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2019-04-24 on pj-instapundit

Actually, this is sort of funny. We spend all the money needed to built and launch, and we take all the launch risks, and they just rent what they want. They probably get a discount, since the bandwidth is excess to our needs. And they don’t have to hack anything. To paraphrase Lenin (or maybe Marx or Stalin), capitalists will rent us the rope with which we will hang them.

This is yet more evidence that the Chinese Han are smarter than we are.

2019-04-24 on pj-instapundit

If the US succeeds in cutting off Iranian oil exports, which seems likely, the probably of a very large war involving the entire Middle East and Central Asia becomes large, better than 50%.

2019-04-23 on cdrsalamander

It will be interesting to see if Zelenskiy can make any progress in resolving the civil war. He, like Poroschenko, has already rejected Minsk II, which was negotiated by Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France. That would have made Ukraine a federal republic instead of a unitary republic and would have given the oblasts home rule of a sort, similar to that of the State in the US. Other solutions probably exist, but in the five years since the Maidan positions have hardened, and compromise will be very hard. The secessionists in the east have repeatedly said they want union with Russia, which is not surprising since there is a large Russian minority there, and the eastern Ukraine has deep economic and cultural ties to Russia, including the Russian Orthodox Church. Russia, on the other hand, has repeatedly rejected annexation of the east, mostly because they don’t want a complete rupture with the EU.

Zelenskiy has also said he wants Ukraine in the EU and NATO. Russia has indicated that EU membership is acceptable with some conditions. Membership in NATO is a Russian redline, which likely lead to war and annexation at least of everything east of the Dnieper River.

Bolton and Pompeo may have gotten the war they want with Iran. We will see. Let us hope someone can constrain them from getting one with Russia over the Ukraine.

PS. It was gratifying to see that the Nazis who have been so visible over the last five years were in the end a minor fringe group.

2019-04-23 on pj-instapundit

Our Ruling Class is doing the opposite, dismantling the US.

2019-04-23 on pj-instapundit

Trump is a mere figurehead. The coup succeeded, and the Deep State/Cabal are in control. Pompeo and Bolton are their press agents.

The Deep State/Cabal’s foreign policy consists of terrorism: repeated threats of war against one and all. They have now declared war on Iran. If the attempt to stop all Iranian oil exports succeeds, then a very large war in the Middle East and Central Asia is likely. If China, India and Turkey refuse to comply, what then? Will the Deep State/Cabal really sanction them? What if they, too, fight back?

We are closer today to WW III, which would go nuclear, than at any time since 1945, and that includes the Berlin Crisis and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

2019-04-23 on thereferenceframe

A carbon dioxide concentration of 280 ppm is fairly close the the oxidation/reduction breakpoint for the Rubisco enzyme, which if I recall is somewhere around 150 to maybe 180 ppm. At CO2 concentrations below the break point Rubisco actually oxidizes trioses. C4 plants, which use a different enzyme are more resistant, and likely evolved because CO2 levels were so low.

We are supposed to than the Himalayas for low CO2.

2019-04-23 on pj-instapundit

MS’s diverse workforce has been unable to develop 5G or 10 nm etching, and both projects have been abandonned.

2019-04-23 on pj-instapundit

Thank God for that.

2019-04-23 on pj-instapundit

By law, a woman can have an abortion for any reason or even no reason. No one has any right to complain if a woman chooses to abort female fetuses, or Down’s syndrome, or gay or whatever.

2019-04-22 on pj-instapundit

They determined that the system entropy increased, so the device conformed to the second law of thermodynamics. Dew formation is the same sort of thing. A similar experiment using balls of different sizes showed that they seif-segregated when the mixture was agitated. However, the system entropy increased. Lots of frost-heave patterns (hexagons) arise because of entropy increases. Living cells also spontaneously self-organize, but the entropy of the cells plus environment increases. Sometimes people refer to the “entropic force” in these cases.

2019-04-22 on pj-instapundit

Actually, if the US continues its vendetta against Iranian oil and succeeds in stopping Iranian oil sales, there will be a very large war in the Persian Gulf that will close down Gulf oil exports for months. The Gulf provides 20% of world oil consumption and 40% of EU oil consumption. $200/bbl is more likely than $40/bb/. That probable means $20/gal for gasoline.

By the way, if the Gulf is closed, we will be forced to send much of our production to our European and Asian allies, and there will be strict oil and gasoline rationing in this country.

2019-04-22 on pj-instapundit

If you go over to the antiplanner blog, you will find lots of transit data that indicates automobiles are just about the least expensive, lowest emission, most convenent way to travel. Buses compete with them. All forms of rail are far more expensive, use much more fuel, have higher carbon dioxide and other emissions and are extremely inconvenient.

The Europeans and Japanese drive almost as much as we do.

2019-04-21 on infoproc

He has another.

2019-04-21 on pj-instapundit

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they will do.

2019-04-20 on pj-instapundit

The anti-Russian hysteria and delusion are likely to push the US into a nuclear war with Russia. Today the odds for war are significantly better than 50:50, substantially worse than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. China will stand aside and laugh itself silly.

How can we rid ourselves, and save our children, from our lunatic Deep State/Cabal and its pet Congress?

2019-04-20 on pj-instapundit

The trannies will destroy not only women’s sports but also feminism itself

2019-04-20 on pj-instapundit

The FBI has been a corrupt, rogue agency since its inception. Hoover, who was appointed to clean it up, made it worse, and he actively used the FBI to spy on elected officials and blackmail them. The “vaunted” FBI lab ay Quantico has a long sordid history of fabricating lab results and lying to courts. And then there were the murders, likely premeditated, at Ruby Ridge. McVeigh and his coterrorist were inspired by those murders.

The FBI is a corrupt Gestapo, and it should be shut down in toto. No current employee, not even the janitors should be retained, and all the middle and senior managers, including retirees should spend the rest of their evil lives in cages at Gitmo. All of them. No exceptions. Mueller should share his cage with his friend “Whitety” Bulger.

2019-04-20 on thereferenceframe

Apparently, Intel cannot do 5G or 10 nm etching, either.…

2019-04-19 on pj-instapundit

There is not one inch of Eurasian coastline that the Marines can assault and survive. The only coasts that can be assaulted from the sea are in Africa and South America, and not all of them.

2019-04-19 on pj-instapundit

And where would they go? The great majority of Jews are progressives who would not be comfortable in the Republican Party. They will ride out the storm and stay in the Democrat Party.

2019-04-19 on pj-instapundit

It might come as a surprise to some tOSU faculty and employees, but employee salaries and compensation are considered public records under Ohio law, and anyone can see those records simply by requesting them. This has been true forever.

A bigger problem for tOSU is that its main benefactor, Leslie H. Wexner, has been linked to Jeffrey Epstein. Alan Dershowitz has also been linked to him.


2019-04-19 on infoproc

Lubos Motl regularly denounces Hossenfelder as a charlatan. I think she is suing him nowadays. In any case she particularly wrong-headed about nearly everything to do with science. The LHC didn’t produce any new physics, although it did confirm the Standard Model and the Higg’s particle. Would a bigger collider find something new? Who knows? Is string theory the future of physics? Who knows? It is, however, the only game in town.

If we do not build a bigger collider, then physics is doomed to the Hossenfelder-Motl mud wrestling match forever. Does anyone think physics would be able to attract new, young talent if Hossenfelder-Motl is their future?

2019-04-19 on pj-media

Only red matyrdom is left to us. May is come soon.

2019-04-18 on pj-instapundit

The US and the USSR sat on everyone, and didn’t let the Euros make any decisions. By now the Euros are so degenerate that they do not need to been controlled. The Brits, French, and Germans can’t put together 500 (!!!) tanks, and can’t move very far from their depots. Time to come home.

2019-04-18 on pj-instapundit

It is impossible to make any vehicle, ship, fort, or building invulnerable to attack or invisible to detection. The whole history of warfare proves that. Fixed positions like forts (or border walls) require mobile forces to defend them. Tanks require infantry.

Notably, the Army got rid of nearly all its MRAPS, because while they were better armored than anything other than a M1 tank, they were too cumbersome to be useful in an assault.

2019-04-18 on cdrsalamander

I do not get this fascination with the Anglosphere. Aside from language, the US has very little in common with UK, Canada, Australia and NZ. Those four countries do not have a Bill of Rights, public and private speech is heavily policed, newspapers are routinely censored, there is no right to bear arms, the governments carefully monitor the people, etc. In NZ, you can go to prison for mere possession of the terrorist manifesto, British police routinely arrest, fine, and imprison people who are critical of Islam.

We did fight two wars beside them, but the Soviet Union and China (both nationalists and communists) also fought beside us. Strategic reality requires we work with the other countries in the Anglosphere and with India and Japan, but there should be no illusions about who they are and what their interests are.

2019-04-17 on pj-instapundit

Why did Cavuto and Smith immediately shut down the men they were interviewing when they mentioned Islam?

2019-04-17 on pj-instapundit

This is a sweet piece of technology. But the fact that it lands means it must carry a substantial amount of extra fuel, and the payload that can be lifted is significantly reduced.

The designers claim that a reusable rocket reduces launch costs. It didn’t work for the Shuttle, which actually reduced our ability to put stuff into orbit, and it likely won’t work for SpaceX Falcon Heavy.

2019-04-17 on pj-instapundit

The carriers, which have no earthly use against either Russia or China, should be the first surface ships to go.

Of course, the B-1B is the first victim of the F-35. There will be others.

2019-04-16 on pj-instapundit

Who has more power in the Democrat caucus, Pelosi or AOC?

2019-04-16 on cdrsalamander

Now anti-piracy operations are a good use for the Marine’s amphibious assault groups. It is probably the only realistic use of them.

Do we need nine such groups?

2019-04-15 on pj-instapundit

So why do we have NATO?

2019-04-15 on pj-instapundit

Britain has a single operational tank regiment with 56 tanks. They have another 200 or so in long-term storage.

With that few tanks, you cannot practice at more than the company level. So British tank commanders do not have a useful experience in large formation, combined arms warfare.

The French are somewhat better. However, nowadays NATO is a purely defensive organization without any power projection capability. They cannot fight the Russians unless the Russians can get to Germany, France, et al.

At one time these countries had world-wide empires.

2019-04-15 on pj-instapundit

So, things were just fine when the workers were unionized, and things fell apart when the unions were crushed.

2019-04-15 on moonbattery

In his early life Mussolini was the editor of and a writer for the newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party, which was and is a doctrinaire Marxist party. That experience is the basis of the quote.

Mussolini was expelled from the Party in 1914 for his support of Italian nationalism instead of the world proletariat. He was otherwise a socialist all his life.

2019-04-15 on pj-instapundit

Hacking has been going on for so long that the real culprits are the managers and IT staff of the agencies and companies being hacked. Every time an agency or company is hacked, by anyone, the senior managers and IT people need to be fired.

2019-04-13 on pj-instapundit

Trump has been captured by the Deep State/Cabal, and he now merely a figurehead. Bolton is the Acting President, and he is the public agent of the Deep State/Cabal. It is very noticeable that Bolton has been able to force Trump to reject Trump’s own proposals for an agreement with North Korea, for reduction of forces in Afghanistan and Syria, and for reform of NATO.

I suppose every President gets captured to some degree. Did LBJ authorize the expansion of the Vietnamese war, or was that imposed on him? Was JFK killed by a lone gunman or was he eliminated by the CIA to put a pliable LBJ in office? Eisenhower was the last President to have any authority over the MIC, but the Bay of Pigs fiasco was planned by the CIA on his watch.

The problem is that the Deep State/Cabal is obsessed by Russia, Israel, Iran, et al., and it keeps pushing for war with everyone. They learned nothing from Viet Nam. We are probably closer to war with Russia (and China) right now than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. With the surrogate President in charge, war is more likely than not.

2019-04-13 on pj-media

Hacking by the Chinese, Russians, Israelis, et al., has been going on for so long that the people at fault are clearly the administrators and IT professionals of the agencies and companies hacked. Every time a hacking is discovered the administrators and IT people should be fired.

Israel is a special case, because they actually own a majority of Senators and Representative and many high ranking people in the White House. Those people do not have dual loyalty; they are loyal to Israel.

2019-04-12 on pj-instapundit

Whites, especially White men, need to embrace their Whiteness and their White heritage and celebrate them.

2019-04-12 on thereferenceframe

The LHC is mostly just engineering, too. Any large science project is mostly engineering.

2019-04-12 on pj-instapundit

None the less, this is a great achievement. The EU has never done anything like it. The US no longer can do it. Only China has done better.

2019-04-11 on pj-instapundit

China’s foreign policy ineptitude is something we should be grateful for. It shares its history as a victim of American, European, and Japanese colonialism with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. An intelligent foreign policy would allow China to exploit that history to form friendships with its neighbors.

2019-04-10 on pj-instapundit

Africans back to Africa. Make Marcus Garvey happy. Redeem his dream.

2019-04-10 on pj-instapundit

Oil is over $60/bbl, and if anything the price is slowly rising. This must be very gratifying to Putin. If Venezuela went completely off-line, what would the oil price be?

2019-04-10 on pj-instapundit

The real fun will start when May tells the EU that Britain is going to stay, after all.

2019-04-10 on pj-instapundit

The Kuznetsov provided good service for a while in Syria. It launched well over 200 sorties, mostly against ISIS, although it lost two aircraft on landing due to faulty arrestor gear. (Has the Ford’s arrestor gear been fixed?) Its sister ship, the Liaoning, is in service with the Chinese, after being refurbished, and it served as the model for a new Chinese carrier. All these are similar to Britain’s QE II and PoW.

However, the Russian navy wants to concentrate on frigates and submarines, and believes its new missiles will be able to defeat our carrier strike groups. Maybe. Let’s hope we never find out.

Of course, America’s Nimitz carriers have a problem, too. They cannot be used to attack Russia or China, because they would be sunk. In fact, look at the world’s coastlines. Nowhere on the Eurasian coast is open to attack. Either the coast is that of an ally, or that of near peers like China or Russia, or countries like India and Pakistan, which are neither friends nor foes, but which can defend themselves against carrier strikes.

In fact, there are only a few countries, mostly in Africa and Latin America that carriers can successfully attack. But why bother? These same few countries are also the only ones that the Marine amphibious landing groups can attack.

The reality is that the age of carriers is over, for all navies. They still have some use in sea control, but modern destroyers and submarines can do that, and more cheaply.

In the meantime, the US carriers suck up monies needed elsewhere, and thereby materially weaken our military.

2019-04-10 on pj-instapundit

The 70’s also saw the demise of the Big Tent parties, as both parties became much more ideologically uniform. Today, there is no Nelson Rockefeller in the Republican Party, and there is no George Wallace in the Democrat Party

2019-04-09 on cdrsalamander

The CVN’s and MEU’s are only useful against Third World countries like Libya or Somalia. Missions against near peer powers like China and Russia would be suicidal. Even India, and maybe Iran, Pakistan, and Brazil, could defeat carriers and MEU’s

We need far fewer of both, maybe two or three MEU’s and three or four CSG’s

2019-04-09 on pj-instapundit

The Ford was supposed to come in well under $10 billion per ship, but now is about $14 billion per and climbing. The Ford is still not combat ready. I should imagine the Columbia class will cost around $20 billion per boat. However, the need is urgent, and I would be willing to shut down the other two legs of the nuclear deterrent. Bombers and land-based missiles are too vulnerable to be relied upon.

2019-04-09 on eureferendum

Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev, and Putin all wanted Russia in the EU and NATO. In Putin’s words, “A united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” The US prevented that deal, especially Russia in NATO.

2019-04-09 on pj-instapundit

I’m with Bad Attitude. Send the Africans back to Africa. Use the One Drop Rule.

2019-04-09 on pj-instapundit

There are only two possible outcomes now: stay, preferred by the UK leadership; or leave with no deal, preferred by the UK people.

The wild card is the EU, and control of the situation has now passed to them. Marcon and Merkel want Britain out, so that they can better control the other EU members.

Someone in the French parliament recently proposed a political union of France and Germany, with a joint parliament and executive. Such a union would be a nuclear superpower, and the rest of the EU would be its vassal states.

The Somme, 1916: 60,000 British casualties, 20,000 dead, on the first day.

2019-04-08 on pj-instapundit

Don’t forget Louis Farrakhan, the other Democrat kingmaker. Even White politicians kowtow to him, as well as Sharpton.

The America of my youth is dead and buried. Welcome to Africa.

2019-04-08 on eureferendum

A good estimate is the Middle Ages, say 500 million world wide, almost entirely serfs or slaves, with no electricity or machine power, no medicine, no telecommunications, etc.

2019-04-08 on pj-instapundit

Sometime ago, Dr. Sanity labelled Obama a malignant narcissist.

2019-04-08 on pj-instapundit

Wherever there are Africans, there is Africa.

Africans are only about one-third of the population of Chicago, but they completely control all departments of its government. It now has a gay, female African mayor. It has passed a tipping point. Chicago will become Detroit West.

Louis Farrakhan, a Democrat king maker and one of America’s most powerful political leaders, has his headquarters in Chicago. His Nation of Islam is a power in every African slum in America. Obama is merely one of his acolytes.

2019-04-08 on pj-instapundit

Turkey hasn’t gotten off the bus yet. It is still a democracy, more so than the EU. (Russia is, too.)

Erdogan’s main support has always been in the countryside. It will be interesting to see if the opposition parties have made any gains there. But if Erdogan is eventually voted out, do not expect any improvement in US-Turkish relations. It was the Turkish parliament that voted to deny the 4th ID transit across Turkey to Iraq.

2019-04-07 on pj-instapundit

Aside from an actual blockade (an act of war), there is no way to prevent oil shipments from Venezuela to Cuba. An individual company that does business in the US or its allies can be punished, but a dedicated company that only ships between Cuba and Venezuela can’t be.

John Bolton, who controls US foreign policy for the Deep State/Cabal, is driving the US into multiple wars with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia. Libya is back on the table, too. The neocons, with their many obsessions, will destroy this country. Driscoll, Green, and Bay are enemies of the American people.

2019-04-07 on pj-instapundit

After all these years of China, North Korea, Russia, Israel et al. hacking into everything, it is obvious that the real villains are the managers of the companies and government agencies that refuse to properly protect the systems under their control. The CEO’s, Directors, IT chiefs and agency heads of any company or agency that is hacked must be fired.

I don’t blame the Chinese for trying. I blame the people on our side who are too lazy, stupid and corrupt to defend us.

2019-04-06 on cdrsalamander

I was under the impression that in Afghanistan heavy bombers like the B-52 and B-1B were used for close air support using smart bombs. The bombers would loiter for hours in a region, and fly to CAS missions in that region dropping their smart bombs. Given their bomb capacity, they could attack many targets on each, long-duration sortie.

The discussion here seems to assume that CAS means gun and rocket runs. Helicopters can do that, although they are especially vulnerable to ground fire. Unless the Tucano, et al., were heavily armored, they, too, would be vulnerable. Both the A-3 (retired) and A-10 had/have armored cockpits, self-sealing fuel tanks, etc.

The F-35, like the F-16/15/18, would likely do the same thing as the heavy bombers, only without the loitering capability.

2019-04-06 on pj-instapundit

This is a big deal for engineers. Engineering licenses are granted by individual states, and are valid only in the state issuing them. Most states have a reciprocity agreement with others, but this generally means that an engineer from another state must go through a somewhat simplified and accelerated licensing process. Engineers working at large companies with business in many states often have several state licenses. This can get expensive, as licenses have to be renewed yearly, and the fees are frequently fairly high.

California and Florida do not have reciprocity with other states. California, because of the need for specialized earthquake training, and Florida, because of all the retirees there.

2019-04-06 on pj-instapundit

Unfortunately, Libertarians share many of the delusions of Progressives. They are radical blank slate ideologues who believe that the Magic Dirt in the US will transform Aztecs and Yorubas into Anglo-Saxons. They also believe in totally open borders and free trade, the two policies that have destroyed our industrial base, immiserated our working class, especially blacks, and caused the opioid epidemic.

Libertarians hate all national boundaries and want the abolition of states and nationalities. They are every bit the enemy of the American people as the Marxists who run the Democrat Party.

2019-04-06 on eureferendum

Ruth Jones’s victory is legitimate under the rules established. That fact that large numbers of people chose to abstain is irrelevant. You are implying that no election result is valid unless at majority of the eligible voters votes in favor. That rule would invalidate every election ever held in every country.

I made the same reply to a commenter yesterday. This attitude seems to be widespread, and it makes democracy impossible.

2019-04-05 on eureferendum

If the leave vote was not valid, as you imply, then no vote that does get an absolute majority of all possible voters is valid. Which means, the UK, the US, France, no one, has had a valid vote on anything.

2019-04-05 on pj-instapundit

The S-400 brouhaha is a red herring. Israel doesn’t want Turkey to get the F-35, and its minions in the Deep State are ginning up excuses to deny the plane to Turkey.

Russia is winning here and everywhere. But the minions don’t care, because their loyalty is to Israel. It is a blind loyalty that will destroy Israel.

2019-04-05 on pj-instapundit

Winning? Assad plainly won, and will be in charge of most of Syria as long as he wants. Iran has yet another ally in the region to go along with Lebanon and Iraq. NATO is on the verge of a catastrophic defeat due to losing Turkey. Both Russia and China have won by gaining new friends in the Middle East, and by the expansion of OBOR and SCO to the Indian Ocean.

By the way, if Iran became Persia again, they would rule everything from Libya to India.

2019-04-05 on pj-instapundit

The TiVo I had 10 to 15 years ago was better and had more features than the HD DVR DirectV provides today.

2019-04-04 on cdrsalamander

Regarding manufacturing, today we are v.v. China more or less where Japan was v.v. us in 1940. The greatest traitors to America are all the free traders and open borders types.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

Stop the lies, Sarah.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

Unless the US is prepared to invade and occupy Venezuela, a la Afghanistan, the Citgo Six are stuck in prison. Maduro still has the support of most Venezuelans (idiots) and the military, and by the Venezuelan constitution he is the legitimate president. Guaido is the hopeful usurper.

One of the enduring mysteries of humans is that they continue to vote for politicians and policies that harm themselves. It happens everywhere, and it is a very strong argument for a severely limited franchise or aristocracy.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

Ultimately, trannies will eliminate the farce that is women’s athletics, and with any luck they will destroy feminism, too. Neither is compatible with trannyism.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

What utter nonsense. NATO continues to fail and to be irrelevant. The German military is an absolute joke, incapable even of defending against an invasion. It might be able to put down native German demonstrations. The French and British have some very good units, as good as ours, but they have zero logistical and power projection capability. No country in NATO can project power anywhere outside its own borders, except for some trivial show the flag operations.

Before the new revanchist members in the East drag us into a nuclear war with Russia (and they will), we need to get out of NATO and establish a new smaller alliance with Britain and France.

Pence, Pompeo, and Bolton are doing their very utmost to get rid of Turkey. That’s a good start. Hope they succeed. Now get rid of the rest.

2019-04-04 on eureferendum

Procedures are not trivia. They are the heart and soul of legislation. Legislation is impossible without them, and one is left with dictat by strongmen.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

Guaido is irrelevant. Maduro, idiot socialist that he is, is the legitimate President of Venezuela, and he will remain so until Venezuelans choose another.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

The war criminals who have replaced Trump will give us a mini-Viet Nam war for our own time. The grandchildren of the chickenhawks will get an opportunity to chickenhawk themselves, and the grandchildren of Viet Nam vets will die on jungle hillsides in their hundreds and thousands.

May God damn every neocon to eternal Hell.

2019-04-04 on pj-instapundit

Putin and the Russians had no hand in it. This was entirely the doing of the Democrats.

2019-04-03 on pj-instapundit

Big new tax on sales of luxury homes, too. Sorta like an exit fee for NYC.

2019-04-03 on pj-instapundit

Diversity at work.

2019-04-03 on pj-instapundit

China’s economy is always crashing, and they can’t invent anything, and and and.

Also, Russia’s population is crashing, and there won’t be any Russians anywhere, except expatriots living in Florida, in 30 years.

Meanwhile, China sent 120 troops to Venezuela over the weekend. Ostensibly they are maintenance troops sent to service the weapons China sold to Venezuela over the years. Supposedly the 100 or so Russian troops already there are maintenance troops, too. Makes sense if Venezuela has intelligence that the US is about to invade and needs to get its equipment ready.

Of course the presence of the Chinese and Russian troops signals Chinese and Russian support for Maduro, and that likely stabilizes the military’s support for him.

PS. What would happen if Russia deployed some of its newer Kalibre cruise missiles to Venezuela? Some models in development would have a range of 4,500 km, which reaches much of TX, MN, IL, IN, OH and points east. It also covers much of South America and much of the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa.

2019-04-03 on cdrsalamander

The demographic problems affecting China and threatening its rise apply to the US and Europe as well. US power and technology depend on its White population, and it is in decline in numbers. The same is true of Europe. The fact is China has almost 1.4 billion relatively high IQ Han, and we have only 200 millions or so relatively high IQ Whites. Do the math. We are spiraling down faster than they are. Any problem they have, we have squared.

China is hurting; we are dying.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

OK, I thought the module design came after the ship design. But we’re still going to have a bunch of them, and the Navy wants them inshore. A lot of sailors are going to die.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

At least the QE and PoW have a real use, if they’re not mothballed. Especially with F-35B’s. The Marines would love to have one of them backing up a MEU.

The elderly, decrepit Kuznetsov launched well over 200 sorties over Syria, which were very effective against ISIS. (More than we did.) They lost two aircraft on landing, but no crew. If an obsolete ship can do that, imagine what the Brits could do.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

Woodpile Report recommends against shotguns. I think a revolver in .38 spl or smaller is best. A post in Buckeye Firearms, based on over 2,000 incidents, shows that all pistol calibers are effective at deterrence, although the heavier calibers kill, which is undesirable from a legal viewpoint. .22 lr’s are even effective against black bears, according to The Captain’s Journal.

2019-04-02 on thereferenceframe

When I retired in 2007 from a major research university, after 37 years teaching and researching environmental engineering, I could no longer judge the truth or falsity of research outside my own specialty. The edicts of the US EPA and the NAS were especially opague. It was apparent my field was hopelessly politicized, and that badthink would be punished. And at my school, P&T decisions took on a PC odor even in engineering.

Glad to be out. Would not recommend an academic career to anyone. Good luck to the Chinese.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

Eventually, China will be strong enough that 60 or so F-16’s won’t matter. Taiwan’s longterm future is reunification with the mainland. An independent Taiwan is a fantasy. Of course, a few hundred thousand Americans could die for that fantasy.

Bolton’s (Trump is a figurehead.) foreign policy of continual threats against everyone might be called “The Dog in the Manger Policy.” It is extremelu dangerous, and it will eventually involve us in wars on multiple fronts, a true WW III.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

As if it wasn’t enough to give Russia Crimea, now we have to give them the Bosporus and Dardenelles. Are Suez and Gilbralta next?

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

Didn’t Jesse Jackson, Sr., call NYC “Hymie Town”? What happened to all the Jews who once lived there?

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

The LCS will comprise something over 10% of the fleet when the build is finished, so something must be done with them, something that doesn’t sacrifice whole crews.

The module concept is still a good idea, but the modules should have been designed and built first, then the ships designed around them, like the A 10 and its cannon.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

We just shut down Venezuela’s brand new electrical generating and distribution system using something like Stuxnet. We aren’t all that far behind, and we may be ahead.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

There are empty cages in Gitmo. Trump needs to start filling them. Erwin Chermerinsky would be a good first choice.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

Nazis under a bed of Russians. Sweet.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

Identitarian politics is in our near future. The age of ideology is over. You will vote for your race and religion. The Republicans will become a de facto White Nationalist party, or they will disappear.

