolutionary by Asian standards.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

Yes, ~5% of Asian guys being competitive enough for the Western market is a reasonable estimate.

Roughly speaking I believe the 80/20 Tinder rule (=you’re in the clear if you’re a ~Top 20% guy) holds true for men in general in the Western dating pool.

The low~ 5% of Asian men vs ~20% of men overall isn’t necessarily because of inherent genetic and cultural inferiority, it is also due to lack of self-responsibility and willingness to do what’s required in order to enter the dating pool.

Meeting Asian American women who specifically want Asian men

There’s a huge oversupply of AM’s who think their dating chances magically go up by resorting to enclaves and AA orgs to find love. That is a lazy choice with deservingly low success odds vs making an actual effort to improve their looks and social skills in order to become somewhat competitive in the general dating market.

The reality is that AF’s have exponentially more choices in the dating pool and choose to date out at a huge rate. Because the laws of supply and demand go heavily against AM’s even within enclaves they still need to work harder on their looks etc.

Those who want to see better results while choosing that lazy path of no self-improvement should consider moving back to Asia. Most Asian men who struggle in the Western dating market have to make up for a huge looks deficit AND a racial handicap.

Tokyo. Foreign sexpats everywhere. Even in the background outside of the main crowd, you can see many sleazy/predatory sexpats hunting for Japanese women. These are the people who say they “respect the culture”

When AM protest, AF call them out as toxic AM incels.

Because they can, it’s easy to kick down the weak. Barring a few exceptions here and there most AM’s are classified incel-tier so it’s a lazy and convenient excuse to call them toxic incels.

Speaking of toxic, Asian men shouldn’t really be bothered by that insult. Because “toxic macho masculinity” is easily the lesser evil vs “emasculated, nerdy, asexual”.

Why don’t most Anna Lu’s call AM’s outright emasculated, inferior, small dick nerd etc.? Because that would discredit their PC progressive agenda and image and expose their colonial white fever.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 25, 2019

None of these dating events can be successful for AM because the simple laws of supply and demand work against them (dating sites and apps specific for AM also fail because of this).

So you gotta control the m:f ratio. To get more women to come these you need to be selective about which men who can attend.

Tokyo. Foreign sexpats everywhere. Even in the background outside of the main crowd, you can see many sleazy/predatory sexpats hunting for Japanese women. These are the people who say they “respect the culture”

Anyone who lets these cretins run wild in their turf doesn’t respect their own culture.

You have a duty to set the path for future Asian American men.

I wonder that too. To me it should be a natural instinct and primal desire to conquer and win.

The “different species” you mention would quit and start their own thing rather than continuing working under the bamboo ceiling. Within Asians those other species are very few and far in between though. A far higher % of my white friends pursue their passions or start their own thing vs Asians, like tenfold. Maybe more.

The cultural component of being subservient is there for sure and while I’m no scientist there may be a genetic part too. Doesn’t matter because the end result is that very few Asian men break the systemic barriers placed upon them.

You have a duty to set the path for future Asian American men.

u/SimplyBaudo is a clear basement troll who’s been here before. Look at his history, he keeps making the same exaggerated and senseless claims such as:

– Good looking non-fob Asians are superior to whites (as in being in higher demand in dating and having higher privileges)

– California is superior because of diversity – Troll clearly hasn’t been here much (he may live in Canada), otherwise he’d know social scenes and districts in LA/OC are segregated.

– All AM’s have it extremely shitty in Europe, especially focusing on Germany for some reason – again with zero explanations behind it

Obviously this guy doesn’t get out much or he isn’t human (bot?). Maybe he’s fantasizing about becoming some sorta good looking superior alpha person who lives in his romanticized version of Southern California in his head because he’s been treated like shit in Canada and Germany.

Should I ask him out?

Most Asian guys are also completely powerless in the dating market. Since the supply and demand conditions overwhelmingly favor the women she can go ahead and pick up the guy with no effort, assuming she isn’t extremely unattractive.

Zach Hing discusses about the ‘Asian Women ashamed of dating White Men’ article & the hypocrisy of Asian feminism.

Ironically his dick sucking lips match his mega cuq chan personality.

You have a duty to set the path for future Asian American men.

Asian-Americans are the least successful minority. I’m looking at representation at the upper echelon of the fields they work and study hard for – white collar and tech. The fact that most Asians misguidedly tout average worker’s paycheck amount as a success shows they’re incapable of seeing past the bamboo ceiling. Meaning they cannot see who owns and rules over them.

The failure of breaking into leadership and ownership in the fields they supposedly excel in is a direct result of Asian-American parents promoting meritocratic value on an uneven playing field. It is like training for a sport where a goal you score counts as 1 pt and your opponent’s goal = 5pts.

This type of stuff irks me…

Why just single her out? Cosplaying colonized cum dumpsters like Rachel are a dime and dozen at comic conventions. Or on any given weekend in Japantown and Little Tokyo.

Zach Hing discusses about the ‘Asian Women ashamed of dating White Men’ article & the hypocrisy of Asian feminism.

Behold – the Asian twink version of Milo.

WM and AF Opens Vietnam Restaurant “We Suki Suki”, WM Dresses as Soldier

These days privileged white hipsters also inherit a lot of power positions in the media and entertainment industry. So colonizing Asian women and negative media stereotyping of Asian men is already 99.9% guaranteed for the next few generations.

Aren’t we blessed to have these people in our country?

The only thing more pathetic than these sexpats are the folks that keep rolling out the red carpet for them.

Structural problems within the Asian American community that’s keeping the community down

Bamboo ceiling is at least 50% of Asian-American culture’s own fault. AA upbringing and culture is rooted in a combo of a colonial and third world immigrant mindset and thus they produce good workers not leaders.

Gaining power and grooming for leadership isn’t even mentioned anywhere so Asian-American culture is fundamentally flawed and inferior until a much higher % of Asian-Americans become more power-aware and see things like the bamboo ceiling they keep working under.

Asian babyface and balding? Help?

Another worldwide known social stigma that even children can see is the unattractive, weak Asian male. This very visible stigma (which you can see when you walk around on the street) plays a significant role in keeping Asian men at rock bottom not just on the sexual/dating scale but in all areas of life. It is why Asian men are open targets for racist attacks in the West.

So yes, absolutely aim for buff even if you’re not hunting in the market for the sake of better individual representation as a more well-rounded Asian man. Most Asian men refuse to take self-responsibility and the failing results consistently speak for themselves.

Asian babyface and balding? Help?

That depends on what you look like and your genetics. Do enough to attract the women (or men) you desire. Some men can get away with a bit of moderate pumping, others have no choice but to put in more time in the gym and take roids.

Asian babyface and balding? Help?

If you tried your best and can’t gain significant muscle the natural way you might as well look into roids.

Asian babyface and balding? Help?

Take the common sense approach. Diet to cut bodyfat, work out to build muscle.

Do not listen to Asian men who disagree. No other race of men disagrees with common sense things so consistently.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 25, 2019

If you get the fundamentals right first (fitness, sufficient grooming, a good haircut etc. ) you can do whatever. You can wear a fitted suit, wear hypebeast shit or just roll out of bed like Chad after banging out your Tinder match.

That said, 90% of Asian dudes I see who are fashionable or do the streetwear/fuccboi thing are too skinny. It is the most commonly visible deficiency.

They need to lift and eat at least enough to have some meat on their bones. Very few can get away with being undersized when by having the right pretty boy or bad boy charisma and BDE (big dick energy). They’re the rare exception tho.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 25, 2019

Asian “basic bitch” is the type that clearly overcompensates for the lack of fundamentally attractive features that women desire (e.g. height & build, muscles, chiseled jawline, attractive face etc). So basic Asian bitch boy tries too hard to conceal his shortcomings by going hypebeast, rocking too many fashion labels, sporting trendy haircuts, overdressing, driving a white BMW etc. without going to the gym.

The guys at the top effortlessly pull girls of all ethnicities in basic jeans and t-shirts and take a few minutes to get ready. No amount of styling can make up for the lack of aesthetic fundamentals that Chad/Chang has gotten right.

The success of East Asian tech companies really makes me proud as an Asian American engineer.

For some reason Asians in tech aren’t aware that VC is overwhelmingly controlled by whites so they tend to invest in their own kind. This is pretty public knowledge, yet Asians don’t complain and continue to work hard for them without ever getting ahead. You’ll have to build something on your own and go elsewhere for funding.

Good Answer to “Why do many Asian women who write about Asian identity end up marrying or dating white men?”

That’s due to lack of institutional power and privilege. Not just in the sexual arena but you can’t expect even footing or equality when Asians own nothing worth of power in the West. Not even tech.

i know this isn’t typically the kind of stuff that gets posted here, but i interviewed TOKiMONSTA recently and she’s a major asian american role model for me and it was really exciting to talk to her about asian representation and diversity in music and i wanted to share

No need to ask that question. The default expectation will be WMAF or dating non-Asian guys. In entertainment full AMAF couples are a rare exception.

Good Answer to “Why do many Asian women who write about Asian identity end up marrying or dating white men?”

Mostly office lunch crowd along with student-age kids. Doesn’t matter though, you’ll see the same thing wherever you see a lot of Asians whether it’s Little Tokyo, Asia or K-Town.

My main take is most Asian men I’ve seen walking around today can’t afford that extra body fat chub when you’re shorter and smaller framed to begin with. Gotta diet and fill out your frame first.

You can’t afford to complain about how unfair the dating market is when you’re not within competitive range yourself. Without any leverage it is no wonder their voices are ignored by the general public.

Good Answer to “Why do many Asian women who write about Asian identity end up marrying or dating white men?”

The naked eye can see that most AM’s clearly don’t do enough to improve their appearance sufficiently. I’m staring at a sizable horde of them right now as we speak in LA’s Little Tokyo.

While negative media stereotypes are magnified there’s no denial that IRL more AM’s fit closer to those stereotypes than defy them by a landslide margin.

How does this sub feel about this – Is it wrong for Asian guys do this?

Beggars can’t be choosers. The vast majority of AM’s I see on any given day should be grateful to be seen in any sexual way by anyone at all.

Also, being triggered and caring about what these types of AF’s think is a symptom of inherent powerlessness in the socio-sexual sense.

Good Answer to “Why do many Asian women who write about Asian identity end up marrying or dating white men?”

Correct, you have to be a lot more attractive and successful by Western standards to make up for a huge power and privilege gap that comes with being Asian. That won’t change until Asians take power in the media and stop becoming a white worshipping laughing stock to the world etc.

Generally I’d say you’ll have to be a Top ~20% guy in terms of the desirability metrics (looks, height, social circles and status etc.) to effectively make up for the racial handicap. Yes, you’ll have to be more attractive than the vast majority of white guys out there.

If you don’t clear the 80/20 rule in today’s mainstream app world that women are on (that’s Tinder/Bumble/OKC/CMB etc) then the racial handicap will weigh on you exponentially harder. It roughly works like the economic wealth/poverty gap where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Those who aren’t willing to play in extra hard mode to clear much higher hurdles should consider looking into traditional routes and moving back to Asia etc.

Zero Asian representation at the Oscars

For the millionth time – Los Angeles/SoCal is where both Hollywood and the largest Asian population in the West call home. Yet there are hardly any Asians anywhere in Hollywood (aside from white sellout AF’s). Not in front or behind the camera, not at agencies, not in the backlot or offices, award shows or even your common Oscar viewing parties (which btw is LA’s Super Bowl night).

So don’t even expect representation when nobody’s doing shit on any level, whether it’s applying for a local job in the industry, taking acting lessons or just even date and socialize around town outside of Asian enclaves.

Asian men make up less than 2.5% of the U.S, population, yet we’re the subject to racism, violence, harassment, scapegoating, caricatures, and being pigeon holed 80% of the time.

Because of impotent activism without trying to address the obvious problems the Asian man jokes continue to write themselves. Even in this thread alone.

Asian men make up less than 2.5% of the U.S, population, yet we’re the subject to racism, violence, harassment, scapegoating, caricatures, and being pigeon holed 80% of the time.

The low-to mid-level tech & white collar job stats (such as avg paycheck amount) also conveniently mask the professional failure of Asian men, yet Asian-American enclaves exclusively boast those stats to claim success.

The real number that should be looked at is the disproportionally low representation at leadership/exec levels because Asians have the highest % of workers trained and educated for those fields. Going by those statistics Asians are the least successful minority in America.

I’m predicting that AF’s will be making more progress into exec levels similar to how they’ve made it further in Hollywood and in the media. That’s how it will be as long as Asian men continue to stay at rock bottom in the sexual market.

‘Asian Americans may have an educational advantage, but they face a ‘bamboo ceiling’ at work’ Do you guys think that this applies to Hapas too?

True, lots of white men also possess traits like being quiet and studious that prevent them from moving further up into higher positions.

But Asian culture widely fosters and grooms these negative traits as virtues into their men. The result being that Asian men are the least promoted and least desirable group of men as we all know.

Asian men make up less than 2.5% of the U.S, population, yet we’re the subject to racism, violence, harassment, scapegoating, caricatures, and being pigeon holed 80% of the time.

Yes, the best thing is to directly address the elephant in the room for yourself and actively do something about it. That’s common sense. No other race of men lack that common sense at such a massive scale though.

Asian men make up less than 2.5% of the U.S, population, yet we’re the subject to racism, violence, harassment, scapegoating, caricatures, and being pigeon holed 80% of the time.

Being the ultimate loser in sexual competition is Asian man’s worst problem by far. It is so severe that it negatively affects all other areas of life, yet Asian men are in denial or completely oblivious to it.

Even on here you see Asian men pointing fingers at everything else when they complain without ever acknowledging the real elephant in the room.

The fact that neither Asian women nor men of other races have to live with this particular problem makes this elephant even more visible to the rest of the world.

‘Asian Americans may have an educational advantage, but they face a ‘bamboo ceiling’ at work’ Do you guys think that this applies to Hapas too?

It’s a combo of how Asian you look and identify culture-wise. The more Asian looking and acting (e.g. being a studious, quiet engineer, socializing exclusively in enclaves etc.) the more likely you’ll hit the bamboo ceiling. You can make up for that with socializing and institutional power though.

If you bro it up with the right old boys club connections you might be less affected due to having better social resources. For instance, I know some average looking full Asian guys who don’t have to worry about the bamboo ceiling because they had a lot of friends at places like Stanford and they come from old money (as in coming from a prominent HK banker family or being the son of real estate magnates etc.)

Jeremy Lin on being the only Asian-American in the NBA: ‘At times it kind of sucks’

Nice to see more people Asian men in here who have a bit more exposure to the ruling power institutions than most. There aren’t too many of us in here either in case you couldn’t tell.

I’m assuming you can then also confirm that far more of your white classmates and co-workers don’t have to worry as much about salary thanks to various financial backings like family inheritance and investors. This might sound crazy to you and me but a lot of Asian-Americans aren’t aware of the extent of institutional power advantages that upper-middle to upper class whites enjoy vs Asians (e.g. the ease of getting admitted to top colleges if you’re legacy or go to a preferred private school, daddy’s old boys club connections for jobs, getting VC for your startup ideas etc.)

I recommend you start looking for ways to attain financial independence. It is another super hard road to take but pretty much the only way to not depend on white man’s check and enjoy freedoms like pick and choose which projects you wanna work on. Any easy road for AM’s automatically comes with severely limited and marginalized rewards.

Jeremy Lin on being the only Asian-American in the NBA: ‘At times it kind of sucks’

Correct. If you’re born an AM you’re underprivileged in more ways than I care to list here.

For example, the AM’s who complain about their struggles in the dating pool haven’t accepted the fact that they have no choice but to work 10x harder on things like looks and social circles just to be even with non-Asian guys.

Essentially the majority of AM’s choose to stay on the easy road of complaining while accepting being excluded from social and dating spaces over taking the rougher, extra hard road and breaking traditional barriers for themselves.

If Asian men don’t want to take self-responsibility to improve and evolve they can try to remove the bamboo ceiling by taking over a stake in institutional ownership in areas like sports, tech, Hollywood, DC, Ivy League administrations etc. Of course that’s even less realistic than individual improvement because in this world Asian men aren’t groomed and raised to become leaders, they’re groomed to become good workers.

Despite California boasting maybe the largest Asian population in the West I still hardly see any Asians working in Hollywood or being in decision-making roles in Silicon Valley at all. K-Town literally borders a lot of major studio lots and offices like Netflix but I can confirm first hand the only Asians you see 90% of the time in entertainment are white male worshipping AF’s.

Woke AF on Facebook. Preference != Prejudice and fuck people that label there racist prejudices “preference”.

No I’m illustrating how common negative attributes and stereotypes can be used against Asian men without explicitly mentioning race and inversely how assigning positive attractive/desirable traits and stereotypes can be used to express a racial preference. Women who have strong racial preferences but don’t have to mention it publicly on their dating profiles.

White worshipping Anna Lu’s who aren’t as eloquent with their approach yet will probably thank me for this “tip”, oh well.

Woke AF on Facebook. Preference != Prejudice and fuck people that label there racist prejudices “preference”.

A lot of progressive white worshipping AF’s are already circumventing that kinda accusation of racism – by describing how they love tall guys with beards etc. and how they loathe short guys who are introverted and nerdy and robotic etc. without mentioning their racial preference out front. It’a standard move these AF’s have copied from white women’s playbook of sexual racism.

Told my ex-boyfriend (AM) about this sub and he flipped out

Sounds like he got punched hard in the face by reality upon reading this sub.

You’ll be surprised, it is not uncommon for Asian men to go through their entire lifetime while turning a blind eye to reality. It’s a coping mechanism, they don’t see a lot of things that the rest of the world, even dumb children can easily see.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 18, 2019

This exactly, the end.

If you have to try hard or ask around Reddit you’re not attractive enough yet, it should be effortless.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 18, 2019

“Mayocuck”. That has a great ring to it. Everybody use that word whenever the fitting context arises.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 18, 2019

You’d enjoy that “high” you described literally every time you walk by any of them as long as you clearly outdo them in criteria like height, build, attractive masculine features like a good jaw and frame, social power etc. If you don’t then you’re miserable and need to put in more work.

The reality is most Asian men fall short in the aforementioned looks- and power-based critieria vs even subpar white betas and need to face the fact that they have to step up and work 10x harder to make their dreams come true.

A lot of my attractive friends (not just Asian guys) simply laugh at those typical subpar AFWM couples that trigger you. We often openly mock them intentionally so they can hear it too for a cheap laugh in a bullying kinda way.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 18, 2019

Be visibly far more attractive than those couples and your presence will unsettle them.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 18, 2019

Welcoming only as long as you’re not gunning for exec positions. Those are mostly reserved for whites.

In Silicon Valley for example it is typical for brilliant Asian engineers to work under mediocre white engineering directors or non-engineering project managers. This limit for Asians is called the “bamboo ceiling” and most Asians engineers/tech workers aren’t even aware of it (too busy working too hard?).

I’d say being a doctor is the least discriminatory profession for an Asian male. That said, Asian men need to stop being afraid of hostile waters, we need more Asian men with balls to enter Hollywood especially.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | February 18, 2019

No. Never. If you have that urge you probably still have an uphill battle to hook up with hot white girls. You can PM me for more questions and what I look like etc.

Ken Jeong with his primary audience.

Another place chock full of WMAF in attendance – large weddings in enclaves like K-Town and OC. Bay Area too and SGV is catching up FAST. Not just AFWM weddings but any of them. Funerals too or any function that typically involves bringing a date for that matter. You have to be in denial or not be invited to these things to not see them.

TBH you could probably compile a large list of Asian spaces and events where you can see a cringewothy amount of WMAF’s for yourself. It’ll be a long one and it might be a good way to send blind and oblivious Asians there so they can see for themselves.

Japanese Baseball Player’s Son Turns Himself Into a Living (White) Doll

Looks better than the “human Ken doll” at least

Only 2 East Asian Male Pornstars in the West? This is Sad!

Asian men who denounce the need for better representation in porn aren’t aware of basic realities and also fail to see the bigger picture.

The reality that Asian men often turn a blind eye to is that the bulk of discrimination by women and society against AM’s is looks- and sexual attractiveness-based. This sexual racism is pretty obvious to the rest of the world because it’s an issue unique to Asian men that other demographics don’t face to that extent.

Looks-based sexual racism and lack of power in the media (and lack of power in many other social aspects) are probably the largest factors that bring down the quality of life for Asian men. Porn is not only a big enough mainstream part of the media but it is a direct intersection of the biggest problems that AM’s face in the West.

Only 2 East Asian Male Pornstars in the West? This is Sad!

More importantly, porn is a major influence on shaping the sexuality and preferences of women as well.

Between the current representation of AM in porn and in the mainstream media it is already ensured that the next generation or two for women will find AM’s mostly unattractive.

The pinkoids are terrified that the Asian man is waking up

Yes, neckbeard Stormfronter incels cannot handle the fact that even their “women” prefer stronger and better men over them in general even if they’re of a different ethnicity.

Luckily for those bottom-tier abominations there are gazillions of Asian women available to them who are even more race loyal than most white women. Thus the white basement dwelling reddit incel can arbitrage the value of his skin color for a sizable sexual profit by simply flying to Asia and enjoy some good ol’ colonial sex-pat rape action.

The ultimate trade-off for that beta TOEFL English teacher type is that he’s betraying his own core white supremacist principles by engaging in the exact interracial sex/breeding acts that he rants about all day on stormfront, 4chan and reddit live from his mom’s basement. Essentially he is selling out his dignity and what his “viking blood Aryan” ancestors fought for for a cheap nut.

If I were a white supremacist nazi leader and activist I would cleanse those losers and weaklings out of my own genetic pool first.

The pinkoids are terrified that the Asian man is waking up

Keep in mind that those guys ring the alarm bells and arm up to fight even when they detect the slightest threat coming from afar. They’re masters of propaganda and will mobilize and unite their fellow brothers and sisters from all political spectrums long before a significant number of Asians will even wake up.

Asians have been receiving beatings every day and then walk away with their heads down for far longer than I’ve been alive.

Ken Jeong with his primary audience.

SF Bay is often cited as the worst place for men in general (boring, horrible women and gender ratio etc.).

But it’s even worse for Asian men because it’s directly visible how whites run and own the industry (tech) that Asians are supposed to excel in. No wonder this power gap breeds a ground zero for WMAF.

Ken Jeong with his primary audience.

Try eating at a popular omakase spot in SF or LA’s Little Tokyo.

It’s not an uncommon sight to have the entire sushi bar occupied by AFWM couples. I can only imagine how many of those the sushi chefs have looked at.

This is what salty bullies send to my little brother. Imagine being this pathetic.

Being smaller than the bully is no excuse to be a living punching bag. If you’re weak and small it’s even more imperative to take self-responsibility and train harder to fight. After all you’re a common target in society and if you don’t prepare you’re putting yourself in danger.

Asian men typically getting picked on the most because they’re seen as the weakest and smallest is a “water is wet” statement.

Indirect consequences of this very typical Asian male weakness also extend to other areas in life such as the dating market or upward mobility in the workplace etc.

This is what salty bullies send to my little brother. Imagine being this pathetic.

It’s not overcompensating when you’re mitigating deficits and consistent losses. Fighting back when provoked or attacked is common sense to everyone else on this planet. If you surrender your dignity and have no self-respect you have nothing and you are nothing.

A lot of Asian men on here complain about the lack from sympathy by the public when these acts of bullying happen. It is because Asian men who don’t fight back are asking for it to happen. This “surrendering without a fight” policy is so widely adopted that it’s become a global reputation.

This is what salty bullies send to my little brother. Imagine being this pathetic.

It is normal because Asians rarely fight back. The global standard expectation is that the Asian isn’t capable of defending himself, therefore he’s a convenient open target. No bully picks on a potential victim that could possibly retaliate.

The reputation of not fighting back and not standing up for yourself is a major reason why AM’s are disrespected and rejected by society.

This is what salty bullies send to my little brother. Imagine being this pathetic.

This. An effective beating is the answer here in my opinion. Little brother is being taunted because of the presumed weak stereotypes so it’s time to start training.

Michelle Worth’s Instagram account: Who is missing from this picture?

Nothing new going on here, this has been a common sight for a couple centuries now. It’s just another one of hundreds of thousands of those self-hating colonialized Lu‘s you find on IG. Just another mentally and physically weak slave to whites.

When your soul has been enslaved or taken away you‘re essentially “Worth”-less lol

Hollywood creating movies where good guys violently kill Asian bad guys

You’re not paranoid. Not necessarily on the creative level on-screen but because the people in charge get to display the AM any way they want to.

It’s not up to Asian-American outsiders to decide how they‘d like to be portrayed, it is up to the execs and decision makers who work in Hollywood.

Asian Guys put White Girls on a Pedestal?

Treating women like shit works because it’s a form of power and women are attracted to power.

Aside from being punished by the looks-based stereotypes a lot of Asian men also suffer from an extreme form of “nice guy” syndrome (thx to model minority upbringing etc.) That “nice guy” syndrome is so severe that it even shows thru a lot of AM’s posts on here. You can smell the stench through the internet.

Meanwhile, some of the most successful slayers I know are also the worst human beings you could ever meet on this planet. They’re manipulative, cold, charming sociopaths (e.g. the Patrick Bateman type). I imagine it would take something else to transform from natural nice guy to selfish sociopath though.

Asian Guys put White Girls on a Pedestal?

That’s because Kevin Kreider’s impressive success was fueled by suffering a long period of rejection by AF’s for his race so of course being bothered by the despicable white sellout Lu will always be a part of him. Even though he can probably slay an unlimited amount of 10’s for life by now.

On the other hand, conventionally attractive Asian-American guys like myself who are used to a normalized and healthy love life (i.e. dating attractive white girls, not hurting for casual hookup matches etc.) since puberty could care less about Lu and naturally look down on them.

Asian Guys put White Girls on a Pedestal?

Correct, the pedestal thing is a symptom of dating value poverty amongst Asian men. Desirable guys who have wide options in the dating pool neither worship white girls nor do they get too irritated about Anna Lu’s. Often they’re physically more attractive than the AFWM couples anyway.

Asian guys who try hard and struggle and then finally brag about landing that one white girl aren’t aware of the concept of power and options because they’ve never had any to begin with. What they should be focusing on instead of chasing that girl out of their league is to work on themselves harder so they can get out of the marginalized poverty fringes of the open dating market first.

The “white girl on a pedestal effect” is no different than a poor guy working his ass off for years and once he makes $$$ he flashes his shiny BMW and designer clothes/bling to show everyone that he “made it”.

The race dynamics of online dating: Why are Asian men less ‘eligible’?

Because whoever deviates the furthest from standards of attractiveness is the least desired, no need for complicated discussions here.

As a large ethnic demo group that would be Asian men although more and more exceptions to the rule are visible every day.

Yes, Asian men who beat “Chad” in aesthetics, dick size and punching power do exist.

Asians make up 5.6% of America, yet make 60% of the highest block of SAT math scores.

So what? Whoever is in charge of admissions can move the goal post as they please if they don’t like certain people at their gate.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

not really. I smash white girls too, who cares. I smash whatever I want.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

Once they know it’s over they turn from aggressor to victim within an instant. Then get ready to hear some all time classics including:

  • “Bro it’s not worth it”

  • “My dad is a lawyer”

  • “Go ahead, I’ll call the cops on you” while pulling out the phone camera

The Most Satisfying Video You’ll See This Year: Asian Guy Knocks Out Frat Dude

As someone who’s had the police called on me after a 1:1 fight like this I will always punch back every time the situation occurs. I would retaliate in a heartbeat with no questions asked and no precious seconds wasted on useless thoughts, it is easily worth the risk to me.

Though I’m not openly recommending this here of course, I think violence is the proper and correct response against a racist aggressor especially considering that Asian men have a reputation of being general punching bags.

What I would not do is openly instigate and blatantly taunt the opponent first to start shit. Let them start it first, then you can speak to the officers and deal with the aftermath. And obviously I wouldn’t fight back if there’s no reasonable chance of winning. Expect to be outnumbered in most confrontations as those types of bros are mostly cowards.

Also, from my experience most dipshits who start these fights don’t know what they’re doing. If you’re somewhat trained in boxing and various martial arts you can finish most of the aggressors out there in a 1:1 situation pretty quickly.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

And because stupidity and ignorance exists Asians who are prone to getting attacked should at least prepare to defend themselves by getting in adequate shape and learn how to fight. Most don’t, even though they’ve been easy targets for several generations now. That’s Asian stupidity and self-negligence at this point, plain and simple.

Meanwhile, alt-right and white supremacist groups run organized fitness and martial arts boot camps to fight the non-white threat.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

In 1:1 fights I’ve always punched back since pre-school at least, being fully aware of potential consequences. Got cops called on me once, no charges pressed.

Obviously I cannot openly recommend this direct course of action to others around here of course but personally I wouldn’t hesitate a nano-second to retaliate with direct violence again if the right scenario comes along. Easily worth the risk.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

Confused about the article? Let me help you out here:

You should be insulted.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

it’s not too late yet. What holds Asians back on this planet is their demure and docile nature & mindset. You have to commit to beating and colonizing your oppressor on all levels to begin with.

Attractive, smart, and successful Taiwanese American Boston City Councillor Michelle Wu has a WM husband. Seriously, can you name any attractive and successful AF who has an AM husband?

beggars can’t be choosers. In the global dating market the vast majority of Asian men are beggar-tier unfortunately.

Those who worship a Taiwanese plain Jane like her are likely genetically beneath her and her unimpressive looking husband.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

It’s part of their heritage. Win by all means necessary. As in a combo of hard work, exploiting and colonializing the disadvantaged, cheating whenever they can get away with it, roiding and moving the goal post to win in a sport they own, guns to “stand their ground” etc.

To their credit that’s a lot more firepower than the typical Asian ways and that’s why they’ve been at the top of global world order for at least 1000 years or so.

We don’t need to wait for Lin to show us social breakthroughs, Son is already carrying that torch for us!

Brilliant as well as unrealistic. Linsanity at the Finals is the wishful fantasy of the type of Asian males that have suffered most of their lives from physical and athletic deficiencies in the West (i.e. being picked last in sports and in dating). While the deficient AM daydreams all day of that scenario the general population laughs at them.

To uplift those who didn’t exactly win the genetic lottery you need to construct a more realistic strategy and approach.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

It’s not that disconcerting if you knew how whites operate and think, it is expected. Most Asian-Americans haven’t interacted with whites enough to understand “that look”, thus they’re shocked.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

One thing that Asians need to learn about the ‘Murican white bro who’s been fighting the cold race war is that they love doing the easy work as in kicking the weak while they’re down to maintain their place in power.

Conversely, nothing irritates Chip, Chad and Brad more than an Asian male that is stronger or more powerful in any form – whether it be size, looks, strength, wealth etc. That’s also why a knockout from a perceived underdog such as an undersized Asian kid will pack a more devastating punch beyond the physical level.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

If you suggest to walk away with your head down for safety you’re either a troll or an active contributor to your own peril.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

They don’t fight fair as per standard policy. I haven’t been confronted in a 1-1 fight with ‘Murican whitey too often as they only tend to attack you when outnumbering or clearly outpowering you.

Asian Kid Knocks Out Frat Boy

Downvote me or certain mods ban me RIGHT NOW if you disagree with me (because that automatically renders all your efforts worthless in the bigger picture): We’re in dire need of more of this type of positive Asian male representation for the general public to see.

Andrew Yang, US Presidential Candidate 2020

What will hold him back and make him less electable to the general public is the lack of that Beto/Obama charm and not having a palatable look for TV. Examples of Asian men who have a more TV-ready look that wouldn’t plummet their chances at least include Henry Golding and that love interest guy from Crazy Ex for example. To stay on the national radar and gain a following despite the inherent setbacks Andrew Yang will have to come up with some unprecedented revolutionary message and agenda.

Yes, I know Golding is hapa but there are a few full Asians who look like him too. Some full Asians I know look even more hapa-passing than him.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

If you aspire to attain goals above the bamboo ceiling limitations (goals such as partnership, financial independence, being your own boss etc.) then you’re better off on your own rather than being dragged down and held back by Asian-American enclaves. Provided that you still swim to the top in hostile sink or swim waters.

Because no community or old boys club exists yet to prep Asian men adequately for those types ambitions your only path in my opinion is to be your own man. Not sure where you’re from but CA is a lot more insular than NYC for example because of the existence of enclaves.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

Promoting mostly meritocratic values, humility and a good work ethic is a near fatal flaw of Asian-American upbringing because the field they play on is rigged. You can have Ronaldo-tier skills and still lose a soccer game when the rules say your goals count +1 while your opponent’s goals are +10.

As a result a lot of potential is completely wasted and inferiority to the ruling class is ensured as Asian-Americans have no fundamental means or assets to stop people like Whitney Vargas or Techbro McWhite from moving upward.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

You are technically correct, that’s why people are upset to see your post.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

The lack of understanding cultural nuances of this type of American language is a cultural disconnect at an epidemic level. A lot of times whites shit on Asians in front of their face by purposely using language they assume Asians don’t understand. The weak Asian is then confused and nods and laughs along.

Asians would be less vulnerable if they understood nuanced conversation because they can pick up on casual subtle jabs and insults that are an every day part of language and communications. That casual “bro” language and sense of humor is the established core of acceptable every day racism against Asian men in particular and not much has changed since 2004.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

Because WASP privilege, that’s why. Asian-Americans and especially activists need to learn more about the institutional power structures and culture that rules over them. The reason why 99%+ of Asians don’t understand how the ruling class limits their potential is because of social self-isolation even amongst the well-to-do. That and maybe they’re too busy working a bit too hard. They still have that “immigrant” peasant-like mindset despite having advanced technical degrees.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

The problem with the existing Asian cultural networks is that they don’t prep or support you to get into leadership, let alone anything independent or entrepreneurial.

Those who somehow get to higher places either swam against the odds or were lucky enough to have been able to go to better private schools or had some other luck (=wealth and connections) on their side thanks to their family, i.e. “WASP’-style privileges.

So if you lived with the available Asian community support you might be happier because you live a blissful life not knowing anything about how the ruling class controls and limits you. You wouldn’t even think about things like power and getting into leadership as you’d be proud for your family to earn a marginalized 6-figure check and dutifully pay of your overpriced mortgage. You’d have the time of your life at EDC with your Asian frat bros from your UC chapter etc. as the marginalized second class existence wouldn’t bother you as long as you stay inside the bubble.

The most visible limitations of model-minority upbringing is probably Silicon Valley where ~50% of employees in the field are of Asian descent while only ~10% are in upper management. VC funding rates are even worse from what I remember. I know a few founder-caliber types who ended up going back to Asia for better opportunities.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

Probably won’t do much. The outrage from Asian-Americans was there when it was published but you’re going after someone who is in the running for editor-in-chief positions that she doesn’t even need.

The long shot would be striking a nerve with a wider audience like media industry workers who need to make an actual living. A lot of them have been hit by a wave of recent layoffs at places like Buzzfeed and barely get paid while on assignment in expensive cities like NY.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

The problem with Asian-American communities and orgs like Asian frats is that they’re powerless. The idea of forming things like influential networks and old boys clubs has never appeared on their radar because their culture is centered on supporting that hard working, hard studying immigrant culture. In other words, it is still a 3rd World peasant-like mindset even at the highest education level, therefore no threat to the ruling class system anytime soon.

LA for example is home to both large Asian enclaves and Hollywood (= the beast that keeps Asian men powerless). Yet there are barely any Asians present at all whether in front or behind the camera. Going into entertainment is no easy road because the same old money and legacies continue to inherit the industry. But specifically for Asian men there is no choice but to influence Hollywood if they ever wish for a better existence than living on the marginalized fringes of society.

Gay or Asian? – Details Magazine circa 2004. Never forget American Racism.

I remember this story, had some friends who knew her from NYU. Was written by some rich WASP from NJ named Whitney McNally, now known as Whitney Vargas and still well employed in the field.

Speaking of WASPs, we need more Asians to come forward and share some insight about the class and “breed” that inherits all the power in this country. Most are unimpressive genetically, intellectually and in lots of other ways. Anyone who’s gone to certain schools and worked in certain places (like prep schools, Ivy’s, BigLaw, Wall St etc.) knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Do I even have to say anything?

What an idiot. All he needed was one sentence to impress her: “Hey, I’m white!”

Lesson here is don’t be awkward, just be white.

Moving to Boston in September. Am I screwed?

Physically and looks-wise you’re competing against the general competition in dating pool, i.e. Western physical and looks standards, bros etc. Therefore it doesn’t matter how tall or muscular you are in Asia, you have to measure yourself compared to Boston’s standards now.

Social status-wise you’re starting out at zero or negative for being Asian. So if you want to gain social points build a proper and diverse social circle and don’t stay in enclaves. SoCal where I live may have the largest Asian enclaves but they’re in the bottom ranks when it comes to social power and prestige, especially to women.

ESPN talk show hosts disrespect Jeremy Lin for no reason

The casual disrespect for Lin is because he’s Asian and this is accepted behavior in general society.

Also, because life on earth is set on extra hard mode for Asian men you’ll have to pull in championships or be at least of solid All-Star/HOF caliber to get some respect. It’s similar to how you have to be taller, exponentially richer, have higher test scores, have a much bigger dick etc to just pull even with average joe.

Media can reverse perception of reality and even cause the actual reversal. That’s how powerful it is and we have been ignoring it for way too long.

The reason why the beard trend in this decade has mixed reception amongst women is because they know that a lot of subpar quality men grow them to hide their deficiencies. A tool for frauding essentially. On the other hand, naked jawlines is a fashion trend I can get behind but maybe it won’t get pushed because the media is run by all white men.

But of course you can always rely on Asian guys to keep themselves at the bottom in a typical Asian comical fashion – by being the guy who can’t grow a beard and then shaves off his jawline. Good job making sure even bottom tier white men will never be at the bottom of the pecking order.

Non-PRC Chinese heads to Europe, only to realize they actually do hate Chinese people, not just the Chinese government

Yes, physical attraction, presence and social/cultural integration play a major part and the impact of these are regularly downplayed if not downright ignored on these Asian forums.

Amerikkkans only hate the Chinese government

Yes. Because ownership decides “your place”. And Asians are the last race to complain about “their place” under white rule.

Amerikkkans only hate the Chinese government

if you end up one of those you’ll be the pride of your family. Despite most of them just collecting a marginalized paycheck beneath the bamboo ceiling signed by the white owner or partner.

Are some people born the wrong nationality or into the wrong culture? Why do I feel this way?

It is not that complicated. In fact, you can roughly assess/calculate your local human value using simple math with criteria units that shape your every day life. Each essential critieria unit has a different value such as +2 for being white, -3 for being Asian and male, +2 for financial or cultural inheritance, +1 for being AF, -2 for being short + male etc.

If the sum of the value units that affect your life the most is net negative, then you’re in the undesirable range according to your local society. Inversely, if you have a net-positive feeling about yourself every day your net value is in the positive range.

The reason why educated Asian men can’t see something that even elementary school children can detect right away without doing complicated analysis is because AM’s bodies, brains and souls are burdened by their own daily hardships. Hardships such as job/college discrimination, tiger parenting, rejection from the dating market, close to zero representation in popular mainstream culture (sports & entertainment etc.).

Amerikkkans only hate the Chinese government

And yet Asian-American parenting and upbringing continue to groom and raise their children to work for these people someday.

How do you maintain confidence as a short Asian dude?

Being Asian alone isn’t a death sentence on dating apps, it is a massive handicap. Being short is also a major handicap for male dating app users. If you’re affected by both then it is somewhat close to a death sentence in the West.

why you should be alert at all times if you are an Asian in the west & with the surge of sinophobia: Vincent Chin was a Chinese American Man beaten to death with a baseball bat by two white laid off auto-workers who blamed him for losing their jobs because of Japanese competition.

A chink is a chink to simpleton ‘Muricans. Sinophobia can be an issue for non-Chinese Asians similar to how Sikhs often are victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the death of famous British-Asian foodie blogger Wilkes McDermid

There are lots of ways, many of which you see on these boards pretty frequently. They involve deluding themselves into a more pleasant reality for them.

For example AM’s claim they date less because they have much higher standards and reject lots of women while in reality they don’t have many options or matches to begin with. This often comes up when dating issues with AF’s and WF’s are discussed.

Another epidemic example is to simply ignore the institutional hardships and discrimination against AM’s by studying harder for the SAT’s whenever college admissions move the goal post or being proud of your hard work ethic despite never being promoted thanks to the bamboo ceiling.

Or in Wilkes McDermid’s case continuing to put that smile on while socializing in London’s circles without ever getting laid. Even though that reality is a shit existence to me (and him obv) other people who cope in delusion well enough could live on happily even under those circumstances.

Asian woman wants white guys then cries RACISM (!!!) when the white guy prefers to date within his race. In contrast, Asian men just want their own race – whereas these Asian women feel entitled to OTHER races. They are the true entitled ones

You’re on to something here. That could be huge actually.

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the death of famous British-Asian foodie blogger Wilkes McDermid

He was aware of his bleak situation (as opposed to living blissfully in delusion like many AM’s do to cope) and as a result decided to commit suicide. My advice is to face the music and be just as aware and realistic as him but don’t commit suicide, that’s it. Fight back, don’t surrender.

My Dating life is nonexistent in US. Should I try Asia

By not segregating yourself socially from the rest of society. Don’t hide in the Asian bubble entirely.

My Dating life is nonexistent in US. Should I try Asia

If you desire the kinda normalized, active sex/dating life that non-Asian men get to typically enjoy in your area then I would leave for Asia ASAP (assuming you’re basically excluded from the local dating pool). Because life is too short. If the dating apps that are most widely adopted by women don’t work for you (that would be Tinder, Bumble, CMB, OKC etc.) then i makes no sense to bother unless you have real room for improvement. Sexual racism and genetics play a part and you may not even do something wrong but in the end the results are what they are.

If you wanna stay and improve I’d say the most common thing that most Asian men overlook when battling sexual racism is being unaware of their low social status in the general pecking order. That means aside from meeting the usual Western looks standards you gotta have a strong social circle in your city that is not Asians only. Yes, you gotta have both going for you unless you’re model-tier or rich and famous etc. I know countless Asian guys in California who did everything right in terms of looks and fitness but yet struggle in the local market because they have no friends outside of their enclave, thus they’re blind to the competition that is leagues above them in terms of social power and status. In other words, for the 6.5 pts enclave Asian men gained for improving their looks they lose 8pts for being excluded from the general social scene.

If you have a nice paying job and just want to settle down with a nice wife and could care less about fun casual dating then you could stay here too and keep your decent salary. I see a lot of women on dating apps who are looking for serious relationships. Of course that’s no guarantee that you’ll match with them. Import a wife from overseas if you have to, a lot of men have done that.

Anyone with a blue collar type work or different type of line of work?

Not gonna go into detail but I work in Hollywood. Basically a distant planet to Asian men as most of you can imagine.

Also, most of the jobs mentioned here are more respectable and masculine than being a model minority working
white collar/tech jobs for some white bros without the prospects of ever getting promoted.

Sexual Racism Video with a Focus on Asian Men

Correct. Too many AM’s (or trolls?) on here falsely believe and claim that the main reason AM’s get to date the least is due to having higher standards. As if they have the power and choice to reject women. Not true, it is due to having the least options and power in the free dating market. The % of AM’s who reject women due to their high standards and high value in the free dating market is negligible in comparison.

In my opinion the biggest problem that most AM’s have in the West is that they don’t understand how power and privilege works (and rules over them) in general. Otherwise they’d make a more proactive effort for themselves to be in a better place (i.e. gains in the dating market and breaking the bamboo ceiling etc.).

Nate Schweber and Ali Winston (NY Times): “A Gruesome Hammer Attack Left 3 Asian Men Dead. Was It a Hate Crime?”. This “article” is an example of how the mainstream media endorse anti-Asian racism.

least attractive in the West is probably a more accurate term than just plain “ugly” as it encompasses looks standards and other traits like mindset, social status, personality etc.

I don’t find guys like Ken Jeong or Bobby Lee ugly per se as in Quasimodo terms but yeah their sex appeal is -1000.

Also, out of 100 or so Asian reddit members i’ve interacted with there are maybe 5 dudes that fall within competitive range for Western male attractiveness. The other ~95% face an uphill battle and have no choice but to make up for their inherent weaknesses in that department if they want to be just even eligible in the general Western dating market.

Asian male role models

Jeremy Lin in the greater scheme of things is a laughing stock because he embodies the ultimate Model Minority pinnacle ideal. Good accomplished person but will never be fully respected. Yao Ming never caught as much shit from general US society as J Lin.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | January 28, 2019

It’s not that hard to smash insta-models in LA as long as you’re in good OVERALL standing in the local dating market. I smashed a few insta-thot models in the upper 5 to lower 6-figure range even tho they’re not my type at all.

The biggest problem AM’s have is that they have no understanding of how power works because they’ve never had any in the West (or globally in the past 1000 years or so). That’s why there are lots of Asian men in a place like LA that have perfected their style and physique and roll in dough but yet they find themselves on the bottom fringes of the social and dating ladder. Hollywood, good ol boys and influencers still run the town and Asians haven’t made a dent into changing the local social order yet.

Typical Corporate America. Substance-less white person leading a company, while the Asian conducts core operations. But but but but….”Asians aren’t creative!” “Asians steal everything from white people!”

Yes, almost every leadership page of Silicon Valley looks like that. Mostly rich white tech bros in leadership with an Asian engineering CTO sprinkled in here and there. It is called the bamboo ceiling.

China’s top restaurant chain Haidilao gives away free food but only to Whites

This comical white-worshipping behavior is exactly why Asians aren’t respected around the world. Can’t really ask for more respect tho when you don’t respect yourself to begin with.

Nate Schweber and Ali Winston (NY Times): “A Gruesome Hammer Attack Left 3 Asian Men Dead. Was It a Hate Crime?”. This “article” is an example of how the mainstream media endorse anti-Asian racism.

You can’t force society to suddenly empathize with Asian men. Not gonna happen as long as AM’s are considered the ugliest and least desirable category of human beings. It is human nature to have less sympathy for those who are deemed unattractive.

I’d rather focus on acquiring more personal power and independence for myself (i.e. conquering the women I want and being financially independent enough so the bamboo ceiling doesn’t affect me etc.) whether they like me or not. There’s no support for those types of selfish endeavors even from Asian society.

Da god Eddie Huang has had enough and is taking a stand. Go like, share, and support our brother who is putting himself firmly out on a limb for all of us.

Met Eddie Huang a few times thru separate sets of mutual friends. Great guy, seemed very cool and chill but personally I think the confidence and BDE he publicly projects is heavily backed and boosted by the money and fame he acquired. In other words he wouldn’t have that confidence and BDE if he wasn’t famous. Either way, BDE > no BDE still regardless of how you acquire it.

As far as that Jussie incident goes I’m personally betting it’s staged. There are too many clichés in the story that sound completely made up to me. Of course the camera footage of the suspects would prove my assumption completely wrong so I’m waiting for that to come out.

Can’t get any matches on dating apps?

I call BS too. I’m well-rounded but not even close to top tier in any way either (a top 10%ish guy for AM’s in terms of looks and socio-economical status maybe at best and just enough to qualify in the ~80/20 rule of the general Western dating market) and do more than fine in LA with all sorts of women, (insta models and hot blondes included or whatever else most guys lust after). In LA it takes little to no effort to get decent matches and dates on a regular basis if you “make the cut” as a man, period.

My guess is you’re either trying too hard or you’re far less attractive than you claim to be on here or something else is really off with you (being creepy or socially isolated maybe). Even the way you come across on here doesn’t sound like something that comes from a well to do attractive guy either. Not trying to shit on you here specifically, just giving honest feedback. Something doesn’t add up.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | January 28, 2019

It is true that you see all kinds of AM’s do well in dating around SoCal just by walking around. But what’s also true is for each AM who does well in dating there are ~10 incels who have no success whatsoever.

By “incels” I don’t mean the internet definition of radicalized demented trolls on the internet. I mean mostly decent guys who are nice and shy and on the losing end in dating because of it.

Not all AF are self hate

Not if the self-hating AF actively aborts her male hapa offspring at a higher rate. A lot of people wouldn’t be exactly surprised if supporting data of this actually emerges sometime in the future.

2012 Washington Post article “Familiar ad trope: Pairing white men and Asian American women”

Yes those US ads are pretty similar to something you’d see in Asian media on any given day. Which shows how long Asia still has to go until they finally respect themselves. Can’t expect centuries of cultural and mental colonization to be undone overnight but the lack of self-respect is still at a comical level. These are things that are plain obvious to the rest of the world but simply don’t register with Asians in Asia.

2012 Washington Post article “Familiar ad trope: Pairing white men and Asian American women”

You see WMAF pairings in ads all over Asia too, not just in the US.

Being randomly hated by a narcissistic AF

Condescending self hating white worshipping AF’s shit on all kinds of Asian men regardless of whether they’re their male looks- and genetic equivalent (which are often their own brothers, cousins and fathers) or whether they’re inferior or superior to them in any way or criteria. They can afford to do so because they’re backed by general Western society which is run and managed by the Woody Allen jr. type these days (whom they find sexually more attractive than let’s say Hu Bing or Godfrey Gao for example btw.)

The only Asian men who aren’t bothered by the Anna Lu type are the ones who decisively crush them in all the shallow criteria that matter to them such as looks, size, physical and mental fitness, $$$$ & status, free market sexual value etc.

In other words if you’re remotely bothered by the presence of garden variety Anna Lu’s you’re not the kinda Asian man who does well in the aforementioned criteria.

Racist America: Companies more likely to hire Asian-American CEOs during decline due to racial stereotypes, study finds

Clearly you’re not familiar with the Mission and Marina girl types who tend to work in HR (as well as social media etc.), let alone socially interact in the area. They prefer white tech bros and white hipsters by a long shot followed by good looking, non-typical social Asians who are “acceptable” and relatable as in bros they can picture in their social circles.

But in the end it’s the leadership and hiring managers who decide who they wanna hire and how they want the office culture to be. You can look up who works in leadership on most of their websites.

Racist America: Companies more likely to hire Asian-American CEOs during decline due to racial stereotypes, study finds

Yes. I know some personally too.

Racist America: Companies more likely to hire Asian-American CEOs during decline due to racial stereotypes, study finds

HR depts are staffed by a bunch of old boys and their women. Their tasks consists of navigating and complying to regulations. And circumvent them whenever they can.

In Silicon Valley/SF there are huge shitloads of women working in HR who lament and complain about having to deal with large piles of Asian and Indian resumes all day. It’s a common daily happy hour rant by women throughout the Bay Area. Behind the backs of Asian and Indian men of course.

I had a hapa male (WMAF) blame Asian males for his size.

It is a thing because of exaggerated media stereotyping, even if it’s not factually real. A fake world penis size map or survey going viral is enough to pile onto the stereotype for awhile.

Other negative actions towards Asian men such as women casually swiping left on them more than anyone else don’t help either, they contribute indirectly to negative stereotyping.

Basically any scientific or factual rebuttal doesn’t outweigh the impact of this stereotype in the real world (yet) even if it’s false.

I had a hapa male (WMAF) blame Asian males for his size.

Yes that is all true. there are big and small and good looking and ugly men in all races. But whoever owns the media and institutional powers (including culture, politics, finance etc) calls the shots. Racist stereotyping in mainstream media has been an effective tool to maintain power and keep Asian and Asian-looking males at the bottom in many criteria. So from their perspective there is no reason for them to stop this.

How do Asian-Americans with a medical field background fare in the dating scene when in NYC, SF, SGV, OC, Canadian cities?

Correct. Don’t be an average looking Asian doctor and you’ll have no problems pulling women. Average looking doctors have to live with that “model minority” handicap which is a sexually unattractive stereotype in Western society.

I had a hapa male (WMAF) blame Asian males for his size.

“Slightly smaller” is your answer. That’s enough to keep AM’s at the bottom with enough power and leverage (which white males have in abundance). As the old saying goes “if you give them an inch (no pun intended) they’ll take a mile.”

First thing that needs to be done is to prove that plenty of well endowed and above avg sized AM’s exist. Avg or slightly smaller might technically disprove the stereotype but hasn’t done anything in the real world obviously.

For anyone who wants to keep defending the US as better than “evil” China, because I’ve met so many Asian-Americans who have a superiority complex as if being Westernized somehow “enlightens” them

I’d say most of the rest of the world (not just Asian-Americans) would side with USA over China if they were forced to choose one side between the two.

This is the man who believes he is superior to you

Hapa kids seem to look more and more Asian as time goes on. You might see the abortion rate of male WMAF babies go up as a result.

New SAT thread blowing up about ‘not dating Asian men in order to not deal with their parents’

This. By now you can write a book‘s worth of the excuses they use to poorly explain their white superiority fetish.

There should be more Asian actors in Hollywood like Ludi Lin.

funding and taking over ownership is the only realistic way for Asians (particularly Asian men) to improve their representation in Hollywood and media. There won’t be change on that front until this happens, period.

Because the shit stereotyping is created and promoted by the general workforce in the offices so you‘d have to eradicate that Hollywood office culture completely to begin with.

Netflix crops out AM celeb in an IG post

Yes, Asians have to establish their own wealthy communities as they’re being segregated and yes, tech has left a lot of poor whites behind in the Bay Area. Other examples of well-to-do Asians living segregated next door to their wealthy white neighbors are Irvine vs Laguna, Cupertino vs Los Gatos/Los Altos etc.

While a lot of Asians prefer to live amongst themselves the real problem is that that your wealthy white neighbors next door are still in charge of the industry and venture capital you work for, i.e. tech and Hollywood.

Netflix crops out AM celeb in an IG post

This IG post might be the work of the Netflix LA office, which is about as “Hollywood” as you can imagine – mostly progressive white hipster millennials, WMAF, token minority hires like a “palatable” woke black or brown dude here and there etc.

Bay Area is the worst metro area for AM because it’s more obvious to see that white men are in charge in the field that Asians typically excel in – tech. Also, while Asians make ~50% of the workforce in tech they’re noticeably absent in the elite communities of the Bay Area such as – Sand Hill Road, Atherton, owning boats in Marin and vineyards in wine country etc.

In Netflix’s Los Gatos HQ they do hire Asian men only for technical positions like engineering – which is another example of how Asian and Indian men are “put in their place” in the Bay Area.

don’t let the whites butcher your name

BDE is crucial for Asian men to beat *THAT* stereotype (as long as you can also physically back it up ofc).

1st Asian Male on Reality Dating Show

To end the ongoing discussion the definition of Uncle Chan should be simplified. To be a Chan he ultimately needs to meet two critieria in my opinion:

  1. Representing and perpetuating the negative stereotypes that have plagued AM’s in the West for well over a century by now
  2. Self-deference and submitting to men of other races. Admitting inferiority in other words.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | January 14, 2019

Don’t forget that Asian-American parenting and upbringing play no small part in the failure of AM’s in the West.

If they told you to work and study hard without letting you know about the bamboo ceiling and how college admissions and the American private school systems and traditional old boys clubs work in America then you’ve been scammed.

As a result of this negligence the waste of AM’s potential in areas like money, career and dating has been on an epidemic scale.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | January 14, 2019

Keep grinding til you get there. If you even have to ask or think about #2-4 you’re not there yet.

My first interactions with single asian women in 6 years

All women who are active in online dating have a laundry list of criteria (such as good looking, wealthy, tall etc.) they want in a man. They demand this because most men they see online don’t fulfill all of their criteria. Also, these single women would rather live out their days being lonely cat ladies than settle for a lesser man.

This is the general state of online dating, not just an Asian thing. The problem that is unique to Asian men is that they’re at the bottom of the totem pole so they have to work exponentially harder on all criteria that matter to the free dating market in order to earn the same rewards as other men.

Tom Ford Teaches a 29-Year-Old *Asian guy* How to Wear a Suit – looks matter guys.

Yeah but Tom Ford needs to grab that profit margin with the help of Asian labor and Western worship like D&G and Apple do.

Can’t blame white man for milking the cash cow and capitalizing on resources as long as they can. The old colonial way has worked for them in Asia for centuries now so why stop?

I know ricegum is hated here but cmon, look at the racist crap posted in this amwf video of his

Correct. Compared to mayos Asians are inept at using the media to make themselves look better.

White glorification i.e. Hollywood and porn is part of their culture and a major weapon to leverage their power. This wife here even goes as far as photoshopping her man‘s junk to make him look better: https://realityblurb.com/2018/11/30/photo-fans-accuse-kim-zolciak-of-photoshopping-husband-kroy-after-she-shares-raunchy-photo-of-him-in-a-speedo-plus-she-sports-a-bikini/

Best cities for AMAF in Anglosphere

Some of us not only do well in every place listed here but also slay in traditionally hostile bro-dominated areas like the Bay Area or the Midwest etc.

So unless the genetic and social hurdles are near impossible to overcome your best bet is to adapt and become the kinda guy that needs no such lists.

Interesting take on immigration policy in America

If Asian men actually made an attempt to go after women and resources like institutional power in the West maybe they would start winning something here and there. In other words, go to war.

South Asian Man charged over online ‘pick up’ videos in Scotland

That‘s exactly what it is. Simple as that. Asians are complicit in upholding white privilege as evident by rolling the red carpet out to sexpats etc.

Looking for a way to introduce the idea of Asian male emasculation in media

Good to see you here. Finally someone who can relate to (in this regard at least) because I bounced between both typical Cali immigrant enclave public schools and predominantly white, wealthier private schools myself growing up.

Not gonna write a massive paragraph on it but from a Cali standpoint a lot of Asians grow up either fully isolated in their enclaves or maybe next door to their latino neighbors. So a lot of Cali raised Asians don’t interact with any white people until they get to their UC target schools etc. And that’s despite Irvine being next door to Laguna Beach or K-Town being close to Silverlake and Fairfax for example.

