China Has Also Been Targeting Foreigners In Its Brutal Crackdown On Muslims


This is called play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


The Turks were running a ratline to exfiltrate Uighurs from China via Southeast Asia to Turkey and finally Syria. Approximately a quarter of Uighurs in Turkey had decamped for ISIS held territory in Syria and the remainder are suffice it to say muy sympatico with Islamic militants even if they themselves never picked up a gun. Any Uighur stepping foot in China with a Turkish passport is automatically suspect because the Turks themselves have made their own passports untrustworthy by handing them out like candy to be would jihadis.

What’s Ur Dream Period/ Setting For Total War?


Ive always dreamed of a sci-fi game that combined the strategic turn based elements of a gand campaign with real time space combat of Homeworld.

My biggest take is that sci fi total war game would be one of galactic conquest with its own IP (i.e. not star wars)that allows more creative freedom. I don’t want a retread of the 4x genre but rather more space opera feel with a fixed campaign map and more clearly delineated story factions. Doesn’t even need aliens really, as different human factions would suffice as long as it is thematically suitable. A good example is the political divisions of the inner sphere in the BattleTech universe. I don’t want an empty randomly generated galaxy that I simply paint with my faction color but rather a decaying lived in galaxy that is gradually brought to order.

Unfortunately the combat in 4x genre games is universally always a number crunching afterthought which is why I wish CA would shake up the genre by making the fleet actions more engaging with homeworld style combat. Don’t make it so you can just warp in 20 dreadnoughts into a gravity well and obliterate everyone, but rather being forced to use a balanced fleet. For example, your fighter screen being too small and fast for the main guns of capital ships to hit so you can use them to take out maneuvering subsystems and thus moving in your own fleet of frigates and destroyers out of the limited firing arcs of bigger ships and chipping away at them.

Also one pet peeve is spaceships never have seems to have enough guns for their size, or at least they never fire them. I’m a firm believer in the more dakka principal. Several homeworld 2 mods like PDS fix this by giving larger ships tons of flak guns and auxiliary weapons so fleet engagements look like fireworks displays which I like.




She’s not a racist, she just a “Lu”. Might want to hit up the r/hapas to understand what she actually represents. It isn’t anti-whiteness.

New York Times stands by new tech writer Sarah Jeong after racist tweets surface



The idea that Sarah Jeong is some massive racist that hates Whites is simply laughable. The truth is that Asian “feminists” are just status mongers who have latched onto a schtick and are running with it. In truth, Asian Feminists are actually the closest thing you’ll find to a puppet off-white nationalist, promoted and advertised by white men in positions of influence as tokens of “inclusiveness” mostly on account of the fact that they are so pliable.

Why do Indian American women date/marry interracially much lesser than other Asian American women?


Never commented here before, but someone messaged me asking me to comment. Truth bombs being dropped ahead, so avert your eyes if you are afraid of being offended.

Indians simply aren’t “Asian” (yellow). They are less “Asian” than wypipo.

Indians (browns) are really just Arabs who happen to live a bit further east.

  1. Indians practice caste endogamy. That is they only marry among their own specific particular kind in their homelands, thus are less likely to outmarry even when outside of it. They have been at this for at least two thousand years.
  2. Indians practice honor killing. The most extreme examples are straight up willing to murder their daughters, or throw acid in her face, or murder her fiancé. These are rare, but it shows the extremes in which their communities police this sort of behavior. Shunning and disowning is not uncommon.
  3. Indians are religious, much more so than yellows and even more so than whites. Religious people are more likely to marry people of their own particular faith. That their religion sanctifies ingroup endogamy and reinforces point 1 is another point.
  4. Indians are thirsty as fuck. This is because they are significantly inbred. Because of their long term endogamous mating, most of the Indian population has been subject to significant genetic bottlenecking from very small founding populations. Indians are not even a single race at all, rather they are dozens of small micro races that have been breeding only within their micro race for a long time. Empirical observation of inbred populations (in animals at least) shows heightened sexual interest in the part of males. Empirical observation of Indian males: show bob vagene, milk now please, hey boooyitful, and gang raping goats confirms that this is true. Also heightened mate guarding behavior; refer to point 2.
  5. Indians are brown. Universal bias on part of humans to favour fair skin in women.
  6. Mating is a numbers game. Let me again reiterate that Indian men are thirsty as fuck. Asian men are shy, rarely approach women, and only a few at that, and discriminated against. Indian men are even actually more discriminated against in the dating market, but they will literally hit on anything anytime. Asian boy playing LoL. Indian boy sending inappropriate messages to underage girls on social media.

Population Decline in Russia – Russia’s Population Set to Decline From 143 Million Today to 111 Million in 2050


Peter Zeihan is an idiot. Stratfor is full of idiots. The only people pushing the Chinese demographic invasion of theory happen to be American (and their European dog robbers) neocons for shamelessly transparent political reasons. Northeastern China has the lowest fertility rates in China (Not the World though, that is just more BS from the usual suspects) and has a lot of emigration, but not to Russia but rather the rest of China. What little Chinese do migrate to Russia move to Western Russia, chiefly St. Petersburg and Moscow and not to places like Blagoveshchensk or even Vladivostok. Actually going to the Russian Far East, you will encounter virtually zero Chinese living there for the long term and even very few day trippers in the region because it is a backwater. You are more likely to find young Russians living and working in the major Chinese cities in the area like Harbin or Shenyang. Wages there in China are higher than in the RFE.

Anyone pushing the Chinese demographic invasion theory of Russia is guaranteed to be either blatantly incompetent or blatantly dishonest or possibly a combination of the two.

Culture War Roundup for the week of February 5, 2018. Please post all culture war items here.


Unmarried women are basically overgrown children with the pixie like manic desires of children and zero sense of responsibility. It isn’t so much the political power for women directly reduces fertility but rather that female political power results in childish stupidity that is bad for all parties involved. Reduced fertility has another cause which I wont go into here.

Women don’t belong in the army because they are sub-optimal for any role except for support services like nursing or those glorified truck drivers that fly transport aircraft.

There is a way to allow for female enfranchisement and that is to tie the vote to fertility. That is female political power equals n-1, where n is in the number of children. Thus childless women have -1 votes, meaning that someone else in their immediate family loses a vote due to her poor choices. 1 child; no voting rights. 2 children ; 1 vote. 3 children; 2 votes.

Culture War Roundup for the week of February 5, 2018. Please post all culture war items here.


Non-native speaker, but moved to the West under the age of 10 with my father who was pursuing his PhD.

I am not representative of your average Chinese even among that specific cohort. My ability skews modestly verbal over quantitative (about 10% or so according to the GRE) which is rare among Chinese who as a general rule are the other way around. This makes me comfortable with verbal contention and willing to shout back when I run across bullshit that most other Chinese would either silently ignore or make rudimentary ripostes limited by their facility with a secondary language. That is to say I am neither impressed nor intimidated by the argumentativeness that is a feature of Yiddishkeit.

I don’t really review my comments left on the internet for grammar/syntax so a bad habit of mine is occasionally omitting articles when I’m writing.

Never read Moldbug and only know of him through reputation for his insufferable long windedness so don’t plan to either. Brevity is a virtue.

Started my ascent to the far right through Steve Sailer more than a decade and a half ago. His Mr. Rogers like affability is I suspect the reason for many conversions and it wouldn’t be amiss to call him the gateway drug as it were to rightist political thinking. I have of course moved even further rightward, as I regard his ideas of civic nationalism as hopelessly naïve.

At this point, I wouldn’t call myself a neo-reactionary as much as a full fledged counter-revolutionary. I see very little left of modern society that is worth preserving and radical action is needed to create new institutions modeled upon the past but ultimately divorced from them in particular ways due to present circumstance (such as disenfranchising the elderly). I am a misanthrope and see most people as stupid scum. The reason I even support my people is because they are MY people and I don’t want to see them debased and destroyed by even stupider and scummier outsiders.

Hong Kong democracy activists urge Britain to release tens of thousands of unseen files from the former colony that they believe are urgently needed to help defend its autonomy as Beijing tightens control.


This is a complete Chewbacca argument that is nonsense from the get go, but about what you’d expect from the absolute morons that make up the student opposition. In addition to all the documents from the 1967 riots being totally irrelevant to Beijing’s de jure and de facto control over Hong Kong, the only possible revelation from them are going to be those that are embarrassing to London and not Beijing, hence they aren’t going to be released just because some student union leader demanded it.

This is what you get when you have children running amuck, being fueled by US demotist agitprop. Just what Hong Kong needs; rule by teenaged girl whose singular talent was being pretty enough to get all her beta male orbiters to vote her into student union office.

Ethnic Korean-Chinese fight ‘criminal’ stigma in Korea, while Ethnic Han Chinese residents and tourists are treated more favorably


You heard wrong. The Chinatowns in the West are 99% populated by Chinese from a few counties in Fujian and Guangdong while those in Europe are typically Wenzhou. They happen to be very clannish. Very. You won’t find any Chinese businesses in there that belong to outsiders and by outsiders that pretty much includes everyone from North of the Yangtze. The Chinese Korean diaspora in the West follows the same settlement patterns as other Chinese from the Northern provinces, generally very dispersed out into the suburbs.

Ethnic Korean-Chinese fight ‘criminal’ stigma in Korea, while Ethnic Han Chinese residents and tourists are treated more favorably


The Chinese Koreans are North Koreans. I think the majority of their ancestry is from North Hamgyong province.

Ethnic Korean-Chinese fight ‘criminal’ stigma in Korea, while Ethnic Han Chinese residents and tourists are treated more favorably


Koreans hate poor Koreans. They remind them of where they came from and fill them with the dread of potential downward social mobility that Middle class Koreans would murder to avoid.

One of the things many people don’t realize is that the Chinese Koreans in South Korea are basically the working class segment of it’s Korean population while the middle class Chinese Koreans ended up staying in China or if they did leave, they left for the West. South Koreas rigid social hierarchy means there is little room for advancement without the right connections or having gone to the right schools. The South Koreans are the first to complain about this so is it any wonder why educated professional Chinese Koreans wouldn’t throw away their professional lives in China to take a major status hit for a modest increase in wages. Prole Chinese Koreans on the other hand didn’t have much status to begin with in China and slaving away at a shitty job in South Korea is much the same as slaving away at a shitty job in China except with the added benefit of paying 2-3x as much.

Major difference was that there are plenty of Chinese proles in China so they didn’t stand out at all there but their working class ways are offensive to middle class South Korean sensibilities hence the animus.

Yeah reunification with the North is really not going to work out smoothly.

Ballerina Aesha Ash is wandering around inner city Rochester in a tutu to change stereotypes about women of color and inspire young kids


The stereotype about black women in Ballet is that they are T H I C C.

The ballet body desired by most choreographers is a petit girl with long proportioned limbs particularly legs who are not too tall (Height is a double edged sword here as being taller generally means longer legs which are preferred aesthetically but the extra height and mass interferes with some techniques and makes finding a suitable male partner difficult). The muscle definition desired is also more similar to a long distance runner than a sprinter, that is thin and lean rather than bulky. This is the desired standard at most ballet companies and the more prestigious the company, the more demanding the standards are though there are some exceptions where choreographers favor larger girls. Blacks girls in ballet are traditionally thought to be overly muscular and just too masculine “big” for many roles.

The skin tone also doesn’t help because all dancers start in the corps which prizes above all uniformity. Uniformity of size, shape, and color. From a distance the audience generally has difficulty making out the exact heights and shapes of dancers, but being black stands out amidst a sea of white.

5-year-old Haryana girl raped, found with 16-cm wooden stick inserted in private parts. The post mortem confirms rape and torture, further telling that 16 of the 24cm wooden stick was found inside her- that damaged her uterus and intestines. [10th Dec. ’17]


The answer why violence directed against women is so common should be obvious. It’s just that the majority of Indians don’t really want to accept it instead adopting a Chalta Hai attitude and pretending it’s someone else’s fault. The following is a comment I left elsewhere regarding the Desi man molesting another woman on an airplane while seated next to his wife while in the US.

Colonialism has nothing to do with that man molesting that woman in public in front of his wife. That is singularly the result of racial cultural dynamics in the sub continent engrained in your people because of several thousand years of endogamous mating. Simply put subcontinentals in general and the Mohammedans somewhat in particular see women outside their own particular kin networks as prey, particularly gori women. Strict control over female sexuality is necessary to make caste endogamy enduring and the only way to maintain it is with force, hence the prevalence of honor killings which are unique to Muslims and Indians. The women belong to the clan, and thus must be kept away from strange men lest they stray, thus the surprising dearth of women in many public spaces in India. The flipside of the Purdah that is practiced in India is that because “good” women are kept away from strange men in public, by virtue any unaccompanied women out in public are “bad” and thus fair game. Ever notice how rapes in India tend to become a team sport? That is rather than lone instances of opportunistic attacks as happens elsewhere, the majority of rapes in India tend to involve multiple perpetrators some of whom are strangers to one another but having joined in because they saw nothing wrong with rape because the victim was by default a slut because she was being victimized.