Jews will be expelled from the Democrat Party leadership, but they might be tolerated as donors. Schumer, Feinstein, Schiff, and their ilk will never be seen in Congress or as Democrat candidates again.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

The Venezuelan electrical generating and distribution grid was recently upgraded to modern standards by the Swiss-Swedish electrical engineering company ABB. The company is a major player in the world market for industrial scale electrification systems. The fact that the new grid went down is near proof that it was sabotaged by a Stuxnet-like attack by the US.

As to Russian aggression,

Attacks/invasions: Afghanistan, Chile, Colombia, Granada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen…

Failed coup attempts: Egypt, Turkey… Perhaps we should add Venezuela.

Up next, actually threatened with military action by John Bolton (aka POTUS): China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela…

The US is a rogue, terrorist state. Its regime consists of warmongers and war criminals like John Bolton. Eventually he and his co-conspirators will drag us into a nuclear war with Russia. The probability of that is near 100%.

2019-04-02 on pj-media

But Trump is a mere figurehead. Bolton controls American foreign policy, and he is a warmonger and war criminal.

2019-04-02 on eureferendum

Thanks, I missed that.

2019-04-02 on pj-instapundit

On the bright side, Biden’s dirty Ukrainian gas/oil deal is being resurrected. Maybe they’ll get him for old-timey bribery.

2019-04-02 on eureferendum

Would it be legally possible for May to simply sign the Withdrawal Agreement as is and be done with the whole mess? What would Parliament do in that case? They did vote down Parliamentary supremacy.

2019-04-02 on pj-media

“But Russia at least may be intent on exporting chaos to the West.”

Attacks/invasions, Afghanistan, Chile, Colombia, Granada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen… failed coup attempts, Egypt, Turkey… up next, threatened with military action by John Bolton (aka POTUS), China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia…

Yes, indeed, “Who is on the side of order?”

2019-04-01 on eureferendum

Good points. Thanks.

2019-04-01 on pj-instapundit

Compared to the EU, Turkey is a model democracy.

2019-04-01 on pj-instapundit

Erdogan’s strength is in the countryside. They will have to turn against him if he is to lose power.

2019-04-01 on pj-instapundit

This is a scam worthy of Elon Musk.

2019-04-01 on eureferendum

Aren’t all these indicative votes pointless? The EU insists that only the Withdrawal Agreement, already negotiated, is acceptable. I still think Stay is on the table.

2019-03-31 on amerika-1

Larry Kummer has missed the fact that the Roman Empire lasted another 1,000 years after the fall of Rome itself. When it fell, Rome was a backwater. The capital, the Emperor and the Senate had been in Constantinople since the early 4th Century AD.

The persistence of the Empire in the East, and the fact that it controlled North Africa and even parts of Italy long after the Germans overran the West is a fact that most Westerners simply cannot keep in mind. There is some weird psychological process underlying that.

2019-03-31 on moonbattery

This has been going on for a while, not just since NPC. When was the last time a black group produced music? Consider: the blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, doo wop, mo town… Now rap/hip hop. When was the last time there was a black writer? Baldwin?

And Whites should not get uppity. The last White writer worked in the 70’s. There has been no serious novel since the Depression. There has been no serious White music since WW I, and no poetry since WW II.

Architecture has been incompetent and corrupt since Weimar. Psychology and the APA are now a left-wing political party with no pretense to science. Which is why mentally ill people camp out in our streets and do opioids.

With respect to music, studies have shown that since the 70’s popular music has been simplified in every way. The vocabulary is restricted, the rhythms simplified, the dynamic range reduced, the ideas and concepts dumbed down.

We are living in the rotting remains of a dead culture.

2019-03-30 on pj-instapundit

The Anglosphere consists of four police states—Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and UK, and one representative democracy, the US. The US has very little in common with the others, except language. The US is the World’s outlier.

2019-03-30 on powerlineblog-com

China has modern factories and skilled workers; we have store shelves. Right now, we are in the same position v. v. China as Japan was v. v. us in 1940. How did that turn out?

In any trade war, China has the upper hand. Its factories need new customers, but the world, and China itself, is full of them. We need products. But we only have bankrupt companies, like Apple and Walmart. We don’t make underwear, we don’t make cell phones or TV’s. We don’t make nothing, except war on Third World countries. How much time does China spend invading countries? They just buy them.

If and when China decides to close the Taiwan Straight, they will, and we can go take a jump off the nearest pier.

2019-03-30 on thereferenceframe

“Slovaks are more ‘generic’ Westerners than Czechs.”

That has an odd ring. I am reminded of the once-heard comment that Russians are more Asiatic than European. I suppose Olga Kuryenko is a good example. She has always had a slight Asiatic caste to her looks. But she is French-Ukrainian, so she might not count. On the other hand, the Mongols did get that far west, and the Huns (the real ones) got farther.

2019-03-30 on pj-instapundit

SpaceX has shown no such ability. Their capital base is too small by one or two orders of magnitude. It would cost close to $100 billion to put a man on the Moon. No private company or consortium of companies has those assets.

SpaceX hasn’t even shown the capability to put a man in LOE. That requires a different level of technology than merely resupplying the ISS.

2019-03-30 on pj-instapundit

There will be no replacement of lost aircraft, ships, or trained soldiers and sailors. Everything and everyone will be ground down continually, and the longer the war goes on the less of everything.

It is impossible to replace any modern weapon system. It takes a decade to build a carrier, and years to build a destroyer or sub. Aircraft can be built quicker, but the current assembly lines and skilled workers are few in number. The same with aircraft maintainers. It takes years, that’s years!, to get certified to maintain a B-2 or F-22 or F-35. And it takes years to train the pilots.

The same for infantry. Our SOCOM are all senior NCO’s with years of experience. They will be killed off, too. The British Expeditionary Force in 1914 consisted of highly trained, well-experienced troops and officers. By 1915, it consisted of half-trained conscripts and newly minted and promoted officers. Entirely different army.

Our greatest defensive assets are the Atlantic and the Pacific. They will defend us once the carriers are gone.

2019-03-29 on pj-instapundit

The only way to fight these things (and F35’s) is to nuke their bases and kill their maintainers.

2019-03-29 on pj-instapundit

We still make about two per year.

2019-03-29 on pj-instapundit

I believe the Navy plans to halt Zumwalt construction at three ships, because of cost. $8 billion per ship is way too much. Then there is the issue of ammunition, at $800,000 per rd.

If there is anything standing in the way of a 355 ship fleet, it is the profligate spending of the US Navy. They compete with the Air Force to see who can waste the most money.

Considering that the annual deficit is larger than the defense budget, and that in a few years the annual interest payment on the accumulated debt will be the largest item in the budget, a 355 ship navy is impossible even with responsible fiscal management.

There are also the issues of deferred maintenance and reduced training, which amounts to eating our seed corn. Those issues are exacerbated by a pace of operations that is way too high. It is the sort of operational pace you have to do in the midst of a desperate war, like the opening stages of WW II.

The Ruling Class is blithely unaware, and it continually issues war threats against North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba (!!!), Nicaragua, even China and Russia get implicit threats. This Ruling Class, the worst in our history, may stumble into a major war, not the patty-cake police actions we have in Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and much of Africa. If that happens, the US military will be defeated, and soundly.

2019-03-28 on pj-instapundit

Carriers of any kind are only useful against undefended Third World coast lines. Attacks against Russian, Chinese, or even Indian, coast lines would be suicidal.

They are useful for sea control far from coast lines.

2019-03-28 on pj-instapundit

You are also seeing the trickle-down effects of the Seawolf, LCS, Zumwalt, Ford, and F35C.

The F35A appears to be the cause for retiring the B-1B.

2019-03-28 on pj-instapundit

Smoking marijuana gives you all the tars and particles that cause lung cancer, just like tobacco. Cannabis is not as addictive as nicotine, but it causes brain damage.

It took generations to regulate tobacco, even though 30% of the population smoked, and there was plenty of evidence about the harm tobacco caused. At some point in the distant future, after many lives have been destroyed, we will regulate marijuana like tobacco.

2019-03-28 on pj-instapundit

After each plague, Pharaoh repeatedly decides to let the Hebrews go, and Yahweh repeatedly changes Pharaoh’s mind in order to make an example of him.

2019-03-28 on eureferendum

Any Withdrawal Agreement would have to be substantially the same, and probably identical in wording, as the one negotiated with the EU, so how can it be different? If it is different, it won’t satisfy the EU, and “no deal” becomes the remaining option, unless Article 50 is revoked.

2019-03-28 on cdrsalamander

355 ships is impossible. 200 is more likely. The fleet may get some expansion, but likely not beyond 300. The US economy simply cannot generate enough revenue to support a larger fleet. However, Congress and Trump seem open to massive deficit spending, so a bigger fleet might seem possible. But that policy leads to Venezuela or even Weimar hyperinflation. The Chinese would win by default.

2019-03-27 on thereferenceframe

To my shame, I supported most of this, too.

2019-03-27 on thereferenceframe

Afghanistan, Chile, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen… with attempts at Egypt and Turkey… and Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela on the bucket list.

2019-03-27 on pj-instapundit

Our politics and political parties are becoming race-based, ideology will be unimportant. The result will be the kind of politics and parties we see in India, where Hindu’s and Moslems vote along religious lines and fight and kill each other, because the other person has the wrong religion.

Back in 1964, Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner were murdered for their efforts to get southern blacks voting rights. Chaney was black, but Goodman and Schwerner were Jews. But that did not prevent the black leadership of the NAACP from removing Jews from leadership roles. Nor does the long history of Jewish support for black civil rights offset black anti-Semitism. Blacks decided there was no place for Jews in the civil rights movement, other than as financial contributors.

This is where we are headed, and it cannot be stopped. We have already seen numerous cases of Democrat activists violently attacking Republicans. Once the Democrat is a well-defined racialist party, the attacks will become ever more violent. It is actually Whites who will need Kamala Harris’ anti-lynching law.

2019-03-27 on pj-instapundit

Like China putting a robot on the far side of the Moon, this is a big deal. It demonstrates first class technical ability. The European Space Agency has not demonstrated this level of technical ability.

The next achievement that India should strive for is to put a man in low Earth orbit. Only Russia, China and the US have done that, and only Russia and China still have the ability to do so.

2019-03-26 on cdrsalamander

Two interceptors per warhead. The arithmetic has always been the same. MIRV’s crush interceptors by sheer numbers.

Also, the route over the South Pole (convenient to North Korea) is undefended.

2019-03-26 on pj-instapundit

Well, the Russians were already in Crimea by treaty, so that’s hardly and invasion, and about 90% of the Crimean population (almost all ethnic Russians) voted to rejoin Russia, so that’s hardly annexation.

Some work on vocabulary skills is indicated.

2019-03-26 on pj-instapundit

Israel also occupies the West Bank. Why not recognize Israeli sovereignty there, too? Many Israelis would like to transfer the Palestinians to Jordan. Open up a lot of territory for home-coming Jews.

What this means is that peace with Syria is impossible. Israel has a permanent state of war to their north and west. The Arab states do not appear to be very upset by Trump’s order. For now only Iran has protested.

Possession of the Golan Heights does give Israel a strategic advantage v. v. Syria, but one wonders what the long term results will be. Jordan’s monarchy is not all that stable. What happens if the King dies and is replaced by a Palestinian state hostile to Israel and America? Will the American (and Israeli) troops in Jordan become an occupying force and impose a puppet regime?

2019-03-26 on pj-instapundit

You’re sort of missing the point. This is not simply a Democrat thing. This was a coup d’etat attempted by high ranking officials in the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies. There was likely some Department of Defense involvement, too. This was not just a few disgruntled, out-of-work Democrats. It was officials of the US Government.

As I wrote elsewhere, we have a Praetorian Guard, and they are close to sweeping the elected government aside, Democrats as well as Republicans.

2019-03-26 on pj-instapundit

Reckless escalation would be putting missiles in Cuba, or overthrowing the legitimate government of Ukraine. Russia is merely doing routine cold war stuff, intended to jerk the opponent’s chain. Just a few days ago, the US Air Force ran simulated nuclear bombing runs both in the Baltic Sea and near Vladivostok. You cheered when that happened.

You need to pay more attention to Washington. Look at the new map of US bases in Syria and Iraq, all bases being built despite the express wishes of the invaded countries.

Now consider that Donald Trump, the President of the United States, and Commander in Chief of all American military forces, ordered the Pentagon to remove American troops from Syria and to reduce their numbers in Afghanistan.

The response of the Pentagon was to publicly b*tch slap the President and refuse his orders. You might recall that a few years after Obama negotiated a deconfliction agreement with the Russians that the Pentagon publicly vetoed and forced a renegotiation more to their liking, the President be damned.

We are very close to having a Praetorian Guard. For now the Pentagon and intelligence agencies are content to let Trump and maybe some Presidents to come to serve as figureheads. But someday they will brush aside the President and Congress and rule openly in their own name. Welcome to the Principate, goodbye Republic.

Who was the last President to control the Pentagon, the DOJ, and the CIA? Eisenhower? But the Bay of Pigs fiasco was hatched during his administration. And what of LBJ? Did he really lead America into Viet Nam, or did the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK frighten him into acquiescing to Pentagon threats.

PS. Gorbachev ordered the Russian generals to leave Afghanistan, and they did. But the USSR had civilian control of its military. Russia does, too. We don’t.

2019-03-26 on eureferendum

Watching this train wreck from abroad, one is simply astonished. It seems the only way out of “no deal” is to repeal the leave notice. I cannot imagine what that would do to Britain’s political processes.

But then, Britain has slid a fair distance into becoming a fascist police state, viz. the elderly black minister arrested the other day for reading the King James Bible aloud in public. Would it really be that far to simply abolishing election in Britain. You did have a rump Parliament once, and I don’t think there were any elections in WW II (could be wrong).

2019-03-25 on pj-instapundit

You are quoting the usually erroneous nominal GDP. If you use the correct PPP GDP, you will discover that Russia’s economy is about 10% larger than Germany’s. And if you will look at the list of things that Russia does, many of which Germany does not and cannot do, that will make a lot of sense.

Nevertheless, I agree that Russia is not a threat to anyone, not even Ukraine. China, on the other hand, might actually have local military superiority over the US, and in any event will reach parity in less than a decade.

2019-03-25 on pj-instapundit

Bear-baiting is fun, isn’t it. What can the bear do? Make faces? Ha ha ha ha

2019-03-25 on pj-instapundit

All this talk of the Anglosphere should stop. The US has nothing in common with the UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Each of those is a fascist police where people are jailed for telling the truth. In NZ, you will go to jail for 10 years if you have a copy of the recent terrorist’s manifesto. You will get 14 years if you share it. In Britain, the cops will arrest you for reading the Bible (the KJV!!!!) aloud in public. In Canada, senior government officials brag that there is no 1st Amendment in Canada.

etc. etc.

We should not allow any citizen of the UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand to enter the US. My father spent part of his youth in Europe fighting the Nazis. We don’t want them here.

2019-03-25 on pj-instapundit

Two hoaxes. They go nicely with AGW,

2019-03-25 on pj-instapundit

So far, they don’t exist. They are hypotheticals. And there is no cost data of any kind, mere self-serving speculation.

There is a reason power generating plants are big: economies of scale. The cost per unit of product is proportional to the size of the generating facility raised to the 0.7 power or so. That means that if a generating facility is doubled in size, the TOTAL cost of production only increases by about 60%, and the unit costs go done.

I would expect the cost of a kwh from these mini reactors to be around 10 times the cost of a big plant’s power.

These look like a typical Elon Musk scam. Is this his company?

2019-03-25 on cdrsalamander

Considering that the Fitzgerald had several pieces of electronics that were nonfunctional or missing and crew that couldn’t repair of even operate it, some rust seems minor.

That said, the Navy is eating its capital by maintaining a wartime deployment schedule in peace time. The ships and crews need to spend more time in port doing maintenance and training and much less time at sea.

2019-03-25 on pj-instapundit

After the USSR fell, we learned that their plan for WW III was to open the war with nuclear strikes on all NATO bases and forward deployed units. In this regard, Rand Corp.’s war gaming indicates that our stealth force gets caught on the ground, unless, of course we start the war, which is likely.

2019-03-24 on eureferendum

Realizing how important the EU is to Britain’s overall trade, is it conceivable that a trade deal with the US, such as Trump has proposed, could salvage some of Britain’s current trade?

2019-03-23 on pj-instapundit

The Electoral College is the basic requirement for the existence of the US. It’s elimination requires the seccession of the smaller states. Hopefully, this can be done peacefully a la Czechoslovakia.

2019-03-23 on thereferenceframe

And it is a Bayesian prior.

2019-03-23 on thereferenceframe

You might want to go over to William Briggs’ blog,…

and read some of his diatribes against p-values and frequentism. While I was raised in the frequentist church, myself, the strong trend among modern statisticians seems to be Bayesian.

2019-03-23 on pj-instapundit

Harvard, itself, says that blacks would comprise only 0.6% of undergraduates if they were subject to the same admission standards as Whites. They won’t admit it, but Jews would only comprise about 7%.

2019-03-23 on pj-instapundit

No, don’t abolish. Increase enrollment in each to 60,000 students, and hire 4,000 new teaching faculty.

2019-03-22 on pj-instapundit

The M777 was designed specifically to be airlifted.

2019-03-22 on pj-instapundit

Russia makes a tidy sum selling new nuclear power plants, which might not be as good as ours. They have deals with Turkey and Iran for three or four new plants total.

Stop it with thorium. If it were viable, someone would have built them.

The same with mini nuke plants. Stop it. If the big ones aren’t competitive with natural gas, there is no way in H*ll that high cost mini nukes will be. Remember economies of scale: cost of product is proportional to size of plant raised to a fractional power, usually between 0.6 and 0.8.

The only fusion you will see is in the bombs falling on your head.

2019-03-22 on cdrsalamander

They’re still indignant about Thermopylae. How dare the Spartans!

2019-03-22 on pj-instapundit

They will need the shingles vaccine when they get older.

2019-03-22 on pj-instapundit

And engineering and polymer science.

Akron wants to get rid of about 340 faculty out of 700 or so. Just WOW!

Akron is a state university. Ohio is growing slowly overall, but parts, like the Akron area, are losing population. Central Ohio is growing rapidly, as it has been since the Interstates went through around 1960. Currently, the population of the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area is over 1.5 million. The growth is in the suburbs, because Columbus itself is a fairly typical black/Democrat rat hole. Ohio State is a half hour walk from the State Capitol. The walk is goes partly through a rough area and is not recommended.

The pressure to get into Ohio State, Miami and a few other state schools is high, and they are becoming ever more selective. However, several of the state schools, including Akron, are quite mediocre, and they are unattractive to any but the most benighted students and faculty.

They generally survive because each state school has a constituency in the state legislature that regards their local university or college as a source of patronage, and they are. Union jobs and construction contracts, but only small operating subsidies, which go to the faculty anyway.

Once, in the mid 1970’s, I was at a faculty/trustee luncheon sitting next the the Chair of the Board of Trustees. She was a political hack from Cleveland. One senior physics faculty pointed out that our student/faculty ratio was twice Michigan’s, and we couldn’t compete with them in getting research dollars because of the teaching load. Her response was that our teaching load was so high because we had so many students. Nuff said. The dessert was coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce and a maraschino cherry.

That was in the days of open admissions. Gradually Ohio Governors stopped appointing political hacks and used car salesmen to the BoT, and we got to selective admissions.

Akron never made the transition.

2019-03-22 on cdrsalamander

Around 90% of Crimeans are ethnic Russians, and they wanted nothing to do with the coup and its junta. Plus, Crima has immense strategic value in the Black Sea.

As to Ukraine, right now it is a miserable failure in every category. They would be objectively better reunited with Russia. That is not going to happen. Russia is still pushing Minsk. If it had any plans regarding Ukrainian territory, they would already have annexed Donbas, which they people there want.

Ukraine’s main problem now is to rid itself of the Nazi militias that have paralyzed Poroshenko’s government.

2019-03-22 on cdrsalamander

On the other hand, American warships are grossly over-deployed, reducing their reliabilty and capability. We need to spend a lot more time in port.

2019-03-21 on pj-instapundit

I think you need a rewrite. You seem to be putting the attack on the Liberty in the same category as the German unrestricted Uboat warfare and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which would seem to mean that Israel, Nazi Germany, and militarist Japan are much the same. I don’t think you mean that.

2019-03-21 on pj-instapundit

You mean Nile River.

2019-03-21 on pj-instapundit

For all the talk about Erdogan The Dictator, Turkey is a democracy, and he and his party have to stand for election. He and his party are Islamic, so if Turkey is really leaving behind Ataturk’s secular heritage, Erdogan should win. Turkey has several more bus stops to go before democracy dies there.

One might note that religion is resurgent throughout the Mideast. Israeli is also abandoning its secular/Zionist past and is becoming more Orthodox.

Both Assad and Hussein were Ba’athists, which is a modernizing, secular, socialist party. Hussein’s overthrow led to a Shia dominated government with ties to Iran’s ayatollahs. Assad’s travails have put him squarely in the Iranian/Hezobollah camp. So, both Iraq and Syria are also evolving in a religious, nonsecular direction.

None of that bodes well for the future.

2019-03-21 on moonbattery

Heartiste: “Diversity + Proximity = War”

These people are peaceniks.

2019-03-21 on pj-instapundit

The real problem is the carriers, themselves. They are simply too vulnerable to countermeasures, and they are useful only against lightly armed Third World countries. Same for the Marine’s MEU’s, and for much the same reason. It is suicidal to bring any large ship anywhere near a well-defended coast line.

If you will look at the map, and which countries are coastal, you will see immediately that Russia, China, India, Pakistan are off the target list, Europe is friendly, and presumably off the list. That leaves only various coastlines in Africa and South and Central America. So nearly all of the coastlines of the world cannot be targeted.

Carriers are still useful for blue water sea control, and there are a few areas suitable for Marine policing. But the Navy/Marines disdain to do anti-pirate work.

2019-03-21 on pj-instapundit

This is a huge precedent. Almost all university administrations have interpreted tenure as meaning that (1) a tenured faculty could only be fired for cause, cause being egregious misconduct, and (2) that pay and benefit cuts were not possible. As a result, there was no effective way to discipline a wayward professor. Now, a more business world like management policy is possible.

2019-03-21 on pj-instapundit

My understanding is that the deal Tusk insists on is the same one that was twice rejected by Parliament, and by huge majorities. Moreover, and delay still requires the approval of each of the EU governments. Only one needs say no, and there must be at least EU government that wants the UK out. Macron probably thinks Paris should be the financial hub of Europe.

The “Mess” is setting up to be a “Stay,” with profound implications for British democracy.

2019-03-21 on eureferendum

I thought the WA was now off the table unless something major happens, like a new government. On the other hand the WA has been negotiated and agreed to by the other EU countries, and if Tusk accurately represents EU sentiment, Uk acceptance of the WA is the only way out.

Ms May is too optimistic regarding the extension. It only takes one EU government to prevent it.

So, Britain can (1) accept the WA and leave, (2) leave without any agreement, or (3) stay. I’m betting on (3).

2019-03-20 on pj-instapundit

Yanukovych was democratically and legitimately elected. Poroshenko was not. Yanukovych won Crimea and every oblast east of the Dnieper by majorities of over 60% to over 90%. Timoshenko won every oblast west of the Dnieper by similar margins. Yanukovych was every bit as legitimate as any American President.

2019-03-20 on pj-instapundit

About 90% of the Crimean residents, nearly all of whom are ethnic Russians, voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. That was an unauthorized vote, but the validity of its results are not in question. The Ukraine (and Donbass) was part of Russia itself until 1950 or so.

It should be noted that if the US had not instigated the coup that removed Yanukovych, Ukraine would still be intact and, more importantly, at peace and economically sound. The current wreckage there, and the junta which has rejected the Minsk accords, are our responsibility.

Afghanistan, Granada, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen…

and soon to be added, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela…

A record of shame.

2019-03-20 on pj-instapundit

Yet another reference in the heading.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

Not only is Putin paying me in rubles, they have the Czar’s picture on them, and no one will convert them to dollars. I can’t even buy Stoli made in East Germany with them

2019-03-19 on cdrsalamander

There is no threat to any country in Europe, including Ukraine. Russia is not a threat to anyone. The only thing they have left is a real nuclear deterrent. Germany’s defense spending is entirely rational.

NATO should have closed down when the USSR fell. If we feel the need for allies in Europe, they should be limited to France and Britain. The revanchist countries in Eastern Europe are liabilities. Israel is also a liability. They should all be cut loose.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

That might be the only way to save European civilization and Western Christianity.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

They are our friends. It is just that we are irrational. We need some tough love to clean up our act.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

There is no credible threat to any country in Europe, including Ukraina, unless it is the US, itself. Germany’s defense policy is rational.

We should pull out of NATO, but the only European countries I would sign mutual defense pacts with are France and Britain.

I would cut Israel loose, too. They are a major liability and a parasite.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

Modern science is sunk in a swamp of criminal and scientific fraud. Believe nothing.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

One has to observe that Venezuela treats its oil industry and electrical generating companies the same way the US Navy treats its fleet and sailors. Both institutions strip mine their own assets.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

Medicine is all about fluids, especially precious fluids.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

Shakespeare is gone already, as is Mark Twain. Coleridge will survive, for obvious reasons.

2019-03-19 on pj-instapundit

What they need to do is adopt a random draw. All applicants would be put into a single pool, each with an assigned number, and a computer would draw the numbers. In a fair draw, the composition of the entering class would be the same as the applicant pool. Moreover, there would be no possibility of personal prejudice influencing the admissions process.

They might also want to do a random draw on applications for faculty positions, and for the same reasons.

Back in the 1970’s, Ohio State was an open admissions school. Anyone who graduated from an accredited Ohio high school was admitted if they bothered to apply. We had a holding bin for freshmen called University College. You had to successfully complete the freshman year enrolled in UC before you could apply to admission to a regular department and major. Quite a few non-scholars did leak through to the regular departments, but many of those still had academic standards, and the non-scholars got weeded out.

Nowadays, Harvard, with its Gentleman’s A, has no way to weed out non-scholars. So one wonders what becomes of Harvard Law or Johns Hopkins Medical when those freshly minted BA’s from the Ivies show up to continue their education. One thinks of Danny DeVito in “Rainmaker.”

2019-03-19 on eureferendum

In light of the long-standing Rule, why was there a second vote? The Members’, especially the Leaders’, ignorance of their own Rules is extraordinary. That does not happen in either the US Senate or House.

There has got to be at least one member of the EU that wants UK out. Does not Paris covet London’s financial business? And then there is the small movement for a closer union between France and Germany. Good grief, Churchill must be thrashing about in his grave.

2019-03-18 on pj-instapundit

I don’t really care about the death penalty. If you are concerned about irremedial errors in sentencing, then end it. I really care about reforming prison. The current system in use in every prison system lets the inmates run the prison and allows torture and rape to be very common. That should end, and prison guards and wardens should be held responsible when rapes and torture occur. We also need to get serious about skills training and psychotherapy. A substantial fraction of inmates are illiterate, and many are insane.

2019-03-18 on pj-instapundit

You might not have noticed, but in the 1960’s science fiction suffered the invasion of British New Wave writers who all pushed dystopian literature. Phillip Dick, Harlan Ellison, J. G. Ballard, Roger Zelazny et al. overthrew and replaced the upbeat writers of the Golden Age and 1950’s, like Isaac Asimov, Brian Aldiss, and this site’s favorite Robert Heinlein. All science fiction today is dystopian, Blade Runner, Alien…

2019-03-18 on pj-instapundit

Most certainly yes and right now.

2019-03-18 on pj-instapundit

The Air Force is also considering retiring the B1-B heavy bomber, leaving us only 70 or so B-52’s and 17 or 18 B-2’s.