So yes, a lot of hate for whiteys on here is based on prejudiced assumptions (and falsehoods) without any real world interaction but at the same time Asians have also been systematically relegated to second class humans with a firm upward mobility limit.

Also, some Asian men who we grew up in non-enclave areas such as the Midwest are more socially adept when it comes to dating etc. as long as they successfully navigated the sink or swim waters they were stuck in.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Clearly he’s a deranged troll who gets auto-triggered too easily. Or maybe he’s asking for a well-deserved beating, no idea. Literally within an hour or two someone else he must’ve pissed off badly sent me all kinds of shit on this guy lol

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Ignore that clown. u/dab00g is known for being automatically triggered by the same recurring topics like this one. Just another micro dick whose wife is probably getting satisfied by real men on the regular. Down my way in LA I’m used to dealing with Napoleon-complex filipinos like him. You can spot them pretty easily because they tend to be some combo of short, bald, hot tempered and overcompensating with fashion and overdressing.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

How is that a blanket statement? White bros get a lot of mileage out of media glorification while Asians are inept in regard, not just in porn.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Money is your answer. Go to a place that has an active sugar daddy culture. LA is one of them but you definitely have to have a higher net worth than what you said you’re making now. Closer to a 7-figure range and/or be well connected. But there are other places where your $$$ stretches further than LA or NY.

Aside from that you can also split your residences between 2 places if you must stay in the US. Want tall kids, why not frequent and date in the EU? PM me and I can elaborate further if that interests you.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Looks like you’re local in SoCal too. Feel free to call me incel in person 😉

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Good for you. We need representation on ALL ends. And that doesn’t go just for this “department” either.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Don’t you hate it how their condoms never fit 😉

Welcome to the club. #yesweexist

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

If you’re a single guy just keep smashing around town regularly and sexting etc. to spread your own reputation.

I have a buddy who’s a good looking well endowed Asian guy and he gets around town pretty well spreading his reputation. He prefers white girls and regularly deals with things such as:

  • homewrecking unintentionally
  • running into other hookups at a bar while on a Tinder date even though LA is a big area
  • late night sexts out of nowhere often enough so he doesn’t have to try

While those are normal things for Chad it is still rare for Asian males to experience even in LA. So there’s still a major need for more Asian males to have normalized dating experiences in the West and a good D is essential to earn those privileges.

Workplace racism and sexism perpetuated by an AF in WMAF towards a Mexican employee at Blizzard Entertainment, causing him to become suicidal. She then manipulates another AF manager to further ruin his career and mental health.

Sadly you’re describing 99% of all startup environments here. Personally tho I’ve seen more white, Asian and Indian women in startups settle for anything that’s white rather than holding out for Chad or some other higher standards.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

Yes that’s what they’re trying to tell you. They know how effective media glorification works in their favor and against our favor. As a result you see mostly above average white and black dicks while media-illiterate Asian producers esp from Asia still show average and underwhelming dicks in their videos.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

No, the presence of sexually capable and attractive Asian men would likely trigger more racism. So what. It’s better to hear racist hurls from haters all day than complying to them by “knowing your place” as the asexual subhuman laughing stock they want you to be.

Unfortunately in the real world Asian men have to force and beat respect into others to get ahead whether it’s by fighting back on the streets, making money and career gains or smashing their women.

Asian American Guys in Relationships with Asian American Girls wya?

Unlike other users on here it seems like you have an accurate impression on the social conditions in LA/SoCal, particularly on the poor state of things for enclave Asian-American bros. I frequent the most popular enclave hangouts on a regular basis (i.e. the K-Town, Little Tokyo, SGV and OC) and can also confirm your observation of Asian American bros being very poor and powerless in the local dating market. Essentially your observations are the direct answer to the questions you ask here.

Most Asian-American bros are excluded from the local free dating market that most AF’s have full access to and that is mostly due to 2 reasons:

1) They never learned how to socialize outside of their enclaves, thus it is hard for your common enclave AM to date out and make friends in the general social scene. You still can’t be a fish out of the water when your date takes you out to non-enclave places like WeHo, Los Feliz etc. where her friends live and hang.

2) Most AM’s aren’t competitive enough looks- and social status-wise to participate in the general dating pool which as you know consists of bros, hipsters, surfer dudes, tech bros and last but not least Hollywood and entertainment types. That is your general competition on Tinder and in real life around town.

While an attractive AM bro may have good chances of dating within Asian enclaves the reality is that the size of the Asian enclave dating pool is heavily reduced by AF’s dating out at a disproportional rate. As a result of this unlevel field you see the hordes of what you described as potential circle-jerking loners in AA clubs and bars around town. I’m not blind, I see them too.

The only thing you can do for yourself is to raise your general dating market value enough so this pathetic sight won’t bother you. You wouldn’t have to consider moving elsewhere either.

Subtle Asian Traits: “Ladies, who’s done putting up with Asian fetishes in 2019[..] it’s not a “preference”, it’s a fetish. And fetishes are dehumanizing! ” – It turns out that her bf is a yt, the members proceed to roast her.

So glad AF’s continue to take a stand against this gross dehumanizing fetishization. After all, all they ask from men is respect and the 2 W’s – Woke and White.

Anti asian racism in small penis stereotype.

I can relate brother. We do exist but the general public doesn’t think so because of media overexposure of the opposite. Even worse, a lot of AM’s here brush off the stereotype and its long-term effects by citing stats and research that at best confirms that AM’s aren’t all tiny. Sorry but that won’t do it because racist white guys can leverage a nano-inch advantage into an inch or two thanks to the institutional resources they have available to themselves (i.e. media access, cultural hegemony etc.)

Even worse, women themselves (esp. WF and AF) are complicit in helping white guys maintain their status and advantage by all means necessary including fraud. I’ll just leave this here: https://realityblurb.com/2018/11/30/photo-fans-accuse-kim-zolciak-of-photoshopping-husband-kroy-after-she-shares-raunchy-photo-of-him-in-a-speedo-plus-she-sports-a-bikini/

Realistically 2 things must happen in order to make some progress in fighting this longstanding stereotype:

  1. Asian men acquiring more ownership and influence in Western media. Which nobody will give out voluntarily so you gotta fight a war or successfully execute a hostile takeover.
  2. More general media exposure showing that there’s a decent amount of Asian men out there who are decisively above average in the penis department. The common counter-argument that AM’s are not all tiny but can be average has done nothing to improve the stereotype because society raised the bar higher for everything Asian men do. It’s analogous to Harvard or the owners of Silicon Valley moving the goal post/bamboo ceiling every time Asians gain an inch (no pun intended). In other words, a white man can brag to be big if they barely made it past the 6″ mark but AM’s have to widely demonstrate the existence of enough well endowed members (no pun intended again) first before they can earn that privilege.

The end goal is to make the rest of the world shut up about that stereotype for good as well as for women to stop rejecting men based on fears that the stereotype is even close to true. ~5.5″ might refute the small penis stereotype technically but in real world terms it doesn’t help. An average sized penis is considered small and unimpressive when on an Asian guy.

Visiting a Friend in Toronto and was called an”Ching Chong”

The truth is they only pick on those who look clearly weaker and smaller than them. If there’s some realistic likelihood they could get their asses kicked they wouldn’t do it unless they’re insane.

Asian men still get attacked regularly because most haven’t done enough to improve their physical presence. I don’t understand why because it’s been common knowledge that Asians regularly get picked on for being physically weaker. Hence the general disrespect from society and women.

I rarely get racially provoked for the simple reason that I train enough to at least not look like a stereotypical punching bag, it’s that simple. If you walk around like a docile weak nerdy stereotype you should not be surprised if you’re being bullied or attacked because you made yourself a vulnerable open target in this world.

Hollywood Does It Again – Another Asian actor cast in a Gay Role…When Will This Bullshit End?

It will end when a lot of Asian men acquire influence and power in Hollywood by taking leadership roles or larger ownership stakes in Hollywood.

In other words, there’s no realistic end in sight.

What can we do to make people treat anti-Asian racism more seriously?

By enforcing actual consequences ranging from the economic kind to punching back when attacked. Can’t expect others to take it seriously when most Asians disrespect themselves by not fighting back.

The case for ugly Asian girls. Do you blame them for dating out?

Mostly untrue in Los Angeles. The top tier AM’s get their picks of hot AF and hot women of other ethnicities tho.

guy kicks a Chinese’s Audi R8, gets owned

Two words: Bay Area

More videos like these help Asians reduce the image of being traditional doormats though. So stand your ground and fight back the right way. Not like there’s a shortage of opportunities out there.

Tottenham Spurs fans racially abuse Asian fan

No repercussions because the Asian male who should be the chief enforcer of repercussion isn’t doing his job. So it’s logical for the disrespect to continue.

Imagine seeing more videos of local Asians making an example of sexpats that disrespect their territory by beating them down or even doing ISIS level shit to them. The rest of the world would respect Asians a whole lot more.

As an Asian male, what things could I do to contribute to the AM community?

If you’re a typical small Asian then working out will lessen the likelihood of being treated like a doormat on a daily basis. I rarely get racially taunted in every day life but I have smaller friends who get shit on more frequently just because of the way they look. The basic human eye can see the size and strength discrepancy between AM and other men and the gap needs to be closed.

If you slay enough as in you’re unquestionably stronger and fitter and more popular with women than most men in general then you will still face racism in the workplace, yes. But then they’ll respect you out of fear and hatred rather than disrespected for being a weak asexual POS. You wanna aim for the former hatred not the latter. Also, most of us who managed to break the bamboo ceiling against all odds are on the more well-rounded end of things in terms of fitness and social confidence, i.e. things that Asians overlook.

As an Asian male, what things could I do to contribute to the AM community?

A strong enough body to defend yourself is mandatory when you’re known to be a consistent punching bag and bullying target. Nothing is more pathetic than being unable to fight back when being provoked or attacked. If you don’t understand the importance of base strength and fitness then you’re part of this decades-old problem.

Every attractive female cast member of Crazy Rich Asians is dating / married to a white man.

The problem here is that you were actually shocked about this. Wake up.

What is up with fresh of the boat Asian men looking so different from us ABC’s

Not gonna discuss other aspects here but calling out AM’s on lack of basic muscle tone is absolutely justified and should be done more often so thank you for that.

The lack of fundamental muscle tone in AM (even on small and skinny guys) is just too obvious to the regular human eye. So the need to improve fundamental fitness on a greater scale is non-negotiable if AM’s ever desire a better status in media and the dating market in the future.


Not creepy bc the law of supply and demand are overwhelmingly on your side. So far more AM’s will be happy than offended to see more women like you.

Look at the comments in the Facebook video of the New York City subway hate crime. A lot are calling out how most people there did nothing to help the Asian woman. We need to start taking more action and show others that we won’t tolerate this kind of bullshit otherwise it will continue to happen.

the real hero in here doesn’t get credit because he’s quiet and less handsome. While a lot of people who watched the video can see who the real hero was he is especially invisible to females. https://jezebel.com/were-thirsty-as-hell-and-the-only-cure-is-platano-man-1831107629

yellow man bad

It’s because white liberal progressives are seen as classier and more eloquent white supremacists than their primitive alt-right Trump racist counterparts. A lot of Asian females in the media like Celeste Ng strive to model their message after uppity coastal elite liberals so they can convey their colonial white male fetish in a classier way someday.

subtle asian dating post featuring self-hating AF and woke (AF) commenters

Why are sellout AF‘s preferred and protected you ask? Because those at the top of the social hierarchy act in their interest over AM‘s interests. A lot of AM doormats don’t understand that a large enough % are allies to the white male patriarchy‘s interests which is in direct conflict with theirs.

AM’s and the few vocal AF‘s that go against the grain are outgunned and outnumbered due to not having the same level of platform access in the media.

My experiences as a bar promoter

More Asian men need focus on evolving their social circles and social skills. When looks and height aren’t on your side this is the most probable area that you can work on to compensate for other shortcomings. Perception is everything in a lot of places, such as Tinder.

Major city enclave social circles won’t cut the mustard for AM’s until the day AF’s stop outdating disproportionally. Asian-American enclaves would then move up in social status and value, that’s how it works and it is not realistic yet. Segregated Asian enclaves are too much of a comfort zone that holds back the potential of AM’s, especially in Hollywood-dominated SoCal and tech bro dominated Bay Area.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

I agree with this fashion advice. T-shirt, jeans, look good without spending an hour in front of the mirror or obsessing over too much detail. You can pull super stylish off if you have that rock star/kpop star charisma going for you but in the West it isn’t considered manly overall.

Assuming you have the fundamentals down dressing effortlessly will give you an edge most AM’s who tend to over-style because they haven’t found that “effortless” sweet spot yet.

Quick recap of my Barcelona/Berlin trip

Yes, depends on the caliber of man. You are right about CA enclaves being better for struggling AM’s who could use the support. It has its benefits but it has its well-documented limits too. As an enclave-only guy you agree to a second-class existence in the overall local social order, much like an Asian tech worker has to accept the reality of a bamboo ceiling.

For an AM who has everything going for him and already rose to the top he would have far more dating options in non-Anglo Europe because as u/barrel9 mentioned the women there are more responsive to attractive men even if they’re of Asian race. Women’s sexual racism is more deep-seeded and internalized in the US than EU, although it’s not exactly a perfect world over there either.

Quick recap of my Barcelona/Berlin trip

Of course I focus on the top-end guys. Focusing on what most average AM’s do and are told to do is simply misguided because it has failed them consistently over the years with no break in sight. Men of other races look up to their role models and winners too but there are simply less of those visible for AM’s in media, sports or their families and friends.

All my Euro-Asian male friends are above average males in general regardless of race, thanks to some combo of healthy social skills and looks. The ones who aren’t tall and classically good looking make up for it with a good social status or being the right hipster douchebags etc.

I met the few Euro-AM I know through studying abroad and traveling to EU regularly for business as well a few who live locally in LA. And as foreigners in LA they do better than even top end enclave guys because they don’t have that mental and block when it comes to socializing and dating outside of the enclaves. That is the edge that a Euro-AM has gained over the A-AM and it was done by successfully navigating hostile sink-or-swim waters.

The Bamboo Ceiling – Asians Working the Hardest and Getting the Least Leadership Roles in White Countries

Exactly. Asians put laughably excessive pressure on their kids to achieve a lower standard goal.

What they don’t realize is that while going to a Western name brand school and working for a white-run companies makes their family proud it is also another reason nobody else respects Asian-Americans in the West.

From a working immigrant’s perspective Asian-Americans may be successful because they’ve become model minorities but the ladder goes several levels higher in the West. Looking purely at the raw results (which = bamboo ceiling), Asian-America isn’t deserving of more respect yet.

Quick recap of my Barcelona/Berlin trip

While no place is on earth is exactly great for AM’s I think non-Anglo European places like Germany have the best quality of life for AM’s (unless you’re extremely physically disadvantaged) in the world.

Most European raised AM’s I’ve met are socially and mentally light years ahead of their Asian-American counterparts. That’s probably because they have less established discrimination on all levels to deal with. Nearly every Euro-Asian guy I know socializes effortlessly in the general dating pool while the majority of Asian-American men I know are confined to a limited enclave Asian-only dating pool. The difference for AM’s is of institutional and systemic nature.

People here already hate Chinese people – they are all seen as money laundering criminals destroying the Canadian real estate market

Natural disdain for Asians has always been existent and there’s no chance it’ll go away anytime soon. More Asians are too hopeful but this is the default standard condition in the West that more Asians in the West need to be aware of.

Asians should not give a shit about what the West thinks (who cares who was here first) and get on with their business and retaliate by all means necessary every time a race war is brought to their yard (which btw happens every day somewhere).

Personally, I have no guilt about taking someone’s job or property or wife if that’s what I want because I have no respect for authority solely based on race.

Jon Chu (Director of Crazy Rich Asians) has only white groomsmen at his wedding (the only Asian is his brother). Chu grew up in the Bay Area and went to college in Los Angeles. So he has no Asian friends?

Yes it’s entirely possible to be less exposed to Asian friends in CA. If he went to a wealthier private school in the Bay Area and then studied film at USC, an industry that barely any AM’s enter. Also, look how racially segregated a heavily Asian populated area like Orange County is.

A lot of prestigious Ivy-feeder private schools in CA as well as the Northeast don’t exactly favor Asians either. That Harvard lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jon Chu (Director of Crazy Rich Asians) has only white groomsmen at his wedding (the only Asian is his brother). Chu grew up in the Bay Area and went to college in Los Angeles. So he has no Asian friends?

To be fair this is what your colleagues look like on any given day in any department if you work in the movie industry in LA.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

They were high school aged kids, not adults

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | December 03, 2018

0 too extreme even if it looks good to your eyes. My sides grow fast too and luckily i get feedback from several women, otherwise i’d go 0-.5 too.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

that style works for young AM as long as they have good enough looks, charisma and swagger etc. to begin with. It does not work if they’re an obvious walking negative stereotype.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

I’d roughly summarize it to a lot of brand labels like Supreme and Adidas with a bit of K-Pop style trying to be fuckboy. It didn’t work due to the entire group lacking body and fitness fundamentals. So in the end it was irrelevant how they dressed because the end result would’ve been the same. It’s analogous to how no sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie can make a morbidly obese woman appealing to the mainstream public.

I’d say the size of this group at the airport unfortunately magnified what makes typical Asian males fundamentally unattractive to the general public. Their presence backfired against AM perception as evidenced by casual giggles at the sight of them in the terminal. And let’s face it, most of us have laughed and cringed at the same time at similar scenarios before.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

Every fashion and style advice thread for Asian men needs to come with a bold disclaimer to take care of fitness and fundamentals first before proceeding, otherwise it’s useless. Yes, what works for Gao doesn’t necessarily work for a nerd that’s never lifted a weight in his life before.

Just saw a travel group of ~30 high school kids from Asia at a major airport the other day. None of them were taller than 5’9″ and none of them worked out enough to at least fill out their frames. Most of them dressed very well and trendy and had cool haircuts. Clearly they were emphasizing fashion more than their Western counterparts. And yet these guys have zero sex appeal to the female gender because they neglected the fundamentals. Women in line behind them were giggling and laughing at the sight of these physically inferior school boys, it was truly embarrassing to witness.

Inherent contradictions in American PC culture

~50% of Silicon Valley tech workers are Asian. Now for contrast go take a look at a couple dozen leadership and board of director profile pages of tech startups and VC firms.

The Bamboo Ceiling – Asians Working the Hardest and Getting the Least Leadership Roles in White Countries

Correct. The only realistic way to avoid the bamboo ceiling is to exit the system and build your own thing. More Asian men need to get on the hard road and make it a priority to quit their day jobs and become their own boss and financially independent. Once you have more a-types maybe some old boys clubs can be formed in the future for more substantial support.

In my area the overwhelming majority of founders and entrepreneurs I’ve met across different fields (startups, food/hospitality, media etc.) are white (and jewish). That’s in part due to whites having bigger institutional advantages such as access to funding but it is also because Asian-American culture exclusively groom their kids to work under white owners. When your ideal of success is to go to a prestigious school owned by whites so you can work under white dipshits with no prospects of moving up you’re partially responsible for the existence of the bamboo ceiling yourself.

Realistically it would take a more radical overhaul of the current Asian-American culture to breed more leaders and entrepreneurs with the mindset and balls to go to the next level. Your typical Asian-American student orgs and enclave communities take too much pride in producing marginalized second class workers despite the effort-to-results ratio reading as failure.

Successful AM photographer, has taken pics of STPeach, and seems like he’s also in AMWF relationship 💪

It’s a symptom of poverty. Similar to how financially poor people who came from nothing flash their hard earned Mercedes and Rolex once they move up.

AM’s are the poorest humans when it comes to Western dating market value while AF’s on the other hand are valued near the top end of the market.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

The most successful Asian men I know effortlessly pull women in jeans and t-shirts. In fact, that’s true for most men in general. Chad doesn’t need tailored turtlenecks in his closet. Some slayers are more fashionable than others but either way it’s pulled off effortlessly and never overdone.

By the end of the day no amount of styling can make up for shitty faces, small frames and weak bodies. Instead of overcompensating with fashion (which AM’s do too commonly with urban style and haute couture designer shit) they should hit the gym first before hitting the mall.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

I recommend something like Crossfit if you’re short. To women in a major city Tinder economy like London or LA short would be <5’10”. A lot of hot women I know occasionally hook up with shorter guys as long as they have bodies like Greek Gods etc.

Basically double down on fitness instead of fashion if you’re short. The female equivalent to Asian man’s core problem in fashion would be larger sized women/BBW’s trying to adjust their figure with clothes. There’s only so much clothes can do for you to hide your shape and size.

Successful AM photographer, has taken pics of STPeach, and seems like he’s also in AMWF relationship 💪

I will explain to you why AMWF is casually highlighted all the time: Because the discrepancy in dating wealth and power between AM and AF is an elephant in the room that is too big to ignore. The consequences of which by the way extend to other areas in life such as careers and social life too. The main reason why this dating poverty gap between AM and AF is so glaring for the world to see is because AF’s exercise the dating privileges they have (which AM don’t) by dating WM at a disproportional scale.

Most AM’s on here who dismiss this elephant in the room are weakly coping due to having little to no options in the general dating market themselves. They also don’t realize that their size of their dating pool is a fraction compared to the AF’s pool in the West thanks to the massive rate of outdating, in fact it’s the smallest dating pool out of any gender and race of human in this society. Thus most AM’s claims of “preferring” AF while dismissing WF’s are about as valid as a broke guy discussing the nuances between driving a Porsche and a Ferrari.

If AM’s want to make a more legit claim to “prefer” AF’s and earn the privilege to dismiss WF’s out of preference they need to raise their socio-sexual value and power in the West first.

Subtle Asian Dating and now this?

The system includes racial preferences. If you sign up as AF without setting preferences you’ll get a lot more white matches.

Unconventional fashion showerthoughts for maximizing sex appeal #1

Very good points here that more disadvantaged AM’s need to be aware of. If anything, the most common mistake I see AM’s make is overdoing to the point of overcompensation. Most commonly I see unattractive AM’s go overly hypebeast in urban streetwear as well as wear well tailored high coutured outfits where a lot of detail was put into it (i.e. round designer glasses, tailored ankle pants etc.).

While I understand that many overly fashionable AM’s have to make up for physical negatives that count against them in the Western sexual market they need to get better at walking a fine line between improving/accentuating their look and blatant overcompensation/hiding of unattractive features (i.e. small frame, lack of muscle tone etc.).

Also, an overcompensating mega stylish AM will never beat a fit 6’1″ common Chad in jeans and t-shirt. Stylish AM went up by +1 point with his design makeover while in reality he has to go +7 to pull even with dumb bros who lift. If more AM’s who are actively improving their style were more aware of their competition in the dating pool and what women prefer in the West they could adjust their makeover priorities for better results.

Straight american born filipino [M31]. Grew up in NorCal but spent the last 6 years stuck in a midwest college town for grad school (STEM PhD) with a terrible dating scene for AM. Which big US coastal city offers the best balance between job prospects and dating opportunities for AMs?

The influx of the “tech bro” culture is the main reason why things are getting worse for Asian and Indian men in the SF/Bay area. Take a look at the leadership profile pages of nearly every Bay Area based startup and you’ll see why. Only a few Asian and Indian men have woken up and been willing to face the music so far.

How to get dates as an Asian engineer in San Francisco

I know a few Asian guys in the Bay Area who get laid left and right. They’re anything but your common Asian engineer working in tech.

Bay Area is the worst major area for AM mainly because of two things:

1) Whiteness is valued at a higher premium because they control venture capital, own vineyards and systematically promote white tech bros to leadership etc. That drags down Asians and Indiana further down in the social hierarchy ladder than in other cities.

2) The nature of the tech industry magnifies unappealing nerd stereotypes and the bamboo ceiling that ensures powerlessness.

Basically you can’t be a typical Asian tech engineer if you want decent competitive chances in the general dating market.

Asian American male tragedy in the making…

Until he mogs his white and black friends he is not allowed to pull the race card. So he has to improve everything he can to close the gap of general attractiveness first.

If you’re objectively above average attractive man in general and you still struggle then it’s a more powerful and valid argument to make against racism. But 99% of those who pull the race card are closer to the Bobby Lee than the Godfrey Gao side of the spectrum.

White men feel emasculated by black men; so they try to make themselves feel masculine by emasculating asian men.

In places where no Asian enclaves exist to support you (i.e. the South, Midwest, EU etc.) it is sink or swim. That’s why you see various results ranging from AM’s slaying on their own in the dating pool to complete social isolation and inceldom for the more stereotypically docile AM’s.

In California the Asian-American enclaves serve as a refuge but they’re segregated from the rest of society and positioned lower in the overall social totem pole (which results in less opportunities due to lower status). Not only do most “enclave guys” have no dating or social value outside of the AA bubble but given the fact that a disproportionally large % of AF’s prefer WM their available dating pool within enclave is very small compared to what everyone else has available to them.

In other words, WM’s have been very successful at minimizing AM’s dating pool on a systemic level in California with the help of the media they own as well as with the help of their white worshipping AF allies.

Random thought

it’s not me who overrates the average WM in particular. It’s society, media and the dating market that grossly overrate them. And we can all agree that no one overrates WM’s to such a comical level as AF’s do. Every time Anna Lu opens her mouth in public the meme’s create themselves.

It would take an unprecedented, more aggressive effort to change these conditions anytime soon. You pretty much have to find the right allies and be willing to go to straight war against white male supremacy.

AM’s who don’t feel the need to go out of their way to improve even just for themselves are simply not willing to take that extra step required to move up in the chain.

Random thought

The reason why white slobs do better than decent Asian guys is good ol’ white privilege. White men inherit and own everything in terms of institutional power. And things won’t get better (let alone to a privileged status) for AM’s until they take a larger piece of that institutional pie and until AF’s stop support the WM patriarchy by throwing themselves on white men in droves. That of course is a very remote long shot for now.

But that’s no excuse for AM’s to step up and do more. 9 out of 10 AM’s I see on the streets still have vast rooms of improvement physically to be close on even footing with all other races of men. They could have more muscle mass, look more intimidating to at least not be an easy bully target, have lower body fat% so their facial features are more defined, have better haircuts etc. etc. Every single day I see AM’s who could upgrade a wide range of stats. Yes it is unfair that the common AM has to make $250k more, have a much bigger dick and be taller and better looking to be on equal footing.

Yes, above average looking AM’s including Gao do worse on Tinder because Western culture established that it’s socially not acceptable to find AM’s sexually or romantically appealing. Thanks to WM being at the top of the food chain plus a large % of AF’s spreading their legs for anything that is white and selling out their heritage (not gonna bother looking for eloquent wording here, it is what it is) it is sadly socially more acceptable for AF to date WM over AM’s in California where I live.

This is still no excuse for the vast majority of AM’s to put in more work and improve everything about themselves. AM’s who are above average attractive vs all men in general still do fine as long as they have a healthy social circle and status. They might have less matches on the iPhone but still outdo most white and black men in the flesh in most real-life settings.

The only above average attractive fit tall AM’s I know who struggle in the general dating pool in California have social deficiencies from staying in Asian-American enclaves only or they’re naturally nice guys/model minorities which lowers their chances.

We need to create a scale that favors us

Since the dating market in the US is a no-go for the image you want to create, do you have buyers or a target demographic in mind for this ideal you’re trying to sell? You can create whatever you want but if there’s no buyers in the market you can’t sell it.

New nobita video up, and that comment section is a perfect example of why we need a Japanese youtuber that will call out white men in Japan.

Preferring to date white women isn’t ok if you’re a non-white male while it’s more acceptable for women of color to prefer white men over ethnic men. That’s the social order that was established by those at the top and Asians are the last race on earth to challenge that order. Also, dating preferences are irrelevant when you have no options and access to the market to begin with.

New nobita video up, and that comment section is a perfect example of why we need a Japanese youtuber that will call out white men in Japan.

The say no at a higher rate because they internalized the reality that dating Western women isn’t an available option for most of them. A coping mechanism for lacking socio-sexual power even on their home turf.

Meanwhile white sexpats keep doing and saying whatever they want as long as there are plenty of Japanese women available for them and little to no consequences from society.

Random thought

Why lifting? Because AM’s are consistent bullying and beatdown targets and the most rejected species of men in the dating pool due to physical deficiencies. Common sense dictates that AM’s need to be at minimum strong enough to defend themselves and to be physically appealing enough in order to fix their chronic and epidemic problems that has plagued them for several generations now. Men of other races don’t have this discussion at this scale because these things are so basic that they don’t need to be taught.

Furthermore, stereotypically weak and small AM’s are blind to the indirect consequences of their refusal to improve. Consequences such as getting no respect in the workplace, being treated worse by women in everyday life situations, not being electable enough for public office or leadership positions etc.

Yes I agree that Asian-Americans need to start making an effort to break into institutional power instead of just settling for a marginalized (but above average) paycheck from their white bosses with no prospects of significant equity. Only a minority % of AM’s see the bigger picture and understand that moving up in life is exponentially harder when you’re glaringly low on key power stats such as physical and sexual power.

My thoughts and experiences as a 2nd-gen Chinese-American female on the AM dating experience…

That’s a far better stereotype than the typical east Asian ones. Because in terms of the greater picture the bad masculine stereotypes (i.e. being a player, a jerk, a macho chauvinist etc.) is the far lesser evil than emasculating stereotypes (i.e. having a small dick, being shy and docile etc.)

That’s why AF’s common hurling of the “toxic AM patriarchy”accusation is completely invalid to me. The more AM’s become immune to Anna Lu’s various non-sensical excuses to justify their weak, pathetic colonial white worship the more voiceless Anna Lu becomes.

My thoughts and experiences as a 2nd-gen Chinese-American female on the AM dating experience…

as long as large hordes and droves of AF’s clearly and obviously throw themselves at white men for everyone in public to see and as long as nerdy and small penis stereotypes remain a norm in general society there will be ZERO chance for AM’s socio-sexual situation to improve.

Whitewashed Asian female immigrant writes about D&G about how it is China&Chinese people who must show respect to other culture, people, customs, and foreigners. Calls Sinophobia as people outside China checking if China will be the new bully in town.

Any Asian male who defends these kinda self-hating sell-outs solely on the grounds of being Asian and female alone is also invalid.

representation of WMAF in hollywood

Let’s not forget that every Asian female in the industry (barring a tiny handful of exceptions) is complicit in ensuring that this representation won’t change in the near future.

I now only enjoy hookups with girls with relationship potential, which means abundance mentality with girls has actually dramatically decreased. Advice?

This. To solve your problem for good you need to increase your options and choices in the dating pool. That usually requires self-maintenance and upgrading criteria like looks, money, status and power.

how not to get mogged

Very important concept here that more AM‘s need to be aware of. While I‘m glad to see more AM‘s outmog other men in public settings the inverse is still exponentially more visible. Being mogged by stronger species is one of the reasons why AM are treated like shit by society and women.

Walk around largely populated diverse settings like large clubs, music festivals or Vegas and you‘ll see hordes of oblivious AM‘s getting casually outmogged by black and white men. That’s not only because of size differences but because those Asian men don’t have the social awareness and competitive drive to go after women and don’t do anything gain an edge over other males in their pool. Your common bro douche is putting a lot more effort in.

YNAP(International Fashion Retailer) Drops Dolce & Gabbana Following Major Chinese Retailers

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The D&G grease balls were banking on being able to get away with casually shitting on China while getting on with business as usual – as in dumb ching chongs will not understand or ignore and continue to buy their superior high status Italian made designer brand.

To be realistic, given the history of Asians not fighting back enough in general this is the safer bet to make by a long shot. So any outcome other than Asians turning the other cheek again as usual would be unprecedented for China in recent times.


Fuck it, why not book a sex tour in Italy. Surely I’m not the only Asian man in here who’s taller and has a much bigger dick than most Italian men anyway, not to mention far more funds. It’s a nice country so why not “support their economy”?

Dolce & gabbana owner’s racist tirade against Chinese people goes viral in China

Remote long shot here but I hope China will boycott and burn shitty overpriced luxury status goods like LV and Burberry while at it and not eat up white man’s marketing pitch. Highly unrealistic but it would be nice if they didn’t even wait to be shit on again like DG just did to them. Time to leverage some Asian brands and businesses instead and be an inspiration to powerless Asian-Americans. But it is a very unrealistic long shot since there are too many white worshipping Asians out there, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Do Unwoke AM Fall For Stereotypes about AF Similar to How AFs do about AM?

Bingo. It’s also the same consistent type of delusional AM that tends to be that staunch BFF ally to their Asian “sistas” – the sexually unsuccessful doormat who already internalized that his potential dating pool is limited to AF’s only. He’s also 100% unaware that he’s become part of the problem as his ally sistaz become inadvertently turned off by his noble but weakish characteristics. The emasculated, powerless, subordinate nice guy activist in other words.

You see plenty of them on here as well as in IRL. Plenty.

Another piece that wasn’t included in the Dolce & Gabbana case, racist Gabbana said ni hao and thought it meant “bye” and said “eat dog”

The results speak for themselves. Those cheesy rebuttals from Asian-American SJWs in particular are so bad that they’ve inadvertently perpetuated long-standing stereotypes (such as small penis, weaklings etc) over the span of several generations by now. Long before most of us here were even born.

At the current trajectory the same stereotypes will continue to stick long after we’re all dead too. The problem here is most Asians don’t take any self-responsibility and walk away after being attacked. As in jock bully kicks you down, declares victory after you walk away and takes the women. Or as in D&G laughing all the way to the bank cracking dog eating jokes while oblivious FOBs continue to wear their logo shirts. That behavior goes beyond common sense so it is zero wonder that Asians get treated like laughing stocks and doormats in the West.

What is so hard about falling within “normal range”, as in getting into at least good enough shape to be capable of winning in ~80%+ of fight scenarios and showing women in bed that you are no tiny penis stereotype? These are worldwide famous stereotypes that plague AM’s and yet to this day most refuse to take direct personal action to fight it.

Even if you fit a stereotype and you’re not capable to fight back the classic way you can do something else like fundraising for causes and businesses and being an evil power-mongering villain in the background pulling some strings etc.

Is anyone considered attractive in Asia but unattractive elsewhere?

It’s a universal social-cultural condition for the vast majority of AM’s, not just an Asia vs the West phenomenon.

In Southern California which has strong Asian-American enclaves there are lots of guys who do well in dating within their social enclaves but they’re pretty much invisible to women outside of it.

Things I’ve Learned as a Firefighter.

Lifting enough to be at least big and strong enough to NOT be a walking stereotype/punching bag/bullying target/general doormat is a non-negotiable minimum requirement for Asian men in the West in my opinion.

Any discussion and arguments re lifting (i.e. bodybuilding, bro pumping, maxing stats, roids etc.) can start after that but not before this minimum standard is satisfied.

About AMXFs – has anyone here thought about launching an AMXF matchmaking service to get the ball rolling?

It would work if you start by curating the AM’s in that marketplace based on attractiveness and desirability. All AMXF dating sites in the past have failed due to lack of female interest. So you need a measure like recruiting the hot guys first in order to generate and grow female interest. Remember that Tinder also started by recruiting and promoting hot and popular people on USC’s campus.

Breaking News: Asian Canadians speak up about how racist Canada was and still is in some ways.

You did the right thing. If more Asian men fought back like you we’d be in a more respectable position in society. I too retaliated with direct violence a few times in my life and don’t regret any of it.

As far the more adult-like office environment is concerned at least being a fighter gives you a mental edge. Sure you butt heads when you don’t respect people with unwarranted authority etc. but in the end your mental mindset is geared towards a net-forward direction and sure beats the docile subservient stereotype bullshit reputation that we’re plagued with.

Example of foreigner entitlement in Asia – Guy pulls out hair of girl without her permission to use as floss

Correct. Calling out hasn’t done shit. Sexpat losers can still do whatever I want while more than enough local AF’s still throw themselves on them.

If Asians want to respected on their own turf again they need to hang these sexpats off their bridges Fallujah-style to make an example out of them.

Someone help me hide my disgust for racist whites and Chan/Lus lmao, shit’s hurting my career.

Stop working for them and do your own thing or find a way where you can attain the power and privilege that they have. You already know it’s almost impossible to succeed in your career because the whites and Lu’s in charge put a solid ceiling on you. No matter what you try to hide your disgust it’ll always stay. If you already started side hustles or your own business then make that your top priority over your day job. As an Asian male in the US you have the choice between a steep uphill battle and a downward slide.

What do Asian men think of non-Asian women who have a preference for dating Asian men?

Better than no women preferring Asian men? That “Lower Expectations” skit song from Mad TV is playing in my head now.

What will it take for the world to respect Asians again? A war?

Yes, getting on top by winning all sorts of wars. Cultural wars, economic wars, territorial wars etc. Not like anyone is willing to hand more power to Asians. The gains Asians made is already overextended in the eyes of today’s world, hence so much overall and accepted resentment. At this point the only way to get respect from society is to fight and conquer everything.

Asian high schoolers need to score 40-70 points higher than white students and over 250 points higher than black or Hispanic students on the PSATs to be targeted by Harvard—a threshold that makes you twice as likely to be admitted.

This is why we need our Asian admission officers at Ivy League schools to….oh wait.

To the guys who live alone and work alone, what’s your weekly routine like?

Are you trying to get out of your boring day job and do something on your own? Then you’ll have no choice but to network unless you already have the necessary skills, funds and connections etc.

Keep an open and diverse mind when networking because let’s face it, while I do know a few entrepreneurial and well-funded Asians out there those with the networks and resources in LA tend to be overwhelmingly white.

Are there any websites dedicated to Asian male dating? Or similar that have decent acceptance?

The problem isn’t the app or the sites, it is the lack of market demand (by women) that prevents AM-specific dating from gaining the needed momentum to succeed on a broader scale.

But some AM’s do better than others as evidenced by the varied accounts of success. Success on dating apps I’d define as having far too many matches that are appealing to you than you would ever have time to respond to.

If you’re looking to improve I’d turn to the few AM’s that tend to do well and figure out what they’re doing right. A slayer on Tan Tan will do fine on Tinder too despite a lower match rate.

Confusing Differences in Tinder Matches Depending on Location

LA/OC here – Answer: Asian guys and Asian enclaves are of lower social status in the area.

Demographics that are more desirable to women include the entertainment industry (Hollywood), Eastside hipsters, OC surfer dudebros etc.

Not only are they higher on the social totem pole but they’re far larger in size too. Only a few token Asian guys navigate in circles outside of AA enclaves (which inevitably affirms soft stereotypes at minimum) whereas in places like Boulder it’s more common for Asian guys to socialize in the general crowd.

Do you find it “weird” how some Asians fetishsise Eurasians?

Her family puts her on a pedestal because of extra whiteness in her blood.

I think the saddest part is that this isn’t anything surprising or out of the ordinary. Just another daily example of oblivious colonialized white worshipping in Asia.

Do you find it “weird” how some Asians fetishsise Eurasians?

I have a hapa friend whose family in her homeland pay for her overseas trips to come visit on a regular basis – just to have her featured in their wedding and party photos for prestige. If she were full Asian they would never invite her. She’s fully aware of that too.

Can’t really blame the rest of the world for laughing at Asian white worship because the extent is inarguably comical.

Stop looking down on other Asian Americans

You’re way too thin-skinned If you’re actually bothered by some taller and stronger AM shitting on you for not doing enough. Real men who are focused on their own business would easily brush it off and get on with their day.

That said, the bully is technically right when he calls out stereotypes in his fellow men (i.e. small, scrawny, nerdy etc.) that are plainly visible. No, he’s not right because his opinion matters more (hint: it doesn’t matter at all) but he’s right because women and the ruling culture have firmly established the parameters and criteria of (un-)attractiveness which disfavor Asian men more than other races.

Instead focusing on what other dudes think why not start calling out and change the media and especially the women who shut the vast majority of Asian men out of the dating market with their rampant sexual racism?

Women are far more complicit than “evil white men and white media” in my opinion but don’t get called out very often for their obvious racism.

CRA author Kevin Kwan: “They wanted to change the heroine into a white girl. I was like, “Well, you’ve missed the point completely.” I said, “No, thank you.”” Laura Sirikul: “It’s acceptable for Asian men’s stories to exclude Asian women, but the opposite is intolerable”

“White male supremacist” has a ring to it. Could become a household term around these parts and beyond someday.

Acting Dominant/Confident and hostility towards me

If you walk confidently and arrogantly with a chip on your shoulder for most of your adult life you should be used to auto-triggering fragile whites and other men on a regular basis.

And yes, you should also be prepared to be at least capable of holding your own and fighting back in the worst case scenario so hit the gym and learn how to fight.

Also, I recommend to respond instantly in a condescending way when your triggered opponent has a problem with you. I always talk down to them treating them like peasant shit which is like a sucker punch to them as they never expect that.

Racist white female attorney goes on racist rant about Asians “flooding” Orange County. But there’s a twist. Her ex-boyfriend is Asian. Lmao!

yes, great. Me too

Asian men, dating over 30.

Nobody’s created equal. That’s a feel-good myth that doesn’t make any logical sense. There’s always someone who’s stronger/weaker/taller/smaller/smarter/dumber than you and me.

The most important thing is to have a reasonably realistic sense of where you stand and what you’re capable of and go from there.

Anyone else get banned from r/asianamerican for no reason whatsoever?

who cares about getting banned. You can simply jump to the next platform. Don’t let mod clowns hold you back from speaking what’s truly on your mind.

Let’s say hypothetically this forum or r/aznidentity devolve into “r/aa light“ someday and ban a whole bunch of people like you and me. By the time that happens a stronger platform or two has emerged already anyway so who gives a shit.

Brainstorm thread: how do we carry out effective activism IRL?

What to do? Claim a larger stake in power institutions such as Hollywood, DC and Silicon Valley. That’s it. Nothing less will do. Setting lower activism goals and standards won’t suffice. This will likely require punching back, fighting fire with fire and smarter strategic positioning with a positive net gain in mind.

Professional financial traders who hedge against and adjust positions regularly for a living understand the latter analogy instantly. You have to offset the position of tolerant representation of steretypical AM’s who are traditionally viewed as weak doormats and you have to offset the position of defending Asian feminist activist women who happen to be in WMAF relationships. In simple terms you have to add new strategies to offset 2 natural negatives no matter how well intentioned they are.

Instead of being bitter and supporting censorship of diverse viewpoints I would rather let all current positions speak their minds while adding new strategic trading legs to offset the incurred losses. Why do I favor this approach over outright banning? Because natural selection will eventually take care of thin-skinned censorists anyway no matter what they do or where their views fall on the political spectrum. Doesn’t matter if they’re black pilled misogynist basement incels or SJW PC activist incels when their stances and efforts are weak.

In the same vein a lot of dedicated Asian male activists are tempted every single day to cross the line and censor successful Asian men who overachieved in slaying common AM problems that they have failed to solve for themselves despite dedicating their entire lifetimes to it. On an academic-style grading scale the AM SJW PC activist gets an A for effort and a C-/D+ for delivered results while alpha/chad/bros get an F for effort and an A-/B+ for delivered results.

Adding insult to injury to these activists’ efforts is the fact that some bros who embody the antithesis of the their principles regularly get to stick their dicks inside the same women that the activists’ sought out to protect and cater to. That includes women who have actively posted on sub-reddits like this one on a regular basis.

The choices that even the most staunchly PC feminist POC BFF ally activist female members in these sub-reddits make still reflect the same natural selection patterns that even idiots can casually observe in society. Good luck to those who keep trying to go against nature I guess.

As of now you have visible activists that have literally been “censored-alt-right-c-word that rhymes with clucked” in their own space and they will continue to be”censored-alt-right-c-word that rhymes with clucked” by whoever as long as they try to hold on to the same net-losing position instead of choosing to improve and evolve.

To use your own analogy here banning the strong (i.e. slayers) is akin to pulling out the weeds only to see them grow and come back stronger. To finish the strong and the slayers IRL or on the internet you would need to find a solution akin to toxic glyphosate weed killers.

Opinion: To Gain Legitimacy, We Need to Stop Using the Language of the Alt-Right, Internet Subculture

Asian males and Asian females often have separate problems. Emasculation and de-sexualization for instance is a major problem for AM’s but something that AF’s don’t have to deal with. Sure, I advocate mostly in the interest of men but that doesn’t mean I am against AF’s interests. I get along with them in general.

Not everything can be shoved under 1 umbrella. Sometimes you have to diversify into different directions to position yourself for a net win. It is similar to the current democratic party’s current state where Michelle Obama advocates “holding your head higher” with kindness and decency to beat the Trump machine while Avenatti wants to fight fire with fire.

Opinion: To Gain Legitimacy, We Need to Stop Using the Language of the Alt-Right, Internet Subculture

I’m banking on the fact that it won’t end well for you and AM’s in the long run. You might be partially right when it comes to censoring pure internet basement troll terms that most people in the real world don’t understand (i.e. neet, normie, kek etc.) but not when it comes to terms that are understood not only in the locker room but in public social settings around attractive women as well. Terms like Chad, alpha/beta and soy boy are generously thrown around in real life these days. It is not just an alt-right, red pill or white supremacist thing, it is a testosterone thing.

Let’s say you advocate for the censorship of “toxic” terms that not just the alt-right but also normal bros commonly use in public successfully someday. As a result on Reddit only Asian “men” censor that language while it is pervasive everywhere else when other men talk. You have then created reason #15346457989 as to why Asian males are looked down upon (not to mention being further rejected in the dating market) for being weaker and less masculine compared to other men.

Do you think that asians get better treatment in the west if their skin is fairer?

w that I’m not bad looking either, in fact handsome learning from AFs when I was younger lol. But for some reason just walking around in NYC/SF, I get dirty, disgusted looks from a lot of WFs when I’m alone and the occasional WM. When I’m with a friend who was much more stereotypical looking and shorter, WF/XF either look at him neutrally or with a smile. It must be cognitive dissonance, WF/WM

Most AM’s who are above average in criteria like looks, height, size, build or fitness can confirm that they automatically trigger “little man complex” in other men. It’s something normal you live with every day by just walking around. And living with that is way better than what many other AM’s have to deal with such as constant bullying, racial abuse, mockery and rejection by women etc.

Asian men, dating over 30.

Women want to select a mate who can ensure the best possible life for themselves and their offspring. And that is why AM’s do worst overall in the Western dating market compared to other men.

Lack of desirable physical traits that signal genetic health and fitness to women is the most obvious problem that people are aware of but what’s just as bad is the negative social status AM’s live with in the West. The negative social consequences and systemic discrimination their potential children would have to live with in the USA, especially when they’re male.

I’d say ~10% of AM’s have successfully beat the 2 main problems that hold back the vast majority of AM’s. So the odds aren’t very good yet overall as of 2018.

‘Asian, ew gross’: How the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie could help change stereotypes about Asian men

The real shocking part is that too many naive AM are still shocked about this. Barring very few negligible exceptions every AF that publicly speaks out on behalf of positive AM and Asian-American representation is WMAF. That is the standard expected default condition that literally everyone in society is aware of except for socially isolated and delusional Asian men who practically live under a rock or on another planet.

‘Asian, ew gross’: How the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie could help change stereotypes about Asian men

It’s not that bizarre when you look at the bare reality. Asian men have done great in Asia for thousands of years because they weren’t subject to meet certain looks and social standards (i.e. being tall, athletic, extroverted) that modern Western media has imposed upon their societies.

In Asia AM’s can still date and find a wife or be treated well without having the physical traits that women desire outside of Asia. In today’s Western culture that doesn’t fly and the result is that AM’s fare worse than men of other races in the dating selection process and get treated like shit in general, not just by women. AF’s don’t have that problem in the West.

186/300 matches for Asian guy on Tinder

Not necessarily true. Yes some fuccbois on the broke end can still slay by running bad boy/douche game but the Asian fuccbois that come to my mind first are finance/banker bros, drug dealers, independently wealthy hipsters & bros who live interesting lives and travel the world constantly without having to work a normal job etc.

All fuccbois regardless of type take care of their looks and image. And regardless of race it is the same types of men that women mostly go for – i.e. bro dude, Chad, trust fund, high social status, bad boy etc.

Asian men, dating over 30.

Be well-established socially and financially and be fit and good looking and you’ll be ok. That’s it. No rocket science here.

Lesbian lurker dropping in because I’m starting to see a shift in the sub reddit

Some Asian men just want to enjoy the option to slay and conquer whatever they feel like – including WF or whatever. As in, you know, having normal privileges in the Western dating market. Those are the types of Asian men who are used to doing well in the Western dating market against all institutional odds. It’s not a big deal to them to slay and get the interest of white girls or any other girls on the regular so they don’t care what most of these subreddits falsely suggest.

The weaker positioned AM species (which is still the majority AM’s these days) may come from a more sizable disadvantage due to physical, social or economic reasons so their personally set goal line of success is to summit that mountain and to win over what is considered society’s top in dating for straight men: The pretty, non-fat WF. The ironic part is those hungry, ambitious AM’s get the most shit from the general Asian-American population. Being accused as sell-outs, “Chans”, white worshipping etc. while Asian “Chads” walk away scot-free doing whatever the F.

I coach a lot of nerdy, short and disadvantaged Asian guys who “get it”, many of whom reached out to me on Reddit. They’re woke and aware of their brutal disadvantages in life and absolutely have the right mentality to summit that mountain. At least they’re aware that it is indeed a giant mountain to climb so they refuse to be led by the wrong feeble and futile activist voices to end up another just another AM lemming falling off the same ol’ cliff.

Cammi Pham (AA public figure with 1M+ followers): “Just had a nightmare and woke up :-s ….not making this up …its about dating an Asian guy”, “this is why i dont date asian men they give me nightmare”

Wrong. Not bananarang. Stop being delusional. They’d rather die alone or be broke cat ladies than settle for average guys, let alone bottom of the barrel Asian guys as measured by the western dating market scale.

Asian men can’t afford to assume that self-hating white worshippers are willing to date something that is widely considered to be asexual, small dicked subhumans as a last resort. Thinking that will only lead to ongoing casual laughter and mockery from those who are sexually eligible and active participants in the dating market.

AM’s can afford to make such arguments and accusations once they gain more currency and power as a whole in the socio-sexual free market of the West. But not until they’ve built an indisputable reputation as mostly attractive, desirable and romantically/sexually capable men. Sadly the opposite is mostly true as of today.

Riot Games just got outed for immense sexism and rape

Ding ding ding! I can verify you‘re 100% correct with your betting assessment.

Media about AM, for AM, by AM – StrongAsian.com

Not telling you to remove yourself, just fold in more examples of other good looking men in your blog too.

If I thought you were too unaesthetic to be an example I‘d say that directly to you.

Media about AM, for AM, by AM – StrongAsian.com

Sadly 9 out of 10 of these attempts turn into the same stereotypical laughing stock to everyone else out there no matter how well meaning. It’s because those who attempt these efforts are completely delusional and have zero understanding of what makes an appealing man here in the West.

If you wanna do this right you might wanna start featuring AM’s who actually make women wet – such as the above average looking Chads you see in women’s subreddits like r/ladyboners

Men will make racist comments to me (WF) about my boyfriend (AM) and I need advice on how to respond.

Bring your bf out to the same folks that shat on him to take care of business. Has he done anything yet to defend himself?

In the early 2000s there was “Asian Avenue” – a precursor to other online Asian spaces. THEY FUNDED AN AMAF PORN! – “Hamamoto laid out his thesis for making an Asian-American porn video in an essay titled “The Joy F**K Club” that was published in an academic journal in 1998.”

Yeah, if the current bottom level for Asian men holds up then there’s hope. Eventually the bulls in charge will run and take us to a higher place.

In order for the bottom to not cave in we need to get rid of those thin-skinned activists, mods and “angry Asian men” who inadvertently project and perpetuate the same old stereotypes by accident. Such as the physically and mentally weak ones who tend to immediately equate general man stuff such as normal sports team locker room talk to toxic/white supremacy agenda. Or those who equate terms like “soy boy” personally.

I don’t think they run backward agendas intentionally (unless they’re real “uncle chans”). In fact I truly believe they’re very passionate and well-meaning with their intentions. But let’s be real. Even Stevie Wonder can clearly see that they’re on a losing, net-emasculating path for themselves and AM’s as a whole.

Once the direction takes a net-postive path all the bad and weak apples like the aforementioned activists will sort themselves out natural-selection style.
In order for the non-forward-minded losing activists to avoid overstaying their welcome like Arsene Wenger did at Arsenal it is their duty to bow out respectfully while those who are hungry to move forward should thank them for the work they put in in an equally respectful manner.

How should we treat successful Chans?

It’s not all black and white as in Chan’s who feel the need to sell out their race and upbringing in the quest personal success. A lot of successful “Chans” I know (i.e. the type of men who slay the Western dating market and have crushed institutional ceilings to move beyond the Asian-American “Irvine, CA” ideal to obtain higher social privileges and power) don’t care to throw the “inferior” Asian ideal under the bus or anything like that, they just hedge their bets to position themselves to win in life.

Meaning they’ll keep their safety distance from the Asian-American community just enough to not hold them back while operating outside of their enclave to make forward strides. If Asian-America fully benefitted them they’d be fully invested of course.

In the early 2000s there was “Asian Avenue” – a precursor to other online Asian spaces. THEY FUNDED AN AMAF PORN! – “Hamamoto laid out his thesis for making an Asian-American porn video in an essay titled “The Joy F**K Club” that was published in an academic journal in 1998.”

I used to be on the AA forums. Not a thing has changed for Asians since then. If anything, things have gotten worse for Asian-America and AM’s in particular thanks to social media, internet and smart phones magnifying the same issues that has plagued them. Emasculation, powerlessness in relation to the institutions that run the West etc.

So it doesn’t matter if you spend 100 years and blood sweat and tears into the same activism if holding the same position over and over again leads to the same non-forward results.

Asian Men are also part of the problem

Spot on, the standard reaction to being called out for emasculating stereotypes around here is dismissal and accusing a white troll doing it every time.

After sweeping the negative stereotypes under rug (which is mostly done by those who fit them without having done anything about it) the net direction of activism efforts here moves towards politically correct/SJW style which probably works for some marginalized groups out there (ex. WOC, disabled, lgbt) but not for one whose primary problem is emasculation by society and the dating pool (ex. Asian men).

Are some mods trying to turn AZNidentity into another rAsianAmerican?


Should I feel uneasy about dating non-Asian women who may have an AM fetish?

No you should not. Stop right now and never ask this question again. Asian males need to stop having this fragile, emasculated overanalyzing mentality. Women fetishizing Asian men is a tiny sexual net win for you. A win is a win and Asian males in dating have no choice but to take profits whenever they can, no matter how small because most AM’s dating market value is still very deep in the red, evidenced by the large hordes of sexually starved AM’s in the West. It’s analogous to being a poor starving homeless man having to hoard and eat the crumbs and leftovers to continue living and hoping better days will come.

You need to take any gain you can get to combat the mountain of emasculation, rejection and sexual repulsion towards Asian men from women that you’re facing. That mountain is still the overwhelming normal majority condition on this earth.

So take your fucking win and move forward like a man by winning more. Little by little. Got 1 girl fetishizing you good job. Set your next goal to 10, then 50, then 100 women lusting over you and all your Asian buddies.

Being sexually objectified is unquestionably the lesser evil vs being treated like sexless subhuman eunuchs. Look at BBC’s. Blacks have been treated like pure shit in American society for centuries now but the objectification and fetishization by women is more than a saving grace. Among the numerous benefits it helped African-Americans penetrate (no pun intended) the Anglo-Western media market.

Esther Ku is back with the bullshit. Korean men are the target this time.

She’s getting automatic attention because she’s saying out loud what thousands and thousands of AF’s clearly think without saying it outright.

To me however it makes zero difference if you’re silent or in denial like most white-fever AF activists or if you’re loud and obnoxious like Esther Ku. It’s the same obvious self-hating, white-worshipping inferior complex AF toxicity to me.

Lauren Southern fears Chinese taking over Canada

Good. Let them be afraid. TBH I live and eat because I’m taking wealth that previously belonged to whites every day probably. Not that I dispossess whites or whoever else on purpose, I just work and buy land, stock and assets here legally. So? What do you want me to do? Apologize and return my land and assets? Lol lol

Asians, keep acquiring your land and wealth while you’re here. if you dispossess whites unintentionally don’t feel bad about it.

The Asian American Activist Starterpack

Multi-leg strategies are what’s necessary to move in a net positive direction because there are separate problems to deal with. Asian men are primarily hammered down by problems that don’t apply to women at all – such as emasculation and exclusion from the dating market etc. Asian women are still struggling to formulate their white worship complex which is as obvious as the sky is blue. As a result many of their deflection attempts turn into comical memes themselves.

So while only some issues are common the only way to go forward for a net gain is to apply separate strategies. Doesn’t mean there has to be division but things will continue to be divided as long as activists stick to one side or concept. i.e. SJW’s sticking to feminist strategies, redpill sticking to their shit etc. You have to take the things that work from wherever and apply them to the right problems.

The Asian American Activist Starterpack

Better get used to it buddy boyos.

Asian-American activism efforts, specifically those that lean towards the politically correct SJW spectrum (that includes most AA forums on reddit) have no choice but to endorse and accept that all Asian female activist voices barring very few exceptions worship WM and date WM’s only by default if they want to include them. Beggars which is what most AM’s are for now cannot be choosers.

When you kiss white-worshipping AF activts’ ass you’re kissing their white bf’s ass along with all the media power they yield in a place like America. As a result, white worshipping Chloe Lu Wang’s are already positioned to be the official authoritative voice of Asian males’ concerns in Western mainstream media.

Chloe Kim Wins Best Female Athlete Award at ESPYS 2018

A feeling that she would be the type? I bet you it will take most AM’s another decade to realize what’s going on today – which is that all Asian females in the public spotlight save a few token exceptions will be dating a white male. That includes athletes, Asian-American activists, politicians, feminists, CEO’s etc.