That the woman was traveling alone and a gori made her double damned in the eyes of assaulter. He comes from a society that practices pernicious sexual segregation and a young fertile woman out in public might as well be free pie and hence he helped himself to it.

Your caste system and jati endogamy makes Indians extra corrupt and extra rapey because of an overly expansive in group that exists to maintain their group privileges at the expense of cooperation of the wider society.

Declassified: UK Diplomat claimed, a “source” told him that, an unnamed Chinese official said, at least 10,000 civilians died in 1989 Tiananmen massacre (that’s 3 levels of hearsay)


Fake news is fake. I can believe why people would believe but there are a couple of huge facts that don’t pass the smell test. First by 1990 the adult literacy for Chinese men was 87%. PLA recruiting standards by then had made literacy mandatory so the idea that 60% of soldiers in the 27th group were illiterate requires a huge suspension of rational thinking. I know why it is written because it fits into the belief that only stupid illiterates would become soldiers but its actually false in that armies everywhere generally have pretty stringent peacetime recruiting standards so that they are usually better educated than the general civilian population. Also the PLA doesn’t raise provincial units in the sense of soldiers all coming from a single geographic location in a company let alone an army group. Another huge red flag is the 27th army group tasked with defending Beijing wasn’t headquartered in Shanxi in 1989 but rather Hebei. The unit wasn’t relocated until the big shuffle of 2016. Oops. This basically means the so called declassified internal documents wasn’t written in 1989 but rather within the last year.

Why doesn’t China get any criticism for the behaviour and atrocities of its client state, North Korea? The U.S. and Russia get condemnation for the behaviour of their client states, why not China?


The simple truth that many Americans don’t realize either because of ignorance or cognitive biases from the relationships with her own satrapies is that North Korea isn’t China’s client state and never was. North Korea was a creation of the Soviet Union not the PRC which itself only emerged as a state after Kim Il Sung had already become “Supreme Leader”. The Kims have historically purged those with close political ties to China, notably the early Korean members of the Chinese Communist Party and recently the uncle of Kim Jong Un and his elder brother who was killed while traveling in Malaysia but lived in exile in China. They have played a roll similar to the role Yugoslavia and Albania played during the cold War. There are thousands of US soldiers in South Korea today and legally south Korean soldiers can be placed under US command during wartime. There are no Chinese soldiers in North Korea and there haven’t been any in 60 years. There is a mutual defense treaty but operationally it is nothing as firm as the control either the Soviet Union exercised over the Warsaw Pact or the US has over Nato or its Pacific client states.

Many in the US criticize China’s North Korean policy anyways but few others do so because no one else really has any political incentive in pretending to the contrary that China has either the interest or will to do anything regarding North Korea. China does not particularly for the Kims but they care to keep US client states and by extension US military forces at bay. As long as US army continues to be a presence in South Korea, China will maintain a minimum level of support for a North Korea regardless of who leads the country.

AMWF hapa vs WMAF hapa. I can’t believe how right you guys are.


Another photo


He almost has a chiseled facial structure similar to ER.

[P] Why is China so keen to alienate half a billion young Indians with no memories of the War?


The question itself is wrong and makes assumptions that simply aren’t true. Neither the Chinese government nor people are keen to alienate Indians. They just simply do not care. India is far down on the list of Chinese priorities which is something that many Indians don’t seem to realize. Few Chinese are even aware of the dispute because there isn’t much reporting on it in the Chinese language media. The Chinese so-called provocations are coming from the English language editions which 99.9% of Chinese don’t read whose primary goal seems to be trolling the Indian media after it had already whipped itself into a frenzy weeks ago.

One single point that basically only one person in India was able to point out was that this wedge of sacred Indian territory that China was supposed to have invaded wasn’t even claimed via its Bhutanese sock puppet until 2000. India’s border with Bhutan wasn’t finalized until 2006.

India has for more than a decade used China as both bugbear and benchmark in its quest for great power status. This is just more of the same, picking a pointless quarrel over something irrelevant so India can appear “strong” against China.

SJWfagging with Chinese characteristics


Jew, your nonsense is driven by your nonsensical heresy. There is nothing wrong with authoritarianism. Throne and Altar is the foundation of all enduring civilization. It is structure, order, hierarchy, and ceremony. It is your cherished liberalism that is the disease. Everyone has free speech, it’s just not that’s everyone is willing to face the consequences of using it.

All is race and the entire world is a stew of competing races. It was ever thus. Kto Kogo. Rule or be ruled. That is the inherent and unalterable nature of group dynamics. The SJW is the symptom not the problem. The problem being your newfound and terminal ethnic diversity.

You want to convert everyone to your degenerate filth filled failing ideology that clandestinely maintains a non-existent Anglo superiority while maintaining a false moral superiority over your rivals. I just want too see my racial enemies annihilated and I’m suddenly the bad guy.

[Full Version] Hapas: “Our Dads are White and Our Moms are Asian”


You actually made a mistake on the 2nd to last guy with his daughter in the video. He is actually an AMWF hapa with a ethnic Chinese father via Latin America and a euro blend mother also from a different Latin American country.

After 20 years of the Handover, only 3% of under-30 Hong Kongers deem they are ‘Chinese’, a historic low since 1997 [English translation of article in comments]


I didn’t say they identified as Westerners but rather with Westerners. There is a difference which mainly consists of peppering English into their daily Chinese and more importantly apeing the reigning value system of the West. Did you even read your own survey? More chose to identify as so-called “Asian” which is a meaningless category outside of the West and “World Citizen” than Chinese. You know who else is Asian? Your Filipino and Indonesian maids. Though I doubt the average teenager and young adult surveyed were self aware enough to follow that logical path.

All is race… and sex, and class, and status. That is what actually drives the world. Not Whig nonsense like human rights and democracy. Those are only the pretty little lies people tell themselves.

After 20 years of the Handover, only 3% of under-30 Hong Kongers deem they are ‘Chinese’, a historic low since 1997 [English translation of article in comments]


See, this is actually straight up wrong and emblematic of the stupid habit of relying on anecdote vs data. I’ve actually read the academic surveys of anti-mainlander attitudes in Hong Kong youth and your opinion is basically the opposite of everyone else’s. More contact with mainlanders and visits to the mainland actually results in more feelings of Chineseness and less hostility. Attitudes are also strongly divided by class. Basically the young children of the working poor and the super rich are less anti-mainland because they have the most regular contact with mainlanders. The profile of the most vociferous anti-China Hong Kongers are basically aspirational middle class who have never even been to Shenzhen.

After 20 years of the Handover, only 3% of under-30 Hong Kongers deem they are ‘Chinese’, a historic low since 1997 [English translation of article in comments]


Same reason why often very religious families end up raising atheists. Children grow to conform to their social peer group rather than their parents and home environment.

Status signaling, leapfrogging circles of loyalty, comprador teachers in the Hong Kong education system that should have been purged, all contribute to this. The same social phenomenon that causes Hong Kong girls to chase after white expats is the same that causes punks like Joshua Wong. That is they want to identify with a higher status group (Western) rather than the socially inferior group (Chinese). Most critical of all is the great middle class dread of social-economic decline and being pushed back into the working class because of economic competition.

After 20 years of the Handover, only 3% of under-30 Hong Kongers deem they are ‘Chinese’, a historic low since 1997 [English translation of article in comments]


64.4% of Hong Kong kids actually chose world citizen? They don’t deserve the vote and it’s actually a good thing that the CCP rules over them to protect them from their own stupidity. The biggest problem for Hong Kong is real estate prices and the painful difficulty for the young to start families. Lack of home ownership and delayed marriage and family formation is the number one cause of support for stupid self-destructive causes. Family, children, and responsibilities make people more conservative and patriotic. Hong Kong’s millennials are just stupid children trapped in an indefinite adolescence because they can’t afford to grow up.

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower is now on Netflix around the world, including Hong Kong.


I don’t quite know what I find funnier, your naivety in the idea that Hong Kongers are incapable of starting their own white elephants or the belief that voting actually leads to government accountability.

You have no idea how government actually functions and how power and influence are exercised in a society and simply reciting what’s written in a Western civics textbook that is no longer even applicable in the West and doubly so for Hong Kong will get you nowhere.

Follow the money trail, who benefits the most from high real estate prices, who benefits the most from wage suppression. You’ll find the answer closer to home than to Beijing.

As for the HK government, it isn’t actually selected by the Communists and is in reality far more representative of Hong Kong elites than you care to acknowledge. Beijing neither created them nor enfiefed them nor would you be able to remove them via democratic process. They are elite because they have the money and thus the power and you don’t. They don’t follow lockstep with Beijing because they have to, it’s because Beijing’s interests aligns with theirs.

You should actually read your own contradictory writing. You are right in noting that all the problems I listed is nigh universal for developed economies, but it is worse for all the Chinese ones. Guess what, they weren’t ruled by the Communist Party, and also guess what, despite being demotist polities, they aren’t being fixed and are also becoming worse.

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower is now on Netflix around the world, including Hong Kong.


This is the child-like wishful thinking that afflicts so many in Hong Kong and indeed globally. Hong Kong’s biggest and most intractable problems are structural and self inflicted and just having a vote won’t fix them because of the failure in identifying where the points of failure are. Singaporeans and Taiwanese can vote. Guess what problems their youth face. Stagnant wages, Sky high real estate prices, inability to start young families, unsustainable birth rates. Singapore is the most Westernized Chinese society and if you asked their youth, Hong Kong’s government would be preferred to their own.

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower is now on Netflix around the world, including Hong Kong.


He is protesting the wrong damn thing. Even full independence for Hong Kong will solve nothing, to the contrary it will only make things worse. Hong Kong’s problems are not because of China or the Communist Party rather they are inherent in both the mentality of the Chinese race, global capitalism, and the nihilism of Westernization. Just look at independent Taiwan and Singapore. The exact same problems plus a slew of ones even worse that the Communist Party inadvertently mitigates against.

Why have many Hapa issues not impacted the Indian community, unlike the East Asian community?


Two factors that others have missed is the religious issue. The stronger religion has a hold on a community the less they will outmarry. This effect is particularly effective on women. The second factor is that Indians actually come from a patriarchal society. Despite so called Asian feminists raging against the patriarchy East Asian societies are in fact gynarchies where women have de-facto rule. India still has honor killings and village councils that sentence women to be gang raped to fulfill family vendettas. India has acid attacks and routine sexual molestation of strange women. India still has arranged marriage and a caste system. All these social factors serve to inhibit a woman’s natural hypergamous instinct by binding her in the chains of family and community values.

Chinese soldier Wang Qi to visit home after 5 decades in India


They should never have let him back let alone start paying him a military pension. What no media had bothered to acknowledge was that the man was a deserter like Bergdahl. No one else also seems to have raised the fact that India was in violation of the Geneva conventions by keeping him jailed for six years when China released most of its captured Indian prisoners in six weeks with the last group of senior officers released by six months after hostilities ended. He didn’t go back to China not just because they wouldn’t release him but because he was facing a court martial and more prison time when he returned.

China’s transgender Oprah


Somewhat ironic to call Jin Xing a Chinese patriot considering he is an ethnic Korean married to a German.

China rages at Singapore for “taking sides” in SCS dispute


Singapore in 1980, a decade before the financialization of the economy and foreign talent influx


So poor… buibuis had nothing to eat back then. Where would the city be without all those foreign talents. All those awesome degree mills in India turning out so many talented bankers. Their homeland must be like Switzerland.

China rages at Singapore for “taking sides” in SCS dispute


I only wish I was being sponsored.

I simply want a future for children and grandchildren who resemble me. This is something that the average buibui on the street can understand. However all the “educated” sophisticates here don’t because to take a stand against our ethnic dispossession means being called a racist and other bad names.

China rages at Singapore for “taking sides” in SCS dispute


Lol, the so the called “experts” in the finance sector should be the first to go. Just look at what happened to other so-called financial capitals in the world. London turned into Londonistan, New York has long been a shit hole. Basically those cities have a super rich core full of millionaires and billionaires surrounded by third world ghettos. Negative population growth that is countered by skimming off the cream of their respective nations. A financial elite hostile to nativist sentiments and loyal only to global capital and its accompanying paper shuffling that generates paper wealth that can disappear in the blink of an eye. Even worse for Singapore that it’s finance “experts” are full of ang moh’s and Indians who are busy hiring their cousins from the Indian Institute of Massala over any native Sinkie.