Then there is deferred maintenance and reduced training. The rate of operations is much too high for the size of the Air Force and Navy. The Navy, in particular, needs to spend much more time in port, so that the maintenance and training that is urgently needed can be done. At present, we are eating our capital and reducing the capabilities of the Army, Navy and Air Force. This is what happens in war time when the situation is desperate.

This is compounded by the desire to field the newest possible equipment, even if it is unproven. The Truman can be regarded as the first victim of the Ford (and LCS and Zumwalt and Sea Wolf), and the B1-B and the first victim of the F-35.

2019-03-18 on pj-instapundit

In the 70’s, the Navy wanted 25 carrier groups.

2019-03-18 on pj-instapundit

It is widely believed in the Middle East that ISIS is a creature of the CIA, and that it is actively supported and defended by the US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The plain, open history supports this view. We took no action against ISIS until they reached Mosul and threatened Baghdad. Neither did the Kurds. We even allowed ISIS to loot Syrian oil and ship it out of Syria through Turkey for foreign sales. Erdogan’s son got money out of this trade. We were using ISIS as a weapon against Assad until they slipped the leash and pursued their own agenda, the Caliphate.

We did not begin to take action against ISIS until the Russians intervened. They are the one who stopped the oil convoys (which were protected by orders from Washington), and they are the ones who first attacked Raqqa. At one time, it was widely reported that only one-fourth of all sorties against terrorists in Iraq/Syria were allowed to proceed by Obama’s regime, and US fighter-bombers routinely returned with their bomb loads unspent. One also has to observe that the only real fights against ISIS were done by Iran, Shia militias in Iraq, the Iraqi-Shia army, Assad, Hezbollah and the Russians. The Kurds always, and still do, stood aside unless their own territory were at risk. At Raqqa, the Kurds used Arab troops.

Even to this day, ISIS forces are located only a few miles from US forces, and they are not attacked by US forces. In fact, it has been claimed that the US forces actively protected ISIS troops from attacks by Assad and his allies, and that US forces routinely move ISIS leaders around Syria.

2019-03-17 on pj-instapundit

Afghanistan, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Granada, Honduras, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, San Salvadore, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraina, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Yemen…


2019-03-17 on pj-instapundit

In grad school, I shared an office with a guy who went on to teach at T. Tech. If he is typical of their faculty, it is a very good school, indeed. At the same time, I knew a guy who went on to U. Tenn. They must be pretty good, too.

2019-03-16 on pj-instapundit

There was a science fiction story back in the 60’s or 70’s in which fat people, real gluttons, were the only the only survivors of a world famine. Somehow, they had a premonition of coming famine. Perhaps that story is your reference?

2019-03-16 on pj-instapundit

The guns will be replaced, but whether the news system will other guns or missiles has not been decided. The Army/Marine MLRS is very attractive. However, the ship still carries a variety of anti-ship, anti-aircraft, and anti-land target missiles and has some utility.

It is, however, an embarrassment to the Navy’s procurement division, and an indicator that the US military has lost its way. The troubles with the Ford (steam catapults next?), the LCS, the Palladin, the F-35, the X-18 rifle, etc., etc., compounding our misery.

2019-03-16 on pj-instapundit

The real question is whether the engineers and scientists at NASA are too stupid to design a rocket. It is rocket science, after all.

2019-03-16 on pj-instapundit

Better yet, expand their enrollments to 60,000 each. Every state school that existed in 1920, expanded their enrollments as the population increased. They also added campuses. Why not Harvard campuses (campi?) all over the country?

You even be able to justify admitting Chelsea to a college.

2019-03-16 on pj-media

The juxtaposition of Anders Behring Breivik’s rampage with the killings in Christchurch is peculiar. Breivik killed people, mostly young adults, who were being indoctrinated in anti-Semitism, under the guise of anti-Zionism. The Norwegian killings are opposite to the New Zealander killings.

But that is a quibble. The reality is that Islam is incompatible with Western civilization and culture, and Muslims will always work, often violently, to destroy that culture. The recent Tliab incident is instructive. Openly anti-Semitic rants, many of them were defended by every Muslim politician and every black politician in Washington and elsewhere. If America’s Muslims had their way, there would be a second Jewish Holocaust here in the US.

What is obvious is that every Muslim must be expelled from every Western country. Louis Farrakan’s Nation of Islam must go, too.

And, given their uniform anti-Semitism and hatred of Whites, you can make a good argument that all blacks must be expelled, too. Transport to Africa would be sufficient reparations.

I leave you with a quote from Chateau Heartiste:

Diversity + Proximity = War.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Considering the F-35’s short range, all the possible targets are in Malaysia and Indonesia, and they are the main threats to Singapore. China would come in third, assuming China is even a threat.

Singapore is three-quarters Han Chinese. Does anyone think it would be possible to prevent Beijing from getting full access to Singapore’s F-35’s? If selling F-35’s to Singapore does not imperil American security interests, how does selling F-35’s to a NATO ally like Turkey imperil it?

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Were it not for the ayatollahs’ idiocies and the US sanctions, Iran would be a First World country on a par with northern Europe. As it is, Iran is the second most advanced country in the Middle East, being surpassed somewhat by Israel.

While it is fun to mock the drones, tanks, fighter planes, frigates, submarines, etc. that Iran produces, it should be noted that no one else in the area, except again Israel, produces anything. And Israel does not produce the range of things Iran does, it buys a lot of stuff, usually with US subsidies or from Germany in reparations.

Iran’s total area is somewhat smaller than the combination of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, but its population is nearly as large as theirs, and it is very much better educated. Shia is also a more tolerant version of Islam than Sunni, although not in the area of homosexuality. However, even that persecution is driven by radicals in the Iranian government, and it likely does not have the support of the general public. Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is another animal entirely.

There are numerous calls from various fake-American neocons to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities or blockade its ports or even invade it. Considering our failures in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, we would almost certainly be defeated in Iran, too.

No accommodation with the ayatollahs is possible, but we could wait them out. A policy of benign neglect might succeed. It is hard to believe that they will always be able to dominate the Iranian people. Even the USSR fell. As it is, our policy of confrontation and interventionism has led to the establishment of a connected series of Iranian allies from Teheran to Beirut.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Henny Yougman. King of the One-Liners.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Basque is not an Indo-European language, so it was not brought to Spain by the Indo-European steppe people. It is most likely a remnant of the Anatolian farmers who migrated across the Mediterranean and Europe around 8,000 years ago or so. The Etruscans were another Anatolian remnant over run by steppe people. They (in the form of the Celts) also over ran the Stone Henge builders in Britain. 90% Y replacement there.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

This is the Tlaib, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Ellison, Perez, Louis Farrakhan party. There is no place in it for Pelosi, Biden, Sanders, Feinstein, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler et al. The leadership change will occur after the 2020 elections.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

It would be a mini Viet Nam. Our troops would be bogged down in nasty infantry operations in mountains and jungles, with the whole Venezuelan population helping the guerrillas.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Gingrich, like all the other war mongers in Washington, is delusional. Maduro has the support of the Venezuelan military and a large majority of the population, the mestizos (if that is the right term in South
America). The upper class Whites are supporting Guaido.

What American policy has done is to provide Maduro and his party with all sorts of excuses, just as we provided the Castros with excuses for 60 years. Maduro has claimed that the ongoing black out in Venezuela, is the result of American sabotage of the electrical distribution system. Considering that we continually brag about our use of Stuxnet to sabotage Iran’s centrifuges, Maduro’s accusation rings true, and it actually might be true. Putting the dirty tricks criminal Eliot Abrams in charge of our Venezuelan operation also lends credence to Maduro’s claim.

2019-03-15 on pj-instapundit

It took a couple of generations to prove the bad health impacts of tobacco, and we had an experiment consisting of almost a third of the population. Marijuana smoke contains all the tars and particles found in tobacco smoke. While cannabis is less addictive by far than nicotine, it damages brain tissue. One can expect a few generations from now that the same sort of anti-tobacco legislation will be enacted against pot.

2019-03-14 on pj-instapundit

We had a workable deal, and Pompeo and Bolton forced Trump to repudiate it. The soft coup d’etat succeeded. Trump is a figurehead. Our Ruling Class is suicidal, and they will take us with them.

2019-03-14 on pj-instapundit

When push comes to shove, the F16V’s won’t do them any good. When China decides enough is enough, they will march right in.

2019-03-14 on pj-instapundit

The opioid crisis is clearly, inarguably, the result of 40 years of open borders and free trade that have destroyed the jobs and reduced the wages of working class Americans. If you want to stop, or at least diminish, the drug problem you have to stop all immigration, deport all non-citizens (including residents with Green Cards) and stop the importation of manufactured goods.

Mussolini defended the Italian working class. We need our own Mussolini.

2019-03-14 on pj-instapundit

Anyone who has sat through a single faculty meeting will know that no faculty member believes in any kind of egalitarian ideal. Every faculty member is an elitist, with himself on top of the pile.

2019-03-14 on pj-instapundit

The Democrat Party is being rapidly transformed. The Party of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, and even Obama, is becoming the Party of Perez, Ellison, AOC, Tliab, Omar, and, most importantly, Louis Farrakhan. Even in 2008, Obama had to kowtow to Farrakhan. After the 2020 election, every Democrat will have to kowtow to Farrakhan.

The possibility of another Holocaust, here in the US, is not zero.

2019-03-13 on pj-instapundit

Only about 5% of students in colleges and universities are in STEM, and that probably represents the upper limit. Most STEM programs require above average IQ’s, say over 110, and a strong work ethic. Moreover, women, who are people oriented by genes, find the thing-oriented STEM disciplines unattractive.

If colleges and universities really wanted to help POC and women, they would close programs in women’s, black, gender et al. studies. Students who cannot make it in STEM or do not want to would be better served by traditional disciplines like history or English.

2019-03-12 on pj-instapundit

Unless Schoen means the aggression of the US military throughout the world, and its threats to attack China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, North Korea, Venezuela, and many others, there is no world crisis. The world’s main problem is how to bring the US military to heel.

2019-03-12 on pj-instapundit

Edit, “wangle” to “wrangle.”

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

The greatest victory of the neocon over the US is the loss of Russia. When the USSR fell, every Russian leader that followed lobbied for some sort of affliation between Russia and the EU and NATO. That includes specifically Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin, and Medvedev. In the words of Putin, “a united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” If that had happened, we would be selling F-35’s to Russia, and China would be an irrelevant gnat.

Nice going neocons!!

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

Oops! I forgot the French, cheese-eating surrender monkeys. They’re such good allies that de Gaulle (how apt a name) left NATO and kicked us out of France at the height of the Cold War. They only recently rejoined, and they’re always nattering about the need for a European army to replace NATO. There’s already a German-French brigade. Off with their heads!

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

OK. The Turkey problem is solved. Time to move on to Germany. They don’t fulfill their NATO obligations, and the are cozying up to Russia. Bad Germans, bad, bad bad.

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

Turkey is still a democracy. Our problems with it are entirely the doing of the neocon lunatics who run our government.

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

As if the invasion if Iraq was such a good idea. The main result of that invasion is that Iraq is now an ally of Iran. We need a government that will not shoot us in the foot.

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

Turkey is our third oldest ally. They joined the UN in early 1945 when is was an anti-German military alliance. At that time, our only real allies were the USSR and Britain and its colonies. In 1947, Turkey signed a mutual defense pact with the US. Turkey sent a heavy infantry brigade to Korea, which fought there from 1950 to 1953. How many English, French and Israeli troops fought in Korea. They joined NATO in 1952. They allowed us to station Jupiter medium range ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads until the Cuban Missile crisis. They sent medical and logistic troops to Viet Nam. Incirlik has been our main air base in the region for decades.

The US has a bad habit of reneging on treaties and stabbing allies in the back. This goes back to Eisenhower. The neocons forced Trump to withdraw from his agreement with Kim and forced him to repudiate the troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan. However, driving Turkey out of NATO would be their greatest “achievement” and their greatest treason.

The neocons are destroying this country before our eyes. They are a bigger threat than the lunatic communists and anti-Semites in the Democrat Party. They will destroy Trump and give us a communist government in 2020.

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

You need to do some map work. Turkey is essential to our position in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Without Turkey, or worse, a Turkey aligned with Russia and Iran, it becomes almost impossible to defend our allies in the Persian Gulf and in Eastern Europe. The Russia-Turkey-Iran alliance would have absolute control over the Black Sea (goodbye Romania, Poland, Bulgaria) and would operate on a par with us in the Persian Gulf.

The choice is not Turkey in NATO or being occasionally useful. The choice is Turkey allied with us or the Russians and Iranians.

2019-03-11 on pj-instapundit

If Turkey had both the S-400 and the F-35, NATO would have a treasure trove of Russian defense capabilities. Turkey is adamant about the S-400, so they are out of the F-35 program. That is settled.

The real question is what Turkey does now. We are still protecting Gulen, the architect of the coup, and we are still protecting and arming Kurds in both Iraq and Syria (and Turkey itself?) who are trying to partition Turkey. This looks like a collision course. The US appears to be a greater threat to Turkey than does Russia. Turkey will be the first country to abandon NATO. It will be driven out.

Another “victory” for the fake-American neocons. How much of America’s interests will they sacrifice? And for whom? Cui bono?

2019-03-10 on pj-instapundit

This is an extremely important development. Even more important than Pelosi and the leadership being forced to defend her anti-Semitic rants. Along with Ocasio-Cortez’s threats to Pelosi and other senior Democrats, it indicates that the radicals now feel secure enough to confront the established leadership, battle it for control of the Party. By the end of the 2020 elections we will see another sea-change in the Democrat Party even more radical than the McGovernite purge of the moderates and conservatives in the 70’s. The Democrats are about to become an openly communist party that is intensely hostile to Whites and Jews.

And do not forget Louis Farrakhan. Lots of people mock him for his numerology and virulent anti-Semitism. But he and the Nation of Islam are extremely powerful politically. No black politician, specifically here Obama, can have any success unless he kowtows to Farrakhan. In cities like Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, St. Louis, and many many others, no White politician can succeed unless Farrakhan supports him.

The New Democrat Party will not only be communist, Farrakhan will be its kingmaker.

2019-03-09 on pj-instapundit

Along with Louis Farrakhan, Keith Ellison, and Tom Perez, they are the New Democrat Party. Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Biden, et al. are out. Omar even mocked the Magic Negro (LA Times, in case you forgot) Barack Obama.

The leadership change will be effected after the 2020 elections. The New Democrat Party will be a communist party. If they win in 2020, which is likely given the current Democrat-Republican alliance against Trump, we will have a full blown communist dictatorship in Washington.

2019-03-08 on pj-instapundit

Licensed engineers are not required to be members of any professional group, and neither are licensed physicians.

2019-03-08 on pj-instapundit

Bolton and Pompeo vetoed Trump’s agreement with Kim and made him repudiate it. Bolton also rejected Kim’s proposal for shutting down some facilities in exchange for some sanction relief. That would have set us on a positive tit-for-tat process. So, because of Bolton and Pompeo, we are back to square one. Kim will begin to repair and rebuild some facilities, and we can expect at least some new missile tests. Apparently, they are readying one launch site for a launch to orbit. They might also begin development of a cruise missile.

One has to wonder what the Deep State/Cabal did or said to Trump that made him back down and repudiate one of his greatest foreign policy achievements. Did they offer him protection from any law suit or trial, or did they threaten him and his family. He is obviously whipped and afraid.

The Deep State/Cabal and the neocons are suicidal. Unfortunately, they will take many of us with them.

2019-03-08 on pj-instapundit

Omar was publicly supported by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Anastasia Ocasio-Cortez, the entire Black Caucus and many others. Pelosi has been side-lined and no longer controls the House Democrats. She is the dead past. They are the future, and the likes of AOC will constitute the Democrat leadership after the 2020 election.

What is particularly interesting is that the insurgents lead by Omar have successfully demonized one of the Democrats longest lasting, most influential and most generous blocs. There is a literal revolution underway in that Party, even more thorough-going than the civil war in the Republican Party. Neither party will be the same ever again, and both will be radically different in a few years.

2019-03-08 on thereferenceframe

Anyone applying for a faculty position at Ohio State University must sign a loyalty oath that they will uphold progressive dogma, especially diversity and inclusion. They must also submit proof that they have done so in the past, including references to that effect.

We are in a Lysenkoist era. We can expect Western science and engineering to slowly degenerate. It is entirely possible we will not have the technical ability to build Lubos’ new collider.

2019-03-08 on pj-instapundit

Anyone who remembers Speaker John McCormick of the House or Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson will be astonished at the inability of the Democrat House leadership to control the Party’s message or its junior members. There is a massive power struggle underway in the Party, and Ocasio-Cortez and her allies are winning. I expect AOC will be House Speaker after the 2020 elections, even if Pelosi chooses to run.

2019-03-08 on pj-media

Considering that Eliot Abrams (of the Contra scandal) is on the ground in Colombia running our anti-Maduro campaign, American-inspired sabotage of Venezuela’s power grid is possible, but mere deferred maintenance is somewhat more likely.

Maduro remains firmly in power. He might even have the support of a majority of the Venezuelan people. He certainly has a large majority of the mestizos (if that’s the right word for South America). The whole Guaido thingy has degenerated into slap-stick.

There will be no regime change in Venezuela or Cuba, but Nicaragua is doable. But, then, who cares? Ortega is practically a Republican these days.

2019-03-07 on pj-instapundit

Western science is being strangled. Soon only Russia and China (and Iran?) will have actual scientists.

NPC’s now control hiring and promotion in most STEM departments. Loyalty oaths, meaning loyalty to the diversity agenda, is mandatory for new hires. At some point, very soon, senior tenured professors in STEM will be required to sign loyalty oaths themselves.

Lysenko has been reborn in the West.

2019-03-07 on pj-instapundit

Western economies, while not fully socialist, are heavily regulated and, consequently, prone to crony capitalism. US income tax laws are a very good example. The American model has lead to substantial deindustrialization and immiseration of the American working class. Our Ruling Class and financial wizards have reaped all the economic growth of the last 40 years. They have actually clawed income away from our working class.

Why do you think Trump was elected (by a minority popular vote)? GMC is closing the Lordstown assembly plant after 50 years. 1,700 American workers will lose their jobs, which happen to be good-paying jobs. Companies like GMC continue to transfer jobs overseas despite Trump’s efforts. And the Republicans in Congress continue to connive with the Democrats to keep our borders open to mass immigration, much of it illegal. At every turn, Republicans ally with Democrats to crush the American worker. No one will represent the American worker.

Is that what you mean by “Only Western (especially American) policies are effective over the long haul”?

In November 2020, American workers will abandon Trump and the Republican Party, and we will get a communist government that controls both Houses and the Presidency. Unfortunately that will also be an virulently anti-White working class government. The communists, real ones, not the Chinese pseudos, will also wreck this country in every way possible, including economics.

There is a huge amount of disinformation in the Western press regarding both Russia and China. The blog al fin reads like CIA propaganda, and the neocons routinely lie. Both the Russian and Chinese economies are large, robust and diversified, more so than the US economy. Both operate under what the French call dirigisme, meaning strong state control. The achievements of the Chinese communists, whatever one thinks of their methods, has been the greatest economic success story in history. 300 people were moved from poverty to near middle class living standards. An entire modern manufacturing section was built from scratch.

2019-03-07 on pj-instapundit

You are very wrong about that. You are quoting nominal GDP, which is largely based on financial data. You should be quoting price parity purchasing power (PPP) GDP, which is about the same for both countries.

People make the same mistake with Russia. They quote nominal GDP, which makes the Russia economy look like Spain’s. But in PPP GDP, Russia’s economy is 10 % or so larger than Germany’s. When you look at the range of things Russia actually does, many of which Germany cannot and does not do, the PPP GDP is obviously the correct one.

2019-03-07 on pj-instapundit

Omar is supported in the House by the Black Caucus and nearly all the freshmen members. She also has the support of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. The Democrat Party is undergoing a sea change, and very rapidly. It would not be surprising if AOC is Speaker after the next election.

2019-03-07 on pj-instapundit

China’s 6.6% growth rate is triple the US’s, and that is on the same base. Which economy is collapsing?

In any trade war, China ends up with modern, high-tech factories and skilled workers, and the US ends up with empty store shelves and bankrupt companies, Apple and Walmart for example. Which problem do you prefer? China needs to find new markets, but a billion Chinese haven’t yet made the transition to the new economy. The US faces becoming the next Venezuela.

2019-03-07 on cdrsalamander

For some time now, applicants for faculty positions at The Ohio State University have had to sign a diversity statement. Moreover, they have to provide evidence, both written and by reference, that they have actively participated in diversity programs in the past.

I might add that tOSU also reserves certain faculty positions to designated groups like women, African-Americans, Hispanics, et al. I do not know whether there are any designated positions for gays or transgenders, but if not it will happen.

2019-03-07 on pj-instapundit

Both Sanders and Warren have publicly defended Ilhan Omar, and a large fraction of the Democrat Party, especially the younger members and the Black Caucus, agree with her. Pelosi (like Trump) is a mere figurehead kept in place until it is convenient to remove her.

2019-03-07 on blazingcatfur

Yet another ignorant Negro.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

The American Empire is self-destructing before our eyes.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

As usual those clowns are out of touch. Trump has already signed the legislation to prevent transfer of the F-35’s to Turkey.

And they are stupid. If Turkey had both the F-35 and the S-400, NATO would reap a treasure trove of intelligence about Russia’s defense capabilities. This is especially important, because Russia claims it can track all of our stealth aircraft.

As it is, we are once again pushing Turkey into an alliance with Russia and Iran and China. But then, nearly everything the fake-American neocons do is anti-American. Omar is so correct. To think, a Somalia immigrant is more American and more loyal than any neocon.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

BFD. DGAF. Fake news, fake journalists, put them in jail. Nuff said.

2019-03-06 on cdrsalamander

Actually, the LCS’s would be useful if the Euros wanted to shut down the mass migration from Africa.

2019-03-06 on cdrsalamander

When the USSR collapsed, Russia, itself, lost one-fourth of its land area and one-half of its population and industry. Also lost was all of its Eastern European allies, their population and their industry. Russia became a very weak state compared to the EU. It is not a threat to anyone anywhere.

The Europeans do not spend money on defense, because they do not need to. The money we spend on European defense is wasted. Also wasted are the monies spent on MENA, Central Asia, and Africa. (Except for Bahrain and Djibouti) Those are resources needed in East Asia. Our naval assets especially are needed in East Asia. Obama’s hoped for pivot to Asia never happened, but it still could.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

Bring them home from the MENA and Central Asia, too.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

There is no “Responsibility to Protect.” That delusion has led to the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the MENA and the destruction of whole cities and economies. It is directly the cause of the current wave of refugees entering Europe, a largely self-inflicted disaster for the EU and a plague on native Europeans.

As to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, he is an improvement over the Muslim Brotherhood, which itself is an anti-West terrorist organization. Posters on this site regularly demonize Erdogan, and he is also a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.

America has no business in the MENA, Central Asia or Eastern Europe. Our disastrous policies there give credence to Ilhan Omar’s claims about Israeli control of American foreign policy. It is interesting, and a warning, that the Congress cannot bring itself to condemn her statements. A sea-change is coming to American politics, and it won’t be pretty. Bill Kristol and his ilk have a very dark future.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

The gasoline tax is already mileage based. Moreover, it actively punishes low mpg vehicles, which an actual mileage does not do. The problem is that the gasoline tax is visible to people, and politicians have a very hard time raising it. Ohio is a good example. DeWine’s proposal to raise it by 18¢ per gal. has met stiff opposition.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

From the POC perspective, Jews are just super-Whites and therefore even more hateful. Many Jews see themselves as not-White, and the attitude of POC’s confuses them. It shouldn’t. Back in the days of the Civil Rights Movement, Jews were prominent, and some even died for the cause. But once, the movement was underway, the NAACP purged Jews from its governing board, even though Jews had helped to found it and generously funded it. No matter. The NAACP was a black organization. Jews could serve as minions, but they could not vote.

2019-03-06 on powerlineblog-com

In the 1970’s, the Democrat Party transitioned from being a Big Tent party to being a leftist party. There was a purge of centrists and conservatives, and nearly all Southern Whites left the Party. Now it is undergoing another transition to being the Party for People of Color.

POC are almost to a man both virulent anti-Semites and and anti-White racists. Jesse Jackson Sr. is the model. The New Democrat Party will be an anti-Semitic, anti-White party. That is a problem for Progressive Jews and Whites.

2019-03-06 on moonbattery

DSJ, his wife is ugly.

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

She and at least a dozen other Democrats maintain a joint headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn.:…

2019-03-06 on pj-instapundit

Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Feinstein et al. are the dead past. The future Democrat Party will not only be communist, it will be virulently anti-Semitic and anti-White. Reparations is so namby-pampy; death camps are the thing.

Where will Progressive Jews and Whites go? There are several small socialist parties in the US, but they are irrelevant.

2019-03-05 on pj-instapundit

First, there is no Russian aggression anywhere on the planet. They are too weak for that. They have a good defensive military, but they lack power projection. Their actions in Syria are probably near the outer limit of what they can do. The Germans, Dutch, Danes, et al., all know that, so their militaries are nominal.

Second, the reason for NATO, the USSR, is long gone. The US should leave Europe, and let them form whatever alliance they deem necessary. Without and enemy, it won’t be much.

We should also take all our troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Africa. We probably should keep our bases in Djibouti and Bahrain.

Then, we should if we can undo the messes Pompeo and Bolton have made in Korea and the Caribbean.

2019-03-05 on pj-instapundit

Why? She is the voice of the upcoming class of Democrat leaders.

2019-03-05 on pj-instapundit

The Guaido ploy is over. He is an irrelevancy, and he is being ignored as such. If Bolton and Pompeo wish to remove Maduro, they will have to become more kinetic.

2019-03-05 on pj-instapundit

Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Kieth Ellison, Tom Perez et alii are the future of the Democrat Party, and Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein et alii are the dead past. AOC might well be majority leader in the House in 2021. Whatever power the Jews might have in America, they are going to suffer socialist wrath in the near future. There cannot be any place for them in the Democrat Party. The question is, Whether they can hold their noses and become Republicans, in an increasingly de facto White Nationalist party.

2019-03-05 on moonbattery

Transgenderism will probably destroy women’s sports and might destroy feminism. That is not a scenario to be feared.

2019-03-04 on pj-instapundit

The Grimm versions likely date from the Middle Ages, but the basic stories could be very much older. In “The Origins of the World’s Mythologies,” E. J. M. Witzel argues that many mythic themes and characters go back tens of thousands of year. The basis of the claim is the common elements in mythologies of peoples that separated long, long ago, such as the American Indians and Asians.

2019-03-04 on animalmagnetism

None of the battle rifles chambered in 7.62 NATO was controllable in full auto mode. All of them were good semi auto rifles. In Viet Nam, NVA troops armed with the AK-47 had a significant fire power advantage over the M-14.

Then there is the issue of CQB, which really requires an automatic rifle.

The M-16 has lasted in service for over 50 years because it can be controlled full auto and in its modern M-4 version is a good CQB rifle.

The complaint we keep hearing is that the effective range of the M-4 (and M-16) is too short for some battlefield conditions (Afghanistan) and a heavier caliber, longer range weapons needs to be fielded.

The reality is that no infantryman is going to hit anything beyond 200 yards in a fire fight. He won’t even see a target at that range. If you want to engage targets at 1,000 yds you need both a special rifle and a special rifleman.

The problems in Afghanistan could be solved by issuing each platoon an M 60 machine gun.

2019-03-04 on thereferenceframe

Epicycles as Fourier series… Sums of sines and cosines, circles… Loving it.

