Reddit评论员 is a way to download all comments of a Reddit user. Under the hood, it requests in the likes of

Reminds me of how someone I know once wrote a Quora backup tool that’s on Github:

I was surprised that in that you actually have to scroll manually all the way down to download all your Quora answers. This is something which I believe is called “backend paging” (后段分页), and it’s as far as I know implemented under the hood via a SQL limit offset, count query.

I guess Quora has not yet exposed an API to load all answers. Almost certainly there is one, it just isn’t exposed to the outside world or easily reverse engineered by examining network requests in your browser while scrolling down to load more answers.

Since on Reddit, I have to scroll and it takes a while to load everything (and also it’s kind of a pain to search text with in the browser), I’m going to take advantage of this to download all comments of certain interesting users and store them on my site, just in case, and also for more exposure I guess.