China rages at Singapore for “taking sides” in SCS dispute


Wrong. Ask the old man if he believed in multiculturalism. Oh I forgot, he’s dead and his heirs are all drinking from the milk of Western nihilism.

Muslims don’t believe in multiculturalism. Indians don’t believe in multiculturalism. Why should the Chinese? What do you honestly believe will happen to race relations in Singapore when the Chinese are a minority? There won’t be a multicultural paradise. It will be curry bank hiring practices everywhere and Sharia for everyone.

If Singapore actually believed in multiculturalism, it would still be a part of Malaysia and all the Chinese would be happy paying the Jizya in the form of the Bumiputra policy so that we wouldn’t have our throats slit or our women gang raped by Malay mobs.

China rages at Singapore for “taking sides” in SCS dispute


Deporting all of the foreign “talents” would be a good start. Singapore got wealthy without them. It doesn’t need them to stay wealthy. Also get rid of the all of the foreign domestic workers too. They devalue domesticity in the eyes of Singaporean women by associating family duties with servitude and alien slavery. Having foreign servants is incredibly debilitating for the social asabiyah of a native people.

This would only of course be the first step in what is required to save Singapore. The second more critical is to increase native birth rates. Singapore likes to model itself on Israel which now has a TFR well above replacement, the only developed state to do so. This will be difficult to do since Singapore has no native ur-religion telling them that all outsiders are shit, and to keep the womenfolk in line, but something has to be done to roll back the Liberalism that is causing Singapore’s decay and degeneracy.

China rages at Singapore for “taking sides” in SCS dispute


I find it even hard to work up to effort at countering all these stupid degenerate bananas that are busy destroying what remains of Singapore. Instead it appears everyone is busy sucking up to AMDK and following their suicidal socio-political policies as the the “proper” way.

Chinese RACIAL NATIONALISM is essential to the survival of our people both as a distinctive racial and culture unit. Everyone here who poo poos the Ah Tiongs forgets this at their own peril. When the chips are down, do you think the Indians, Malays, or Ang Mohs will help you? They will help their own and to hell with you. Do you even remember why Singapore was even born? It wasn’t to promote “liberal international values” (aka US imperialist values) but to ensure the survival of the straits Chinese in the face of an overwhelmingly hostile Malayan Muslim population.

Singapore’s present prosperity, such as it still is, was built on the backs of the Chinese. This foundation is rapidly disappearing as Singapore succumbs to the Scylla and Charybdis of Liberal virtue signaling and nihilistic female hypergamy unleashed by feminism. The TFR of native Chinese Singaporean women is around 1 child per lifetime. Combine this with the near 20% ethnic miscegenation rate as of 2015 (compared to barely 5% in 1990) will result in the the genetic and cultural annihilation of the Chinese community before the century is done. There is simply no escaping this without revolutionary change.

Singapore’s history of so-called “race-riots” disguise the truth of what they actually were. Anti-Chinese pogroms perpetrated by Muslim Malays envious of Chinese prosperity and fearful that political power could fall in their hands. Look at the fate of the remaining Chinese in Malaysia, a broken persecuted people who are forced to pay Jizya to the Muslims otherwise they will be murdered. A population that is rapidly dieing out as everyone who can, leaves and the only ones left behind are the elderly and those too poor and incapable to get the fuck out.

That is going to be the inevitable fate of Singapore as it proceeds along it’s current course. Dysgenic fertility is already baked into the cake as the Chinese middle class is no longer reproducing. A significant portion of it’s proletariat class is busy miscegenating with mail order Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese brides, creating a next generation of perpetual helot labor. Chinese females are busy cavorting with the AMDK or APNN elites or raising cats. The demographic profile of Singapore will change from one that was solidly majority Chinese with fixed racial boundaries and roles for the remaining Malays and Tamils to a dysfunctional stew of mystery meat races.

Singapore will not be able to maintain is current prosperity when the Chinese are gone and all that are left are half breed proles, and self-serving APNN shylocks, and a horde of Malayan Muslims and other southeast Asian riff raff that will inevitably fill up a rapidly depopulating city.

Singapore has no future without Chinese racial nationalism. That you stupid ingrates can’t see and are busy pooh poohing Ah Tiongs to show how “developed”, “cultured” and, “cosmopolitan” you are compared to them in front of the AMDK is only going to end up with your people extinct, your womenfolk taken by racial aliens, and your country overrun and lost. Just like what is happening to the AMDK homelands.

Someone help me post this on r/Fob (Guaranteed not racist)


I don’t use social media. I was probably expecting too much from the people here. A simple copy & paste is apparently too much effort.

I require some assistance


The Modern American Whig Party is an irrelevant sideshow. Not because it’s ideas are unacceptable to the American public, but because its values are virulently universalized, hence redundant.

I speak not of the political party but rather the values it embodies. It’s farcical telos of so-called human progress and subjective reinterpretation of the values past and present according to the standards of 20th century liberalism. It is a fundamentally evil fruit from the evil seed of the so-called Enlightenment that gave rise to the satanic lie of the perfectability of man that is the cause of so much misery in the world.

Demolishing Some LCA Tejas Falsehoods


**With the exception of the Americans, and to an extent the Russians, every country has used foreign subsystems extensively in its aircraft designs. The Gripen has an American engine, a British airframe design, Swiss carbon-fibre, an Italian radar, an American flight control system, a cockpit with critical components purchased from Britain, etc. etc. This in spite of the Swedes having an industrial base that is far more advanced than India’s and extensive experience in the form of the Draken and Gripen. The Rafale and Typhoon both use American ejection seats. Their FBW uses actuators from Moog, an American company. The Russians were buying Damocles pods for the Su-35s before the French stopped military exports after they invaded Crimea. Every Chinese fighter in service today uses a Russian engine, a Russian ejection seat, and a slew of Russian weaponry.

If these aircraft all qualify as “indigenous”, then surely the Tejas does too? The choice the design agency faces is quite stark: do they try to develop every little component from scratch, thus reinventing the wheel at every step? Or do they use what is available easily in the market in the initial stages and then make an attempt to indigenise over the life-cycle of the product? The latter is always the more sensible way to go.**

This is again deliberate dishonesty and obfuscation. The Gripen’s use of foreign components is required because Sweden’s industrial base is simply too small. It’s population of around 6 million people simply can’t afford to support the complete range of military industrial technologies because the market and tax base simply isn’t there. However, comparing the Tejas to the Gripen in this respect is particularly misleading because Saab isn’t even marketing the Gripen as a hallmark of Swedish indigenous technology, but rather as the low cost alternative for European and other countries who’se demand for jet aircraft doesn’t require the performance demanded by say the US. In any case, there is a difference between an actuator and a fire control radar. The US, France, UK, Russia, and China all attempt to maximize domestic content in the most critical and technologically sensitive areas of their aircraft. The cancelled license production of the Thales Damocles is a very rare exception and one the Russians likely considered non critical.

You actually could not be more wrong regarding Chinese aerospace, but this seems to be a habitual error made by Indians who seem to always be operating under some type of delusional wishful thinking when it comes to China. The actual majority of Chinese aircraft actually use domestic engines. The J-7’s are equipped WP-13 engines. The J-8’s are equipped with WP-14. The JH-7 use a WS-9, a reversed engineered Rolls Royce Spey. The J-10A/B do use imported Russian AL-31FN’s as do the imported Su-27’s and Su-30’s and J-11A variants. However, the J-11B/D and J-16 flanker variants use the domestic WS-10. The Chinese actually have a domestic line of ejection seats such as the TY-5, TY-6, TY-7, and TY-8. The fighters with Russian ejection seats are the aircraft that were directly imported from Russia. Likewise with fire control radars. Every domestically manufactured fighter in the PLAAF uses a Chinese fire control radar and Chinese missiles. The Russian radars and missiles that the PLAAF operates are only the Su-27 and Su-30 that were imported directly from Russian during the 90’s and early 2000’s. The PL-8/9, PL-12, and now PL-10 and PL-15 are the principal weapons for the PLAAF. The Russian R-27, R-73, and R-77 stocks are only for the imported Russian fighters with incompatible fire control radars.

Yes and no. It has had a very protracted development cycle, and for good reason. A jet engine is arguably represents the pinnacle of modern technology, making it the most challenging system in the world to develop from scratch. It has to produce ungodly amounts of power for its size and operate at the very edge of what physics allows. The GE F404 — which ended up replacing the Kaveri on the LCA — weighs just a shade over 1000 kg and develops close to 80 kN of wet thrust. Assuming that it propels the LCA to Mach 0.9 at sea level (1,100 km/h), it’s developing about 24,400 kW or 32,700 hp. That’s 32 hp per kg. In contrast, a Formula-1 car engine generates “only” 8 or 9 hp per kg, and it’s about as far as you can get with piston engines….. blah blah blah

A lot of noise, sound, and fury, but actually very little content. The F-404 did not replace the Kaveri, the Tejas has always flown with this engine. The Kaveri more correctly failed to replace the F-404. Certainly aero-engine design and manufacturing is a challenging industrial endeavor. Yet the the US, Russia, France, the UK, and now increasingly China all managed to do it. The primary reason Indians seem to be dissappointed that DRDO/GTRE has been unable to deliver has nothing to do with it’s difficulty but rather simply because that they promised that they could, and they kept promising for years and years that success was just around the corner, and then they failed. Then after their failure was manifest to everyone they started making excuses, and then started making more bullshit promises (Kaveri powering a train!). Every single piece of scorn directed at these institutions is deserved and warranted. Any difficulties that China had in developing it’s own aero engines is entirely academic as far as India is concerned. Difficulties which are being overcome. More than 400 WS-10 engines are operational with the PLAAF powering domestically manufactured flanker variants and even the latest J-10Cs. A fact lost on Indians whose Kaveri engine has never powered anything in flight yet are nonetheless quick to point out initial delays with the WS-10 as if that was sufficient excuse and rational for their own failures.

I actually do agree with your last paragraph that in spite of the delays, the Tejas is critical for the future development of Indian aerospace. If the HF-24 had not been abandoned and further work continued on developing newer variants or successor projects, it is likely that the Tejas program would have been run a lot better. However, this is again all academic and irrelevant to the main topic. What I do not agree with is the veritable cornicopia of excuse making, failure rationalization, bullshit promises, snide passive-aggressive comments, that DRDO routinely dishes out in public and that some people lap up like it was manna from heaven.

By the way, the grand total of 2 LCAs that the IAF now has were supposed to have been delivered in 2014. Yet each and every broken deadline is conveniently forgotten by some wishful thinkers in the face of new grand promises where X will ready in Y years.

Demolishing Some LCA Tejas Falsehoods


Speaking of falsehoods, your entire article is full of them and in reality mostly bakwas. That the redditors here actually upvoted you and even bothered to gold you simply exposes the complete universal ignorance of readers here regarding aerospace development and its history. Responding in depth is somewhat difficult in a tiny reply box so forgive any formatting errors I make. I will quote your text in bold and my reply normally.

The figure is technically true, but deprives the narrative of much-needed context. The Tejas’ origins can indeed be traced back to 1983, when the concept of a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) was conceived. However, the IAF did not finalise its air staff requirements (ASRs) until 1985 (and kept on requesting major changes throughout the design and development phase, but more on that later) and initial funding did not come through until 1986. The project definition phase—the phase in which technical requirements are defined and a conceptual design prepared did not end until 1988. The final design was completed in 1990. Full funding was issued only in 1993, after which the development of a prototype commenced in earnest

The timeline is correct in the technical sense but misleads the reader into believing that the given timeline was the planned timeline. It was not. What it is, is a post facto reciting of actual milestones blatantly ignoring all of the earlier missed deadlines. The original plan was to actually have the Tejas operation by 1994. This obviously didn’t happen.

That compares well with contemporary fourth-generation fighters like the Eurofighter Typhoon and the JAS-39 Gripen. The Typhoon first flew in 1986. The definitive version with an AESA radar is still not in service today, 30 years down the line. The Tranche-2 version, which can drop precision bombs and fire BVR missiles, wasn’t available until 2008. Another European fighter, the Swedish Gripen-C, with full-spectrum capabilities, started entering service in 2002, also fourteen years after its first flight.