2019-03-04 on pj-instapundit

Legalization of prostitution is a good idea, because it eliminate a victimless crime. But it will not eliminate trafficking, as the European experience proves. After legalization, there will still be all sorts of sex acts that are prohibited, like sex with children. Moreover, legal whore houses will find it difficult to compete with sex slaves, because the slave owners will not comply with various laws that protect workers nor will they pay income taxes, sales taxes, VAT, medical insurance, etc.

There is also the issue of grooming by Muslim gangs. Britain has found that it is impossible to suppress these gangs even when all the gangsters and their victims are known. Racial politics prevents it.

2019-03-03 on cdrsalamander

The chart proves nothing. It’s not even relevant.

The old Democrat Party is dying with the old Democrats like Feinstein and Pelosi. The new Democrat Party is the party of Ocasio-Cortez, Keith Ellison et al. They are doctrinaire communists. AOC just demonstrated that ideology is more important than jobs when she and her allies ran off Amazon. That dismayed the old Democrats, but it elicited joy from the new Democrats.

The new Democrats will have no problem shutting down shipyards and losing those jobs.

2019-03-03 on pj-instapundit

The Monroe Doctrine was aimed at European colonialists. It hardly applies to Cuba. Moreover, in Latin America the Monroe Doctrine is regarded as American imperialism. Many, possibly most, Latin Americans hate the US with a flaming passion precisely because of the attitude expressed by John Bolton.

Bolton is the Rasputin of America. He is an evil influence in the White House. He sabotaged Trump’s agreement with Kim and set back negotiations with North Korea decades. It will take a new administration to reopen them. In the meantime, it would not be surprising if North Korea starts building missiles and warheads again.

In Venezuela and Iran, Bolton and Pompeo push for war, wars we would lose badly. They are also pushing for regime change in Nicaragua and Cuba, which would be two more wars.

Considering that the Deep State/Cabal foreign policies being pushed by Pompeo and Bolton are turning out badly everywhere, Obama’s attempts to rein in the Deep State/Cabal are looking good.

And frankly, I’m beginning to think better of John Kerry, too.

But Americans seem to suffer from an unquenchable blood lust.

2019-03-03 on infoproc

If detecting gravity waves is much harder than going to the moon, then how come we can do the former and not the latter? I suppose that’s a quote from Kip. If so, he is a very stupid old man. And yes, I do know his history in gravity research. He has embarrassed himself.

The arrogance and actual stupidity of scientists, especially famous one, never ceases to amaze. All scientists are very narrowly educated and are nearly perfectly ignorant of the society that surrounds them. Their reputation as nerds is well-earned.

2019-03-03 on cdrsalamander

There will be no expansion. The Navy will continue at around 270 ships or somewhat less. The number will be determined by negotiations with the Democrat House.

I am astonished that the Navy and its partisans do not understand that elections have consequences. If the Democrats win everything in 2020, ther will be a major reduction in military expenditures, probably around 50%.

2019-03-02 on coyoteblog

Prostitution is legal in much of the EU, but that hasn’t affected trafficking in adults and children. The problem is that legalization never goes all the way. There are always some illicit acts (e.g., child rape), and these are generally what drives the sex trade in the first place. Also, criminals who just kidnap women and children don’t abide by any minimum wage, medical benefits, work hour regulations, etc., and their product is inherently cheaper than the legal one.

That said, we are probably marginally better off with legalization. The other freedoms waiting in the wings are polygamy, pedo- and ephebophilia and bestiality. I’m betting polygamy gets legal last.

2019-03-01 on pj-media

By now, it’s pretty obvious that Obama was the only rational actor in all of those acts. The fake-American, anti-American neocons are the bad guys here.

2019-03-01 on pj-media

Can there be a more wrong-headed analysis than this? In Hanoi the fake-American neocons forced Trump to publicly renounce the his agreement with Kim reached in Singapore. Kim offered a compromise: stop some (not all) sanctions, and we will give you some nukes. Pompeo and Bolton rejected that offer, and demanded Kim’s abject surrender. The slow coup everyone talks about is an accomplished fact. Trump is a puppet kept on display so that the yokels won’t recognize that a revolution has occurred in Washington.

Eisenhower was the last President to control the military. They killed JFK when he got uppity, and every President since has got the message.

2019-03-01 on pj-instapundit

A major defeat for the fake-american neocons.

2019-03-01 on pj-instapundit

Pompeo and Bolton forced Trump to publicly repudiate his own deal made at Singapore. They are in charge of the negotiations, not Trump. Trump is just window dressing, left in place so that the common people will not get wise to the successful and completed coup d’etat.

Note that Kim proposed a compromise. Eliminate a few sanctions, not all, and you can have some of what you want. However, Pompeo and Bolton are insisting on abject surrender.

Nothing will happen until the US has new leadership.

2019-03-01 on pj-instapundit

Is this a surprise? The plan to remove Maduro using Guaido has failed, and now the US must come up with another plan. Since Maduro still has the support of the poor, and a majority, of Venezuelans, there is no obvious way to get rid of him. The US is hated with a flaming passion by the great majority of Latin Americans, and any overt action, like a blockade or invasion, will garner massive material and personnel support for Maduro.

It should be clear, even to fake-American neocons like Bolton or Pompeo or Abrams, that while the US has the naval and airpower to crush Venezuela, bomb it back into the stone age and kill millions, we do not have the ground power needed to invade and hold the country. We would get a mini Viet Nam, and in 10 years or so a demoralized, broken Army and Marines would have to be withdrawn in ignominy. It took 20 years to rebuild the Army after Viet Nam. Expect the same after Venezuela.

2019-03-01 on pj-instapundit

The pace of Naval operations is simply too high. Ships and crews must spend more time in port for rest, repairs and training. The Navy’s insistence on showing the flag everywhere, which does require a 355, or even more, ship Navy, is preventing proper and necessary ship maintenance and crew training. The Navy is eating its capital and slowly tearing itself down. This is the kind of thing one does in a major war when all is desperation.

As to that 355 ship Navy, that is a delusion. We are more likely to see a 200 ship Navy. The plan to decommission the USS Truman some 20 years early (which the House will block) is symptomatic of the degree of over-commitment and managerial incompetence at the highest level of the Navy. We cannot build the Fords if we refuel and refurbish the Truman.

The Democrat House will get some money transferred from Defense to domestic spending, otherwise there will be no budget or continuing resolution. The Navy will have to fight hard just to keep its current complement of 270 to 280, or so, ships.

2019-02-28 on cdrsalamander

This is a really big bet on the Ford class. And the key issue there is EMALS. Will the Navy have to replace the existing EMALS with a redesigned one or even a steam catapult?

2019-02-28 on pj-instapundit

The Guaido ploy is dead. So, what’s next? The military is keeping rank. An invasion is out of the question. More sanctions will make the lives of the Venezuelan people even more difficult.

2019-02-28 on infoproc

Razib Khan has some thoughts on Kimura’s neutral theory. It’s probably best considered as the null hypothesis for ascertaining whether evolution has occurred. The comments are not very supportive of Kimura.……

2019-02-27 on pj-instapundit

To get rid of North Korea’s nukes and missiles, we have to (1) recognize the legitimacy of Kim’s regime, (2) sign a peace treaty, and (3) normalize trade and diplomatic relations. Kim will also require security guarantees from China and Russia that they will intervene and protect North Korea from any US military actions.

It should be remembered that Kim, like every dictator, leads a political faction. He is not an independent actor. He retains his leadership position only as long as the faction is satisfied with him. Any deal he cuts with Trump must be approved by the faction.

2019-02-27 on pj-instapundit

The “Interim President” comes with a time limit of 30 days, which has expired. Guaido was supposed to use the 30 days to organize and hold an election for a new President. He didn’t do that. He is no longer Interim President.

Unless the US actually invades Venezuela, Maduro and his socialists are here to stay. As we have seen in Somalia (26 years), Afghanistan (17 years) and other places, the US is not capable of winning its colonial wars. And sadly, it is not capable of ending them.

2019-02-27 on pj-instapundit

“Crews and institutional knowledge?”

Precisely what the US Navy is lacking. Also lacking, well maintained ships and the ability to develop modern technology. E.g., it is probable that the EMALS on the Ford will have to be removed and replaced either by a redesigned EMALS or a steam catapult system. Also, the Zumwalt cannons will likely be removed and replaced by another system. And then, of course, there is the Little Crappy Ship, which eventually will comprise 10% of the whole fleet.

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

Yogi Berra was famous for convoluted wisdom, but he was also one of the great catchers of all time, on numerous winning World Series teams and in the Hall of Fame.

You should apologize for demeaning him.

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

The treaty that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis included our promise not to invade. Are we going back to 1962? I remember it. I was in college. My mother said that if the bombs fell she would go out into the yard to die. Do you remember it?

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

A few dozen. 120,000 to 150,000 stayed loyal. The Guaido ploy failed. His 30 days expired. What’s left is blockade and/or invasion.

By the way, Pompeo has already put the Cuban and Nicaraguan governments on the list for regime change. Are we going to have three wars right here in the Caribbean? Iran is on the list, too. And we have unfinished business in Ukraina and Syria.

This country is sliding into the abyss. Our leaders are insane war criminals. How many tens of thousands of American servicemen and servicewomen will die to satisfy our leaders blood lust?

2019-02-26 on cdrsalamander

That’s a 200+ ship navy, almost all of it modern. Morevover, it is concentrated in East Asia, mostly the East and South China seas, whereas our navy is distributed all over the world. There is something about concentration of force.

One would dearly like to know what the real intensions of the Chinese government are, not just some quotes from retired officers or academics.

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

What do you think the status of the US would be if we did that? Is it not clear that we would be a pariah state, without any allies, not even Britain and France. Is it not obvious that Americans would be the subjects of international sanctions?

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

The problem here is that Mattis, Pompeo and Bolton repudiated the deal Trump originally negotiated. That deal had a sequence of events: recognition of Kim’s regime, normalization of trade and diplomatic relations, and, finally, denuclearization. Mattis, Pompeo and Bolton only accepted the last and refused the first two. Now they have sent Trump back to negotiate away the first two. Fat chance. We’ll be lucky if Pompeo and Bolton don’t start another Korean War, to go along with the pending wars in Iran and Venezuela.

In would appear that the so-called slow or soft coup has succeeded. Trump is a figurehead, kept merely so that the masses won’t freak out, or possibly even rebel. They must have offered Trump a deal he couldn’t refuse.

It is notable that Trump was not involved last week when Pompeo announced that both Nicaragua and Cuba were slated for regime change.

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

Regardless of what one thinks of the legitimacy of Guaido’s ploy, it has failed. Once he claimed to be Interim President, he had 30 days to hold elections that would determine the “successor” to Maduro. He couldn’t and didn’t do that, and the term of his Interim Presidency has expired.

The US also has been unable to foment a coup d’etat against Maduro. Both he and Chavez purged the military officer corps, and put in place loyalists and true believers. The officers are also complicit all of the Chavez-Maduro crimes. They have to fight for Maduro to protect themselves and their families from reprisals.

At some point, the US will either have to put up and invade or shut up and go away with tail between legs.

What is more disturbing is that Pompeo announced that the US has also slated the governments of Nicaragua and Cuba for removal. I hope someone tells him that part of the deal ending the Cuban Missile Crisis was the US’s promise not to invade Cuba. Of course, the USSR is defunct and treaties with them don’t count anymore. Does that include SALT I, SALT II, START, New START…?

2019-02-26 on pj-instapundit

On to Venezuela.

2019-02-26 on pj-media

The real problem is the deep disconnect between reality and the Ruling Class’s numerous delusions. It is simply impossible for our Rulers to make correct decisions in nearly any area. The only possible result is collapse.

By the way, the favorite example of social collapse, the Roman Empire, is a very poor choice. The Empire had been in existence for almost 1,200 years when Rome was sacked in the 5th Century. But by then the capital had been in Constantinople for over 100 years, and the Roman state persisted for another 1,000 years before the Ottomans ended it. It controlled parts of Italy and North Africa for much of that time.

2,200 years is the longest run of any state in history.

2019-02-25 on pj-instapundit

The “invasion” of Ukraina was done by the US.

2019-02-25 on pj-instapundit

Count me as a useful idiot. There is no Responsibility to Protect. What happens to Venezuela and their people is their problem. We don’t need yet another unwinnable and unstoppable war: Somalia and most of Africa, Ukraina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen…

A few days ago, Pompeo, not Trump, announced that both Cuba and Nicaragua are also slated for regime change. They are added to Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, North Korea and China. Muy fun.

It is notable that Pompeo seems to have set this policy on his own. Trump does not appear to be involved. Has the much ballyhooed coup d’etat actually occurred? Did the Deep State make Trump a deal he couldn’t refuse? Looks like. Welcome to the Principate and the Praetorians.

The secret history of recent decades seems to be that the Deep State/Cabal, including especially State and Defense, has achieved independence of and domination over our elected officials, both President and Congress.

2019-02-25 on pj-instapundit

Trump’s secret to victory is White voters. Our parties continue to reorganize along racial lines. If the Republican Party and Trump are to survive, they must mobilize the White vote.

It must also be made clear to Jews that they have no future in an overtly anti-Semitic Democrat Party.

2019-02-25 on infoproc

I am still hoping that there will be transcripts.

2019-02-24 on blazingcatfur

I voted for him and will again, but my personal hope is that he will organize a counter-coup, and put all the leading Democrats and their bureaucrat allies into concentration camps.

2019-02-23 on powerlineblog-com

I remember the nick name as “the round mound of pound.”

2019-02-22 on pj-instapundit

The Navy is delusional. With a Democrat House in the budget loop, the Navy is going to shrink to about 200 ships.

2019-02-22 on cdrsalamander

DSJ, if only the GWOT were over. We haven’t disengaged from a single one of the endless wars, not even Somalia.

2019-02-22 on pj-instapundit

As long as Maduro has the support of the military, Guaido is irrelevant. And the military is complicit in the Chavez-Maduro fiasco. They will hang, too. Expect them to fight hard.

This weekend will be interesting. There is a big concert scheduled for tonight in Columbia on the border. The intent is to get people crossing the border in large numbers. Tomorrow and attempt will be made to drive trucks will aid into Venezuela. Also tomorrow, the time limit for American diplomats to leave expires.

Tomorrow Guaido’s claim to the the Interim Presidency is one month old. He hasn’t done anything to prove it.

2019-02-22 on pj-instapundit

We are headed to a 200 ship Navy. The Democrats in the House will insist that some defense spending be transferred to domestic spending, and because they have a veto over spending, they will get some of that.

The Navy’s real problem is that ships are deployed way too often. They need to spend a lot more time in port undergoing maintenance and crew training. The facts that crews are only partly trained and that ships are in poor condition means that the Navy is consuming its capital in order to maintain its current deployment schedule. This is the kind of deployment schedule one is forced into in a major war, like WW II in the Pacific. Can you walk? Do you have a finger that can reach a trigger? You’re good to go.

The problem with running down men and ships is that if a real war starts neither the men nor the ships will be up to the challenge.

2019-02-22 on infoproc

While I am interested in many of the topics in your podcasts, I don’t do any podcast. I don’t like to be forced to listen to something at someone else’s pace. Listening is just too slow. Reading is fast. I would greatly appreciate it if you would also publish transcripts.

2019-02-21 on pj-instapundit

Be 100 miles upwind of any possible target.

2019-02-21 on pj-instapundit

The F35 is stealthy and an electronic marvel, but it has a very small internal payload, and a very short range. To be effective at all, the F35 has to launch with bombs and fuel tanks hung under its wings. In that configuration, it is not the least bit stealthy.

2019-02-21 on thereferenceframe

Thanks. This is the clearest and most convincing explanation of the whole “observer” business I have read.

2019-02-21 on infoproc

I didn’t mean any kind of unification, just some sort of normalization, with trade and some common foreign policies.

The idea that South Korean could be in an alliance that included Japan has always seemed absurd. Japan was a brutal colonial master for decades. China, Korea, the Philippines and even Viet Nam all share that colonial history and all have common cause against Japan.

China, Viet Nam and Philippines also share a common American colonial history.

If the US ever does get back to the Moon, which I doubt, we will find an established Chinese base there. No one is going to Mars.

2019-02-20 on pj-instapundit

Bigotry on display: Michael Walsh “The Celtic Isles”

The non-Irish world calls them the British Isles.

2019-02-20 on coyoteblog

Stereotypes exist and persist because to a certain extent they are true representations of tendencies and averages.

2019-02-20 on pj-instapundit

The people who actually vote are a small but intensely committed subset of those polled. I should be very surprised in a White man appears on the Democrat Party ticket, certainly not as the nominee for the Presidency.

2019-02-20 on infoproc

This may be backwards. The news until now was that it is China that is pushing for a military alliance and Russia that is resisting. In as much as Russia still has a substantial pro-West faction, which may include Medvedev, that story makes more sense than this one. After all, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev have all called for a united Europe “from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” their own words.

But times change. Russia and China are both under assault from the US Empire and need each other. Together they are potentially stronger than the US and its allies.

As to North Korea, Roberts is right, that is a key country. The real story there is South Korea, and the attempt of Pres. Moon to reach a rapprochement with Kim. There is a real possibility that some sort of accommodation between North and South will be achieved, and that the American alliance with the South will end. Then it’s game over. Japan must decide which side to be on.

2019-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Germany’s behavior is rational. There is literally no threat from China, and Russia is a threat only if the US first attacks Russia. In fact, the only real security threat to any European country is the US, itself, the threat that the US will drag Europe into some insane war. Fake American Neocons continually say that the US should leave NATO, because it serves no American purpose. But it is clear that Europeans should leave, because it is a threat to them.

2019-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Almost a month, and he’s still there. The longer this plays out the more certain Maduro’s victory is.

Don’t hope for a mini-Viet Nam to get rid of him. The first broke the US Army, and it took 20 years to fix it. God knows what another would do to an Army made up of Millennials.

2019-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Whites keep demonizing Farrakhan. That’s OK. He deserves it. But he is also a major power in the black community, maybe the greatest power there. Every black political, including Obama, has to kowtow to him. In Chicago, even white politicians kowtow to him.

With the rapid increase of POC in the Democrat party, he (or his successor) will soon be a major power in that Party. He will become the Party’s king maker, and he will be a major influence in Congress.

So, laugh all you want. He is the future.

2019-02-19 on pj-instapundit

If, maybe, I wish, hope to, someday, do you think, could we…

The Army has spent 50 years trying to get rid of the M16, and all they’ve done is shorten the barrel.

Some geezers even want to bring back the 7.62 NATO or maybe even a 6.5 Creedmore. I bet there are guys in the Quartermaster Corps who are pushing to bring back the Springfield ’03.

2019-02-19 on pj-instapundit

China is determined to become a co-equal hegemon (or maybe superior, if possible), and they will not give up any tool that serves that purpose.

In the long run, they have the modern factories, and we have the store shelves. That is a recipe for American failure and replacement. We need a protectionist, mercantilist trade policy that forces American companies to rebuild their manufacturing plants here in the US. The goal should be zero manufactured imports.

We also need a highly restrictive immigration policy to protect American workers. No H 1B visas would be a good start. Make Silicon Valley pay Americans American wages.

2019-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Armed drones are also a violation of the INF. What the US really wanted was the freedom to deploy intermediate range missiles against China. To get there, we radically reduced the security of Europe.

And Maxentius is entirely correct. We know the FBI and CIA and the MSM are utterly corrupt and lie about everything. Why should we believe anything they say.

2019-02-19 on thereferenceframe

1.656 billion batteries. Considering the very low but still positive propensity for Li Ion batteries to spontaneously ignite, we must be looking at thousands of fires every day. Any these are persistent fires that are very hard to put out and that often reignite.

2019-02-19 on cdrsalamander

”Unless it is managed carefully…” No European colonialist was ever so delusional. Africa and Africans are utterly beyond management. What will be, will be, despite anything we or the Europeans attempt. Take the money and run, as far as you can.

2019-02-18 on pj-instapundit

Dctor’s used to know something about evolution. Now they don’t. Any clinically effective dose of an antibiotic is a selective pressure that enhances mutations that confer resistance. This is not avoidable. Once the inevitable resistance arises, the only solution is to withdraw the antibiotic for a number of years, or decades, until the resistance is lost. Resistance is a cost to the microbe, and the mutations conferring it will be deleted by natural selection once they serve no purpose.

Doctors should stop whining and learn some Bio 101.

2019-02-18 on pj-instapundit

Its been over three weeks since Guaido claimed the Presidency. So far he has been unable to gather any significant support in the military, and in a recent poll 57% of the Venezuelan people said Maduro was the legitimate Presidency against on 32% who supported Guaido.

Time is running out for Guaido, not Maduro. Maduro seem to have adopted a policy of ignoring him. If the US wants to remove Maduro, it will have to do it itself. Ken Burn’s Vietnam is running over at Netflix. Go see how that turned out, because Venezuela would be a mini-Viet Nam.

2019-02-17 on thereferenceframe

Amanda Peet the babe?

2019-02-17 on pj-instapundit

Russians try to convince people that they are good guys. We just bomb them back into the Stone Age and kill them.

2019-02-17 on pj-instapundit

Sadly, their own governments will fine them and jail them for all sorts of words and images. Russians enjoy more freedom (such as it is) than any subject of the EU.

2019-02-17 on pj-instapundit

Is it really common? The Declaration, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, The Pledge of Allegiance, The Flag, The Gettysburg Address are all products of White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, male culture. The Germans, Irish, Italians, Jews, Mexicans, Asians and Negros have nothing to do with those things. So why is anyone surprised that Catholics reject them?

WASP men should embrace and defend their heritage. They need to adhere to the 14 Words. To Hell with the aliens!

2019-02-15 on pj-instapundit

Muslims clerics have spent hundreds of years driving hatred of Jews into Muslim skulls. To think that a handful of modern leaders can change generations of indoctrination is delusional.

2019-02-14 on thereferenceframe

I recently watched the first two seasons of “Occupied” on Netflix. The characters I judged to be Quislings were presented as heros. Breivik had a point.

2019-02-14 on pj-instapundit

This is just Deep State/Cabal disinformation. We know senior official connected to the Deep State/Cabal are actively engaged in plots to remove Trump and nullify the 2016 election. We know the Deep State/Cabal lied to us repeatedly about Somalia, Kosovo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. And those lies were used to justify invasions of and/or attacks on those countries, not one of which attacked us or any of our allies.

So why would anyone believe anything the Deep State/Cabal says about Iran, or Russia, or Venezuela or anything?

Some Russian underling posts some stuff on Twitter or Facebook, so that makes them monsters. We bomb whole countries flat, kill hundreds of thousands of civilians and force millions into exile, and that makes us the good guys. Sheesh.

2019-02-14 on pj-instapundit

The US Army should buy up the cancelled orders and use the Airbus 380 for troop deployments overseas from the US.

2019-02-14 on pj-instapundit

Gold is not needed. Much of the military and all of the militias are true-believing loyalists who will fight because they believe in the socialists.

2019-02-14 on pj-instapundit

The best case scenario for Venezuela is that Guaido establishes a very shaky government and that Maduro and his senior aides flee to Bolivia, from which they launch a guerrilla war against Guaido. Much of the military and the Chavez-Maduro militias would join the guerrillas, which would be resupplied via the smuggling routes set up by drug lords in Columbia and Brazil. Venezuela also has a long, poorly defended coast line. Other countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Russia and Iran would join in maintaining the guerrillas.

The US would have to reconstitute the Venezuelan military, which would require several hundred to a few thousand advisors and trainers on the ground. They would inevitably be drawn into fire fights a la Niger.

If we are unlucky, the Venezuelan insurrection would reignite the FARC in Columbia and Shining Path in Peru. Brazil looks ripe for a leftist insurrection, too. In fact the entire northern half or so of South America looks ripe.

Putin, Xi and the Iranian ayatollahs must be falling down laughing.

2019-02-13 on pj-instapundit

Today, young black males in the urban underclass have a near monoply on gun violence and killings. If they were disarmed, America’s violent crime statistics would look like Switzerland.

2019-02-13 on pj-instapundit

Fifty-seven percent of Venezuelans believe Maduro is the legitimate President, and only 32% think Guaido is President. Maduro also has the support of the military and and militia. Guaido will not become a real President unless the US invades Venezuela and imposes him on the people. Of course, the US would then be stuck with a long drawn out guerrilla war.

2019-02-12 on cdrsalamander

They did not buy the uranium, they bought an interest in the mining company.

2019-02-12 on pj-instapundit

The election that Maduro won was monitored by many international groups, including the EU, and none of them reported any significant election fraud. So, it is reasonable to conclude that Maduro is the legitimate president of Venezuela. A recent poll of Venezuelans shows that 57% of the people think Maduro is the legitimate President, while only 32% think Guaido is. Guaido has conspicuously failed to get any support from the military or even from the Venezuelan people.

It should also be noted that the Venezuelan military still supports Maduro, and he is secure in his office until they stop supporting him. All of the top commanders are true believers in and loyalists to the Chavista cause. Moreover, they are implicated in everything the Chavous/Maduro regime has done, so they have a vested interest in keeping the regime in power. Besides the military, there is a substantial militia organized and armed by Chavous.

It appears that the Pompeo-Bolton plan is to instigate a civil war, however minor, which would serve to justify American intervention on Guaido’s side. While the Venezuelan conventional military can be defeated easily, the remnants and the militias would transition to a very long drawn out guerrilla war. A whole new generation of American boys would get to experience jungle war just like their grandfathers.

What is most disturbing about our wars is that old ones never stop and new ones are piled on top of them. We still have SOCOM forces (based in Ethiopia) operating in Somalia, going on 27 years since we sought and failed to oust Aidid. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen are all active wars, some less so than others, but at least some American troops are in each. We also have forces deployed in almost every African country, some actively involved in combat, as the Niger fiasco showed. American forces have been operating with the Columbian government for years to defeat the FARC.

People of an age will remember that Kennedy resisted going into Viet Nam (and was killed) and that Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama and Trump all ran on a platforms that emphasized domestic reform and development and eschewed new conflicts abroad. Everyone except Trump was pushed into new wars. It remains to be seen whether the Deep State/Cabal can force another war on Trump.

2019-02-12 on pj-instapundit

Demonstrations called by Latvian Russian Union. There are lots of Russians in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Enough to form a puppet government, and maybe enough to start a civil war. Would Russian intervene?

2019-02-11 on cdrsalamander

There is no reason to believe that a 270 or so ship Navy is maintainable. The Democrat-controlled House will likely push for lower defense spending so that monies can be transferred to domestic spending. They won’t get all of what they want, but they will get a compromise. Should they win the Presidency and Senate in 2020, we will see substantial disarmament with a very much smaller military.

2019-02-11 on pj-instapundit

One of the fundamental principles of jurisprudence is stare decisis, uphold precedents. To do otherwise would be to reduce all of law to chaos. No one could ever know what the courts would do, and there would be no settled principles. So, the idea or hope that the Supreme Court would ever overturn Roe v. Wade is a delusion.

It should also be noted that a majority of Americans in nearly every state support abortion. Roe v. Wade is settled politics, also.

2019-02-11 on pj-media

I am surprised that people still advocate for yet another invasion. In retrospect, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria were mistakes, and the only result was to give the Iranian ayatollahs a major and cheap victory. The wanton destruction of Libya was a war crime.

There is no regional power neighboring Venezuela that has ambitions to control it and its oil. Perhaps the thought occurs to the Brazilians from time to time. And there is no ISIS/al Qaeda in place. Moreover, Maduro still has the support of the military and significant fraction of the Venezuelan people, whom he has armed. An invasion would quickly run into a guerrilla war that could drag on for a generation. Viet Nam broke the American army and discredited the American Ruling Class. Venezuela would break America itself. No doubt both Russia and China (and Iran) are hoping for an American invasion for just that reason.