That will reman the default standard reality you have to accept until Asian men collectively do well in the Western dating and socio-sexual free market economy instead of toiling around at the bottom. Meaning the majority of Asian men do well with women in the US, not just a few token exception Chads.

WeChat article on Nan Lin. Typical sexpat comments focusing on the Asian man, and conveniently ignores the white car assaulter.

White guys overreact in shock when AM’s actually fight back because their standard assumption is that AM’s are weak pushover doormats who don’t fight back.

They also throw the worst tantrums when things don’t go their way (i.e. women reject them for men of other races) because they’re accustomed to living in a world that primarily caters to their and their penis’ needs. On the other hand, ethnic men are used to adversity so it’s less likely that you’ll see them go “white man ballistic”.

On the lack of positivity on this sub

Not every AM who mostly smashes WF thinks about racial or social connotations at all.

I view it as enjoying to smash whatever my dick likes because I can. The fact that it happens to be mostly WF for me is irrelevant to me. I don’t even think about it let alone go around and talk about it. Things would be no different to me if I dated more AF/BF/XF instead either. The more options the better and I do not I care what other WM, AM or anybody else thinks.

So to me it’s not a racial thing at all, it’s a matter of having enough options for myself to get my dick wet when I need it, nothing else.

Matthew De Starkey, U of Wisconsin-Whitewater Professor, Made Racist Caricature of Asians Then Small Penis Joke — Not Fit To Be Instructor – Please share on your FB and everywhere and let’s take him down.

That’s correct, the general population (which also includes AFs other marginalized people like gays and POC) does not sympathize with Asian men by default for these types of incidents. What I still don’t understand is why so many AM’s are still shocked and disheartened despite these incidents happening on a weekly+ basis for years now.

As a result of this general lack of sympathy Asian activists may at best be able to remove this particular guy from his job with enough media pressure and publicity but that will barely put a dent into solving their problems for the long term. There’ll be another anti-AM clown like this by next week.

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.”- Assata Shakur. Words to live by for Asians.

Correct. Asian-American activism as of today is entirely focused on begging the predominantly white owners to change their ways without even considering to challenge or disrupt the ruling mechanisms to begin with. Their weapons of choice are politeness, copying SJW concepts that worked for other marginalized groups and political correctness. Good luck with that.

Look at the recent Harvard and specialized NYC HS admissions controversy for example. Asians loudly speak up in droves protesting the process changes yet none of them even thought about the need to challenge and dismantle the administrations and institutions that are in charge of the admissions processes. Same goes for any activism directed towards Hollywood and the Western media etc.

Minor details like this is how they emasculate AM

At least there are people here now who are aware that 5’9″ for a man on a Western scale in 2018 is in “emasculating” territory as determined by women in the free dating market. Not too long ago I would see AM’s boast for being 5’9″ simply because they’re statistically taller than the majority of AM’s out there. Sorry but that won’t cut it in a culture where women raise the physical bar for men a bit higher (no pun intended).

While this may sound discouraging to those who aren’t blessed in the height department at first it is major progress to be at least aware of certain uncomfortable realities so one can focus their energy on other criteria to improve their lives. And no, I’m not shitting on short AM’s as many insecure “men” have accused me of doing before. Even an Asian Mega-Chad with model looks and fame can relate because being a man of Asian ethnicity alone is also a negative handicap in the dating market no different than being a short man.

Minor details like this is how they emasculate AM

I call 90% chance of this being a casual/sloppy mistake. Why? Because these types of production mistakes (and even more egregious ones) get passed by major studios on a daily basis, even for household name productions in the caliber of “Westworld” or “Stranger Things” for example. Reason for that is because deadlines for release in whatever markets are often firm so the post-production depts only have time to weed out the most egregious errors (i.e. missing audio or subtitle errors that alter the meaning of the plot).

However, the other remaining 10% of odds I could comfortably assign to a former yellow fever weaboo/ex-English teacher white guy who’s learned just enough Korean to get hired by his fellow sexpat buddy bro in management to edit these subtitles. That’s just one of 315347689 examples of how things work in Hollywood on every level. Also, the gender ratio of Asian project managers who work on Asian productions at places similar to Netflix are overwhelmingly female, even worse than the AFWM vs WFAM ratio you would see on the streets of LA.

You ever seen an AM do this in your life?

Doing what the white woman does to the guy if an AM sees a guy doing this in public. I’m arguing for the need for AM’s to fight back physically more often to be respected. Even on the schoolyard you have to fight back and beat the bully to gain respect.

East Asians completely neglected?

Correct. Anglosphere has long conquered and colonized the east and if Asians want a better existence they have to turn the ship around and go from the conquered to the conquerors. That would entail reclaiming pride and dignity on our own land (i.e. punishing lowlife sexpats) and take over as much of “their” land, women and power structures as possible. That’s what conquerors usually do.

While I don’t see this turnaround happen on a collective scale anytime soon I do know individuals who do well in the sport of conquering already. Real estate/investment sharks and individual slayers etc.

Reminder that it really doesn’t matter how handsome you are as an Asian Male

Only a matter of time until someone will publish an experiment conducted with a WM and AM profile swiping in the same Asian areas on Tinder and Tan Tan soon. The results will speak for themselves loud enough.

Reminder that it really doesn’t matter how handsome you are as an Asian Male

Hardly any Asians are aware of the fact that they live under a system that is primarily built and designed for the benefit of WM and the interests of their penis.

In order for AM especially to enjoy a better existence than being a 2nd-rate citizen they would have to dismantle all the major institutional ruling structures and alter them for their own benefit. This would entail a long laundry list of things including but not limited to gaining a larger power stake in Hollywood, opening up more venture capital for Asian entrepreneurs, manipulating the dating market in our favor via media and pushing better dating apps that reduce racial bias etc. No single person can change it all unless you’re a massive tycoon but everyone can pick their personal battles and chip in a bit here and there.

A lot of Asian-American activism you see these days is still weak and misguided because they’re focused on calling out the ruling institutions for their misbehavior and then beg them to change and be charitable. Good luck with that. Even worse, most BFF SJW POC female allies would never consider AM’s dateworthy in a million years even when they publicly support AM’s for their self-interest. The worst example of this of course are the Asian female activists publicly speaking out in the media, all of whom date WM’s.

Until AM’s have viable support or activism to rely on they have no other choice but to take self-responsibility and make an effort to improve for themselves, especially in the looks/attractiveness department. Sad to say, most AM’s still haven’t put in sufficient effort for themselves yet to knock down the major looks hurdles which hold them back in every area of their daily lives. Once a larger core base of AM clears these hurdles we’ll see a higher return of success in everything we do

You ever seen an AM do this in your life?

What does this have to do with AM? AM have been living with the general reputation of not fighting back for longer than most of us have been alive. Part of the reason why the weak reputation sticks is because the general population hasn’t seen much public evidence like this video to counter the negative stereotype yet.

As I mentioned in other posts the power of viral videos of AM’s fighting back and beating those who blatantly disrespect them into the ground would significantly help to undo this longstanding emasculated perception of AM’s.

East Asians completely neglected?

I spend a couple weeks out of the year in London and it is nowhere near as bad as most people here make it sound like as long as you have your shit together. Sure, it’s not ideal for AM at all to start with. Like anywhere else you’re starting with a massive handicap as an Asian male but you can live quite well and have a good time there as long as you:

  1. Physically and socially out-mog 80%+ of the general male population in public. A good enough combo of being taller, fitter, better looking, more charismatic and socially skilled than the rest is what it takes. Despite your race women will still notice and socialize with you then.
  2. Have a solid and diverse circle of friends to hang out with for a social halo. If you have good friends from work and school who do well in London now link up with them and have some fun. No rocket science here. Don’t roll in a crew of too many Asian men yet unless the crew socially established and already popular with women (i.e. have hot ass women in your regular crew) in your local area.

Like it or not (I don’t), those are the rules on an unfair playing field for most major cities in the West and to get to your goal you have to do whatever you can to beat the odds or break the rules.

The 2 things mentioned above are the same requirements that all men regardless of background have to fulfill in order to enjoy a decent standing in the socio-sexual market economy in a place like London.

Bay Area dating. Please help with my gameplan

The local dragonboat racing teams in the Bay Area had a lot of decent (fit and educated) women members last time I checked. Join them and you could kill two birds with 1 stone by getting in shape while meeting women at the same time.

Bay Area dating. Please help with my gameplan

No you can’t do well on the most common mainstream dating apps and sites without good pictures because it’s a basic prerequisite to operate the apps. On the Tinders, CMB’s, OKCs, Bumbles of this world women judge and filter you out by looks and social status first which is what the pics, job and education fields and linked IG page are supposed to show to them. I suspect that there are people out there though who are working on dating apps where pictures and social media matter less. You’re not the only one out there who doesn’t have good pics.

Aside from doing what you need to do to be a viable contender in your local dating arena you might also wanna look for special interest niches where you can meet people and women. If that doesn’t exist for you then you might have to consider moving to a culture where women value different things than they do in the Bay Area. Maybe try global GPS swiping on Tinder or Tan Tan to assess your chances elsewhere.

Bay Area dating. Please help with my gameplan

Yes, every area of life would be 100x easier if you were white, especially in the SF Bay where white privilege is valued at a premium thanks to the social hierachy in tech. Your exact white equivalent will get exponentially more matches on dating apps (from Asian women too especially) and just your white name on the same resume will get you exponential amounts of callbacks. Essentially you have no other choice but to change and improve in huge unprecedented ways to compensate for the lack of head start in life that white guys have here. At this point this is “water is wet”-level knowledge though so you can’t really dwell on it. Time to wake up and go to war every day.

Asian actor handles business on to cowardly WM’s

Now THAT is a real Chan to another level. People have various definitions of “Chan” but this one’s indisputable.

Chan here probably fears larger backlash from society after punching back so he’d rather capitulate with his dignity completely surrendered vs. fighting the war like a man with his head held high. What Chan doesn’t realize is that you have to beat down your oppressor properly thus forcing him to respect you. Politely begging him to do so won’t do the trick.

As a direct result, Chan’s mentality and decision contributes to AM’s being open targets and generally disrespected by other men and women alike. In other words, Coward Chan actively contributes to the further emasculation of his own kind by his behavior.

What’s even worse is that unlike men of other races we have a far too large proportion of these kinda Chans amongst us who insist on sticking to this surrenderist mindset. And the consequences of such a self-hating, self-disrespecting mindset have spoken for themselves pretty consistently for far too long.

Bay Area dating. Please help with my gameplan

You’re right about having no choice but to make changes. Just stay focused on doing 2 things – getting fit and gain power and status for yourself. That should keep you plenty busy.

– Getting fit should be a no-brainer since you’re already aware that you’re out of shape. Don’t waste a second dwelling on it, just go to the gym. Attaining a decent base level of fitness to look and feel good should be a priority that doesn’t take that much time out of your day.

– The other priority is the harder part – you have to break the bamboo ceiling to somewhat make up for the lack of power that tech bros have due to white privilege. The field you work for is owned by predominantly white men. In terms of how white tech bro privilege boosts their dating value – well just walk around in SF or any other town in the Bay during the day to see for yourself. Since the owners in tech imposed institutional limits on the upward mobility rate for Asian men you essentially have no choice but to beat massive odds or find a different path to bypass the ceiling in order to acquire more power.

If your social network in the Bay doesn’t exactly help you get into decision-making circles then do what’s worked for a few Asian guys in tech – take the founder’s route (you may have to leave the Bay to get funding eventually) or pursue a side project or hustle that can get you independently wealthy and empowered against institutional odds. No path is easy but it’s been done before.

If none of this appeals to you then you’re better off going elsewhere where these things matter less. Start job hunting in HK or SG maybe to solve your “leaving too much money on the table” dilemma.

Asian actor handles business on to cowardly WM’s

White guy almost certainly banked on the Asian guy to be smaller so he can pick on him. No one would kick another man’s car if there are plausible odds that you could lose in a 1-on-1 situation.

So next time the white bro will make sure to either outnumber the opponent or to pick on a smaller guy.

Asian actor handles business on to cowardly WM’s

The actor did what any man in general should be doing in this situation while the passenger’s behavior is what directly contributes to the generally poor well-being of Asian men in society, i.e. (being permanently bullied and sexually rejected).

It is 2018 and it still hasn’t dawned on the vast majority of AM’s that the reputation of being weaklings who don’t fight back is precisely what’s made them a casual and open target for several generations now.

Even that 13 year old Chinese girl from Canada commenting on Nan’s Instagram post is far more aware of AM’s shite reputation. (https://www.instagram.com/p/BlIvS8LHpF4/?taken-by=nanlinofficial)

Until it becomes standard practice for AM’s to punch back and stand their ground it should be mandatory for young AM’s (who are still casual open targets as of 2018) to be fit and prepared enough to defend themselves at minimum.

How to report David Bond

Cutting off David Bond would be like cutting off 1 head of a hydra.. Even after he’s gone or in jail it won’t be long until the next white douche clown uploads “funny” videos of kukkking Asian men in front of their girlfriends and similar stunts. Why? Because sadly they can and will as long as Asian women continue throw themselves on them just for being white while Asian men are too cowardly to stand their ground.

What would deter aspiring sexpats more effectively at a broader scale is seeing more viral videos of Asian men finally fighting back by utterly and graphically brutalizing these shitbags and effectively turn their ugly mugs into unrecognizable piles of ground meat after they try to pull these David Bond/Logan Paul-style stunts again.

Sure, most Asians here probably seem to prefer softer approaches but in my opinion you have to be ready to beat the fear and respect into your bullies if they come at you. Especially considering Asians have been on the receiving end of a one-sided beating from a bunch of incel clowns in their own territory for too long.

According to 2004/2005 Yahoo Personals Data on 4 Cities, 40% of Asian Women Excluded Asians on Online Dating

AM need to start adapting that independent mindset of slaying on their own not only in regards to women and dating but also in other areas of life.

Instead of begging for white-run institutions like Harvard and Hollywood that systematically discriminate against AM’s to let you in (which they never will by choice btw) you need to focus on going your own path for yourself and chip in to dismantle and eventually take over the hostile established institutions.

Yes it is a hard path as this would entail things like gaining financial indepence instead of working for the white bro, doing your own thing in independent media etc. and hostile takeovers of larger institutions like Hollywood, VC, Ivy Leagues etc in the long run.

Similar uphill battle exists for AM to break thru the dating market where most women clearly discriminate against you for who you are and the way you look. It does not matter if 92% or 90% or 80% of women reject you, every number you see in any similar study is pure dog shit no matter which way you interpret them. In today’s world you have to be a statistical outlier amongst Asian men to just be in healthy standing in the dating market.

Bay Area High Tech Companies by Asian %, Make your own conclusions

Correct. Asian men who only cite employee representation data without looking at upward mobility are the ones who are completely blind to a thing called the bamboo ceiling – many of them even work in tech themselves and block out the obvious on a daily basis.

Google a term like “Asian promotion tech” and you’ll see how a lot of mainstream coverage on Asian being the least likely promoted to exec levels has already come out.

Bay Area High Tech Companies by Asian %, Make your own conclusions

It shows that there are a lot of Asians in the Bay Area who work under their predominantly white tech bro execs.

Tinder/Online Dating Manifesto – Flip the script on what’s expect of us as Asian men

Correct. Looks genetics and social privilege matter in online dating and the general Western dating market . So if you’re on the winning end of the genetic and social lottery or you successfully transformed yourself to be competitive then you gain an advantage or at least qualify to begin with.

For average nonwhite Joe (especially Asian men) it is always an uphill battle because Planet Earth and water being wet. Some things are attained by hard work, other things are inherited in this world if you’re lucky. Just like how things like a high GPA, going to a preferred private school and legacy connections greatly determine your chances of being accepted to a top university in America.

I’m not in the place to judge whether so many AM’s here are truly genetic losers as they claim or if they just don’t take enough responsibility for themselves and are unwilling to go the extra mile to slay it in the West. But because there are consistently many AM’s in these subreddits who affirm that they’re unable to meet the basic looks standards of the Western dating market they should open a weekly discussion on how about to cheat and hack the system without meeting the standard criteria then.

Ideas that are commonly thrown around by disadvantaged men (not just Asians) include overhauling general style, taking roids/working out, adding a few inches in height by wearing lifts, making excess amounts of money/lobbying for power, importing wives from overseas etc. While people might disagree with some of these suggestions to gain an edge on moral grounds you have to keep in mind that beggars can’t be choosers. If things that commonly work for most men aren’t a realistic avenue then you have no choice but to resort to other means in order to slay and succeed.

Status, Validation, Intimacy, and Confirmation Bias in Perception of “Love”

It doesn’t make sense to force yourself to become a prick or sociopath if it’s not in your nature. It can happen to you out of nowhere someday maybe if something happens in your life and you’ve finally had enough and a switch goes on that changes you permanently.
I don’t think too many naturally nice guys trying the “bad boy route” out there succeeded doing so unless they underwent a successful hard complete 180 transformation of some sorts.

But it is still helpful for decent nice guys to be aware of the reality that some morally bankrupt qualities like being an asshole, sociopath etc. can be beneficial to success in the inherently toxic Western dating market. For example, more women get wet for known criminals and psychos such as Aaron Hernandez, Jeremy Meeks, Chris Brown, War Machine, Joran Van Der Sloot, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, your garden variety high school jock bully etc. than for your morally decent model minority family-oriented guy.

Weekly Free Mega-Thread

The average AM is far more skilled, harder working, high-achieving and more capable than what he is being compensated for. That is open knowledge, no one disagrees. But he’s also being systematically sabotaged by institutional powers that your aforementioned WM slobs inherited.

The gains Asians made thru good work and achievement is not enough yet because Asians still haven’t started networking and socializing to help and fund each other to the same degree like them “Ol’ boys” traditionally do, ranging from the private sector to venture capital to the media to being elected to public office in this country. That is how the mostly white establishment accumulated power over generations and the fear of losing that power is what drives both your garden variety $40k accountant WM slob as well as your brightest and most privileged WASP bros to go out of their way to hold on to their head start by all means necessary (including conquering women). “Blood and soil & Manifest Destiny bruh” as they say.

The “Bamboo ceiling” has been designed for highly skilled and hard working Asian engineers, lawyers, I-Bankers etc. to work for the benefit of the Old Boys establishment while at the same time preventing them to ever potentially take over and gain majority stake. One of the few anomalies that exist today would be the medical field where less of “Old Boys” networking matters and if tech and finance becomes more dependent on hard skills like AI, quant and algos then yes, it will be slightly tilted more in favor of high achieving Asians. But even then, we still have to keep more of the gains we created for ourselves.

Weekly Free Mega-Thread

Regardless of which path you take there’ll be huge obstacles to deal with. That’s just something that underprivileged people on this earth have to live with.

But in my opinion if you’re hungry enough you will eventually come up with a viable solution and do whatever it takes to get there. But literally every Euro-Asian guy or Latino-raised Asian guy I know of is better off and better adjusted than their Anglo-counterparts. As in they were treated as 2nd class citizens vs 3rd class citizens or something like that.

Weekly Free Mega-Thread

If you have nothing substantial that holds you back in the Anglosphere and society treats you in mentally toxic ways (such as your love life being too close to non-existent, not going anywhere career-wise due to bamboo ceiling etc) then you need to be willing to go the extra mile to get out, no pun intended.

Even if you can’t leave completely for whatever reasons maybe find a way to establish a transcontinental dual presence. Save for a condo in Asia or Bulgaria for example. Ofc this sounds like a tall order and every time this is being suggested people complain about how learning a new language or getting the right job etc. are insurmountable road blocks. If you’re not willing to tackle those road blocks then you might have to accept a toxic existence for the rest of your life by just existing in the Anglosphere.

Also, compared to a lot of white bros I know I have to say that less Asian guys are willing to take those extra little steps other men commonly take to get ahead such as wearing the boot lifts you mentioned, taking roids, manipulating pictures and their IG profile to look better etc. just gain a few more right swipes.

You gotta be hungrier, greedier and put in more effort if you’re inherently disadvantaged. Especially when the most privileged, most entitled class d-bags in the Anglosphere are already far more selfish and greedy than your common decent Asian guy. And that gives them an edge in this culture.

Weekly Free Mega-Thread

Ok in the 5’3″ range it would probably be wise to weigh in other options like LATAM and Asia but if I was not too far below the average height I’d rather put up a fight in Europe than in Anglo nations any day. Not that it would automatically be a walk in the park by any means, no such privileged options exist for Asian men on Planet Earth.

Weekly Free Mega-Thread

Strategically speaking this is what I would do if I were you to maximize chances of success – I’d migrate, work, date and settle in the the Netherlands or anywhere around the BeNeLux region. I’m pretty good friends with this ~6’1″ Asian semi-Chad slayer who grew up around in NL and Germany and does well in all areas of life that Asian men traditionally struggle in.

The BeNeLux area is known for having the tallest people on earth (possibly due to micro nutrients in the polder farm lands which cows feed on) while his parents who migrated there are typical short Asians (like ~5’1″-5’5″). So while you might not grow in height anymore yourself chances are it’s far from over for your potential offspring if you raise them in that region.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | April 30, 2018

No you’re not screwed necessarily as long as you can find other ways to accumulate power (i.e. social clout, financial and political power and status etc.) in your local area.

But yes, you’ll probably have it a lot easier in other countries and cultures for the same amount of effort put in so it’s up to you to decide how to allocate your limited time and resources on this planet.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | April 30, 2018

Keep slinging it. It makes a difference. We’re doing God’s work here.

Please talk some sense into me

The Western dating pool in 2018 is a free market in which women demand pretty well known, straightforward things from men because they can. Disregard the 75% or whatever of your Asian buddies who don’t do well in dating (we all have those nice buddies) and do what you personally can for yourself to increase your stock value if you desire to participate in the Western dating free market. If not then don’t bother trying and take a more traditional romantic path in Asia maybe.

If “self-improvement” doesn’t yield enough results for you personally then look into ways to change, manipulate or cheat the market. That will require banding and brainstorming together with likeminded individuals.

A lot of winners who attained high stock value have been manipulating the dating market in their favor for generations now by creating stuff like MTV and Hollywood. Not everyone has won by playing fair by the rules. You need to be willing to resort to all means necessary, clean or dirty.

Status, Validation, Intimacy, and Confirmation Bias in Perception of “Love”

Are you a decent nice guy of good moral character? That might be your problem as you might end well liked but friendzoned. I’m just an ok looking dude who did just enough to not be an unfuckable Asian stereotype but thanks to the fact that i’m a selfish, emotionally detached sociopath who roams around like an arrogant prick in my neighborhood I do well in the general Western dating market. The price I pay might be being greatly disliked by a lot of “decent” people but in terms of satisfying my personal end goals I still make a sizable net profit.

Most psycho/socio male friends of mine regardless of race do better with women than the guys who thought they did “everything right”.

This place is all at once an “experiment,” “weponized [sic] autism,” and a group of Chinese born in America who are “full on … nazi[s]” and pan-Asianists and CCP “assets” and incels and “pathetic little racist shitbags” who are against white supremacy. And did I not mention they’re all Chinese?

You know what the one thing is that everyone who talks trash about forums like aznidentity has in common? You guessed it right – they all use “incels” repeatedly as an insult, regardless of whether they’re Chinese, feminists, moderates, alt-right etc. And why is that? Because this place actually happens to be crowded with a lot of emasculated incels in here, let’s not beat around the bush here. Some view forums like these as a safehaven, others view it as a cesspool full of incels. I view it for what it actually is – a safehaven that is infested with a lot of misguided incels that can be cleaned up.

The permanent stench of inceldom is clear to any casual observer who browses in here. And how come so many people in here don’t see something that is so obvious to the rest of the world? Ding ding ding, you guessed it right again. It’s because they’re emasculated beta incels themselves. The permanent stench is here to stay until people actually want to begin to address the Inceldom elephant in the room so to speak.

Rebuke girls for racism. Standing up for your race will never make you less attractive.

Funny how the few guys who get to slay and pump and dump always get downvoted here. And you wonder why Asian men are seen by everyone else (esp. women) as a race of cucks.

Taiwanese women exploited by American MMA fighter’s porn videos

“No threat” is correct, that’s why these stories happen consistently. I too see hordes of weak AM as being no threat and no threat in the eyes of any real man = easy pussy and no consequences like retaliatory beatdowns if he chooses to want that.

You also can’t someone who can beat you down and fuck your women at will as “fragile”. And that mindset is the exactly the same the weak beta activists amongst us have towards the stronger AM species in here who know how to get and handle women and defend themselves.

I’ll talk to you in private sometime, will give you the rundown of some cowards who run these places and hold our race of men back. Been talking to barrel9 for awhile too.

Taiwanese women exploited by American MMA fighter’s porn videos

So this old dead white guy from the 19th century is more woke than your Asian “male” SJW feminist activist in here in 2018. At least he understands how the world works.

Meanwhile AM activists in these parts disavow men who are driven by power and sex even though women are drawn to power like flies to shit. And then they have the audacity to whine about how everyone beats Asian men down for being a race of emasculated beta incels. Over and over again in forums like this one.

PSA: remove those mental barriers to activism

This is what I recommend to you: Don’t be afraid to say whatever the fuck is on your mind on here on any given time, regardless how you feel. Emotion, passion and aggression is part of being a real man, only kukk robots are afraid to unleash what’s really on their mind.

As you may have seen by now, I’ve been massively downvoted, upvoted, been a mod, been on the chopping block thanks to weak cowards who have no balls to even personally message me and boned girls who are frequent contributors to these Asian forums. In these parts the worst enemy aren’t the white men or trolls (bc why would they give a shit) but they do come from our own ranks, some of which are mods.

By the end of the day the cream rises to the top and more and more Asian men will realize that power and leadership needs to shift from the weak cowards to the fearless and strong specimen amongst us to move forward.

It’s not about WMAF, it’s how we are perceived by societies

You’re also being gas-lit by big dicked, red blooded masculine Asian Chads, semi-chads and men who don’t run from a fight until they win against all odds because they have the right mentality and the right priorities.

While there aren’t too many of them out there vs the majority those guys get set back far more by their fellow men than by “evil white society” so the shitting that comes from that end is more valid than from anyone else.

Taiwanese women exploited by American MMA fighter’s porn videos

Wrong. The ultimate loser in the end is still the Asian man. Even if there is a media shitstorm backlash against this bro’s behavior. Very little will change in the end result because most Asian men at this point are unwilling or incapable of fighting back let alone sexually competing against aggressive bros like him.

Sure people will be upset, calling him “toxic” etc. But dominant, toxic masculinity works as long as women reward men for that behavior with their vaginas.

PSA: remove those mental barriers to activism

To be fair, your garden variety AM activist is a coward that does nothing but complain and whine on these boards without taking real action. They don’t even take responsibility for themselves to begin with. This is akin to a kid being beat up and bullied regularly and yet he refuses to enter the gym to train to defend himself each time.

What your common emasculated AM activist doesn’t realize is that their behavior is exactly why racism against Asians is socially accepted and why Asian women run away and throw AM’s under the bus. Asian men will stay at the bottom of the socio-sexual ladder for the foreseeable future thanks to the activists’ collective emasculated mindset.

We are SJW’s and We are Feminists

Nothing wrong for AM to rally behind social justice and civil rights causes but we’ve all seen instances of AM’s being mocked and rejected for lack of masculinity, even by feminist/SJW’s. Emasculating stereotypes is the worst and most unique problem that holds AM’s down and draws lack of sympathy from the rest of society, especially from women.

And you can’t run a “pink-hat” style campaign against AM emasculation without support from females. By support I mean more than the platonic kind. Because the barriers in the dating market are real for most AM and they’re set by women, not men. Even the staunchest feminists I know who regularly campaign for the rights of weaker marginalized groups still prefer to date masculine feminists and progressive Chads. Go to a major Women’s march and see who they bring as their date.

Singledom/inceldom for AMs 40+

The stench of inceldom amongst Asian males is everywhere, whether it is in real life gatherings or literally on every forum on here where a lot of AM’s engage in conversation. Any casual observer, even if they know nothing about Asians can tell. I am glad you’re aware of this dark cloud since most AM’s choose to ignore and live with it or they’re either in denial about it.

Sure, some obvious incels that are totally fine and comfortable with being who they are and encouraging them to change is completely futile but at the same time those guys need to be reminded that they’re throwing everyone else under the bus by being a walking stereotype.

Asian female journalist writes Pro-AM article: The Rise of the Sexy Asian Hunk on TV

Look at that. Positive representation in women’s mainstream media highlighting attractive Asian men and the same predictable bitterness coming from the majority on here again. Gee, I wonder why that is.

No, these guys don’t like white or were chosen deliberately for looking less Asian. They do have more aesthetic features than the average Asian. First you whine all day about poor Asian male representation and once something happens in the mainstream people on here STILL complain. And yet you wonder why Asian men are permanently stuck with the reputation a bunch of being incapable betas.

Asian men need to put their top-tier, high-SMV men at the forefront at any chance they get more than any other race of men. The benefits of positive media display will then trickle down. This has worked very well for white and black men, it is called Hollywood and media.

Instead, common AM activism caters to the lowest common denominator and supports the weak victim mentality, something I disavow as a strong, capable man.

Three Chen Sisters director Elaine Wong: “For many Asian girls I know, there is this unspoken desire to date outside of the Asian race”, “portraying AA males in the right light and give them representation is my next goal” meaning Asian men are just a fucking plan B

Exactly. Lots of hot non-Asian women out there to choose from. That is, if you’re a man who has options in the dating market.

Besides, high SMV Asian men who have slaying options don’t give a shit about what your generic Anna Lu who are mostly below your league in terms of looks and sex appeal does (not to mention their weak, nerdy, inferior, crusty old white beta boyfriends).

Despite whatever attempted marginalization there is by hater society (whites, self-marginalizing Asians etc) the cream still rises to the top naturally.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

The real issue to me isn’t whether you prefer to date only Asian or only white (btw hello Asian men, there are women of other races out there too!). The problem is that Asian men lack of options to choose from. White men have plenty of picks from Asian women while only few Asian men have full access to the general dating market in the west.

Enclave is an option, sometimes the only one but no solution to he greater problem that is lack of collective power in the Western dating market. We are still finishing last in the overall rankings and that is unacceptable. Choices = empowerment. Lack of choices = powerlessness.

The Legend of Alberhurr888 made it on Nextshark for calling out “The cosmos” founder.

for decades

Which means that Asian men have done nothing for several generations now that helped them out of their shit situation. Failure to adapt, lack of fighting spirit and a defeatist mentality is what’s plaguing AM’s.

I’m not defending self-hating Anna Lu behavior but I can see how easy and convenient it is for her to kick the abundance of powerless and vulnerable men further down. The case of Asian men against self-hating Anna Lu no matter how plausible won’t have enough firepower behind it as long as too many AM’s continue to fall short in terms of attractiveness and masculinity in comparison to other men. Some of us have beaten the odds individually for themselves but in order to land more effective figurative punches against Anna Lu and gain greater support from society as so many Asian activists hope for you’ll have to evolve into a more desirable species in the socio-sexual market at a larger rate. There is no way around this because the ugly truth is (no pun intended) is that women lack empathy for men that they find sexually repulsive and unattractive.

All women discriminate against men who possess traits that are unattractive to them in the dating market and I’m not delusional about the fact that Asian men are disproportionately affected by the arguably inherent toxicity of the dating market. Looking at the trends of the past several decades now as you mentioned it is clear that Asian men haven’t done nearly as much as they could and should to collectively climb out of the bottom of the hierarchy. This egregious lack of effort (or misguided, wrong kinda effort) is why other people such as Anna Lu’s can easily brush off Asian men as a weak inferior species while the rest of society doesn’t bat an eye.

Due to unwillingness to adapt to a more competitive and arguably more toxic environment, due to misguided leadership or lack thereof, due to a mindset that is simply not competitive and aggressive enough the “behavior that’s been toxic against Asian Americans” is here to stay, not just coming from Anna Lu alone. Those of us who slay well and “like normal” really don’t give a shit what Anna Lu does, we’re not bitter against them despite seeing exactly how they operate every day.

The Legend of Alberhurr888 made it on Nextshark for calling out “The cosmos” founder.

Depends on who you ask and the scenario. In a large party setting like Vegas and EDC it’s measured in relation to everyone else in attendance. The “Asian EDC trains” stick out visually to most casual observers in part due to shorter avg height vs other attendees.

In terms of the regular dating market it’s the women who ultimate determine what’s tall or short to them. In major city Western dating markets (Anglo countries, EU etc.) women tend explicit state their preference for taller men on their dating profiles because it’s socially acceptable and not racist or offensive (it is body shaming imo tho) and based on doing a lot of swiping on apps myself I’d peg the most common cutoff line in Western dating culture at about 5’10″+/180cm+. At or above the line that ultimately women decide on your height wont hold you back and below it your height might be of disadvantage in the competitive dating market.

TBH I shouldn’t need to explain this to Asian men as it is common sense to everyone else but the sad truth is that there are too many out there who still don’t see these realities.

The Legend of Alberhurr888 made it on Nextshark for calling out “The cosmos” founder.

Almost every Asian woman I’m with highlights and openly shits on Asian guys for having the same stereotypes so yeah, I hear it pretty directly and explicitly while in bed. A lot of these Lu’s are frustrated because there are less men of their race who meet their physical standards and preferences so you see more Asian women letting their frustrations out on the weak. A form of racist, self-hating bullying, I don’t disagree here. But by the end they’re still willing to jump in bed with some Asian men plus I do see their point because I myself have certain physical preferences that weed out a lot more Asian than non-Asian women.

Specifically I prefer women who are tall, active and fit and find neotenous, child-like features you see in a lot of Asians unappealing. Cute maybe but not sexy. However, Asian women that fit my physical preferences would objectively have a sizable edge over the white or black equivalent in my book due to nicer skin and facial features, there are just less of them out there vs women of other races.

And yes, the hordes of Asian men such as those you see in EDC Asian trains do actually exist. There are some Asians like me who can actually see those, maybe I have magic goggles on.


Gender Issues Thread

It is not racist for a woman to find men unattractive because they’re are short, nerdy, small dicked, out of shape etc. Women set their own preferences and can like whatever they want in a man. But it is racist for a woman to attribute the traits that she finds unappealing to an entire race of men, as in dismissing all Asian men as nerdy, small dicked, effeminate etc. for example.

A Lu with racist preferences would take an unattractive white slob that clearly doesn’t meet her general physical preferences over a hot Asian Chad who objectively meets or exceeds all her “non-racist” criteria for men. A woman without racist preferences would take the Asian Chad over the white slob.

The Legend of Alberhurr888 made it on Nextshark for calling out “The cosmos” founder.

She may or may not be a Lu, not defending her nor jumping to conclusions either. Because let’s face it, the hordes of short Asian men going out often highlight themselves, I see it myself pretty regularly in the DTLA/Arts District area.

She would be a Lu in my book if there was a consistent pattern of her linking negative traits of Asian men but I’m giving her the benefit of a doubt because she frequented Vegas, a place where hordes of short Asian men are clearly more visible than in other places. So to me she arrogantly dismissed hordes of short Asian guys and may or may not be a Lu.

Yeah the bros I was with were all about “that” life, raging party monsters. But on campus they didn’t have to put in the work due to status.

The Legend of Alberhurr888 made it on Nextshark for calling out “The cosmos” founder.

Go to any large club there that Asians frequent on weekends. Or EDC and Coachella. In fact I can go outside in my neighborhood in LA and have a gallery up of these “mythical hordes” for you to see in no time

The Legend of Alberhurr888 made it on Nextshark for calling out “The cosmos” founder.

To be fair I know a whole lot of girls (Asians and non-Asians) who are open to dating some Asian men but not the short, average or stereotypical ones. In fact I know of some vocal females who have posted right here on this very forum that operate exactly like this woman but would never publicly admit to it, so there.

Also, Vegas is indisputably the epicenter of “hordes of short Asian men” at the clubs. If you’re part of one of those you have to disperse and slay on your own to improve your chances. All-Sausage entourages are bad in those settings for all men unless you’re part of a high status crew. I went to a bachelor party weekend with mostly Div I NCAA football players and nobody slayed despite a bachelorette party staying directly across the hall from us.

Jared Leto’s Netflix Yakuza Movie Is a Culturally Insensitive Disaster

To answer your question the obvious truths are controversial (and thus downvoted regularly) to Asian men but to no one else because they can’t handle it yet. And so the obvious lack of ability to confront and handle these things like a man add to further stereotyping of Asian males being weak and beta. See the vicious self-inflicting damage that Asian men do themselves even on here?

Maybe the ugly truth (no pun intended) weighs too heavily onto their everyday lives or maybe it’s because they’re in mass denial about the reality outside. I’d say it’s both. Obviously.

And because these “ugly truths” are nothing but basic common sense to everyone else (including yes, Asian women) there will be no advancement for Asian men until enough of them finally wake up to the music and catch up with the rest of the world. Asian men have no choice but to start confronting the realities that plague them directly. Hiding and walking away has never worked.

Asian girl thinks it’s okay to blame her race for being short, “because genetics lol”

Therefore the looks-based dating culture and socio-sexual market are inherently toxic then. If you’re staunchly against this inherent toxicity you can always choose to disavow and refuse to participate in it.

Asian girl thinks it’s okay to blame her race for being short, “because genetics lol”

Unless the increasing sight of younger generation of Asians getting a lot taller of the sudden is due to genetic mutation it is wrong to attribute Asians being short and small to genetics entirely. My guess is that access to and education about better nutrition plays a significant role.

Men of color(asian/indian) need to show more courage in speaking out

Sounds like we’ll need more kamikaze types then. Why even bother sitting and waiting to get some support from the community, that’s akin to waiting to have your hand held so you can finally have the courage to do something.

And that passive mindset is exactly why there is no sympathy or support for AM from society as a whole.

Hey guys, turns out in an update that she listed the pedo as her stepdad, and that her mom found text messages but didn’t report to CPS or something.

New tv category – heartwrenching yellow fever drama

Jared Leto’s Netflix Yakuza Movie Is a Culturally Insensitive Disaster

Some men still get away with more due to charming, handsome looks. Women can’t help it. For example James Franco still gets more sympathy even from his accusers. If you’re not good looking to women you’ll be ostracized more in everything. And that’s something too many Asian men have to live with every single day.

Jared Leto’s Netflix Yakuza Movie Is a Culturally Insensitive Disaster

i just cancelled my subscription and so should you.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

If you ask any non-Asian woman what type of men approach them the least it would be Asian men.

Sure, it’s more fun to approach when your odds to succeed are statistically exponentially higher for white and black men vs Asian men but if you don’t start playing the game your odds of winning are firmly zero with no sign of learnings or improvement for future attempts.

Furthermore, more Asian men need to realize that this shy and reluctant behavior towards approaching women = another emasculating negative Asian male stereotype, adding to a list that’s way too long already. Lack of confidence, assertiveness and competitiveness esp. compared to other men are traits that women find unattractive, period. So it’s no surprise that this is a major factor contributing to Asian men’s firmly established bottom position in the dating hierarchy collectively speaking.

CALIFORNIA IN THE CROSSHAIRS: It is pretty obvious to me that Trump & his right/alt-right minions have fixated on California. A lot of Asians live there. Those who do need to seriously wake up. Things look dicey.

I too read and monitor major right-wing, alt-right, right/leaning publication. It should be required reading for all Asians to learn about how a large segment of the American population feels about your presence and where “your place” should be.

Were the links you tried to share from Breitbart banned here? They should be allowed so Asians can stare their enemy directly in the eye.

To all the Chans who threw Red Velvet’s Wendy under the bus for a paltry joke while staying silent about the absurd amount of anti-Asian racism in rap: YOU ARE THE ENEMY

Exactly this. Bookmark Donald Glover as a public enemy to Asian men, he’s slipped under the radar for some reason despite his lyrics being widely published

Albert Hur on the quality of Asian Activism; are we being properly Represented?

No we’re not properly represented yet, especially not the Asian men.

A lot of Asian activists around these parts try to emulate progressive and feminist social justice movements and agendas that might work for other marginalized groups but not for a group that is being permanently ostracized for lack of masculinity and sex appeal.

We need to boost representation and leadership on the masculine end of the spectrum more than anything else by a long shot in order to gain a more balanced momentum that is capable of propelling the entire race towards a forward direction.

My journey as a Asian Man in the West

Downvotes are a badge of honor when it comes to Asian male issues. Look at my post history where I get downvoted constantly for regularly speaking on brutal, uncomfortable truths that most Asian men are still too afraid to confront. But they have no choice but to face the music sooner or later.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

Yep, even your regular white misogynist racist bro will pull more matches by default on Western-centric apps because even a lazy, negligent, racist white slob can potentially provide a more comfortable quality of life due to institutional privilege and preference by society. Women settle for white slobs because they would potentially suffer less social setbacks from their friends, family, peers, teachers and neighbors vs dating Asian and other ethnic men. Even if they’re highly successful, better looking and have way more going for them in every measure.

Not every woman is that weak-minded and unwoke but by the end of the day in 2018 there are still too many people out there who to cave into the social pressure coming from the large racist loser majority. I’d say the biggest strength that low quality bigot whites have on their side is just sheer quantity really. And that’s slipping away each day. Rightfully so.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

I have no problem approaching women but it is common knowledge that far more Asian men are shy and less assertive with women vs other races, thus they approach women less frequently than men of other races.

I can’t count how many women have told me how they’ve never been approached by Asian men in their lives before despite growing up next to them in places like California.

If you’re a non-Asian woman you might consider having to make the first move on certain Asian guys, sad to say.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

You mean when I’m out with a larger group of Asian men? Hell no, at least not in conjunction with the group. Because let’s face it, we all know that rolling with a Asian sausage entourage horde out at a bar, club or festival etc. will reduce your chances with women by 97%+. Even in “Asian” places like K-Town. And no, it’s not the Asian group’s fault necessarily, women are racist. For example on Spring Breaks all black crews will strategically ally themselves with some white bros so women trust them more while the white bros will roll with some black dudes for “cool street cred”. Asian men would have to diversify likewise for a better night out.

But the “Hordes of Asians” can splinter off and do their own thing individually while they’re out. If I see someone interesting while I’m out I’d just focus my attention on her on my own away from the group.

Girls looking for Asian guys that can provide economic stability – Your experience?

Are you in LA area now? PM me if you wanna meet some interesting local Asians in crypto and finance with ties to Asian whales etc. People who are very committed in hoarding more money and power.

California, Seattle, Minneapolis?

San Diego. We welcome more financially well-to-do Asians here despite certain social backlash and clear segregation. Keep in mind that bitterness and incidents such as the white lady in Long Beach are a sign of the paradigm shifting in our favor.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

Why? Because they’re boosted and supported institutional social privilege and acceptance, which is something Asians don’t have. It’s an advantage boost that is simply non-existent and unavailable for Asian men especially.

The privilege affords them advantages in societies like women and career opportunities which most Asian men don’t have access too unless they compensate harder for it. So the avg white joe gets things that only good looking or high social status Asian Chads will ever see.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

You’re on to something here. A lot of men who are exactly in this predicament have never known any better, thus they don’t see the severity of the problem.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

Yup, I think it’s time to face the music because the elephant is so obvious at an embarrassing, cringeworthy level for everyone eto see. At the very least every man at the table or at the bar needs to be aware that inceldom is at public display almost every time such packs gather. We’ve all seen these hordes and packs out in public, no use to be in denial here.

Any asian expats that lived in Thailand? What was ur experience like? How were u treated?

One of the most noticeable things I see when I’m in Thailand is that
a)how 99% of white women stick loyally to and won’t go anywhere without their white men and b) how they’re letting their men do what we all know they’re doing. It’s not just Asian women that are enabling WM’s sex-pat actions.

That said it’s still a great place to go out and (legitimately) meet women of all backgrounds. I love Thailand despite the seedy underbelly.

How many times has this scenario played out for you? : “ speak up, stop being shy like a typical asian boy “ to “ shut the fuck up, stop being sensitive and take a joke “

The sad part is that both Asian culture and the West encourage the women to assimilate to the white man. To the point where Asian women are largely looked down upon when they prefer to stick to Asian men. So your fellow Asian women are just as complicit as the “evil white man”.

As far as Asian men are concerned, yes you might see a lot more of them around the office in a field like tech but they won’t be playing golf with the Old Boys and Partners on Sand Hill Rd. anytime soon. Working for the majority white ownership and leadership while accepting a marginalized but comfortable reward (aka a higher than average paycheck but no power equity) is about as good as it gets for Asian tech workers.

How many times has this scenario played out for you? : “ speak up, stop being shy like a typical asian boy “ to “ shut the fuck up, stop being sensitive and take a joke “

There’s no winning.

This should be stickied as the number 1 rule that Asians need to be aware of when it comes to most areas of life in the West such as the bamboo ceiling, the dating market for Asian men or just existing as a neighbors. They don’t want you to win and at best they’ll tolerate you as long as you “know your place”. More Asians need to wake up and understand that they’re navigating mostly hostile waters in the West.

Girls looking for Asian guys that can provide economic stability – Your experience?

I’m well aware that many girls are keeping me around because i’m a safe back-up plan if all else fails. Some are just trying to extract as many free meals as possible, which is the cost of the game for an asian guy I guess.

Not to me. I go out with a few sugar babies and gold diggers who are publicly known for using Asian guys for money. While they get BMWs, first class flights etc. out of other guys I just take them out for a fun night of drinks, food and a good smash just like I do with any other girls and that’s it. So yes, all these types of girls have their roster of beta bucks and alpha fucks too.

Do you talk about the Asian dating situation with friends?

Whenever I’m at a larger gathering with a lot of Asian males It’s painfully obvious that ~50%+ are perpetually dateless etc. I’d say most of them aren’t horrible stereotypes either, they’re rather normal nice guys who aren’t bad looking but wouldn’t exactly turn heads either. And yes, the nice guy and lack of social skills outside their comfort zone is a common problem that holds them back too even if they’re decent looking.

Despite the datelessness being so publicly obvious it is still rarely openly discussed because it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing and might kill the vibe and purpose of having a night out around town. So the Asian bros continue to enjoy their night out while ignoring the inceldom elephant in the room.

While I’ve also not called out this issue directly to Asian men who are affected by it out of courtesy I do think it’s time to address the inceldom elephant in the room head-on. I will start calling out those who continue to sweep this problem under the rug and encourage them to be more proactive to help themselves get out of this situation.

According to Hollywood, evidenced by tonight’s Academy Awards, the only diversity that matters are White women and Black people.

It is worse than you think because entertainment people in power can justify their personal disdain for Asians with business reasons, such as the fact that you can’t sell a movie in Asia without top name bankable stars in them. Since there are no bankable Asian stars therefore it makes no sense to cast Asians in their mind, conveniently.

The other day I was at a major film festival where an exec discussed his pet project which is to produce a movie about cricket starring Benedict Cumberbatch. He was salivating at the prospect of selling this movie to the Indian market who he thinks would clamor to see a cricket movie featuring all white guys from Australia and the UK. To “wash their hands” they would probably insert some little side cameo of some recognizable Indian actor.

According to Hollywood, evidenced by tonight’s Academy Awards, the only diversity that matters are White women and Black people.

Despite a high Asian population in LA there are no Asians to be seen anywhere in entertainment, whether it’s in front or behind the camera. Go to awards shows, industry events, even private social gatherings like Oscar viewing parties and spotting other Asians will be like playing Where is Waldo in ultra-hard mode.

The only Asians I deal with on a higher level in entertainment are business execs from overseas and believe me there’s no love lost between the white bros employed in the field who are forced to deal with them. And that right there (financial power from Asia) is the only glimpse of hope for things to get better for Asians in the media.

Racist professor tells American family to go back to their country…

“But I was born here. This is my homeland!!!” – When will POC realize that this frequently used counter-argument is completely invalid in the small minds of bitter white trash?

Bottom line is they don’t want you here, whether legally or not. Your presence alone triggers them so snap out of the minority victim mentality and start pushing back, laughing back and embrace the fact that you’re better off than them in “their own yard” etc.

If y’all haven’t seen the music video for “rockstar”, which is currently the #1 song in the US and has been for the last few months, it’s anti-Asian colonialist as FUCK. His white-fatass and his side-kick team of AF slaughtering the evil squad of AM with some mysterious white-egotistic katana skills

The entertainment industry is united on all fronts in the exclusion of Asian men in particular. In front and behind the camera. See people like Donald Glover, Seth Mcfarlane and watch the Oscars tonight where they will no doubt celebrate progress and diversity (minus the Asians).

I just attended two large major awards shows in music and film myself in recent weeks and spotting other Asians in there is like playing Where is Waldo on ultra hard mode.

Each race of women are most likely killed by their own race of men, EXCEPT Asian women, who are most likely murdered by white males

Funny how “toxic Asian masculinity” is always hammered against Asian men by women, white society, progressives etc. while in reality Asian female white worship is 1000x more toxic to Asians. It is so toxic and pathological that you see cases on a regular basis where AF’s literally risk their lives and well-being just to be with a white man. Like the girl in Japan that got decapitated by her Tinder date, the kidnapped grad student in Chicago, the woman that got hung in San Diego and countless others.

The cultural colonization of China: Welcome to the Good Life of China’s Wealthiest 1 Percent – GQ

Nouveau riche Asian-Americans in places like California (think well-to-do enclave kids with white BMW’s, designer purses, instagramming at trendy restaurants etc.) are also unaware that they’re being looked down upon by old money and hipster trust fund whites.

So what. New money is better than no money or declining old money. Westerners looking down at new money Asians for lack of class or style is just a classic measure to keep Asians in “their place” below them. Expect more open backlash as more Asians snap out of “their place” and rise up in wealth and power.

We are not Asian incels. We are activists fighting against racism and white supremacy

The “incel” dismissal is a convenient win to shut down Asian men. Which is why it’s commonly used against us from all ends from alt-right racists to feminist SJW’s. And as long as there’s a sizable portion Asian men who are incels or close to incel-tier in existence on here (which there clearly are) the incel dismissal will continue to be used against you.

What is the final end solution to end this? Very simple – you slay with women. You conquer their women, you win back your women, you slay other women for your self. You raise your SMV, you get women on Tinder and in real life. Currently there are only a few exceptions who have broken this infamous barrier for AM but if you don’t want all Asian men to be lumped in as incels by standard default then we need a larger proportion of AM’s to succeed in the Western dating market.

Chinese megafirm Poly Real Estate allegedly not hiring Chinese Australians and preferring ‘local Whites’

Yes this is the norm in Asia too in a lot of fields.

Why is Asia so hung up on skin tone?

It’s because of colonialism and status, Latin-America values lighter skin tone in a similar way. But instead of obsessing over skin tone, Asians should focus and be aware on neotenous features instead.

Why I find some Asian women attractive I do not like those child-like, underdeveloped features and bodies on women at all. Swipe on an Asian app like Tan Tan to see hordes of examples of what I mean. While women can still get away with being neotenous and attract dirty old white men by looking like 12 year olds it is a death sentence in a dating culture that prefers masculine features like muscle tone, jaw line, good size, facial hair etc. in men.

The solution for naturally neotenous men for whom the classic masculine features aren’t a viable option is to do whatever they can to push and force the pretty boy K-pop style types of aesthetic into the mainstream by any means necessary regardless of what other people think.

Should AMs try to get buff or cut?

You can’t look like the way 80% of Asian guys do in 2018 and reasonably expect not to be picked on by bullies and rejected by women. This has been a common every day reality for Asian men for several generations now with no end in sight

It’s ironic how Asians are perceived as highly intelligent but yet can’t pick up on blatantly obvious shit conditions that have annihilated their quality of life indefinitely for now. Most other men except for the far too large proportions of stereotypical incel-tier Asians amongst us have at least some basic common sense understanding of what women want.

How to respond to: “You’re just Asian incels”

“Some”? Most Asian men in the US have to live with a dating reality that is closer to incel-tier than what should be normal for any man. Anyone who has a somewhat normal dating life experience can see the obvious incels n here and inn real life, only incels themselves can’t. It’s why the “incel” insult is being hurled towards Asian men from all corners ranging from Asian feminists/SJW’s to alt-right racist bros and toxic misogynists.

Not here to laugh at those who are incel (ok maybe I am a little bit, not gonna lie) but inceldom is a brutal reality that many Asian men have yet to begin to confront head-on. It is large and epidemic enough that it can’t be swept under the rug at all.

Size Matters – SquattinCasanova

The weaklings are already being largely deselected from the dating and mating pool by the entire female species. That’s another thing a lot of sub-Alpha, low-to-no SMV Asian men aren’t consciously aware of, despite getting no matches, being rejected by girls their whole lives etc. They’re already beaten down by society (sometimes literally) and decide to stay down.

The cream still rises to the top but it’s just happening in such small quantities for Asian men, only on a token individual level. Other dudes such as white bros have pure quantity on their side as one of their strongest, if not their strongest suit.

In conclusion you are correct that the Alpha Asian studs need to breed and lead at a higher rate in order to improve the survival odds of the Asian male species.

Size Matters – SquattinCasanova

Don’t forget to tell your peers to stay away from all superficial Western dating apps as well, like Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Hinge, everything where women care about looks. Something that the vast majority of Asian men don’t understand is that

1) good looks are a factor and most often a prerequisite in women’s preferences

2) most Asian men’s weakest suit in the West are in the looks department and need more attention improvement than any other areas to get out of the bottom of the general dating hierarchy at least.

The innocent beta provider scenario you describe works better in more traditional romantic cultures than in 2018’s US social settings. Like in Asia maybe.

Size Matters – SquattinCasanova

Jesus christ, haven’t looked at this mostly beta shithole in awhile and not a single thing has changed. What is so hard about pumping up a bit to be at least in presentable shape and why do only Asian men argue about this? All other men clearly understand that it contributes to helping them get laid, I cannot put it in simpler terms than that.

The same low-to-no SMV Asian guys (which is the vast majority) refuse to take responsibility and improve themselves while expecting a different result. Then they complain about struggling with women.

I’m for a separation between the capable and incapable men as it will lead to a better long-term scenario one day. The few good slayers who kill it have nothing in common with the lowest common denominators here, period and need to continue to blaze their own trails for others to follow someday.

Art, Clothing, and Lifestyle Thread | December 11, 2017

Great, another eunuch Long Duk Dong caricature (or in this case Bobby Lee’s twin) with an inferiority complex against normal men running their mouth in here, just what Asians needed. I’ll sort you out in person but not on here so you can PM me if you must.

In fact if more stereotype midgets like you had the balls to talk shit like this in person (which I’ve literally never seen in my life) then society would respect you more actually.

Art, Clothing, and Lifestyle Thread | December 11, 2017

Sounds like you’re the one starving for attention, why are you even talking to me. For you I recommend touring Canada as a Bobby Lee impersonator or something like that.

Art, Clothing, and Lifestyle Thread | December 11, 2017

just google it and show the pics of what you want exactly.

Art, Clothing, and Lifestyle Thread | December 11, 2017

Not jelly, just giving helpful valuable style advice here. Why should I be jelly?

Art, Clothing, and Lifestyle Thread | December 11, 2017

Get one of those fuccboi haircuts to complete the styling.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

Another point that hasn’t been brought up is the fact that nearly every Asian man who managed to slay and crush the stereotype barriers against all odds wasn’t blessed with superior genes, looks or other institutional advantages. Yet almost without fail every time a successful slayer throws in his 2 cents in these forums he’s being attacked with the same excuses like having shit handed to them, being toxic, whitewashed etc.

Asians don’t come from a culture where breeding selective physical traits is a component or virtue like old WASP’s who groom their kids like show dogs and horses for example. That’s why men from the powerful Asian elite don’t look too different from the common working class. Very few Asian men inherited the genetic and physical advantages that makes conquering and winning in the Western dating pool effortless.

Also, even though the families of many of my Old Money WASP friends revere and strive to breed that Stanford student-athlete type that makes the Olympics or the pro tennis circuit the common results don’t look too impressive to me considering the vast investment put in over generations. They still get mogged both physically and mentally by non-white ethnics. So in the end it’s the mindset and intention that counts to whites and their most prized asset remains good ol’ institutional power and cultural hegemony.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

Yeah I’m probably in the minority of men and yes I don’t care what others think.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

That’s probably due to insecurity or insistence on control. Can’t speak for them though because I prefer non-monogamous women myself. Works for me since I’m primarily and comfortably non-monogamous. There are lots of other men out there who do too.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

I’m talking about both. Not like Ken Jeong goes out there in Hollywood with the agenda to castrate the Asian male race either. Self-cucking is never intentional but results always speak louder than words.

Even Stevie Wonder can see that the universally common beta Chan stereotypes far outnumber the strong-minded men in here. If more balance were achieved Asian men would get shat on less often on the internet or in the real world.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

Lay count # by itself doesn’t matter. Having respectable sexual/dating market value and not being priced out of natural selection does matter.

Eligibility in the mating pool matters first. Then you have the option whether you wanna be monogamous or sleep around. Incels have no options.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Hipster game works. I know a couple here in LA and in other places. They have the style and social circle/following etc. Can show you a few musicians, artists etc. Transforming into alpha Chad bro isn’t the path for everyone but that’s not an excuse to not step it up either if you wanna increase your SMV in Western dating pools.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

I don’t think you should strive to be alpha if it truly goes against your nature but for most men the primal instinct and the desire to get there exists within. And let’s face it, what man doesn’t want to be in a place where they’re wanted and desired by women and where they enjoy positive benefits that extend to most key areas in life like career and social life etc. There are certainly worse places to be.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

A few of us loudmouths and masc guys who beat the odds have verified each other privately. Not a single one I’ve seen on here had institutional or genetic advantages that decisively made life a walk in the park over your average joe or even stereotype nerd. Most of us were born and meant to be beta incel nerds, that was the path our parents and culture laid out for us but we resisted and won.