Again this is completely dishonest and ignores a multitude of other factors. Primarily by comparing the progress of the LCA to the Typhoon, you are comparing one mismanaged and delayed project with another massively mismanaged and delayed project and claiming, hey its not that bad. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a poster child of delays due to a confluence of three political factors. A development cycle that spanned the end of the cold war resulting in changing political priorities by development partners. Chief among them Germany which felt that it was strategically unneccessary and cost prohibitive in the face of German reunification. Four major national partners which contributes to bureaucratic delay. Defense spending cuts for the last two decades in Europe which have led to buck passing as no one is willing to foot the bill for continued work on the project and can easily throw responsibility towards a partner nation who passes the blame and costs onto another ad infinitum.

The Gripen had it’s first flight in 1988, but it actually entered service in 1993 with the Swedish Air Force with first batch deliveries completed by 1996. Comparing the Gripen C to it’s original flight timeline to claim it was delayed is ludicrous because the capabilities offered by the Gripen C simply did not exist anywhere during it’s development cycle. For example, the AMRAAM was not delivered to foreign customers until 1995. On the other hand, these capabilities did exist for the Tejas which had it’s first flight in 2001.

Furthermore, by focusing on the delays of the Typhoon, you ignore every other fighter development project of the last two decades which shows the Tejas in a completly different light.

F/A-18E Super Hornet. First flight – 1995. Service entry – 1999
F-22. First flight – 1997. Service entry – 2005
TA-50. First flight – 2002. Service entry – 2005 (2011 for the armed variant sharing the same radar as the Tejas)
FCK-1. First flight – 1989. Service entry – 1994
JF-17. First flight – 2003. Service entry – 2007
J-10. First flight – 1998. Service entry – 2003

**Just because the development was delayed doesn’t mean that the design is the same one from 1983. The IAF updated its requirements quite often and kept demanding additional capabilities of the design. It was a Catch-22 situation: the constant change in requirements kept the design up-to-date, but it also led to several years of delays because of the need to re-design, re-test, and re-certify the aircraft after every minor change. Off the top of my head, I can remember that the IAF demanded the following modifications pretty late into the program:
•Open avionics architecture.
•Precision bombing capabilities.
•Heavier A2A missiles (R-73 vs R-60).
•Internal EW suite that included a self-protection jammer.
•Inflight refueling
•More capable radar and missiles (LCA Mk-1A)

With these modifications, the Tejas went from being a simple point-defence interceptor to a full-blown (albeit short-legged) multi-role fighter. **

Whether or not the Tejas can be currently classified as obsolete depends on what the landmark you are using for comparison is. If it is the Gripen C that entered service 14 years ago, then no the Tejas is not obsolete. If it is against aircraft that are entering service now or within the next 2 years such as the F-35, T-50, and J-20, then yes it is.

What China’s Big Nation Complex Means for the Future of Asia: “Of course Vietnam should defer to its “big brother” and be silent. Yes, we can discuss the South China Sea, but the other countries’ claims are a joke. “China is a big country. X is a small country. What more is there to say?””


What more needs to be said is correct. The Philippines claim to the Spratley islands are a joke. Their claim to the islands is basically that they “discovered” them in the 1970’s and no one else had any pre-existing claims.

Every shit stain on r/fob is determined to regurgitate anti-China memes because engaging the small functioning parts of their brain is too much work. Much easier to circle jerk.

As to the Chinese notion of might makes right. That’s just the reality of how the world works. There can be no actual equivalence between China and her neighbors because she is so much stronger than them. The entire so-called rules based international order is one giant lie. Whoever is strong enough is free to write themselves exceptions in any rule.

Do you oppose Asian immigration to Western countries?


I use the term Han to differentiate myself as opposed to the 55 other nationalities the present Communist occupational government calls “Chinese”. Chinese people have always identified themselves as subjects of their respective dynasty but that is not an ethnic identifier but rather a political one. The Idea of a Huaxia identity as a cultural and ethnic marker is however much older and dates back to the Zhou and continued onwards irrespective of whether the imperial family was named Liu or Li.

Im afraid you are quite misinformed as to actual Chinese history. Han and Tang are not ethnic or cultural identifiers originally at all but rather lands. More specifically they were hereditary fiefdoms held by the dynasties founders that were used to name their later empires. The Duke of Han and Duke of Tang being titles of nobility they held before becoming emperor.

Do you oppose Asian immigration to Western countries?


Theoretically yes. Singapore was created in the aftermath of race riots (read murderous Malay Muslim mobs) in the 1960’s as a refuge for the Chinese because electoral politics plus racial diversity proved toxic. This is where I think I most diverge from the Eurasians here. Whites aren’t the problem, simple ethnic differences are enough even minute ones. The modern population of England is about 30% Germanic not because of cultural assimilation, but because of the simple fact that Frisian, Jutish, Saxon, and Angle invaders raped and enslaved so many native Celtic Britonian women. They reduced the reproductive potential of Celtic males by both killing them and reducing their social status, and implanted their own genetic legacy in their place. This is not something most English today would recognize or acknowledge, but it would been horrible for the Celts at the time.

Altering the racial balance of Singapore is just recreating the same old problems from 50 years ago with the added headache of Islamic Jihad and a Chinese population too cowed by political correctness to mount an adequate defense. On a more practical level, I feel Singapore is a already a lost cause because it is busy demographically annihilating its native Chinese population while its elites have gone full pomo now that LKY is dead. Its current prosperity cannot be maintained and its economic policy is designed for maximum rent seeking at the expense of affordable Chinese family formation. Within three generations, I believe Singapore will be dead. Which is why most capable young Singaporeans are already leaving. Unfortunately they are primarily leaving for the UK, US, Australia, and Canada which simply means a different path to the same result, racial death. Optimally they should return to their urheimat so they can preserve their families, but most wont because of convenience and financial considerations.

Do you oppose Asian immigration to Western countries?


Yes, I oppose continued Asian immigration to the West. Well to be specific, I oppose Chinese immigration to the West as I dont really care about what others do. The reason I do so is because I view the weltanschaung of the contemporary West as diseased and have no desire for its memetic virulence to spread further. More importantly I want to preserve the genetic inheritance of my forefathers and have no desire to see my kinfolk actively genocided by selfish hypergamous race traitor women.

Though keep in mind my opinion is a distinctly minority view since this is a sub populated by Eurasians of various ancestry who still share a fundamentally Western liberal outlook while I am a Han Chauvinist reactionary. My opinion is probably also not in line with most actual Chinese for that matter (women mostly) because they are fairly ignorant of racial relations in multiracial societies. They just want the status and prestige they can showboat to their social peers while grossly ignorant or in the case of Chinese women, callously indifferent to the inevitable consequences. That being a slow motion racial annihilation that is fundamentally no different than an enslaved race being bred out of existence by having their women folk taken by conquerors.

rocky discovers one weird trick to destroy his fiancee’s self esteem


The proper age to get married. The serial monogamous relationships that characterize the West and now China for that matter are systemically dysfunctional and create sub par marriages with delayed child bearing further reducing genetic fitness of descendants. The old ways are best.

Apparently her fiancé was also the only man she has been intimate with which is another plus in her favour. “Used” women are demonstrably poorer at sequential pair bondings.

AMERICA AT BAY – EVADING DESTINY (Includes an interesting discussion about China)


How is she your sister-in-law in the first place? If you are white, please disregard.

Posted news article to /r/FOB, harmonious discussion follows.


Its interesting that the comments most loudly denouncing Aiguo888 for wrongthink come from some of the most vocal anti China shit posters on r/China.

He is of course right though. Chinese men shouldn’t breed with Cambodian women, at least not in China. If they really insist on it, they should leave and do so in Cambodia.

<— people enjoying their life currently


I didn’t mean your circlejerk sub in the literal sense, but rather r/Taiwan as the hangout of a circlejerk of Taiwan Guo Wansui! neckbeards. The subreddit is the alternate reality version of r/Tim with Shrimpcuck being bizzaro uCunts and and Phos being Bizzaro theNigger1.

<— people enjoying their life currently


Did he actually write that to you when you got banned? I got the same reply today following my ban.

<— people enjoying their life currently


Phos and ShrimpCrackers are tards of the first order. I got banned from my first post on their circlejerk sub because I pointed out no one really gave a shit about Taiwan and certainly not enough to die for them and little Mike Chang from Arcadia clicking like on peitition.wasteoftime.gov wasn’t going to affect anything. Apparently they were put off by my “racial supremacist” posting history to the point of the vapors so prr banned me so the crime thinking wouldn’t spread to the rest of their little herd.

U. S. Petition to Recognize Taiwan, 7000+ signatures so far (note: not the same one previously posted)


Taidunese are giant fucking pussies and their foreign resident enablers are the worst of the bunch. A bigger collection of sackless man children you will not find outside of some gender studies department. Power is seized through blood and sacrifice. Actual independence will require both, not clicking on e-petitions of foreign countries. To get and maintain actual independence will require both the demonstration of strength and resolve. That means universal conscription and massive defense spending. Instead all I see is draft dodging, miniscule European levels of militarization, and the child like fantasy that countries thousands of miles away are going to sacrifice themselves to fulfill your wishes.

I suppose you expect that PLA amphibious divisions can be halted by your “awareness” raising campaigns or that a billion Chinese can be convinced of the justness of your cause because of your “superiority” as having been Japanese slaves means you that those backwards dirty mainlanders are obviously an entirely different race.

Fear and Loathing in /r/Worldnews


They fear the loss of their homelands to barbarian Muslim invaders and the dispossession of their co-ethnics to racial aliens. This is obviously misguided and they should instead complain incessantly that the Chinese do not act like Canadians and endlessly engage in shitty memes. How can they possibly think that hordes of welfare sponges, rape gangs, and potential mass murders is a greater threat to their welfare than people buying up infant formula. The ignorant Tims obviously don’t know better.

[Mod Post] Mods of /r/taiwan are a pack of faggots


I’ve been acquainted with Shrimpcrackers for more than a decade and he has always been a giant passive aggressive pussy who hides behind hollow sophistry.

Lord Pommegranate Knows How To Get A Girl Attention


Jesus Christ you jerkers are a bunch of white knighting pussies, especially the faggot mods that actually went to that trollxsub and were subsequently down voted into oblivion since they stepped out of their native circle jerk element here. It was satisfying see thenigger1 and kike_guan down voted so hard.

Waaa waaa waaa sexual harassment. Waaa waaa waaa Internet rape threats. Waaa waaa waaa patriarchy.

To use a term much cherished here what a bunch of Faaaaggots.

The only difference between sexual harassment and a “cutie” is if the woman decides the male’s sexual market value meets her standards.

r/fob has been quite unharmonious lately…


I honestly suspect the most regular shit posters are just alts of one or two people. They seem to share the same idiosyncries in language. One time I actually caught one of them responding to another user with two different screen names by accident. Unfortunately subreddit moderators don’t have access to IP addresses so there is no easy way to handle sock puppetry.



I really wanted to respond to that thread too… Its a shame that the moderators are giant nigger loving kyke commissars.

China May Never Get Rich


First article is problematic because it measures growth rates against theoretical ideal growth rates based on evaluations of human capital levels. The second link actually doesn’t even support your argument. It actually claims that a middle income trap doesn’t exist and figures 1 and 2 actually show a low income trap where growth stalls more at the lowest income levels. Did you even bother to read your own link?

China May Never Get Rich


There is no such thing as a middle income trap. It is a ridiculous neoliberal intellectual straw man unsupported by empirical data. For a middle income trap to exist, there must be an observed sharp break in per capita incomes of countries in the trap and those not in the trap. Ie a group of countries at around 10k USD and another group at 20k with nothing in between. Such a distinction does not exist in reality and countries instead exhibit regular gradiations in development. Meaning there are countries at 10k, 11k,12k, 13k etc. Drawing distinctions between what constitutes middle income and not middle income thus becomes an exercise in arbitrary self referencing distinctions to justify a so called middle income trap.

Did China discover Tiawan or were people always living there? If they discovered it, when? If they acquired it, when?


Since you aren’t taking sides, you should restore my comment and let readers decide. What I wrote answered the original question succinctly. I also provided an author and book title with the page number. I am going to assume you have a working command of the English language to recognize Keliyan did not provide an answer so much as a a completely dishonest dissimulation to advance a political agenda. “Give” vs “forced to give”, I mean come on, we aren’t children and the obvious torturing of language cannot be any more obvious. If this is what qualifies as a quality response and anyone pointing out the bullshit is censored in the name of civility then you might as well rename the sub ask reallydishonestbutobviouspartisanspretendingtobehistorians.

Did China discover Tiawan or were people always living there? If they discovered it, when? If they acquired it, when?