There is no Responsibility to Protect. It is merely an excuse for an aggressive imperial project.

2019-02-10 on pj-instapundit

Just because most Protestant denominations reject Biblical verses they find incovenient does mean other religions have to reject parts of their sacred books. Death to the Amalekites!

2019-02-10 on pj-instapundit

Someone at Ford has a real sense of humor. The Dukes of Hazard would drive this, if ever there was a remake. LOL

2019-02-09 on pj-instapundit

Thank God for politicians that can be bought. It’s even better if they stay bought.

2019-02-08 on pj-instapundit

He is President as long as the military supports him. And they are true believers and loyalists. They also can’t afford to abandon him. They are liable to prosecution and imprisonment if Maduro goes away.

2019-02-07 on pj-instapundit

Maduro wins as long as he has the support of the military, and that military has been stuffed with true-believers and Maduro loyalists. Moreover, the Venezuelan generals would likely be prosecuted by the new regime, especially given the recent murders of demonstrators. So, the generals have as much to lose as Maduro. They will fight.

Guaido must be prepared to fight a nasty and maybe prolonged civil war and the guerrilla war that will follow if he wins.

We don’t need a mini Vietnam, despite how much Bolton, Pompeo et al. want it.

2019-02-07 on pj-instapundit

Regarding the $80 M for the F35A, does that include engines and electronics? Air craft manufacturers often cite only the airframe cost, because engines and electronics are usually supplied by third parties.

2019-02-07 on thereferenceframe

Or solar panels. A ten to twenty percent capacity factor is a killer.

2019-02-07 on pj-instapundit

Where are the kittens. There ought to be kittens. Awiens!

2019-02-05 on infoproc

Those are all excellent choices. However, they are overtly, in-your-face, masculine choices. That just won’t do for an academic living in a matriarchy. Herr Doktor, Professor, VP Hsu should have the classic eco-weeny, safety-weeny, lefty Volvo, AWD obviously. Failing that, he can add dog-friendly, too, with a Subaru.

The Subarus are built in Lafayette, IN, almost next door to Purdue. So that gives him B1G points, as well. Of course, the Volvos are made in socialist/islamic Sweden, and that kind of PC-ness is hard to beat.

2019-02-04 on pj-instapundit

Why would one assume that an utterly corrupt State would have an honest University. All of the Trustees are political appointees. The fish rots from the head down.

Ohio State’s Board of Trustees also consists of political appointees as is the University President. More than once the BoT and/or President have embarrassed the University. Our sports teams rarely.

2019-02-04 on pj-media

Unfortunately, reality does not always have its way. Often, delusions are too strong, and reality can be denied for a long time, often for generations.

2019-02-04 on pj-instapundit

Rodgriguez’ defection is a hopeful start, but many more generals will have to switch sides, and a nasty civil war is the likely outcome now, with no indication of who might win.

One thing that is not needed is American boots on the ground, but we can arm the rebels.

2019-02-02 on pj-instapundit

Yes, please let that happen.

But all blacks must go there, and all whites must leave.

Segregatio now, … we

2019-02-02 on pj-instapundit

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, and in the old days, Chile, El Salvador,Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama,

Not one of those countries fired a single shot at us. All of those are wars of aggression and war crimes.

The US is a rogue terrorist state led by war criminals. The Iranians are pikers by comparison.

2019-02-02 on pj-instapundit

Quite a few carriers were lost in WW II to air power. Not only Japanese and American but even British.

2019-02-02 on pj-instapundit

The trans madness is rapidly destroying women’s sports, and it is even negatively impacting feminism and lesbianism.

2019-02-02 on pj-instapundit

I’d like to see carriers that work.

2019-02-01 on cdrsalamander

I apologize for repeating myself, but in a few years the LCS will constitute 10% of the entire fleet. We need to figure out what to do with them.

2019-02-01 on pj-instapundit

Notre Dame is no more Catholic than Ohio State. Moreover, by repudiating Columbus they have effectively denied the legitimacy of their own presence in North America. Rejection of Columbus is a call for the expulsion of all Europeans, Africans and Asian.

2019-01-31 on pj-instapundit

They can make a good argument that their system is superior. Even with the current cooling off, the Chinese economy is growing at over 6%, some two to three times our growth rate, and that’s on a base equal to ours.

This kind of growth, or better, has been going on since Deng’s reforms, and it has moved over 300 million people out of poverty into what passes a middle class in international circles (incl. EU).

China has been spending it trade surpluses in part on massive infrastructure investments, particularly in transportation. They have acquired numerous facilities that will enhance their trading opportunities and their military’s ability to project power. The New Silk Road also removes some of China’s trade from US embargoes.

Their investments are often called predatory, and that is a good description. But this has been going on long enough that new borrowers cannot claim innocence. And even if the Chinese end up owning ports, as in Sri Lanka, or maybe even Subic Bay, there are still numerous economic advantages to the host countries.

It might be noticed that the US spends its money on pointless wars, at least $1 trillion over the last couple of decades. (The actual number is unknown.) China builds ports, and we raze whole cities, killing many of the residents in the process.

They are building six destroyers for every one that we build. They have a manned space program, we don’t. They have recently demonstrated the technology needed to place a man on the Moon. We have lost that ability and may never regain it, especially with the coming Blue Wave that will install a form of socialism in the US that is even more repressive than China’s.

How ironic, that China might actually become more free than the US, and merely because we will have adopted the worst of their policies.

2019-01-30 on pj-instapundit

SNAFU is so WW II. More recently it’s FUBAR.

You might want to ask someone about BUFF, too.

2019-01-30 on pj-instapundit

A few days ago we had retired Lt. Col Allen West and retired Gen. Keane whipping up war hysteria on Fox. The stage has been set for yet another American invasion of a country with a thoroughly obnoxious leadership that has done nothing to either us or our allies.

Why do Americans continually vote for war? Do they hate their children?

2019-01-30 on cdrsalamander

The now quiet blog In From The Cold had a number of posts on the land-based legs of the Triad. It was a horror show.

2019-01-30 on pj-instapundit

“If fuel can be made from frozen water…”

And you can buy a carburetor for you car that will let it run on water. I’ve seen numerous ads for them.

To make fuel from water you have to electrolyze into its component hydrogen and oxygen. That requires a source of electrical power. The you can recover a portion of the energy needed to split apart the oxygen and hydrogen by burning them back to water in some sort of engine.

Add that quote above to fusion power, anthropogenic global warming (viz. Chicago this morning), vaccines cause autism, fluoridation poisons the mind, faster than light travel, little green men in freezers at Wright-Paterson…

2019-01-29 on pj-instapundit

Whether or not Guaido has staged a coup is a debatable point of Venezuelan constitution law. But the real point is that we and several other countries, including the OAS, have recognized Guaido as the legitimate Interim President. That sets the stage for an invasion of Venezuela to remove Maduro. Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen all worked out so splendidly I can’t hardly wait to see to vast improvement of the lives of the Venezuelans. Then on to Iran, North Korea…

2019-01-29 on powerlineblog-com

Col. West and Gen. Keane deserve to be in cages in gitmo. They are war criminals in exactly the same way that Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, Tojo et al were.

2019-01-29 on powerlineblog-com

There is no “Responsibility to Protect.” What we are seeing once again is the incitement of yet another foreign war. Does anyone think that an invasion of Venezuela would go any better than Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen?

The US is led by war mongers and war criminals, and the US press, as yellow as Hearst’s, and jingoistic whips up war fever.

2019-01-29 on pj-instapundit

Chavez/Maduro have been a disaster for the Venezuelan people, but there is no “Responsibility to Protect.” The recognition of Guaido as Interim President of Venezuela by us and several other countries, including the OAS, opens the door to more military adventurism. What happens if Guaido asks for military aid to remove Maduro and his regime? What happens if Maduro arrests Guaido and our ambassador?

We still have some troops fighting in Somalia. That war is entering its 27th year since we tried and failed to arrest Aidid. And the sons and grandsons of the warlords we then fought are fighting us still. Do you think a war in Venezuela would end any differently than Vietnam, or even end, for that matter?

2019-01-28 on pj-instapundit

Maybe, but she thoroughly b*tch slapped The Donald. She now has the reins in Washington, and she will set the agenda until at least 2020.

Why hasn’t any Democrat suggested Pelosi for President? She might win.

2019-01-28 on pj-instapundit

As long as he has the support of the military, Maduro’s administration is secure. What he might do is place Guaido under house arrest and confine the US diplomats to the embassy. He should not do anything that might be used as an excuse for an American invasion.

An American invasion that would end in ignominious defeat for the US. Another in the long lists of defeats since 1945.

One should note that American troops are still operating in Somalia, some 27 years after we went after Aidid. Aidid is long dead, but the warlords still rule Mogadishu and much of Somalia. Does anyone think that Maduro’s supporters are any less fanatical than Aidid’s?

2019-01-28 on pj-instapundit

She is the future of the Democrat Party. If they get power, which might happen as soon as 2020, they will turn America into Venezuela, or Cuba if we’re lucky.

And they will kill the Jews, all of them if they can. And they will destroy Israel.

Progressive Jews (the great majority) have no future in the Democrat Party or in an America ruled by Democrats. What will they do? There is no other America to flee to.

2019-01-28 on pj-instapundit

Actually, if you believe in AGW, then building the reactors in China is exactly the right place to do it. India would be another good choice. Despite what Germany is doing, coal fired power plants are being built in large numbers throughout the Second and Third World, and coal’s share of electric power generation is not decreasing.

Unfortunately, $1B will only get you the steam turbines and heat exchangers at a nuclear power plant.

2019-01-26 on pj-instapundit

We have several thousand mercenaries in Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria. The exact number is unknown, but some reports have it at around 30,000. The Pentagon likes them because they can do things the regular troops can’t, and no one pays any attention to them. We even have some in eastern Ukraine.

And the Russians play the same game. So do the Brits and the French.

2019-01-25 on pj-instapundit

I agree with Really Wow. There is NO massive rejection of socialism in Venezuela and there is NO massive rejection of Maduro. He has the support of the armed forces and a significant fraction of the population, perhaps even a majority. Whether the opposition can grow enough to split the military from him, or at least a large part of it, remains to be seen.

Outside the US, large majorities of the people in every country are socialists of one sort or another. Even in the US, in the 2016 election a majority of American voted for a socialist candidate. A majority of American would prefer a socialist country.

Lots of people on the right are deeply confused about the modern reality.,

2019-01-24 on pj-instapundit

Do what we can to help the Venezuelan people, but do not invade or use force. No aircraft carrier strike group offshore or MEU lurking over the horizon.

2019-01-24 on thereferenceframe

Dear Lubos, If you’re going to publish anywhere, and I wish you would, it has to be in a main stream newspaper like the Wall Street Journal or even the New York Times (preferable).

And tone down the rhetoric.

2019-01-23 on pj-instapundit

Does that include Camp Humphreys? The two Koreas are plainly drifting towards one another, and someday we might be the target.

2019-01-23 on pj-instapundit

You’re not paying attention. Almost every refereed professional journal has many reliable reports on the problem.

2019-01-23 on pj-instapundit

Only cocaine? Most sewage today is full of Prozac and estrogen, too.

As to river and sewage sampling. We have had very good analytical methods, usually gas chromatography plus mass spectrometry for over 30 years. They are capable of detecting trace levels of almost everything, and they are routinely used in every day monitoring. All the professional associations like the International Water Association, the Water Environment Federation and all the regulatory agencies recognize that pharmaceuticals in sewage is a real problem, especially since the usual biological treatment methods do not remove them.

2019-01-23 on pj-media

The US is finished as a free country. From now on our Ruling Class will resort more and more to brute force to control us. We will become, if we aren’t already, the evil empire.

2019-01-23 on pj-instapundit

They will have to beg the Chinese to get them there.

2019-01-22 on pj-instapundit

It looks like they want a US-style military that has real long range power projection.

As to “bottom up, individual initiative”, Mr Green should review how the German army operated in WW I under an authoritative Kaiser and in WW II under an authoritative Fuhrer. Those were more bottom up than was the US Army in either war. The entire point of German officer training was to let the officer on site determine how to achieve the general objectives of the commander.

2019-01-22 on cdrsalamander

In China, which has a PPP GDP equal to or larger than ours, 6.4% is called economic collapse (see al fin). So what is 2% American growth, less than half China’s on the same base?

And, by the way, birth rates for America’s White population are well below replacement level. So what happens to America when its most productive population collapses?

The Fitzgerald report is utterly appalling, and it cannot be an outlier. Many other ships must be in the same position.

Go over to “In From The Cold,” which is now quiet, and read the archives regarding the bomber and missile legs of the Triad. You will be appalled again.

2019-01-22 on hooverinstitution

The European politicians are being rational. There is no chance of a war with Russia unless the West does something stupid in Ukraine. And even then the fighting would be limited to Ukraine.

2019-01-21 on coyoteblog

What working class and middles class Americans truly need is (1) a protectionist trade policy that severely restricts imports of manufactured goods and (2) an immigration policy shuts down all immigration, including especially H1B.

This will reduce economic growth, perhaps severely. But our current open borders/free trade policies have resulted in a reduction in real income of working class people and stagnation of middle class incomes. The upper class has gotten super rich on open borders and free trade.

Our manufacturing sector has been devasted resulting in significant loss of our tax base and an inability to manufacture military hardware in large quantities. We are now in the same position v.v. China as Japan was v.v. us in 1940.

There are lots of postings at places like Instapundit regarding the “collapse” of China’s growth rate down to “only” 6.6% per year. This is two to three times our growth rate, and China’s economy in PPP terms is as large as ours. Their growth is subsidized by our policies. This is a clear example of the wrong-headedness our our policies and of the ignorance and dishonesty of people like Hopenhayn and Taborrok. They should be in cages in gitmo.

Our semi-hereditary Ruling Class has not only captured all the economic growth over the last 40 years, they have even clawed income away from the working class. The working class, at least, and maybe even the middle class, needs a nationalist/socialist political party and a populist leader. If current policies continue, the working class will find their Hitler, and it won’t be pretty.

2019-01-21 on cdrsalamander

The Iranian navy has a number of smallish ships in the 100 to 500 ton range that they have equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles, about two to four per ship depending on size.

While one wonders about the overall quality of the Iranian ships, the concept makes a great deal of sense in the confines of the Persian Gulf. It would make sense in the Philippines and environs, too.

The WW II PT was effective and a significant threat to larger Japanese warships.

2019-01-21 on pj-instapundit

“has a capable sensor system that can detect the infrared signature of a boosting missile and its computers can identify the threatening missile’s location,”

Which means the F35 has to be within a hundred miles or so of the launch when it happens. Are we going to have a few hundred F35’s cruising the skies of Kazakhstan? And the F35, despite its many fine qualities, is a notoriously short range, light payload bomber.

Another MIC fairy tale designed to siphon off a few hundred billion more dollars, as if a trillion a year isn’t enough.

2019-01-21 on pj-instapundit

We killed the ABM treaty and the JCPOA (US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Iran). Now we are aiming at killing INF. After that there is the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFT), New START, Salt I and II, and the OSCE (which monitors deployed forces in Europe).

Would there be anything left? Would we have any agreements with Russia at all? Any? Is the sale of Alaska final?

Who thinks it is a good idea to have no diplomatic agreements with the second or first largest nuclear power on the planet?

And considering the ongoing coup by the Deep State/Cabal against Trump, is anyone stupid enough to believe any report coming from State, DoD, CIA, DIA, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI…?

Haven’t we just seen Bolton and Pompeo veto Trump’s decision to remove our troops from Syria? So they gave him a face-saving sop by just moving them a few miles across the Iraqi border, that was still a mutiny, and the troops are still poised for action in Syria. What kind of “removal” is that?

Bolton and Pompeo also killed Trump’s agreement with Kim. Why is Trump meeting with Kim again? Is he just a messenger boy for the Deep State/Cabal?

Why aren’t Bolton and Pompeo in cages in gitmo?

2019-01-21 on pj-instapundit

So, China has an economy that might be larger than the US’ if you use PPP GDP, and it is growing two to three times as fast. And they are in trouble. Guangzhou’s economic growth SLUMPS to 6.5 % per year. DSJ, who are the idiots criticizing China?

2019-01-21 on pj-instapundit

Your not paying attention to our STEM programs. They are full of Chinese students, and those students go home with the technology they learned at places like MIT and Cal Tech. In fact, as grad students they invented some of that technology.

Until this year the Chinese had the two fastest supercomputers in the world. They were entirely home grown from chips to software. They still have more supercomputers than any other country.

China has the modern factories and skilled workers. We have store shelves filled with their products. They make a great deal of what we think of as our high tech stuff, like iPhones.

Wake up and smell the coffee. They are killing us at our own game.

2019-01-21 on pj-instapundit

More importantly, we no longer have the technology to do it. The real failure is we can’t even put a man in low earth orbit anymore, we beg rides from the Russians. Hell, we even use Russian rocket motors to put our spy satellites in orbit.

2019-01-20 on pj-instapundit

All blacks are virulent anti-Semites, or have you forgotten Jesse Jackson’s “hymie town” comments. A majority of mestizos are also anti-Semitic. So why is anyone surprised that the Women’s March is anti-Semitic?

Anti-Semitism is part of the mental baggage of most leftists, viz. Hillary Clinton. Progressive Jews (the great majority) have a real problem, in that their natural ideological home, the Democrats, despises them. Where will Schumer’s children go?

2019-01-20 on blazingcatfur

And you are surprised? Why? Every single black hates all Jews and all White, and the great majority of Hispanics, especially the mestizos hate all Jews.

The modern Democrat Party is built up out of hate groups.

I might note that all left parties are intrinsically anti-Semitic, because they cannot tolerate the idea of built-in differences, like Jews have and claim. Yes, I see the contradiction, but AOC and her ilk are too stupid to do so.

2019-01-19 on pj-instapundit

India plays with Russia, too. They’re not on anyone’s side, just being nice.

2019-01-19 on pj-instapundit

Oregon also has very restrictive develop controls, and a great deal of land in and about urban areas is off-limits for any kind of construction. These controls have led to housing shortages and sky-rocketing rents and selling prices.

It’s a proven way to keep out blacks and Mexicans, gentrify the whole state.

2019-01-19 on pj-instapundit

Together? What’s that called?

2019-01-19 on pj-instapundit

Did the Alka-Seltzer ads work?

2019-01-19 on pj-instapundit

And all the butt shots of gorgeous young things.

2019-01-19 on thereferenceframe

China has proposed to increase purchases of American products (including manufactured products) by $70B in exchange for removal of America’s import taxes.

China has used it surpluses for internal development, military expansion and projects all over Asia, Africa and even Latin America. So, the surpluses are getting recycled back into the world economy, and China is benefitting greatly.

If America would adopt a protectionist trade policy and force American industry to return all manufacturing back to the US, the great majority of Americans would benefit even though prices would rise. Free trade and open borders only benefits the globalists, the 1%.

2019-01-18 on pj-media

You’re citing nominal GDP, which is notoriously inaccurate. PPP GDP indicates that Russia’s economy is about 10% larger than Germany’s. If you will consider the range of things that Russia does, many of which Germany (and even the US) cannot do, it is obvious the PPP ranking is correct.

2019-01-18 on pj-instapundit

The Chinese won’t do anything just because of a FONOP. Their red line is any move by Taiwan towards independence. The Chinese will invade if that happens.

2019-01-18 on pj-instapundit

Article II, Section 3 gives Trump the authority to call both Houses of Congress into session for whatever purpose he deems fit. He should do so, and give a SOTU address merely to rub Pelosi’s nose in it. It would be even better if the Democrats boycotted the speech, because then Trump could use the empty seats against them.

2019-01-18 on pj-instapundit

The bonds are good. People betting otherwise will lose money. People betting against T-bills also think Social Security will collapse. Another delusion.

For any of those doom scenarios to occur, the US would have to disappear as a state. If Maduro can hang on, imagine what our Ruling Class can do. The Roman state lasted for 1,000 years after the fall of Rome.

2019-01-18 on pj-instapundit

Canada still has Meng Wanzhou in custody, so they are the appropriate country to harass. If they can weaken US-Canadian ties (more than Trudeau?), that is just a side benefit.

One wonders when all the Chinese in Vancouver will exert their influence. Of course many on them are Hong Kong natives who might not care much about Beijing.

2019-01-17 on pj-instapundit

Yet another place we shouldn’t be. If you are concerned about jihadis, you should be attacking Saudi Arabia. If you are concerned about national security, then the main (only?) threat is the failed state of Mexico.

We need a Mexican Mort Sahl.

2019-01-17 on pj-media

A conspiracy to influence elections that no one was aware of, that had no impact anywhere, in 20 or so countries, for $100,000. Anyone who believes that nonsense is psychotic and needs to be institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital. He should not be wandering the streets.

The problem everywhere is a corrupt, ignorant Ruling Class that is exploiting the people they oppress. The thing that has changed is that the oppressed masses now know. Get everyone in the Ruling Class a Mussolini party.

As to Mueller, the guy who ran Whitey Bulger in Dorchester in the 60’s, put that criminal in a cage in Gitmo.

2019-01-16 on pj-instapundit

They are afraid of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. If Farrakhan turns on them, if he tells blacks to stay home in 2020, the Democrats and their minions will lose in every state.

2019-01-16 on pj-instapundit

Louis Farrakhan is the most important and powerful black politician and leader alive. No black can get any leadership position in anything without kowtowing to him. He is also one of the most powerful Democrats around. He can guarantee that no Democrat will be President if he is crossed.

The modern Democrat Party is rapidly converging to the Nation of Islam and its doctrines. It will be a black/Hispanic party that promotes anti-White racism and anti-Semitism. There will be no place for the Pelosis and Schumers of the world in the new Democrat Party.

2019-01-16 on thereferenceframe

China does have the biggest pile of cash, so if you want them to contribute to the new collider, you might have to build it in China. And you might learn to like real hot dogs.

2019-01-16 on pj-instapundit

Well sorta black. The One Drop Rule has to be invoked.

2019-01-16 on infoproc

There is some discussion on the web that consumer tech companies need a new category of product, and that Apple, in particular, no longer has a sufficient technical edge to justify their margins.

As to Woke, they are undoubtedly correct. Our slide into totalitarian socialism continues apace. At 75, I hope to be dead before it’s completed.

2019-01-15 on thereferenceframe

When I was a boy, back in the 50’s before Lubos was born, my dad and I would watch the Friday night fights (boxing) together, and Gillette sponsored all of them. Compare those adds to now:

Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp …
And listen mister!
How are you fixed for blades? (do you have many?)
How are you fixed for blades? (you’d better check!)
Please make sure you have enough –
‘cos a worn-out blade makes shaving mighty tough!
How are you fixed for blades? (you’d better look!)
Gillette Blue blades are neat!…

2019-01-15 on pj-instapundit

Can we expect angry FaceBook users to begin targeting FaceBook employees for reprisals?

2019-01-14 on blazingcatfur

They need a wall. East German Merkel must know some wall builders.

2019-01-13 on thereferenceframe

I am currently reading C. S. Coon’s “The Living Races of Man,” which was published in 1965, the same year as Watson’s “Molecular Biology of the Gene,” which was the text we used in biochemistry. I might note that Coon’s book would be suppressed today, and vigorously so. The mere admission of races of man would provoke NPC riots on any campus in America or the Anglosphere at large.

We are deep into a Lysenkoist era. Strumia is a optimist. I am not convinced science is advancing. It might well have reached its peak in 1965. Throughout all the biological and environmental sciences, political correctness reigns supreme. When I retired in 2007, it was already the case that trained, experienced professionals in the environmental sciences could not separate truth from lies, sound science from superstition.

If the sciences are to progress, it will have to occur outside the West. China is our best bet. As an American, I hate the idea that my country is in such a state that simple truths cannot be uttered. But there it is. The baton has passed to the Chinese.

2019-01-12 on pj-instapundit

The Democrats are a black/brown party, and Louis Farrakhan is the most important black leader in the country. Expect the anti-Semitism to get much worse. Some day soon the Dems will “discover” the US has a Jewish problem. There is no place for Whites or Jews in the new Democrat Party regardless of their politics.

2019-01-12 on moonbattery

No sympathy, none. Good riddance.

2019-01-11 on pj-instapundit

I should be very interested in the economics of reusable rockets. There has to be a major reduction in payload on the order of 50% or a reduction in orbital height, because you burn fuel up and down. Are they really more economical because you recycle the launcher? The Shuttle wasn’t.

That said, the technology is sweet. Werner would be proud.

2019-01-11 on pj-instapundit

Thhe military bought up the satellites and phones when the company failed ($3,000 phones and $1,000 per mo.) Still a major system for them.

2019-01-11 on pj-instapundit

The entire LCS project is regularly denigrated over at CDR Salamander. One can only hope the nay-sayers are wrong. When production is finished, these ships will constitute 10% of the whole US fleet.

2019-01-11 on pj-media

The Republicans need the wall, too. If it isn’t built, Republicans will lose both Houses and the Presidency in 2020. The Party might even disappear like the Whigs they replaced.

2019-01-10 on cdrsalamander

The manufacturers are claiming $90,000 per rd, which is less than an Excalibur. That estimate probably depends on large scale manufacture. There is a 155 mm version for the Marines and Army.

2019-01-10 on pj-instapundit

The SciFi channel is also consumed by NPC nonsense. I am a life long science fiction fan, dating back to the late 1950’s. I find I cannot bear to watch any show on the SciFi channel.

I started to watch Watership Down on Netflix and had to stop after about 10 minutes in. The book is a classic of literature, well worth reading by at age. It is vastly superior to the Oz series and on a par with Tolkien’s works.

2019-01-10 on thereferenceframe

The current MacOS is about as Unix as it gets nowadays. Wiki has the following chart:…

2019-01-10 on pj-instapundit

Good grief! Is there no limit to the insane anti-Chinese propaganda here? I gather from this piece of hysteria that OBOR is a real strategic threat to the existence of the US, and that the US will cease to exist as an independent country if OBOR is completed.

Are we about to get a rerun of the racist anti-Japanese propaganda of the 1930’s and 1940’s? Little, tiny yellow monkeys with coke bottle eyeglasses whose ships tip over? Is that where this nonsense is heading?

2019-01-09 on pj-instapundit

No black in any sphere of life can have any sort of leadership role unless he kowtows to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Obama did it. Jesse Jackson, Sr., did. They all do. Farrakhan and the NOI are major powers in the black community, probably the major powers. It has been that way since the days of Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan’s predecessor. The central doctrines of the NOI are that Whites and Jews are evil, so Angela Davis’ anti-Semitism is expected. All blacks are virulent anti-Semites, including Barak and Michelle Obama.

The next leaders of the Democrat Party and the Progressive movement will be Keith Ellison and Roy Perez and their kind. There will be no place in either for Whites or Jews. Pelosi and Schumer are the very last. Pelosi was almost ousted this year. She will be after the 2020 elections. And in those elections, the Democrats will nominate at least a black President or a Vice President. A black/hispanic ticket is highly probable. Biden, Warren et al. will not be nominated. The Democrat Party will finally become an anti-White racist and anti-Semitic party.

2019-01-09 on pj-instapundit

Trump has to get The Wall or he will lose the 2020 election. This is the defining moment of his Presidency. Win big or go home.

2019-01-09 on pj-instapundit

For now. Keith Ellison, Roy Perez, AOC, Kamala Harris (she of the pedophile ring), Louis Farrakhan, that is the future of the Democrat Party. Whites and Jews like Pelosi and Schumer will be forced into the background and into submissive positions. Soon.

2019-01-09 on pj-instapundit

If they are a Reform Congregation, they are not Jews, at least by Israeli standards. They are at best apostates.

2019-01-09 on infoproc

I am somewhat curious as to how you have avoided a visit from the NPC mob. Maybe they have heard of your fearsome choke hold.