In fact I’ve talked to a few dudes in their ~mid 20’s to 30’s who were incel their whole lives until recently and are doing fine on Tinder now. Not slaying necessarily but getting a regular stream of matches and dates. It’s not genetic limitations in most cases that’s held them back, it’s the mindset and priorities that needed to change.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

Where’s the evidence that there’s this massive contingent of stereotypical Asians trying to cover up your message with their hidden emasculating agenda?

Even when the self-cucking is unintentional, the behavior and results speak for themselves clear and consistent enough around these parts. Similarly, Western progressive liberal women believe they’re woke and non-racist too while their swiping behavior pattern on apps like Tinder shows the opposite.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Literally every vocal Alpha guy you see in here was a common joe who defied great odds and stereotypes by his own merit and by having his shit together. And every time he speaks up he gets piled on by the beta contingent with the same old excuses and accusations without fail. The desire to drag winners down to their level is the consistent travesty here.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

There’s a lot of short Asian guys who are alpha as fuck. The beasts who can literally kill most tall bros or the power hungry slayers who do well in business. Those are the shining examples worth looking up to, not the incel stereotype looking characters.

Most Asian men who are considered conventionally attractive aren’t blessed with model-tier Greek God looks either.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

The actual delusion that is epidemic within Asian men is denying that rejection, discrimination and mockery is largely appearance-based. The real-world equivalents of Ken Jeong and Long Duk Dong need to be called out and re-educated. And there’s way too many of them out there as of today.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | December 04, 2017

Start on reddit for real change. Asian reddit forums are a fairly visible platform to the general public already. They also visibly lack a healthy does of testosterone compared to other men’s forums. And clearly from recent activity in here there is evidence that Asian actually testosterone exists contrary to popular belief.

Hence, mods and users need to leverage traditional masculine ideas and representation more in these forums to balance things out and then boost things up vs dragging things down to the lowest common denominator. Not only that but no other race of men needs it more, let’s not beat around the bush here. I literally got sanctioned at another forum for talking about casually slaying women of all colors. It doesn’t get more eunuch emasculating than that.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | December 04, 2017

articles on Steve Harvey, Jeremy Lin, emasculating stereotypes of weakness is what I see within the first 2 pages.

For a sub that bemoans not having masculine Asian role models in the media..

It really makes me wonder what some of these users and mods who keep the eunuch stereotype cycle running look like. Gee, do they have something to hide? If they look like the way they think and talk then they’re fucked beyond repair.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

Agreed that height and frame > face for men. Saw a whole bunch of ~6’0+ masc framed Chinese FOB guys out with hot girls last night. Ok to decent facial aesthetics at best but the masc frame gave them a dominant presence over most guys regardless of race.

This is how to fuck a lot of girls (it’s a straightforward topic, and at some point the conversation has to evolve)

You have a point. No one in their right mind can deny the fact that a lot of short, nerdy ugly manlet etc. stereotypes exist in abundance. If you look around here you will see how a lot of them cowardly hide behind a distinctive effeminate, emasculating agenda to justify their existence and enjoy what little power they have. Those types already waved the white flag and agree with you that not much can be done on that end.

But guess what – all the vocal masculine guys in here who defy stereotypes and slay with women didn’t exactly win the genetic and social lottery either. They actively fought and won against the odds despite having a rough upbringing, FOB/ beta enclave parents, bullying in school etc. And those guys always draw the most heat from the majority defeatist stereotype contingent in here.

For a sub that bemoans not having masculine Asian role models in the media..

Mods need to ask for more private verification then to prevent this circus from going further out of control. Let’s face it, this dynamic and discussion will always exist. So at least let those who can walk the walk continue talking. Censoring vocal strong voices coming from stronger men is like cutting off a hydra’s head.

For a sub that bemoans not having masculine Asian role models in the media..

I am stumped by this mindblowing riddle.

For a sub that bemoans not having masculine Asian role models in the media..

Welcome to the jungle buddy. Hate to break it to you but Asian male forums overwhelmingly naturally go against universal masculine traits and values. The few masculine voices you find in here form a tiny and marginalized minority faction within these subs.

If you check most boxes of masculine standards your views will be undermined by default here. That’s why AM subreddits look more like Asian emasculation forums than masculinity forums to the casual observer.

If you’re a naturally attractive masc guy with a healthy social life and a dating life then you won’t be able to relate to the kinda life that 95% of the users in here are living. It’s a different world with a different view.

A good point you made is that non-masculine Asian men still scream and beg for better media presentation yet they don’t pull their own weight at the same time.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

There’s nothing wrong with Asian enclaves as a concept, in fact they’re essential. What is completely wrong and piss poor is the execution. Enclaves provide nothing more than a second-tier social platform and might help you with your homework. They might be well-meaning but by the end of the day they don’t understand power because they never had power so in their current format they can never aggregate or provide power for Asians.

Enclaves don’t exactly prepare and groom men to enter the regular dating pool, let alone conquer it. Only a handful (<5%) have managed to gain access on their own. Looking at the rest of Asian-American enclave men they still fit more stereotypes than defy them both physically and mentally. Even the most popular, most adjusted enclave members fit the smiley friendzoned bff nice guy stereotype (great smile though!).

Enclaves don’t provide the institutional advantages and old boys clubs that whites enjoy to become entrepreneurs despite plenty of Asians having strong technical backgrounds. Aside from that enclaves sweep the bamboo ceiling and emasculation issues under the rug, maybe to encourage their members to live meaningful lives despite systemic discrimination. Which in turn leads to that continuous circle of bullying, rejection from women and lack of promotion in the workforce. Even in the Asian subreddits a more emasculated enclave-style agenda is strongly favored over stepping things up in terms of universal masculinity to win. Limited functioning on hard mode is encouraged over smashing ceilings and barriers.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Enclaves are the support structure that hold up the bamboo ceiling. In the workplace and in the socio-sexual market. That’s been consistently proven for longer than most of us have been alive. The timid mentality and culture that enclaves promote has always led to the same weak results.

Enclaves would be more effective if the values were overhauled from within. It should be an emergency priority to promote and fostered stronger and more masculine traits in men both in the physical and in the mental sense.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

You gotta remember here that a lot of these forums for Asian men aim to function as a refuge enclave for the weak and marginalized just like Asian-American enclaves do in real life. And what is the result of those enclaves? Grooming second-class model minorities decade after decade, leading to continued marginalizing and bullying by the bigger fish in the pond.

The ROI of the “comfort zone” enclave model has consistently disappointed and those who insist on doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result are either purely insane or trying to protect their meek and weak existence against the stronger fish because in real life, well, you know.

Moving back to your homeland

I have founder/entrepreneur friends who moved there to launch their products and startups. Because there’s a bamboo ceiling and old boys club in the US when it comes to venture capital. Also I know a few people in entertainment/music who moved there for better work opportunities. So it depends on your situation career-wise.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

There’s a difference between someone who drags down others by making themselves look better at the expense of others. And yes, that non-stereotypical tall Asian douche with a chip on his shoulder is far more common, I know a lot of them too. But unlike them I’m also aware that raising power, social currency and dating privileges from the ground up for the common base will benefit me even more after the math is done. In order to get it done though you can’t blindly cater to the deadweight that “holds us down” either. Some can be enlightened and changed for the better, others have to be written off as a lost cause.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Unlike most people in here I’m not in it for equality or acceptance from society. Not from whites, not from fellow Asians either. I’m interested in conquering and winning. And that’s why I don’t cater to the lowest common denominator when they engage in self-sabotaging, self-emasculating behavior. Sometimes you have to separate the weak from the strong to move forward.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

I don’t even see where the “white” part comes into play. Universal standards of masculinity and looks apply to men of any color, whether white, black, latino, whatever and it’s the women who set these preferences. Sure, white privilege and cultural hegemony is a component that influences SMV in the Western market but that’s a separate discussion to me.

Also, I have no interest in conforming or acceptance, I’m interested in conquering and slaying regardless of whatever whites or Asians or her dad think. I don’t respect unwarranted authority. And that is Alpha. And that’s where my frustration lies – the lowest common denominator is too weakly positioned to slay and conquer and has too much fear and respect for whoever is above them in the food chain. Thus there is no collective slaying in sight. I’ve pulled my weight and do fine in the dating pool but would like to see more AM’s getting access to it too. That requires increasing universal masculinity for the base. Emasculation not masculinity is what’s toxic to Asian men.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

What I mean by “beta asians” being triggered is that yes, when a touchy subject is brought up it hits certain people’s nerves naturally almost always without fail. Even if it’s just the bare common truth being casually mentioned. Some people take certain things personally, maybe it triggers some personal trauma. Some of them can take it, others have a harder time but by the end of the day, the bare truth has to be spoken either way.

Also, there is no new class structure that is being created between “alpha” vs “beta” vs “omega” Asian man etc. Whatever class structure there is has always existed and the values have already been assigned by society based on looks, size, status, etc. So it is not me that places certain Asians in certain positions, it is the market that has spoken. Nothing personal. I have a staunch and straightforward agenda that benefits all of us even when 50% of them don’t like it.

The white patriarchy won’t be broken up by coming together at the lowest common denominator either so the base has to be raised to begin with to stand a chance. It’s not toxic masculinity that is the problem for Asian male, it is toxic emasculation and self-sabotage that is the problem and more leadership from those who have succeeded is needed.

Like it or not, the benefit of increased visibility of masculine, conventionally attractive alpha Asian men will trickle down to the common Asian man. Just like how white average dad bod joe HUGELY benefits from the representation of Chad Channing Gosling in Hollywood or from the representation of some big dicked brute on Pornhub.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

The divide is real. It’s always been there and it is only beginning to be discussed more openly now. You should see the inbox messages I get from self-sabotaging, pro-emasculation activist Asian “men” (some are even forum mods).

There are those who want to shape an agenda and identity while keeping the same old inferior stereotypes while others understand that emasculation needs to be crushed in order to move forward.

Currently there are far more Asian men in the anti-masculinity camp but I’m glad to see more men who actually “get it” and realize that age-old problems cannot be solved with the same failed approaches.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Yeah the irony is not lost here. Everyone begs and screams for better media representation in forums like this and r/aznidentity but as soon as someone who actually broke the barriers shows up he’s considered toxic, a sell-out, misogynist etc.

Well, I gotta agree with haters here. It is very true that being a non-stereotypical masculine man who has his shit together and gets laid a lot is very toxic for narratives that advocate for a second-rate quality of life for Asian men. Such a thing would decimate their agenda.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

As a 6’1″ in-shape non-stereotypical Asian man who does well with women I am glad to see the few of us converging here in this thread. I think the reason why we tend to converge in a place like this is because to Asian men this is a touchy subject. As you mentioned, certain looks/masculinity bars are set too high for most Asian men no matter what they do. As a result we collectively get dragged by society including their own women. Indisputable truth here. Technically speaking those who did things right and meet the looks and masculinity standards get hit the most and won’t exactly draw much sympathy from the rest.

But on the other hand let’s face it, there are a lot of salty, stereotypical self-sabotaging Chans here who could and should do a lot more to improve themselves for the greater good. Those are also easily and consistently triggered when this touchy subject comes up in some form.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

I don’t get it either. Whether you swipe on Tinder or whether you’re a scholar and historian, these things are obvious and haven’t changed. I do not understand why so many Asian men continue to push against grooming stronger universal masculine traits while expecting a different results. Case in point – the overwhelming majority of all of these Asian subreddits. Adding things together it amounts to pure self-sabotage and it needs to stop.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Yeah by speaking raw truth it is normal to trigger some nerdy, effeminate small dicked stereotype shitbag that keeps holding us back. Happens to me almost every time.

Even when you just mention basic common truths that no one else would even bother discussing it will always offend some beta Asian only.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Asian male’s SMV should’ve skyrocketed a long time ago. The reason why it hasn’t happened is because most AM continuously refuse to look in the mirror and address the root of their problems. It’s similar to how some black or hispanic communities continue to be activists while ignoring the real elephants in the room such as gang violence, lack of emphasis on education etc.

While more Asian men than ever are now able to see what emasculation does to them thanks to data and internet we still need more vocal leaders and masculine role models to spread the message that gaining power, strength and masculinity in more than one aspect is essential if we want to accelerate forward.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the vast majority of Asian men in these forums are against masculine, testosterone-fueled voices like yours and mine. They don’t understand that the race of Asian men is in dire lack of more representation from the tall, masculine spectrum of guys who do well with women in real life thanks to putting in the right work and having a winning mindset.. The lack of respect given to Asian males in society is directly related to an overwhelmingly emasculated, beta image of Asian men in more than one aspect.

While we don’t always agree with everything I believe your vocal contribution is a lot more positive to our kind than the usual repetitive agenda that advocates for a 2nd class status in society.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | December 04, 2017

When you google the term “Asian masculinity” you get mostly links about Asian emasculation and toxic Asian masculinity.

You Dont Have to Be an ALPHA Male to Attract Females

These kinda topics still keep popping up because as of today AM’s are still in mass denial about what it takes to be a successful man in the West. And the requirements are so basic and common sense they’re no topic for other men.

You have to absolutely be an ALPHA male to achieve masculinity and attract the females the way every male wants. Period.

Women are attracted to power. That’s why tall, strong masculine alphas and wealthy/famous/popular high status men win with women on this planet. Also, water is wet.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

It is absolutely necessary to force nerdy stereotypical Asian guys to step up the grooming. Adapt for fuck’s sake! It isn’t hard to do and not doing so throws Asian males including the nerds themselves under the bus.

I still see more negligent stereotypical looking Asian nerds every day than non-negative stereotypes. So you can’t really blame the racist white bro for using their abundant existence as “low hanging fruit” to keep us down, it is what it is. Everyone should approach and call out stereotypical Asian men and at least pass a link to this forum so they can start informing themselves.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

That’s true. AM’s who are attractive enough to mingle in the Western dating pool do fine. Sure there’ll be racism but it’s not like you’ll be condemned to a life of inceldom either.

It is obvious to me that AM’s mostly point fingers at the media or Anna Lu while they should focus on themselves first and then hit back in other directions.

We cannot and should not police racial sexual preferences, but we are free to treat people based on how much they respect our race.

Gotta do work on all ends and levels. Asking for acceptance and tolerance while maintaining a nice humble attitude never cut it, it got us here. Asians need to start fighting fire with fire, not turn the other cheek. Why would whites have any incentive to give up their Hollywood power when so much benefit from media glorification trickles down to their common folk?

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

It is not me who considers them “second class” citizens. It is the Western social market that has assigned lower social values to Asians and enclaves inadvertently perpetuate the second-rate status for generations to come. Asian enclaves such as K-Town, Asian student orgs etc. might be well-meaning but they groom and mold Asian-Americans into permanent second class citizens. Not only that but AA enclaves repeat the same shit over and over again for generations now expecting a different result which is insanity. As a result, the following consequences could’ve been written 20 years ago or they could be written 20 years from now:

  • Enclaves prep you for a Model Minority career path where 99% almost certainly hit a thing called the “Bamboo Ceiling” even in the areas Asians excel in such as tech. Because most enclave Asians in this track lack an Old Boys network for themselves they’re least likely promoted into equity positions or get VC funding even if they did everything right. See https://nextshark.com/asian-americans-least-likely-promoted-executive-positions-according-study/ . If enclaves focused more on taking and aggregating power in the West instead of churning out good workers/students this could change sometime far in the future maybe.

  • AA enclaves provide a refuge where lost and isolated Asians can enjoy a healthy social life primarily amongst themselves – at the expense of self-segregation. In SoCal/LA for example enclaves like Ktown socialize amongst themselves. Despite so many Asians living literally next door to Hollywood/entertainment they’re glaringly absent in LA’s most dominant industry. You might see the “hordes of Asians” out at the bars and restaurants around town with everyone else but once you’re at whatever creative industry functions (movie events, art shows, house parties etc.) suddenly everyone else is still around except for the Asians. And I’m sure I don’t have to explain why Asians need to make more inroads in Hollywood/media than anyone else.

  • A large % of Asian males have no dating options outside of the enclave. Being excluded by market forces and being denied love, sex, dating is the ultimate form of emasculation and enclaves provide refuge for those at the bottom of the overall SMV scale. This is why you never hear any other men say they wished they were Asian. AF have a broader access to the general dating pool, thus they can pick and choose between staying loyal to their culture or going “Anna Lu”. Those who want to climb the local social ladder overwhelmingly do the latter. The discrepancy of power & privilege between AM & AF is openly visible common knowledge.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

You’re ahead of the curve then, I’m sure you’re aware of this. The norm in the dating pool of major metro areas however still remains Anna Lu though.

It shouldn’t be the exception to do and date as normal around town without self-segregation from the greater population. Yet Asians who enjoy such normalized relations in public are still the exception in California as of today. Why? Because of the self-isolation that comes with enclave upbringing.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

Just saying I enjoy banging Ktown women too, they’re hot and fun to go out with. Not really gloating, it’s not that big of a deal. Yes I agree it’s good for unity, AF’s need to become more open-minded towards Asian men, period. I have sex with women of all races but it ends up mostly with white women though simply because there are more of them who engage freely in today’s Western casual hookup culture. Doesn’t mean I’m against hot Asian women or anything.

You’re right about Ktown girls dating and hooking up with white guys in the Western hemisphere, even the culturally loyal ones. It is common worldwide knowledge really and visible everywhere, not even worth disputing. Most of my Korean fwb’s date white guys more often than Asian guys too, plus in my large high-rise apartment complex of 150+ units all Asian women other than a few FOB couples from China date white guys. Ktown women can participate freely in the greater general dating pool of LA outside of their enclave while most of their guys cannot. The market has spoken and maybe the hit on their male pride makes this a sore issue that they’d rather sweep under the rug. And as long as they continue doing so you’ll simply see more and more Anna Lu’s coming out of enclaves like K-Town, SGV, OC etc.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

I’m sensing some deep inferiority issues here. Why do you keep assuming I don’t socialize beyond my race just because I have a lot of Asian friends? You must really want to typecast me.

It is not typecasting or presumption anymore when you’ve already shown a weak hand. PM me and maybe I’ll show you mine.

“Systematic deprivation of social skills” — LOL. Do you assume that all Asians are socially inept?

Not all but a large proportion for sure thanks to being held back by “Asian-positive” enclaves and environments. Which lead to the formation of bamboo ceilings on the job as well as men being systemically excluded from the Western dating pool. Results in the real world speak for themselves and have been repetitive and consistent for several generations now.

Self-hating Asians are victims too

Technically you are right. But when a former ally is completely assimilated by the enemy like a Borg or whatever you still have to shoot at them to defend yourself, like it or not.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

Ah, college in the Bay Area too. Excellent, sheltered enclave Asian-American with idealistic views confirmed. It is not like I am unfamiliar with the surroundings you navigating either. At all. Are you in Asian student organizations (aka Model Minority breeding grounds) at your college too? Nothing wrong with that as it is the safe comfort zone and shapes the identity of most Asian-Americans. However, by staying only in your comfort zone and not socializing in the greater rest of the town you deprive yourself from gaining broader social insight. Thus your vantage points can stay just as marginalized and limited as the enclave you navigate in. For AM’s staying in enclaves it contributes to systemic deprivation of social skills and experiences that are essential to a man’s socio-sexual success in the West.

The greater rest of LA such as the neighborhoods you and I visit regularly aren’t only “white people shit”. Most social events and house parties I attend around town have a significant ethnic turnout (minus the hordes of Asians glaringly though, except for Anna Lu’s).

Racist NY times literally calls an Asian Netflix show “an affirmative-action slot”

White men, Lu’s and their nice guy Chan bff allies firmly positioned themselves to be the voice of Asian America for the foreseeable future until the internal structure behind the scenes change. Working in Hollywood/entertainment I only see sprinkles of Asian men throughout the industry. When we cross paths wherever we mostly stare at each other thinking the same thing.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

I’m from Koreatown, Los Angeles. All I see are Koreans dating Koreans

Wrong. Koreatown girls also smash white dudes and other non-Korean Asian men like myself too. I swing by there sometimes for some action too so I can attest.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

So you’re enclave basically. Californian public school Asian enclaves and yes, K-Town in LA have been self-segregating breeding grounds for a second-class citizen way of life (4th class citizen if you’re Asian male). If you ever crawled out of your enclave rock you’d be aware that Asian men in particular are barely existent let alone relevant in the social landscape for the rest of the town.

The problem with sheltered self-isolating enclave Asians like you is they stick to themselves in their segregated world, thus your social spectrum is clearly very limited. Why don’t you go out to industry parties, art shows and popular neighborhoods like Silverlake, Arts District, Little Tokyo, Los Feliz a bit more often to see your fellow Asian females in action. Then head over to SF, London and NYC if you can and get back to me.

We cannot and should not police racial sexual preferences, but we are free to treat people based on how much they respect our race.

The only real solution for Asian men is to take over the gatekeepers in the long run. More people need to enter media/entertainment and rise up the ranks and more financial takeovers of media property need to happen. Power and control is how the world is run. Currently the gatekeepers are letting the self-hating race traitor AF’s in who clearly align themselves consistently against Asian men. I don’t think I need to list any examples in here, the list would be very long.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

The cherry picked token exceptions that aren’t self hating Anna Lu’s are sheltered enclave Asians on your end maybe, not the other way around. Not beating around the bush does not equal “thinking in black and white”. Get it right.

We cannot and should not police racial sexual preferences, but we are free to treat people based on how much they respect our race.

More Asian men need to care then because AF is the most severe, most obvious problem that AM’s need to tackle actively to improve their quality of life. More severe than media representation or bamboo ceiling in my opinion.

I shouldn’t have to explain why the universally accepted default norm of AF’s preferring WM’s is a problem for us but sadly there are still a lot of AM’s out there who need to be lectured before anything will change. Also note how much more vocal Anna Lu’s are in the media vs Asian male voices.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Asian women and white worship.

The “Asian female empowerment movement” = scrambling for the right excuses and explanations to justify their self-hatred and worship of the white patriarchy, nothing more.

Out of all problems that AM’s have to deal with in the West I’d rank AF’s at the top over media, stereotypes, bamboo ceilings etc.

What Would You Do?: White Woman Introduces Fiancé to Disapproving Parents

Don’t look or ask for validation or acceptance. Do whatever you want.

Mr. 1 inch dick from Chinese Burn has a showreel. He plays an emasculated role IN EVERY SCENE.

I don’t think he’s necessarily been told by his family that he’s ugly but like with most Asian families maintaining good looks, fitness and other key essentials to be a desirable man are either not emphasized or completely ignored in the household.

r/AA thread gets removed – “I wish I went to a UC as an Asian Male”

UC to sum up in 1 word = enclave. For Asians they’re feeder schools for the Model Minority track and a comfortable living as a 2nd class citizen if you’re AF and a 4th-5th class citizen if you’re AM.

That means you can gain the education needed for a stable line of work while socializing comfortably in a segregated, marginalized setting. Your natural ceiling after graduating will be a low 6-figure white collar or tech job with very low chance to be promoted to leadership or equity holder no matter what you do. Access to the general dating pool outside of the enclave is also not included unless you’re a social ~top 10 Chad bro or so.

The best way for an AM to navigate Californian schools like UC’s and USC is to join the popular general party frats and orgs for a better networking rolodex in the long term (not to mention better access to women) while getting the right degree. Take the Asian model minority benefits without the negative bamboo ceiling/incel social stigmas basically.

Mr. 1 inch dick from Chinese Burn has a showreel. He plays an emasculated role IN EVERY SCENE.

There’s very little guys who look like him can do to equalize the enormous looks-based handicap they have to live with. Gotta cut your losses and make up for your curses in other ways. And that’s where the infuriating part of behavior from guys like him or Ken Jeong come in.

They decided to say F it and selfishly accept emasculating roles knowing they will throw millions and gazillions of Asian men under the bus, putting a massive permanent dent in their quality of life.

What they should be doing is navigating the politics of the media industry to gain influence and power from within. For those guys that is the only thing they can do to redeem themselves.

Why is it that whenever I report racist/hateful comments towards Asians on Facebook, their team tells me these comments don’t violate community standards?

Correct. No lobby, no influence, no power.

How Asian Feminists And WMAF Couples Can Be Allies To Asian Men #AsianMaleAlly (My 6000+ word rebuttal to Natalie Tran, WMAF, and Erin Chew)

“pink boys”. Upvoted.

Lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift.

Asian men in these forums get suspiciously and excessively defensive when it comes to the topic of working out. As if someone’s telling them that they need to become ripped 10-pack bodybuilding beasts or Greek gods or whatever.

In reality what Asian men lack the most on a collective scale vs other men is plain standard base fitness and general appearance-based grooming. It is embarrassing that this simple concept is still hard to grasp to Asian men only in the 21st century. But someone needs to give the extra lecture or else Asian men will continue to navigate in the dark.

Any Asian bros working in the business field?

Yes, read everything you can about bamboo ceilings first and then get back here to share your thoughts. Remember the bamboo ceiling is established and built by whites but the beams and columns that support the structure are formed by Asian worker bees.

Do these things:

  • take an independent route as a founder, entrepreneur or find other ways to gain passive, independent income. You’ll have to network. This is very rare for Asians to do compared to young whites as we don’t have a viable network of powe to speak of yet nor do we benefit from a huge wealth transfer in USA.

  • inform yourself exactly in your desired field on your chances to make it to the top in your desired field – for example research who makes partner in BigLaw or who gets promoted on tech or whatever field it is you’re looking at. Being aware of realities and assessing your chances correctly will prevent you from wasting your efforts which most bamboo ceiling Asians have.

Oblivious Asians always cite the higher job income rate as a sign of success. But that’s only compared to average Middle America joe because Asians tend to have higher degrees. The bosses and owners that Asians work for are still mostly white old boys who only groom their own kind for leadership and partnership. Without equity, assets, shares and stocks there is no power, just a marginalized paycheck. Keep that in mind.

Lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift lift.

Lifting and isn’t a magic pill but it is part of standard grooming for a man if you want to look respectable, presentable and appealing to women.

Physical fitness should be viewed as basic, standard common sense for men much like getting a decent haircut, taking a shower etc. While men of other races get it it is only Asian men who don’t at a larger scale. Especially in Asia you see a lot of grown men with bodies of 12 year old children and they see nothing wrong with it.

No other race of men is in more dire need to put in a better effort in their overall base strength, fitness and looks than Asian men. This is worldwide common knowledge to everyone else on earth.

I’m quite surprised by the discrimination against Chinese/Asian (American) men in politics and how politically privileged straight East Asian women fail to address it

Asian women have a completely different access level of social privilege in the West compared to Asian men. It is laughable how many Asians are still oblivious to this. Look at how visible the discrepancies are in areas such as:

  • The dating pool – Asian women enjoy a normalized experience while Asian men are systematically excluded and considered ineligible.

  • Media & Hollywood – men are only to be cast in emasculated roles, all Asian actresses and media personalities date WM etc.

  • Politics – see statistics in this thread. Expect Asian women to be elected at a 10x+ rate vs Asian men.

As more Asian female voices become visible in the media and politics expect them to “whitesplain” social issues on behalf of Asian men to a wider audience, leading to further long run emasculation of voiceless AM’s.

Career & Mentorship Thread

This should be a weekly thread to raise bamboo ceiling awareness. Most people don’t know what it is or how it works. Even people who hit the ceiling every day don’t know what it is.

It’s one of those things that most Asian-Americans turn a blind eye to throughout their entire lives. Occasionally somebody wakes up but clearly not enough people do in order to implement changes anytime soon.

Uncle chan thinks he fit in with the whites on 4chan. “look I am not black, guys.” Gets a wakeup call.

It’s true that gay Asian men face more hatred and discrimination when they assume a more assertive, masculine role than the common submissive bottom rice queen bottom caricature that society is used to.

In the same way Asian men who exhibit confident, masculine traits are being marginalized and sabotaged in other areas of life too, such as in the workplace, in sports, in the hetero dating pool or in Hollywood/entertainment for example.

Once you refuse to accept to “know your place“ and become viable competition you’re treated as a threat and enemy to them. So embrace and enjoy your enemy status and keep fighting back.

Uncle chan thinks he fit in with the whites on 4chan. “look I am not black, guys.” Gets a wakeup call.

Women are still more racist against Asian men than gays in terms of dating preferences, they just don’t say it out loud like gays tend to do (as in writing “no rice no curry” on their dating profiles).

Despite rampant racism, Asian gays in my town still have a healthier dating life (or one at all to begin with) than most straight Asian men because less of them are sexually excluded from the dating market percentage-wise.

How Asians can win America

In terms of “effort vs reward ratio” Asians do pathetic vs your common white frat bros who can party their way thru college and get job offers effortlessly thanks to their social network and parents. Later in the workplace they’re the ones who get promoted while the A+ Asian student ends up doing the grunt work for the white man who ends up reaping the bulk of the benefit.

Most Asian-Americans, especially those who stay in enclaves don’t understand how country club networks create disproportional power and opportunity for whites in America. It’s a foreign concept that still needs to be taught to most Asians in the West.

Considering the level of education and capabilities there is no excuse for why there are such few Asians pursuing entrepreneurial and independent endeavors, esp in major cities with a large Asian population like SF Bay Area and LA/OC.

How Asians can win America

Asians do well against almost of the odds that are stacked against them, even people who don’t like it such as white supremacists often acknowledge it.

But I think a lot more has yet to be done in order to catch up with a couple centuries worth of a head start that whites benefit from.

I am an Asian male and married a blonde white girl. AMA.

Congrats, great to see that there are some of us out there who were able beat the odds (myself included).

My question to you is what does it take in your opinion for Asian men who do well in the western dating market to become the norm rather than the exception?

How Asians can win America

Asian-Americans play a game they can’t win because the rules are rigged against them. The Model Minority upbringing produces excellent students and workers yet they still get discriminated against in terms of college admissions, promotions to leadership/partner levels and getting funding/VC.

Asian-Americans lack old boys club networks for opportunities, financiers and funds who will invest in them and an independent/entrepreneurial mindset. Even on the grassroots level I rarely see Asians starting their own projects out of incubators and workspaces compared to whites. That’s because their parents and enclaves only encourage them to be good workers and students instead of emphasizing the need to gain and accumulate power to progress and succeed in the West.

Why do certain Asian cultures welcome WMAF with open arms?

Why you ask? Because of internalized inferiority, weakness and colonialization. It’s normal to them like breathing air and eating food to them because that’s all they know. Sadly the Asians who are aware of these issues only form a tiny niche underground movement at best as of today.

How can Asians in the west find happiness?

If you struggle to adapt and adjust in the West then moving back to Asia or a culture that is less Anglo-centric or staying in enclaves are your limited options. They’re not exactly great options as Asians are being seen as second-class citizens either way, you’re picking the lesser of two evils for yourself here .

Asian men who are content in the West tend to be stable model minorities who ignore the bamboo ceiling and the systemic sexual/dating market exclusion.

i feel sick

I know like 2-3 Asian guys who are doing consistently well on apps like Tinder, can show you what they look like (hint: they’re legit tall Chads with non-enclave social circles). There are a more non-Chad Asian guys who are killing it in the dating market too but they succeeded via other means. Tinder isn’t a viable option to them.

tinder opinions PART TWO

Cut the frisbee, Golden Gate and professional looking pic. Women on Tinder judge you on 2 things: Your looks and your social media/social status.

Because most Asian men are inherently disadvantaged in the looks just by looking Asian (and not even necessarily ugly) I think more outgoing pics like the beach photo will be helpful.

Thinking about making a group for Reddit UK-based-East-Asian mates? Anyone fancy?

Keep posting in here regularly too because a lot of Asian-Americans or Asians in Asia aren;t familiar with issues in the UK. I visit the UK regularly myself (mostly London but I venture outside of it too) and would like to hear more from those who live there regularly.

Hollywood – “The Manual to treat Asians like complete shit”

Don’t forget that apart from an exception or two all Asian female actresses (and practically all Asian females working in Hollywood) date white men in their personal lives too.

Hollywood is run by white men on all levels who have no incentive to give up power to make Asian men look better. Taking power from them is the only possibility I see. E-mail leaks that expose them publicly similar to the ongoing sexual harassment fallout in addition to a financial takeover of the studios is the only realistic choice here.

Tell Hollywood: We want a ‘Flash Boys’ movie that portrays Brad Katsuyama accurately-give Asian actors a chance!

Close to zero chance for that to happen. Why? Because whites who have no interest whatsoever to let Asian men represent themselves well are firmly in charge and not going anywhere.

The most realistic scenario for Asians to gain more influence in Hollywood would be a massive data and e-mail leak which would certainly expose blatant systemic discrimination against Asians and other minorities. No one’s gonna commit to implementing change until they get caught and the public stoning begins.

Asians are more likely to face harsher sentencing times for minimal crimes and discrimination in the STEM community and academics and yet non Asians are xenophobic and call us “privileged”

sounds like Asian is the new Jew around these parts.

AF realizes white people are not as wealthy as she thought, great, now if only others in Asia will catch on too

Everyone please brainstorm and think of ways to accelerate the decline of this mythical perception so more colonialized Asians finally wake up. There might be a tiny chance that we see the paradigm shift in our lifetime.

Post about Asian victim of racial violence, comments ignore Asian issue and talk about how Asians are racist, we are kuckedd

That’s because Asians typically don’t fight back. As a result these incidents lead to the continuation of more attacks and bullying in the future. Asian men being seen as weak and emasculated also leads to rejection by women and lack of promotions in the workplace. It is that simple.

UCLA shoplifters set free, Trump is anti-Asian

Like it or not but athletes and jocks hold higher value and status to American society than most people in general. And yes, if the shoplifters were brilliant Asian MIT scientists and math olympiad champions Trump would still let them rot in Chinese jail right now. The Don’s pattern of behavior should be obvious to most halfway intelligent people by now.

Did a experiment: foreign men are 50x MORE COMMON than foreign women on Tinder in Osaka. A monumental insult – Japan has one of the lowest rates of crime, one of the highest avg IQs, millennia of rich history…and you have an invasion of foreigners who care about nothing other than Japanese p***y

yeah no shit. And water is wet. Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see what’s going on. Anyone who is shocked or surprised needs to be woken up and thoroughly lectured and sadly that would include the vast larger majority of Asian men on this planet as of today.

How White Men & Local Asian men are treated differently in Singapore

Just another jolly Youtube video made by locals showing how normalized colonialization and white worship is in Asia. It’s not like Western women who live and work over there overwhelmingly go on dates with local Asian men either.

As a Asian men how do you become more attractive?

No but you gotta make up for it in the right ways. I do know “average” Asian guys who do really well in the Western market

BTS is Going to Be All Over American Television This Month

Asians lack the kinda networks and country clubs that whites and jews have built for themselves because our culture focuses on producing good students and workers instead of independent leaders and a general winning mentality. It takes both more quantity and pure power to take over and influence the media in our favor.

Even in major metro areas with a larger population of Asians such as LA or the Bay Area there are very few places for Asians to network and build something on their own. Even in freaking tech. Let that sink in for a minute. Incubators and entrepreneurial workspaces are dominated by whites with a few Asians sprinkled throughout. You don’t see too many Asian Stanford dropout wunderkind rich kids getting VC funding either while the exact white counterpart forms the most ideal pattern to get investments.

Asian women take the easy path and sell out their race because they’re granted dating privileges in the West while the men are aren’t. No need to beat around the bush here. That’s why the social experiences and issues are entirely different between Asian men and women.

BTS is Going to Be All Over American Television This Month

Sure I’m vocal about more Asian men having to adapt to beat higher odds as they face higher masculinity standards than what their native culture is accustomed to. And yes, they’re coming from behind due to lack of guidance and leadership thanks to their parental upbringing. Winning against all odds is rare but doable individually but that’s only one part of the problem.

The other part is systemic on the larger scale. In America it’s always a mostly white male old boys club that control areas of power, whether that be tech, politics or media/entertainment. Because of my job and location (LA) I regularly cross paths with the same few Asian men who work in the entertainment industry at events, work locations and heck, even at the local grocery store (some of whom you’ve seen on TV and in movies). Because there aren’t many of us around we’re familiar with each other’s faces even if we’ve barely interacted on a personal level. And every time we cross paths and look at each other and pretty much think the same shit in the back of our heads – there isn’t shit around for Asian male representation in the creative fields. In terms of quantity there are hardly any Asian men present in any capacity in the fields where we’re poorly represented – media, movies, tv etc.

BTS is Going to Be All Over American Television This Month

Doesn’t mean anything until they break through in the West beyond the K-Pop niche segment market. Maybe they will, maybe someone else will one day. But so far no performer has broken thru to the level to be seamlessly mentioned in the same sentence with their Western equivalent. Same with Hollywood. A lot of that has to do with the culture and decision makers behind the scenes too though which everyone who’s worked in the entertainment industry can attest to.

BTS is Going to Be All Over American Television This Month

Nope. Effeminate. Not masculine enough. And that’s not because I think so but because the Western sexual/dating market and general public has spoken. I’d say this guy is more badass and masculine looking and acting than BTS and look at the comments: https://nextshark.com/k-pop-jay-park-gets-featured-on-nba-facebook-gets-trashed-with-racist-comments/

A lot Asian men in here also think that 5’9″ is tall or tall enough for an Asian man in the West to be a viable candidate in the Western socio-sexual market. They’re wrong, it’s short. It is not short because I think so, it is short in terms of what Western women consider tall and desirable in the Anglo-Western dating market.

A lot of Asian men are too opinionated and take things too personal. There’s nothing personal here, there’s a market and there are metrics and standards set by those who determine market values and demand.

Parents of missing Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang: ‘I don’t know how to spend the rest of my life without my daughter’. Brendt Christensen, 28, was charged in July with abduction.

Look at the security footage. Guarantee you if the man was black or Asian she wouldn’t have jumped in his car so quickly and would probably still be alive today.

AMAF Couples Are the Most Stable

Asian men in general do well in a lot of stability criteria that are important in dating and relationships (ex. high income, low divorce rate etc), yet they’re the least wanted by women in the West whether it’s for casual dating or a serious, “authentic connection” as many women put it in their dating profiles.

Why? Because of lack of sexual attraction and compatibility. The vast majority of women (esp westernized Asian women) just can’t bring themselves to be sexually attracted to Asian men even when they tick the boxes for literally everything else.

Asian men need to wake up and realize that they live in a society where convicted hot felons, bad boys who are known domestic abusers and Chad bros who can openly pump and dump on Tinder are more appealing to women than Asian men of decent character and stable means.

Fresh College Grad. What steps should I take to set myself up for success?

You should at least read into why Asians in tech rarely get promoted or get funding. Lots of articles are published regularly because the issue isn’t going away. That way you can prepare and take the right steps if it happens to you.

in America the “Bamboo Ceiling” firmly stays in place because too many Asians dutifully go on with their work day while ignoring that these problems exist. That’s why Asians don’t have the network opportunities and upward mobility that white bros do in the field despite often being more skilled.

By at least being aware of Model Minority discrimination you can prevent wasting your time, line up Plan B and work on starting your own thing or becoming financially independent. To be honest, that should be your Plan A in general.

Colombian Media does story on the slant eyed gesture at the football game in South Korea. Anchors respond by doing the slant eyed gesture themselves and wearing an Asian caricature mask.

You’re not wrong but: Colonialism and white worship. Darker skin and native/Asian features are looked down upon while light-skinned European features are valued higher in hispanic culture.

UK dating scene struggles

No, becoming or looking more white isn’t a viable option for most Asian men. Although it’s blatantly obvious that women have mostly white supremacist tastes in dating. But even then it’s still possible to be Asian and still be attractive.
Head over to western women forums and sites like r/ladyboner or Buzzfeed etc. to see actual women post Asian men whom they find attractive. Sure, you won’t find too many examples compared to men of other races but most Asian men still sport a look that’s attainable (unless you truly lost in the genetic lottery).
If you PM me I can also show you non-famous Asian men that I know who do well in the general Western dating market. While being a tall “Bachelor“/ Chad phenotype with masc jawlines & muscles etc. is certainly an advantage there are plenty of guys who don’t look that part and still do well. Just can’t check too many Asian stereotype boxes either way though.

Reality Star, Andrew Jury, Who Sent Racist Messages To Asian Tinder Match Now Accuses Her of ‘Blackmail’. Backstory: WM gets rejected after an obviously offensive message, reacts in violent racist rage.

Overblown sense of entitlement and privilege to answer your question. Expect things to get ugly and enjoy the ride if more Asians finally start pushing back after being shoved around in their own backyard for so long.

Colombian Media does story on the slant eyed gesture at the football game in South Korea. Anchors respond by doing the slant eyed gesture themselves and wearing an Asian caricature mask.

Why even bother keeping a shitlist? Shitting on Asians is the global norm. Instances are way too frequent to be treated as isolated incidents in isolated locations. It’s a standard condition that needs to be fought against. By fighting I mean there’s no choice but to fight fire with fire, nothing less has worked.

Sites like NextShark that report on anti-Asian events have it easy as they have never-ending content available to them.

BTS is Going to Be All Over American Television This Month

He’s great because he doesn’t fall into the trap of coming across as effeminate like K-Pop guys. If we don’t have more guys like him represent in the media for balance then K-Pop will become another contributor to negative Asian male stereotypes, memes and caricatures. Balls, swag, DGAF attitude are far more appealing to Western audiences than emasculated pretty boys.

Asian activist logic: complains about how Asians are portrayed in the Western media – makes a white-worshipping documentary promoting interracial relationships

That is correct. Anna Lu‘s actively engage in breeding out Asian men. And yet despite Anna Lu’s obvious eugenic motives Asian men still defend their “sistas” by acting as supportive friendzoned bff allies.

It’s literally impossible to self-cuck more than that. You can’t complain about having to live with the self-cucking beta stereotype when you let Anna Lu white worshipping run rampant unchecked both in Asia and in the West.

Warm, dominant East-Asians face more racist harassment in the workplace than those who fit the stereotype of being cold and non-dominant. Only East-Asian men are punished for showing dominance, compared to men of other races and ethnicities.

Whether it’s business, getting laid or fighting for a dignified representation in the media, Asian men in the West now have to decide whether they want to continue a marginalized existence or whether they want to acquire a conquering and winning mentality. Those in power have no interest or incentive to make concessions to Asians who ask for more acceptance and fairness. Can’t blame them, why would they?

Yes, the “gay mafia” is strong in these high profile industries. It’s an open secret that a lot of those who have worked in these fields are probably aware of because everyone gossips about it.

In terms of Gaysians, the common stereotype and power dynamic amongst Asian Americans is being the subservient bottom “rice queen” to white men – essentially the gay version of Anna Lu. I’d like to see more actually Asian gay men throw in their 2 cents around here.

No Name ‘Best Selling Author’ Sends Racist Tweet To Ted Lieu

No it’s not surprising. He’s your enemy. Let’s put him in his place. It’s time to deliver more knockouts because clowns like him are increasingly losing momentum these days.

BTS is Going to Be All Over American Television This Month

Yep, when doing the math it’s a net loss. A win because an Asian band gets American exposure and fulfills a niche but a setback for Asian masculinity because they look decisively sissy and effeminate, no one can argue with that.

What we need is mainstream media representation of bad boy rappers, regular musicians and overall Asian Chads. Those exist believe it or not, we just don’t have opportunities yet. Maybe the decline of Hollywood’s old power will open new opps for more diverse representation of Asian men.

UK dating scene struggles

Yes, you’re correct in your assessment that Asian men typically aren’t considered attractive, thus they’re largely excluded from casual dating privileges. Welcome to the West. At least you recognize the problem, which is a major step forward that most Asian men have yet to take so now you can focus on improving your personal situation. Two things you need to do:

1) Step up on all ends to satisfy more Western criteria of male attractiveness. Even if becoming a tall Chad is out of reach I’d say most Asian men I see on the street still have lots of room for improvement.

2) Make up for your weaknesses by gaining social power. Basically you gotta go out and mingle in real life if dating apps don’t yield enough results for you. I know a lot of Asian men who don’t meet conventional beauty standards but still do well with women by having great social status.

Warm, dominant East-Asians face more racist harassment in the workplace than those who fit the stereotype of being cold and non-dominant. Only East-Asian men are punished for showing dominance, compared to men of other races and ethnicities.

Excelling in top tier schools and white collar fields is not a viable path to prosperity for Asians in USA because the payout rewards are reserved for whites to take. None of the dozens or maybe even hundreds of Asians I know who pursued that path reached partnership or majority shareholder level in these fields. Those who made it were either already earmarked thanks to extremely powerful family connections (i.e. major bank clients) or defeated extremely rare odds in a system where this wasn’t supposed to happen (i.e. just as rare as plain dumb luck).

Sadly Asian-Americans parents and society don’t tell their kids that you can’t win in a game that is rigged against you, thus letting them waste a lifetime of potential just so they can have some major name school or corporation on their resume once with not much else to show. The common plateau for high-achieving Asians is toiling around at mid-level earning a lower-end 6 figure salary at best.

Warm, dominant East-Asians face more racist harassment in the workplace than those who fit the stereotype of being cold and non-dominant. Only East-Asian men are punished for showing dominance, compared to men of other races and ethnicities.

The lack of institutional support for Asians in the US is systemic throughout all professions because Asians are unwanted/picked last. Whether it’s being shut out of partnership and influence in Silicon Valley/BigLaw/Big Finance or if you’re working some regular 9-5 or if you’re applying to a good school, be aware that nobody wants you and they’ll only take you if they need you for their own gain.

The paths with the lowest odds of discrimination for Asian men in USA are either making it completely on your own without relying on any support/funding or being a doctor/surgeon in a vital medical field.

Asian-American identity is inherently powerless because it only fosters traits and values that produce grunt workers and second-class citizens below whites and this won’t change until the identity is completely overhauled. By contrast, China and Asia started to finally taste a bit of power in recent years and the differences can already be seen. The days of Asian-Americans making fun of FOB’s are over and done.

Sexpat couple walks around asking Asian women if East Asian men have small dicks

Westerners know how to capitalize off perception and marketing. A magic trick if you will. They do it in porn because it’s worked for them in Hollywood. And those wins are big enough to permanently lower the overall quality of life for Asian men especially, extending to more areas than just dating/sexual market value.

Asians need to start learning how to use image and media for their personal gain before they can ever demand social equality and fair media representation. In an unfair, power hungry society why would anyone be interested to oblige to those demands?

Warm, dominant East-Asians face more racist harassment in the workplace than those who fit the stereotype of being cold and non-dominant. Only East-Asian men are punished for showing dominance, compared to men of other races and ethnicities.

If you show traits of confidence and dominance as an Asian man you’ll naturally make a lot of enemies just by being yourself – in the workforce and in the dating pool. Because you’re a viable threat and competition vs the friendly subservient inferior underling which is what the white man prefers Asian men to be. Sadly most Asian men comply too.

The solution is for more Asians to create more powerful networks business networks and opportunities but sadly Asian culture only fosters good Model Minorities who end up working for the white bro and don’t get promoted.

In the West there’s a lack of Asian VC funds, old boys networks and Asians who have gone the entrepreneurial route in general. That may be the result of grooming workers instead of leaders as well as a lack of support and funding compared to whites.

I work and invest in a few private side startups myself and even in collaborative workspace settings you don’t see enough Asians at least trying something independently. Not only that but some of the few Asians-Americans I know who got startups running had to go overseas back to Asia to develop their project further.

Sexpat couple walks around asking Asian women if East Asian men have small dicks

Don’t let these videos take away from the reality that the small Asian penis stereotype won’t go away anytime soon no matter what statistics show. Anyone who casually browses for Asian porn on sites like Pornhub will see that the media representation confirms Asian stereotypes such as small dicks and Asian women getting smashed by non-Asian men.

Since a lot of these clips featuring small dicked men are produced in Asia it is the Asian man’s fault to not leverage the media to make themselves look better like other men have done for themselves in porn.

AMWF Sugar Daddy Segment on Vice. Thoughts?

The sugar daddy market has always been and will always be there. It is huge in major cities like LA or NYC regardless of race.

Of course the general stigma of Asian men being inherently unattractive drags the reputation of the Asian sugar daddy much further down vs the wrinkly old white man whose privilege is accepted. Asian male “life on hard mode” due to lack of power extends to the sugar daddy world too.

Thoughts on East Asians with western names

The reality is that having an ethnic name that is hard to pronounce will inevitably result in subconscious discrimination by Western society, i.e. your job application staying at the bottom of the pile or being casually swiped left on Tinder by women.

Maybe some parents are aware of that and don’t want that extra hardship to hold their kids back. Other ethnicities like Polish, Balkan etc. have simplified their names for generations now in order to assimilate in the US.

I see nothing wrong with something like simplifying your name because Asians have no choice but to make changes big and small in order to get ahead in society. By comparison, whites are the masters of capitalizing on low-hanging fruit opportunities for any gains, especially when Asians expose weakness and self-imposed hardships to them.


Keep in mind that she’s a trailblazer because she goes against the grain. White tech bros still travel to Asia in droves to smash white worshipping local Asian women with ease. Because they can. I personally know a whole lot of white tech bros who do so regularly from years of living in the Bay Area.

This is the type of frontpage posts that racist whites love to upvote. They love the image of a white guy taller than an asian guy by a head and then blast this shit everywhere. Wouldn’t be upvoted if the white guy is dwarved.

Viet PM was physically dominated by Trudeau in public. Of course white trolls will be inclined to leverage this low hanging fruit of a win on reddit to benefit themselves. Can you really blame them?

Scenes like these being broadcast in Asian media contribute to white worship amongst women in Asia. Leaders who are small in stature like the Viet PM need to wake up and become aware that they need to re-assert power in other ways if they want to maintain a respectable image on behalf of their people. Women and society in general admire and fear strong, powerful men so a public display of weakness is definitely a loss.

As a Asian men how do you become more attractive?

Chads are attractive not because somebody thinks so but because the women (and gay men) in the Anglo-Western dating market have spoken. The Chad phenotypes have disproportional attractive status in the market because the dating economy is hypergamous and highly unequal where roughly 80% of women go for the top 20% of men who mostly sport the preferred Chad looks. https://medium.com/@worstonlinedater/tinder-experiments-ii-guys-unless-you-are-really-hot-you-are-probably-better-off-not-wasting-your-2ddf370a6e9a

You can still be attractive to women if you’re not a Chad but you have to travel rougher roads to get there and make up for it in other ways. Chad is easy mode by comparison. Is it right for women to put Chad on the pedestal and let him get away with a lot more? Not in my opinion, I think women should go for their looksmatch personally. But you’d have to talk to women about why they’re greedy for Chads.

As a Asian men how do you become more attractive?

If your target is success in the Western dating market then you have to fight against every single thing and stereotype that is considered unattractive in Asian men. Those things are both looks- and culture-based so chances are you may have to unlearn things that you were brought up with to raise social skills etc.

If becoming a type that women find attractive in the West (ex. Chad jock/The Bachelor phenotype) is unattainable you have to double down on other things that turns women on in this culture – such as being powerful in terms of money and social status or running bad boy game.

A lot of Asian men have the mental block of finding these conditions “toxic” but it’s the women who set the rules of the game and you have no power to change that anytime soon. If you don’t agree with it you should find a different dating culture that suits you better. PM me if you want some tips or examples of what it takes for Asian man to do well, I can verify that I do well in the market and know what I’m talking about.

Who you date , and what you advocate for. Are they mutually exclusive? A response to a comment to r/AF and a comment on a recent thread.

A lot of Asian men know nothing about their place in the sexual hierarchy because they were never sexually domesticated to begin with thanks to their parents neglecting that aspect of life when raising them. Being raised asexually for a lack of a better term results in a lack of basic understanding that most people gain via normative life experience. That in turn contributes to Asian women being deemed by society a more credible, whitesplaining, authoritative voice in all Asian issues since the inexperienced incel Asian man is generally shut out of the dating pool and therefore knows nothing about sex and women. A hideous situation for most Asian men to say the least.

Who you date , and what you advocate for. Are they mutually exclusive? A response to a comment to r/AF and a comment on a recent thread.

Wouldn’t surprise me to still see a lot of Asian men who somehow will be completely shocked and offended when the raw truth comes out of an Asian woman’s mouth out loud. For some reason only Asian men collectively shield themselves from certain truths that are uncomfortable to them but obvious to everyone else in society, including children. Coping and isolation on an unhealthy level in my opinion. It is systemic and pervasive enough too.

Who you date , and what you advocate for. Are they mutually exclusive? A response to a comment to r/AF and a comment on a recent thread.

One day Asian women will come clean and be straightforward about why they prefer white men over Asian men in overwhelming quantities. And it’ll be things that most Asian men are dreading to hear but everyone else but Asian men already knows. AW might be holding back out of respect and because they don’t wanna hurt feelings lol

Are there any Asian females who are involved in Asian American issues but are not in a relationship with a WM?

Gotta spend a lot of time and do extensive research just to find and cherry pick the tiny handful of Asian women who aren’t with white men. There are even less when it comes to actresses, artists and musicians. I’d buy a “Where is Waldo”-style coffee table book in which you have to find the Asian woman who isn’t with a white guy right away. Best gift ever.

Tinder first photo opinions?

Relax a bit. The bicep flex looks purposely planned and the smile looks a bit forced.

Shirtless pics are ok as long as they’re in a spontaneous setting such as surfing/swimming in exotic locations or hanging out with your friends at popular settings like Burning Man etc.

Also, if you showcase pics to pose with your friends remember to showcase a diverse circle of friends and to not pose with hordes of Asians only because that will kill your social status and match rate as a marginalized minority, even if you’re going for mostly Asian women. Gotta manipulate and capitalize on every strategic angle here for wins and power leverage.

Prepare to be disgusted: note the difference in search results on Bing images between “Asian” and anything like “white”/”European”/”Caucasian” or even explicitly searching “white women”. Absolutely DISGUSTING how Asians are viewed and hence – by extension – how they are treated

Google “Asian masculinity” and most of the top results in the first few pages are articles and sites about emasculation and struggles of Asian men.

Diet and Health Discussion

Most short Asian men embrace the manlet-life in misguided ways. They literally embody the “just be confident bro/dress nice/find other hobbies mantra”. That is the wrong way to do things when you want to advance to more power and respect in Western society and it has gotten them nowhere for several generations now.

I know a few really short Asian men who were born and raised as manlets but now command pure respect in society in general – by being absolute alpha beasts in the gym or MMA cage or by being power-hungry monsters who win and slay in terms of business and money (and subsequently women) without falling into the overcompensating little man trap.

Because more Asians fall in the manlet category than they’d like to admit it is time to provide better solutions than being a smiley, friendzoned, confident coping little nice guy. Now matter how much effort you put into your style and personality you’ll never outcompete a lazy Chad in an athletic tee and jeans or sweatpants when it comes to women.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

There is nothing “Chan” about calling out other Asian men who haven’t pulled their own weight and thus drag down the winners and Alphas who beat the odds amongst us. It’s not even an opinion as I’m stating dry, logical results here. We’re a small minority within Asian men (yes, I’ll gladly verify for you that I’m one of them too if you PM me) but we continuously get undermined by other Asian men, whether they’re just more stereotypical or lesser privileged. A foolish mistake. Whites in America especially have hoarded power over several generations by fostering and promoting and preserving privilege. They don’t care whether it is actually earned or handed to them or if they cheat, a win is a win. Meanwhile Asian men continue to sabotage themselves.

Tough break if you’re a less attractive Asian who was raised as a shy nerd and never socially or sexually domesticated in America. If transforming to Chad or Chad Lite is out of reach you’ll simply have to work X-times harder and more aggressively then to contribute to the social advancement of Asian males in other ways then such as breaking barriers and gaining power in Media, tech, politics, VC etc. If you choose not to fight then you surrendered and drag the rest of us down.

Asian-American male identity is centered around accepting a happy and meaningful life as a second class subspecies of a lesser man by focusing on things other than gaining access in the “toxic” Western sexual/dating market and gaining better status and representation as a male in the media. While there’s technically nothing wrong with pursuing other more meaningful passions in life or being an emasculated Model Minority of decent character this path of surrendering has caused Asian men to lose the socio-sexual battle in the West because not enough of us are fighting to begin with. What ~90%+ of Asian men don’t understand is that losing this battle is severe enough that its consequences for Asian men reach out much further than just getting less Tinder matches.

Masculinities on trasnational journeys: sexual practices and risk management among male Chinese immigrants to Canada

Because Chinese cultural values place stress on hard work and men being the provider, these men struggled to meet cultural benchmarks of normative masculinity.

Yeah no shit. And water is wet. It is astounding how many Asian men can’t wrap their heads around this one even when they literally lived their whole lives in the West.

Why are Asians considered to be much shorter than whites? American propaganda.

  • It doesn’t matter what the statistical average height is of men of any race when women set the height bar higher in the Anglo-Western dating pool. It’s also senseless to argue that a couple inches are trivial and insignificant when in the social dating markets the difference is massive between a 5’9″ and a 6’1″ guy. Or between a 6’0″ and 6’3″ guy.

  • Middle-Eastern and Italian men also suffer from lack of height but make up for it with masc features and low-inhibition behavior which women find attractive. Conversely, being of smaller frame and docile in behavior emasculates most Asian men further.

  • On top of that, having very poor social status and power in the West makes all areas of life harder in all areas for the vast majority of Asian men. Ex. being shut out of social scenes and forced to socialize in segregated enclaves like in California, lack of power and poor representation in the media and in the real world, Asian women preferring white men by default in Western dating and beyond, being quiet grunt workers who don’t promoted in industries like tech and finance etc. Conversely, white men enjoy a huge boost in privilege, opportunity and advantages in society just by being white. In women’s mind life would be on extra easy mode when they date the white guy vs an Asian equivalent.

So if you’re an Asian man who’s “only” a few inches below the desired height mark (which I estimate to be around 180cm/6’0″ in cities like NY and LA) and you lack attractive masc features and you have no social status/power then of course it logically follows that women will assign a very low score for your socio-sexual market value compared to other men.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

If a stereotypical Asian man wants a piece of the action in the Western dating market he has to either become non-stereotypical or have other things going for him to make up for it. As i mentioned, the ~5 Asian guys I know in my area who do well are either Chads/Chad-Lites or have high social, non-enclave status and advantages. Those are the most likely paths in reality. Those who decide to stay in Asian comfort zone enclaves such as K-Town and OC will be held back from the general social/dating population.

