Places I like

Here are some sites I visit (or used to).

  • Steve Hsu’s blog. Steve is a theoretical physics professor (tenured) who is also the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University. He is also a very successful startup founder in SV (having had two successful exits there), and donated some of his fortune from that to a scholarship for his alma mater, Caltech. I have enjoyed reading, and learned much from, his blog posts on psychometrics and cognitive genomics. He has also been vocal on discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions (and in the career world) in America. It is great to see a person so intrepidly and single-mindedly devoted to truth in social science, a field very corrupt and untruthful in academia (for political reasons obviously), using statistically rigorous methodologies.
  • call it propaganda if you may, but the musical quality is quite high. Many of these songs were written by some of the best composers of the Soviet Union, like Matvey Blanter (Матвей Блантер) and Serafim Tulikov (Серафим Туликов). For a taste, check out the music video of Высоко, под самой тучей (High Under the Clouds).
  • a collection of the works of the some of history’s deepest and most far reaching political thinkers and doers.
  • Wikipedia: The world’s most comprehensive encyclopedia. Cross language. I read it mostly in English, and some in Chinese (which is simplified and traditional mixed), and a little in Russian. So much I have learned from just this single source.
  • 百度百科 (Baidu Encyclopedia): the encyclopedia hosted by Baidu. Some China/Chinese related information is best obtained there, which I have done already for many years. Baidu also provides a different style of search results from Chinese searches in Google, which are a traditional and simplified mix and more loaded on Chinese content outside mainland China.
  • Google: the search engine of the most advanced web search and AI company in the world. My primary search engine. Also the parent (or buyer) of YouTube, the richest video site in the world. I also like Google’s translate services.
  • Blog of Michael O Church. A talented programmer and writer and math contest high placer with a much more accurate perspective on Silicon Valley than the one mass marketed.
  • Unz Review: alternative media site started by former physicist and successful financial software entrepreneur Ron Unz, who also won 30+% of the votes in the 1994 California gubernatorial Republican primary.
  • Library Genesis: site for downloading pirated books based in Russia.