2019-01-08 on pj-instapundit

Trump’s support of Israel and repudiation of the anti-Semitic Obama policy is good. However, Bolton, Pompeo, the Pentagon and the CIA are in open revolt against the authority of the President to set foreign policy, and they are close to vetoing Trump’s decision to remove our troops from Syria. We have a serious Constitutional crisis underway with no indication as to whether Prsidential authority over the Deep State/Cabal will survive. Trump can be effectively removed from office without any impeachment, resignation, Amendment 25 (?) or assassination. Just leave him as an impotent, irrelevant figurehead, a kind of Queen of America.

Oddly enough, in this fight Erdogan is Trump’s best friend and the best friend of American Constitutional government.

2019-01-08 on pj-instapundit

China knows all that, which is why they will not attack us, at least for now. But air craft carriers are not the real issue, nor are sea blockades. Any war with China will rapidly escalated to nuclear war, if it does not start out nuclear. Everyone scheming out conventional wars with China and/or Russia is an idiot.

The more likely long term scenario is that China establishes conventional air and sea supremacy in the Nine Dash zone, and our allies around it begin to change sides. China wins without firing a single shot.

2019-01-08 on pj-instapundit

A shrinking population is in no way a crisis. For the great majority of, if not all, countries a shrinking population is a very large benefit. Even a more or less permanently shrinking GDP is not a crisis as long as the per caput GDP remains the same or increases.

California would be heaven if it had the same population as 1920, 3.6 million, and it was. A USA with 100 million people would be a better place, too, notwithstanding Julian Simon, whom I largely agree with.

2019-01-08 on pj-instapundit

It is ironic that China ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the US didn’t. The US does, however, regard the treaty as mostly a compilation of traditional international rules. The United States objected to Part XI of the Convention, arguing that the treaty was unfavorable to American economic and security interests. Deep sea mining was a major stumbling block.

America’s highly aggressive foreign policy against Russia, China, Iran and many others is possible when the US has military supremacy in an area, which in general we do. When other countries achieve parity, such policies become provocations to war. Right now China has to put up with FONOP’s and IPOP’s, but in a few years they won’t. Power politics is fun until the other guy is bigger.

Trump’s (and earlier Obama’s) inability to control Pentagon/CIA operations in Syria presages a truly bad outcome in the MENA.

2019-01-08 on pj-instapundit

Tlaib is the Democrat future, and maybe its present. Enjoy Pelosi and Schumer while you can. The next generation of Democrat leaders, already nudging the old, is venomously anti-Semitic, anti-White and Communist.There is no place for Whites or Jews in the Democrat Party, but progressive Whites and Jews are too befuddled by ideology to see it.

2019-01-07 on cdrsalamander

However, we are replacing our high IQ, loyal population with a low IQ population that despises the US.

2019-01-07 on pj-instapundit

A some point the virulent anti-Semitism of the Democrat base, blacks, Hispanics, progressives, must influence the leadership. Expect the Dems in Congress to support BDS.

2019-01-07 on americangreatness

Trans-Right. What an absolutely magnificent neologism! Congrats!!

2019-01-07 on pj-instapundit

How about being the Democrat version of Harold Edward Stassen?

2019-01-07 on pj-instapundit

What we are seeing is yet another mutiny by the Pentagon/CIA and their neocon civilian co-conspirators. Trump’s announcement implied withdrawal of those forces to the US, but the Pentagon/CIA vetoed that choice. Now the troops will be moved across the Iraq border, raising our ground forces in Iraq to about 8,000 (plus a very large number of contractors/mercenaries). The Pentagon/CIA hopes to get Saudi and other troops into Iraq to replace ours. We continue to ship large quantities of arms to the Kurds. The result is not a withdrawal by a major increase in American friendly forces in Syria.

It might be noted that we didn’t even notify Iraq that the 2,000 troops would be moving to Iraq nor that they would establish new bases along the Iraqi-Syrian border. And the move is being down against the wishes of the Iraqi government.

One remembers when the Pentagon slapped down Obama and his original deconfliction agreement with the Russians. That led Lavrov to observe that the US was incapable of negotiating agreements, because each agency had its own foreign policy and believed it could veto any other agency’s, especially the President’s, agreements.

And then there was the embarrassing situation in the Kosovo war, when the Pentagon wouldn’t obey Clinton’s order to supply the Europeans with transport because they “couldn’t” find suitable landing fields for our aircraft. That little tantrum lasted several weeks as I recall.

Those were/are public acts of disobedience by the Pentagon/CIA. How many private acts have there been? Was Vietnam a Presidential choice or a choice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Has any President since Eisenhower been able to control the Pentagon/CIA?

2019-01-07 on pj-instapundit

China’s authoritarian regime is anything but brittle. Despite being nominally a Maoist/Marxist regime, they reorganized their economy along sorta capitalist lines and enjoyed spectacular long term growth. Three hundred million people raised from subsistence agriculture to near middle class standards. If there is any country in the world with a brittle regime it is the US.

2019-01-07 on pj-instapundit

In trade disputes with China, the overall situation is that China has the manufacturing base, including modern factories and skilled workers, and the US has import companies with store shelves. In the short term, we can apply some pressure on them by denying them outlets for their products, but our import companies like Apple and Walmart also suffer.

In the long run, China needs to develop alternative markets for its products. Latin America and Africa are obvious choices, but so are the billion or so Chinese who have not joined the Chinese middle class. But that doesn’t help them now.

In the long run we need to rebuild our manufacturing capabilities. Right now we are in the same position v.v. China as Japan was v.v. us in 1940. That did not work out well for the Japanese. Rebuilding our industrial base will require a protectionist, mecantilist trade policy with import quotas (small) and import tariffs (high). Free trade (and mass immigration) has greatly benefited our Ruling Class, but it has devastated our working class.

2019-01-07 on pj-instapundit

India is complicated.

India and Pakistan became full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2016 joining China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. All of this is connected to the New Silk Road (or OBOR or whatever). Pakistan’s Gwadar is being established as a major terminal on the New Silk Road, and India will be connected to the Road, along with Iran and Turkey. India continues to buy lots of military hardware from Russia, and its border problems with China seem to be minor if not settled.

So what is India doing, and what are its goals? It plainly has deep and long term ongoing relations with both Russia and China despite tensions over Chinese expansionism. Most likely it is using the US as some sort of lever to get concessions from Russia and China. If Russia and China can somehow resolve the Pakistani-Indian issues (mostly Kashmir) and create better Chinese-Indian relations, Mackinder’s nightmare might come to pass.

I would suggest that SCO membership and participation in the New Silk Road are much stronger statements about India’s future and intensions than an occasional naval cooperation.

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

Is there anything between Narva and Cherbourg that would stop a Russian army, other than its own logistical tail?

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

The opioid crisis among white working class men is due to five main things: (1) women entering the workforce, mostly in low paying jobs in direction competion with working class men; (2) open borders and mass immigration, both legal and illegal, again consisting largely of uneducated, unskilled workers; (3) free trade and the off-shoring of American industry and the importation of foreign manufactured goods; (4) automation; (5) environmental fanaticism. The Rust Belt is still there and still rusting. Travel down the Ohio River or go through what once was industrial PA, OH, MI, IN, IL, NJ, MA, NH, RI… and see all the empty factories.

All that destruction was achieved by the coalition of Democrats and Republicans who have renounced their citizenship and duties to their fellow Americans. Kasich, Romney, Pelosi, Schumer… can you imagine a more evil bunch, a bunch that should be in cages in Gitmo. At least Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito were loyal to their own people.

If the Deep State/Cabal removes or kills Trump, what will Americans do? How can we save ourselves and our children and grandchildren? Do we not have a duty to our posterity?

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

Two blacks and one homosexual.

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

Arrogant WEIRD loses life in act of stupidity. Good.

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

Maybe they’ll let us ride along if we play nice.

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

The term anti-Semite has the meaning anti-Jew and has had for a very long time, the existence of Semitic Arabs notwithstanding. It’s like complaining about American meaning a citizen of the US.

As to Islamophobia, the suffix is wrong. It should be miso-Islamic, miso being the Greek for hate or detest or despise.

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

Louis Farrakhan, like his predecessor Elijah Muhammad, is a major national politician and his Nation of Islam is a major political party. No black politician can succeed unless he kowtows to Farrakhan and the NoI, no one. Obama did it; Jessy Jackson, Sr., did it; Keith Ellison did it; Kamala Harris did it… In heavily black cities like Chicago, white politicians must kowtow, too. His influence in the Democrat Party and among progressives is enormous. Mock him while you can, because he an his are going to be in power someday soon.

2019-01-06 on pj-instapundit

This is a call for revolution, for civil war.

2019-01-06 on pj-media

JHC! Tear the whole system down! Let chaos reign!

2019-01-06 on spectator-org

That liberals keep their sons out of the military is very good. It means the military is very right wing, and it will be willing to shoot down liberals when then time comes, hopefully soon.

2019-01-05 on pj-instapundit

At some point, maybe really soon, we will get our very own Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, and it won’t be pretty. Tucker Carlson all but called for civil war a little while ago:…

2019-01-05 on pj-instapundit

There are a few hundred of these things sitting in the desert, complete with engines and old electronics. The wing roots are broken, but that is simple to correct. In any case, we have enough spare parts to keep the BUFF’s aloft for a century.

2019-01-05 on pj-instapundit

I don’t think “fiasco” is the right word. Whitey ran amok for years, and even escaped. He would still be free if he didn’t PO his girl friend. And Comey and Mueller had nice, long, profitable careers, and are still free.

I should think that the Whitey Bulger caper was highly successful. It certainly didn’t hurt his brother’s career.

2019-01-05 on pj-instapundit

If only he were. We really need some concentration camps and a really evil SS.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

OK. It’s in Dr. Strangelove, but I remember it from a story in a sci fi pulp magazine

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

“precious bodily fluids” is a reference to an old sci fi short story, probably from the 60’s, but I can’t remember which.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

“…not only would its small design lower the currently rising price of nuclear energy…”

That is arrant nonsense. Small units always produce more costly products, not cheaper ones. The lower capital costs are an illusion. The total cost of production across all manufacturing and power facilities rises as the 0.6 to 0.8 power of the size of the factory or power plant. Doubling the size of a facility reduces the unit costs of a product by about 40%. This is called economies of scale. It’s why successful companies are large.

The following point about safety is good.

China can probably proceed with the project without Gates and would be wise to do so. They need any and all kinds of energy.

2019-01-04 on cdrsalamander

For a while, mostly when the Japanese were there. But Le Duan didn’t, and he pretty much replaced Ho.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

Rutan, Bezos, Musk et al. lack the resources needed for a real space program. Such a program requires the financial resources of a large economy. What the private companies in the US are doing is important, but it is a side-show. If you want a real, manned space program, NASA will have to get a lot more funding. Or, you could just militarize it and turn it over to the proposed Space Force.

China can and has put men into low earth orbit. It has a small, manned space station. Moreover, the very impressive technology they used to put a rover on the Moon is very similar to what is needed to put men on the Moon. That is likely their next goal.

2019-01-04 on cdrsalamander

They would like something like the USS Alaska.

2019-01-04 on cdrsalamander

We are going to end up with 32 LCS, which would be 10%, or more, of the whole fleet. We need to find a use for them.

2019-01-04 on thereferenceframe

Well, the cat runs the house, so I guess it is the smart one. It could certainly replace me as an observer.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

You are working under the industrial exemption portion of the licensing law in your state. Generally, the licensing laws assume that an industrial corporation, or any large company, can compensate people for the errors of their employees.

Very few engineering faculty are licensed, even in civil engineering. But every engineering dean is licensed.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

Wow! The state licensing board in every state insists that only licensed engineers can use the title “Engineer.” If other state courts follow suit, it will greatly change the profession by allowing many unlicensed persons to compete against licensed persons.

Every state also has laws and regulations controlling who can sign plans and specifications for projects, who can serve as county engineer/surveyor, who can offer expert testimony…

This is as big as the Supreme Court ruling allowing lawyers to advertise.

As a retired and formerly licensed engineer, I can attest the level of difficulty in the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (formerly EIT) and the Principles and Practice are not especially difficult and anyone with a degree in engineering should be able to pass them.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

No, no, no. Carving up California is the same as giving them more senators. What is needed is to expel them from the Union.

2019-01-04 on pj-instapundit

Article V: …and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

I do not believe this is subject to the amendment process. If it were, States would have the right to secede.

2019-01-03 on pj-instapundit

So, in order to punish the Ayatollahs, we starve the people. In order to remove Hussein, we bomb the people. In order to remove Assad, we arm murderous jihadis and set them on the people.

2019-01-03 on pj-instapundit

Several years ago the Dept. of Education published a report that indicated that the public schools were the main site of child abuse, there being about 200 instances of teachers abusing children for every one instance of a Catholic priest abusing a child or teenager. The public schools did everything the Church was accused of doing: ignoring complaints, transferring teachers, paying coverup monies…

This abuse occurs in every school district, not just those run by Democrats. Chicago’s problems, in particular, are in reality black problems. Just as gun crime is a black problem.l

2019-01-03 on thereferenceframe

For fun, would panpsychism eliminate the need for a human observer? Would my cat suffice?

2019-01-03 on moonbattery

If the the unnamed Queen’s guy had merely hit the home invader a few times to deter him or subdue him, he would not have been indicted. Killing someone with a bat is a prolonged process. Intent to kill might be inferred.

2019-01-03 on pj-instapundit

Count me as dubious in the extreme. Every time Muslims vote, they vote for more a fundamentalist Islam. Over at IOTW, we have “Hong Kong is Sick of China” and “Rumania is Sick of EU.” Delusional.

2019-01-02 on cdrsalamander

“We need to send more of our most driven and career minded junior officers to Ukraine, Colombia, Vietnam, Mongolia and to work with those nations militaries during their most difficult exercises.”

I cannot imagine a more foolish policy, especially regarding Ukraine Mongolia. American troops participating in military exercises in Ukraine and Mongolia is an invitation for Russian and Chinese interventions.

It is hard to imagine a scenario in which a peer conflict does not go nuclear, probably from the git-go. Playing in the mud won’t change that. Moreover, we have demonstrated our inability to fight Third World, partly trained, poorly equipped militias. Russia might be passive, but China is not. Provocations like the ones recommended would give China an excuse to clear us out of the South China Sea.

The Pentagon had a conniption fit a little while ago when Russia sent two strategic bombers and support aircraft to Venezuela. What would happen if Russian troops participated in military exercises with Cuban troops in Cuba or Venezuela or Nicaragua?

2019-01-02 on thereferenceframe

I yield to you in your understanding of science, but you are an appalling bad judge of architecture.

2019-01-01 on pj-instapundit

Because the distribution and storage of hydrogen is near impossible.

2019-01-01 on cdrsalamander

Turkey joined the UN military alliance against fascism in February 1945, when WW II was still hot, and when France was still Vichy and allied with Germany. That makes them our second oldest ally just after Britain, which allied with us in 1942. We had no allies prior to that.

Turkey signed a separate military alliance with us in 1947, after the UN ceased being a military alliance. They sent a heavy infantry brigade to Korea during that war and fought beside us. They joined NATO in 1953. We stationed nuclear-armed Jupiter intermediate range ballistic missiles there until the Cuban Missile Crisis, and then withdrew them as part of the deal that let us live.

Do people, especially naval officers, still do maps? Or is that so de passe, even de classe? Turkey is the lynch pin to our position in the Middle East. Without them, or worse, if they are a Russian/Iranian ally, our position is untenable.

The Kurds are not our allies. Through both our Iraqi and Syrian wars they stood aside unless their own territorial claims were threatened. Even at Raqqa, they ignored ISIS until the end and then sent in their Arab allies to negotiate a peaceful ISIS withdrawal down river.

The Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq want to dismember all three states, and create an ethnic Kurdish homeland. One can’t blame them for hoping. But, many or most of the Kurds are actual marxists, and their goal is a communist ethno state. Do you think they would be our BFF?

2019-01-01 on infoproc

I again reference the Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, December 15-16, 2018, p. C3, regarding the frequency of somatic defects in cattle who were subjected to DNA editing in embryo.

CRISPR advocates consistently ignore (suppress?) the error rate of the technique. Until this is brought under control attempts to edit human DNA in embryos in order to improve IQ or delete genes responsible to various diseases is unethical.

In any event, the idea that CRISPR procedures and the like will become widespread ignores the real world costs of insurance liability. IVR procedures even now run into the tens of thousands of dollars per embryo and are available only to the rich. The much more extensive editing proposed by many would entail fees on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars and would be available only to a very few families.

2018-12-31 on pj-instapundit

The modern progressive movement is a black and brown movement. There is really no place for whites or Jews in it. Pelosi and Schumer are the last of their kind. The next generation of Democrat/Progressive leaders will be purely black and brown: Ellison and Perez. Whites and Jews can serve the black and brown leadership in submissive, subordinate roles, but they will be despised.

2018-12-31 on pj-media

The Epiphany is just another day for us. Two of my brothers-in-law will go to mass.

2018-12-30 on pj-media

Thank you for remembering. You made my day. I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas and that you will have a Happy New Year.

This may surprise you and itellu3times, but I think of myself as dissident right and a patriot, but maybe I’m confused.

2018-12-29 on cdrsalamander

Iran has about two dozen submarines, all but three old Kilos are minisubs, but they are serviceable in the shallow and confined Persian Gulf. One hopes the Iranian captains are nowhere as good as Takakazu.

2018-12-28 on pj-instapundit

I suppose you mean Nazi agitprop.

2018-12-28 on pj-instapundit

Trump has successfully killed JPCOA. What’s next? Will Iran resume uranium enrichment? What’s to stop them? An actual invasion? Destruction of their civilian infrastructure. This does not end well for anyone.

A fully functional nuke is not needed. Using a missile to dump partially enriched uranium over Tel Aviv would make much of it uninhabitable.

2018-12-28 on pj-instapundit

I’m more interested in finding out how many American generals are plotting to overthrow and/or kill Trump.

2018-12-28 on moonbattery

I have no sympathy for Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland nor for Amy Elizabeth Biehl. The overweening arrogance of those people doomed them. Their fate verges on simply justice.

2018-12-28 on pj-instapundit

What nonsense. How can the US decouple from China? Has anyone looked at the sources of nearly all our stuff? If we were serious about decoupling, we would have to close our borders to imports and rebuild our industrial base, probably with massive government subsidies.

A real decoupling leaves China with modern, automated factories and a large, skilled industrial workforce. It leaves us with empty store shelves and scarcity of all goods, bankrupt companies, and unemployed service workers. Of course, we will have plenty of pork and soy beans.

Europe’s problem is similar but less severe. The price of chocolate would plummet.

The best that could happen from isolating China would be world depression. The worst would be world war. Our economically illiterate, fake American neocons continually try to maneuver us into war. Why aren’t Kristol, Kagan, Grassley et al. in cages in Gitmo?

2018-12-26 on cdrsalamander

Concentration counts. China’s navy is largely located in the East and South China Seas. Ours is spread to Hell and back. They may already have regional superiority.

2018-12-26 on pj-instapundit

Aside from China, wars with North Korea or Iran or (God forbid!!) Russia would be wars of our choice, wars we did not have to fight, and wars that would happen only if we started them.

China is another matter. One can imagine the Chinese leadership thinking the time had come to remove the US from the Far East. That is a decision we can influence but cannot block.

Russia and Iran are in defensive modes, and are in Iraq and Syria in response to our initiatives there. If you leave them alone, they won’t do anything.

In the case of North Korea, the deal has been on the table for decades, we just refuse to accept it:

1. Recognize and legitimize the Kim regime;
2. Sign a peace treaty;
3. Normalize trade relations;
4. BUY FOR CASH OR OTHER MATERIAL CONSIDERATIONS the North Korean nuclear arsenal.

You might also have to remove American troops from the peninsula, but that would not be a problem, we would still be in Japan.

Recently, the North Koreans expanded on what they think denuclearization means. They think it means the removal of nukes from both the Peninsula and all adjacent areas. This includes at the very least Japan. Whether it includes nukes in neighboring Russia and China is a question. It would be very interesting if North Korea wants to rope China and Russia into the deal.

Kim seems to be signaling that the deal he made with Trump has a rapidly approaching shelf life and that we might return to square one fairly soon.

2018-12-26 on pj-instapundit

It is wrong to compare one Virginia class sub against one modern diesel-electric. Obviously, the Virginia is better. But the question is, With a limited budget, how are funds best spent? While patrol endurance and, especially, submerged endurance are very import, the absolute number of ships is important, too. Substituting three diesel-electrics for one Virginia allows you to be in three places at once, or to deploy three times as many subs and three times as many torpedoes and missiles to the same area. That is an important consideration in war fighting. Numbers count, too.

As to being limited to coastal defense, that is simply not true. Even in WW I, diesel-electric subs could launch in Germany and patrol the Caribbean. WW II American subs routinely operated trans-Pacific. And modern diesel-electrics like the German 212A with air-independent propulsion can stay submerged for over two weeks, without snorkeling. Diesel-electrics are inherently stealthy, too, and are more quiet than most American nuclear subs. The three Sea Wolf class might be an exception, but I doubt the Virginias are more silent than the German 212A.

2018-12-26 on pj-instapundit

We need a lot more of these.

Of course, we can get three diesel-electrics for the price of one Virginia class. And even WW II diesel-electrics had trans-oceanic range, could launch from Pearl, or even San Diego, and patrol the South China Sea.

2018-12-26 on pj-instapundit

We have plenty of fake-American neocon nutjobs who daily urge the same kinds of action against China, Russia, Iran… just about everyone. Fortunately, their control of our military and foreign policy is not complete.

However, the ongoing hysteria against Trump’s proposed slow motion withdrawal from Syria and partial withdrawal from Afghanistan comes from every part of the political spectrum. It is somewhat unnerving to listen to Fox News and CNN and the NYT and WSJ agree in condemning Trump’s proposal.

I say proposal because it is not clear that the Dept. of Defense and State Dept. will actually obey a Presidential order or that Trump will still be in office or even alive in a few weeks.

2018-12-26 on infoproc

Or, RSV of KJB. Luke 2:14–

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom he is pleased.”

2018-12-26 on pj-instapundit

I, for one, am sick and tired of getting mercy rides on Russian space ships. We even use their rocket motors to launch our spy satellites. I suppose it could be worse. We might be getting mercy rides on Chinese or EU space ships. It’s all too demeaning

2018-12-25 on fireandreamitchell

Anti-Semitism comes as standard issue with any black. Louis Farrakhan is the norm.

2018-12-25 on thereferenceframe

The map of Europe in the summer of 1914, before hostilities broke out, is interesting. Mitteleuropa did not exist. There was Germany, Austro-Hungaria and Russia.

If the US were to collapse, and many optimists think, would the current boundaries continue to exist or not?

By the way, in my old age, I certainly hope the US persists. I’m too old to put up with armies marching back and forth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

2018-12-25 on moonbattery

One of the pleasures of the Christmas season is pissing off people like the Post writers and editors.

2018-12-24 on pj-media

The Kurds are not our friends or allies. In both Iraq and Syria they usually stood by and let others fight the terrorists.

Moreover, they are mortal enemies of Turkey and seek to partition it. Turkey is our second oldest ally after Britain, having joined the UN in 1945. At that time, the UN was an anti-fascist military alliance. France did not exist; Vichy France was an ally of Germany. Poland did not exist. Our other allies, who soon fell away, were China and the Soviet Union.

Turkey is essential to our position in the Middle East and without them our position is untenable. You cannot support the Kurds without attacking Turkey. To do so drives Turkey into the arms of Russia and Iran. That leads to our expulsion from the Middle East and the death of Israel.

Choose wisely.

2018-12-24 on pj-instapundit

A few years ago, someone noted (Classical Values blog?) that drug abusers suffer from psychological pain and use the drugs to ease it. With respect to opioids (and meth), this is largely a problem in white working class neighborhoods. The one striking feature about them is that the Ruling Class’ free trade obsession has destroyed the industries that used to provide working class people with high wage jobs. Now, in hundreds if not thousands of communities those people are either unemployed or employed at the most menial jobs, with no hope of advancement.

Open borders also reduce working class wages, and over the last generation or so, working class people have suffered a reduction of about 20% in real income. Over the same time, middle class incomes have stagnated. The Ruling Class captured all the growth in real income over that period and actually clawed income away from the workers.

Here’s a suggestion. Try to rebuild our industrial base, especially in the Rust Belt, so our people can get good jobs. Close the damn border: no imports, no immigrants. I bet the drug problem goes away.

It is widely believed that Trump won because of these people. Or maybe not the drug addled themselves, but their families. Trump is the only politician to show any concern for them. The. Only. One. The rest, both Democrats and Republicans, are openly contemptuous. So, if Trump is removed from office or killed by some “insane lone gunman”, what will or can they do?

2018-12-24 on blazingcatfur

The short answer is, Genetics.

2018-12-23 on pj-instapundit

Mattis was a major contributor to the destruction of the MENA, running operations that killed hundreds of thousands, razed whole cities and sent millions into exile. He is a war criminal. Good riddance.

2018-12-23 on pj-instapundit

ISIS was able to tap into the huge numbers of disaffected Sunni Arabs who live along the Euphrates River in both Syria and Iraq. The Arabs are still there and still angry. ISIS future is bright.

2018-12-23 on pj-instapundit

We are still in Somalia, too. That’s going on 27 years.

2018-12-23 on pj-instapundit

State Department officials are telling everyone that we will keep a “presence” in Syria. Unclear as to what that might be. Also unclear is what happens to the 5,000 or so mercenaries we have there and the various groups like Al Nusra that we support.

2018-12-22 on pj-instapundit

Go back and look at that list. Every attack and/or invasion was a war crime under international law. And the political leaders and senior officers who led those attacks are themselves war criminals in exactly the same sense that Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebbels, Guderian, Rommel, Raeder, Donitz, Hirohito, and Yamamoto were war criminals. In a just world they would be sent to the Hague for hanging.

“Mad Dog” Mattis is a war criminal, and his resignation is good riddance. Now maybe Trump can fashion a realistic, nonmilitaristic foreign policy and fulfill one of his campaign promises.

The Evil Empire is the US. The US is a rogue terrorist state, and it is responsible for most, if not all, of the death, destruction and horror of the last quarter century.

If there is anyone spreading disinformation it is the Trotskyite, anti-American, fake-American neocons who currently control our military and foreign policies.

2018-12-22 on thereferenceframe

How is this an improvement of C. P. Snow’s “Two Cultures”? Is Boxenhorn aware of Snow?

2018-12-22 on pj-instapundit

Haiti, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Grenada, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan (thrice), Iraq (twice), Libya, Syria, Yemen… Not one of those countries attacked the US or one of its allies. And then there is Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine. Coups against two democratically elected governments and one friendly military regime.

But Russia, Russia, Russia!!! They invaded … Never mind.

2018-12-20 on pj-instapundit

Yet another Musk scam. All his “enterprises” are schemes to get government subsidies. Not one of them is a legitimate company, especially not Tesla.

2018-12-20 on powerlineblog-com

Gen. Keane is a lunatic warmonger. You can even make the case that he is a war criminal using the Nuremberg standards. That he actually rose to high rank in the Pentagon is an indictment of our military.

Now we have to get out of Somalia (still there, 27 years), Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen… and, of course, Ukraine.

Neocon policies of necessity lead to WW III and the nuclear annihilation of the American people. In no way does Keane serve the US. One might ask who he does serve.

2018-12-20 on moonbattery

I have commented elsewhere that Louis Farrakhan is one of the most powerful men in America. It is possible he is the most powerful. No black politician can have any significant career unless he has the support of Farrakhan. He is the black kingmaker. Obama is but one example of his power. In our heavily black cities like Chicago, even white and hispanic politicians must kowtow to him.