I’d say most Asian men including those who post in here are not interested in gaining more rights and privileges in the Western market and would rather go the traditional route and stay in their marginalized enclaves. That’s fine and all but doing so keeps more stereotypes in place and holds back those who want to break out and gain more power and options in the general socio-sexual market.

If you want to see more AM’s on a wider scale break socio-sexual barriers then you need the experienced leaders to continue educating more AM’s about what it takes to increase SMV and access.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

Yeah if you don’t want to bother with the Western dating market or Tinder you have to seek other niches like anime/kpop/AMWF, Asian interests etc. The only problem is those niches are really small compared to widely adapted mainstream options. So you have to decide if it’s better for you to navigate in small niches or enclaves or dive into the hostile general dating pool which for most Asian men requires social adaptation and changing a lot of things about themselves.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

You gotta work with what you got, I get it. If you lose a leg in an accident I don’t think you should sit around or jump off a bridge either. But I’m not interested in providing solutions on how to gain value out of life in other ways despite being disadvantaged and unprivileged. While I’m widely loathed by most Asian men in general I resonate well with the hungry, ambitious guys. I’m an advocate for the further advancement of the ~Top 10% Asian Chads who are already doing well as well the short FOBs who want to get out of their marginalized positions and enclaves in order to have a piece of the general action. Men who are sick and tired of being told to “just be confident bro”.

I can’t tell people how to be content and cope with life while being excluded from desirable social and dating opportunities. You and others probably do a better job at it. Some guys are cool and all smiles with finding meaningful ways to live by pursuing other passions but that’s not enough for those who want to break barriers to have more than what life typically gives them. Because I’m already living in an industry and social/dating circle that only a few token Asian men have access to I can tell people from a first-hand perspective about what can be realistically done in order to ascend and adapt socially. Yes, I get PM’s for advice from hungry short guys too who are willing to take a route that most Asian men consider “toxic”.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

Yeah well the white social advantage and privilege will never be challenged by Asians as long as they keep bringing knives (or no weapons at all) to a gun fight. So you have to accept living with the handicap that comes with being of Asian ethnicity. The only choice is to fight fire with fire for yourself and to break out individually against all odds.

I personally know a few Asian guys in my area (LA/SoCal) who slay on the level of higher status guys around town if not better. As in they smash hot white chicks, hot Asian chicks, semi-famous models and actresses and do fine on Tinder on the regular etc. I won’t out them here but I can show you what they look like and what they do if you DM me in private. I’d say only 4-5 out of ~100 Asian men I’m acquainted with in my area do consistently better with women than your typical above average tall white bro in general.

None of them are model-tier looks with six-packs but they do range from basic Chad jocks to power hungry sociopaths to well connected hipster trust fund creative dudes who were brought up in Hollywood circles. While they’re very different types of guys (and yes, they probably have certain advantages that will never be available to most men in general) the one thing that they all have in common is high social skills and social IQ and an above average status network in non-enclave local social circles. Being non-enclave and socially adept is a crucial requirement to gain full access in the Western dating market and it is something that most Asian men in here clearly don’t possess as their lack of social experience shows without them knowing it.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

Who cares what average height is when American women want above average in everything. And that goes especially for social status, an area in which most Asian men fare poorly in Anglo-Western culture.

For example in LA a lot of Asians and Indians do better with women when they have non-Asian Hollywood and hipster social circles while the socio-sexual value of an Azn bro is greatly lowered if not completely annihilated when his social circle is primary Asian enclaves like K-Town. Even if he’s jacked and tall he’s in a lower outcast social class and confined to navigate within his minority enclave. American HS social hierarchy on a larger scale if you will. At least the Asian enclaves are fairly large in SoCal.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

Even if everything else looks good it’s height and frame alone kills the chances of too many Asian men in the hypergamous Western market because superficial women demand a tall guy.

Because it’s a greedy unequal 80/20 market even the average white guy is rated as an unattractive subhuman POS by women. See them rage all day about it on incel, alt-right and red pill forums. The average white slob survives entirely off white privilege and cultural hegemony in areas like dating and the professional world. And each day more of them feel their institutional advantages slipping away.

Discussion on Asian Masculinity | Kevin Kreider

The reason why even top tier Asian guys get low matches is because women are bombarded by an onslaught of mostly unattractive, asexual Asian men by the media and by everyday life. Yes, in real life in everyday settings such as work, school and when walking around on the streets too. I’m not gonna beat around the bush here like most people in these subreddits do. Most men you see in real life fit the stereotypes more than they break them. I frequent heavily Asian neighborhoods almost daily and maybe 1 out of 10 Asian men I see break enough of the stereotypes to be a viable candidate in today’s Western dating market.

What lowers the status of the Asian man in the dating market just for being Asian alone is the fact that people are conditioned by internet and media from an early age that Asian men are inferior emasculated docile nerds or sexless cartoonish caricatures. See little girls’ reactions to Ricegum or Ken Jeong/William Hung/Jackie Chan for example.

However, the cream still rises to the top against these odds. High status hot Asian men and Chads who get systemically discriminated on dating apps by being Asian still do well in real life by simply mogging most dudes on the regular in public social settings. What really sucks for tall attractive Asian Chads who successfully break the stereotypes and socio-sexual barriers though is that they unjustly suffer setbacks not only from the media but also from the negative stereotypical actions and displays of their fellow Asian men.

Also, the racist discriminatory behavior on dating apps that’s been consistently exhibited by women hasn’t hit viral mainstream media yet. Once more of these blatant instances are called out to a wider audience on sites like Buzzfeed or Jezebel or national news outlets it will improve the odds for non-stereotypical attractive Asian men at least.

Eric Schmidt says America needs to ‘get its act together’ in AI competition with China – ‘Trust me, these Chinese people are good’

Once these incel fan-fiction scenarios become a common reality in most parts of places like USA then the West will be officially conquered by the East.

Tinder experiment – Asian and white guy swipe right 5000x using pictures of white model vs Godfrey Gao, then pictures of regular white vs asian guy, results at 5:59 but I recommend watching the whole thing

Tinder and hookup culture is relevant to those who enjoy having casual sex with hot women in the Anglo-Western hemisphere as well as meeting women of high socio-sexual value for possible long-term prospects. For example, I am one of those men who like having sex with attractive women, therefore I enjoy apps like that. Sign up for Tinder and swipe in major cities like LA, Sydney, NYC etc to see for yourself what kinda women are on there. They range from insta-model bimbos to ivy league educated career women looking for higher caliber men.

Who can compete and fare well in dating apps? Roughly the Top 20% of all men in terms of attractiveness, status and desirability. In today’s market that would be tall Chads, jocks, bros, BBC’s, well-connected and high status hipster dudes, celebs, athletes, tech bros, surfer bros, boho trust fund bros, WASPs, etc. And that alone means your typical Asian or South Asian man will find himself in the “incel” tier in this dating market – not because I said so but because the women (including most Asian women) in the market have spoken and assigned different values to different men. Sadly, Asian guys like Wilkes McDermid (look him up) were unable to come to terms with this reality so he off’ed himself.

The reason why apps like Tinder and Bumble are significant is because they’re so widely adapted by now amongst the ~18-40 generation by now that they’re causing widespread permanent societal effects such as your aforementioned potential death of the white race or the destruction of traditional monogamy and marriages. As a result, harems may form as they have throughout history and more brown and yellow Chads may replace the white bro and rise to the top of the dating market in the future if your prediction comes true. That is if female hypergamy continues to exist and thrive over the next few generation.

What will happen to the mass amounts of Chinese men that only have sheer quantity on their side? Until they attain sexual domination and status amongst women and gay men they will be seen as a separate asexual, ugly sub-species of unfuckable yellow men for awhile despite being admired for other areas of accomplishment such as achievements in business, science or even philanthropy. Essentially a more extreme version of that ugly little money grubbing hook nosed jew stereotype caricature that’s been prevalent over the past few centuries.

I fucked up

Yup fully aware of potential risk and consequences. Sometimes you gotta have your balls make the decisions though.

Am I privileged as an Asian without stereotypical asian features??

Attaining a more Caucasian look is misguided. So is overcompensating by overstyling and fashion which a lot of Asian men do. Going for Chad-like features which are universally appealing to the majority of women is the way to go I think. It doesn’t make you “less Asian” technically.

Am I privileged as an Asian without stereotypical asian features??

I just glanced at 1 pic of you, not judging you or anything. Pics usually can’t effectively convey things like aura, frame, charisma, pheromones in real life. Anyone who has those features on their side will do better IRL than on Tinder.

I do agree that society and especially women discriminate against “typical Asian” features in men. That’s nothing new, women find it unattractive. But Asian Chad still clearly looks unmistakably Asian too while he can still be appealing to women despite being Asian. Yes it is possible. Even despite general looks-based discrimination against Asian features in men it’s not like a good looking masculine Chad or Chad Lite will be confined to a life of inceldom in his basement either.

PSA: Boycott Crazy Rich Asians movie when it comes out in 2018

I’d say 9 out of 10 visible Asian female figures in media and entertainment will date white guys, it is already established as the norm and likely won’t change anytime soon. Things will only get worse for Asian men as Anna Lu’s and Constance Wu’s become the preferred and authoritative mouthpiece for Asian male issues.

That’s what happens when too many weak Asian men suck up to their Asian “sistas” who then sell them out to white men and literally do their part by engaging in breeding Asian men out of existence.

Tinder experiment – Asian and white guy swipe right 5000x using pictures of white model vs Godfrey Gao, then pictures of regular white vs asian guy, results at 5:59 but I recommend watching the whole thing

Yeah most Asian guys tend to point their fingers somewhere else first while they should be focusing on themselves first. Usually there’s still a lot of room for improvement to be made before the typical Asian guy can complain about racist media or Tinder being in on some global conspiracy to bring them down.

I fucked up

They blatantly enjoyed acting racist in front of you to assert their power and knowing they can get away with it. Because Asians are weak and suck it up and walk away.

And you should’ve knocked the teeth out of one of their laughing friends at least, even if it meant you got sent home with a beating. Sure there’s a chance of legal repercussions but each time I’ve done it back in my younger years it felt fucking great and satisfying and certainly helped my confidence and self-esteem in the long run. The calculated risk was absolutely worth it and I would do it again if the situation presented itself.

Am I privileged as an Asian without stereotypical asian features??

You do look like a typical Asian to me. That said, yes, looking “less Asian” as a man can be a privilege and boost your dating value. Aside from bigger eyes it’s masculine and Chad-like features such as above average height, broad shoulders, muscles, masculine face & jawline etc. that will tilt you towards the more privileged side of looking “less Asian” (example here: https://imgur.com/a/fqryO).

Looking “less Asian” alone isn’t always enough to be privileged as a lot of suffering, self hating incel Hapas can attest. You still need a combo of the right desirable features, maybe winning in the genetic lottery a bit too. Literally every Asian guy I can think of who regularly gets to slay women in the West possesses some of these “less Asian looking” features, often enough to pass as Hapa.

PSA: Boycott Crazy Rich Asians movie when it comes out in 2018

That would be no surprise at all. Would fall directly in line with the things that ruthless Agents and publicists do. That’s also why so many actors are encouraged to change their name and to be seen around town in certain places with certain people to increase the PR.

Hollywood is a toilet bowl of shit that Asians have to flush in order to get ahead in the West. The only way I can see this happen is via takeover and buyout from the top.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | October 30, 2017

Because Western women don’t want Asian guys for the most part. Why is that so hard for Asian men to understand while literally everyone else knows that?

If there was demand from the women’s end then there would be more Asian men going. It’s not like you see Asian FOBs on their spring break going to places like Australia or Miami to party and smash local chicks there, such thing doesn’t exist. You don’t see droves of Australian or Swedish chicks going to Asia to mingle and hook up with local Asian guys either. Even in Asian party vacation destinations like Thailand Western women stick to Western men.

While a lot of people in here repeatedly claim that Asian men “choose not to” date white girls or engage in frivolous casual Tindering and reject white women out of preference etc. the actual truth is that most Asian men don’t have the option, power and privilege to date or “reverse sexpat” or whatever in the West due to social, cultural and sexual incompatibilities that makes them undesirable to Western women.

PSA: Boycott Crazy Rich Asians movie when it comes out in 2018

Unless more Asian men enter the industry without creating bamboo ceilings for themselves like in tech we’re on track for a future in which Constance Wu and Anna Lu will be the authoritative, whitesplaining voice of Asian men in media and society.

That Crazy Rich Asian meme might raise eyebrows for being a controversial meme now but soon enough it’ll be the accepted norm. It already is.

Tinder experiment – Asian and white guy swipe right 5000x using pictures of white model vs Godfrey Gao, then pictures of regular white vs asian guy, results at 5:59 but I recommend watching the whole thing

It’s not just Asia vs America. Both Asian-Americans and FOBS are valued very low in sexual and dating terms vs white men everywhere. What do you think the match rate results would be in places like Hong Kong and Taiwan when a white guy swipes locally vs an Asian guy? You know it’ll only be a matter of time until someone on Youtube or wherever exposes the brutal results and as with any other dating experiments the results will be consistent yet again. Nextshark will publish it and for some reason yet again you will see Asian men being dumbfounded and surprised at the results (not me) while literally everyone else including Asian women will not be shocked at all.

You see, the problem with Asian men in Asia is that most of them are sexually and socially undomesticated and thus unfit and unqualified for the modern dating and hookup culture that most of the modern world engages in. Lack of social skills awareness compared other people in general (which contributes to being oblivious to general things in terms of dating as mentioned above), outdated cheesy romantic ideals and family expectations, lack of emphasis on meeting the looks and fitness standards that women desire in men and last but not least lack of sexual and dating experience on par with what men typically experience growing up in the West solidifies and widely internalizes Asian men’s low sexual value vs white men even at home.

The only “advantage” Asian men in Asia have is being in massive quantities vs the few white guys but one by one they’re no match even at home. Ex-pat and tourist women skip the local men due to lack of compatibility. It’s not like such thing as Japanese or Chinese dudes mingle on their holiday in Bali, Thailand or Australia with all sorts of women like white guys do. It does not exist while the other way around is normal. I go to Asia 2-3x a year and white worship especially by local women is very visible in public and in media ads. Loser dweeb white dudes getting swarmed and stared at like they never would back home and incel Asian guys and nerds being the common accepted norm. Asian culture doesn’t emphasize breeding and grooming sexually viable and desirable men who can compete let alone win in a dating pool and culture of women who enjoy the modern Western style of dating.

In terms of Asian guys preferring white women it’s a useless discussion for most men simply because the large majority of Asian men don’t have this option to start with. Most Asian men are flat out excluded by white women regardless of location, so why even discussing it as it if were a viable option? The dating market has spoken and only a few exceptions of Asian men “make the cut” as in being seen as a viable dating and sexual partner to white women. The studies and the real world results are so consistent they speak for themselves. Most Asian men in these subreddits simply don’t have the rights and access to white (and Asian) women in today’s dating market and need to stop talking about it as if they had the privilege and option of dating white women available to them on a regular basis. The priority should be to discuss how to acquire more access and privileges in the general dating market first instead of pretending as if the options were already available.

As a result of being unfit for modern dating, most Asian men in Asia are left with the option of either going the traditional non-Western route to raise a family or live that stereotypical life of inceldom with a focus on things other than women, dating, sex etc.

Only if more Asian men one day collectively chose to reject inceldom as the norm and “get with the program” by making an effort like men of other races already do then there might be hope for change. But not until then.

Tinder experiment – Asian and white guy swipe right 5000x using pictures of white model vs Godfrey Gao, then pictures of regular white vs asian guy, results at 5:59 but I recommend watching the whole thing

I’ve seen the ads but don’t use Asian apps here in the West. I’m 6’1″ who works out without model looks and have a healthy non-Asian enclave LA social circle. And quite frankly that alone is enough to at least get regular action and matches on Tinder. While it’s still a fraction of what a regular white guy can for just being white.
you won’t go home empty-handed either. That is, unless you’re socially maladjusted and undomesticated in your local area. And that’s a very common problem for a large % of Asian men, many of whom were either FOB’s or raised in Asian enclaves like K-Town or suburban Orange County. Enclave and FOB upbringing are social barriers to dating and best and a death sentence in the Western dating pool at worst.

These eastmeeteast types of apps essentially appeal to a user base that has been excluded from the general dating pools but haven’t heard of anything succeeding yet. In fact you gotta be careful as some of them prey on lonely Asian and Indian men for money. Gotta read the reviews. I’d trust Coffee Meets Bagel over those niche apps and sites as it includes are filter for racial preferences. It will be predictably slower for Asian men vs other apps but at least it doesn’t beat around the bush. It was founded by 3 Anna Lu’s who want to find their white prince and were tired of being matched with Asian men.

In terms of bigger picture the problem isn’t the technology or which app, the problem is the low status and sexual value of most Asian men in the local dating market. Because of the negative overall reputation in society and media even the attractive Chads who fit everything else in the dating market otherwise have to take losses in the dating market.

PSA: Boycott Crazy Rich Asians movie when it comes out in 2018

Also if an actual Asian man wrote stuff like this below then you cannot complain about society laughing at Asian men for constant self-cucking and women running away to white men.


PSA: Boycott Crazy Rich Asians movie when it comes out in 2018

From a logistical standpoint it’s nearly impossible to produce and cast a movie full of Asian females who don’t date white men out of Hollywood. No chance whatsoever, has to be done in Asia.

Almost every Asian female I come across in LA who works in entertainment or similar creative fields including actresses, musicians, models, project managers etc. has white fever. The exceptions are few and far in between in the creative industries. I know some who do very well in their careers but still date unemployed white hipster bums around town. Clear white worship as it doesn’t even fit the narrative of women looking for successful men.

Tinder experiment – Asian and white guy swipe right 5000x using pictures of white model vs Godfrey Gao, then pictures of regular white vs asian guy, results at 5:59 but I recommend watching the whole thing

There no “good” apps for Asian men, otherwise it would be mentioned and recommended around here. Niche apps and sites always fail for the same reason – lack of a user base aka not enough interested females.

The technology of dating apps like Tinder simply exposed female’s racist preferences and behavior and white male privilege in dating. Sorry to the deniers and conspiracy theorists but it’s not a problem exclusive to Tinder either. It’s a general condition in the real world. These are things that women may not say out loud but actions speak louder than words.

For Asian men who have been deselected in the dating pool via app that means you have to go out of your way to make up in other ways, such as increased status, power and money and run extra strong real world social game.

Or choose to not participate in the modern dating culture at all. A life of inceldom with a focus on other hobbies or a more traditional arrangement back in Asia maybe.

Tinder experiment – Asian and white guy swipe right 5000x using pictures of white model vs Godfrey Gao, then pictures of regular white vs asian guy, results at 5:59 but I recommend watching the whole thing

  • This needs to go viral for anyone with half a brain to see.
  • Why am I the only person here that isn’t surprised? Guarantee you the overall data that Tinder sits on is just as brutal towards Asian men.
  • Asian men need to stop coping and dismissing Tinder constantly like it’s trivial shit that doesn’t matter. It is significant enough to be a reflection of your value as a viable sexual candidate in the eyes of women. Dismissing Tinder in 2017 is like claiming the NBA doesn’t matter in the area of basketball. Also it is obvious to everyone and funny enough that only Asian men cope this way when it comes to Tinder and similar apps.


If you’re westernized (even if you’re not white) then Tinder as well as a few bars and pubs will serve you well – not just for local girls but also for Western white ex-pat women.

Like some other guys from Taipei mentioned it’s the local barflies who are looking for action at popular ex-pat establishments to mingle with Westerners, thus bars like On Tap are always packed even during the week.

Tsinghua University in Beijing, is the world’s best school for both engineering and computer science, authoritative ranking survey U.S. News & World Report announced Tuesday. The beginning of the end of total white hegemony on education.

Correct. This is just more Asians excelling more in STEM fields, nothing new.

White hegemony in education which extends to the real world afterwards (see Bamboo ceilings in tech etc.) will end when the Old Boys country club legacy frat networks that control things such as power at top universities and venture capital will begin to be dismantled.

Fashion and Fitness Thread | October 25, 2017

Some Omega Seamasters and Breitling Superoceans come in 42mm’s I think. If that’s in your budget range. Their casebacks are also slim and their design is clean (I wear 44-45mm’s).

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

South Asians > East Asians in SF/Silicon Valley by a long shot. Getting into exec levels by a higher rate also equals higher SMV. You see far more Indian men dating women of all colors around SF than East Asian men.

That doesn’t mean that South Asian men are high in status or anything. It means that only the top exec, top money level guys get to mingle in the local dating pool “like normal” while the common east and south Asian men are larger excluded from the dating pool.

To put it onto perspective, it takes top level status for an Indian or Asian man to earn the privilege to mingle in a dating pool full of dumb lazy dipshit bros and criminals.

My thoughts on Tinder and online dating in America

Yes, shows how much unattractive women unabashedly enjoy female hypergamy in dating and hookup culture. Men on the other hand rate women in a normalized bell curve pattern.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

Personal attacks? You’ve literally defined your own special category in Asian subreddits on your own and you keep coming back after being banned over and over again just to get outed again.

Sure, keep hitting the “report” button if it makes you feel any better. As the better (and the only) man here between me and you I don’t even need to bother with hitting the report button on you.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

Let me put it this way for you. There are heated exchanges on here which are common. Then there are “Uncle Chans” on here who might get a little more shit for being what they are. And then there are legit Ching Chongs, a Hall of Fame caliber level of depraved, lifeless, mentally ill Asian trolls. Which is the category that you and a few others like this short military kid from San Diego belong in.

Don’t mistake me calling you out as the weak, mentally ill Ching Chong with no dignity that you are as insecurity. You’re caught again for the 5th time and earned the right to be spat and shat on by the likes of me each time you come back here with a new alias.

It speaks volumes that I don’t even need to report you as someone else will do the job anyway and you’ll be forced to re-register again in no time.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

It’s not a personal attack when I and other users can spot the same dipshit basement dweller within a minute or two. No matter how many times you keep coming back you will always be the same mentally ill, pathetic POS who sits behind that screen.

Keep going on your delusional nationalist tirades and cite history all you want again while mentioning nothing pertaining to real life. In the end the truly depraved, mentally ill losers like you (and that army dude from San Diego who’s similar to you) always out themselves on their own every single time without fail no matter how many different aliases you subhumans take on.

Also, Asians in Asia don’t have shit for dignity as long as Westerners can roll in there and do and fuck whatever they want. Heck, even I enjoy doing some of that a couple times a year myself. Because I can. Not like people like you ever fight back. When it comes to low quality trash like you your mere existence as a weak, no-life, subpar POS contributes to the social plight that many innocent and decent Asian men around you have to endure. There’s really only one thing you should do if you truly care for the greater good of your fellow men of your nationality as you claim and deep down you know better than anyone what it is.

Dating Advice Thread | October 24, 2017

Apps like Tinder and Bumble are the most widely adapted dating apps in the mainstream by women in America. Even if you’re not an extremely attractive highly sought after type of guy you should still be getting some matches at least. Yes, average joe only gets a fraction of Chad’s matches in Tinder’s 80/20 economy but it is still a major channel to meet women in general. Unless you’re inherently unattractive there should be something that you can fix and improve (like updated pictures maybe). Being Asian per se isn’t necessarily a death sentence but being a walking Asian stereotype probably is.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

Be aware that subhuman shit tard ChinaSuperpower is a mentally ill troll who will eventually get banned. Don’t engage with mentally ill POS clowns like him. He’s been here before. Check his shit post history.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

u/Chinasuperpower You’re that dumb mentally ill incel coming back on Asian forums again periodically with a new name. Same pathetic subhuman POS. Come back again with a new account after you get banned again for being a pathetic little dick ching chong troll or some shit, who cares. Fuck off, someone ban this cockroach again pls.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

If native Asian men weren’t emasculated you wouldn’t see creepy beta white English teachers go to Asia to arbitrage their low sexual market value so they can be worshipped like superior colonial sex gods by local Asian women.

If native Asian men weren’t emasculated you would also see Western women like Aussies, Swedes, Americans etc. travel to Asia regularly like their male counterparts to get some of that superior Asian K-Pop cock or whatever. Which, let’s face it, never happens. Meanwhile in reality, white women rarely navigate Asia as tourists without their white boyfriends and for debaucherous sex-filled trips they tend to go to Australia and Southern Europe instead. Even if they go hard in places like Thailand or Bali they still overwhelmingly hook up with their fellow countrymen or other Chads.

You would also see young rich Chinese or Japanese party dudes go over to Australia or LA for their holiday to hook up with local women the same way white dudes do in Asia for fun. It’s not because Asian men prefer not to do this, it’s because they can’t. Delusional incel Asians in here claim that Asian men don’t hook up because they choose not to which is ludicrous on several levels. The women don’t want most of them, that’s the reality.

If native Asians weren’t emasculated they also wouldn’t let advertisement billboards featuring white models and AFWM happen on the regular. Nor would they be silent about Matt Damon headlining a blockbuster movie either.

Clearly there’s still a long road to go in Asia and the list of emasculation, partcular in the sexual ways vs other men can go on for much longer. As of today in 2017 there is close to zero evidence of Asians in the East being able to conquer women while the inverse exists in abundance on a daily basis even on their home soil. Until Asian women stop worshipping white men and women of all nationalities at least start viewing Asian men as viable sexual partners in general you’re an emasculated race of men on this earth regardless of location.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

The real re-education camp that is needed for most Asian men to end an out-of-contrl WMAF phenomenon is running masculinity re-education camps.

Casual racism on the front page thread of a WMAF couple. Comments included.

Asian men are at fault both in Asia and in America for being weak men who let white men take their daughters and sisters. That is one of the major consequences of not getting with the program and refusing to live up to general masculine standards and ideals on this planet. Even when you browse on here you will find plenty of stubborn men who still feel that adapting to more masculine traits is a “toxic” approach. Yet they still complain about Anna Lu’s and their sisters “selling out”

In both cultures Asian men have long accepted an emasculated and subservient existence beneath whites to the point where it would take an effort of unprecedented scale to stop the rampant rate of Asian women going for white men, which is already a default standard expected reality in the West by now. A cultural lobotomy and forcing enough men to breed and groom stronger masculine traits for the long term is necessary to stop this.

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

By entertainment I mean any position. In front and behind the camera. From actors to accountants. I won’t say what I do but it’s behind the scenes in production mostly in office and backlot settings. To answer your question Asians are hardly doing anything at all in the field. Pretty much anybody who either works in film or music industries can confirm that for you. It’s just not a field that Asians enter traditionally, yet it’s what controls media image and perception, one of our worst problems. So if we wanna fix the problem we gotta go in there to begin with.

As sad as it sounds but I see more Asians even in front of the camera than in the office. Most of the time when I’m on a larger set or an industry event I’m 1 of 2 token Asian males out of 50 people or so.

So by saying go into entertainment I mean break in systemically on all ends as a whole. Change in media representation needs to start from the ground up and from within. If you’re a tech engineer, go to a place like Netflix or Amazon studios for example. Even with soft skills we could use more project managers. Most middle managers who control the internal politics tend to be white dudes as well. There’s not a single department or segment I can think of that couldn’t use more representation.

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

Also worth mentioning is that LA has a more narcissistic, individualistic culture compared to other cities, a classic LA stereotype that I’m sure you’ve heard before. That means networking and belonging in an old boys club isn’t necessarily as important as in other cities like SF or NYC as long as you’re independently wealthy and successful.

For instance, a fabulously unemployed bohemian trust fund hipster “artist” dude in Silver Lake who is well connected and goes to places like Burning Man is more desirable in LA’s dating pool than most people who actually have to work for a living.

A different example is the solid sugar daddy market. If you have the bank you have a very high quality pool of hot women in their prime available to you. I’m not talking about standard gold diggers but well-educated upper middle class women who go to top schools etc. (They’ve been traditionally convening in certain Beverly Hills hotel bars and social clubs in WeHo etc.)

Another example would be your generic wealthy, privileged Chad bro who barely does shit with their lives. Sure, people might look down on it but in the greater picture they’re highly valued by women in LA’s social-sexual market and do well on Tinder and in social settings.

In a culture where being individualistic and self-absorbed is the norm, being independently successful and/or not having to play by average joe’s rules is more highly regarded around here.

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

The more obvious stereotypes might come from FOB’s/H1B types but the more insidious stereotypes that require increased awareness are the Asian-American ones. It’s the tiger parenting, Asian-American student orgs and social enclaves like suburban SoCal or the UC schools that breed and groom model minorities who end up establishing that bamboo ceiling and a second class citizen quality of life in the West.

Making money and gaining power for yourself is the way to go while weakness and lack of power is looked down upon in America. That’s why finance/tech/entertainment bros, entrepreneurs, founders etc. are respected in society and desired by women while model minorities who only do the hard work for those in power are deemed “beta” and unattractive.

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

Yeah the environment and culture is a bit livelier in entertainment vs other fields (been in tech/Silicon Valley before). But most people work behind the scenes in Hollywood. Also, looks to me like tech/creative/startup scenes are beginning to influence and outgrow the “traditional” Hollywood these days. Not sure if you live around DTLA and the Arts District but you see a lot of these fields intersect around here.

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

The problem that Asians and Indians have in finance and tech is that they’re being typecast as sexless code/numbers crunching monkeys. As a result they’re invisible to women (especially in a place like LA) and they’re least likely to be promoted to exec/partner positions. This is called the Bamboo Ceiling and you can google/read into that on the internet. https://nextshark.com/asian-americans-least-likely-promoted-executive-positions-according-study/

If you’re not willing to give up women altogether like a lot of stereotypical Indian or Asian workers in finance and tech do then your best path is to mingle around DTLA and be a finance bro. Socializing will open more opportunities for women and for jobs around town in general. If you still don’t feel like you fit into the LA demographic I’d recommend NYC where finance bros enjoy a high status in a high quality dating pool.

Dating Advice for Recent College Grad New to LA

Move to the entertainment industry if you plan on staying in LA. The Indian guys I know in Hollywood/entertainment are far better socially adjusted than the ones in “traditional” work fields like IT/tech.

My thoughts on Tinder and online dating in America

Not gonna out anyone here but she’s a 7.5+ Korean A-type girl with a pretty successful tech career for her age. Find her on Bumble or Tinder maybe.

Asian Americans have always felt Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Now, vindication.

Theoretically things should change purely due to increased access to information provided by technology. But compared to other races Asians are still struggling to overcome massive collective mental blocks that are powerful enough to shield them to information. So I wouldn’t count on things going forward just yet.

For example let’s say Jack Ma is a buying a studio as a brilliant businessman and billionaire. Let’s say while he has intelligence and talent on the business side of things he’s a typical Asian beta inept with women and has outdated cheesy romantic values compared to today’s Western dating culture. With so much power at his disposal, what’s gonna stop him from self-cucking the race of Asian men in major motion pictures? Maybe all his partners and advisors could intervene but the majority of the board might be “cut out of the same cloth”.

Asian Americans have always felt Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Now, vindication.

K-Pop and similar popular Asian music has been a separate niche market for a few years now and most likely will be for the foreseeable future. Every now and then the industry will dangle a carrot to impressionable Asian-Americans as in trying to pump out a hit song collaboration with a recognizable US rapper or something like that but the long-term picture will remain the same unless something unprecedented disrupts things.

Asian Americans have always felt Hollywood’s hypocrisy. Now, vindication.

Anyone who’s worked somewhere in Hollywood will agree with me that there’s close to zero chance to change things for Asian-Americans. The lack of Asian male representation is just as bad behind the scenes and in the backlot and offices.

These articles won’t change shit. Sites like nextshark have simply become a daily watch blog for whitewashing and other social crimes against Asians. The whites who run entertainment and music also have zero incentive to give up power to include Asians, no matter how many times activists cry for better representation.

The only option I see is financial takeover. A studio bleeding money after a hack or a Weinstein scandal and then some woke Asian tycoons capitalize on the opportunity to buy out the old guard AND work in the interest of social progress for Asian men at the same time. Just because some Asian billionaire owns a movie studio doesn’t mean the Matt Damon whitewashing and Asian male self-cucking instances will automatically go away either.

My thoughts on Tinder and online dating in America

I know some Anna Lu’s who are ok with Asian guys occasionally.

Good friend of mine here in LA occasionally hooks up with higher-status Asians guys such as an actor who’s on TV sometimes and a tall tatted Asian-German Chad for example. But those are the exception rather than the rule for her as she still overwhelmingly prefers white guys. Also noteworthy here that you have to be a whole lot more attractive as an Asian man to be considered.

An American assistant language teacher, Jason Allison 44, at a Tokyo metropolitan high school has been arrested on suspicion of molesting a 16-year-old girl. Allison was previous arrested in April 2011 for molesting a 15-year-old junior high school girl.

That is correct. They want white people to teach them. This is common, open knowledge similar to how sexual harassment in Hollywood has been openly known.

That means they’d prefer a white person with a heavy non-English accent over an accent-free Asian-American to teach them English.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Asian culture has created a flood of opportunities for creepy colonial sex-pats. It’s a part of Asian identity, no pun intended.

My daily life and the lack/low quality of social interactions, does being an AM contribute to my issue?

Of course being AM plays a role, even when it’s not your fault. Why? Because of general negative perceptions and stereotypes that people have of AM’s. That’s why certain conditions like being bullied on the schoolyard and being invisible to women are staying over time. And when people are used to seeing this things for most of their lives they’ll have a different view of you vs your white or black equivalent.

That said, avoiding social settings or overanalyzing things in your head won’t help at all. When people have a negative overall view of Asian men to begin with you have to be at least aware of it and do something about it yourself to improve your own situation.

Should we attempt to “wake” other Asians?

A greater awakening to socially and sexually domesticate Asian men in Western culture hasn’t happened yet. And it is necessary in order to advance socially in the West.

Currently, most Asian men are completely oblivious and even downright delusional about their issues of emasculation and lack of sexual attractiveness in the West. That’s unlike men of other races and also unlike Asian women who have more experience and awareness due to more socio-sexual privileges in the West.

Asian men are raised to keep marching with their blinders on when it comes to certain uncomfortable issues & stereotypes rather than facing them directly.

My thoughts on Tinder and online dating in America

Gotta be Top 20% in looks and social status overall. Tinder is lousy for average white guys too.

80/20 rule was also confirmed by OKCupid, where women rate 80% of men below average in a study by OkCupid’s founder Christian Rudder: https://theblog.okcupid.com/your-looks-and-your-inbox-8715c0f1561e

80/20 seems to be the current market condition of dating app and casual hookup culture in the West.

My thoughts on Tinder and online dating in America

I agree that leaving the areas of Western/Anglo culture for places like Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia is the most effective Tinder strategy for the common Asian man.

My thoughts on Tinder and online dating in America


Apps like Tinder are popular with a wide user base of women because they can meet and hook up with guys who are in the ~top 20% in terms of attractiveness and desirability. 80/20 rule applies. I have a few good guy friends who can get laid with new 7+ girls on any given day of the week just by a few swipes and barely conversing. Generally speaking they tend to have qualities like being tall, white, rich & privileged along with greedy and sociopathic tendencies, though not necessarily all of the above. I know ethnic slayers too including a few Asians, though not too many.

While it’s obvious that most women on Tinder aim for top status guys it isn’t necessarily useless for Average Joe either. Most of my single guy friends who are ~average and at least socially well adjusted still get occasional dates and action off Tinder. It’s just far less enjoyable as you will only get a tiny fraction of the action and activity compared to Chad.

In terms of Asian men in particular I’m not gonna sugarcoat things and deny that things are disproportionally bad compared to men of other races. Actually it is mostly useless for almost all Asian men that I know personally and I know a whole lot of them havng grown up in SoCal. That’s a simple reflection of being value at the bottom sexual market overall in the West and a change of location will make tiny marginal differences at best. While the more attractive and less typical Asian men can get some action off dating apps it isn’t a viable route for most Asian men as of 2017 in a place like America. Gotta take some more traditional route or go back to Asia maybe.

The current reality is that no dating app or site that’s commonly used by women in the West is any good for most Asian men. Otherwise it would’ve been mentioned and recommended on Asian forums like this subreddit.

Asian Americans Are the Least Likely to Be Promoted to Executive Positions, According to Study

These studies and articles are nothing new. Yet they need to be reposted on Asian boards over and over again in order to raise more awareness.

Another one of those many realities and stereotypes that are common knowledge in greater society but the vast majorities of Asians themselves have tuned out/swept under the rug.

How many business owners are in this sub?


Nothing new here though but these things need to be posted just to raise awareness.

Asian men are never featured in porn, so I made a comedy video about it

I would hate for Asian guys to think that they should emulate the other race’s degenerate behavior in order to feel accepted or successful.

Most Asian guys clearly don’t “get with the program” to do what men of other races have done to become successfully desirable. As a result, most Asian guys have to live the consequence of staying at the bottom of the attractiveness scale to women as long as they live in a culture in which bros, jocks, strong leading men and bad boys etc. are idolized throughout.

Like it or not, media including movies, porn, music, sports, internet etc. influences sexual preferences in women from early on and only ramps up with the increase of tech accessibility. With the current representation of Asian men in movies and online it naturally follows that young girls will most likely develop a sexual aversion to Asian men while Chads and BBC’s are hypersexualized and put on a pedestal.

How many business owners are in this sub?

We need to undo and revise the virtues and systems that brought us to this dead end. Instead of raising good students and obedient workers we need to start breeding and grooming traits (social skills, athletics, confidence etc) that tend to produce respected and stronger leaders in Western society. It takes more leaders and independent bosses to form beneficial networks to begin with.

In terms of funds we might have to get help from Asia. Otherwise it might take another century at least until we move closer to having resources similar to what white tech bros for example have today. The Asian-American Model Minority model of success only takes us to getting a decent paycheck in mostly expensive coastal cities without having access to higher circles of money, power and influence in this country.

Raising awareness on these limits on upward mobility that comes with going the typical Asian-American way is also necessary as the majority of parents are a product of social isolation. Without a basic understanding of how the system works they can’t help their kids move forward in anyway so they continue to push the same old “study hard get a good job” mantra.

Enclave communities such as Asian-American student organizations are also detrimental to network and power growth. Those need major revisions as they mostly self-segregate and limit social opportunities on campus while fostering nothing more than Model Minority values. Asians are better served in the long run joining the major greek orgs that have the most social clout and popularity on campus instead of being held back in Asian orgs. Major frats and sororities are a breeding ground for American-style networking that carries onto the professional world, creating a bro culture in charge in most fields.

Unfortunately, these suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. People can contribute a much longer laundry list of things that need to be done to get to a higher level of business and social success in Western culture.

CBS to develop Asian American basketball comedy Big Men from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend duo – Resonate

Hapa and less typically Asian-looking men who can pass for Hapa or fit Western beauty standards is Hollywood’s gateway solution to bring Asian characters onto the screens of the American mainstream audience in a way that is more palatable and acceptable to them.

How many business owners are in this sub?

I think the ultimate humiliation is to do everything right like excel in school and at your job only to have someone else reap the bulk of the reward. While a lot of Asian men who pride themselves in studying and solving the hard problems on the job view themselves as a “success” by Asian standards they’re not as respected or viewed as winners by men and women in Western society.

In the end it’s obvious and systemic that white frat and tech bros typically get rewarded and promoted over Asians regardless of merit and hire their buddies first to maintain a strong network of privilege while Asian men put their heads down and don’t object to these conditions. This defeatist and silent Model Minority mentality is the reason why no solid networks, social clubs or venture capital funds exist for Asian-American professionals and entrepreneurs.

Asian men are never featured in porn, so I made a comedy video about it

It’s not that you necessarily have to do it but somebody absolutely has to if the goal is to get out of having subhuman status in Western society. Sexual prowess like athleticism, looks, physical strength etc. are important parts of Western masculinity standards and women in the West look for these things. While a vast majority of Asian men don’t know or don’t care about this it is common sense to all other races of men.

Asian men have been represented poorly in these aspects of masculinity in the media. Specifically in porn, representation should be a priority as it would directly address the asexual small dick stereotypes that are consistent and acknowledged all around the world.

But one of the reasons why the stereotypes have stuck for good and won’t go away anytime soon is because most Asian men don’t mind it. They don’t bother fighting and accepted living with the consequences which is constant bullying from early on as well as being at the bottom of the Western sexual market. It’s a less competitive, less aggressive mindset compared to white men in terms of conquering women and increasing one’s value in the socio-sexual market.

Look around other subreddits and you’ll see hordes of white men lose their shit and act suicidal just because they don’t meet the 7″x6″+ ideal that would give them a competitive edge with Western women while Asians on reddit mostly dismiss the stereotype that directly affects them. Sure, you can view being furious over having unimpressive 5 inches as “toxic” but it also illustrates the extra greed and competitive mentality that a lot of white men operate with in this country. They’d rather stay toxic and win than being reasonable and lose. This result-driven approach also spills over to the corporate world and contributes to the formation of the Bamboo Ceiling.

Does the rat race end, for asian male ‘success’?

I’d say the grade for most Asian men in the subjects of Western social and sexual success is more commonly in the D-F range.

Considering how Asian culture is obsessed about school grades in some fields and completely neglects and ignores other essential parts required to be a successful man it shows where the priorities lie in Asian parenting and upbringing. Essentially this gross negligence results in complete failure in major areas of life in the West and more Asian parents need to be held accountable for that.

Asian upbringing and its metrics for success are so badly flawed to the point where it has resulted in a second class existence at best and in the permanent destruction of the quality of life of Asian men at worst. Asian values and upbringing in the west need a major overhaul in order for things to ever improve.

How many business owners are in this sub?

I invest in an internet business with a couple friends on the side. The goal is to be your own boss and financially independent and I encourage more Asian men to take an entrepreneurial route as well instead of doing the grunt work in the background only for the white man to take credit for it in the 9-5 world. Especially in tech where Asians should be dominating considering the large representation and skill sets. Unfortunately for Asian techies/STEM workers white men own and oversee everything in tech/Silicon Valley.

Asian men are never featured in porn, so I made a comedy video about it

Glad to see someone who’s aware of the systemic sexless representation of Asian men in the media. Sadly not enough Asian men are aware of this yet, let alone the urgency to be more represented in porn.

It is staggering how oblivious most Asian men are to the fact that better representation in porn can help reduce a certain stereotype that plagues Asian men in the West.

I’ve mentioned this before but searching on a site like Pornhub for Asian porn not only yields the usual load of clips of white and black guys pounding Asian women but when you look at Asian-produced videos starring Asian men it doesn’t exactly help us kill the common stereotypes either. If anything, it instantly sets us back to zero. Western producers tend to pick the bigger studs out there to glorify themselves through porn, something that obviously hasn’t crossed the minds of Asian porn producers yet.

Average size condoms TOO BIG for white American men

That’s the convenient agenda that is pushed and works for the white man to position himself as the “gold standard”.

As a result in the real world the black man is painted as an uncivilized animal that can’t be trusted as a human being but can still attract and smash women due to his status as a hypersexualized BBC sex brute while the Asian man is less capable of pleasing women due to lack of size. Hence the “asexual” perception of Asian men in general society.

Average size condoms TOO BIG for white American men

Condom manufacturers should also stop manufacturing and marketing smaller “Asian sized” condoms in Asia.

Durex, which has a ~30% market share in China, markets their snugger fit “Kingtex” to an Asian market.

“Asian Fit” is synonymous with “Snug Fit” or smaller sized condoms in marketing speak unfortunately which doesn’t help with the general reputation of Asian men and is part of the reason why this stereotype never goes away.

Asian American Dating Situation Improving Dramatically!

Dating apps like Tinder have a wide user base by women these days so they’re the app equivalent of a city population. It’s been embraced by women in the mainstream and in the media so you have even very high-caliber women and celebrities and models swipe on there. As a result, all states and cities suck if you’re an average AM. Gotta be really good looking or high in social status to make up for your low status in the dating pool by just being an Asian man.

While there might be some cultural/social differences between different cities and states, the overall difference is statistically insignificant. That’s why the discussion of “which cities are best for AM” occur repeatedly without any resolution.

The caliber of what kinda Asian man you are plays a larger factor than location. For example if you’re in the league of Godfrey Gao level looks you’ll do well in NYC but you wouldn’t end up with zero matches in the Midwest either, even if the place is more racist or unwelcoming to Asians. If your looks-level is closer to Ken Jeong or William Hung you will probably end up empty-handed even in the most Asian-friendly cities.

Asian American Dating Situation Improving Dramatically!

Tinder economy gap and hypergamy studies, graphs and articles need to be brought up around here more often on a regular basis. To help more Asian men assess their general chances in the dating pool more realistically. A lot of Asian men tend to operate in life with their eyes and ears covered to these things.

Some thoughts on r/asianamerican

r/asianamerican is pretty straightforward in being anti-Asian male. Their moderators and community demands that their Asian “men” act as emasculated allies of Asian female privilege, which as we all know mostly includes letting them worship white men and contribute to the neutering of the Asian male species via eugenic means.

If you’re interested in empowering Asian men to attain a higher quality of life in the West in areas like dating, sex, career, social health and status, access to more opportunity, upward mobility etc., then you have to treat r/asianamerican as an enemy to your interests. Their agenda ensures that Asian men stay in a bottom position in more than one way.

Ideal Asian Men

Most Asian men won’t ever get close to meeting those levels of attractiveness and masculinity. But that’s not the point.

The point is that Asian men need to reduce and close the gap of masculinity and desirability compared to other men in the West on a larger, collective scale.

Failure to do so results in the “same old” that Asians have experienced since migrating to the West. Which is living life on extra hard mode. As in getting rewarded just a fraction of what you actually deserve for the effort you put in in areas such as jobs, careers, academics, dating, sex, relationships, social networking, sports, general social respect in community/media/society etc.

Ideal Asian Men

Great list. Asian men need more of these aesthetic/masculine role models to look up to. It is a requirement to be socially and sexually competitive in Western cultures.

Just a heads up, chances are you might be facing resistance of certain emasculated beta Chans on here who cry “these are impossible standards to live up to”. But guess what – at this point Asian men have no choice but to raise the standards to this level in order to progress and make up for centuries worth of losses and failures. Even if you’re a 5’6″ math nerd with no social skills or any potential to lift decent weights you should put up the hardest fight in your life to get to the goal as close as you can. Day in and day out.

The Godfrey Gao interviewer’s reaction is similar to another video that went viral – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WhQ-AEZovE

“Men” who can’t pick up on such obvious women’s signals have some mandatory learning to do.

For any Chinese people here, make sure you subscribe to r/Sino – the REAL China subreddit moded by actual Chinese, not trolls

Predictably, not a single thread addressing Chinese or Asian men’s struggles to attract women in general.

Operating on no masculine sex appeal may have worked fine for you until you collide with Western standards of sexual and dating preferences. From that point forth you’re classified as a lesser man, especially by women.

Some thoughts on r/asianamerican

Pay them no mind as they’re an irrelevant community even if they had millions of subscribers. Why are they irrelevant? Because their drivel has been regressive for generations now. Like their real-life counterparts of Asian enclaves and student orgs, all they’ve done is cement the status of Asians in America as marginalized, weaker and lower valued human beings. In a society where strong men are valued especially by women, this punishes the Asian male harder than the female.

The emasculated, docile, soft, politically correct rhetoric of r/asianamerican shows that they’re completely oblivious to the reality that the society they inhabit does not respect weak men. Either they’re completely unaware of the real problems that plague Asian men in the West or they continue to brush it off by ignoring it or chalking it off as “toxic misogynist rhetoric”. If enough Asian men truly turn out to defend their masculinity, this will backfire and may finally take us men to a better position in society.

Anti-Asian masculinity voices like /u/chinglishese and the “male” counterparts in r/asianamerican aren’t the “good voice” as they claim to be. They’re defenders of the same weak voice that have held back Asian-Americans for decades now and hence truly toxic to the dignity of Asian men.

Some thoughts on r/asianamerican

r/asianamerican is the Reddit equivalent of those powerless Asian-American social enclaves (such as AA student orgs at U.S. universities, large AA communities in SoCal etc.) that have firmly established Asian-Americans as Model Minority second-class citizens in the United States over the past few generations.

Because this overly politically sanitized community doesn’t understand how power and privilege works in the West you can’t expect r/asianamerican to understand the discrepancy of such between Asian men and Asian women in America and how a low socio-sexual market value affects the quality of life for men in more than one area. Hell, even if they get directly rejected and friendzoned by their own female Asian allies in favor of white men in their face they would still continue with the naive and misguided narrative that Asian men and women are all valued equally and in this together. Anyone who calls out the real social and power dynamics or brings up topics that they like to sweep under the rug (such as Asian women selling out to white men) is therefore a member of the “dark side”.

A big middle finger from me to the weak-minded contributors of r/asianamerican as you are essentially advocates for Asian-Americans (especially men) to remain second class citizens in the West.

Growing up as an East Asian looking Mexican-American

I agree. Doing enough work on physical fitness to stop being a bullying target and a turn-off to women needs to be taught as a main priority for Asian boys and men of all ages in the West. But it isn’t. We’re in the minority opinion here, even within this subreddit where continuous denial occurs.

Meanwhile, the results in the real world continue to speak for themselves as the bullying starting on the school yard and the rejection by women has continued consistently for several generations now. I attribute this permanent result to systemic failure and negligence in Asian upbringing and parenting in the West. Most of us who understand the importance of being strong have had to figure things out on their own.

Growing up as an East Asian looking Mexican-American

Asian men need to stop asking for outside support because there will be none. No one has any interest or incentive to help us in this particular regard, not even Asian women.

As you mentioned, Asian men are already taking slices of the financial pie. So why would other men want to allow more competition to start entering their dating and mating pool on top of that?

All things considered the casual looks-based discrimination is clearly here to stay as it has proven to be an effective measure to curb Asian men’s power in the West and beyond. If Asian men want to force changes in society that benefit them then they have to operate independently on their own since there will be no external help, only resistance.

Growing up as an East Asian looking Mexican-American

Shows that just looking Asian especially as a man is looked down upon in all cultures around the globe. Including in Asia, where white worship in the media (music videos, commercials, fashion prints) is an every day sight.

Before one can expect any changes in looks-based racism against Asians anywhere in the world it is the Asians in Asia who need to reclaim their pride and dignity back first by actively combating their own white inferiority complexes.

Our brother RiceGum is under attack

Ricegum is under attack the same way your typical Asian looking man or boy is being attacked day in and day out. He’s just so visible to a younger audience that he even hoarded a compilation of some of the attacks himself on his own channels.

He’s getting torn down by a giant mob of little girls (like her for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3uDwEIaSoo) who are of course more inclined to mock his appearance since that’s the standard low-hanging fruit for attacking Asian males.

The problem is while hordes of kids on Youtube essentially emasculate him by calling him ugly and a “little dick ching chong” he typically responds with some juvenile, childish comebacks that are safe and palatable enough for his target audience. Like laughing it off and making fun of the girls’ eyebrows or fingernails for example.

If he responded back like a man instead of a jolly entertainer house chink he would risk large chunks of his ad revenue and income and a backlash from parents that might result in suspension of his channel. So going “Kaepernick” on behalf of Asian men comes with a high financial risk for him.

Growing up as an East Asian looking Mexican-American

The problem is that non-Asians do see it. Not only do they see looks-based mockery and discrimination clearer and better than the affected target of Asian men themselves, they also deem it acceptable and casually participate in it.

Because no one else has any incentive to change this it is entirely up to Asian men whether they want to do something about it or continue to let it slide.

How to Reveal the Truth about White People

Typical Asian customs and culture hasn’t adapted sufficiently in the West yet in order for Asian men to effectively retaliate or gain power in key areas of life. Realistically, a larger scale “awakening” isn’t gonna happen in Asian-America as Asian-American communities have established and embraced a comfortable status as second-class citizens for their men while most AA women have sold out completely to white culture.

Rather than focusing on the masses it is the Asian alpha specimens that have successfully adapted and gained power in the West that need to gather and lead. The vast majority of Asian men depend on their leadership to turn the ship around. If the common Asian man doesn’t accept the way the alpha specimens do things (and clearly a lot of them don’t) then the winners will just have to carry on on their own.

How to Reveal the Truth about White People

Discrepancies in social power and privilege between Asian women and Asian men is rarely talked about but it is already wide enough that the life experience in the West is completely different between the genders.

The gap will only widen and spread to more areas besides the dating market (job/college admission chances, chances of being elected in politics, representation in the media etc.) unless Asian men do something to rise in power on their own.

Is White Male Privilege a Liability?

Bay Area deserves its own thread. It is the golden example of what happens when Asian and white men excel in their respective metrics and virtues of success. A weekend stroll through the Mission, Hayes Valley or the Marina will give you a sufficient glimpse of what women of all colors prefer out there.

Is White Male Privilege a Liability?

Minor liability. Statistically and practically negligible when it comes to affecting the dating market value of white men.

Progressive-minded, liberal women might be outraged by the new sexist and bigoted alt-right movements because it reduces the volume of opportunities of their mostly white dating pool. The effect isn’t big enough to cause a shift of women’s preferences to be more open to dating non-white men but it will make the woke hipster feminist ally white guy more valuable than an alt-right white bro.

Why do we celebrate media portrayals of AMWF? Because WF are the gatekeepers of overall male attractiveness in America.

For a clearer picture I recommend viewing things it in terms of raw overall market value and demand. If you have analytical chops you can take it further and plot things on a graph if you want.

AMWF is a big deal in the media and talked about in general because of the large gap in market value between the two. AM’s are priced at the bottom while WF’s are fixed at the top in terms of dating/sexual market value. Thus the odds of the pairing occurring are rare in real life.

AMWF would either indicate an anomaly or a cultural and social breakthrough and possible rising trend in general value in the dating market if it happens more frequently. Because most Asian men are being priced out by women via natural selection in the West and need to make gains in that area more than anywhere else it is a positive and beneficial indicator.

Does the rat race end, for asian male ‘success’?

If you go by Asian measures of success like getting good grades, have a decent job to afford a nice house etc. then yes, a lot of Asian men have succeeded in the West by those metrics.

But while you’re doing a “good job” the white men you work for take the stocks and equity thanks to your effort and reward their buddies with promotions to the leadership circles while you’ll never have access to the Country Club. They also get to lay your women while you get none of theirs.

Sadly, too many Asian men (and their families) still consider themselves successful. They’re OK with the bamboo ceiling and operate as if it didn’t exist. Just like how they’re ok with an incel-caliber sex/dating life as a result of being classified as untouchable subhumans ineligible for the Western dating and socio-sexual market. Adding all things together the losses outweigh the wins in life and Asian men clearly end up deep in the red. Grade F for failure.

Does the rat race end, for asian male ‘success’?

Do not follow the traditional Asian model of success, it has proven to set up Asian men for failure in the West at a mass scale. Here’s why:

  • Sending Asian men into the “model minority trap” means Asian men can become good workers and subordinates to the white man while getting paid well in fields like tech without moving to leadership. This is essentially how the “bamboo ceiling” is formed.

  • Negligence of physical and social grooming to prepare you to do well in the Western social dating markets literally led to a mass amount of Asian men finding themselves on the losing end of eugenic selection by women (even by Asian women) as well as other forms of accepted social discrimination, thus blocking further chances of upward movement.

  • Having an overbearing family to respond to makes you look like less of a man in a society where independence, strength of all forms and leadership is valued in a man. This makes Asian men look especially bad to Western women who would never bother dating an overly coddled man child.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg and since the results speak for themselves in the real world I’m gonna stop here.

Liberals and Conservative Whites? Same fucking shit. Just a different name.

First of all I think whites will never voluntarily give up the power and wealth they hoarded (would you if you were them? nope) so Asian men essentially have no choice but to find a way take or decentralize or take their powers on their own.

In tech and Silicon Valley Asians should start their own Venture capital funds, encourage, form their own old boys country club network and especially encourage Asians in tech to take an entrepreneurial route rather than working for some established company or white guys or jews. Let’s face it, a lot of talented folks are more fixated to have that Stanford and Google name on their resume even if that means working for the white man. Most Asians I’ve come across in the SFBay area don’t have a boss/founder mentality.

In Hollywood white guys literally occupy every role, position and level of work available (I work in there, so I see this every day). What Asians are doing wrong is trying to beg and ask the white guys in power to be more tolerant and allow for more representation. That’s the wrong path to take. They will never allow Asian guys to be represented better because there’s literally no incentive for them to do so unless they happen to feel sorry or philantrophic towards Asian men (at the expense of surrendering more of their own powers and privileges). There’s only hostile financial takeover as an option in my opinion. As in a major Chinese tycoon bailing out/ac a studio or record label and then putting more Asians in positions of power and influence.

Besides, any grassroots efforts to change Western media to be more inclusive towards Asians will most likely result in more Asian women being visible who will be the authoritative voice whitesplaining issues pertaining to Asian men to the mainstream American audience. Would you want that as an Asian man?

Shove WMAF couples down the drain. Unfriend them from Facebook. Cut social contact from them.

There’s a lot of hot Asian women out there, thought not all of them are that appealing. They’re also less accessible for casual dating than white women, particularly if you’re Asian. I’d smash a hot petite Asian women any day over most white chicks but their vapid, empty and materialistic personality and self-hating race traitor nature that I see in most of them repulses me on a personal level quite frankly. So I end up with white women 80% of the time as a regular Netflix & Chill/Tinder guy.

A lot of my white friends are nuts for Asian women though. They love their tiny bodies, tight pussies and being worshipped like a white God. Things you commonly see and hear about basically. And I’m not talking about your gaijin English teacher beta loser either, I’m talking about privileged upper tier finance Chads and tech bros who regularly cheat on their hot white girlfriends and wives with Asian women. Not that the Asian women they cheat with are always of top caliber but if status quo decision-making white men want Asian women then their overall SMV is naturally bumped up higher.