Keyilan is a liar spreading separatist propaganda. The degree of passive aggressive dishonesty in his so called answer is only evident if one has any idea of the actual truth. To honestly address your question, written history of Taiwan in Chinese records goes back well into the first millennium. Refer to page 87 of China and the Taiwan issue by Gabe T Wang. Its actually available on Google books.

Keyilan is merely regurgitating early 20th century wartime Japanese propaganda in his mealy mouthed parsing of what constitutes “China”. The original rational being that China was just a geographic entity as opposed to Japan which was composed of a divine people and since there was no Chinese nation they were free to help themselves to Chinese territory.

The so-called unrest and resistance to Qing rule and pirate suppression that he blithely tosses out was actually the final last stand of Ming loyalist forces who fought to preserve the vestiges of their empire.

The Qing “giving” away Taiwan to Japan was part of the territorial concessions following the treaty of Shimonoseki which also included originally the province of Shandong. Japan being “forced” to give it to the Republic of China was because of losing ww2 and being forced to surrender all conquered territories since 1895.

Taiwan is historically Chinese territory and continuously administered as territory of the Republic of China for the last 70 years. The PRC being the successor state to the Republic inherited de Jude sovereignty.

HALP! Where is the pro-Chinar positive circlejerk serious discussion forum on the interwangs? PS must be Yeengwenz


Hybrids are not guaranteed to inherit the optimal phenotypes of either parent. Rather the result across a large enough sample will be a distinct average of both. A Chinese mulatto will have the intellect somewhere between that of a Chinese and Black and aggression levels to match. In other words, he will be a complete mediocrity much like the Mestizo.

HALP! Where is the pro-Chinar positive circlejerk serious discussion forum on the interwangs? PS must be Yeengwenz


The primary purpose of the institution of marriage for women is to perpetuate and defend the patrimony of her husband. In this case, her “husband” is a racial alien and a Chinese woman is thus throwing away the legacy of her forefathers in a supreme act of selfishness. I do not recognize the legitimacy of such unions and hence I refer to them as concubines. The toxic fruit of miscegenation can be found on r/Hapas for anyone to see. Why anyone would want to knowingly birth such self-destructive abominations who are neither fish nor fowl is beyond me. The only reason I can think of is a lack of self-control and utter selfishness that places the well being of their progeny below that of their instinct to rut.

If more people were to acknowledge this was a problem, less people would be stabbed to death outside of a Uniqlo.

HALP! Where is the pro-Chinar positive circlejerk serious discussion forum on the interwangs? PS must be Yeengwenz


Blonde, Frat Boy, Hillbilly are all quite specific and antipodean counterparts in the form counter-stereotypes such as as the math nerd and city slicker. No one here uses any actual Chinese stereotypes. Rainies, Rockies, and Nongs are used to describe everyone.

The r/China subreddit is hardly the only place for expats to vent unless you are particularly lazy. You could always create a separate subreddit for it in the same vein as CCJ. Might I recommend r/Chinktown.

You are operating under the assumption that I am denying that I am a racist or that I somehow even find racism objectionable. I readily acknowledge that I am a blatant racist and I feel that this is both forthright, honest, and natural state of man. It is because I am a racist that I can see through the dissimulation and denials as obvious Taqiyah. I actually didn’t write anything about not wanting Africans in China beyond saying that I didn’t want Africans in China. You basically filled in all the rest off of heuristics. You were however right of course. I don’t want Africans in China because Africans, relative to any other populations, bring increased crime, social dysfunction, and the inevitable sub-par half breeds. This is an observable fact, but it doesn’t mean this observation belongs in r/Africa nor would I waste my time driving the point home ad nauseum to the users in that subreddit. Thought in all likelyhood I would most likely receive a site wide shadow ban for it.

Chinese people bring with them stratospheric real estate prices, a culture of corruption, and an asocial dog-eat-dog competitive behavior relative to Anglo whites. Many whites find this objectionable and don’t want to live in proximity to Chinese. Some may feel that pointing this out is bigoted, most of the current r/China regulars would simply nod their heads. Yet because I make both observations I am a “racist” while mental firewalls that everyone else posses is somehow interpreted as speaking truth to power.

HALP! Where is the pro-Chinar positive circlejerk serious discussion forum on the interwangs? PS must be Yeengwenz


Do you even read the sub? Perhaps you think all the Rainiest, Rockies, and Nongs are terms of endearment. Familiarity breeds contempt and so-called understanding doesn’t necessarily lead to acceptance. Sometimes when you truly get to know someone or something, you come to actively dislike them, even despise them. This is true for most of the prolific regulars on r/China. They post so much because they despise China and the Chinese and it is emotionally satisfying to express themselves in the company of like minded individuals when in their mundane lives they cannot do so in front of their race traitor concubines and coworkers.

why am I banned from /r/china?


Because the mods are faggots and/or niggers whose self proclaimed “critical think” and “free speech” stops the moment you hurt “their” feelings.

HALP! Where is the pro-Chinar positive circlejerk serious discussion forum on the interwangs? PS must be Yeengwenz


Most third world countries are poorer and more dysfunctional than China. The China topics on reddit are invariably shit posts because China is a geopolitical rival of the United States and its citizens are being psychologically primed for conflict. The same is true for Russia. For example the Philippines is very much shitier in most aspects but there is absolutely none of the hostility and contempt in its subreddit or elsewhere because they are harmless losers. China and Russia are dangerous. Power attracts criticism both warranted and superfluous. The actually useless and debased don’t generally attract attention to begin with because they are irrelevant.

/r/FOB Timsplosion of the week: Come for /u/TheDark1’s Crimstralian bizarro twin, stay to fill out your /r/Chinar bingo card


Credentialism is the name of the game when it comes to Chinese education. Actually Western education too since the lowering of primary education standards and the ubiquitous expectation of University enrollment. For 99% of Chinese and probably 90% of Westerners it is merely a check box that needs to be ticked. It was really amusing to see the faggots are r/China blaming the Chinese for this situation when it is the Western Universities who have chosen to turn themselves into Degree mills first for their own domestic students and then into Chinese students. The shit starts at the top of course what with Harvard matriculating Bo Guagua and Xi Mingzi and god knows who else. People have the mistaken impression of Western universities as modern Cathedrals of holiness but they are in fact self dealing bureaucratic institutions who are first interested in their own money and prestige and students are cows to be milked, their education being incidental.

I also got a laugh out of all the faggots claiming “experienced” in China because theyved lived there a while and their concubine is a Chinese race traitor. Almost everyone in r/coontown would be even more intimately familiar with black culture but those same users would be clenching their buttcheeks in outrage if I were to publically make that connection there.

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


Again this is why I prefer not to use alts. Anyone who spent more than a cursory look at my posting history would know fully well my position on the CCP. Also who or what is PN?

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


My so-called “racism” was not the problem. My heresy was. The default tenor of r/China is explicitly anti-Chinese with half the regular commenters whose entire posting history consists of little more than one line shit posts about how China sucks. Of course of when confronted they will retreat to some shibboleth about the Communist Party, which lets be honest is just a lazy deflection in the vein of “I have black friends” (I don’t and I don’t care to have any).

In contrast to the overwhelming majority of the subreddit, I actually am Chinese and offer a heterodox interpretation starkly at odds with most everyone else. The problem is not that my writing offends the public sentiment or could be construed as inflammatory, which could apply to any number of others, but because I am willing to touch the third rails of Western Liberal thought underpins the thinking of the majority of people on Reddit.

To give an example, if I were to write that Tibet should be free and the millions of Han living in “Greater” Tibet encompassing Sichuan and Qinghai should be sent back to their Jiaxiangs then I would no doubt be upvoted. In contrast if I write that Uyghur Muslims are dangerous and should be removed from Chinese cities because of their propensity for criminality and terrorism, then everyone would call me a fascist shitlord. The operative point is that both statements are fundamentally advocating population transfers as a solution to social friction, a much larger act in fact in the case of Tibet. The former however is interpreted as “Just” because the Han people would be the victimized while my support of the latter, precious snowflake minorities would be the ones dislocated and hence I am evil.

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


Actually, let me apologize, that was rather rude of me. I didn’t post in this sub to start fights, I only wanted to know what methods there were of being able to post again in the other sub.

So have a nice day.

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


Demonstrating precisely why I prefer not to use alts. All too easy to lose track of what you previously wrote and interested readers are unable to learn more on the basis of your position.

That you actually think a coherent argument is a “rant” is probably because you are like the majority of the r/China posters, a complete blithering faggot whose intellectual depth begins and ends with the Jew York Times.

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


Well thanks anyway. If by any chance you end up remodded, please unban me. I generally prefer not to use alts.

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


“Less Africans will want to come to China. Someone has yet to explain how this is a bad thing.”

That is what I was banned for, the general level of retardation and trolling on r/China flies without comment by the moderators but some thin skinned social justice faggot thought that was beyond the pale. I did not suspect that DarkFag was black, but I guess it figures. Is he by any chance actually John Garnault. He sounds like him.

How do I get unbanned from the main China subreddit?


Can one moderator undo the ban issued by another moderator?

A Syrian Christian fighter has beheaded an Islamic State group (IS) militant to avenge people “executed” by the jihadists in northeastern Syria


Deus Vult!

China Deployed Artillery on Disputed Island, U.S. Says


The US alleges that China placed two mobile artillery pieces on Chigua/Johnson South though these are now no longer visible. The photograph evidence I have seen is too low resolution to be conclusive and can at most be described as two tarp covered trucks. The US are claiming that these are PLC-09 122mm motorized howitzers. The location of the newly reclaimed Chigua places them within the firing range of Vietnamese occupied positions on Collins and more importantly Sin Cowe where the Vietnamese have been doing their own reclamation prior to China’s building spree.

Whether or not you believe the howitzers are there depends on how far you trust the Pentagon, though strategically the presence of the guns is not particularly serious as they only put a few Vietnamese controlled islands under threat. The Chinese held islands can be defended by the Chinese coast guard and naval fleets so these guns are not really necessary to either defend the island or in taking Vietnamese held islands. What would be more interesting would be the presence of Chinese long range surface to air missiles, cruise missiles, and anti-ship missiles.

This is why people buy things from China


This is not accurate. I know from extensive experience that air freight from China to a non west coast city in the us is around 4 to 5 USD per kilogram plus domestic trucking and customs and duties depending on the gross weight of the shipment. Ocean freight is calculated by volume per cubic meter or full container with weight limitations set by ports and local road regulations. For the US this means about 18000 kilos per container before you run into the need for overweight/oversize cargo permits. A whole 40 ft container can be shipped to any location in the continental US from China for about $5000 including the multimodal rail and truck portions and probably cover the customs clearance, mpf, hmf, to boot.

Candidate with no votes demands recount because he ‘voted for himself’


Those who cast the vote decide nothing, those who count the vote decide everything.

Facing charges after defending himself from racist attack, African student seeks support in Chongqing


Assuming that everything written is true, and that is a big if, this is absolutely great news.

Less Africans will want to come to China. Someone has yet to explain how this is a bad thing.

Stunning array of photos of China from more than 100 years ago


She wasn’t the last Empress of China. She was the Empress of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.

Controversial replica of Old Summer Palace opens in China


That’s because it’s actually a giant outdoor movie studio. The replica summer palace is part of the Hengdian World Studios where pretty much every period piece Chinese TV show and movie is shot. The rooms are empty because it’s meant to be a movie set and props are brought in and removed for each shooting.

But yeah, lets ignore the actual function of the place and hurr durr derp.

Buying custom laptop in china


Egh TerransForce charges ridiculous “boutique” markups on the higher end configurations. The baseline models with the 970m GTX aren’t bad, but if you want a 980m it’s a lot pricier than what they would cost in the U.S. I’m actually in the market for a new laptop myself since my Radeon 6970 decided to die on me last month and I’ve ben running Intel’s integrated HD graphics since then. I’m still waiting for a Skylake processor refresh though since the current mainstream processor is basically unchanged from 2013 with only two small 100Mhz clock speed increases that hardly warrant a new processor number.

Since you said you were in Guangzhou, you may actually want to try a physical store. Apparently Clevo owns the BuyNow electronics store chain in China. The physical location is at 598 Tianhe Road. Its just a few minutes walk south of the South China Normal University subway exit. If you don’t mind the trip, you maybe able to find a Cevo laptop there.

Buying custom laptop in china


Sager laptops are just rebranded Clevo laptops which are made in China. If you hit up Taobao, find one of the reputable sellers and buy it from there. It’s the same laptop, except they aren’t shipping it to the US and back to China.