The facts that Farrakhan is a virulent anti-white racist and a virulent anti-semitc are sources of his power, because the overwhelming majority of blacks share those hatreds. Again, Obama is a good example.

Sixty years ago in Boston, one routinely met up with Nation of Islam agents, then led by Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan’s predecessor. Huge, well-muscled and dressed in neat black suits with white starched shirts they collected donations at traffic lights in all the lower class neighborhoods of Boston, Dorchester in my case. Even then they were a power, and Farrakhan has consolidated it.

2018-12-20 on pj-instapundit

The fact is that two years into his Presidency Trump has been defeated and neutered by our globalist/cosmopolitan Ruling Class. His recent order to take the troops (2,000 or 10,000?) out of Syria is merely a two-year old foot stamping.

Expect nothing more from Trump. Not even judges.

2018-12-20 on pj-instapundit

Good. The opioid crisis has nothing to do with the drug companies. It is the creation of the globalist/cosmopolitan Ruling Class. Their policies of free trade and open borders have sent our high-wage industries overseas and flooded our country with unskilled, uneducated proletarians. The result is the immiseration of our working class, who have actually lost over 20% of real income over the last generation. Drugs are the answer to their misery, a misery which no political party is concerned about.

One like to think that the Ruling Class’ greed and gluttony blinded them to the consequences of their policies. But their overtly racist hatred of the native American working class, both whites and blacks, shows the truth, that the immiseration of the native working class was deliberate and desired.

What the American working class needs is a real Marxist communist party, a party that favors the workers, not the faux-marxist Nazi party party the Democrats have become. And the Ruling Class needs the Mussolini treatment. Build more lamp posts.

2018-12-20 on pj-instapundit

Of the five wars, North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, and Congo, only China can happen without our choice. The other four cannot happen unless we, ourselves, start them, which the fake-American, anti-American neocons are trying to do. Who pays the neocons for their treason? Israel? Israel is NOT a friend. Remember the USS Liberty.

The outline of a deal with the North Koreans has been on the table for decades: sign a peace treaty, recognize Kim’s regime, normalize trade, BUY his nukes and missiles.

In the case of Russia, stop US/NATO aggression against Russia. Leave it alone. Especially get out of Ukraine.

In the case of Iran, support the treaties we and our allies agreed to. We had a working deal. Iranian nukes were on hold. As Lavrov noted, the US is incapable of negotiating anything, because we lack a unified government. Each major agency conducts its own independent foreign, military and intelligence operations, and feels free to veto agreements made by any other, including the White House. Trump has been slapped down by the Pentagon, State and the CIA. Obama only narrowly averted a major power war in Syria, which the Pentagon wanted.

In the case of Congo, and Africa as a whole, ignore it. We have absolutely no interests of any kind whatsoever there. The whole continent is a Turd World. That is largely true of Latin America, also, except for the failed state of Mexico on our border. A case for intervention in Mexico can be made, but the ensuing war would be very long, a decade or two, and very bloody.

China, alas, gets a vote. They can start a war whenever they choose. And since their forces are concentrated in the Nine Dash Zone, and ours are spread to Hell and back, they have superior concentration of forces right now. If and when they chose to exploit their advantage remains to be seen.

So, five wars become only one.

2018-12-19 on pj-instapundit

Considering that Marshall perpetrated the greatest usurpation and power grab in US history, much worse than any Confederate, shutting the place down would be a good start for court reform.

2018-12-19 on pj-instapundit

“Slime-bag Louis Farrakhan is one of the most powerful men in America. No black politician, as shown by Barak Obama, can have any significant political career unless he kowtows to Rev. Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam is a political and economic power in every major city in the US. So, slime-bag he may be, but he is your master.

2018-12-19 on pj-instapundit

In 1976 the age of consent in NY was almost certainly 16. States then used ages of consent from 13 to 16. It was 13 in Ohio. The change to I8 is recent and unfortunate complication for high schoolers and others. How many 17 year-olds have been charged with statutory rape?

There are pictures of the girl at 17 on the internet, I think in a comment at Steve Sailer. She was fully grown. Some comments are made about Lolita. In the book, she is the sexual aggressor even at 14.

The hypergamy of young girls is a recurring topic at Chateau Heartiste.

The descent into Puritanism is ongoing. You will need Scarlet Letters to go with your Yellow Mogen Davids soon.

2018-12-18 on pj-instapundit

At least CSI had Marg Helgenberger, still fine at the end of her career.

2018-12-18 on pj-instapundit

Boyan Slat is “aerospace engineering student drop-out.” He evidently failed fluid mechanics.

2018-12-18 on pj-instapundit

This was available online early in Obama’s Presidency, and I got to read it. I thought it had been deep-sixed. After 37 years of reading such things, I judged it to be an average effort from someone at a large state school: passable but uninteresting. Of course, her obsession with all things black and the horrors of white male oppression shines through. The utter shallowness of her mind is also on display.

Do not tell me that Princeton offers the best undergraduate education in the country. They are just another run of mill degree producer. And do not tell me they have elite entrance requirements. Ohio State does as well.

2018-12-18 on pj-media

It is interesting that you show a stone henge. These were built by the neolithic farmers who preceded the Celts (a Bronze Age people) in the British Isles. When the Celts arrived, there ensued a 90% replacement of Y DNA.

2018-12-17 on infoproc

I apologize for being off topic, but this report is relevant to a continuing series of post here.

The Friday/Saturday version of the WSJ has an article on p. C3 concerning deformities in genetically edited farm animals. The rate of deformities is very much higher than CRISPR advocates admit to, and it should put the brakes on human experimental like that in China.

2018-12-17 on cdrsalamander

The US has a long (colonial) history of attacking small countries that have not attacked us, a few more recent ones: Panama, Grenada, Sudan, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq (second time), Syria, Libya, Yemen. There is now agitation in Washington to attack Iran and Venezuela.

Under the Nuremberg rules, these were war crimes. In the cases of Nazi Germany and militarist Japan, ranking officers were held criminally liable for their war crimes, and some were executed.

So, what is the legal liability of our flag officers?

2018-12-17 on thereferenceframe

Visegrad should be so lucky. The Silk Road beckons. Russia and China are the future.

2018-12-16 on pj-instapundit

It has been pointed out many times by others that Scrooge is a classic liberal/progressive.

The best version is the first, with Alistair Sims. The remakes get progressively worse. The 2009 version is unwatchable.

2018-12-15 on pj-instapundit

There is still bad blood between the Okinawan natives and the ethnic Japanese, so China has an in there. But then, China could appeal to Okinawans, Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Malaysians and Indonesians on the basis of their joint history of Japanese and Western (including the US) colonialism and aggression. Fortunately, the Chinese do not seem able to do that.

2018-12-14 on infoproc

Since the Vietnamese War, we have used air craft carriers only to control and intimidate Second and Third World countries that lack air forces and navies and air and naval defenses. Our Marines have been used for the same purposes. No doubt that will continue.

What will not happen is the use of any conventional forces against either Russia or China. War with those countries is of necessity nuclear, and it would be nuclear from the onset. Discussions and speculations about conventional wars between nuclear powers are asinine.

2018-12-14 on pj-instapundit

But they did it right. They got the B1A. We got the B1B.

2018-12-14 on pj-instapundit

American pressure had nothing to do with the bomber withdrawal. Their visit to Venezuela has merely reminding Washington that Russia is still around. And AnotherProf is right, there is no infrastructure there to support the bombers, which is why there was a cargo air plane with them.

A more interesting move would have been to send the bombers to Cuba. That would really have freaked out the Pentagon.

2018-12-13 on pj-instapundit

Deferred maintenance and reduced training are the equivalent of eating your seed corn. They are signs that the military is over extended and/or under funded. Solutions are (1) to reduce the pace of operations and deployments, (2) to reduce procurements and (3) to increase funding. With a Democrat controlled House, funding will be decreased or at best frozen at present levels, so the first two choices are the only politically viable ones. We can continue the present rate of procurements and deployments, but that will only further debilitate the military and further reduce its readiness, making it unable to meet the demands of another war.

The most likely scenario is cuts to the DOD budget. The question is where. The Navy’s carriers, the Marines and the Air Force’s F-35 are sacrosanct, so expect a substantially smaller Army with fewer armored brigades. War stocks might also be drawn down.

Remember, the annual budget deficit is almost as large as the DOD budget, and the annual payment on the accumulated debt will be the largest single budget item in a very few years. There is simply no slack in the federal budget.

One might note that the present federal budget crisis is a consequence of the deindustrialization of our economy. High-profit, high-tax-paying, high-wage industries were replaced by low-profit, low-tax-paying, low-wage service jobs: Lordstown to McDonald’s, which is now being automated.

There is a direct connect between the opiate crisis and the budget crisis. They are both caused by deindustrialization.

2018-12-12 on cdrsalamander

And they will make up 10% of the fleet.

2018-12-12 on pj-instapundit

Actually, Obama is more influential with Republicans than is Trump.

2018-12-12 on pj-instapundit

The first mistake was allowing women to attend Princeton.

2018-12-11 on pj-instapundit

Ghetto blacks have a near monopoly on gun crime, but no one cares because they almost always kill each other. If you subtract out all the black statistics, America lloks like Switzerland.

2018-12-10 on pj-instapundit

In any trade war, China would be stuck with modern, hi-tech factories and skilled workers. They would need new markets, but there is still a billion Chinese who didn’t make it into the 300 million Chinese middle class. We, on the other hand, would be stuck with empty store shelves and bankrupt companies like Apple and Walmart.

As to cheap made crap. Wake up and smell the coffee. Not only is the Chinese industrial sector much larger than our own and produces a vastly wider array of products, socks to supercomputers, it produces high quality electronics and machinery. In fact, today we are in the same position v.v. China as Japan was v.v. us in 1940.

2018-12-10 on pj-instapundit

Well, our “anti-ISIS” model in eastern Syria consists of defending ISIS against attacks by the Syrian goverment, allowing them to pump and export Syrian oil for their profit, arming them and allowing them to recruit new fighters. I suppose that means we should be arming the Taliban.

ISIS was created by the CIA to fight against Assad. But they slipped the leash and became the fighting force for the dissident Sunni Arabs all along the Euphrates Valley. We only began to oppose them when their rebellion reached the outskirts of Baghdad, and even then the bulk of the fighting was done by Iraq’s Shias and Iran. Now we are transferring them, or many of them, into secure (for ISIS) areas of Iraq.

The three U.S. presidents, six secretaries of defense and five chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are, in fact, war criminals, in exactly the same sense that Hitler, Goebels, Goering, Himmler et al. were war criminals. Those presidents, secretaries and generals launched wars of aggression against Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen… not one of which threatened us in any way. They engineered coups d’etat against two friendly governments, Egypt and Turkey. Now the fake American, anti-American neocons want to attack Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and even Russia and China.

Green needs to get his head out of his arse. We, the US, are the great rogue terrorist state. We are the evil empire. We are the chief source of death and destruction in the world. How many hundreds of thousands of civilians have we murdered in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia? How many cities have we bombed flat like Raqqa and Mosel. Putin is a saint compared to any US President.

2018-12-10 on infoproc

“They have granted themselves the right to demonstrate without legal authorization..”

The voice of a Vichy Fascist.

2018-12-09 on pj-instapundit

Ocasio-Cortez is charismatic like Trump. In 2024, the first year she is eligible, she will be the Democrat nominee even if there is a sitting Democrat President, and she will win.

A majority of Americans are socialists and will vote for socialist candidates and policies. Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump if he had been the nominee. Welcome to the EU.

2018-12-09 on pj-media

Include Homer’s Greeks. The Iliad and Odyssey are stories of the Sea Peoples.

2018-12-08 on pj-instapundit

Gulen is a bad guy, and Kanter is a bad guy for supporting him. The American-supported coup against Erdogan, an American ally!!, is part of the series of coups and attacks against countries that did nothing to us: Serbia, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt… How many others to come?

The American government, now and for a generation, has consisted of war criminals. Criminals in precisely the same way that Himmler, Goering, Goebels, Hitler himself, and may others.

2018-12-08 on pj-instapundit

Ocasio-Cortez will be the Democrat nominee in 2024 even if there is a sitting Democrat President. And she will be elected President because she is charismatic just as Trump was elected because of his charisma.

And we will get the totalitarian socialist Hell the American people deserve.

2018-12-08 on infoproc

Some two-thirds of the shipping in the South China Sea is either going to or coming from Chinese ports. And China gets almost all its oil by tanker crossing the Sea.

If you go over to CDR Salamander, he has a post on shipping lanes. The EU, US and China all depend heavily on ALL of these shipping lanes, and they have a deep mutual interest in keeping them open. They all should be cooperating in this, because without the shipping, or even a small reduction in volume, we would get economic chaos and collapse. All this talk about war over the Nine Dash Zone or the Straits of Hormuz or the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal of the Straits of Gibralta is insanity.

Of course, substantially the same situation existed in August, 1914.

2018-12-07 on cdrsalamander

Two-thirds of the shipping crossing the South China Sea goes to or from Chinese ports. And China gets most of its oil in tankers crossing the Sea.

The point is that China, the US and the EU all have strong interests in keeping all the sea lanes open and safe for commerce. Our interests are both mutual and aligned. There is no reason for American, Chinese and European navies to be hostile to one another, and every reason for cooperation. We should be focusing on our mutual needs and interests and not on some war fantasy.

2018-12-07 on pj-instapundit

Consumer Reports still hates Jeep.

2018-12-07 on pj-instapundit

Race and sex segregation are necessary to quality education.

2018-12-07 on pj-instapundit

Since Iran is the main supporter of the Houthi who are fighting the government and the Saudis, this does not make any sense.

2018-12-07 on cdrsalamander

Now, they need the build The Bomb.

2018-12-07 on powerlineblog-com

The US’ war on Islam gets no notice, no credit? Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen? Attempted coups in Egypt and Turkey? Are they not reason enough for the rise of Russian influence?

Who is his right mind wants America as an ally? The MENA and Central Asia and Eastern Europe need protection from the US.

2018-12-07 on infoproc

We have Aristotle because of his nameless students. But they didn’t copy the artwork, especially in the biology sections.

2018-12-06 on cdrsalamander

About 20% of world oil consumption and 40% of European oil consumption pass through the Straits of Hormuz. Now that’s a choke point, and one that can be closed by land-based artillery and missiles.

And although we only import 10% of our oil, and most of that comes from neighboring countries or countries outside the Persian Gulf, if the Straits were closed, we would be required to share our domestic oil production with our allies. If we are going to have any, that is.

So, we, too, are vulnerable to a cut-off of Persian Gulf oil.

2018-12-06 on pj-instapundit

The list of unsolved problems as of a year ago was: electrical launch system; arrestor gear; electrical generating system; electrical distribution system; munitions elevators.

The projected sortie rate is well below Nimitz-class capability, and the air wing will consist of short range F-35’s.

Since the Vietnamese War (or even 1945?), the only real use our carriers have seen is against Second and Third World countries with little or no naval or air power. Virtually the entire Eurasian coast line is off limits to carrier air strikes either because the coasts belong to our allies or because the coast belong to Russia or China, which have first world militaries. They do have blue water sea control capability. They would be useful in an invasion of Iran (unlikely) or Venezuela (possible), but that’s about it.

Do we need 10 to 12 of them?

If the Navy thinks Sen Infohe is being difficult, just wait until the Democrats take over the House.

2018-12-06 on pj-instapundit

We know the Deep State/Cabal lies about everything (e.g., Trump-Russia collusion, JFK, RFK, MLK…), so why would anyone believe this?

Wake up. The US is a lawless rogue terrorist state that refuses to be bound by any law or treaty. Putin isn’t the problem in Europe. We are.

Serbia, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen. All US-instigated wars. All unprovoked. All with massive civilian casualties. And all unwon and unwinnable.

And add in coups against our allies: Egypt, Turkey.

If you want peace, disarm the US. Let’s hope the Democrat House is up to the task.

2018-12-06 on pj-instapundit

The Chinese base is a mere fly on the mare’s arse of the gigantic French/American facility.

2018-12-06 on pj-instapundit

Smart US kids have always avoided graduate and professional schools like the plague. Check out how many US college faculty are foreign born, especially in STEM.

2018-12-06 on pj-instapundit

Less than 10% of college students are interested in STEM, and less than that actually have the aptitude, work ethic and intelligence to succeed in it.

There is also an oversupply of graduates in many fields, especially some engineering fields like civil engineering. Some years less than half the BSCE graduates go into civil engineering jobs. They find work in technical sales, or enlist in the military, or go to law school or med school, or grad school in the sciences, or just bum around. Other engineering fields do not have quite the CE employment problem, but in every engineering field a significant percentage of graduates never do engineering.

In particular, there are plenty of American IT graduates looking for work, but they also demand living wages. The H 1B workers are just glad to escape from the Black Hole of Calcutta.

2018-12-06 on pj-instapundit

Her DNA test has real problems, and should never have been attempted. First, there is no library of US Indian DNA, no Cherokee, no Delaware, no Sioux, no nothing. This is because US Indian tribes are adamantly opposed to DNA sampling, believing (correctly) it would falsify their claims to being in the New World since the beginning.

So Warren’s DNA was compared to some South American Indian samples. Even the 1 part in 1024 is not US.

2018-12-05 on pj-instapundit

Mt. Vernon, Ohio, has just gone through a fake scare ginned up by our anti-science, radical totalitarians who infest our local health agencies. They tried to outlaw the sale of vaping equipment to adults between the ages of 18 to 21 using all sorts of nonsensical, fake science scare tactics. Ironically, the legislation they were pushing would still allow 18 to 21 year-olds to purchase tobacco.

It is really shocking how dishonest, scientifically illiterate, and aggressively totalitarian–Stalinist– so-called “health professionals” have become. Your local health agency is a very serious threat to both your health and your freedom.

2018-12-05 on pj-instapundit

The Roman state lasted 2,200 years, from its founding in Rome around 700 BC to the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453. That’s the best run to date. Longer even than the Roman Catholic Church.

But the best read on the war among the elites is Peter Turchin’s various books: “Ages of Discord,” “War and Peace and War,” “Secular Cycles,” and “Historical Dynamics.”

Prof. Turchin notes that today’s political discord is more intense than at any time in our history since the eve of the Civil War. He is predicting intense political violence in the next few years, probably the election of 2020.

2018-12-05 on pj-instapundit

Good grief! How old are your. That stuff was made illegal in the 70’s.

Unless it’s labelled otherwise, beer in American is always 3.8% ABV.

2018-12-05 on pj-instapundit

Here in north central rural Ohio our local city council came close to outlawing sales of vaping equipment to 18 to 21 year olds. The staff at our local health department led the charge and nearly stampeded everyone.

We are in a deeply Puritanical age. The content of the superstitions has changed, but they are still superstitions.

2018-12-05 on pj-instapundit

The Europeans are right on Iran, right on Russia and right on China. The US is a decrepit empire in slow decline. The world will be better off without an America that is a rogue terrorist state, attacking countries willy nilly left and right without rhyme nor reason, a terrorist state that has wantonly killed hundreds of thousands of civilians throughout Africa, the Middle East and Central Asian, overthrown dozens of governments and razed whole cities to the ground.

War criminals like Pompeo and Mattis should be hanged.

2018-12-05 on pj-instapundit

China does not steal everything. Remember that it has more and faster supercomputers than does the US. Also, its fastest supercomputer is entirely homegrown, including chips and operating system. China also has a manned space program and can put astronauts into low earth orbit. We don’t and can’t.

Anyone familiar with our graduate STEM programs knows that most of the graduate students are foreigners, and most of them are Chinese. Graduate students are apprentices. They invent theories, laboratory methods and technology. And they take that knowledge and skill back home with them.

Overall, China’s industrial sector is much larger than and more technically advanced than ours. Today, we are in the same position v.v. China as Japan was v.v. us/US in the 1940’s.

Minor scams like the one just run on Boeing merely indicate the overall superiority of the Chinese government.

2018-12-04 on thereferenceframe

And no one thought we could detect gravity waves.

2018-12-04 on pj-instapundit

Where will progressive Jews (and that’s most of them) go after the Democrats ban them? For that matter, where will the progressive Whites go? The Dems are only an election cycle or two away from being an explicitly anti-White, anti-Jewish party. Pelosi and Schumer are the last White and/or Jewish leaders the Democrat Party will ever have.

2018-12-04 on pj-instapundit

Well, the Republicans didn’t and don’t have anyone who can beat Trump, either.

However, a majority of Americans voted for Clinton. A majority of Americans are socialists and will vote for openly socialist candidates and openly socialist policy. The Democrats can win in 2020 if they can capture one or two of the States Trump took. He has to win all of them again to win again.

And watwin33 is right in a way. Clinton came out of nowhere because no established Democrat thought Bush I could be beaten, and no established candidate ran. But Perot got 19% of the vote. All his voters were conservative, and had he not run Bush would have easily beaten Clinton.

Maybe one of the anti-American Rinos like Kasich or Jeb will run and syphon off enough cuckservative votes to give the election to some socialist like Kamela Harris.

By the way, is she still wearing that pedophile ring, the small triangle inside the big triangle?

2018-12-04 on pj-instapundit

The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act is a dead letter. It can only be enforced against minor powers. India is just too big. We gave them a pass on nuclear weapons when our policy and law demanded some sort of punishment. We will give them a pass on anything.

Russian weapons may not reach the high plateau of America’s best, but they are cheap and good enough. Our military has fully bought into Hitler’s Wonder Weapon mania. The Tigers couldn’t beat the T-34’s, and the SU-35’s will shoot down anything that isn’t an F-22.

2018-12-03 on pj-instapundit

He didn’t think this through. If they let him claim 49, could they deny him his pension for another 16 years or so? If he got fired, could he claim age discrimination? There must be other ways the French bureaucracy could have screwed him, but I can’t think of any.

2018-12-03 on pj-instapundit

The defense budget is about equal to the entire annual deficit, and in a few years the annual interest payment on the accumulated debt will be the largest item in the budget.

Moreover, even at its current funding level, the defense budget is inadequate. All branches of the armed forces are cutting back severely on maintenance and training. Large percentages of our main weapons systems are inoperable, and we are sending partly trained servicemen into harm’s way. The slaughter of inexperienced Green Berets in Africa, and the inability of deck officers to control their ships are merely two examples.

The DOD choses to fund operations and procurements and to let maintenance and training slide. This is eating our seed corn. Eventually, the US military will not only be second rate, it will be third rate.

With a Democrat-controlled House, there will be budget cuts. No doubt the F35 program, the Navy’s carriers and the Marine Corps will avoid cuts. That means that most of the cuts will fall on the Army, and the most likely units to disappear will be the heavy armored and mechanized infantry brigades. Expect an Army even lighter than the Marine Corps. That will be an Army that cannot win in any theater of war, most especially Europe, but also the MENA.

The other possible cut is in operations, particularly the countless wars we are actively engaged in. Will Somalia, after 26 years or Afghanistan after 18 years or Iraq after 16 years finally end? Or will we provoke a war with Russia in Ukraine or a war with Iran, Russia and China in the Persian Gulf. The Ruling Class’ record on war making is abysmal.

2018-12-03 on cdrsalamander

There are profound differences between east and west Ukraine, with the Dnieper River being the effective political, cultural and religious boundary.

Russia acquired the region east of the Dnieper in the period after 1654 when the people there rebelled against Polish-Lithuanian rule. Russia got the region west of the River in 1793 or so when the Polish-Lithuanian Empire collapsed as was partitioned.

The east has a far larger proportion of ethnic Russian than the west. The east tends to be Orthodox and the west Catholic. Ukraine was briefly independent after the collapse of Tsarist Russian, and it was reconquered by the Soviets in 1919. There followed a period of russification and population transfer. Stalin’s Kulak genocide occurred in the west. During WW II, large numbers of western Ukrainians joined the Nazi armies to fight agains the Soviets. There is a strong paleo-Nazi movement yet today in Ukraine, complete with swastikas, Nazi salutes, genocidal anti-Semitism and anti-Russian mania. To this day, the east tends pro-Russian, and the west tends pro-EU.

In the 2010 runoff election, Yanukovych won every oblast east of the Dnieper and Crimea by majorities of over 60% to over 90%. His opponent, Iulia Timoshenko won every oblast west of the Dnieper by similar majorities. The vote in the Crimea to join Russia was clearly illegal under Ukrainian law, as if the coup was, but it also clearly reflected the desires of the ethnic Russian majority on the Peninsula.

Those votes are telling. If the US had not supported the coup, Ukraine today would be at peace and intact. It seems probable that Yanukovych would have lost a his bid for reelection.

As it is, the best solution for Ukraine would be a partition along the line of the Dnieper with two different independent states. Crimea would stay in Russian hands.

Continued meddling by the US in the US-created mess may well provoke the Russian invasion we are supposed to oppose. That invasion would succeed, and there are enough ethnic Russians living in Ukraine to set up and run a pro-Russian puppet government over the whole. So the sordid and sorry history of the region would get yet another chapter.

2018-12-03 on moonbattery

They are Germany’s just punishment for three European wars.

2018-12-03 on pj-instapundit

Why is it that royalty exists in the far future of science fiction, or that private individuals own corporations that rival nation states or even planetary governments in their power?

For that matter, why are sword and magic novels placed alongside book stores shelves?

Yes, book stores still exist.

PS. When I was a boy/young man with religious interests, I noticed that Catholic bookstores separated theology books from things like poetry and Protestant bookstores mixed them together.

2018-12-03 on pj-instapundit

In most civil service systems, retirements and resignations are not final until some specific act is performed. In the case of my retirement, it did not become real until I cashed by first retirement check. So, the voting fraudster Snipes is within her right to take back her resignation/retirement.

She should, of course, be arrested and tried for voting fraud.

2018-12-03 on pj-instapundit

It is virtually certain that all these complaints are outright lies, mere maneuvering for added compensation.

For the last several years, every single reported hate crime has proven to be a fraud perpetrated by the self-claimed victim. Never believe POC’s or women.

2018-12-03 on pj-instapundit

Chicago’s municipal income tax is already a commuter tax. Moreover, the commuters paying it have no vote in Chicago elections. The proposed commuter tax would be an additional tax on commuters.

By the way, these are not small potatoes. When I retired, I got a 2.5% take home pay raise because I lived in a Township with no income tax and I no longer worked in the City (not Chi). The commute times and costs were also eliminated.

At what point does it make sense for a company to move to the suburbs? Do companies need to be in cities anymore? Their most important, productive and reliable workers live in the suburbs and commute.

2018-12-02 on moonbattery

If the books are problematic, Peter Jackson’s LOTR, in which the orcs are plainly blacks, is openly racist. Especially considering how white the elves are.

2018-12-01 on thereferenceframe

You make very nice pistols, so that’s a plus for you.

2018-11-30 on pj-instapundit

Some time ago, a writer at USNI pointed out that the F35B gave the Marine amphibious assault carriers (nine of them) sea control capability. Not on the order of a Nimitz, but certainly like the QE II (which will carry F35B, too) or the Liaoning/Kuznetsov.

2018-11-30 on pj-instapundit

We still import 10% of our oil consumption, and Europe gets about 40% of its oil from OPEC, mostly from the Persian Gulf. The Gulf provides 20% of total world consumption. OPEC is not going to cave or go away. If we could shut down Iranian oil production, the remainder of OPEC and Russia would be even more important than they are now.

Oil is fungible. If there are shortages in Europe, we will export oil to them, and we will also have shortages here. If Iran did close the Straits of Hormuz in retaliation for our attempts to shut down their exports, we would have $300/bbl oil, $20/gal gasoline and fuel rationing. We might even get another Great Depression and WW III. We certainly would get a major war that enveloped the entire MENA.