Shove WMAF couples down the drain. Unfriend them from Facebook. Cut social contact from them.

SF Bay is the worst for all ethnic men due to a lily white tech bro culture and the old boys club above them who control venture capital.

I do know a few Asian guys who still get laid left and right out there on Tinder though. They tend to be tall, financially successful sociopaths with a strong and diverse social circle. Those guys don’t give a fuck about what Anna Lu does really.

Shove WMAF couples down the drain. Unfriend them from Facebook. Cut social contact from them.

Los Angeles. Doesn’t matter though because every major city in the US is like this. Any differences are statistically insignificant.

Also, Asian men need to stop brushing over the fact that the imbalance is also caused by the fact that the vast majority of Asian men simply don’t meet Western preferences and standards of attractiveness and masculinity. Asian women aren’t plagued by that issue so they have higher access and privileges in the general dating market.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | October 02, 2017

Basically when plotted against a Gini coefficient global wealth disparity curve it shows that women on dating apps are greedier than most corrupt dictatorships in the world.

When things are bleak for the average man in general it requires no studies or research whatsoever to conclude that things are even worse for Asian men then. That is because the majority of Asian men haven’t broken out of stereotypes yet. I know a few Asian guys here in LA who do consistently well on Tinder with women of all races. They’ve all mostly broken out of physical and social stereotypes.

One of the few Tinder race experiments that have been published online confirms this too: http://www.godofstyle.com/is-tinder-racist-statistical-analysis-and-tricks-to-win-the-tinder-game/

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | October 02, 2017

Female privilege and hypergamy in sex and dating is massively disproportional nowadays but yet it is rarely mentioned here (probably because most Asian men don’t even participate in the general dating market).

One look at the massive wealth gap of matches between men and women in general and it becomes clear that there’s no female equivalent to the lack of choices for Asian men in the Tinder economy.


Liberals and Conservative Whites? Same fucking shit. Just a different name.

White supremacy and hegemony is the convergence point between different and polarizing political ideologies (such as alt-right vs coastal liberal feminists). Once more people intersect at the convergence point I expect a surge of popularity in white feminist supremacy ideology.

While white women appear to be turned off by the current right-wing misogyny (see the lack of female attendants at this Seattle thing), they hold by far the most untapped potential for white supremacist causes to rise to a new level. An abundance of evidence is already there such as the 53 % of white women voting for Trump and the solid race loyalty of progressive liberal feminists/hipsters to their white men in dating and marriage as well as in general socializing.

Liberals and Conservative Whites? Same fucking shit. Just a different name.

One of the most obvious examples of whites networking to aggregate money, power and opportunity for fellow whites is SF/Silicon Valley. Despite a large % of tech workers being Asian and the bamboo ceiling well-documented many Asians still don’t understand that the networking systemically prevents them from moving into positions of power. That is because the concept of old boys networking (which whites have done in USA for centuries now) is still somewhat foreign and exotic to Asian students and workers. We focus too much on studying and doing a “good job”.

Shove WMAF couples down the drain. Unfriend them from Facebook. Cut social contact from them.

The “drain” would be completely clogged where I am. You might as well blow up the entire large downtown neighborhood I live in.

Why are white males (specifically, not the females) who stay in Japan to marry or date asian girls so overly rude and obnoxious?

Because they can be, that’s why.

Their chip on their shoulder comes from being a social loser back home with little to no matches from women to being white-worshipped by more local Asian girls than they can handle – even as a creepy English teacher. That’s a steep rate of ascension in status and SMV so of course you’ll end up with a few obnoxious dickbags.

Is she white worshipping or am I just making it a big deal?

What part do you not understand? Asian women overwhelmingly prefer white men over any other men including Asians, somewhat in line with the preferences of white women. That’s basic common knowledge around the world, only Asian guys appear to be fooled and tricked in masses by their own women.

Why are men of other races so obsessed with making YouTube videos emasculating AM?

They’re neither obsessed nor “butt hurt” nor intimidated in any way by typical Asian men. Rather, they dismiss Asian men as inferior weaklings. Asian boys and men present an opportunity for them to kick and shit on somebody without having to suffer any consequences and repercussions because Asian men normally don’t fight back and don’t have the means or power to punish the perpetrator. To add insult to injury, this low-hanging fruit win remains supported and cheered on by women as well, including Asian Anna Lu’s.

As a result, Asian men in the West have always been a traditional easy bullying target on the school yard and in the media for several generations now with no end in sight for the foreseeable future. Racism and bullying against Asian men remains casually brushed off and justified in general Western society. This is partly due to the fact that no one else (especially not Asian women) has any interest or incentive to improve the situation for Asian men so at the end of the day it is solely up to us to decide if we wanna start to do something about it someday or continue to accept things the way they are.

Can Asians move forward in hip-hop?

He was just an urban black dude who’s never seen or heard an Asian guy rap before. Wasn’t necessarily directly racist about it but his mind was completely blown. Similar to how people reacted when they saw a Jeremy Lin play basketball. Maybe he was a recent transplant from a part of America where there are no Asians. Or maybe he was from LA and in the Hollywood/entertainment industry where you barely see any Asian men participating either.

We Ain’t Ready

Some people in here claim that staying away from your enclave = “selling out” or “Uncle Chan-ing”. It isn’t. It’s a necessity if you desire to ascend in the general socio-sexual pecking order because Asian-American communities and enclaves are still valued too lowly. I think it’s similar to blacks and Latino’s staying away from gang-banging and criminal family members and friends in an effort to build a better future for themselves. Yes, some haters will still call you an Uncle Tom traitor but it’s obvious who’s in the right here.

The road is looking very long until a community for Asian men is built that is capable of aggregating social/sexual power in the West. It takes an unprecedented effort and most likely the vast majority have to start following the minority outliers that have succeeded.

We Ain’t Ready

Leadership and organization is required in order to succeed as a horde. The lack thereof is why movements like Occupy failed.

Asian men who succeed in the Western dating market are still the outlier exception rather than the rule. And because the community and culture of fellow Asian men holds them back more than they help them they had to get up and navigate unchartered territories on their own to succeed.

The conclusion is that Asian men who managed to conquer Western waters are still better off by keeping their distance from the rest as of today. That’s far from deal but that’s the reality. To form an effective and, more importantly, POWERFUL community the lost and marginalized Asian men need to be more open to new advice and ideas and follow the leadership and experiences from those who have made it to the other side.

Can Asians move forward in hip-hop?

This topic reminds me of that one time at a house party in LA when some Korean kid played something like Dumbfoundead to this black hip-hop dude who then lost his shit and laughed his ass off like an ignorant, punchable douche at the mere existence of Asians making rap music. He was genuinely shocked as if some UFO just crashed into the apartment.

But I think you’re dealing with a larger-scale problem here because the absence of Asian males breaking out extends to all genres of music and forms of entertainment in the West.

Anyone who’s ever worked for or dealt with Hollywood or the US music industry knows first hand that Asian males are systemically invisible in all roles and positions. On top of that, the entertainment machine traditionally targets and shapes a mainstream audience that generally don’t treat Asian men as “real men” (see all the whitewashing incidents or the recent Ricegum thread in here for example).

Hence the odds are very low for Asian artists to break out in the U.S. mainstream though you can be involved in your own Asian sub-niche/underground scene at least. That’s been the established market segmentation for genres like K-Pop/J-Pop for awhile now. Good luck breaking out from that.

Ricegum and Idubbbz

You’re probably right. Going political about it would risk his earnings and career. He’s in the position to choose between continuing to tap dance/entertain as the next Asian stereotype laughing stock all the way to the bank or defend his dignity by pulling an Asian “Kaepernick”.

Being bullied, emasculated and socially/sexually deselected by mass hordes of little kids might be an all-new bottom for Asian men. It doesn’t get much lower than that and this guy somehow became a convenient magnet for today’s young generation. Silly comebacks and diss tracks are wrong response for this humiliation although they do line Ricegum’s pockets.

Ricegum and Idubbbz

Now that he is drowning in a flood of 10 year old girls belittling him with ching chong little dick comments it might be his time and chance to step up and defend not only his manhood but also Asian men in general. Asian men lack outreach and platforms in the media which he has. The insults these kids are casually using are specifically geared towards Asian men.

Interracial dating, Western AM vs Fob AM, thoughts?

FOB AM’s dating Western women barely exists in the real world anywhere because the social, cultural and sexual incompatibilities are too much. The differences are especially apparent in these areas:

  • Family expectations (bringing her back to visit the parents etc.)

  • Different romantic ideals (FOBs often have innocent, child-like ideas vs what Western women want and are used to)

  • A large discrepancy in dating/sexual experience growing up. Affects a wide range of dynamics from social aspects to issues in the actual bedroom.

  • Different expectations of physical grooming and fitness. Men in Asia still don’t work out much which is why you still often see grown adults with childlike bodies. This should change little by little over time at least.

The list is far from comprehensive and even if a Western women were theoretically open to dating Asian men she’d function better with a Westernized AM. Talk to white ex-pat women or other Western women who lived over there and they’ll confirm the same things.

These obstacles are no issue for the other way around (AFWM) since that dynamic can be summarized in 1 word – Colonial.

Ricegum and Idubbbz

Can’t stop the technology spreading more information faster. Thus this girl (and certainly not the only one by far) clearly knows her slurs and what BBC’s are. She probably knows more about these concepts than a lot of grown adults since she’s intelligent enough to include more subtle jabs by juxtaposing Ricegum with Chad examples throughout the video.

And that’s why I encouraged OP and others to post more news related to the younger demographic as they’re just as relevant. The elderly have always been naive and oblivious about what the younger kids are capable of and this generation is no exception of that.

Ricegum and Idubbbz

Post more of these in here so the older users can see what the future has in store for Asian men (hint: it’s bleak).

Ricegum is getting torn down by a giant mob of 10 year old little girls who do things ranging from the same old Asian stereotypes to threatening to kill him. He even hoarded a compilation videos of little girls that are going after him.

This one here for example tears down Ricegum by casually mocking his appearance and lack of masculinity in addition to using the same old traditional slurs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3uDwEIaSoo

The obvious condescending and racist undertone in these reaction videos show that even kids perceive Asian boys and men to be less masculine and attractive vs other guys from early on.

Advice for the “short asian/indian” guy problem

There hasn’t been any forward movement and if things keep going in the same way there won’t be in any of our lifetimes. You can debunk whatever stereotypes factually, anecdotally or scientifically but you’ll still be in a minority voice drowned out by the (in)actions of your fellow Asian men as long as they can’t handle and face the truth. The majority of Asian men (which are somewhat reflected in a place like this) will still carry on the stereotypes for greater society to see.

Currently only a few exceptions and outliers of Asian men are able to handle the truth or do well in the real world’s dating market out there. That hasn’t changed in anyone’s lifetime in here.

To move things forward as a whole the rest of Asian men need to “get with the program”, gain the strength to look at a problem in the face like a man (here you can see where some of the general “weak Asian beta” perception comes from) and learn from those who actually do well and have experience (something that most stereotypical and losing Asian men staunchly refuse to do still).

Advice for the “short asian/indian” guy problem

It’s probably a mix of both. Some people fear facing the brutal realities and opt to cover their eyes and ears. Others take it to the next level by lying to themselves long enough maybe.

It’s clearly systemic since you don’t see this extent of denial and delusion coming from other men, plus it’s long been consistent in all related blogs, sites and threads where Asian men speak. A lifetime of coping and systemic social/sexual inexperience probably leads to the type and scale of delusion that you see here regularly.

Advice for the “short asian/indian” guy problem

I want to thank and commend you for two things – 1) acknowledging the problems and challenges of being short and Asian and 2) recognizing and emphasizing social status and power as a pathway for viable solutions. Because it is.

As you may have noticed in this subreddit as well as every other Asian-American sub most Asian men still deny and downplay the exact issues and stereotypes that severely affect their quality of life. It needs to end in order for progress to ever be made. In contrast, even heavily disadvantaged white men are way ahead in terms of at least recognizing and discussing their problems, whether they be incel or short or whatever.

Shorter guys here, what tips do you have?

Being physically fitter and stronger than most men regardless of height is what I mean. Don’t be overly aggressive and overcompensating with little man syndrome of course but you still have to make up for lacking in other areas regardless. Anybody has to. The worse the handicap the more has to be done in other areas.

Reading about AF on this sub is really depressing. AF are not our allies?

Women in the dating market want to have whatever is the best that’s available to them. Because Asian men are collectively firmly priced at the bottom of the Western market of course they tend to go for white men first. Not only are you right about having to self-improve for yourself but most Asian men have to do that in order to catch up in the West.

Reading about AF on this sub is really depressing. AF are not our allies?

The few good Asian women out there appreciate a good MAN, whether the man is white or Asian or black. Meaning they’d rather bang a real Asian man than some white scrub and they’d rather bang a white bro than an Asian weak nerd.

But yes, most typical Asian women strive for that white BMW and Louis Vuitton bag and Anna Lu enjoys the status of dating a man of white ethnicity more than most things in life.

Asian men who insist on hanging on to the “loyalty” of those women look like desperate weaklings on the losing end of life to me and that’s the overwhelming majority opinion in society as a whole, including all women. Being laughed at by Asian women and white men alike is not a position to be proud of, that’s being robbed of your dignity as a man and as a human being.

Shorter guys here, what tips do you have?

Check my post history. I get downvoted regularly here because I’m one of the few men in here who have the balls to address the common problems and stereotypes that the majority of Asian men are still too afraid to face for decades now. Baby steps indeed.

Reading about AF on this sub is really depressing. AF are not our allies?

I’m a casual tinder/netflix & chill kinda guy and my rotating roster usually includes more white than Asian women. At a ratio of 5:1 or even worse. And that’s not because I discriminate against Asian women when it comes to casual dating.

So yes, even though I still date Asian women I’m also able to see the bigger picture which is that too large of a % of Asian women in the West are self-hating white worshippers race traitors of the worst kind. Everyone knows that though, it’s their general reputation and stereotype around the world. Only Asian men have a hard time grasping the reality of it because the effects hit them harder. To add injury to insult Asian men get casually mocked and humiliated by other bros because AF’s commonly run to white men.

Reading about AF on this sub is really depressing. AF are not our allies?

No they’re your enemy flat out. Stop buying into talk and BS and purely take a look at their actions (look around outside, on dating apps etc.). No one else is as directly and proactively involved in the extinction of your kind with their actions.

Shorter guys here, what tips do you have?

I’m gonna focus on Asian-specific issues here as a short man. But because being a short man is a general handicap in the West thanks to women’s demands I’d go seek out support groups like r/short for general advice.

1) Don’t sweep reality under a rug and act like the hardships of being short don’t exist. Denying the truth is a common coping mechanism for Asian men and the wrong solution to go about life. There’s a difference between having natural confidence and being ignorant/delusional about reality. Anyone who’s been on widely used dating apps or has a social life in the real world knows that being Asian and being short drastically reduces your chances in the dating market. Tackle the problem head on with realistic solutions.

2) Don’t be a manlet. Being short and ethnic might be impossible to control but this can be worked on. I know a lot of short alpha beasts (viet, filipino and Indian dudes) that most tall big men would never fuck with. Intimidating, masculine beasts in the gym and in the ring who can kill you in a second. They do well with women too. Doubling down on masculine physical prowess and an alpha male mentality to attain a dominating kinda confidence over the common man in the general population is logically one of the most effective things you can do to make up for being short and Asian.

3) Good old fashioned power of course always helps in America if you have access to it – ivy league or Hollywood connections, access to venture capital, a good ol’ boys network in the West or power connections from Asia. If your socioeconomic status is above ~97% of the common population you can milk that advantage to make up for your height.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

Wanna know why scrawny, shorter, emo, effeminate white guys get less shit from women and society? Because they’re held by a different standard thanks to social/cultural hegemony, accumulated power and privilege in most major areas of life in the West. In short, when they win they get rewarded exponentially and for a marginalized group like Asian men it would take a lot more effort to earn same payout.

White privilege and power is still a concept that most marginalized people are still trying to grasp and understand. The learning curve is harder by default because minorities in the West only know a life without any such power and privileges.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

Why are people not doing more about it? Because

  • a) No one has general stake and interest in helping out weak Asian men/boys which is also why other forms of mockery stay consistently unchecked and casually accepted.

  • b) Bullies always have and always will exist in general society. Men and boys of other races have collectively dealt with it better, that is clear to everyone by now.

Because no one (including our own parents, school administrations, Asian women especially etc) will help us and others have done better for themselves there’s no other choice than Asian men pulling themselves up and fighting back on their own. In America you don’t ask someone else for help to step in on your behalf, you have to fight back.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

I’m not gonna go deep into historic research but their proud and vast history of conquering far-reaching territories might have something to do with it. Whites and WASP’s are also empowered by their conquering and wealth/power-hoarding history. No coincidence that those cultures continue to breed and groom vital masculinity traits into their men that Asian culture completely omits, leading to a wide range of dismal results including being recurring bullying targets at school.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

In my opinion, the race of Asian men as a whole has yet to be socially and sexually domesticated in order to compete effectively in the West. This isn’t “selling out” or “Uncle Chan” behavior, it is adapting and evolving into a stronger species in order to survive in unchartered waters. Compared to those who are established in the West we don’t have a conqueror’s mentality. It’s not part of our culture yet and it needs to be.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

The sub-par existence has been internalized and accepted as the norm. This is thanks to turning to self-isolation and cowardice as a coping mechanism (“walk away”, “close your eyes and ears” etc.) and collectively suffering from a systemic lack of social and sexual experience in the real world. So even though this common Asian male lives, works and studies in the same places as everyone else he exists in an alternate/parallel reality for himself.

The result is that typical mental paralysis you often see in this Subreddit where basic things that everyone else (including kids and Asian women) can see as normal don’t register with Asian men at all. Even if it’s thoroughly explained and lectured to them repeatedly and even if they’re highly intelligent and educated in other areas.

So when Biff and Tyrone give the isolated Asian boy a beating out of nowhere one day on the school yard he would neither know why he was attacked nor does he know how to defend himself nor how to prevent this from happening again. And neither do his neglectful parents. He would also have just as much of a clue as to what to do if a horny female classmate of his wants to unzip his pants in the bathroom to show him a good time.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

The irony is that terms like “incel” are technically against the terms of use on here while the dating/sex lives of most Asian men in the real world are literally of incel-caliber.

So instead of using this platform to educate inexperienced Asian men and improve their lives the administration and majority of users on here deny and censor the existence of the real problems as swiftly as they can.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

That’s right. In subreddits like this you are mostly dealing with too many Asian men who continue to deny the existence of their own problems like looks, lack of fitness and other persistent stereotypes. As if the white devil and media were at fault alone and no further action is required to be taken by Asian men themselves.

We need to talk about bullying of Asians in NYC public schools

Thank you barrel9 for providing a rare voice of reason in here, hallelujah. You’re in rare company. A lot of us have been banned actually but keep pounding the message in.

Getting bullied in the schoolyard has been going on for several generations now, nothing new to see here. It will also continue because Asian culture neglects to emphasize important masculinity traits (strength, assertiveness, athleticism etc.) that make a man more respectable in Western society.

Failing to groom those types of traits also contributes to Asian men perpetually finishing last overall in the Western dating market for decades now with no end in sight.

Dating Advice Thread | September 26, 2017

The answer is none are good overall though there might be marginal differences. The results vary greatly depending on what kinda Asian guy you are and what you look like. At best, a small minority exception of Asian men can fully compete and participate in the general dating market maybe. For everyone else it’s a steep uphill battle.

For your common, typical, average Asian guy no places in the West can be classified as “good” which is why this debate has been going on for years without a resolution ever happening.

A social experiment: the next time an Asian woman says some anti-Asian-male shit, calmly and publicly cut them out of your life.

Doesn’t do anything other than making Asian men look worse, as in bitter losers that are unable to attract or keep their own women, let alone other women. Which is already a common perception in general society. Focus on winning strategies instead of highlighting a losing position further.

Besides, 99% of the time the women either say these things behind your backs (around other girls, around white guys etc.) or they don’t say anything out loud at all. And they don’t need to since the actions and results speak loudly enough for themselves in public and on dating apps.

Why are “Uncle Chans” bad?

Yes, in the West Asian men haven’t done enough of the things that women like in a man. It is clearly visible to the eye of any casual observer (even children) that most Asian men lack the desired aesthetics and masculinity traits that women are attracted to in the West. They also lack social compatibility which I attribute to both cultural differences and the vast majority of Asian men suffering from a systemic lack of social experience with women by growing up in the West.

With that said, there are far more women out there who are open to dating Asian men. I personally know a whole lot of them who find Asian men attractive. White hipster-/ or sorority types of women who you wouldn’t expect give Asian men a chance. Their gripe is that the pool of Asian men that “fit the bill” for them is too small. If you look on places like r/ladyboner or those buzzfeed articles of women drooling over Asian men you’ll find a few Asian men but they just don’t reflect what you see out there in the real world.

Not sure what area you’re in but the community outreach and interaction suggestions have been done for generations in places with higher Asian representation like Southern California. As a result you have strong well-to-do enclaves for Asians like Orange County, suburban LA and K-Town but you’re also socially segregated out of the rest of the area. For an average Asian man that means he lives well within the Asian bubble but isn’t invited to much outside of it such as the general dating pool or access and opportunity in the socially dominant industries. I must note though that most enclave Asian-Americans are perfectly content with a comfortable life as a second-class citizen. However, it is no solution though for those who wanna win it all – breaking the bamboo ceiling in tech and finance, getting to the top in the Western dating market and conquering all women including hot white women, power in Hollywood, entertainment, sports, social privileges etc. etc.

Some men are simply greedier than others. Culturally as a whole Asian-American men are probably nowhere near as greedy and demanding as American white men, hence they win less. Most Asian men around me are humble and grateful with what they have while I’m a minority voice for men who are pushing for having it all. I don’t care what white or Asian or brown people or racists or non-racists think or say. I just care to hoard more things for myself and a collective push to get to a higher level of status and dignity will benefit and satisfy not only my urges but also all Asian men in the long-run no matter what they aspire to do.

Dating Crisis as an Asian Guy

We can dissect and debunk whatever stereotypes are lingering about Asian men all day and I probably agree that Asian-American are the most respectful, reliable and loyal men towards women in America out there. But even so we’re still the least desired men by women in the West. The markets have spoken and the women have spoken, even in their own subreddits. Browse around to see for yourself.

In the end, what you have is Asians being both respected and disrespected for their traits and virtues. Respected for work ethic, decent morals, disrespected for being perceived as quieter, less assertive, lack of looks sex-appeal. In most surveys, articles and studies we always end up first when it comes to paychecks and finish last when it comes to dating. I’m results-driven in case you couldn’t tell so my priority is to fix that “dating” part by any means necessary.

Asian men treating their fellow men with respect isn’t happening as often as it should in theory. That is because it isn’t yet warranted. A lot of Asian men who do better than others because they broke out of bad stereotypes do look down on their nerdy fellow men. That is because their value is being brought down and cock blocked by the display of typical Asian stereotypes that turn people off. Basically being punished for someone else’s actions. That is the root of resentment from westernized Asian men towards stereotypical Asian men. Respect goes two ways and by being themselves stereotypical Asian men sabotage and disrespect the path of men who navigate Western masculinity well.

I don’t think change can be forced on everyone who needs it but at least stay out of each other’s path and do things separately. Yes, because men choose vastly different path I advocate for separation amongst men rather than a concept like unity just because we’re in the same race. Asians in the west can have vastly different life experiences. The most widespread and obvious example of that is of course the social/sexual discrepancy between Asian men and Asian women in Western society. A completely separate experience despite being of the same ethnicity.

Why are “Uncle Chans” bad?

“Getting with the program” to me = whatever men in general do in the West to meet standards of masculinity and satisfying women’s criteria of attractiveness (or other men’s criteria if you’re gay etc.). While this is barely a point of discussion for men of other races (it’s common sense) it’s only Asian men who struggle to come to terms with it.

If you think Asian men already tried the route of doing things Western-style then it means it didn’t work. They failed at it badly. Personally I think Asian men haven’t tried hard enough and they have to put in more effort than other men if they want to increase their social and dating market value in Western territories or any dating pools with non-Asian men in them.

I’m not saying all Asian men should do what white, black, non-Asian men usually do to win in the dating market, it might not work for a lot of them. But not only is this the path of the success in the dating/sexual market because women set their own preferences and demands but all Asian men I know who do well in the West (as in having normalized access to the general dating market) adjusted well like “other men”.

Personally, I don’t care which way to go. I only care about the end result. Asian men who opt to go “their own way” instead of “getting with the program” have yet to find the right path to show any hint of success in the Western socio-sexual realm while men of other races have succeeded by “getting with the program”.

If Asian men want to carve their own path doing things their own way then they still need to come up with something new. Because anything that’s been done so far has failed badly. An unprecedented and more drastic solution is needed here. Theoretical solutions thrown out there like changing women’s tastes by taking over the media are enormous tasks to pull off.

Colleges for Asian Men

Personally I’d pick Cal over UCI despite the horrible stigma for Asians, will explain why. Essentially it depends on what you want out of it.

You’re probably right about having a healthier social life at UCI as an Asian-American. UCI and Orange County in general probably have the most cohesive social community for Asian-Americans. It’s good for you if you’re ok with living a normal, decent Asian-American middle class to upper middle class life but that’s also where the upward mobility ceiling is firmly placed. If you aspire to a quality of life that typically isn’t afforded to Asian-American men (esp. career, social and dating-wise) then CAL can open more doors for you in the long run.

Berkeley has had a horrific reputation for decades now in terms of social and dating life, esp since there’s a high nerdy/STEM population and a lack of attractive women vs other schools. Because of STEM combined with a traditional athletics program and culture, you guessed it right, the jocks and the right frats have all the social power and access to women while very little trickles down to the rest, esp if you’re Asian. I know a whole lot of guys who had little to no interaction with women the entire time. White guys too, not just Asians. However, those who attained high-status, well paid careers after graduating from there cleaned house afterwards for the rest of their lives. Getting laid left and right with women on a level far higher than whatever most people can do while in college and having more networking access and opportunities than other alumni. Note: It’s not Stanford though where a whole lot more opportunities are handed to you on a silver platter. Not everyone from Cal does automatically well later in life.

So while UCI affords you a normalized social experience throughout your stay, Berkeley can open more doors afterwards if you play your cards right. While attending you might have to eat up huge losses in terms of pleasure and social life. Assuming Stanford is out of reach I’d attend or transfer to Berkeley because of long-term better chances for gaining more power and privilege.

Dating Crisis as an Asian Guy

Stereotypical Asian men not only exist in the casual eye of general society but there are also clearly defined and well-known to the general population in the West, especially thanks to the media. There are negative labels and perceptions placed on us that have not been removed for decades now and those result in wide-reaching negative consequences that are permanent for the foreseeable future.

Self-raising psychology and confidence would certain help the individually but pushing this to get to a significant, game-changing result would require collective success. Currently, Asian men self-marginalize and self-internalize themselves as lesser men both in the West and back home in Asia. So this while this approach works on paper it is an enormous mountain to summit in reality.

Why are “Uncle Chans” bad?

Not cultural suicide to me. “Getting with the program” to start with is just a minimum first step necessary to eventually win and conquer in new, unchartered territories. Sticking to the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result has been sending us onto the path of being continuously disrespected for generations now. As a result, we have lost our women and have bamboo ceilings firmly set for us.

Asking for respect while doing the same things hasn’t worked for us. No one else (including Asian women) has any interest in improving or advancing our position, hence the casual disrespect and racism you see in the media remains fairly accepted and brushed off. That means if we ever want more respect and dignity in the West we would have to do things we haven’t done before and take a more proactive approach from all angles. That includes yes, the “getting with the program” dreaded by so many Asian men.

Colleges for Asian Men

My recommendations are based on a focus on a better quality of social life rather than academic programs themselves. As in if you wanna have a good time, get laid, enjoy a high status on campus etc.

NYU out of your list if you’re willing/able to put up with the cost. In Cali I’d say UCSB, UCSC and Davis. None of your safety schools, transfer to somewhere better if you must.

Do not go to Berkeley or UCI, trust me. If you want more of an Asian community but don’t want to be segregated and relegated into low-status for then UCLA maybe. Like at USC, there are a lot of high-status circles at UCLA so pick your circles or frat to join wisely. You don’t have to alienate yourself from Asians on campus completely to attain higher status but do not stay isolated within an enclave bubble either under any circumstances.

Dating Crisis as an Asian Guy

It is largely the same because only a small exception of Asian men are currently admitted to the general dating pool anywhere in the West. The market has spoken.

Some places might be better than others but overall the differences are marginal. The results also vary greatly depending on what kinda Asian man you are. As in how you look, how well you’re socially adjusted to the local area etc. A few do well everywhere while too many go home empty-handed regardless of location.

In the end, the market itself has to be changed or manipulated in our favor first before the value of the asset itself (=AM) can jump significantly higher.

Dating conservative, southern, rural WF?

A lot of people you see on here who blame the liberal SJW white woman are bitter maybe because they view their actions as hypocritical – Being vocal in the fight against the patriarchy while going for the most privileged members in the dating pool.

Yes, Asian guys hanging out with only Asian guys in major cities starts out as a well-meaning supported thing to do and inadvertently ends up as an overall negative perception in general society, not only to whites. Because unattractive traits and stereotypes are magnified that way. That’s why for some Asian guys the odds to succeed in smaller Midwestern towns are better since they don’t have to waste time and energy fighting off giant stigmas coming from their own bros on top of everything else they have to fight for.

The most woke Asian guys you find on here and in real life have social experience outside of Asian bubbles, including white social circles. That naturally results in a higher level of understanding of social and dating dynamics.

In terms of the debate of whether an Asian guy is a white worshipper when he dates outside enclave bubbles I recommend just browsing around here and other Asian forums and assess the “quality” of the posters who regularly scream “Uncle Chan” and “race traitor” for yourself.

How many here are attracted to Black women?

Yup, people like me get downvoted and banned on Asian subs all the time (I get lots of fan mail and thank you messages from them) because we talk about things that are obvious to everyone else in the general population except for a large segment of Asian guys. See my post history. Due to this segment severely lacking social and sexual experience in general things need to be lectured repeatedly sometimes.

How many here are attracted to Black women?

You just stated the problem without being aware that it is another stereotype:

  • Hordes and crews of Asian dudes at the club.

Why are hordes of Asian dudes hanging out a problem? Because they’re virtually crippled in terms of socializing with women out in public, hence they’re mostly ignored by women everywhere. As a result, not only are K-Town/enclave type bro squads ranked lower than dog shit on the social ladder in major cities (esp in Cali) but even your own homegrown women hook up with white hipster douchebags in masses. In front of you. Got some problems to address there buddy.

Dating conservative, southern, rural WF?

It comes down to cultural fit and looks.

For example, even though there are a lot of Asians living in my locale of LA there simply aren’t as many Asians present in the scenes where white liberal millennial women tend to work and mingle (Hollywood, media/creative scenes, trendy hipster neighborhoods etc.). You might see more Asian female Anna Lu’s trying to be white but that’s for another discussion. Most Asian dudes here hang out with other Asians in K-Town, the suburbs, going to EDC with their squad etc. There are some who can navigate the white liberal culture and they’re doing fine in terms of dating them if they’re well-adjusted.

While progressive-minded women can be very against racism and supportive to progress of “our kind” it doesn’t necessarily extend to dating preferences and physical things they’re attracted to. In fact that’s the case for most liberal women I can think of. Looks (or lack thereof) is the root of a lot of problems of Asian men and quite frankly will stay that way until more Asian men come to terms with it and decide to make a better effort to do something about it.

Asian wife uses porn with white men/Asian women and doesn’t know why husband isn’t exactly thrilled

Thank you for doing your part. I should get into the habit of filming more too, we’re lacking both WFAM and AFAM content. A larger volume of uploaded Amateur content would make a major difference in my opinion since the professional opportunities are so few and far in between for straight men in general.

Every Asian man who doesn’t fit this stereotype is a positive asset that needs to be leveraged and capitalized off more. A viral social media campaign to raise awareness (something like #NotAllAsianMen) could help too if executed right. Clearly a lot of work on all ends still needs to be done.

Dating conservative, southern, rural WF?

+1 for rural southern WF’s being easier. If you talk about American women with grounded family values vs major city Boho/hipster chic/Tulum/Burning Man/white privilege/SJW/kale eating/yoga/brunch/Hillary supporters. Those are the women in the West in general with perhaps the longest laundry list of demands in a man and since they sneer down on middle class values they demand more privilege in a mate. Their ideal mates are progressives who tend to come from a moneyed and socially privileged lineage (i.e. private school educated trust fund hipsters). Walk around/hang out in neighborhoods like Park Slope and Silverlake and you’ll immediately notice how lily white the couples with their baby strollers are. Even white people notice the extra “whiteness”.

By combining progressive boho hipster women possibly being the most entitled class of women in the world and Asian men being dirt poor in social currency and privilege in the US, the simple math adds up that your common Asian man will have far lower chances on these women vs grounded Middle American women. That doesn’t mean you’ll kill it in the Midwest as their preferred type still might the All-American Bro Chad. It just means your chances are statistically better. The average common Asian struggles everywhere in the West in terms of dating and social power.

How many here are attracted to Black women?

To be fair here, he exhibits and maybe emulates the masculine misogynist behavior (often described as “toxic”) that a lot of men of higher social/dating market value actually get away with in society (ex. privileged tech bros, Duke lacrosse players etc.). Women may not like the toxic spewings coming from white privileged males either, hence they pile on Hillary/feminist movements. But nonetheless they’ll put up with it because those men/bros are still highly prized in their dating pool.

What techfronic is unaware of is

  • He has no privileges and protections as an Asian man to get away with any toxic behavior. So such comments coming from “lower value” men will be punished exponentially harder by society in general vs coming from privileged white men.

  • He is oblivious or in denial about the exact same stigma of universal physical unattractiveness affecting the entire race of Asian men. Maybe even to a worse extent.

How many here are attracted to Black women?

You’re in complete denial about the reality that the vast majority of Asian men being physically unattractive on a universal standard. That is the core root of our problem yet those who are directly affected by it continue to live with their blinders on.

Asian wife uses porn with white men/Asian women and doesn’t know why husband isn’t exactly thrilled

While this could well be trolling we should also stop denying reality out there – what options do women have when looking for hot porn clips with an Asian guy in it? Cherry-picking Keni Styles and maybe 1-2 other guys is like pointing to Jeremy Lin to argue that we’re dominating the NBA.

Take a look around Asian categories on Pornhub and similar sites and the answer is barely any. In fact, the current selection is so embarrassing helps increasing certain negative stereotypes amongst the casual mainstream viewer.

Unlike Western porn productions, Asians don’t showcase the biggest and most attractive studs to make us look better. Compared to Western men we are completely inept at using media to make us look good. To make matters worse, we are dealing with a widely casually accepted stereotype that annihilates our dating market value and streaming porn would be the first place where we can at least reduce the stereotype. Yet a vast majority of Asians are either oblivious to the problem or in complete denial of the existence of this problem in the real world. See all Asian forums in reddit including this one and you’ll find mostly mass denial while pointing at “white trolls” as if that solves anything for Asian men.

Asian Bro Code

Correct, Asian men make more on average than white men. And it’s also a common scapegoat excuse used to put Asian men “in their place” and to keep discrimination and racist stereotyping against Asian men alive and acceptable. It is also an excuse to keep the bamboo ceiling in place which is why you see no Asians invited to the country club or C-suite leadership circles, even in fields we’re known to excel in. For example, 50% of Silicon Valley tech workers are of Asian descent but in exec/leadership levels that number plummets to 10% according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Also, the extra bump in average salary isn’t enough to pull us out of the bottom of the sexual attractiveness scale vs other men. That is because

  • Most Asian men haven’t done enough yet in terms of fitness, appearance, social skills to be considered suitable or attractive by Western standards. There are some exceptions but just by walking around anywhere you’ll see that most Asian men still don’t fit attractive standards.

  • We haven’t allocated the extra money we earned to help us gain progress in fields where we need the most help fields that hold Western power. Women are attracted to power and there is nearly no representation of Asian men in positions of power in the “sexy fields” like Hollywood, music, media/creative/trendy hipster shit, venture capital/entrepreneurship, professional sports, partner-level law and banking etc. Instead, we continue to excel in the traditional nerdy model minority STEM fields which results in a loss of value for Asian men in the dating market.

Because Hollywood and media would never voluntarily “let us in”, personally I think the best chance for Asian men to make it is via hostile financial takeover. Buying and owning media and tv companies like we buy land and real estate.

So while extra money can be a huge boost to a white guy’s status, we’d have to make exponential amounts of it to close in the gap if we continue to stay unattractive and socially powerless.

Dating Crisis as an Asian Guy

How are things for Asian men in SD?

Dating Crisis as an Asian Guy

In LA here too. Let me break it down for you.

You are correct in the assessment that Asian men are at the bottom of the chain of attractiveness here. You are also correct in the assessment that white men in particular have massive advantages in the general dating market that includes Asian women. That’s because white men have hoarded and aggregated all the power in the areas that matter to women while most Asian men have no stake in any of them at all. Specifically in LA that means Hollywood, general hipster/creative scenes, Westside bro scenes and whatever else women in LA tend to flock to. The common thread as you know is there’s a large drop in Asian male representation in any field or scenery that attracts hot women (you mentioned going for attractive women so we’ll focus on the areas they gravitate to).

The dating market has spoken and as a result, Asian women who participate in it are being told that Asian men are a “downgrade” compared to white guys who are valued as better men overall in this market. Also, this is sadly true in most parts in the world because Asian men haven’t made enough collective effort yet to improve their dating/sexual market value.

While being ivy-league educated and having a well-paid career are huge pluses for white men it is more like a double-edge sword for Asian men. If you don’t channel your resources right by aiming to gain social power and improving your market value you might be in danger of running into the “Asian model minority” trap which is a bore and turn-off to women. Those virtues that your parents and Asian society encourage you to strive for I call “soft stereotypes” that still set back Asian men in social, sexual and career terms (i.e. bamboo ceiling). My recommendation is to use your ivy-caliber leverage to make strides in Hollywood or some cool field that’s popular with women. That will help you gain the social clout that Asian men lack in LA.

What you need to do is to follow and take a page from the few Asian men you know around here who do consistently well with women in general. Typically they manage to stand out of the generic “K-Town” crowd in one way or another and do consistently well with all sorts of women, whether they be white or Asian or any other color. Typically they’re also better socially connected and positioned and yes, likely taller and more attractive in general. Chances are the guys you know are far above average and outperform white guys in general in most metrics that count towards dating/sexual/social market value. If you don’t know or see any Asian guys that do well at all then disregard Asian guys in general and make it a habit to measure yourself against whoever the guys are that the girls you’re attracted to typically go for. Most Asian men will essentially tell you to “lower your standards” because they internalized themselves as inferior, powerless “men” but I recommend grabbing your balls and go for what you want. If that means competing against NFL players, well-connected trust fund hipsters and Chad jocks (which a lot of men have to compete against in a place like LA) then so be it if that’s the dating pool you want to swim in.

Because dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are so widely used by women of all calibers to find dates they’re also a simple and effective litmus test for you to assess your chances in the dating market. Most men who have their shit together find at least some dates on there with no problems but it is also well known that Asian men do exceptionally poor on apps mostly because of their own undoing. If you do poorly on dating apps you have two choices – improve or change yourself completely or move to an area that suits you better. “Go back to Asia” is often a piece of advice that is seen as an insult here but the reality is that it is the best solution for most Asian men currently in LA. No matter which way you see it and as harsh as it sounds, the market has decided that average and stereotypical Asian men are not qualified for the dating pool here.

Dating Liberal WF: Observations?

Sounds both overanalytical while anecdotal at the same time. I mostly date liberal white women (think hipsters with money and top education living in places like Silverlake and Brooklyn), it’s all there is in my area aside from Anna Lu’s trying to emulate them.

They just want someone who’s in tune with their culture, social background and social circles, that’s it. Upper middle class+, work in fields like creative/startups/media and have the right circle of friends. That means if you’re an enclave bro from K-Town or Irvine it might not work culturally and socially but if you’ve had a diverse social life during your time at NYU then your chances to connect are better.

And yes, being decent looking helps. Sounds like a broken record but this needs to be emphasized for Asian men more than for men of other races. Most Asian men still don’t take care of the required “basics” when it comes to fitness and appearance.

Bumble and Tinder and a bit of OKCupid (in the major cities) is all you need to meet them if that’s your cup of tea.

Racists react to pics of Twitch Personality with her boyfriend

Yes, walking around doing whatever I want while seeing bigoted backwards-minded people’s blood boil at the sight of my existence makes me feel great too because winning feels great. Jealousy and fear/paranoia will do them in quicker if more of us had this mindset.

Instead, a lot of marginalized minorities continue to beg and ask for validation and acceptance as if the enemy will suddenly oblige. They don’t understand that racist white Americans WANT YOU OUT. No one is willing to give a powerless Asian man shit in a place like America. You gotta take what you want if you can.

Why are “Uncle Chans” bad?

Agreed that no one should feel forced to do something they really can’t bring themselves to do. But if you choose not to “get with the program” and refuse to do what’s required from a man in the West then you’re doing yourself and the Asian male population a favor by going to Asia or stay within Asian enclaves (like in SoCal or Vancouver/Richmond BC) instead. You’d be enjoying a better life while stay out of the way of those who proactively chose to fight for a better position in the West. That’s the most realistic conflict resolution for the right amongst Asian men.

Also, if you’d rather not make an effort to do what Western men are required to do you should also be aware and held accountable for the fact that by being yourself and perpetuating negative stereotypes you’re sabotaging the social/sexual progress and quality of life of Asian men in the West. Please be mindful of that and don’t make things worse as it will affect all of us.

Racists react to pics of Twitch Personality with her boyfriend

That’s correct. That’s what they really think. Dude bros and their parents and their circle of bff’s don’t want you to touch “their” women. Those who date Western women regularly already know that from personal experience. The more AM’s “violate” “their” women the more of this hatred will occur in society.

So it is up to you if you wanna comply to dude bros demands and walk away as they’d expect you to do and continue living as a marginalized, inferior ching chong little dicked yellowman (as they view you and want you to be) or if you wanna bask in their hatred and jealousy while you do what you want with “their” women.

Why are “Uncle Chans” bad?

People who scream “Uncle Chan” this-and-that in here think in simplistic, misguided black & white terms. However, it is more of a grey area in reality because both Western/white society will never do us any favors while Asian men and Asian culture too do themselves in.

For example, yes white media shits on Asian men on an almost daily basis but the vast majority of Asian men also continuously and categorically refuse to “get with the program” and implement the changes required to become more appealing in the Western dating market, let alone proactively fight stereotypes. Instead, they keep pointing at “Haolewood” and “Uncle Chan” while taking zero responsibility or accountability for themselves.

Staunch anti-Uncle Chan people are fixated on the “white devil” and tend to deny the reality that Asian men continue to contribute to their own problems by refusing to adapt, change and learn. They fail to understand that there will be no advancement without evolving and gaining power to take down their “white oppressor” and continue to perpetuate the same negatively viewed stereotypes by insisting to do the same over and over again.

Even more misguided, they see no distinction between a masculine, attractive and sociable Asian male who succeeds in the West in areas like the general sexual/dating/social markets and a self-hating sellout so they’re all labeled Uncle Chans to them.

Why do most Asian Americans and immigrant Asians not get along?

Asian Americans can’t get away with that condescending collective mindset any longer because they’ve largely been a complete failure in America for a couple generations by now.

The few exceptions who have actually done well against the odds and stereotypes look down on most of their fellow Asian-American men anyway because they continue to sabotage their progress. Any Asian-American male that breaks thru the bamboo ceiling or the dating market has to live with a large overall loss that is caused by their fellow Asian men and not by their own faults or actions at all. So any grudge between the real men and the beta majority in Asian-America is perfectly justified in a straightforward manner.

As time goes on there will be more FOB’s who are increasingly informed and aware and what they will see is how Asian-Americans have completely squandered their head start from arriving a few generations before them. The real gnarly opportunist FOB will be smart enough to position himself against the the enclave Asian-American men who have thus far failed to break through in most key areas of Western power. Especially if they have a better understanding of masculinity, power and women in the West and how these things correlate to one another (most Asian-American men still struggle to understand how these components work).

The days of the AA mocking the FOB accent are coming to an end as the vast majority of AA men have literally nothing to show in the West for several decades by now. As of now, new FOB’s have the chance to do things better if they learned from the failures of Asian-American men.

1 [FR] Just got back from Burning Man. Are Asian males now coming into vogue?

No, Asian men in general are not becoming the “new cool thing”. Attractive Asian guys with the right look, body and social circles do well though, especially in festival settings where senses are heightened (I have personal stories to share too). Woke females might be more open to a wider color spectrum of hot guys and Chads but as long as those types don’t represent the majority or at least a larger quantity of Asian males out there it won’t be a general trend. And let’s face it, we’re far from having the majority of our men fit the bill of conventional attractiveness in this world.

Bottom line – We do have a bit of unquestionable quality but sorely lack in quantity thereof.

Why do most Asian Americans and immigrant Asians not get along?

Since you’re still young,there might still be hope for you if you learn the right things from the few men that are on this board. For most adult Asian-Americans there’s little to no hope.

Asian-Americans have an unwarranted chip on their shoulders so they tend to look down on FOB’s like they’re something better because they grew up in America. FOB’s on the other hand might not want to follow the path of Asian-Americans because quite frankly there’s nothing to look up to if you’re interested in things like getting women and gaining social power. In fact, if FOB’s adapt quicker in this 21st century they have a cleaner slate to start with and could theoretically advance and capitalize.

Asian-Americans (especially in California) have failed to break out of their enclaves for a few generations now with zero evidence of change anytime soon. As a result, the vast majority are still excluded from the general dating market, the bamboo ceiling is becoming increasingly visible even in fields where Asians excel and white-washing incidents in Hollywood happen so frequently it’s not even worth keeping track of anymore. No power = no respect.

Because there’s not much for FOB’s to look up to in Asian Americans you shouldn’t expect them to view them with too much respect. If AA men successfully broke through by doing well with women and in society, sports etc in general then yes, more FOB’s would look up and be inspired by their Western counterparts. Anyone in here who’s a bit older and has relatives overseas might personally know of male relatives who looked up to Western Asians back in the 80’s to the mid-00’s. But with information more widely available in today’s world you;re beginning to see less naive FOB’s out there and that’s at least a small sign of progress.

Three ways I turned shyness into confidence

I know a few shy, quiet and anti-social men (not just Asians) who do extremely well with women. However, I must note that they are somewhat well put together in terms of appearance and do very well career- and money-wise.

What they do is following the “American Psycho” and Gordon Gekko route – rich, powerful, aggressive sociopaths who are still quiet and keep to themselves in general. Those guys are BY FAR the most successful “quiet types” I’ve ever come across. And the reason they’re successful is because women can smell power, wealth and privilege on a man like dogs. They do better than most extroverted general bros actually.

Why Haven’t Chinese Hollywood Co-Productions Pushed For More Asian Representation?

Thank you. Chances are you might be woke and aware. I’m a tiny vocal minority voice in here which somewhat mirrors the progress % of Asian men in the West in general. Check my post history and you’ll see what I mean.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | September 11, 2017

Thru accumulating social power and privilege. You should be fine if you socialize in the right direction. Even if you’re not a waspy jock that gets to hook up with girls in droves you can spend the time networking right and eventually you’ll be fine. Might be after college but being at an Ivy is a big systemic head start. At Ivy’s you gain institutional privilege and opportunity that isn’t available at other good schools (ex, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Notre Dame etc.) and that translates into higher chances in the Western dating pool

Why Haven’t Chinese Hollywood Co-Productions Pushed For More Asian Representation?

I wouldn’t say expats are hurt and bitter despite being huge losers back in their homeland. They’re rather greedier, more entitled and demand more coming with their privilege. Basically the virtues that society taught them.

We certainly do have quality on our side but the quantity of that quality is so embarrassingly low that it’s practically negligible. Way too low that it’s alarming.

The top quality guys and couples you see dating hot girls of all races do not reflect the vast majority of Asian men at all. They’re shining examples and signs of hope and all Asian men should be grateful for their existence and follow their lead. Obviously there’s an overwhelming amount of work to do on all ends.

Why Haven’t Chinese Hollywood Co-Productions Pushed For More Asian Representation?

They’re coddled by family and treated like babies by their mothers well into adulthood, resulting in a value set that isn’t masculine or appealing at all by Western standards.

That’s why you commonly see East Asian men having cheesy romantic ideals, outdated views on sex before marriage or relationships (with the inexperience in the bedroom to go with it) and insisting to introduce their Western dates to their mothers and families right away.

Anyone who even has the slightest amount of experience with modern Western-raised women knows there’s virtually no way this can work. Sadly you have too many Asian men suffering from systemic inexperience so this “segment” of a problem also still has a long road to go before ever being solved. These social traits and mindsets are regrettably and sadly part of the common Asian man’s identity in Asia. it is a cultural cancer brought upon ourselves for centuries now and quite frankly has to be killed off in order for us to advance over time.

Why Haven’t Chinese Hollywood Co-Productions Pushed For More Asian Representation?

Spent most of my summer in various countries in Asia. In SE Asia like Thailand and Vietnam at least the local guys have some control over their women despite rampant sexpat activity. Women at least equally prefer their local guys along with the sex pat Western bros and that’s the only place where I saw Western women date and hook up with local guys. In contrast, in other Eastern Asian places the local girls treat any dude who’s white as a higher ,more attractive being. Being a white English teacher in Asia is like being an NFL BBC stud in LA or something like that.

In places like China, HK, Taiwan and Japan local guys let their girls be cucked by white English teachers and exchange student nerds. They laugh along, they’re hospitable nice guys showing them around, sing karaoke with them and let them have their local women. That’s nothing new though. There is a very long road to go until you can expect that issues like rejection and negative stereotyping even registers in their mind to say the least.

I visited a few Western ex-pat women there and even though some of them are open to dating Asian guys there’s a complete disconnect with the local guys, making it impossible for them to work with them. With lack of social and sexual experience with women on all ends and having mismatch romantic ideals it is clear that the Asian men over there do themselves in by being themselves. You have to force them to change first before you can even demand a more desirable, attractive portrayal of Asian men to the eyes of women.

I have typical asian hair and I have never gotten a haircut that I really like. What should I do with my hair?

you need to keep the sides short (maybe as in a good fade) and maintain it. When stiff straight Asian hair starts growing out long on the side it starts looking “negligent” and then you’re stuck looking just like those stereotypical UC Berkeley engineering students or those nerdy skinny guys in Asia who don’t take care of their appearance AT ALL.

Find a good stylist and maintain a good haircut, it might sound like a petty thing but goes a long way.

Why Haven’t Chinese Hollywood Co-Productions Pushed For More Asian Representation?

Spend some time in Asia yourself and you’ll see how oblivious the men are. East Asians are a race of men who have long accepted living with systemic self-isolation and self-internalized inferiority when it comes to things like negative media portrayal and marginalized sex appeal.

So when a white hero winning the Asian woman on the big screen or some Long Duk Dong/ Ken Jeong beta nerd stereotype is fed to Asian viewers by Hollywood they perceive it as normal and leave it unchallenged. Just like how they perceive seeing Asian girls casually white-worshipping their gaijin/English teachers and ads/commercials with WMAF pairings as the norm. At the same time, not being able to accommodate the romantic and sexual needs of Western expat women in Asia is also simply accepted as “how it is”, so those relationships are practically non-existent in Asia.

To most men who are socially aware this sounds insane but that’s the enormous extent of brainwash and self-internalization that most Asian men on earth are suffering from. Realistically it will take at least a few more generations until it’s undone, most likely not in our lifetime.

Having white execs in Hollywood open the door for normal treatment of Asian men someday might be the less far-fetched scenario between the two, though unrealistic as well.

Reconciling between being Asian and Asian American

The real rift that needs to be resolved is between the “winners” and “losers” amongst us. Alpha vs beta if you will. There are some of each in all parts of the world and there will be no unity as there are clearly a large amount of Asian men both in the West and in the East that sabotage our progress by merely being themselves and refusing to change.

Being capable and willing to move up and win in life (social progress, women/sex, breaking bamboo ceilings etc.) and get past every single shit thing and stereotype that holds us back is the right mentality to have.

Sadly, to a large % of Asian men this ambition to become better man who can win is a “toxic” mentality to have and not in line with whatever old virtues they’ve been taught. In my opinion those stubborn haters are the toxic deadweight that keeps the race of Asian men down.

There will be no reconciliation between the “better” and the “worse” Asian man. The best discourse is to draw clear lines of distinction to society that not all Asian men are of the same caliber because that’s simply how it is.

On Privilege

Privilege = head start, advantages etc.

We only work hard and do a great job, get good grades and have great skills but don’t have shit for privilege. We might be smarter, do a better job but have no power. Fields like Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Finance, BigLaw etc are run by long established old country club networks and money. The power that is hoarded by the Old Boys is then transferred down to the next generation (= their white children, not us Asians). Ever seen who gets VC funding or makes partner in those places? Read into upward mobility stats for Asians for example, in Silicon Valley that would be roughly 50% overall employees being Asian while only 10% are at C-Suite/leadership levels.

For fields like tech or media (in which we’re in dire need to make in-roads) we have to start forming out own social country club and despite seeing some talented and ambitious entrepreneurs and founders we haven’t even started building a cohesive network yet that gives us the privileged head starts and open doors that you see available for whites in America.

The only social networks we have built so far are typical Asian enclaves which by definition limits and strips away upward mobility and opportunity from us as a whole in this country rather than help us breaking thru society and gain power. Maybe reform enclave social circles first with the goal to BREAK OUT, not stay in to be comfortable.

Need Advice on Fraternities…

Rush for whatever the top tier status frats are on your campus, regardless of what their ethnic make-up is. The ones that wield the most social power and draws the hottest women and best parties and social opportunities. Aim at the top in your surroundings, the college years go by quick so you have to make the most of it.

Here in California all Asian-centric Greek orgs are marginalized enclave refuges, none that I’ve ever visited on any campus enjoyed a high overall status. Not that they’re necessarily looked down upon, but they’re more of a separate niche thing that don’t get much attention. I’d only recommend joining those if you truly feel like an isolated outsider in general.

Dating Asian-American Men: The unspoken truth

Unspoken truth? More like common, obvious truths that are swept under the rug by too many Asian men who are still in denial about the stereotypes and actual problems that permanently annihilated their chances in the Western dating market. Case in point – a large swath of this subreddit.

“I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall In Love With White Women” – By a Brown Woman, Thoughts?

Yes, a lot of Asian men on here dispute, deny or debunk stereotypes related to looks, beta personality traits, physical/sexual prowess etc.

But no matter how detailed, factual and scientific you wanna be in those counterclaims, the impact of negative stereotypes will go on in the real world indefinitely until we finally represent ourselves well in the fields where we lack positive representation. Those fields include sports, movies, music, porn, politics and leadership positions in law, tech, finance and probably a few more.

You can write the most brilliant, well researched 3000 page manifesto on debunking Asian male stereotypes and not much will change in actual every day reality until we at least represent ourselves on par with other men in mainstream media outlets. In addition to that, we need to fix the height issues as well. I believe it can be fixed or mitigated in the long run over 1-2 generations thru better nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The validity(?) of AM stereotypes and how to address them

Yeah but hardly any Asian men work in Hollywood to begin with, let alone in a position where they have any decision power to add any depictions. So nothing’s gonna change until more Asian men decide to break into the media field. Realistically it’ll take at least a couple decades if not longer to make an impact.

The validity(?) of AM stereotypes and how to address them

If you look at this subforum you will see that most Asian men deny the stereotypes and debunk them as non-existent by citing facts, numbers, articles, whatever the hell.

But any Asian male with half a brain who goes outside or hangs around social media and dating apps should be aware that the same stereotypes continue to affect us. It’s been 30+ years since “Long Duk Dong” and nothing has changed in terms of the real world. In fact, social media and internet videos might have magnified the problems.

The most serious problem here is that too many AM’s are either in denial about it or haven’t put in the right effort. Basically any effort done so far doesn’t do the trick and a bigger and more drastic effort is necessary.

Are we ever gonna move past this whole Beta/Alpha thing?

The Alpha/ Beta thing is here to stay as long as there is “winning” and “losing”. In the game of dating, mating, sex and social privileges in the West, Asian and Indian men have been on the losing end for decades now. The reasons for that are also longstanding common knowledge that hasn’t changed in generations – looks-based stereotypes, stereotypes of perceived weakness like model minority, lack of social skills etc.

So as long as there are “losers” and “winners”, whether it’s vs men of other races or whether it’s between Asian men themselves, this debate is here to stay.

Report from San Diego Comic-Con

The BBC myth and media display in porn is big enough (no pun intended) to incentivize the women to take a chance.

Conversely for Asian men the stereotype and lack of media glorification in porn and other channels is enough of a deterrent for women to stay away.

I get the feeling certain people that hate asian men is that they don’t raise as successful children / aren’t as successful?

I think they positioned him as being more desirable than blacks in some ways (=cozying up with the fine whites) while being less desirable in other ways (=dateless). Which is fairly accurate in the real world in my opinion.

I get the feeling certain people that hate asian men is that they don’t raise as successful children / aren’t as successful?

The lone Asian character was strategically cast as the only person without a date at the garden party while cozying up to the other affluent white guests. Anyone with a half brain can clearly see what the underlying message is, except for certain Asian men who live in denial themselves maybe.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

You spend way too much time trying to debunk and deny the small penis stereotype. And look at where that’s brought us after a century or more of that thing plaguing us. You’re that fat chick that is denying and ignoring that her weight and diet is a problem in her life.