If you aren’t interesting in buying off Taobao, you can directly buy from TerransForce. This is simply yet another local Clevo reseller.

Chinese expat’s views on citizenship and loyalty to their new “home” – Any input to share? How does it compare to your situation living in China?


This is one of those instances in which your usual departure from reality unwittingly betrays the truth. The Chinese are quite tolerant of others; in their own countries. The Chinese do not care how foreigners arrange their societies or their affairs nor are they particularly interested in changing people around the world and reprogramming their thought patterns to match those of the Chinese. Westerners, and by this I principally mean Americans, and their assorted vassals are actually bitterly intolerant. You are hostile religious zealots driven by a messianic urge to foist your confession across the world. “Multiculturalism”, “Anti-Racism”, “Gay Rights”, “Feminism”, “Racial Equality”, “Liberalism”, “Equal Rights”, “Democracy”, “Rule-of-law”, are your new commandments and anyone anywhere who fails to adhere to them is an atavistic troglodyte in dire need of moral and intellectual rectification. Where the power exists you will compel belief via force of arms, where it is lacking, the long game of subversion is the preferred method. The Chinese are content with policing the thoughts and behavior of Chinese. The Westerner is dissatisfied that everyone in the world doesn’t share their present value systems.

If you could change one thing about china what would be it ?


The Chinese have insufficient asabiyah and are not hostile enough towards outsiders. While Arab Muslim levels of head chopping would be ideal, I would settle for passive aggressive Japanese levels of dickishness. As it stands, the Chinese are far too xenophilic for their own good.

Why China must invade North Korea: the logic of war.


Strike first, strike hard, and strike fast. Chinese intelligence more than any other likely has the best information on the disposition of North Korean military forces as well as it’s nuclear capabilities. The present nuclear weapons that North Korea possesses are limited both in numbers and capability and it is unlikely that they are able to be deployed tactically due to limited targeting capabilities and firewalls in the kill chain. Kim Jong Un invariably keeps them close to his chest and will not share their control with others. The primary value of North Korean nukes is not operational but for blackmail.

China orders Muslim shopkeepers to sell alcohol, cigarettes, to ‘weaken’ Islam


What you are describing isn’t morals, as envisioned by Western universalist liberals, but rather particularist ethics. That is to say they sell alcohol and tobacco to the infidels because they are not members of the ummah. It is akin to a Mexican drug dealer selling cocaine to blacks but not other Mexicans. They aren’t being moral, rather they are social separatists who have contempt for outsiders.

China orders Muslim shopkeepers to sell alcohol, cigarettes, to ‘weaken’ Islam


Don’t forget chopping up infidels, kidnapping non Muslim women for sex slavery, the occasional suicide bombing, oh and the jizyah on unbelievers. Lines that Muslims do cross with gusto. The Chinese have very little to learn from muslims besides the aasibyah to forge a cohesive community to make unending war on their neighbors. Your meager experience with muslims extends only to that of tourists and guests. You don’t actually have to live with them.

More Chinese women are turning to cosmetic surgery for their vaginas


The singular purpose of life is to perpetuate itself via reproduction. Everything else is incidental to this biological truth. If human intelligence fails to contribute to the species it will be bred out.

Why do young Chinese dislike Japan so much, whilst being heavily influenced by the Japanese culture?


I can’t believe no one has actually mentioned the Media. Television and the Internet has an outsized effect on shaping current public opinion that is much more significant than some childhood textbook that is in all likelihood forgotten. Current media on the other hand both passively and actively shapes public perceptions by choosing how the context of the news is delivered in addition what news is actually delivered. This is as true for China as it is for Japan and the United States.

Media is in turn shaped by government policy which drives what is and is not newsworthy in international affairs. Government decides on policy > Media reports on said policy > Public justification of said policy is formed. Some in America have this misguided notion that the Media is some kind of fourth estate that forms as a check on government power. Nothing could be further from the truth. The overwhelming majority of establishment media are nothing more than cowardly, supine lapdogs, that are willing to tow the party line for access, prestige, and job stability.

With that being said, Chinese public perception is actively shaped and managed by the party via it’s media organs to support various policy. It doesn’t work any different in Japan. For example, Japanese media surveys of public perception vis-a-vis China were actually positive prior to the Koizumi administration and have tended to follow government policy. Japanese China policy is coloured by it’s relations with the United States. For decades the conservative factions in Japan have been trying to achieve strategic independence from the United States. Politicos in Washington and Tokyo may espouse in public shared democratic values but the unsugared truth is that Japan is America’s bitch. This situation is quite galling to the pride of conservative political class. The most convenient method that they have chosen to regain more autonomy from the United States is to pick a fight with China in order that America might loosen it’s leash.

Read below for more details.


Statistics about Migrant Workers in 2015


Someone didn’t take any statistics classes. 235,000 is a huge sample size for this survey or any for that matter. That number of workers surveyed among the total sample size will give you a 99% confidence level and a confidence interval of around 0.26. This is much more precise than the overwhelming majority of commercial surveys done.

May 4th 1919 — Student protests begin in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.


The Taipings were heroes. They were a liberation movement to free the Han from the Manchu yolk that were ultimately defeated because the British chose to intervene on behalf of the Manchu scum to continue enslaving the Chinese. The millions died because the Manchu bastards ordered every rebel city retaken massacred. Their religious sentiments were irrelevant, billions of people worship a zombie jew on a stick while billions more venerate some smelly pedophilic desert raider, the Taiping Tianguo could have had the flying spaghetti monster as god for all I care as long as they sought to restore native Han rule to China. That the decrepit Qing dynasty didn’t collapse in the mid 19th century and continued to rot for another 50 years afterwards is the true source of the century of humiliation and why China’s modernization was so delayed. As usual we have Le Perfide Albion to thank for that is well. My sense of schadenfreud though has been duly satisfied now that Britain’s empire has crumbled into nothing and the UK is now ground zero for Muslim Pakistani demographic expansion in Europe. A century ago they were lording over them as imperious conquerors but are now having their daughters raped by them with impunity.

China changes its strategy towards Japan: recognises unrelenting pressure has produced far greater costs than benefits for China


This is typical of the wish fulfilling delusions of the Washington establishment. China taking a firm hand is bound to backfire while Japan/America talking tough is bound to be a success.

Zero change in Chinese policy = COMMIE SURRENDER MONKIES AMERICA STRONK!11!

Naval patrols continue to assert presence in the waters around Diaoyutai and air patrols routinely challenge the JASDF over it.

The only change the author noted was the restarting of some pointless security “diaologue”.

My dissappointment is that Hu Jintao like all the Communist mediocrities running China lacks any testicular fortitude whatsoever. Defense spending should be quadrupled as of yesterday and once a sufficiently favorable correlation of forces is achieved, the islands should be flat out seized.

The Communist Party of China must be destroyed in order to save the Chinese race.


Then why did you even bother to comment? You are just being childish.

Han Chinese and China’s ethnic policies…


The Hanfu revivalists are an anachronistic joke, adopting the superficial trappings of the past without understanding the substance. Your problem is that your are more afraid of being called racist or a Han chauvinist than you are of losing our homeland to degenerate barbarian usurpers. No enemies to the left, no friends to the right. The problem with your wishy washy position is that the Tatar scum will forever hate you for what you are while you struggle against your own brothers for a grain of respectability from the traitorous communist bastards. You are just another Qin Hui eager to betray Yue Fei to the Jin vermin. The Manchu, Mongols, Tibetans, Uighurs, and all other Barbarians must be ethnically cleansed from China. Their continued existence is an offense to our ancestors who have suffered so much under their thieving. Their bestial natures are amply demonstrated when the power dynamics are temporarily reversed, so we must show them no mercy in turn.

Woman in ‘birth tourism’ case arrested at LAX as she tries to fly back to China: Her arrest comes amid a large-scale federal investigation of several Southern California companies accused of persuading pregnant Chinese women to lie on visa applications so their babies can be born on U.S. soil.


I think your hatred of the Chinese has made you insane. A couple hundred Chinese wealthy ass holes abuse a legal loop hole to obtain citizenship for their child and leave is an unacceptable outrage. A million Quechua speaking indios pouring over the Rio grande is just fine. I actually oppose continued Chinese immigration to the West for reasons none of you would ever understand, but your animus against the Chinese has blinded you to the absolute devastation of America that your compliant brown helots are wreaking.

How Beijing is attempting to weaken Hong Kong’s judiciary. Suggestions that “only ethnic Chinese” in Hong Kong should be allowed serve as judges.


Yes, how dare the Chinese have the utter gall to make their own laws and be sovereign in their own country. Such primitive atavistic attitudes have no place in the modern world! The prime responsibility of any government is not the welfare of their ethnic kin, naturally all policy must be dictated based on the optics in “world” (Western Media) opinion. Silly ignorant chauvinistic Chinese racists, don’t they understand that to be civilized in the modern world is to be ruled over by Jews?

(serious) For those of you who have lived in China for a while, and hate the government for being communist, corrupt judging by the posts here, how do you rationalize the fact that China has been far more effective in reducing poverty an as well as improving quality of life than democratic India?


Your Democratically elected leaders would say yes. As would all your pet intellectuals. They might hem and haw slightly, but they would categorically espouse the superiority of snout counting as the government best suited for delivering economic growth.

No Justice for “Comfort Women”


God fucking damn it. I had a long ass reply that took two hours to write but got lost because firefox had to fucking crash because of fucking Adobe. Fuck.

tl;dr version.

You are a weeabo faggot.

WW2 nothing to do with current China/Japan relations. Its about balance of power between China/US. Uncertain status/future for Japan.

Japan/China relations constantly shifted in the past, no such thing as permanent anti-Japanese indoctrination. Depends on relative power of both parties vis-a-vis U.S.

Japan used to be courting China when it thought it could be more politically independent. Now more dependent on U.S. security guarantees.

Lost WW2; dream of Asian Empire and holy war against Whites defeated. Used to being bitch so settles for being numero 2 under rich, white, America rather than poor, dirty, “Shina”.

Situation won’t resolve until new China/US stability.

WW2 club useful byproduct of US Liberal World Order. Cult of victimology now font of holiness says America. Jews making perpetual hay with the holocuast. Worth a try for China. Japan’s own Hiroshima/Nagasaki victum cult in hopes of holiness rubbing off.

Tibet, don’t care; recycle Japanese rightist tropes. Vietnam; good strategic reasons: Soviet/Vietnam defense pact, Cambodia, Cold War. India; read more, Indian claim inferior to Chinese claim.

China’s economy is losing altitude fast


The Russians never asked for an apology because they won. The Red Army raped its way to Berlin, evicted millions of Germans from their homes in what is now Western Poland, and occupied half of rump Germany for another 45 years. I’d call that even.

China didn’t win the war against Japan, I would even be hard pressed to say it survived it considering the death blow the Japanese dealt the fledgling Nanjing government.

The American victory over Japan and subsequent cold war policies precluded any final reckoning between China and Japan. The CCP isn’t the only government to shape historical perceptions to serve political objectives, nor is it even particularly adept at it.

Is China over-reaching in it’s ambition to challenge the USA?


Minxin Pei is a shameless liar and degenerate shill for the Washington Liberal Hegemony. His tortured version of reality is designed to serve one purpose and one purpose only, as pitiful intellectual justification for the perpetuation of a Global (mis)Order in which he serves as a well paid flunkey. Don’t challenge my master says the slave.

His very first paragraph starts with one giant bold faced lie and then proceeds on to pile more lies from there.

The Soviet Union did not collapse from excessive military spending or overseas military commitments. It collapsed due to a crisis of faith in which the Soviet elite lost the confidence and more critically the will to power that held the Soviet Union together. The prime lesson drawn by the Chinese politburo from their erstwhile Soviet counterparts was not to avoid overspending on the military, but rather that when a crisis arrives, you need a leader with balls rather than a bumbling Gorbachev (or his Chinese doppleganger Hu Yaobang).

Any strategic plan must account for the present and near future correlation forces. China’s lack of military spending was necessitated by the geopolitical situation of the 1980’s. Chances of military confrontation with the Soviet Union which had peaked during the Mao/Brezhnev era were much lower in addition to the new found detente with the United States. In addition, her primitive industrial and technological foundation made additional military spending unwise as as obsolescence was already baked in. This situation is no longer true today in that China now has a wide array of policy options which were unavailable two decades ago, in addition she must face a much more actively hostile United States policy of containment and subversion. If the balance of power changes, which it has, it is foolish to maintain a policy decided under much different circumstances, circumstances which no longer exist. The apologists for American Imperialism calls this “aggression” or more passive-aggressively as upsetting the “status quo”. However this is the natural law of things, if your precious status quo does not match the current reality then it’s destruction is both right and natural.