Denying our most obvious and most commonly acknowledged problems and trying the same shit while expecting the same result won’t work. If we continue to fail to adapt and evolve on our own then more of the “stereotype denier” types who ironically mostly fit a majority of the negative stereotypes need to be bred out of existence in order for us to advance as a race of men in the long run. Currently it’s the women who are doing just that in the dating market.

Need help with some statistics do debunk Toxic Asian Masculinity and support Model Asian American Masculinity.

The height problem and small penis stereotype annihilating Asian men’s dating chances in the West isn’t some misogynist red pill concept – it’s a “water is wet” statement.

Asian men are the only race that are in denial about the most serious problems that plague their quality of life and because there are too many inadequate incel dipshits like you who continue to sweep the real problem under the rug while expecting a different result in the future

Every time someone dares to bring up the real problems that plague Asian men (such as small penis stereotypes), the majority “incel faction” in here declares them as some TRP/”white troll” right away.

It’s becoming clearer that it’s not just height, cultural issues and smaller dicks vs other men is the only problem though. “Old incel dogs” like you who don’t have enough experience to have a qualified opinion and can’t be taught or lectured anymore are sabotaging the progress of Asian men in the future as well.

Dating Advice Thread | July 25, 2017

It is what it is and no one should care what others think if their main objective is to get to the next level. But to get there it takes a larger-scale mass awakening of incels, nerds, marginalized Asians etc. who decide that they’re finally fed up with the lesser standard of living that they’re allowed to have here. But we’re far away from that point as too many Asian men still accept their lower standing in society.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

Yes, Asian guys need to be told that they have to up their base strength due to disadvantages in their culture and upbringing.

But they also need to be made aware that casual stereotypes and stigmas affect their quality of life whether they’re completely accurate or not. It’s not me who’s spreading stereotypes but I am one of the few men in here who aren’t afraid to speak the unfiltered truth. The media and society in general do tend to casually magnify Asian stereotypes though.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

The irony is that I disclose certain “measurements” about myself and simple common bare truths to show that I’m fairly normal/barely above average myself and that water is wet. But every time I do so almost without fail some small Asian man out there (and by small I don’t mean height and size) takes offense to it even to a personal level. That’s due to an internalized inferiority complex that is widespread enough to be another Asian male stereotype. Maybe I have to turn down the volume a bit because it often feels like I’m accidentally trolling a bunch of scarred abuse victims in here. Anyway, maybe we’ll continue this discussion in person soon.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

Look at my posting history. Roughly every week or so some little man like you not only gets defensive and delusional when I call out bare truths but also assumes that they’re some big shit and talks down indiscriminately to other Asian men. Examples include you and that psycho 5’7″ military guy from San Diego (“yyao”- screen name or whatever) and it is not me that tears you an asshole, it is bare reality that does the job for me.

By contrast to the Napoleons with the chip on their shoulder, I’m completely honest and transparent about where I stand, how tall, big, hung or strong I am and how I do with women. It’s preposterous of you to accuse me of “putting Asian men down” when I clearly don’t go after people unless they’ve shown a weak hand and deserve to be torn a new one. People like you clearly blow themselves up as bigger men than they really are so they indiscriminately lash out at others when their nerves get hit by certain uncomfortable truths.

I’ll PM you and if you want to and we can handle this in person if you want (I have the means to come out your way). Much like how I don’t talk down to Asian men here unless they really need an adjustment I will do the same in person.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

I don’t see much difference between Asian and white gym bros either. I do see a larger difference in athletic prowess between genetically gifted black men vs white an Asian men though.

The biggest difference is cultural – Sports and athletics are emphasized and encouraged more in Western culture than it is in Asia or India. Athleticism, physical strength as well as masculine aesthetics simply don’t play as much of an integral role in Asian culture as it does in the West.

And of course you will find white people (and Anna Lu’s) that will immediately capitalize on that cultural discrepancy by painting Asian men as a physically inferior and weak subhuman species.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 24, 2017

Please do. We’re the only race of men that need to be continuously hammered with realities. But keep in mind that debunking by pure data doesn’t solve our problems either.

Let’s say you sorted out in your findings that the average Asian penis size is 5.5″ or pretty much the same as the American average. Or that the average height is 5’9″. That would technically debunk certain magnified misconceptions but wouldn’t exactly improve our sexual/dating market value in the West either where we have to compete with men of other races and nationalities.

Data helps in a lot of ways but it isn’t necessarily the end solution to the problems of Asian men in the real world either. But aggregating more data and analysis does give Asian men a better sense of reality and pure objectivity though. And as you can plainly see by browsing around this forum, a lot of Asian men are still in dire need of a healthy slap of reality in their face.

Need help with some statistics do debunk Toxic Asian Masculinity and support Model Asian American Masculinity.

Sorting out the stats is probably a time consuming tall order. But regardless of the end result, the reality is that the stigma of Asian and ethnic men being backwards patriarch sexists persists either way. Partially because of old historical and cultural customs and partially because certain people like Anna Lu’s and “well-meaning” white progressives will capitalize on some half-truth narratives of old misogyny to keep us down. That exact same way of capitalizing for social dominance is why the Asian penis stereotype continues to persist in general society.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

I’ll give you some context for a better understanding. Less Asian guys meet the desired height and build criteria set by women in upper middle class major metropolitan Western areas. Ball park range starts around 6’0″/183cm with a sufficiently filled out athletic frame. Basically fall within the range of a general Bachelorette candidate line-up and you will do fine on Tinder and Bumble or out at the bar. If you fall below it then your experience will be exponentially harder, whether you’re white or Asian or any other color. Average doesn’t cut it. Privileged Western women don’t log onto Tinder to go for Average Joe, they want something better.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

I’m bigger than you in more than one metric plus very realistic about odds and chances so the only projecting that is being done here is you displaying the classic “angry little man” syndrome. After all the math is done you’ve self-admittedly exposed yourself as a little subhuman shitbag with a disproportional chip on your shoulder compared to the average man that I see every time I go outside in DTLA. It’s delusional little shits like you that make Asian men a laughing stock. Try to be more realistic with yourself and PM me privately and we can handle this on a personal level instead of on here. Be aware though that you can’t call out a man that is better than you in all the metrics that matter without risking a brutal beat down. I’m smart enough to not call out Brock Lesnar to a cage fight either without being capable of holding my own. But it would definitely take no effort for me to travel towards your way and slap and throw you around if you want me to. Even in this thread alone I’m not the only guy in here who’d have to stare and kick downward at you to put you in your place.

Also, I’ve fucked more Northern Europeans than you have met having lived and dated in Europe for several years. And by your self-admitted metrics you’re at a clear disadvantage in my current place of residence in the US and wouldn’t meet the average standards set by women here either so I’m assuming you don’t live in the Western hemisphere unless you’re islolated in a FOB enclave. Has your little 177cm ass ever even gone on a date in the Western world, let alone swipe on Tinder in a place like NY or LA?

Dating Advice Thread | July 25, 2017

Take a look around this subreddit. By regular society standards this subreddit can mostly be classified as an “incel cringe fest”. Any casual browser ( as in men, women, girls, boys, children of all ages and colors) who’s socially adjusted by average Western norms can tell right away that a lot of posters in here inadvertently expose themselves as socially and sexually inexperienced with women in comparison to the majority of society.

But the root cause of this subreddit being mostly filled with delusional and inexperienced incel opinions is Western society and culture itself, as it has bred systemic social and sexual inexperience so widespread amongst Asian men raised in the West for generations now that this forum is just another reflecting by-product of a broader reality.

Now, I haven’t been on any Desi subreddits myself but as a gambling man I’d bet that you would find similar backwards type of displays and posts in them. Especially knowing that both Asian and Indian men find themselves on a similar bottom level in the Western dating/sexual market. Do you see any commonalities and any differences between the Asian and Indian male subreddits?

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

The Western dating market in the millennial age has become more Darwinian in recent years because apps enable users to select the traits they desire instantly. Criteria usually include looks and also social status.

The reason why average white guy is selected at a higher rate and the reason why Asian guys have to work harder for everything is because whites enjoy a huge power boost from cultural hegemony and privilege. So an Asian woman will view the white guy as the stronger species to select because in her mind she believes that she’ll enjoy a higher quality, more powerful life in general society. Asian men have no social privileges in this country yet, we’d have to make inroads in the media and industry in order for that to happen. That would mitigate any current disadvantages that we have vs other fish in the pool.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

I think porn is a realistic opportunity and easier entry point than US media/entertainment (I work in Hollywood, the machine is so gigantic you’d need the right Chinese tycoon to buy them out to gain influence). What needs to be done is to pull funding and finances together to start a company or simple video channel like Redtube or Pornhub etc. Keni Styles did a call for more Asian men a few years ago but nothing came into fruition. I’m assuming that casting the studs and the girls for them to bang will be the easier part of the equation.

I do not understand why Asian culture doesn’t emphasize physical fitness more. Especially in the West we’re in need of higher general base strength. Not only does being help you in the dating market but will also help kids fight off bullies etc. In fact, white supremacist and alt-right groups already organize fitness bootcamps to train and help their white people get physically stronger. We need to do more of that for ourselves.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

We don’t have to be super jacked but a larger % of us have to meet general dating preferences that are set by women if we want to advance. There are still too many inexperienced Asian men who don’t understand what women look for. Keep in mind that Asian women don’t share the struggle of meeting desirable body ideals so their dating experience is vastly different from Asian men. A normalized dating experience = more options for Asian women and thus they can compete for the stronger species in the dating pool. Basically that poster that got banned earlier for mentioning “Natural Selection” is correct.

We also cannot continue to live in denial about the most obvious shortcomings that lower our dating market. Every now and then you’ll see someone in here who’s convinced himself that more women prefer the K-Pop looks over jacked guys and that being too jacked is especially bad.

Now take a look at this Vietnamese guy who is clearly “too jacked”

Scroll to the comments and you’ll see how the girls react to this guy.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

Yes, average to below average women also compete for the top men. Mathematically they can’t all win of course so they settle for a hook-up or decide to be cat ladies. Been on apps like Tinder and Bumble yet? Where do you live? Any man who grew up in the West, especially the US knows that Chad is at the top of the dating market and being white is a major bonus as a man while Asian men/Indians are at the bottom. That hasn’t changed in my lifetime yet and I’m in my early to mid 30’s now. The fact that Asian men are at the bottom and the higher sexual market value that Asian women enjoy compared to Asian men is reflected in things like the disproportional existence of WMAF vs the other way around. Asian women are granted the privilege to a normalized dating life that the vast majority of Asian men are shut out from.

While every point you raised is correct you also discounted how much looks and body standards drags our SMV down, something that doesn’t affect Asian women. But when reading thru Asian male forums like this you’ll see that the dismissal and sometimes flat out denial is common and consistent.

Asian male discussion boards are the male equivalent of morbidly obese women who complain about injustices in media, dating and body ideals and point to every cause and reason while ignoring their weight and diet as a factor.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

I’m bigger than most men too. Too big for regular sized Western condoms actually. While I’m probably the last person to claim that no Asian men out there are tiny I’m confident that I’m no rare unicorn amongst Asian men either. But thanks to social stigma well hung Asian guys indirectly suffer from THAT stereotype too. It is expected and inevitable that her girlfriends will always ask about my penis size almost every time.

This stereotype continues to affect a lot of innocent bystanders. We need to start discussing solutions to represent ourselves better and reduce the stigma for good.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

The dating pool I’ve been in is the larger general one. Major city, diverse and includes men and women of all colors, college educated etc. LA, Hollywood, hipsters, sorority types, Brooklyn, Tinder. The ones were hot white, black, Asian women mingle in. You get the idea. I don’t do enclave Asian-only very often, maybe occasionally. In this major general dating pool men of other ethnicities are your competition. However, unfortunately there are very few Asian men in here as of today. All the studies like Dataclysm back that claim. If you sort out Tinder stats, which according to Christian Rudder mirrors OKCupid’s findings then my guess is that you will see a result of ~80% of women going for the Top ~20% of men, maybe even worse.

The reason why I am hammering the brutal bare truth in here is because there needs to be more Asian men entering the major markets in order to raise our SMV. I am well aware that by hammering the truth that a lot of inexperienced men can’t handle it will drive a lot of AM’s away. Take a look at the posts that normally get downvoted in here. They are the posts that hit the exact same nerve of perceived physical inferiorities, stereotypes every time. Basically the shit that society casually laughs at. The kernel of mockery that we’ve suffered for generations. As a whole we are the laughing stock of the dating market like no other men because we haven’t even begun to fix our own issues yet. And that’s why every now and then you come across a stronger, spot on voice like me who isn’t afraid to “get to the real meat”.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

The younger generation gets taller yes. Compared to white and black men in the diverse area where I live however (Los Angeles), far more Asian men are smaller. All you need to do is go to a crowded bar to see for yourself. Improved access to nutrition is what I think benefits the younger generation and some of us can do something about height if our parents started nurturing the children correctly at an early age. It is not all genetic limitations in my opinion. I’m close to 6’1″ and hover around 195-200lbs myself. The representation on the street and in the media however eclipse the better examples out there though.

Anyone who’s lived and dated in the West since high school age knows that women prefer bigger penises. Bigger is always better though it doesn’t have to be huge. As more user data is being aggregated thanks to technology, we will see that standard being verified more accurately. To get a rough ballpark idea of what size women want just take a look at the dimensions of the top selling dildos on Amazon on the first few pages – not too many “average” items on there.

So even when you technically and literally debunk the Asian penis stereotype, you’re still held against your other male competition in the same dating pool. That would include men of other races. My take is that there are more Asian men who are equipped to compete but as a whole there are more Asian men who are smaller. At 5.5″ being the national American average only a minority of men in general “satisfy” the desired size range from women. In fact a lot of my girlfriends keep a roster of mostly bigger dicks to call at night when they “need it”, so again forget what’s “average”.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

Who cares how short and fat the average American or Asian man is. Women don’t swipe on Tinder or mingle in a major market area to find average joe. Most women go for the ~Top 20% or so men or so and use the same general criteria that Asian men can’t handle yet. Head over to r/ladyboner or turn on the TV to see for yourself if you’re not familiar with what women want.

Also, I think one of the reasons why only Asian men and no other men need to be lectured about what women want is because a far larger % of Asian men suffer from systemic lack in real life dating and social experience in the West. Anyone with a normalized experienced can immediately see things that aren’t obvious to a lot of Asian men here so we’re often subject to general ridicule when discussing dating and sex.

While the stereotypes aren’t often literally true (such as Asian men’s penises not being that tiny in average) they won’t go away either unless we gain more influence in the media and showcase more prime stud examples. White and black men already do that for themselves in media channels like porn and reality shows. Plus thought an average 5″ penis isn’t technically small and technically speaking debunks the Asian stereotype it wouldn’t exactly blow women away either.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

Natural selection is correct and it is swept under the rug by most Asian men on here.

Other than myself and a small minority of other posters here who are more woke and aware you’ll hardly see any discussion of how Asian men are positioned in the Western market vs their competition from other men in a range of objective criteria of masculinity and attractiveness that matter to women – height, build, facial hair, penis size, the list goes on.

Even when the truth is served daily to Asian men on an ice cold platter by society, media and women themselves, most Asian men still continue to point the finger away in other directions.

I’m not surprised that you’re getting more downvotes here, it happens automatically when someone posts about the most obvious, most famous and most blatant truths and stereotypes that plague Asian men. Things that no other race of men besides Asians have an issue with. The results in the competitive Western dating market where yes, bearded viking bros and athletic black dudes are Asian men’s competition too, speak for themselves.

The downvoting mechanism on here works like an automated confirmation validator for Asian men’s inferiority complexes about their own masculinity.

The Definitive Rebuttal Against WMAF

Not to bring things down even further but what annihilates the social power and dignity of Asian men is everything mentioned in the post above plus universal male beauty standards in the West. Preferences set by women in general disfavor the typical shorter and smaller Asian men. Watch shows like The Bachelorette, swipe on Tinder or head over to women’s threads themselves like r/ladyboner to see what women like.

The OP here also cited Wilkes McDermid, a guy who literally offed himself because he couldn’t cope with not meeting the looks standard (he was short). While he was sociable and had everything else going for him pretty well, the mainstream dating pool of London where he mingled was out of his league in the end.

We have to face the music and stare all of the ugliness directly in the eye first so we can build the needed courage to fight back. Currently as a whole we still sweep the most obvious problems under a rug and hardly begun to discuss working solutions for them even on here. Seemingly it is easier to discuss social and historic-cultural problems than to tackle more direct issues like height and penis size stereotypes even though those lead to instant rejection by women in today’s real world.

I literally just walked back from Little Tokyo, one of most populous neighborhoods in America for tourists and Asian foot traffic. Taken all cultural and social issues away, I’d say 9 out of 10 Asian guys I saw walking around indisputably and objectively do not meet the desirable criteria set by women in the West today.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

I’d say Health/fitness and society/body image are best kept as two separate topics of discussion.

In fact, those two topics often clash badly when discussing looks and body standards. Women who face the thin beauty ideals fed to them by fashion and media certainly know a thing or two about that.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

I really don’t care how slender or small guys are. In fact I agree that the slender body ideals in Europe and Asia are healthier hands down. In the EU white guys are thinner than their US counterparts too. But I’m also aware that this body type for a man is a disadvantage in jock bro culture USA.

It’s the Western media standards that brainwashed society into wanting bulkier “Bachelor” types. That’s why people hurl insults at Jay Park for just standing there at an NBA game and women lust after Chad.

To change that your most realistic shot is to change the media from within by acquiring more power/decision making stakes.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

Like I care to measure those stats which I haven’t done since HS/college. I was a semi-decent HS varsity athlete in a few sports but now I pump casually a few times a week for an hour or two like a common bro. Basic routines of moderate weight like ~10×55-70lb dumbbell presses and things like that. BMI of 14% last time I checked 2 years ago, broader shoulders and larger bones and frames vs average Western guys that I see. Maybe I diet better for festival season or when I go on vacation.

I’m no serious athlete, but I pump enough to get matches on Tinder. And you don’t need to do more if you fall within general range of women’s size preferences, similar to how naturally thin women don’t have to spend half their day on the treadmill either. I’ve always done better with women vs a lot of Asian guys I know who were ripped beast athletes and military guys etc. but were way shorter and smaller framed.

The irony here is that I don’t even make fun of shorter and smaller guys on here. I just flat out mention some bare common realities that only certain Asian men here take as an insult, most likely because it directly affects their quality of life. To most other men and women out there these things are flat common knowledge. They laugh at us because only Asian guys take offense at certain truths and stereotypes. Certain truths that obviously exist since Asian men continuously get rejected and made fun of for the same things over and over again.

Calling me out is like shooting the messenger while in reality those who are smaller/shorter and get the shaft in the dating market should head over to r/ladyboner (or Anna Lu threads if they want Asian) and confront the women themselves who are the ones who set those standards.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

The average American woman also wants a guy that is 6’0″+, prefers a dick that’s larger than the reported American average and who wouldn’t look out of place in a line-up of “The Bachelorette” candidates (one of the most mainstream national shows that women watch and talk about in the US). So who cares what the average stats are if you want to do well in the Western dating market. Swipe on apps like Tinder for a few minutes in a major city and you’ll see that even below average women want above average men.

In the real Bachelorette line-up there are some guys who seem shorter though, maybe starting around 5’10-11″. I spot 1 Asian-looking guy in the crowd though so the casting loosely mirrors real life chances.



Your thoughts: Alt-Right, WN on Asians

The alt-right is already preparing for such a potential scenario. In places like France there are right-wing groups that organize fitness boot camps to strengthen their members to fight off the threat of non-white immigrants. Asians in the West need such initiatives even more quite frankly to defend themselves but as of now we’ve lost and raised the white flag in the cold civil war against us.

Sadly only a tiny minority of us has the balls to take shit away from the white man while the others obey and “fall in line” beneath the white man. I’ve been doing my part by fucking “their” women and undermining/disrespecting their sense of entitlement consistently throughout my entire adult life. You gotta resort to fighting fire with fire when the enemy is strong and prepared.

Independent Asian women in their 30s.

This depends on where you stand by the time you get to your 30’s. It’s easier in your 20’s in some ways because it’s more of a free-for-all and you can fuck around but by your 30’s you’re more expected to have your shit together as in being not broke, more stable and established, socially and sexually more experienced etc.

Independent Asian women in their 30s.

Almost all Asian women I’ve known from their ~20’s to late 30’s in my social circles (upper middle class/career oriented/major metropolitan areas) settle for a white or Jewish guy in the end. Never seen or heard of the “bananarangs” (who go back to Asian guys after a lifetime of serial dating white guys) that are mentioned here in real life before.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

I’m not even close to talking about being buff/muscley as a pop star but I’m talking about not being straight up feminine looking. Jay Park is decisively and objectively a step or two more effeminate looking than your average Western boy band or pop star pretty boy, like JB or 1D or whoever really. Besides, if he weren’t so effeminate looking then more people (and women especially) in the US would support him rather than shitting on him but currently it’s the other way around. He doesn’t get shit on just for being Asian alone, though those bigots are clearly out there on FB and Reddit but because the effeminate look is still a level too much for Western palates.

There are universal body and looks ideals here in the West, you can look up for yourself to see what most women want or swipe right for. Only Asian men have a harder time coping with it because not meeting certain standards disqualifies them from the general Western dating pool. To other men it’s standard common sense though.

I’m not bulky at all but of a healthy normal build and height compared to most men in the West. Maybe bigger than an average Asian guy but I feel comfortable and healthy looks-wise in LA so I don’t need to go out of my way to overcompensate. I did start putting in more work starting in high school when I was 150-160lb to get the women and gain the social status I wanted and haven’t left the general Western dating pool (that most Asian and short men are excluded from) since.

If a broader proportion of Asian men put just a bit more standard work into their bodies and appearance then we’d be better off socially in the West, especially in the dating/sexual market.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

I’m a little over 6’0″ and 195-200lbs. I’m no gym rat but have always been athletic and lift and stay in shape enough to play around on Tinder in LA and such.

And no, as a gambling man I would confidently bet that just by looking at Jay Park and most K-Pop bands they will continue to get shit on unless they adjust their look and style towards a slightly more masculine direction. It’s the core reason why they haven’t broken through in America yet.

Support your local Asian Male Models!!!

Here’s a German Viet model that hot women go nuts for: https://www.instagram.com/nam.vo.official/

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

Yes he does. Because a) look at him and b) this is America where you won’t appeal to women if you’re smaller than them. His 5’7″ build is more in line with those typical young spaghetti-armed Asian guys from Asia who don’t work out at all so it should come to no one’s surprise that he’s being shit on in the West:


He doesn’t have to be a swole gym bro but at minimum has to have some decent base fitness and fill out his frame a bit, like a Justin Bieber for example.

It might sound hopeful at first to a lot of Asian guys to have a guy like him to look up to and relate to but in the real world you can’t get away with being 5’7″ and 120lbs as a man unless you have some status to make up for it.

Jay Park Signs With Roc Nation. Don’t Get Too Excited Yet.

The most effective thing he can do to adjust to “Western tastes” would be bulking up. Remember that he was subject to a mass amount of racist mockery from Americans just a few weeks ago,being called a “she” among other things. That’s a clear indicator of lack of overall appeal to the audience here, including females.

If he gained just a bit of muscle tone to be at least on par with an average American guy he’d squash a majority of those shitty insults.

Your thoughts: Alt-Right, WN on Asians

Despite various differences in views, the alt-right and progressive left (which includes well-meaning white Obama voters, Asian women, liberal hipsters etc.) are converging in one point – keeping the order of white supremacy and hegemony.

That means no one has our best interests in mind and some will tolerate us only as long as we “know our place” and do well in life without eclipsing white people. That’s why we have limits set for us such as bamboo ceilings, model minority and asexual representation in the media and exclusion from the general dating market etc.

If we want a better quality of life for us in the West we essentially have no choice but to sharpen our knives and actively break up white hegemony on our own. Asian women are not our ally for this cause. Other men of color may have a similar interest though.

Report from San Diego Comic-Con

Not so fast. You’re right about the Comic-Con culture becoming a growing phenomenon and it should absolutely be viewed as an entry opportunity for Asian men for better media and social representation. However, Asian men are the worst at self-promoting and capitalizing on such opportunities so I wouldn’t bet on it.

Look at how white and black men glorify themselves in porn as far above average studs who smash women all over the place while professional porn producers in Asia still mostly cast small to average men, thus perpetuating a certain stereotype. Even in anime cartoons white features are glorified while your typical Asian boy is portrayed as effeminate and acts shy and nervous around girls.

As a gambling man I’d say the niche will favor white and black nerds/non-jocks at a higher rate than Asian men because we haven’t learned to capitalize on such opportunities yet.

Report from San Diego Comic-Con

Women are attracted to power.

It’s why white women “stick it to white men” by hooking up with athletic black dudes with big cocks. It’s why self-hating Asian women worship the established white man. It’s why an average out of shape white privileged frat bro pulls more women on Tinder than an objectively better looking, more successful Asian counterpart.

The reason why you see more Asian guys do well in dating at SDCC than outside of it is because they enjoy a better status within that specific cultural niche. In mainstream markets like on college campuses, dating apps and popular social hangouts they’re stripped of certain powers that make men valuable and desirable to women.

Jay Park signs with Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation. “This is a win for Asian Americans”

It is a win for Asian Americans.Jeremy Lin, John Cho and Keni Styles are a win for us too technically speaking. But look at where we are today in their respective fields as a whole.

There is a Masculine Asian culture.

Having grown up in the Bay Area, how do you feel your ethnicity and masculine culture is postioned in the general main dating pool of San Francisco and the Bay Area these days?

Women are leaving Feminism in droves: How radical 3rd Wave Asian Feminists attempt to marginalize Asian men and divide the Asian community

No, white supremacy in the USA is the implicit norm. It doesn’t need to be said out loud and a lot of people would like to keep it that way.

Women are leaving Feminism in droves: How radical 3rd Wave Asian Feminists attempt to marginalize Asian men and divide the Asian community

I don’t think it’s “sexual competition” because most Asian men are excluded from the general mainstream dating market according to all studies and surveys conducted these days. Yellow fever is a one-way street. In some studies Asian women prefer white men at an even higher rate than white women themselves.

But “empowered” Asian women do have a clear interest and advantages to gain by keeping Asian men excluded from the dating pool. It’s a strategy to keep the ball in their court (so they can dress down guys like John Cho and J Lin from any angle they please if they want to) and it’s working so powerfully that the gap in privilege and quality of life between Asian men vs women results in a completely different life experience in the West. We are nothing alike in Western society as Asian women are positioned as far higher valued human beings than us men.

The results speak by themselves as Asian women marginalize Asian men no differently than the “evil white devil” does. Even worse so in the area of dating and sex.

Vegas any good for Asian guys looking to hook up?

No matter how bad SFbay is, this means that it’s statistically a better bet for you personally than Vegas for hooking up casually. It is for me too actually despite the cultural odds.

For specific clubs for Asians in Vegas you’d have to contact an Asian party promoter. As far as on the Strip goes I don’t think there needs to be an Asian-specific club scene as a lot of those large clubs like XS and Hakkasan or whatever draw large Asian crowds and squads, “EDC-crowds” basically. There are some clubs and pool decks that market to a white bro/sorority type of crowd more (like Marquee or 1OAK when they first opened) so maybe avoid those. Personally though I’d skip the giant touristy clubs if I was purely out for hooking up. Maybe mingle in smaller clubs, bars or pool decks (if you have the body).

Your thoughts: Alt-Right, WN on Asians

First of all, a lot of “Alt-right” ideas aren’t fringe ideas but they’re more widespread in the white American mainstream from left to right even when they’re not being said out loud.

White supremacists from casual to alt-right to the extreme have had a long history of respecting some components of Asian culture such as being the only race aside from whites capable of running a civilized society, being a hard working model minority, having high IQ’s etc.

But on the other hand white supremacists firmly support and spread all the bad stereotypes to assert their overall superiority as a species. They view us Asian men as physically inferior, sexually incapable small-dicked yellow Chinaman gooks and therefore it is only natural for Asian women to be wanting to be with a superior white man.

So what they really “respect” about Asian culture is the fact that we don’t threaten their superiority in any way. In fact, we have too many subservient Chans of all kinds in our ranks that unfortunately support and validate their white supremacy claims by their own (in)actions. Chans such as:

  • Asian Chans who let their daughters get fucked by white men in droves while scrutinizing their son’s dating behavior because they internalized their own sexual inferiority
  • White worshipping bottom gaysian feminists (= gay male version of Anna Lu)
  • Model Minority 4.0 gpa engineers who will do good work for the white man without challenging their position of power even when it’s warranted
  • Smiley Asian hipster nice guys with cool style who hang out with white girls in the friend zone but have no balls to approach them themselves while letting their white buddies smash everything in front of them including their sisters
  • Introverted Asian nerd who gets beat up by a white bully on the playground but walks away because he’s too weak to fight back

You get the idea. To support the white supremacist Alt-right (and the left-wing equivalent whitesplaining, patronizing progressive feminist ideas) as an Asian means to acknowledge and accept white superiority over your own and to surrender your dignity.

Women are leaving Feminism in droves: How radical 3rd Wave Asian Feminists attempt to marginalize Asian men and divide the Asian community

Why do Asian feminist lash out against Jeremy Lin and John Cho when they speak up? Because to them, the only good Asian “man” is the non-threatening quiet model minority or the emasculated gay version of them that agrees with all their views.

Progressive Asian feminists emulate/copy the views of their white counterparts in which their agenda is focused on taking privilege and power from the sexist, privileged white man, often from within (in relationships, in the workplace etc.). To them, white men are the focal point because as they’re the only males that hold established power.

In contrast, ethnic men including us Asians aren’t even treated as “men” but rather as lower, primitive backwards chauvinist third world animals with no social value or power (=the point John Cho made).

As a result, Asian and white feminists only consider “woke” privileged white men as viable partners in the dating market and Jeremy Lin and John Cho get shut down as “toxic” when they dare to overstep their “Model Minority” boundaries and ask for things that don’t belong to them (=power). The progressive white worship serves as a powerful, effective vehicle for Asian feminists to put Asian men into “their place”.

Vegas any good for Asian guys looking to hook up?

Depends on the kind of Indian guy. Same with Asian guys. And white and any guys in general. If you’re a stereotypical IT nerd then hooking up in Vegas is harder to do than if you were some extroverted roided party bro raging at the pool.

Bottom line is you have to be the type of guy they’re looking for at the moment.

Vegas any good for Asian guys looking to hook up?

Women care more about looks when swiping for something casual than when they’re looking for something more serious or long-term. In that case they factor in other things like financial stability, social privilege etc.

Vegas any good for Asian guys looking to hook up?

Yes. I use it on the road more than at home myself. So do women. In touristy places like Vegas or LA you’ll see a lot of women specifically stating they’re in town for a few days. In Vegas women are often in town for business conferences too.

The only thing is the bar is set a lot higher for a casual hookup so most are likely looking for some 6’2″ Chad to have fun with.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

It’s similar to the height issue where some individuals lucked out while for others there’s nothing they can do for themselves.

In the greater picture the stereotype can be reduced by better media representation. For this particular world famous stereotype about Asian men this means making an impact in porn. Most likely we’ll have to start our own successful production company/pornhub channel and cast the studs to represent.

The short term goal should be making a small penis issue a small penis issue and not an “Asian men” issue.

Dating Advice Thread | July 18, 2017

Thought I was always athletic, i was a skinny (~145lb) low tier Asian boy until age 16 or so too. I was struggling as my peers and teammates grew stronger and bigger, not to mention seeing social relations with girls slowly plummeting in HS.

The single most important advice one of my coaches gave me was to take the extra step and train past the pain. Ignore t. Basically you’re coming from behind and have no choice but to make up for it by going harder. So I had to add mental strength and made my workouts pay off more and within a year I was at a comfortable weight and strength level and those habits stayed permanently throughout my adult life. Even when I don’t work out as much I stay at a healthy/athletic ~195-200lb range at all times out of pure habit.

Dating Advice Thread | July 18, 2017

Social anxiety, introversion and shyness is a more common problem for Asian men than for men in other races in the West. While people tend to point the finger solely at the “racist white bullies” I think Asian parenting and upbringing takes a larger bulk of the blame for this too. Either way, looks to me like a problem that you have to overcome on your own since neither society nor Asian culture will lend a helping hand to you.

You’d be lucky if you a working gay dating app geared towards Asians exists. For straight Asian men in the West there are no options such as dating apps, cities, neighborhood or bars to go out to that work well for Asian men specifically. Because the female interest and niche user base is too small for such things to exist and work.

Vegas any good for Asian guys looking to hook up?

Vegas is good for hooking up. I take my occasional trips out there to get away too. Some locals specifically don’t want fun with out-of-towners but some do. For best results I recommend not rolling in deep with a sausage entourage squad and maybe pre-swipe some matches. Also, don’t focus on Asian girls specifically.

Dating Advice Thread | July 18, 2017

I want to applaud you for at least considering Asian men as potential partners. You’re literally a pioneer around these parts still.

A lot of “gaysians” have that common stigma of being emasculated white worshipping bottom rice queens. In other words, the gay male equivalent of Anna Lu’s. But I do know a few “normal” masculine gaysians personally myself who clearly don’t fit that stereotype.

Feel free to share your experiences or problems in dating as a gaysian. There might be a lot of similarities to the “straight world”. How are dating apps going for you, like Grindr?

when your parents turn woke

I didn’t have woke parents but was far better off than the vast majority of Asian males I grew up with in enclave-heavy SoCal. At least my parents weren’t strict about socializing, emphasized playing sports, incorporated western elements into my diet from early on etc.

For most though, the Asian/tiger parenting directly results in the creation of men with limited social capabilities and privileges in the West. Because this hasn’t stopped, it is time for the sons to hold their parents accountable for their actions and ignorance.

Even worse, Asian parenting in the West is backwards enough to allow their daughters to turn into Anna Lu’s in masses unchecked while keeping their own sons at the bottom of the Western dating market vs all other men. No one questions Anna Lu when she brings her white bf or fiancee home to mom and dad but all hell will break loose when their son brings home a blonde.

What’s your worst Anna Lu/Uncle Chan story? (rage thread)

One of the widest girls I’ve had was a 5’2″ 21 year old viet Chick. Every single 6’1″+ amazon chick I smashed (about ~5-6 or so) was much tighter.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Of course it is toxic if some Asian “Chad” who made it to the next level in the Western social/dating market shits on the rest of common Asian men as it creates animosity between the few who are “in” and the many who are shut out.

Those who “made the cut” should be expected to demonstrate nothing less than leadership qualities instead of engaging in selfish ego-stroking behavior at the expense of Asian men’s overall health in the West.

What’s your worst Anna Lu/Uncle Chan story? (rage thread)

Yes I’m serious. I’ll pull out the dick pics if I have to in order to completely squash the argument. Because whipping it out = net gain for Asian men in the West. If you can even teach just 1 person that big (or not small) Asian penises actually exist out there then it is without a doubt a positive net gain for Asian men, no matter how little.

However, DO NOT follow this strategy if you actually fit this stereotype, which is one of the most famous Asian male stereotypes in the world out there.

Would you fight someone who was being racist to you

I’m always eager to retaliate back. It’s been my standard policy since elementary school at least, if not even before then.

However, these days it rarely materializes into a 1 vs 1 man-to-man combat situation because usually they tend to pick on the weak, outnumber you with their bros having their back or they chicken out and threaten to go to the police/sue you. But I’m ready and excited for the next opportunity to be completely honest.

What’s your worst Anna Lu/Uncle Chan story? (rage thread)

You gotta “whip it out”. It is the equivalent of “punching back” in a fight. Ignoring or denying the existence of the stereotype is the equivalent of walking away from a fight when getting picked on. It’s one of the reasons why the old stereotype still persists today.

Similar to when some bro picks on Asians talking racist shit because they perceived them as weak, you have to be capable to fight back when confronted with this stereotype. Best practice is to be knowledgeable about the reality that not all Asian men are incapable micro-peens while being able to “whip it out” yourself.

As for me personally, I’m a “grower” so whipping out a little flaccid one on the spot doesn’t exactly help our cause. But thanks to iPhone technology I keep honest pics of my big erect dick in my phone, mostly from casual sexting. That way if someone wants to talk shit about tiny Asian penises I can “mic drop” right away.

A lot of Asian men are too shy and ignore the existence of this stereotype but the reality is that it’s literally world famous and appears on women’s minds by default as a result. We need to take more action to fight this one. For example I’d like to discuss solutions on how to convey the message in the dating market that you’re big enough. The stereotype is widespread enough for women to commonly exclude Asian men from their pool for potential partners.

My French ex-girlfriend. Memories and reflections

An Asian enclave like the ones in CA can be a good cultural resource but will hold younger Asian-American men back if they live in the bubble entirely without being exposed to the general population. Those who can navigate in and out of enclaves are better positioned for upward mobility. Especially in areas where the major industry powers are white-dominated (such as Hollywood/entertainment & Silicon Valley/tech) an enclave upbringing can hold you back in your own yard when it comes to upward mobility, networking opportunities and socializing/dating etc. More Asian dudes I grew up with in SoCal (a lot of them in my own family) cannot navigate outside the enclave bubble but I know quite a few who can and they normally do well.

Having lived and dated in EU myself for a few years in German speaking regions (I speak German semi-fluently) I can confirm directly that literally every German AM of the younger generation I’ve come across is doing better than the Asian-American counterparts. While most people here argue that Europeans are more open-minded it might be true that German AM’s have been forced to grow thicker skin and confidence from the beginning as you mentioned. And that is something that Asian-American men still need to do if they want to evolve and get to a better place.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Whether it’s true or not or how tiny the difference actually is in reality isn’t that important. The reality is that the stereotype has not only persisted for generations now and has yet to be successfully reduced or debunked at all. Why do you think that is? If anything, the spread of internet porn has solidified the stereotype in general society so now we’re on the hook to represent ourselves better.

The chronic stereotype results in women overlooking Asian men as potential partners and our dating market value staying at the bottom. The inaction on one of the most famous and most embarrassing stereotypes on Asian men is absolutely unacceptable on all counts.

My French ex-girlfriend. Memories and reflections

Asian enclaves provide refuge and maybe the closest thing to a normal social life in areas like California where larger amounts of Asians are often isolated and excluded from the general population. And therein lies the problem.

This social isolation limits growth and potential in greater Western society. Remember that we have to evolve and break into new territory like media in order to advance socially. Staying in an enclave likely puts you on the same old path of a model minority worker while denying you network access to more opportunity. You also don’t learn how to navigate and socialize in the general Western dating market.

A direct analogy would be comparing Asian frats and student organization to the big popular mainstream frats and sororities on one of those UC campuses. Since I grew up in Southern California and socialize in and out of enclaves my whole life I can dive deeper into it. Bottom line is that enclave isolation has gotten us nowhere so far and I’m in favor of reforming and breaking them up to get us to a better place.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Yup, unlike white and black men we haven’t made an effort yet to promote the big dongs in porn. And even Stevie Wonder can see that we’re in need of that specific type of representation more than any other race of men out there.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Take a look at my posting history and this subreddit in general. The downvoting consistently occurs when the most obvious “red meat” issues are brought up, such as height, penis size and poor performance in the Western dating market. Things that are open knowledge and common sense to literally everyone else out there except for Asian men.

This shows that a lot of Asian men are still unable/afraid to handle the bare truth about their own problems and also exposes a greater lack of real world experience and awareness compared to other men.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

  • Most Asians I see in my day to day life look a lot more like Ken Jeong than Godfrey Gao, and I live in NYC.

This is also the case in LA. By a long shot. In fact this is true everywhere. Which simply means most Asians still need to do more on the looks-front.

This subreddit is also proof that nobody else but Asian men have such difficulties and delusions about looks and beauty standards in society.

Even if you have little to zero experience, literally all you need to do is walk around outside, swipe on Tinder or spend some time reading women’s threads like r/ladyboner or r/redpillwomen to remotely understand what women want and don’t want.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

In North America women take “Hollywood” standards far more seriously than on any other continent and the bar is raised higher especially with the height criteria, which is the most openly mentioned preference in women’s dating profiles. On Tinder I’d say 80-90% of women go for the Top ~20% of guys.

At 183/184cm I’m barely tall enough to get regular matches. If I was just a bit below that, I would get exponentially less matches.

While I’d say 5’11″/180cm is the “Golden Hurdle” to clear in the West, it isn’t the end of the world either if you’re below it. You’d just get exponentially less matches and that’s the reality for the vast majority of men out there. It’s similar how money and wealth suddenly grows exponentially in a parabolic curve once you cross the “One-Percenter” mark. If I was another inch or two taller I’d also expect exponential growth in matches.

If I were a shorter Asian guy specifically, then the most effective and realistic solution for me would be to simply migrate out of America, maybe EU, Asia, Latin America. Because compared to other continents, US women have unreasonably high standards for height and frame and other looks-based criteria thanks to Hollywood. Go over to r/short or other looks-based forums and you’ll see that it’s a universal problem for shorter men, not just an Asian one.

Working out should be a mandatory requirement for Asian men and boys. It should be emphasized in school curriculums to increase base strength for all Asians in my opinion. But it wouldn’t necessarily be enough. I know a shit ton of really fit, ripped, handsome, aesthetic Asian guys with defined six packs and style but they’re like 5’8″ and 155lb. In the US dating market they’d lose against a dad bod former 6’1″ frat Chad with a frame who has since grown a little beer gut but still works out casually. If they’re above the “Golden Line” they have potential be slayers though.

My French ex-girlfriend. Memories and reflections

All AM’s I know from Germany and nearby countries do fine with dating WM’s too actually. I’ve spent a few years over there in school myself and love German women.

The advantage that German raised AM’s have over Asian-Americans apart from average height/better diet is the fact that they’re far better integrated and adjusted. They grew up in a healthier social environment while Asian-Americans are isolated and shoved into segregated enclaves.

My French ex-girlfriend. Memories and reflections

White girlfriends do wonder about the small penis stereotype amongst themselves most of the time. Just not in front of your face. The white friend/bff asking your girlfriend about it out of curiosity is inevitable.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Women have above average tastes and preferences in general. So it makes no sense to compare yourself to whatever the average white man’s height is in this country when women overwhelmingly prefer Chads on Tinder.

Average white guys do benefit from Hollywood imagery and cultural hegemony though, something that isn’t an available option for us until we take more control of the media.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Same in LA, even when the negligent Asian nerd problem is less severe than in Silicon Valley. A lot of delusional coping that has nothing to do with reality still going on. The proportion of Asian Chads vs Asian Stereotypes is very lopsided when walking around areas in general like Little Tokyo, Venice, Runyon Canyon etc.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Who cares about average height? Women in the West certainly don’t. They want the above average specimen, nothing less. That’s why active coping subreddits like r/short exist. Also, you can set your Tinder or OKCupid location to a major city in the US and browse for yourself to see.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Below 180cm might be fine in China but won’t do you any favors in LA.

While most women don’t ask about dick size up front (yet), they do have their size preferences in the West which skews to the bigger end of things and feel out the men accordingly with their methods and instincts. In today’s Tinder age, a lot of them also keep a roster of “qualified men” for speed dial whenever they need a good dick. Being a bigger than average guy with a lay count in the triple digits with mostly non-Asian women not only do I hear about this directly on a regular basis but a fair amount of women I’ve been with are open to or outright prefer Asian men. And those report “mixed results”, as in even though they had good experiences, often times the smallest guy they’ve been with was Asian too. But they’re open to Asian men if the dick is big enough.

Broad shoulders and narrow waists are a good aesthetic but won’t help if the target height and frame standard isn’t met. And those standards are set higher by women in the West than in Asia. A lot of Asian aesthetic traits would be superior if the height/frame hurdle vs other men in the dating pool were cleared.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Japanese porn producers need to be held accountable. If you casually browse through the Asian sections in Pornhub the stereotypes will be confirmed right away sadly. By not casting bigger specimens in porn they damage the reputation of Asian men inadvertently. Whites on the other hand mastered the propaganda machine for themselves to the point where even small to average white dudes benefit from a good media image in porn.

Meanwhile, in the West we need to start investing into our own porn production and representation. We need to cast and curate the finest specimens of our race and put them out there. Even Keni Styles put out a call a few years ago but I don’t think any projects came into fruition. Maybe it’s time for Asian men to tackle this one directly by pooling our resources together, whether it be money, experience or a plain ol big dick.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Completely delusional. No idea where you live but here in Hollywood (literally) the average Asian man is hugely disadvantaged by lack of height and frame. Go to any bar with a mixed crowd that has a larger % of Asians (or swipe on Tinder as a short man) and you will see that at least in LA there are far less Asian men below 6’0″ vs men of other races.

If an Asian man had the “Chad”-sized framework to work with and stays in shape then he can do well. Lack of height and frame and penis size reduces if not outright destroys any men’s chances in the Western dating world.

As fas as the penis stereotype goes, the problem is that not all Asian men have tiny penises while being average or ok doesn’t exactly impress women either. As a larger member myself I’m an innocent bystanding victim myself. Not only do we lack media representation in the West in porn (which is the most direct platform to deal with this issue) but also Asian producers don’t bother looking for members of their own race that would represent us well. Western producers do and the benefits trickle down to “their people”.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Asian men do deviate the furthest from preferred male beauty standards because the immediately obvious disadvantages carry more weight to women who set the standards.

When you weigh the advantages you mentioned vs the most obvious disadvantages – which are height, frame, body and penis size – and then total the sum, then Asian men still finish at the bottom compared to men of other races. If you want to showcase top tier Asians in Hollywood that can make a impact that benefits Asian men then chances are those men need to defy the most serious weak points.

Meanwhile, I do see potential and opportunity in the specific advantages you mentioned in the impactful areas of sports and porn. Even though most Asian men won’t make the cut to be on The Bachelorette or Love Island anytime soon, we can still unlock more of our potential in order to make inroads in sports and porn which would greatly improve our sexual market value.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

I do see China doing more in terms of setting up investing. If anything I think Asians from Asia might be the saving grace one day while Asian-Americans put themselves in the Model Minority trap.

Even for the young millennial generation most 20-ish tech bro founders and boot strappers that you find in incubators and workspaces are predominantly white. Hence no surprise that you see mostly white faces (with a token Asian/Indian/woman here and there) when you browse thru almost every leadership board profile site of venture-backed startups.

Dating Advice Thread | July 11, 2017

A factor that’s far more influential for success than “region” is yourself. The way you look, your social status etc. With the Tinder plus Plan you can swipe unlimited in different regions across the world to find out which area works best for you.

Dating Advice Thread | July 11, 2017

I recommend not judging yourself in case you either underestimate or overestimate yourself. Both are common. Go on apps like Tinder or places like popular bars in town where “Western standards” matter and see how you do. By the end of the day the women will either pick you or not.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

Asian guys do have to work harder for points 1 and 2 and just about anything else because we start from a handicapped position due to low/no social status and privilege. That’s not gonna change until we break white cultural hegemony by fixing all the issues that we’re listing here. It goes on in a vicious circle basically.

The reason why white guys are held to a lower standard is because they benefit from social privilege and cultural hegemony, giving them a huge head start in life. The benefits of good imagery and reputation portrayed in the media that they run themselves trickles down to the average white joe eventually. We will never start from an equal position let alone have privileged social benefits in Western life unless we gain more stake and power in the media.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

I agree that point #1 is extremely hard to change and can seem insurmountable at first. But there’s no way around it, improvements can and must be made in order to gain in all the other areas.

Also, in addition to fighting the uphill battle to self-improve I think we have to gain more control in Western media. Here are my suggestions:

  • Improve point #2 from the ground up by emphasizing fitness, sports and proper nutrition. While the door may be closed for a fully grown adult Asian man who’s short and small, we do see in the long run that the younger generation keeps growing taller and stronger thanks to advances in nutrition and exercise. There is plenty of room for long-term improvement, we haven’t even tried yet.

  • Gain more control of the media to sort out/reduce the stereotypes. A small penis should be treated as a general penis size issue instead of being inextricably linked with Asian men like it sadly is now. That’s the effect of the Western media perpetuating stereotypes unchecked. No one but us has incentive to stop this so we have to get in there.

  • Define a new Asian-American aesthetic that can actually appeal to a broader audience. Niches like the K-Pop look don’t cut the mustard here yet but a hybrid that includes more masculine traits or extra swag could be a step in the right direction. To get the ball rolling however, we still have to break through in Western media someday.

List Your Top 5 Issues that Negatively Affect Asian Men the Most

If we want to succeed in the VC/tech world we have to set it up on our own because those in power tend to help out their buddies and children first.

We don’t have the kinda systems in place yet that have been aggregating power and opportunity for whites and jews in America for centuries now, such as our own investment funds/VC firms, frats/social networks, country clubs etc.

A philosophical discussion: how much moral blame should we assign to Lus?

I think most people out there with just common sense (Asian and non-Asian) understand the issue and come to a similar conclusion that Anna Lu’s are self-hating, white worshipping traitors. Because it’s so blatantly obvious that it doesn’t take much intelligence or enlightenment to see.

But there are still weakened Asian Chans out there who have a harder time coping with it, as the reality affects them directly. Anna Lu and the “White Masters” capitalize off their support at the expense of the social well being of Asian men. We need to start holding naive Chans accountable for their embarrassing actions.

A philosophical discussion: how much moral blame should we assign to Lus?

The scenario in the article happens every day everywhere on a casual level. The reality in the US is that more Asian women will defend and love white men over Asian men than the other way around, it is that simple.

Men need to stop having empathy with Asian “sistas” like her. They are your enemy.

Even other men see that (while laughing at us as they smash the next tight oriental piece of ass from Tinder).

By publishing this article she declared herself as an authority voice on behalf of Asian men while she will continue to date white guys. That is in line with what most progressive-minded Asian women do as a strategy to get approval from Asian men while still worshipping white men at the same time. Win-win for Anna Lu.

A philosophical discussion: how much moral blame should we assign to Lus?

Lu’s aren’t technically doing anything different if they’re a product of the same environment. They develop the same tastes and preferences as other women in the West. They also acknowledge and dismiss inherent physical and social weaknesses of Asian men that was fed to them by the media. Western beauty standards give Asian women an advantage while it gives men an inverse disadvantage and Lu’s clearly enjoy and accept things as they are.

There’s no propaganda machine that specifically works against us and other minorities but whites are by far the best at fully utilizing the machine to create more advantages and power for them. So the whitewashing and stereotyping in media is casual “low-hanging fruit” to them for wins.

The stance that Asian women have towards Asian men is so clear all you need to do is go outside to observe for yourself. In some studies Asian women show stronger preferences for white men than even white women themselves. They will go a few extra steps to champion and justify the white man, including throwing their own heritage under the bus.

Lu’s (and emasculated gaysian white worshippers) are the ultimate defeatist sellouts that not only make men look worse but weaken the reputation of the Asian race as a whole. So to me they account for far more blame than any white people or Western propaganda machine out there.

Jeremy Lin: Americans Underestimate Asian Men

You common subconscious bias at work here caused by a lack of representation in athletics. So prospects are often overlooked and casually dismissed by coaches, teammates and fans alike. The same bias occurs in the workforce where Asian men aren’t seen as capable leaders (bamboo ceiling) and in the dating world where women don’t think of Asian men at all as viable romantic prospects.

These biases will continue until we increase positive representation in those areas.

Seize the Opportunity Given

The “pedestalizing” mindset comes from the self-internalization of social/sexual inferiority and lack of power thanks to colonialization. This works for self-hating Asian women and white worshipping bottom gays but not for straight men.

Unlike men of other races, not too many Asian men have been raised with or adapted a winner’s/conqueror’s mindset yet which is the better approach to get hot women. There are inherent flaws in our culture and upbringing/parenting that result in a weaker overall position for Asian men in the West.

Fight the fight but don’t forget to work on yourself as well, there are many positive things out there that you can draw inspiration from.

I have men in my immediate family and close circle of friends that live by the internal positivity you preach. And it’s absolutely true that they are usually happier than most people in here who chose to dedicate a chunk of their lives to social evolution and improvements and fighting to win.

You know what else is true? These guys are also model minority betas, introverted hermits and incels/virgins. Doesn’t take much intelligence to understand why they don’t get any respect from women and society.

And while they may have found peace and happiness within themselves, their general existence wreaks havoc on the social health of Asian men who have to live in the Western hemisphere. And the long-reaching effects of this blissful and selfish attitude is well-documented in things such as Hollywood, the dating market, college admissions and the workforce.

In the West, we’re dealing with another set of social problems that is unique to us. Because those problems aren’t being addressed on a sufficient scale, a lot of Asian men who haven’t done anything wrong are being punished unfairly by other people’s selfishness and inactions.

Seize the Opportunity Given

Having hot blondes and hot women in general as an option in your dating pool is not self-defeating. Not having the option to date hot blonde women if you want to in the US on the other hand is defeat. You lose in the dating market essentially. Not having choices in the areas of dating, love and sex signifies a man’s dire lack of social power and privilege in the US.

Sure, you can choose to bother with other things in life than conquering women and dismiss attaining a high sexual market value as a frivolous endeavor. But that’s exactly the same mentality that strict Asian parents have when they discourage their teenage sons to socialize and flirt with girls and tell them to do their homework instead.

The reason only Asian men struggle and bicker about the issue of getting hot white women while all other men high-five each other when they slay is because this lack of power and privilege is internalized as the norm.

Instead of shitting on other Asian men for wanting to go for what “they aren’t supposed to have” in the West you should hold that point until we’ve acquired more collective social privilege and power at least.

This is not about pleasing white America or anyone else for that matter, this is about winning in life as a man in general.

Fight the fight but don’t forget to work on yourself as well, there are many positive things out there that you can draw inspiration from.

There are a lot of Asian men who focus on the positive and ignore the negative things that impact them. And therein lies the problem. Most Asian men haven’t built up the courage yet to stare the demons that plague them directly in the face, let alone fighting them.

Looking past the negative to focus on the positive can only be effective if Asian men start combating the chronic problems that plague them. We haven’t done that yet for some of the most obvious issues and stereotypes.

We should use Rotten Tomatoes to rate down movies that portray Asian Men poorly.

Good intention but I don’t think this will work. Even if you got 10,000 Asian men to do it, It’s like artificial market inflation/deflation that doesn’t produce long-term impact on the norm. Reality is that even though this issue is known there aren’t enough people in the broader movie-going population that care enough about it.

Getting 10,000 Asian men to take it to the media in a boycotting/awakening campaign can get the ball rolling though.

When did you develop race consciousness, and did you come to terms with it?

The existence of this thread itself is proof that the issue is well and alive. It shows that the current norm for an Asian man to become race aware is “the hard way” because no one teaches them anything. Meaning you live a blissfully ignorant life until an event (such as not getting laid in college or being denied job promotions) suddenly hits you like a ton of bricks.

Most young Asian parents today in my area are US born and raised, mostly in Asian social enclaves. Because staying in enclaves isolates them from the rest of their surroundings they can mostly avoid the “bricks” but are totally unprepared if they or their children get hit.

When did you develop race consciousness, and did you come to terms with it?

Parents being oblivious is a fact but can no longer be an excuse. Asian parenting is a major contributor to the social failures of Asian men.

We need to start holding our parents accountable and lecture them about the adverse conditions we have to live with our entire lives. This doesn’t only apply to clueless FOB immigrant parents but even most 2nd or 3rd US-born parents are raising less capable and socially disadvantaged Asian boys right now without knowing it.

For white parents this is an easier job as the social issues are less severe/non-existent and they’re more socially aware than Asian parents.

When did you develop race consciousness, and did you come to terms with it?

Of course scenario #2 is the more likely outcome in reality. That’s because Asian parents don’t do enough, if anything to prepare their kids for a fight of a lifetime that they have to deal with.

In order for the mistreatment and bullying from society to stop, parents need to instill a tougher, fighter’s mentality in their kids. It’s like being thrown into rougher waters without being taught how to swim first.

Dating Advice Thread | July 04, 2017

Introversion is no excuse. The abnormally high rate of introversion is a bad thing for Asian men in the west and needs to be fought against head-on. There is no way around it.

Introverted Asian men exist in masses in the West for a number of reasons – inadequate “Asian” parenting, body image issues and lack of confidence, lack of social development etc. That leads to Asian men lacking very basic adult skills to do well in life – such as talking to women, performing well in job interviews or the board room. Which then creates a lot of common negative stereotypes we have to deal with.

Each and every cause needs to be dealt with head-on. Even though there are a lot of discussions on here, we haven’t even gotten to the meat yet.

Weekend Debriefing Thread

No but there are hardly any women interested in bothering with this topic. Wish there were more women in here as their input would be valuable to the many inexperienced and disillusioned men in here.

When did you develop race consciousness, and did you come to terms with it?

She may have accidentally prevented a few ambitious and capable Asian students of hers from falling into the “Model Minority” trap, thus inadvertently sending them on a better path in life. Then again she may have destroyed others’ self worth completely.

When did you develop race consciousness, and did you come to terms with it?

Been race aware my whole life. I’ve always bounced back between segregated Asian enclaves and non-Asian communities, mostly not by choice.

Went to private school in Europe, moved from typical Asian enclave areas to predominant white districts in suburban SoCal, went to one of the biggest model minority feeder universities, worked in white-dominated fields where Asians are well-represented and not represented at all. Grew up with diverse circles of friends, some of whom stay in enclaves their whole lives but I mostly socialize and date in non-Asian circles.

Lived in a bunch of major cities with larger Asian populations so I see the the social contrasts and dynamics between Asians and non-Asians on a daily basis. The bottom line is you either adapt or you don’t. Also it’ll be harder to adapt and evolve if you stick to enclaves.

Most Asians in California tend to seek refuge in social enclaves but doing so won’t move us forward in any way. Most enclaves are aggregators for continuous stereotypes, social exclusion and advancement limitations. It’s where you’ll find the next generation of unaware Asian-Americans and it produces too many Asian men who are completely crippled in broader social aspects.

Weekend Debriefing Thread

It’s borderline shocking to see an outer Borough being represented without being whitewashed in mainstream media. Maybe we’ll see movies and shows where there are more non-white people in LA and Brooklyn too.

What Hollywood usually does is inserting a minority or two in the background or in a minor role to “wash their hands clean”.

Just broke up with my white girlfriend of 3 years. Some thoughts.

Yeah, because people have a natural bias towards tall people. See the gazillions of dating profiles and success/height correlation studies amongst leaders/CEO’s out there.

When did you develop race consciousness, and did you come to terms with it?

At least she told you up front at an early age. A lot of Asian men go through life with their blinders on not knowing that it’s a common sentiment in society. They just don’t say it out loud but their bias is exposed by hiring and upward mobility data

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

There certainly is race, social and cultural hegemony but there are also a dozen other factors in men that matter to women that need to be kept in mind – looks, height, career, social status, size, jawline etc. Whatever it is that women like.

A lot of people in here tend to focus on one thing or the other. But you have to look at the bigger picture, weigh all the criteria and add them up to do the math.

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

Arabs, Persians etc do far better than Asians in a major cities. Even though they’re hampered by racism and islamophobia etc. some fit masculine standards better than other men. Arab dudes with an aesthetic like Britney Spears’ current boyfriend do well here in LA.

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

They edge out white women in some areas as the most desired women in dating because more of them have naturally thin, petite bodies and straight hair. That advantage makes up for starting at a lower social status for being Asian in racist America.

Asian men are basically plagued by the direct inverse of Asian women’s advantage.

“I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall In Love With White Women” – By a Brown Woman, Thoughts?

It’s pretty simple. There are Western beauty standards. Most Asian women pass those body and looks ideals and most Asian men don’t, leading to a gap in the quality of life and widespread stereotyping.

It’s common knowledge and most people see it. But a lot of Asian men are struggling to come to terms with the realities of it.

Been a while since I posted came across this. What y’all think?

The litmus test for an AM to “pass” for the WF who comes from a predominant white middle to upper-middle class in a major city in the US is very straightforward:

If you can insert yourself in popular TV shows and movies that women love without looking totally out of place then you’ll be fine. Meaning you wouldn’t look out of place at all in a line-up of Bachelorette candidates, in an MTV Real World cast, as a love interest in HBO’s Girls, in 50 Shades of Grey etc.

Yes, that means you have to be tall and extremely good looking etc. The white girl wants to bring a guy to the brunch table that her girlfriends and guy friends won’t and can’t look down upon and so far only a few exceptions qualify.

The reason why the average to ugly Asian man doesn’t have full access privileges to the dating market and some average to ugly white men do is because Asian men have little to no social power in the US while whites benefit from cultural hegemony. And it’ll stay that way until we either take more control of the media or improve our looks collectively to close the gap vs other men. Realistically, both things would nee to happen in order for us to move up the social and dating ladder in the West.

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

What I meant is that AF’s passed the looks standard. And if AM’s “pass” then most of them will be fine in the dating market to too, assuming they’re mentally healthy and socially well-adjusted.

Gender Issues Thread

Being considered too unattractive to be eligible for love, sex and dating results in negative consequences for the average Asian man in other areas of life too, such as

  • 1) Not being seen as a capable leader, which contributes to being passed up for promotions at an accelerating rate once you reach the exec-levels (bamboo ceiling)

  • 2) Continuous negative media portrayal and stereotyping which essentially destroys Asian man’s social value and dignity in the West. In practicality Asian women are treated as higher value humans than men.

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

K-Pop culture and aesthetic at its current state doesn’t cut it and never will in the US, unless we take over the media. And that’s another far-fetched scenario that won’t happen anytime soon.

I live in LA which boasts the largest Korean population in the US. Major aspects of Korean culture such as food, nightlife options etc. are very popular in general here, but the guys aren’t. No such thing as bars, venues or neighborhoods where women go to meet Asian guys exist in the entire town. Hollywood, Tinder and porn reside here and reign supreme.

The only way K-Pop could realistically widen its small popularity base would be if the style adapts to the West and evolved into its own new aesthetic – such as fusing K-Pop influenced style with Western body ideals – Like a 6’1″ rugby player built Chad with an Asian edge and K-pop pretty boy looks & hair. I do know girls who are specifically hunting that type that boasts both muscle and pretty boy looks but there are only a few of those out there in real life.

Personally, I think this is the way to go to redefine Asian Masculinity in the West. Or define to begin with. There will be no progress for us either way if we don’t boosting universal attributes of masculinity and body standards. Those apply to all men in the West and realistically we can only strive for a variation thereof.

Been a while since I posted came across this. What y’all think?

It’s a common sentiment that “woke” Asian women and other women of color have. Having white eye candy on their arm is a symbol of feminist progress and victory in the West.

To them, Asian/Indian men are oppressive patriarch sexists who don’t know how to treat women unlike the advanced white man.

So women like Mindy Kaling and Anna Lu rationalize and advocate going for white men because in their colonialized, self-hating minds taking a stand against the oppressive & outdated brown/yellow patriarchy is necessary in order to keep their “dignity” .

You will often see “woke” white progressive women call out Asian women for their hypocrisy, siding with the Asian men. But that doesn’t automatically mean they accept Asian men as an eligible option for dating either. They’re mostly affirming their political stance while defending themselves against increasing competition in their own dating pool which is mostly white men.

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

The “white bonus” is very obvious in the US too and being average holds you back for any men. So it’s a harsh double blow for the average Asian man.

But here in LA some Asian men that do well as long as they reach a certain level of attractiveness. Despite occasional discrimination their dating life will be more “normalized” similar to AF’s as they have regular options to choose from. If you’re tall and seamlessly fit into the aesthetic range of these guys you’ll be fine:


This might look like it doesn’t help the “average Asian guy” at first but I do think there are more than enough Asian guys who can attain that range if they worked harder on themselves.

Gender Issues Thread

A healthy and truly woke and progressive AF wouldn’t discriminate AM’s on the basis of being Asian alone. The definition of the Anna Lu would do just that. Logically, the healthy AF would go for the WM over the AM if he meets more standards of male attractiveness and the other way around if the AM does so.

Because AF’s have the privilege of choices in the Western market (which AM’s collectively don’t), they can pick solely based on universal male attractiveness criteria alone without looking at race at all.

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

the male K-Pop looks and culture segment isn’t big enough to be a viable avenue for Asian men in my area LA, which has the largest Korean population in the US. Meaning there aren’t enough women to go around for you if you fit that look and culture. By contrast, other parts of Korean culture like food, spa and nightlife are very popular across LA.

That might be because Tinder and the entertainment industry (Hollywood) reside and dominate in LA. That means theoretically areas where Tinder and Hollywood are less influential are probably better for Asian men who are trying to succeed with an alternative type of appeal.

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

How would you describe the “different appeal” and how widespread is Asian man’s appeal in your area vs other men?

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

It’s a work-in-progress. Barely tip of the iceberg in my opinion because our dignity and masculinity have been marginalized for centuries now and nothing we’ve done so far has helped us improve.

While people point fingers mostly at white privilege and media it is clear that the root of our problems lies in our looks and aesthetics in contrast with Western ideals and preferences. The problem of course is magnified in Western media but that doesn’t change the root of the problem itself.

Data and apps made it possible to quantify and analyze what attributes people look for in their potential mates. Data and studies show Asian men doing pretty well in every major area of life except for dating where the results are abysmal in contrast. In our progress curve this represents a glaring, extreme outlier that is too obvious to ignore. Especially considering this outlier problem doesn’t for Asian women at all in the West. If don’t treat issues at the root of the problem first then we won’t be able to effectively make strides in things like the Western media, the bamboo ceiling or our overall dating market value either.

As more information and discussion becomes available I am hoping that more Asian men begin to accept and understand the root cause of their collective plight and then start coming up with solutions to combat each and every problem.

As an Asian male living in Australia who’s never really heard of the concept of Asian Masculinity, what exactly is this sub about?

While I think you are correct about a lot of white men you see with Asian women not being even good looking at all most of the time you can’t deny that a higher % are still a whole lot closer to the western body ideals for men. In fact, maybe no other race of men deviates further from Western beauty standards than Asian men if you break it down by universal criteria that matter to women such as height, muscle tone, jawline, facial hair etc.

Asian women are considered “toxic” in the sense that they adapted western preferences and perpetuate a self-hating colonialized mindset. But keep in mind that the bulk of problems that hold Asian men back (and not Asian women) is rooted in not satisfying looks-based criteria.

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

A lot of people in here blame white media and privilege for their problems while they should focus their energy on the main root cause of Asian men’s problems first – Looks, aesthetics, physical preferences set by women.

While no one denies that being white in America gives you more advantages, look at how much better Asian women have it compared to Asian men. Like it or not, they cleared the looks hurdle and most Asian men haven’t, leading to a huge gap in privilege between us.

Even though the increased looks standards raise the bar for all men universally I think Asian men still put in the least effort compared to men of other races, perhaps because they’ve been living in denial for so long. In a discussion board like this you often need to explain things to Asian men in here that are otherwise considered common sense to everyone else.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

It depends on you mostly. I’ll put it this way – there is not good place for Asian men for dating anywhere in North America. No specific bars, clubs, neighborhoods that tons of women flock to to meet Asian guys exist.

There are some places that are better for Asian because of cultural differences. In that regard, your chances are better in Oakland theoretically because it’s less of a white tech bro culture than SF. But in reality the difference in success will be marginal.

A far more deciding factor is how your looks and social standing stacks up in the local market. Just because Oakland has a different culture than SF doesn’t mean that shy Berkeley student Steven Chen who doesn’t lift or go out will do well.

The more criteria and preferences set by women (looks, height, social etc.) you satisfy, the better you will do, whether it’s SF or East Bay.

Gender Issues Thread

The gap in privilege and power between Asian men and women is so wide now that the experiences of living in the West today are practically nothing alike between Asian women and men.

While metrics like career and income stay somewhat healthy for both Asian men and women, it’s the Western beauty standards that disqualify the vast majority of Asian men from the dating market and firmly declares us as a lower class of humans denied of any social power or privileges in the West.

Asian women don’t live on that kinda “hard mode” in the US. Not even close. Not being held by height standards and being small and petite favors Asian women in Western society and opens a lot more doors for them.

Dating Advice Thread | July 04, 2017

AM-only is the way to go for those interested in networking. Because there are no general places or cultural interest meetups around town where you can avoid an overload Anna Lu’s and AMWF. It is the standard norm in LA/SoCal as it is in most other cities. The social discrepancy between Asian men and Asian women is too huge, we live with completely different issues on a daily basis.

2) The discrepancy experiences of living as an Asian man vs women

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

There’s large amount of non-FOB Asians here in SoCal. While Asian women here live a high quality life, Asian men don’t. The cause for the discrepancy comes down to 1 reason – Western beauty standards.

Asian women aren’t held by standards like height and size so they enjoy a healthy social and dating life while most men are essentially shut out. In fact, being petite favors them while it would completely annihilate the sexual market value for many men, not just Asians.

Only a small % of Asian men meet certain inherent physical qualities like height, jawline, muscles etc. that women find attractive in men in general and those will have it easier around here.

Some people on here make the argument that the larger visible display of Asian men “not meeting general looks standards” in SoCal makes it a worse place for Asian men to live than in areas with a smaller Asian population %.

Ever Wonder Why US Media Is Perennially Anti Asian Male?

I also think that women will prefer an attractive AM over an ugly WM. But on average, far more white men meet Western standards of attractiveness. So if an Asian male meets a majority of Western beauty standards they’ll do fine at least. The truth is the majority of Asians don’t meet enough of them, especially in the height category.

Asian men finish last in the dating market and most of it is attributed to aesthetic reasons like being too short and small framed. Asian women bypass major hurdles because women in general aren’t held by height standards and being small/petite is an advantage for them. Being too small is an inherent disadvantage as a man in this society.

Asian guy complaining about AM dating scene in Sweden

Yes, I read the entire manifesto in which he mostly described scenarios and experiences during his upbringing. How he lusted after blondes, felt isolated and was ignored socially, was jealous of popular classmates etc. There are a lot of things in the manifesto that draw parallels to what this OP is going thru in Sweden.

Not saying this guy in Sweden has potential or tendencies to kill but definitely has parallels to a bunch of things that Rodger described in the manifesto.

“I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall In Love With White Women” – By a Brown Woman, Thoughts?

Essentially yes, it’s a common argument that “woke” women of color make.

The reason why Aziz can’t slay white chicks is because Asian/Indian men are outdated patriarch sexists with backward attitudes towards women who treat them like shit unlike the advanced white man.

On the other hand, women like Mindy Kaling, Anna Lu and this author think of themselves as progressive pioneers who take a bold, courageous stand in their mind against the oppressive, inferior brown or yellow man who’s still stuck in Colonial times unlike them.

Therefore, if the progressive feminist Asian/Indian woman wants to keep her dignity she ought to pair with the advanced “woke” white man instead.

“I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall In Love With White Women” – By a Brown Woman, Thoughts?

The out-of-touchness of this woman is just a symptom of the widening gap in privilege and power between Asian men and women. At this point it is obvious that the experiences of living in the West are practically nothing alike between Asian women and men.

While most metrics like career and income stay healthy and intact for Asian men and women, it’s the Western beauty standards that disqualify the vast majority of Asian men from the dating market and firmly declares us as a lower class of humans who are ineligible for any power or privileges in the West.

Asian women don’t live on that kinda “hard mode” in the US. Not even close.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

The study may be old but not outdated. Inevitably new studies will come out showing roughly the same results.

Online dating does suck for the common man and dating in general sucks worse for Asian men even before online dating. Otherwise this subreddit wouldn’t exist in this form.

But if you have the aesthetic and social potential then online dating is an opportunity for you to transcend race or other things that might have held you back before.

Asian guy complaining about AM dating scene in Sweden

You might be right about him trying to go for the typical blonde that’s usually into Chads and masculine dark med types. He does have a bit of an “Elliot Rodger syndrome”

Asian guy complaining about AM dating scene in Sweden

Assuming it’s not any looks-based problems as he claims my guess is that he’s plagued by social anxiety and shyness etc. Pretty much all the Euro-raised Asian men I’m friends with (German, French, Dutch etc) do really well in life and with women.

Even in the States they slay due to key advantages like growing tall and fit like this guy in Sweden and being confident and well-adjusted socially unlike this guy. Trust me, those guys do not live life on “hard mode” even when they end up in America.

Hawaii 5-0 Asian Stars Quit Over Pay Discrimination

This is happening and will continue because there are no Asians on the other end of the negotiation table yet.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

Look man. I’m not hating and I’m not a bully. I’m just defending myself and I’m a man with a temper too. It’s a thing called testosterone. I might bigger and better in some ways and worse and uglier in other ways. No one is superior over you in every way, not even entitled white dudebro pricks.

You’re a bit younger than me and when I was your age I probably had a much worse chip on my shoulder. I can tell you it is an art to control your temper. And I’m not here to talk down on people, I am here to fight for a greater cause. And as a brother, I ask you to join me because I can tell you do have valuable input that you can share.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

I also didn’t baselessly claim out of the blue that your dick is micro. I just said if I had to bet my money and knowing general statistics I’d bet my money on me.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

No you’re not ugly but you will have to work to slay. I’m not saying you can’t and congrats if you do.

But what you can’t do is assume that you’re an alpha top dog looking like that. I can guarantee you I’m not the only guy even in here who’d have to stare downward if I had to confront you in person in San Diego.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

No, not the fault but maybe small compared to the establishment. it also might be lack of proper dieting growing up and maybe not winning in the genetic lottery judging by your lack of height and frame etc.

My advice is to cool your temper, otherwise you will perpetuate the stereotype of the “angry little man” for yourself.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

Are those your Tinder pics in your post history? Guess I won. I should’ve bet every penny in my name. Oh well.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

If I was a betting man or if I purely looked at statistics and probabilty then I’d bet that I’m taller than you, have a bigger dick than you and bang more chicks than you.

So what. Arguments are still valid for the majority of Asian men out there.

Dating Advice Thread | July 04, 2017

Wolf & Crane and Bar 82 are the two venues where I spot AMWF couples most frequently maybe in all of LA. But aside those slim pickings DTLA is straight up Anna Lu central. Especially the hipster cocktail bars and craft breweries.

It’s possible that DTLA is about to emerge to become LA’s new capital of self-hating sellout Anna Lu’s as they offer a diversity spectrum of them ranging from white-washed hipster to boring corporate yuppie/techie to anime Japan nerd culture Anna Lu’s.

Dating Advice Thread | July 04, 2017

True, Asian guys who are used to dating and matching with women of all colors don’t care about that kinda shit at all as it doesn’t affect them. A lot of times you see strange views and scenarios created in here that don’t align with how dating in the real world works at all. Like the “sandbags” scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

It might be cringeworthy and we sure get laughed at from the outside but those with little to no experience need to be heard out too because we’re trying to fix things here for the long run.

Dating Advice Thread | July 04, 2017

I live near Little Tokyo & Arts District and I see more Asian Chads and AMWF couples going out around there than any other neighborhood in LA I can think of, followed by Silverlake and Westside maybe. But that doesn’t mean much when for every AMWF couple you see 20-30 WMAF couples. The only AMAF couples I see walking around are literally visitors from overseas.

Little Tokyo isn’t an “Asian” neighborhood in the sense of K-Town anymore despite the food because the Arts District demographic has swept over. Virtually none of the Asian locals male or female date within their own race there and their circle of friends are majority white hipsters in creative industries.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | June 26, 2017

Being Asian alone shouldn’t automatically equal inherently ugly, that would be flat out racism. But there are other attributes in men of all races that women deem inherently unattractive such as being short, out of shape, being shy, having a small dick etc.

Anglo-Western media propaganda like to link a bunch of these inherently unattractive qualities to Asian males, resulting in bad stereotypes that turn women off. That’s why Asian men better fare better in the less media-obsessed EU than in the US.

But if you possess too many of the attributes that are inherently unattractive in any man then you won’t get a pass in the EU either.

Ever Wonder Why US Media Is Perennially Anti Asian Male?

Yes, in places with large enclaves like SoCal most stick to their comfort zone and don’t get out. That increases Asian stigmas and stereotypes and lowers Asian man’s social and dating value around town.

While enclaves like suburban SGV and OC serve their purpose of providing refuge etc. they also hold Asians back from progressing further in society. As a net result, enclaves and Asian student organizations contribute to the bamboo ceiling and lower social and sexual market value of Asian men. This is one of the topics that need to be discussed at large in a separate thread.

Asians need to be pushed to go out there and mingle outside their enclave bubbles if they want to progress further in a place like SoCal. In LA specifically more Asians need to enter the entertainment industry or try creating their own startups in the creative fields. After all you have a lot of Asians located directly at the main root of their hardships. This should be viewed as a potential opportunity to break through major resistance and start an unprecedented and necessary social revolution for Asians.

You can get as strong as an ox inside the gym but eventually you have to put all that muscle to use if you want to conquer new territory.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

There’s been consistent instances of extreme right wing/white supremacist public figures dating Asian women for a long time now. They typically justify dating Asian women with 2 arguments:

  • 1) Mutual respect of each other’s societies as long as they stay separated. Outspoken white supremacists do respect some Asian cultures as they find them civilized and orderly. They often credit the success of Asian civilizations to racial homogeneity which is.

  • 2) Inherent privilege of the conqueror. They expect by default that all women including Asians prefer the superior white man over the incapable Asian man. Options are a given and enough self hating Asian women support this.

Asian women pose a real threat to the dating options of white women by being capable of taking “their men”. Meanwhile white supremacist women would never be caught dead with ethnic men although they do get caught taking the BBC sometimes lol.

On a less politically charged, casual level you often see white women who can’t hold back in their dating profiles, expressing disdain for “manly, tall, good looking white men” going for Asian women. Can’t deny Anna Lu’s power in society.

In the Bay Area specifically, the same white supremacist dynamics and sentiment of the alt-right is also present in the Bay’s “progressive, liberal” tech startup culture. White tech bro and Asian men work together in civility while the racial hierarchy is clearly established, especially in dating.

Ever Wonder Why US Media Is Perennially Anti Asian Male?

I work out at a gym in a heavily Asian neighborhood sometimes. Gym is always packed with guys who work their asses off and look like they could easily break your average white douche bro in half. Makes me proud and fuels my workout in a different way. We’re definitely capable of making gains (no pun intended) but our problem isn’t the guys in the gym but the ones who aren’t.

If I saw more of the kinda Asian guys I see in the gym on the streets then I too can see why racist white dudes sense a threat coming their way. After all it is their priority to protect the assets and privileges they inherited. In LA where I live white people work to protect their inherited power by being directly involved in Hollywood and media.

Dating Advice Thread | July 04, 2017

Grew up in SoCal and lived all over the area. SoCal is probably better for most Asian men, though it doesn’t guarantee anything depending on who you are and what you’re looking for.

Asians mingle well in larger numbers their own segregated enclaves but they’re conspicuously absent in areas of power and influence. In LA that would be wherever the entertainment and creative industry comes out to play and quite frankly whatever venues and neighborhoods the hottest women tend to frequent to in LA.

This sentiment is also exactly mirrored by LA’s Asian population statistics. Asians are highly represented almost entirely in the suburbs (plus enclaves like K-Town and Chinatown) while they’re notably absent in the more desirable areas affluent in both money and social power like Westside, Malibu, Bel Air, WeHo, Hollywood Hills etc. See here:


Outside of LA I’d say areas like OC, Long Beach and SD are chill though. As usual, just don’t be full of unattractive stereotypes and you can live a decent life in SoCal.

Ever Wonder Why US Media Is Perennially Anti Asian Male?

Yes they are, especially in the US. American women want whatever is sold to them on TV and the social media, often literally no matter how ludicrous. Shows like The Bachelorette, handsome and mostly white lead characters in Hollywood movies and toys like the Ken doll (who is much taller than Barbie herself) sell them the desired masculine ideal that they ought to go for to be admired and respected by their peers.

I’d say European women pick up on the irony and ridiculousness of eating up whatever the media feeds you better than American women do, though they’re influenced by Hollywood media propaganda as well.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

Asian guys whose idea are “too radical” or who “come on too strong” will get kicked out and will come back in a regular cycle. Because being nice and soft hasn’t gotten us anywhere so far so there’ll always be demand for more drastic measures and ideas.

What’s even worse is that I see a lot of men in here get shit from other Asian men for suggesting ideas that aim to break white privilege and cultural hegemony, like conquering white women and help out other Asian men in business etc.

Ever Wonder Why US Media Is Perennially Anti Asian Male?

They anticipated the possibility that more and more of us might be coming after their assets, land, money and women. Ideally they hope that we fall into their order which we’re mostly doing so far so they can control us. However, as we gain more economic power stateside and in Asia while they create their own internal problems, the government’s hand will continue to weaken.

Reason why they try to go through Hollywood and media is because it is one of the last large scale weapons left in their arsenal that can effectively (and thus far successfully) combat our progress in Western territory. Let’s work together to weaken this weapon too.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

Your cousin engages in internalized self-cucking. Even non-Asians know that we routinely do this to ourselves. Asian men self-cuck themselves and turn women off mostly unintentionally, not realizing what they’re doing.

Your cousin needs to be lectured (so does the vast majority of the Asian male population on earth), maybe contact him to point things out. Send him this way maybe?

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

Saw a post somewhere around here about a study that the Coffee Meets Bagel app made, citing that a staggering 34% of asian women prefer white men exclusively. Which doesn’t mean the rest will prefer Asian guys either but may be open to it.

34%! Think about this number. If the results for any similar studies fall anywhere near this ballpark range then statistically Asian women are a far worse enemy to us than white media or white privilege.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

Also note how this debate doesn’t flare up for men of other races. Instead, they high-five each other for slaying hot women, whether they be blonde or not.

From the vantage point of an Asian man stuck on the lower rungs of the dating ladder it can look to him like someone is “selling out” or “pedestalizing” when they date white women. To him, the powerless position he’s in has been internalized and accepted as a standard reality. At the same time, when non-Asian men smash white chicks it’s not being questioned at all. Another equivalent example of internalization is the general acceptance of widespread Anna Lu’s.

When Asian men weakened by a colonized mindset keep telling you that you shouldn’t go after white and hot non-Asian chicks their internalized reasoning behind it is that those “types” are notavailable to us because we have lower privilege. Therefore do not touch. Only available for other men, not for you!

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

These posts will continue as long as the widespread problem exists. They’re a symptom of having an internalized colonial mindset. It clearly hasn’t been solved yet on a larger scale.

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

Do you live in the US? The scenario described in the Australian article (I’ve never been there to confirm anything) would be groundbreaking to see in my area (which is very “Hollywood” even in the literal sense). It would signify a disruption in the Hollywood machine that marginalizes Asian men on the basis of physical standards and stereotypes. I can see it possible in a more progressive area like Canada or EU first, not the US anytime soon.

In my area Asians are relegated to doing their thing in separate enclaves like K-Town and Little Tokyo in a socially segregated way. Meaning they have their social scenes but are completely absent in places of social power and influence. So Asians are present but not present here.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

I started going out in the Bay Area since the early 00’s (went to college at a Model Minority feeder school) and to me it looks like things have gotten worse since. I’d say around the first tech boom things were good as “new money” arrived despite some sneering from the “old money”. It was the time when dividends started paying out for Asians who took that traditional path to a nice tech job and took them to a better social place they’ve never been to before.

Then the latest tech bro influx which accelerated around ~2012 annihilated a lot of things in SF, from local businesses to the old cultural DNA of SF to the social health and dating chances of ethnic men, particularly Asians. Having moved to LA a while ago and you being married we can sit back and view things clearly with a relaxed but realistic approach. But I still have a lot of single friends of all races there who are doing worse by the minute because they’re still active participants. Guys who were super active around town chasing women who are now shut in essentially.

The mainstream paradigm of meeting women has shifted to apps like Bumble and Tinder which empowers women to be straightforward and clear with the type they want. I don’t think SF is a mentally healthy place for many single men if you don’t fit that certain mold. You might be better off in a different or culturally more diverse area.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

Wrong. I date women of all colors, including Asian women. So getting Asian women is winning to me. So is getting white and brown women. Unlike a lot of Asian or Indian men I don’t have any internalized hang ups when it comes to the races and nationalities of women that I date.

Internalized hang-ups like you just displayed are one of the very traits that hold Asian men (and men in general) back in more than one area in life. Maybe the reason why I’m able to enjoy a normal dating and social life and others struggle with it is because I’m not hampered by a colonial mindset.

Young Asian-Australians Carve Out an Identity of Their Own

Confident and attractive Asian men and women who set their own standard without caring what Westerners prefer is an interesting and potentially groundbreaking concept.

Before this can break through in the United States it would have to clear the hurdles of height and build preferences of most women though. Since a majority of men of all races don’t meet that standard set by women nowadays maybe everyone who’s short and small should get together and start implementing solutions.

In the meantime, a visible increase of tall, fit and hot AMAF couples would definitely turn heads and gain ground for us, in a “gateway drug” kinda way. Even in an area with a larger Asian population like California I don’t see those as often as I would like to.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

No, it’s not even about equality (although that would signify a major progress milestone for Asian men) or thinking that white girl vagina feels better than other vaginas. It is purely about having more options in life available to you. More options = more power, privilege and opportunity on Planet Earth. A conqueror’s or winner’s mentality if you will. More Asian men need to adapt that type of mindset if they wanna see a better day for their fellow men, period.

And from a purely statistical and population data standpoint yes, as a straight man in the West you absolutely are bottom tier to worthless if you’re completely barred entry to white pussy in a white majority area as a straight man. It’s not acceptable at all. A dignity concern if you will. You can cope and not care about it to make yourself feel better but reality is reality. You wouldn’t even be considered a viable man in the eyes of women in your area.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | July 03, 2017

I will try to summarize for you why Asian/Indian men will continue to give you shit for wanting to bang hot chicks and why white men (and bros of other races) high-five each other when banging and conquering whoever they please:

  • It comes down to internalized privilege and power vs the internalized lack thereof.

You could dig deep into research and trace back the roots of these internalized mindsets to colonial times. But for the sake of relevance to modern every day scenarios it simply comes down to the fact that white men are raised and groomed with the mindset that winning and scoring in most areas of life is inherent to them while for Asian/Indian men having such privileges isn’t even within the realm of imagination.

The concept of privilege doesn’t even exist in our upbringing while the opposite does. So having little to no dating options in the West is as normal as breathing air to Asian and Indian men as that’s the only thing most have ever known. And every day they’re getting hammered with additional evidence to reinforce and internalize this insidious norm.

You’re out on your own for now if you wanna bang hot chicks. If you wanna succeed in that endeavor you probably have to disregard your fellow men and carve a path on your own and break out of the exact things that created the internalized mindsets for the vast majority of Indian and Asian men to begin with.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

When I think of “making it further up” I think in the collective sense. In professions like i-banking, BigLaw, tech etc. Asians are well represented from entry-to-mid management level and once you approach a certain area at the upper echelons of each profession the % of representation plummets to a fraction of what it was before. Hence over the past few decades we’ve seen very few Asian managing directors, partners or general tech bros who get venture capital vs white men. This is due to a combination of the following:

  • A perceived bias that Asians are unattractive, uncharismatic robots that lack desired soft skills and leadership traits

  • An striver’s mentality and culture which produces good students and skilled, obedient workers aka the Model Minority stereotype

  • Lack of “old boys club” advantages like inherited social and financial powers and privileges in the West

I have yet to find any sort of evidence or even a hint that this bamboo ceiling will change in the foreseeable future.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

Google “Asian men upward mobility silicon valley”, read most of the articles to catch up and form your conclusions and findings and get back to me if you’d like to dive deeper into this issue.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

If things don’t fully click to you instantly by the way I expressed in those terms you’re probably not alone and need more detailed explanation. Usually men who are aware get it right away but a larger proportion of Asian men don’t compared to men of other races due to factors like social isolation and general inexperience.

So no, literally just being an Asian bro who lifts probably doesn’t cut it. It is required to meet an aspect of several general physical requirements that women prefer to see in a man. Being tall in the 6’0″+ range and fitting the “frat bro” aesthetic in other ways such as good genetics/frame and being clean cut helps too. Aside from the physical preferences there are of course social status things that can give you an advantage (or not) in the dating market.

Since you’re local to the Bay the best way for you to see what women want is to go out in active social places like the Marina for yourself. Swiping on dating apps like Tinder can also give you a realistic assessment of your standing in your local dating market.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

The same one where I worked in for years as well. Cherry picking some Asians who made it a bit further up is like saying there are some Asian actors in Hollywood too like the guy from Harold and Kumar and the dude from Hawaii 5.0

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

Do you life in SF and have you been to the Marina and understand what kinda men the women go for?

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

Because we speak the truth. Anyone in here who doesn’t get downvoted regularly doesn’t address the whole truth.

The comments I usually get downvoted for most of the time are things that make Asian guys look and feel shitty and uncomfortable when they’re not sugarcoated. But truth is truth, what are you gonna do about it.

The vast majority of Asian men is still unwoke and oblivious in terms of general masculinity so they often can’t handle being confronted by uncomfortable truths. Examples include the frat bro social order in SF which anyone who has lived there recently can attest to or shorter men being shunned by women more often which anyone who isn’t blind can attest to. Reality is reality though.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

In SF the Marina has the highest % of women looking for action by far. The bad rep and talk around town comes from the fact that these women hunt for exactly one type.

In terms of getting women in SF it’s clear cut that the privileged tall Marina frat bro is at the top of the chain. What makes SF worse for other men than in other cities like LA or NYC is a lack of viable alternative options.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

No it is not sad nor is it an obsession in most cases.

The phenomenon of Asian/Indian guys frequently mentioning interracial dating and white girls on here is a symptom of being collectively shut out from the general dating pool, a privilege that the general population gets to enjoy.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

When you look up the post history of idiot shit posters 99% of the time they’re clearly revealed as some sort of mentally ill/low IQ/basement troll not worth responding to. A lot of them pop up in this subreddit too.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

OKC, match.com and Tinder are owned by IAC, a publicly traded conglomerate. So if Christian Rudder (a Harvard educated mathematician and founder of OKC) published overinflated lies and data and gets caught then his parent company would be forced to do PR damage control.

Even if there’s room for results manipulation here and there you will see more companies and startups sort and analyze an increasing amount of data available to them. And with more studies conducted separately from each other, you can then aggregate the scores for a more accurate overall picture for yourself.

By the way, in Dataclysm Christian Rudder did mention that the data results for Tinder are roughly the same as for OKCupid.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

Overall SFBay is a bad deal for Asian men. But you won’t go empty-handed either as long as you’re an outgoing tall non-nerdy/not stereotypical Asian tech bro who lifts.

Also note how there are way less “Anna Lu’s” in the Marina vs other neighborhoods. The frattyness and intimidation by the presence of so many white girls is too much for them to bear. While Marina culture is overly white obviously you do see the occasional token minority dudes hanging out there. Like the aforementioned Asian tech bro who lifts or the preppy black guy dressed Ralph Lauren style.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

The paradigm has shifted to apps so it’s easier to browse and meet more women on them than IRL. Girls aren’t more “biased” on apps vs in person but apps enable them to be more direct with their preferences.

Whether you prefer to meet them IRL or on apps, you’ll be held by similar standards.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

There are a lot more attractive white women (along with very few Anna Lu’s) going out in the Marina than anywhere else. And they want clean cut bros. So the Marina is heaven if you’re Chad, Broey McBroseph or Whitey McWhite but useless if you’re not. Go barhopping there and you’ll see right away what the dominant social culture in SF is like.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

Despite having similar if not even better skill sets in tech, most Asians go the Model Minority path to work for the white man/bro in charge instead of starting their own thing. In Silicon Valley, Asians are overrepresented as employees but glaringly absent on the entrepreneur and exec side of things.

Because socializing and the game of VC/funding is a white old boy’s club in the Bay Area it is time for Asians to pool their own funds together and invest in Asian founders and startups. This hasn’t started stateside yet maybe because we still lack that level of power and bank but over in Asia they’re already doing it.

Behold the Face of White Tech Bro Privilege

I know a lot of rich tech bros in the Bay who hardly ever use or update social media in the traditional sense anymore. They don’t need to. They’re privileged sociopaths who swipe at home, hang at sports bars in the Marina, North Beach, Nob Hill and up and down the Peninsula and go to house parties and social functions with their dates or frat buddies. And white women and Anna Lu’s continue to flock to them.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

It makes a difference that everyone already knows about unless you live under a rock.

Out of 100 profiles women swipe 29 times for white guys vs 21 times for Asian guys. 21 = 72% of 29 so rounded up white guys get about 30% more matches.

It also means that you average Asian guy would get something at least. So you get close to zero matches, and a lot of guys in here report this result regularly, then something is really off. Yes, women are racist when it comes to dating but if you have super low to zero matches then there are likely other factors at play in addition to race.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

OKC analyzed user data from 2009-2014 and showed that racial bias has worsened if anything. https://theblog.okcupid.com/race-and-attraction-2009-2014-107dcbb4f060

The founder also published a book on his findings called Dataclysm which is a good, informative read.

While the reply chart shows broad average response rates across users, (such as WF replying to WM 29% vs 21% for AM) it doesn’t show how this reply data changes between more and less liked/attractive members. My prediction is that racial bias and selection increases parabolically as the members get more attractive.

Is it now South Asian men’s turn to pay the price in the western sexual market?

As more and more data becomes available every day for analysis I really wish dating sites like OKC, Tinder, CMB etc. would publish stats and studies on their blogs on a regular basis to paint an increasingly accurate picture of racial and looks-based dynamics in Western dating.

What these results will continue to show is that being an Asian or Indian male is a huge handicap in the dating market that can only be overcome with exponential and disproportional compensation in areas like looks, money and social status.

While more published studies and data might shatter hopes and motivation at first It would also serve as a much needed slap in the face and wake up call to Asian and Indian man. If we can’t wake up a larger proportion of our men to face and tackle the realities then we’ll continue to be stuck at the bottom position of the Western sexual/dating market with zero prospects of getting out.

Any current differences between East and Asian males in terms of dating chances and sexual market value is completely negligible and not yet worth discussing because all of us still are still plagued by much bigger common problems that we should pay attention to instead.

Why does everyone here hate California and New York (especially SF, LA, and NYC)?

I know Indian finance bros in NYC and Indian startup tech bros in SF who do well. Key is to be successful career-wise, be an outgoing bro and not be a stereotype (IT nerd etc.). In LA I know a handful of Indians who do well. They work in Hollywood/film. Not claiming that there are a ton of them out there “killing it” or anything.

Self-conscious about Height

Do the girls you’re attracted to usually go for much taller dudes? That could be why you’re self conscious about your height. And if so, it wouldn’t matter if anyone thinks that 5’11” is tall because you’re still on the losing end in that metric in the eyes of those girls.

But since you still have youth on your side there might be a last call opportunity to grow an inch or two by get on a dairy rich Dutch/German diet. That’s what I would try if I was in your shoes.

We need to start talking about Asian American gay men.

Unfortunately in the dynamics of too many AMWM couples that I see the AM essentially takes the gay equivalent role of the subservient AF in typical WMAF couples. This is the core root of that negative white worshipping “effiminate gaysian” stereotype which the media likes to magnify. It also highlights a niche in dating that exists for gay Asian men and Asian women but not for straight Asian men.

Not all Asian gays fit that stereotype though. I do know a few who are masculine as fuck by nature and can clearly hang on par with masculine gay jocks of other races.

Adding things up altogether results in an overall net loss for general Asian masculinity because in this time and age the latter type still seems to be far less common.

Why does everyone here hate California and New York (especially SF, LA, and NYC)?

Yup, we’re talking about places here where being average and “middle class” often won’t cut it even if you’re white. So if you show up here you’re better off if you score above average in the social status/looks/money departments. If you’re stereotypical you might be dead in the water upon arrival.

Why does everyone here hate California and New York (especially SF, LA, and NYC)?

Gonna chime in here as I lived in all 3 of them. All of them have big cultural differences and on paper they’re all more diverse and socially more advanced places vs Middle America. But at the same time the bar is raised higher in terms of things like money, social status, looks standards, cultural fit etc. So if you’re a well-rounded dude who has his shit together your chances might be better but if you fit certain stereotypes then those might be held against you even worse.

  • 1) SF in modern times is dominated by a white tech bro culture in which Asians are low or invisible on the social ladder and suffer from bamboo ceilings. Indians seem to make larger social and career gains though now. SF is universally seen as the worst city to date for all men but the privileged clean cut white bro has an exponential advantage over their ethnic counterparts because women of all colors overwhelmingly prefer that type by a long shot.

  • 2) In NYC women generally prefer their men on the tall, privileged and successful end of things. Think of WASPy finance bro’s for example. There’s also the creative hipster, media and fashion scene with its center of gravity in Brooklyn. I know a decent amount of Asian men who do well in dating there as they somewhat fit in those molds and have the right social connections to get into certain places.

  • 3) While LA is very racially diverse in contrast to SF it’s also a Tinder-like dating culture at its core. Tinder was invented in LA and is a derivative of the general culture so if you offer some of the things that women swipe right for then you’ll do fine. People in Hollywood/media/creative circles hold the power in the social pecking order but there are also large Asian social enclaves who do their own thing.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | June 26, 2017

Model Minority Asian man = you can have a nice job and make a decent living but you’re denied promotions to exec levels because you cannot fare better than the white man. You’re also largely excluded from the dating market because you’re seen as asexual which is another level beyond being considered just ugly or unattractive.

Latinos and Arabs clearly have their own cultural issues and look bad in a lot of ways but they don’t have the stigma of being virtually untouchable to women. Meaning a lot more women are at least willing to date/have sex with them vs Asian men.

Kidnapper of Chinese Student Yingying Zhang Has Been Arrested

Can’t speculate in detail at this point but in the video it looks like she’s talking to Brendt Christensen, the driver in the black Saturn and then voluntarily gets in his car for a ride.

If I was forced to bet my money at gunpoint I would bet that she would’ve been less inclined to accept the ride if the driver was black or brown or Asian.

We need to start talking about Asian American gay men.

Bingo. Emasculated gay Asian males get more acceptance and entry to opportunities in American media, dating and society in general because they pose no threat to white male hegemony. In fact it’s the opposite. Through their subordinate mindset they’re an asset and provide support to white male privilege similar to what self-hating Anna Lu’s do.


I’d say the # of non-Asian women who strictly prefer Asian males is too low to be worth measuring. Certainly there are more women who are generally open to dating Asian men if they find them attractive.

Either way, the most probable place to find these women these days is on apps like Tinder and Bumble. Or they find you on there rather.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | June 26, 2017

Yes, media and women in the Western Anglosphere have clearly set beauty ideals that men have to play by.

While a lot of men on here seem to be fixated on the unfair advantage that white men have they often forget that other men of color (latinos, arabs etc.) don’t deal with anything close to the attractiveness issue that plague Asian men either.

Why aren’t other brown men struggling to a similar extent? I don’t see their women running away to the white man in droves either. You can only point at white hegemony for so long without doing anything yourself to improve your own situation.


Yes, the reason why I feel these frequently cited niches aren’t as viable as they sound on paper is because your odds might be lower than mingling in the general mainstream Tinder market where 80% of women go for 20% of the male population or something like that.

Women in Asian culture niches can pick out the top-tier poster boys of whatever they’re into (tattoo’ed pretty boy who looks like he’s in a K-Pop band etc) due to the sheer ratio being completely in their favor.

Can’t put a number on the AMXF scenes but in LA it is negligible. <.01% or something like that? There is no scene for it, couldn’t even tell you where to find them in America’s 2nd largest city. I know of one bar in Little Tokyo where a lot of AMWF seem to go out but they usually already have their 5’11″+ bro dates with them.

If a woman is into Asians she will privately seek you out on a dating app and then you guys go on a date to that bar in Little Tokyo or K-Town or wherever.

Lastly, Asian men need to be taught that lifting and being fit is a basic requirement for a man to be considered desirable in the West. It is roughly the male equivalent of women staying fit and thin to be considered attractive.

Yes, i noticed more attractive AMAF couples who work out as well lately. Huge positive contribution to our well-being, seeing more of it might be the most realistic and effective weapon to combat the Anna Lu phenomenon.

Not even mad, honestly this is so cringe worthy.

This whitewashing has been going on for a century now and looks like it will continue for at least another century. Despite regular call-outs of whitewashing in the media and Asian stakeholders and producers selling to Asian markets anti-Asian male whitewashing still continues.

All of these things need to happen in order for this almost weekly BS to stop:

  • 1) Undoing centuries worth of colonial internalization in Asia on a continent-wide scale and the widespread eradication of the Anna Lu phenomenon.

  • 2) Asian men improving in the dating market by closing the gap of their unattractive/asexual status vs other men in the West and beyond. And yes, the widespread eradication of the Anna Lu phenomenon which likely requires the right action taken by Asian women themselves.

  • 3) Studios and companies experiencing worse financial and reputational damage, maybe even going under due to continuous whitewashing/white supremacist content. A few bombs and controversy so far but a large majority of their audience in the US and in Asia is still ok with it.

Weekly Free-for-All Discussion Thread | June 26, 2017

I think the major root cause of Asian man’s struggle in the West is the fact that women (and gays) inherently don’t find them attractive. If you browse around here you’ll still see way too many Asian men having issues coming to terms with this, often being flat out delusional about it.

Fighting this particular issue on all ends and by all possible means should be a top priority for all Asian men in my opinion.


Some niches that are frequently mentioned are girls who are into anime/K-pop/Asian culture and the interracial AMWF/AMBF etc scene. But I don’t see those as very viable or easy niches as the gender ratio is dismal. A tiny amount of women while massive hordes of Asian dudes try to go after them. I think there was a Vice article and clip on that scene out there a from few years ago.

I knew a guy in the Bay Area who mingled in the AMWF/AMBF scene. It’s a tiny handful of women and he banged almost all of them. Basically these women have little to no competition and pass the same 2-3 bros around while hundreds of other Asian dudes hope for just a response from a female someday.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

Correct, I was just pointing out the Asian guys I personally know who fare the best in this dating market. Just because you’re not a jacked 6’2″ bro doesn’t mean you should quit and rot in the basement. I’m below this “Chad” standard myself but still enjoy a healthy and busy dating life.

A lot of men here continue to gripe about what women prefer in men in the real world. It is senseless to put your blinders on and create your own reality. This is America where Chad bros simply get more matches and water is wet. So accept the realities, face the root core of your struggles and tackle them head on.

K-Pop pretty boys could create a niche in the West but won’t help much overall.

Correct, if enough people buy then the industry will promote.

K-Pop pretty boys could create a niche in the West but won’t help much overall.

Asian artists are still excluded from the US market. If you look at past Coachella lineups or the Billboard Chart history, MTV airplay etc etc you will have to cherry pick instances of Asian artists. There’s a niche market separate from the general market though.


You gotta identify other niches, no matter how rare or small. Gotta start somewhere plus you never know who will “wake up” and go all the way.

We need to start talking about Asian American gay men.

I would bet that being a gay Asian man is a lot easier even despite the open discrimination and despite being of the lowest value in the gay dating market. Even then my guess is that you still have exponentially more dating opportunities than your average straight Asian guy.


There’s a niche in my area (LA) for those who aren’t tall jocks or whatever women prefer on Tinder. In fact a lot of these kids are scrawny and ugly but have sick style/swag. Might be even harder to pull off though as it involves being well-connected or going viral/semi-famous: Doing skater/hipster/creative shit. hang around & be invited to the hipster/Hollywood social party scenes, have 80k followers on Instagram, be part of some rapper’s entourage etc. High status social niche game basically.

how is montreal?

I don’t think there’s a specific look or style but there are universal criteria for men, Asian or not. You gotta match enough of what women prefer in terms of general looks/body ideals to stand a chance. To get an idea of what women are attracted to I urge more Asian men to talk to women directly and do their own research to gain a better understanding. There’s a bunch of subreddits run by women too.

It is not all looks though. Montreal-specific I’d say the social culture leans towards European influences as well as a hipster-ish/college-y scene for those in the 18-40 range. Being in tune with it helps a lot when you go out and mingle. Women are very friendly there, they’ll casually invite you out to house parties and talk to you at those BYOB communal tables at bars/restaurants etc.

Impact of Chinese Media Consumption & Companies Expansion Into the West

If economic forces buy us power stakes in the media then we will probably benefit from it, though not overnight. We still have to undo a century’s worth of negative representation in the West and several centuries’ worth of internalized colonialization back in Asia.

And yes, even if a Chinese tycoon buys into a major studio chances are he will still have to be lectured about whitewashing, the shitty portrayal of Asian men in the media and its effect on Asians in everyday life etc. Human resources might have to implement an ” Asian Awareness Training” program similar how tech companies started “Diversity Training” initiatives for out-of-touch white execs.

how is montreal?

Been visiting Montreal regularly for awhile now, have a few partners there and get more matches on apps vs Anglo places. Overall it is better and more tolerant for some Asian men. So if you break out of a certain stereotypical mold you’ll do better but if you don’t then any difference will be negligible in real world terms.

At the core of your argument you mention that we’re treated as a separate species of men compared to other races and that is correct. Also, the root of the lower treatment we get is primarily looks-based discrimination. Sure, blacks and muslims have their own issues but even then they’re not subject to the levels of exclusion from the dating market that we face.

Because looks-/size-based discrimination is the bane of our existence you will only do noticeably better in Montreal vs Vancouver if you pass a certain looks standard. If you don’t then it’s just another shitty day somewhere else.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

Regardless of credentials or political positions or leanings, the main thing that hold Asian men back today is our weak broader overall appeal to win larger quantities of votes to begin with. Basically a by-product of lack of good media presentation destroys our chances to succeed in politics similar to what it’s done to us in academia and the private sector.

We are dealing with a vicious cycle here and the entry point to break through in my opinion is to take over Western media first – music, film, Millennial news outlets etc.

I work in entertainment/media, there are hardly any Asian men here in any department even off-camera.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

Who are you go vote for? Charismatic white leaders who represent and speak on behalf of Asians?

If you’re thinking that more Asian men will get elected all of the sudden then you’re not aware of the huge hurdles that we have to overcome to succeed in the democratic election process. Hurdles that are maybe worse than private sector bamboo ceilings.

Here’s a current, direct example straight out of California’s upcoming governor’s race:


Yes, charisma, flash, looks and charm in a candidate are all assets that appeal to American voters in elections and will adversely affect the chances for a guy like John Chiang. As Asians we haven’t earned the privilege in this country yet to be fairly judge by our merit alone.

We need to start talking about Asian American gay men.

At least gays are more openly honest and say out loud what women silently think. Whether gay or hetero, discrimination is the same in the real world. Maybe even worse for hetero as everyone in here would still get exponentially more matches on Grindr than on Tinder.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

First of all it’s not me saying Adios to the chances of most Asian men alive today but you could reasonably argue that the women in today’s dating market are doing exactly that. If you have gripes with that then you’re wasting your time by taking this up with me or anyone else in here. Instead, you should speak directly to the women who price small Asian men out of the dating pool. Maybe start a frank and fiery discussion on r/ladyboners instead and hear what they have to say.

If women continue to reject smaller men in favor of the bigger and stronger specimen out there and as you claimed 97% of Asian men can’t compete with that in the West then you might have to start weighing out whether you want to be more altruistic for the sake of long-term improvements that probably won’t be observed until ~3-4 generations from now. Basically you have to commit to making all possible sacrifices in your power like a good father would for his children to ensure that they will have a better life than he ever did, even if you don’t get to enjoy any of the benefits in your own lifetime.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

Well yeah, fact is that most women are attracted to tall, athletic guys. If you fall short you will struggle more. And water is wet. Why do you think small Asian men do so poorly on Tinder vs other men?

Improving from current physical shortcomings is possible in the long run for future generations as a whole. While the door has closed for a lot of individual Asian adults with each generation a higher % will become “tall enough to ride” thanks to increasing access to a better diet, education and an improved and evolved upbringing by more woke and aware parents.

Most of these 6’0″+ Asians you see (including myself) have been lucky that their parents incorporated more of a First World diet from early on as well as emphasis on athletics. And I don’t think all Asian men have inherent genetic limits, although some definitely do, let’s not sugarcoat things here. So a window of potential to improve as a whole does exist in my opinion.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

The reason why average fat white slobs can still get more women is the exact same reason why they have it easier in other areas of life like college admissions, getting job offers and promotions etc. – White Privilege, a powerful currency in the United States.

To disrupt and close the gap we have to make inroads in all the areas in which they gain and hold the power behind White Privilege, mostly media and business and politics.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

I wouldn’t call being tall and in good shape “insurmountable Superman standards” – besides, it’s the women (and men if gay) that set these standards and preferences for men.

Being a short man and having a small dick in America in 2017 sucks period, regardless of what your race is. What makes these issues more severe for Asian men is that the negative stereotypes are often unfairly magnified by society. So even ugly white and black guys do better than Asian men because their race as a whole isn’t permanently plagued by these stereotypes.

The guys I mentioned do better with women than most men of any race because they do well in the aforementioned criteria (social status & looks) but they’re certainly no God-tier supreme specimen with model jawlines either. Just above average decent looking and sociable Asian Chad bros in the 5’11-6’2″ range who lift.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

Yeah just fill out our frame more and I think you’ll be fine. You’re basically forced to adapt to Western tastes. Doesn’t mean you have to change everything about yourself but for certain things you have no choice but to do something.

I’m friends with 2-3 Asian guys around my way (LA) who slay constantly on Tinder, new partners consistently on command week after week. Here are the 2 major things that they all have in common:

  • 1) Taller and buffer than the average man (of any race) out there. Not necessarily ripped and model handsome but definitely look like they hit the gym regularly.

  • 2) Non-enclave social circles (more of an issue in areas like CA and NY where there are large Asian scenes). They’re comfortable socializing with the general demographic around town, are just as used to dating white girls as they are with Asian girls etc.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

Your pics aren’t bad as in you don’t contribute to bad stereotypes but it’s clear why your matches are low. You’re not exactly the type that women on Tinder prefer.

While in America you can’t do cheesy poses like the Asian peace sign (though it’s probably fine in Asia). The simplest and quickest thing you can do for more success in USA is to work out more to at least get closer to general “bro” aesthetics.

You have good enough height, frame potential and face but need to beef up since this is ‘Merica. Just add some muscle and you’ll see results on those apps right away. I don’t think you need to do much more than that unless youre very socially awkward maybe. But overall you have potential to rep us very well my brother.

Dating Advice Thread | June 27, 2017

For most men the answer is mainstream apps like Tinder and Bumble. Those are the most popular and most widely used platforms amongst women and boast the largest mainstream user base. If you do poorly on those apps then you might be shut out of the dating market due to deviating too far from Western preferences in the eyes of women.

A lot of men on here mention how success on apps varies widely by location but I think who you are and what you look like is a more decisive factor in your success rate. For example, even with geographical fluctuations factored in I swipe more than enough matches to keep me busy regardless of where I’ve been (swiped on 4 continents thus far). By being “tall enough”, having a nice job at a company that’s popular with millennials and showing a diverse, non-enclave social life I do just enough things in my power to “qualify”.

I do have a fairly wide variety of male friends of all races who get little to zero matches – those tend to be shorter, more stereotypical and average-to-below-average looking Asian/Indian or guys who have completely let themselves go in various ways. And yes, being white gives you a huge boost vs being ethnic.

Unfortunately women widely discriminate by height, looks, race and status but if you have a strong overall profile and invest sufficiently in yourself then you should be fine. Bottom line is that most men in general are doing ok on it, otherwise these apps wouldn’t succeed.

Lastly, if you think it’s mostly you’re Asian-ness and general cultural incompatibilities that lower your match rates then your best bet would be mingling in Asia followed by Asian enclave communities like OC, K-Town, San Gabriel Valley, Flushing etc.

Asian Males in Finance – Future Impact of Having Outsized Representation

You are seeing the formation of a larger bamboo ceiling.

Take a look at the tech industry where you have a large Asian workforce that is well represented up until the exec/management levels and then representation statistically plummets into a cliff all of the sudden.


Unless greater unexpected forces disrupt the market (such as Asians successfully starting their own firms, funds and ventures at a greater scale) the trend in your field will somewhat mirror what’s happening in tech.

Proof or statistics regarding non-Anglo WF

For a better look you’d have to check the breakdown by neighborhoods since an area like LA is so diverse.


Looking at the chart you will see that the Asian population % is very high in separate suburban enclaves (ex. Alhambra, San Gabriel) and you will also notice that the % of Asians is very low in major wealthy and trendy neighborhoods where the entertainment industry lives and plays (ex. Los Feliz, Malibu, Bel Air, WeHo). Clear segregation patterns just by looking at these maps and stats. This is especially bleak for Asian men since it reflects a shutout of an industry (entertainment/media) that we absolutely have to break into in order to change our lives for the better.

When I looked at the techie Bay Area data a few years ago I saw the workforce being 50%+ Asian while less than 10% are promoted beyond exec levels. Clear bamboo ceiling blocking access to the upper floors dominated by mostly white men. I do see Indians make better progress in SF/Bay Area than East Asians. Looks to me like they’re faring better socially as I see the younger crowd socialize and date openly and casually more in the dominant scenes of SF than East Asian men.

Also, I don’t think it’s the language barrier specifically holding them back from succeeding in other fields (although a FOB accent and funny names doesn’t help either). I think the core of the problem is a greater overall lack of leadership traits made of lots of different parts (social skills, proactive mindsets, assertiveness etc).

Connecting with Fellow Young Asian Americans

Can’t speak for Philly in particular but creative workspaces are good meeting places where you can find Asian men mingle and get productive.

Those are also the places where you tend to find people with a more independent and entrepreneurial mindset and we obviously lack representation in that area as well. So check those spaces out if you have something to work on, maybe you get to connect with the few who are actively trying to break the ugly Model Minority mold.

What do you want the subreddit to become?

I want two main things out of this place – Awakening + Improvement.

  • 1) Fact is that the vast majority of Asian men today are still in the dark or in denial about the very things that have utterly annihilated the quality of life for them in very basic areas such as – career, social life & health, love, dating, sex.

  • 2) Also, fact is that whatever we’ve done up to this point simply doesn’t cut it. The old ship we’ve been sailing on can’t handle the unchartered waters much longer so we have to build a new one. We have no choice but to evolve and make unprecedented efforts, adapt an unprecedented mindset and do things in ways that we’ve never done before. We have to accept reality and unlearn backward things our parents and cultures have taught us for generations and make a better effort to adapt and evolve in a new territory and culture. There are still a lot of basic common sense things that cause never-ending plight for Asian men but all other men “get it” and don’t turn it into their own negative issues.

So a discussion board like this is merely scratching the surface of the things that need to be done.

Proof or statistics regarding non-Anglo WF

I was on a large film set for work yesterday and out of ~50 people on set there was 1 Asian guy besides me. Lots more black and latinos though. This level of “representation” is similar at the office and obviously in front of the camera as well.

The problem with that is we’re the last people who can afford it since we have no control of the media and those in power have been shitting on us for a century now with no end in sight. So we need more Asians to enter the fields of creative/entertainment/music from all ends.

A lot of Asians I know were born and raised right here in SoCal/LA yet only few enter those fields or mingle in the “MTV” party scene. However, they’re into the same thing as they consume the same media so they’re forced to create their own party scene for themselves which suggests a social shut out.

While Asians exist in the tech field at least the % of representation that makes it to leadership levels, gets funding or goes the founder/entrepreneurial route is tiny vs the % of employees that work in the field. Basically they enter a bamboo ceiling field controlled by white tech bros. and their dads.

Asians NHL/Hockey prospects

I don’t think it’s possible to develop fast either. I’m thinking more about the long term if we start making overall improvements to culture and dieting today. If we do