Jin Youzhi, sibling of China’s last Emperor dies at 96


The Manchu usurpers and all their descendants should have gone to the stake rather than continue living a life of privilege. They deserve nothing but miserable deaths for all of the crimes they had wrought against China.

(Serious) Where to go for more diverse/unbiased views on China and Chinese Politics?


I realized I failed to directly answer your question. If you want a more unorthodox view of Chinese politics that doesn’t tow the liberal party line I would recommend China Matters at the Unz Review or EastSouthWestNorth which is almost the grandfather of Chinese political blogs with a focus on Hong Kong. SCMP is generally useless since its writers are functionally yellow Sepoys and de facto race traitors.

(Serious) Where to go for more diverse/unbiased views on China and Chinese Politics?


Steve is one of the rare gentlemen who is willing to speak truth to power using his given name in public. In addition he is very inoffensive and plain spoken. Compared to the foul mouthed neckbeards that think calling each other faggots and moronic sarcasm as the height of wit here or the odious Judases at Commentary or the National Review or the Washington court eunuchs one finds in the NYT, WSJ, or WaPo; Steve is their superior.

(Serious) Where to go for more diverse/unbiased views on China and Chinese Politics?


The problem is not the facts as reported by Western media persay but rather what is omitted. To guide your thinking to look past what is public and what is true is beyond the ability let alone intent of any establishment media organ. If you truly wish enlightenment, I suggest you start reading Steve Sailers excellent blog to wet your pallet. It will begin your path down the rabbit hole in understanding not just China but how the world truly works.

If you want more lies and unreality then simply ape theDark1, as he is a ideal representative of the leming like intellect that the West seeks to create.

China’s housing price tumble enters sixth month. The average price has fallen 5.7% since February 2014.


China needs a real estate collapse. High property prices, rather than boosting the economy are a net drain. They increase rent costs across the board for all but the most well connected businesses (lowering profitability) and decrease consumption levels because a majority of earnings go in to pay rents and mortgages. Worst of all, high property prices makes impossible affordable family formation, delaying marriage and decreasing birth rates. China’s current stratospheric real estate prices relative to income levels is basically eating the seed of the future so that rich corrupt useless property developers (parasites) can buy European luxury goods and American, Canadian, Australian real estate.

The more that the state works to support current prices, the more it benefits said aforementioned parasites and the more it harms the average Chinese. High real estate prices results in illusory paper wealth. The “value” of the property can only be realized if you can find a sucker to buy it, and proceed to live in a hut in the middle of nowhere. It benefits the wealthy, old, and well connected, but it punishes the young and productive. Imagine how much better the standard of living of average Chinese would be if home prices were half or even a quarter of what they are presently.

All of the local governments dependent on land sales taxes for revenues for their continued operation should be liquidated.

An atlas published by the Chinese government in 1969 identifies the Senkaku Islands by their Japanese name


Your reply doesn’t make any sense.

An atlas published by the Chinese government in 1969 identifies the Senkaku Islands by their Japanese name


The Chinese lodged the protest in 1971 because the Okinawa reversion agreement handed sovereignty of the Ryukyu islands back to Japan and the treaty specifically included Diaoyutai/Senkaku was signed that same year.

The oil issue is a canard fabricated by the Japanese to impugn Chinese motivations. The alleged “oil discovery” occured in 1969. It is now 2015. Barrels of oil drilled up from the area. Zero. The issue is not and has never been about any potential resources. Rather it has always been about the unsettled historical issues between China and Japan.

More Chinese shaming on /r/pics


The truth is simple.

The vast majority of humans and those who comment on Reddit desire to be liked and socially accepted. To do so, one has to swim with the current. The prevailing milieu in Western society in general and Reddit specifically is ignore black and brown dysfunction or otherwise rationalize and excuse it. This is because of the need to uphold the reigning ideology of equality in the West and also because if you piss off blacks, they will riot and burn down your cities and your own Commissariat will think nothing of putting two proverbial bullets into the necks of any would question the prevailing orthodoxy.

The victimology pyramid in the West proceeds as follows.

  • Jews
  • Blacks
  • Homosexuals
  • Hispanics
  • Muslims
  • Women
  • Asians (Chinese are on the low end of the “Asian” category)
  • White Males

Shit rolls down hill, hence in a contest of holiness between any of the aforementioned groups, those on the lower end are going to be shat upon.

In this instance, it was a Thai woman going on a rant about rude Chinese tourists, hence it was socially acceptable to join in. If the person in the video had been a white male, the social mores prevalent would likely have lead to censure and more active moderation by the social justice brigade. Like what happened to the fat girl who complained about Asians in the library. She was white and her target was not Chinese, but Asians in general. Hence she was censured.

In addition, one cannot criticize blacks publicly because in addition to the above, pointing out black dysfunction is considered déclassé in the West. It is literally pointing out that the retarded looking baby is indeed actually retarded. Its true, but there is no need to mention or highlight it, and it is socially shaming to the individual who does so. The Chinese, unlike Blacks or Hispanics, are not actually pitiable, so pointing out their shortcomings is not considered socially shaming.

Finally, the targets were Chinese and members of a nation that is a direct strategic challenger of the reigning Western liberal world order in general and the United States in particular. This opens them up to additional avenues of attack (like the Russians) that other neutral or client state peoples would not face. Third world behavior isn’t unique to nouveau riche Chinese, rather it is the default behavior of third world people. Criticizing say Cambodians for similar behavior would be considered unsportsmanlike because they are utterly powerless.

The Coming Chinese Crack-Up – The endgame of communist rule in China has begun, and Xi Jinping’s ruthless measures are only bringing the country closer to a breaking point


More ludicrous whiggish nonsense championed by yet another member of the tribe spouting more millenarian intellectual waffle. His kind have only slightly changed their tune from singing the praises of the triumphalist Soviet to that of the America eternal. History doesnt end nor is it ever a clean linear process even in hindsight. The rise of America was punctuated by civil war, massive political corruption, a great depression, and two global conflagrations yet its power continued along an upward trajectory. Likewise Japan’s own economic growth was interrupted by massive economic upheavels of the 1920’s and 30s that at the time seemed devastating. Ironically enough, Chinas current level of prosperity vis a vis the United States is similar to that of Japans prior to the 2nd world war. Germany witnessed almost a tenth of its population wiped out, its cities obliterated into rubble and an entire generation of the flower of german youth, its actual best and brightest, fertilizing European battlefields. Yet a mere two decades later they were again challenging the economies of the victorious allies. What insipid courtiers and various bureucratic imperial functionaries do not understand is the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity to endure and overcome adversity, instead seeing the world as wholey mechanistic and all humans as cowardly and feeble as themselves. Useless without the ever present all powerful hand of the state. Their myopia leads them to see non performing loan ratios as the end all be all of history and their own degenerate collapsing liberal order as the ideal which humanity is to be judged in its moral worth.

The ressurection of China was never the doing of the Communist party and its welcome demise would hardly be the end of it, except to imbeciles whose vision of the existence ends four quarters into the future. The Chinese nation is being rebuilt by the blood, sweat, and sacrifice of the Han race and not by the thieving kleptocratic Communist collaborators seeking sanctuary in the West. The west hilariously calls them our “elites” because they so closely resembel their own. Thieving deracinated cowardly opportunists with absolutely zero sense of duty or responsibility are now making their way to the metropoles of the Anglo American imperium. Yet somehow your intellectuals consider this our loss and your gain.

Asian Nato, a stupid idea who’s time has come!


Your argument encapsulates completely why the West is dieing. You are now too domesticated to continue to exist, your boundless outgroup altruism is leaving you open to attack by cohesive ingroup action. You criticize Chinese nationalism as atavistic and declasse but it is what keeps my people alive and self-perpetuating and demonstrates that we still can comprehend friend from foe. Your loss of that ability and over-indulgent sense of nobless oblige and self righteousness is resulting in your homelands being overrun by hordes of mestizo, mohammedans, africans, and various other flotsam that will leave your descendants dispossessed.

Asian Nato, a stupid idea who’s time has come!


Your IMF data is two years out of date. The power of compound interest is a powerful force. The balance of power has already shifted and will shift further more.

China (10355b)
Japan (4769b)
India (2047b)
Korea (1449b)
Taiwan (505b)

The advantage about having such the larger economy is that any cessation in trade generally hurts hardest those who are smaller and more dependent on it. The holier-than-thou Europeans moan endlessly about America and Iraq, but when push came to shove, they stepped aside and acted as America’s water carriers. Sanctions hurt, but not as much as having your country militarily occupied. You can ask the Ukrainians regarding the truth of that.

Asian Nato, a stupid idea who’s time has come!


This may surprise you to believe, since the past is as they say another country, but it was not uncommon to speak of Western Christendom as a collective civilization before the advent of the World Wars smashed it all to bits.

Of course now so-called civilization in the UK has devolved to the state that your people make excuses for alien Mohammedan rape gangs violating the chastity of your daughters. I’m not sure if I should laugh at that.

Asian Nato, a stupid idea who’s time has come!


Are you illiterate? Or merely stupid.

edit: Apparently both.

Can we talk about the difference between Chinese people and Taiwan people?


The difference between the mainland and Taiwan is primarily about 40 years. All this talk of superior culture is nonsense. Mainland China in 2014 is only relatively as wealthy vis-à-vis the United States as Taiwan was during the late 1970’s.The mainlanders have not yet had time to polish the rough edges inherent to the arriviste. They are no longer so poor or ignorant that their opinions can be summarily dismissed and condescended towards like most natives, but they lack the confidence and security (with starvation and absolute destitution within living memory) that comes from the innate iron hard sense of superiority that underlies the thinking of the West. One of the human failings that Chinese suffer from more than most is our vanity. The desire to lord over one another among Chinese is near insatiable, particularly when it comes to money. So the Singaporeans condescend towards the Hong Kongers, the Hong Kongers do unto the Taiwanese, who do unto the Mainlanders, who do unto the Henanese and SIchuanese und so weiter.This status competition and one upsmanship is mostly regarded as declasse by Westerns who have honed their haughtiness and sense of nobless oblige to a razor’s edge. You would not regard the Taiwanese as so warm and welcoming without the benefit of your white skin and Western passport.

The ghost of PC Gaming Past


I have never actually heard of it, though you did remind me that I thoughtlessly omitted Mechwarrior 3.

For some reason my Steam configuration seems to be set on Spanish and I have no idea why. I had been getting the odd Spanish language advertisements on Youtube recently as well.

In China, is there such a thing as Han supremacy (akin to white supremacy)? Has, or can the Chinese racial climate be described accurately with this term?


If by “Han Supremacist” you mean Han Chinese who are racially aware, then yes, we do exist but are thin on the ground since the majority of Chinese have their independent thinking suppressed by the Communist Party or are the useful idiots slavishly obedient to Western Liberalism. If you want to know more about Han racialism, you can peruse my posting history. If you want to know what the view of the Cathedralist establishment of us is, you can read the writings of James Leibold in English.

Of course if by “Han supremacist” you mean Marxist nonsense like racial “pico-aggression” and “Han privilege” then you can just make up whatever you want and declare it as reality like the rest of the hand wavers that constitute Anthropology departments in the West.

How my Chinese generation forgot to rebel (crossposted from /r/truereddit)


The entire article was one long pointless exercise in bottomless female narcissism accompanied by pretentious name dropping. The general opinion of women on politics is worth very little; the opinion of disgusting race traitors on Chinese politics is worth less than nothing. The Chinese dream that is always misunderstood and dismissed by Westerners is real. It is simply not an individualist dream that the Americans hold. It is not a chicken in every pot, nor a car in every garage. The Chinese dream is a collective dream that beats in the heart of every true Han patriot. It is a dream of power, a restoration of the Chinese state to the pinnacle of the world order. It is to undo the shame of a century of humiliation by bringing vengeance down upon our enemies.

The Call of Blood (Tranfusion is conquest by another name)


Nowhere in my post did i attribute Milbank’s specific delusions on his account of being Jewish. You built that strawman all on your own. I made a declaration of fact, Milbank is a Jew. This is true. You chose to interpret that as a dog whistle and you responded as expected with a string of taqiyya completely irrelevant to everything else that I wrote. That you chose to spend the majority of your reply dissimulating over a 3 letter noun makes clear where your priorities lie.

Good day.

The Communist Party of China must be destroyed, but the reigning ideology of the West is a mountain of lies (A Han racialist critique)


Thank you for taking the time to respond back! It’s rather refreshing to hear a response asides from TLDR or Hurr Durr Racist which met my initial post last month. I think you overestimate us Chinese. The mental conditioning and thought roadblocks afflicting the Chinese are merely in another direction, but they are still there. We maybe able to cast a more detached and critical eye regarding the developments of the West, but sadly precious few Chinese are able to look critically at the genuine problems afflicting China. The Manchu did an obscene amount of damage to Han civilization and it still bears the scars to this day which the Communist Party simply chose to perpetuate.

As to China surviving a “collapse” of the West subsequent end of Communist rule, it depends on what you mean. Certainly the Chinese people will still be there. Of course they will also form a Chinese polity. The only thing that is up to debate is what form this will take. I think Western observations of Chinese civil wars rely on an incomplete and dare I say wrong reading of Chinese history. The bloodiest of conflicts in Chinese history after Qin’s unification have generally not been civil Chinese affairs but have always pitted the Han against an outsider. The wars of the age of fragmentation following the collapse of the Jin wasn’t singularly caused by the war of the 8 princes, but rather the migration of the Xianbei into the North China plain and the subsequent migration of Han from the Yellow river heartlands to the Yangtze river. The An Lushan rebellion while generally regarded as a civil war pitted primarily Sogdian rebel leaders against Han loyalists. While there were notable Sogdian loyalists too, there is no dismissing the ethnic component of the conflict of what was in essence a few sinicized Persian elites fermenting rebellion and that after the war, Chinese xenophilia towards the West turned to outright hostility as many of the Sogdians living in China ended up massacred. Naturally the Song wars with the Liao, Jin, and Yuan had a definite racial characteristic despite the subsequent Mongol historiography revising Jurchen and Khitan dynasties as “Chinese” in order to validate their own rule. The Ming/Qing transition which resulted in the deaths of millions was caused by the Manchu / race traitor abetted conquest of Han lands. Even Taiping rebellion can be more accurately understood as a failed Han rebellion against the Manchu usurpers. The Communist/Nationalist civil war, a true intra-Chinese affair was not nearly as destructive as any of the previous affairs and the wholesale massacres didn’t occur until the Communist were firmly in control.

My definition of the Romans is based on an understanding that they are Latins. While the late Western Roman empire boasted many foreign emperors and mercenaries in its armies, the core of her people were in the Italian peninsula. The latter pretenders to Rome were Greeks with Greek (and Armenian) emperors. They may have considered themselves Romans but I considered their claim about as legitimate as the Northern Yuan’s claim to the Chinese empire.

The Communist Party of China must be destroyed, but the reigning ideology of the West is a mountain of lies (A Han racialist critique)


I called it “Tartarism” because it was practiced in China by the Tartars against the Chinese. It is universally applicable in any society where a minority justifies it’s rule by delegitimizing the foundational narrative of the majority and replaces it with some mealy mouthed multi-culti creed espousing equality. Naturally some people are more equal than others and in practice, power is monopolized by a particular ethnic clique. The actual earliest example I can think of are the Hellenistic successor states where a small minority of Greeks were able to rule much of the ancient near east for centuries before the Romans showed up.

The Communist Party of China must be destroyed, but the reigning ideology of the West is a mountain of lies (A Han racialist critique)


What would you call a government that forcibly sterilized its own demos and enforced abortions against its own children while encouraging the population growth of racial aliens?

Hong Kong is full of idiot overgrown children.

The Communist Party of China must be destroyed, but the reigning ideology of the West is a mountain of lies (A Han racialist critique)


I could more accurately describe them as Gramscian acolytes. Holding high the banner of Horkheimer thought.

However a simplification. Communist is a fitting description.

The Communist Party of China must be destroyed, but the reigning ideology of the West is a mountain of lies (A Han racialist critique)


I’m glad you asked. The immediate goal is of course the overthrow of the Communist Party but this is predicated on what comes next. To get rid of the Bolsheviks in exchange for more dangerous crypto-Bolsheviks is no improvement at all; it is stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Subsequently all population restrictions and legal restrictions targeted against the Han must be revoked. This feeds into the penultimate goal of the Han racialist agenda that is the preservation of Han race.

My fear of the future is that the Chinese will develop the Eloi like nature of the modern Swede and destroy themselves. To avoid this, the Han people must seize the reigns of the state and forge a cohesive racial ideology to combat the nihilistic pedagogy of contemporary Liberalism as championed by the United States. Our race is quite frankly, a deeply materialistic one that is indifferent to deeply rooted cultural-religious milieu that defines people like the Mohammedans, Hindus, or the Jew. It has always been thus where even our protean forefathers were once primordial Gods rationalized into men and our creation myths borrowed from neighboring tribes. The ancestral gods of the Indo-Europeans are gods of storm and wrath, passion and vigor. Our cosmological pantheon consists of celestial bureaucrats. In essence, we lack a strong sense of Assabiyah stemming from religious faith that will keep our race cohesive and self perpetuating. This lack of faith means that there is no segment of the Han race that is shielded from the degeneracy that modern Liberalism inculcates amidst its adherents. This is why Han racialist must create a new national narrative centered on our own history and our racial distinctiveness and jettison the nonsensical Marxist gibberish that the Communist Party force feeds our youth. Where once our ancestors made our gods into men. We shall elevate men into gods in order to give renewed purpose for our people.

What I fear most is that the future of the Han race in China will come to parallel what has become of Singapore and those immigrants to the West. Far below replacement fertility, heavy miscegenation, and full assimilation of the Liberal Weltanschauung. Unfortunately the Chinese see the West as a golden land, a land of milk and honey. Sadly they do not recognize it for what it is in reality, a deadly beautiful trap. Barring continued immigration into the West, those Chinese communities will self-destruct within 3 or 4 generations. Our cultural and racial distinctiveness obliterated under a tide of hypergamous race traitors and barren wombs. The Chinese that emigrate to the West are in essence committing a slow suicide for a bigger paycheck and they lack the foresight to see what is going to happen or in fact what is happening now. The unfortunate case of Singapore is however far worse. For the uninitiated Western observer, all they see is a prosperous hyper-modern capitalist city-state created in a mere 50 years amidst a sea of hostile Malayan Muslims. In reality Singapore is a meat grinder ruled by de-racinated Hanjian that serves only to demographically obliterate the Chinese race. The natural propensity of the Chinese towards “landlordist” economics is kicked into overdrive, moving property prices into stratospheric levels, and making impossible the formation of young productive families for all but the wealthiest. The de-racinated clique of Hanjian that rule Singapore have systematically over the last 50 years removed all traces of racial consciousness from the Chinese in order to foster a “multi-ethnic” society. Draconian thought crime laws that mirror those of Europe exist to persecute any Chinese who dare utter a word against either the Malays or the Indians in the futile dream of maintaining ethnic comity. Millions of racially hostile aliens are imported for the sake of convenience and to undercut Chinese wages. The Mohammedans and the Hindus have not surrendered their sense of Assabiya and ruthlessly move into economic niches at the expense of the Chinese. Entire companies and industries have been overtaken and ethnic Chinese are purged from their positions so their incompetent co-ethnics can have jobs. Even worse is the importation of hundreds of thousands of a servant caste that only serves to sap the vitality of the Chinese race and encourage the worst in Chinese women by warping feminine duty and family and associating it with slavery.

The secondary goal is the redemption and purification of our homeland. The Mohammedanism is only a secondary threat to the Chinese and none at all once Han are racially awakened because their technological backwardness precludes them from every mounting any realistic threat. Besides, the ancient enemy and the cause of so much suffering of the Chinese are not the Mohammedans, but the steppe nomads. These vultures are the bane of Chinese civilization and caused untold misery for us. Chinese civilization has received three hammer blows from which it has yet to recover. First in 1276, then in 1644, and finally in 1949. The first and greatest of these were caused directly by the steppe nomads. Beyond the immediate lives lost, more critical was the direct sidetracking of Chinese civilization into its present degenerate state. The opportunity costs are simply incalculable. The Song was at their apex of wealth, progress, and prosperity only to be gradually attrited and destroyed by the Khitan, Jurchen, and the Mongols. They had a level of prosperity that the Chinese were not able re-obtain until the late 20th century. The Ming recovered the fragments and tried to rebuild what was lost. Only to end up opportunistically destroyed by the Manchu which plunged China into a three centuries long dark age as the Han were enslaved and enpaupered. Almost all of contemporary China’s problems can find their genesis in the degenerate Qing regime ultimately culminating in a Manchu bitch that deigned to call herself a Chinese empress overseeing the final ruination of China. The reason why China failed to meet the challenges of modernity in the 19th century was because it was ruled by a racially alien hostile regime. The Japanese were ruled by Japanese; hence their elites could change to accommodate the times. The Han were ruled by the Manchu, and since they were incompetent steppe nomads incapable of higher learning, they required the Han Chinese to adopt Western technology. However in doing so, they realized that this meant empowering the Han and the ultimate end of their own racial rule. This resulted in the long bloody farce that was latter half of the 19th century. Putting every single tartar scum alive today to the sword wouldn’t even begin to balance the mountain of crimes that they have committed against us, but it would be a good start.

India arrests police officers over gang rape


Any attempts to draw equivalent parallels between sexual assaults in India and the United States is idiocy at best and dishonesty at worst.

Indian culture is simply a much more permissive environment for would be rapists than the United States.

India is a member of what I will call the Purdahsphere which stretches from North Africa, throughout the Middle East, and into South Asia. The area encompasses a variety of different societies and cultures, primarily Islamic, that share a reciprocity based honor system. In this system, the prestige and reputation of an individual is tied to his extended kin network. Conversely, any slights to familial honor must be bloodily avenged. Another shared trait linking these societies is that control over female sexuality is stringently policed and intimately linked with family honor. The husband is concerned with that of his wife. The father that of his daughter. The brother that of his sister. The honor of the family is associated with the chastity of its’ female members. Any hint of infidelity or sexual licentiousness is deeply shaming to the family members and must be corrected and often the only way to do so is with violence. Hence the name honor killing, which is done to restore Izzat. In all of these societies, because of the cultural aversion towards female licentiousness, women are often secluded from the public and are simply much less visible during the day. That the men do this is not because of outmoded tradition but out of actual concern about the women’s safety. It is because the flipside to the notion that a woman must avoid contact with unrelated men is that women who are in contact with unrelated men are fair game (asking for it).

The idea that there are more sexual assaults in the US because the Indian police, wholely inadequate to the task, records fewer cases flies in the face of third party evidence. Tourist visitors are highly likely to report sexual assaults perpetrated against them as they are not members of the host society and less subject to rape shaming. Practically every other female tourist visiting India reports being molested. Can female Indian visitors to the United States say the same (asides from the TSA)? Like clockwork, there are regular news report about female tourists in India being raped by groups of men. How often does that happen in America which receives an order of magnitude more international visitors? Neither are the crimes simply because of India’s poverty. Somewhat less poor countries are still much safer for female travelers than India. When was the last reported case of a female tourist gang raped in China? Ask any female visitors who traveled both India and China as to perceptions of public safety. Does anyone remember Chris Hanson’s to catch a predator show? The Purdahsphere was wildly over-represented in the men arrested. These were not illiterate village yokels either, but rather the English speaking elites of their countries. The rape problem in India is deeply rooted to the culture of India and no candle light vigils or tut-tutting will address the deeper structural cause.

Armor of an Officer of the Imperial Palace Guard, China 18th century [2727×3880]


It’s not. The script on the helmet is actually Tibetan. That ceremonial armor shown in the photo is a replica of one gifted by the Qianlong Emperor to a Tibetan monastery.

Son of purged reformer Zhao Ziyang tells of China’s ‘shame’, 25 years after Tiananmen


The lionizing of Zhao Ziyang as some kind of saintly martyr by his son is natural. His adoration by the Western press is laughably stupid and is shows their unfailing ability to ignore reality when trying to propagate an agenda. There are no innocents among the Politburo Standing Committee. Lest anyone actually forgot, Zhao Ziyang was the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. He didn’t rise to that position by playing the long suffering Western oriented “Liberal”. He was already a major party official during the anti-rightist campaigns overseeing the eradication of landlords, counter-revolutionaries, and other “bad” elements as well as during the great leap forward famine. He had more blood on his hands than most and the idea that he would balk at using force to disperse some student protesters out of soft-heartedness is ludicrous in the face of past evidence. He, like Gorbachev, was a party stalwart deluded enough to think that he could save Socialism in China by putting a smiley face on it. He, unlike Gorbachev, lost the last fight against his political rivals in the party and was purged as a result. It is that simple.