2018-11-30 on pj-instapundit

China and Burma understand the existential threat that Muslims are to everyone, and they are taking steps to protect themselves. The globalists who rule the US and Europe, and who hate the native peoples of those countries, are using mass invasions of Muslims to conquer the native peoples. We should be so lucky as to have Xi as President and the Chinese Communist party in charge of Washington.

2018-11-30 on pj-media

An essay that willfully ignores the plain, open history of the last 26 years. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the US has been on a rampage, attacking countries left and right without cause and for no purpose: Serbia/Kosovo, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan (three times), Iraq (twice), Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen. Attempted coups in Turkey and Egypt. Iran is next if the anti-America neocons who control our foreign policy can get their way again.

These wars are contrived and pursued by neocon/globalists, and many neocon/globalists are Jews with a confused conception of what benefits Israel and an unreasoning hatred of Russia.

The globalists are openly treasonous to the countries they control, and they are openly trying to break down the cultures of those countries and to overwhelm and suppress the native populations by mass invasion of illegal aliens.

Instead of worrying about populists like Orban or Trump, who are actual patriots, you should worry about the globalists like Merkel and Macron and Soros and the social media moguls who are evil. Who have evil goals. Who do evil things. Who actually kill people and countries.

2018-11-29 on cdrsalamander

I don’t know if the Navy will get a new frigate anytime soon, although I doubt it. But it will get 32 LCS’s, and they will make up 10% of the whole fleet. We really need to get a design crew together (NOT Lockheed) to see what can be salvaged.

A WW II PT boat would be a challenge to an LCS.

2018-11-29 on pj-instapundit

All immigration is bad. All immigration destroys America. Even the Germans and Irish were destroyers.

2018-11-29 on pj-instapundit

Trump and Kim agreed to:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.–DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.
2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.
3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

Kim thinks this specifies the sequence of events. Trump thinks Item 3 comes first. Before any denuclearization occurs, Kim will insist on a peace treaty that recognizes and legitimizes his regime. Then, he will insist on normalize of trade relations and the end of sanction. Last, he will be willing to SELL his nukes to the US for a profit.

In the meantime, the South and the North might settle matters without the US. China and Russia stand by ready to help and integrate the Peninsula into their world.

2018-11-29 on pj-instapundit

Why don’t we get a manned space program first, with our own launch vehicle. I’m betting on the Chinese, maybe with Russian help.

2018-11-29 on cdrsalamander

I have the Bonnie Blue Flag on both my Subarus, and I’m a Yankee.

2018-11-29 on pj-instapundit

People who refuse to move to where the work is are idiot’s, and they richly deserve the poverty they get for staying home. Why do you think North America is full of Europeans surrounding a few remnants of the Indians?

I am reminded of all the anti-human propaganda put out by Pete Seeger and the other fake folk singers of my youth.

2018-11-29 on infoproc

The real cost is not a $100 gene editing kit, it is the liability insurance the doctor’s pay. Expect a total fee in excess of $100,000 per editing procedure.

2018-11-27 on cdrsalamander

“Occupied” is a poor example. After the Norwegians stop oil production, the Swedes and the EU force Norway to take in Russian occupiers who will restart the oil production. The US is absent having left NATO some time previously.

Putin is not a threat to anyone. However, our revanchist allies like the Poles, Hungarians and Romanians and the ever antic Ukrainians are capable of starting a war by sheer stupidity. And Poroshenko needs a war of sorts to boost his popularity above the current 8%. Fortunately, the Rada isn’t going along with him.

2018-11-27 on pj-instapundit

Proportional representation means that all sorts of minor radical parties get into the parliament, and almost all governments are coalitions of small parties, and fragile. On the other hand, it would interesting to see how many White Nationalists would win their districts.

2018-11-27 on pj-instapundit

What is the expected outcome if Iraq’s Shia leadership does push Iran away? The Iranians were essential in driving ISIS (or at least most of them) out of Iraq. There is still the resistant and revanchist Sunni Arab majority in the Euphrates Valley that ISIS recruited and fed off of. Either the remnant ISIS or some other Sunni group might yet again inflame a Sunni Arab uprising against the Baghdad government. Who will put that down? The Kurds stood aside in both Syria and Iraq when ISIS rose up. They will do so again. Their enemy is the Turks. Will we replace the Iranians in the next showdown with the Sunnis? How many troops? 100,000?

The only possible result of completely isolating Iran would be a major, full-blown war throughout the entire region, including Israel and Jordan and maybe Egypt, one that we could very easily lose. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was a route to peaceful resolution of the Iranian problem.

As to D. R. Brown’s solution. The Iranian Navy and Air Force are by and large irrelevant. Iran can close the Straits and shut off 20% of the world’s oil consumption using land-based artillery and missiles alone. That kind of attack can only be prevented by invading and occupying Iran to a depth equal to the range of the missiles, which is now 700 miles. That requires a land force on the order of 500,000 troops, because we will be fighting in the Zagros Mountains, not the level desert. Russia and China will happily resupply Iran as long as Iran’s leaders are willing to fight. Re that issue, recall the Iraq/Iran war.

There has not been once single instance since 1979 that the US offered Iran a carrot. It has been stick, stick, stick and more stick since the Shah was overthrown.

2018-11-27 on pj-media

The irony. At the very end of the essay a link, “Follow Wretchard on Twitter.”

2018-11-26 on cdrsalamander

Poroshenko is creating a crisis in order to cure his extremely low support level (8%) in time for the upcoming national elections. He would really like to goad the Russians into an attack of some sort on Ukraine in the hope that the US/NATO would intervene militarily.

When the pipeline to northern Europe is completed, Ukraine will become an irrelevancy, and Russia might refuse to ship gas through Ukraine or even to Ukraine, completely collapsing the already failed Ukrainian economy.

We don’t need to bother with that mess. If the Russian come for Poland, then intervene.

2018-11-26 on pj-instapundit

Poroshenko is creating a crisis to avert attention from his miserable poll approval rating, around 8% positive, and to drum up support for his upcoming reelection. Expect him to cause some sort of incident in the Donbas region, as well. He really needs a war with Russia, and is betting the US/NATO would intervene to save him, the Ukrainian people be damned. He might get half his wish.

Poroshenko is held hostage by the Nazi militias who occupy parts of Ukraine, including the area adjacent to the Sea of Azov, the site of yesterday’s confrontation. These are actual 1930/40’s Nazis, complete with swastikas, Nazi salutes, loyalty to Hitler’s memory and goals and genocidal anti-Semitism. Their grandfathers fought alongside the Nazi armies against the Soviets. The great irony is that the anti-American neocons like Robert Kaplan and his wife Amb. Nuland and Bill Kriston et al. actually support the grandchildren and followers of the very people who murdered their relatives in places like Auschwitz.

2018-11-26 on pj-instapundit

Turkey is America’s third oldest ally, having joined the UN in 1945 when it was still an anti-fascist military alliance, and formally allying itself with the US in 1947. It joined NATO in 1952, three years after its founding. Only France and Britain are older allies, and our alliances with them dates only to 1942. (In 1945, our allies were Britain and its dependencies, France, China, the Soviet Union and Turkey.)

Even a cursory glance at a map shows that Turkey is essential to our position in the Middle East, the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The loss of Turkey to Russia (which anti-American neocons like Rubin are provoking) would be a catastrophic defeat for our position in the region, and it would make Russia the region’s dominant power. Even Israel would have to accommodate itself and its policies to Russia’s.

Turkey turned to Russia for modern anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems only because the US refused to sell it the Patriot system, and intervened with other NATO countries to deny Turkey similar European systems. The proposal to sell Turkey the Patriot system now is an admission of the stupidity of the previous decision.

As to Turkey’s also using the F-35, that would provide NATO with unparalleled information regarding the performance of the F-35 and other NATO air craft like the B-2 and F-22 against Russia’s most modern anti-aircraft system. The question is not why we would sell Turkey F-35’s. The question is why would Russia sell Turkey a sample of its air defense system and give its secrets to NATO?

The current estrangement between the US and Turkey is due to the lunatic machinations of the anti-American neocons who seem to control our foreign policy. Treasonous neocons like Rubin need to be in prison.

2018-11-26 on pj-instapundit

Prior to the 2018 election, the annual budget deficit was about equal to the whole defense budget. In a few years, the annual payment on the accumulated federal debt will be the largest budget item. Those two facts alone prohibited a 355 ship Navy.

The House Democrats will insist that military expenditures be reduced, and that the monies be spent on domestic welfare programs and entitlements, like Medicare for All. This will require a major rethinking of the DOD budget. The F35 program, the Navy’s carriers and the Marines are probably sacrosanct. The only service vulnerable to cuts is the Army, which will likely lose some armored brigades and suffer a total reduction in force numbers. Maintenance, training and force modernization will be cut across all services, making our military more or less impotent.

Whatever is cut, there will be no 355 ship Navy. The struggle will be to keep a 200 ship Navy.

Another way to cut Defense would be to shut down our foreign wars in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. If Poroshenko uses the current brouhaha in the Sea of Azov to provoke a war with Russia, will the US stand aside?

2018-11-26 on moonbattery

The basic cause is black genetics. The mother only has to provide some focus and guidance to fine tune the genetic tendency.

2018-11-25 on thereferenceframe

The critic’s of May’s proposal claim that it would actually lock Britain into the EU and reduce its ability to negotiate EU regulations. There is also the issue that the agreement might effectively transfer Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

Not being able to read lawyer (despite a divorce, house purchases, retirement plans, etc) I cannot judge the validity of the complaints. If the DUP goes along, its probably a good deal. If the DUP objects (and ends May’s government), then its probably a bad deal.

2018-11-25 on moonbattery

Ann Barnhardt is entirely correct. Pope Benedict’s resignation is invalid under canon law, and he is still Pope. Francis is a heretic and an anti-pope, and he is the tool of the homosexual gang that controls the College of Cardinals.

The Catholic Church will have to undergo a very large and long lasting purgation, including the excommunication of much of the hierarchy (with Bergoglio) before it can recover.

(by a lapsed Catholic)

2018-11-25 on pj-instapundit

“‘There is no agreement of any sort between the incoming Mexican government and the U.S. government,’ future Interior Minister Olga Sanchez said in a statement.”

The migrants are threatening to bum rush the border guards and troops.

2018-11-25 on pj-instapundit

I cannot imagine any reason why an intelligent, ambitious White boy would go to college, not any college, not any discipline. Even the engineering faculty have been brought to heel, and they were the last bastion of academic freedom.

2018-11-25 on infoproc

It has been clear for some time that Trump has been excluded from foreign policy decisions by the Deep State/Cabal, and that he is limited to domestic policy. He is not the first President so controlled. The Deep State/Cabal has been in charge of foreign policy since at least Eisenhower, who might be the last American President.

2018-11-25 on infoproc

Considering how overt the Deep State/Cabal operation against Trump is, one has to rethink the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations. Were these also Deep State/Cabal ops.

2018-11-24 on pj-instapundit

I was 19 when John Kennedy was killed, and over the years I must have read every conspiracy book and seen every “documentary” film. In the end, none convinced. Or rather, a pattern of unlikelihood became slowly visible.

But I did notice after a while that every attempted and successful Presidential assassination in the 20th Century was committed by a leftist, the only possible exception being Theodore Roosevelt, but he himself was a Progressive. Oswald fits the pattern perfectly.

All left movements are inherently violent. The Red Flag of socialism stands for the fire and blood of the revolution. Leftists incite, justify and honor violence. Their literature is a literature of violent revolution, all justified by the cause.

2018-11-23 on infoproc

Thanks, but I still think the real mother lode is pets and farm animals.

2018-11-22 on pj-instapundit

If the US had not organized and paid for the coup d’etat that removed Yanukovych, Ukraine today would be at peace and intact. And Yanukovych very like would have been voted out of office in the next election. As it is, he remains Ukraine’s only legitimate, democratically elected president. The Poroshenko junta with its 1940’s Nazi supporters does not qualify.

Ukraine is yet another disaster that can be laid at the feet of our war criminal neocons, along with Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Our neocons have killed well over one million civilians and wrecked whole regions. When will they be brought to trial?

2018-11-22 on infoproc

I think this whole discussion misses the main chance: genetic engineering of pets. Anyone who could make an edit that would freeze cats and dogs in the kitten and puppy stages would make a fortune. And there are major opportunities with farm animals, too. In case you are laughing about permanent kittens and puppies, you should consider how many cats and dogs are adopted each year. What is laughable is the idea you will be allowed to genetically modify humans.

All of those genetic modifications evade most of the ethical issues and the liability issues. People keep forgetting that the doctors who might perform CRISPR edits must have liability insurance, and the costs of that insurance will make the total cost of the procedure prohibitive, probably on the order of $100,000 or more. IVF is already in the tens of thousands of dollars. IQ modification will be limited to the super rich.

2018-11-22 on pj-media

We cannot win a Cold War with China by outproducing them. First, their industrial sector is substantially larger than ours and every bit as technically advanced, especially in the areas of robotics and automation. We are, in fact, in the same position v.v. China today as Japan was v.v. us in the 1940’s. In any production race, we lose.

Second, much of our technology was invented by Chinese graduate students while they were enrolled in our STEM programs. Graduate students do not just sit and listen. They are actively engaged in the creative side of research, inventing new theories, laboratory techniques and technology itself. The Chinese graduates take that knowledge home with them, while our elderly STEM faculties gradually move into retirement and spend their working hours being abused and harassed by the SJW/NPC lunatics.

A substantial majority of all graduate students enrolled in American STEM programs is foreign, and the largest component of the foreigners is the Chinese. Americans do not go to graduate school in STEM. This is a problem that goes back to the early 1800’s. Our vaunted economy, military and university faculties depend heavily on foreigners. Over a third of my colleagues were foreigners.

The Chinese government, officially communist and Marxist/Maoist, has raised 300 million Chinese from subsistence farming and poverty into middle class life styles, at least by world and European standards. Another billion are living better lives, and many will eventually join the 300 million.

China’s average IQ is higher than the US’, and mass legal and illegal immigration from low IQ countries is actually reducing the American mean IQ. China has more engineers and scientists than we do and more highly skilled workers.

In the event of a trade war, China would be left with modern factories and skilled workers looking for new markets. We would be left will empty store shelves and bankrupt companies like Apple and Walmart.

For now, our Navy and Air Force remain superior (not supreme), but the quality of our very small ground force (Army, Marines, SOCOM) is questionable. The trends, however, are very unfavorable to us. Eventually we will be pushed out of the Far East.

2018-11-21 on pj-instapundit

Under his scheme, the Space Corps in any form is merely a reorganization of existing personnel and facilities, with perhaps a few new bases. He does not consider any new weapons.

Reassignment of such things as the Army’s ballistic missile defense system on the west coast or the Navy’s Aegis BMD system (and its ships) to the new organization seems like an impossible task, on the order of giving the Army A-10’s or merging the Army and Marines. Expect the Pentagon to kill the program.

2018-11-21 on pj-instapundit

You are morally obligated to defend your children and their future.

2018-11-21 on pj-instapundit

Large bureaucracies are inherently unfixable and continue to accrete inefficiencies, stupidities and corruption until they fail utterly. In the private sector, the accumulation results in inevitable bankruptcy, as Sears, GE and others demonstrate. In the public sector, it results in revolution.

2018-11-21 on infoproc

A mere glance at any of the data figures shows that the error term is so large that it is inherently criminally negligent to apply the procedure to any human. You need an error term of essentially zero to permit any genetic manipulation.

And by the way, despite claims cited on this blog that the CRISPR was orders of magnitude more accurate than natural DNA replication (a claim I called absurd back then), we now know that the procedure has all sorts of side effects, e.g.,…

2018-11-20 on cdrsalamander

When control of the House shifts to the Democrats next year, they will likely insist on a reduction in military spending and an increase in domestic spending. How big the shift will be is hard to say, but a shift will happen. The only real question is, Which branch will suffer the cuts? I’m betting on the Army, perhaps losing several brigades, especially armored brigades.

2018-11-20 on pj-instapundit

Moi, aussi. Especially if the F35 is to provide CAS.

2018-11-20 on pj-instapundit

The UAE and other Gulf States are visiting Assad with the goal of welcoming back Syria into the Arab alliance. There are a few holdouts, like Qatar, but any Arab “NATO” will include Assad’s Syria.

2018-11-19 on pj-instapundit

I strongly doubt affirmative action hurts anyone who benefited from it. The better qualified and displaced people, Yes. Once you get the degree, you have leaped over all the relevant hurdles, and you are home free. And don’t think you can flunk out. You can’t. A college or university will graduate anyone it admits. So-called “flunk-outs” are merely people who quit on their own.

2018-11-19 on pj-instapundit

When that site is hacked (no doubt soon), all the members will be exposed to the radical left, and many, if not all, will lose their faculty positions. Today’s university (all of them) demands open commitment to NPC rules, and it will not tolerate dissent.

2018-11-19 on pj-instapundit

“whether it could extradite Gulen”

DSJ. The lies never end.

2018-11-18 on pj-instapundit

All our current ills stem from granting women the vote.

2018-11-18 on pj-instapundit

From its founding, the ACLU has been a communist front organization that was interested only in furthering the revolution. Civil rights was never on their agenda.

And, they were aligned with the Democrats from the git-go. There was no transition.

2018-11-18 on pj-instapundit

The first of the bad emperors.

2018-11-17 on pj-instapundit

I like it. Even the Dims’ emphasis on identitarian politics fits. Let’s hope they don’t get power and build the camps. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wants to nuke us/US.

2018-11-17 on pj-instapundit

And if they don’t? The problem with ultimata is that you have to follow up or you are perpetually discredited. This is Trump’s red line, and he needs to find a way to erase it quietly.

2018-11-16 on pj-instapundit

The British Ruling Class does not see the Anglosphere as an option. It’s too narrow and restricting to them.

And the US has not ever been a member, despite Churchill’s dreams. The UK, Canada, Australia and NZ are full-blown socialist states, with parliamentary systems, and no civil rights.

2018-11-16 on pj-instapundit

Turkey has been an ally almost as long as Britain and France. It is long past time we mended fences with Erdogan. Send him Fethullah Gulem

2018-11-16 on pj-instapundit

No FARC? How about M-13?

2018-11-16 on fortruss

The Straits of Gibraltar are an international waterway, and Spain has no authority over them. The Russian navy can pass through it any time at pleasure. Stopping them would be an overt act of war.

2018-11-16 on pj-instapundit

The solution is single-sex schools. All formerly men’s colleges should expel all the women and revert to all-male status.

That would also solve the quality issue. Majority women colleges (like all modern liberal arts schools) are just mediocre women’s finishing schools. I say mediocre, because of the graduates can speak or read/write French or another foreign language, none can do needle point, none can play the piano, none can manage a house or organize a dinner party…

Don’t even mention foreign language requirements. The instructional programs are abject failures.

2018-11-16 on pj-instapundit

Progressive Jews are always duped by their allies. They need to align with Whites, especially dissident right Whites. Their current allies will eventually kill them, like Stalin did.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

State schools have their own problems, as I well know after 35 years teaching at one. But the issue here is the consolidation of a hereditary elite. The inordinate power of the Ivy elite is extraordinary, greater than the French nobility prior to the Revolution. And that power is ever increasing.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

Actually, Russia and China are consolidating their hold on Eurasia, fulfilling MacKinder’s prophecy. If the US doesn’t reach some sort of accommodation with Russia, which after all is European, we will be driven back into our North American refuge. Russia/China is winning the current contest. We are losing.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

I hope they’re not using that as an excuse for driving a frigate in front of an oil tanker.

Re sick man of Europe. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev all, at one time or another, proposed a united Europe from “Lisbon to Vladivostok” (Putin). Russia would be in the EU and NATO. Washington sabotaged that offer, and now we have a hostile Russia in an alliance of sorts with China.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

Our allies who are adopting the F35 ought to consider that the US can shut down any F35 it wants via the network. No ally can use any F35 for an attack that the US does not approve. That includes Israeli strikes anywhere in the MENA.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

If the Ivies had grown as did the big state schools since 1920, they would each have 60,000 students and 5,000 faculty, and the affirmative action nonsense would go away.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

Americans need to face the reality that the regime in Washington is utterly corrupt, utterly violent and utterly illegitimate.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

The refugees won’t be allowed to leave Taiwan, and we might see a brain drain of Chinese engineers and scientists back to China and Taiwan. My personal experience on a STEM faculty suggests that most Chinese nationals in the US are quite patriotic.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

Except our NATO alliance is an empty shell.

My daughter married a German some 15 years ago, and they have a condominium near a major German army base. Commuting on the local public transit, she has overheard many conversations among German officers, some who served in Afghanistan, commenting about how aggressive and dangerous (to everyone) American troops and officers were.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

Chinese plans should not be evaluated independently of Russian, Iranian and North Korean plans. These four are in a semi-alliance, and they are likely to support one another in a future conflict. That’s not guaranteed, but the likelihood needs to be taken into account.

China is likely close to naval and air superiority in the Nine Dash Zone, and will probably have it in a few years. Then the countries around the China Sea will have to make some long term decisions. One factor is their historical experience of brutal Japanese colonialism, which every country in the region experienced. Both China and the Philippines also experienced American colonialism, and Vietnam fought a colonial war against us. That history, combined with China military might, could make all those countries switch sides.

2018-11-15 on pj-instapundit

Considering what Muslims are doing in Europe and North America, I giving the Chinese and the Burmese a pass. They are, in fact, a good example of what needs to be done here.

2018-11-14 on cdrsalamander

Is the decapitation program working? Osama bin Laden is dead, and we now have Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all sorts of affiliated terrorists organizations spread from South America, across Africa, into Central Asia and the Middle East and over to Indonesia? Is that a record of a successful program?

By the way, ISIS continues to pump and export oil to the world market. The trucks cross Syrian space allegedly controlled by the US/Kurds, and the oil exits via Turkey. ISIS gets money from the oil via the US-controlled SWIFT financial system. Do they bank it in NYC? ISIS continues to get recruits and arms from outside Syria, and they cross American controlled territory to get to ISIS controlled space, which happens to be only 3 miles or so from an American base.

Is our Global War on Terror a farce?

2018-11-14 on pj-instapundit

Modern must mean the last 150 years. 10,000 years ago was the hottest period of the Holocene, and its been downhill since, with fluctuations.

2018-11-13 on pj-instapundit

Any male professional is a fool if he has anything to do with women, except for the bare minimum required of courtesy and to do the work. No mentoring, no luncheons, no business travel, no touching, no commenting on anything, appearance or otherwise.

2018-11-13 on powerlineblog-com

If they were serious, they would circulate the journal in secret, hand-to-hand, like the original samizdata.

2018-11-13 on pj-instapundit

ISIS is still alive and kicking along the Euphrates River in Syria, and likely still in Iraq. And it now has branches throughout MENA and Central Asia. Whatever damage ISIS has suffered has come at the hands of the Russians and Iranians. We have by and large stood by and watched the ISIS rampage. Nowadays we are defending ISIS in Syria from attacks by Assad and his allies.

2018-11-13 on pj-instapundit

They are a communist dictatorship. Their ability to impose desired solutions on their economy far exceeds what can be done in a democracy, and problems that would lead to economic crashes in the US can be suppressed by fiat.

To somewhat elaborate on TomGrey’s point, the communist regime in China adopted a semi-capitalist system and in doing so they raised 300 million people from poverty to sorta middle class standards, and created thousands of millionaires and many billionaires. Of course, there is another billion to go, but China has been the greatest economic success story in the last 100 years.

PS. I would add Putin’s resurrection of Russia from the Soviet ashes as another world historic economic success.

2018-11-13 on blazingcatfur

He is actively supporting the homosexual/pedophile faction in the hierarchy. This is the greatest crisis in the Church since the Reformation.

2018-11-13 on pj-instapundit

Welles, like Kubrick and Malick, is grossly over rated. They all get a pass from the critics because they and the critics are communists.

Steinbeck is another hack overhyped by communists because he was a communist.

2018-11-12 on infoproc

If politics is genetic, then it is impossible to eliminate political arguments.

2018-11-12 on pj-instapundit

The raid was a fiasco.

2018-11-12 on pj-instapundit

The political realignment of the 1970’s (which Glenn should have remembered, he’s old enough), purged the Democrat Party of its Southern racists, as well as its moderates and conservative. Until then, both parties were Big Tent parties, and included the full spectrum of political belief. The Republican Party was arguably to the left of the Democrats, as it had been since the days of John Brown, Ante Bellum.

To now-a-days chastise a socialist/communist party for the sins of its enemies is absurd. Especially since those very enemies are now ensconced in the Republican Party.

2018-11-12 on moonbattery

An population with an average IQ doesn’t produce many literate people, either in South Africa, Africa in general, the Caribbean, Brazil or America’s black ghettoes.

2018-11-12 on pj-instapundit

Can Mexico do anything about this? Mexico is close to being a failed state, and maybe it is. There are reports that the caravans are being organized by the drug cartels.

Mexicon, not Russia, Iran or China, is the existential threat to the US. The mass migrations now underway will change the American Southwest into another Mexico/Central America, complete with failed state and local governments, actual rule by drug gangs in many locales, and sever poverty and violence. The Chicago ghetto is a taste of things to come.

And the question will be, Can the rot be sequestered in the Southwest, or will it diffuse throughout the US?

2018-11-12 on pj-instapundit

The war on terror goes back to 1992. Somalia’s Mohamed Farrah Hassan Aidid was its first target. That war is still underway. Now we’re fighting Aidid’s grandchildren.

More on topic. My grandfather and my father fought over the same French countryside a quarter century apart. War to end all wars indeed.

2018-11-12 on pj-media

Did anyone remember that WW I also brought us an evil even greater than Naziism? The Soviet Union, Maoism, communism everywhere.

And communism is still with us and ascendant in the west.

2018-11-12 on pj-media

Small potatoes in the enormous world war then going on. And what more could anyone do? Every available person was already committed.

2018-11-11 on pj-instapundit

Trump should have Acosta arrested and prosecuted for assault and battery.

2018-11-11 on cdrsalamander

Off topic, I apologize:…

Written by someone who is not a friend and posted at a hostile web site. But reads like a CDR Salamander piece.

2018-11-11 on pj-instapundit

The academic establishment is the source of this corruption. How can you expect them to condemn it? It is the academic establishment, which includes most faculty, that is itself depraved and corrupt.

2018-11-10 on pj-instapundit

Russia’s Adm. Kuznetsov is technically a “heavy, air craft-carrying, destroyer (or cruiser).” That designation is needed to get it through the Bosporus.

The F35B will be copied by many countries, and all of a sudden anything like a WW II Essex class is once again a viable, effective air craft carrier, with better reach than the original Essex. I think we have witnessed a revolution in naval air. Now you can have a carrier for $2 to $3 billion, not $15 billion, and you can have lots of them.

Russia is working on VTOL, too, so the Kuznetsov is history and not lamented. Maybe there will be a reprise of Coral Sea.

2018-11-09 on pj-instapundit

The European front runs from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Scandinavia and Finland (different ethnies) are irrelevant. As one moves west, the front is squeezed into the German plain by the Carpathians and Alps, but it never moves into Finland, Sweden or Norway.

Of course, Russia is not any kind of threat to Europe. The mortal threat to the Europeans is the Africans and Muslims, but no action is taken against them.

The main threat to the US is China, and a war with them becomes more likely year by year.

The second real threat to the US is Mexico and Central America. They might even be a bigger threat than China. After all, the main result of war with China is that we get expelled from East Asia, and that is not guaranteed, even if we lose Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines. Japan is the great prize there. Mexico and Central America have the potential to actually partition the US and undo the Mexican War. Even if that is not the result, they could make the American Southwest ungovernable.

2018-11-09 on pj-instapundit

Or, “Black men: Vote like Free Men.”

2018-11-09 on pj-instapundit

You haven’t been to a pet rescue shelter lately. In Ohio, it actually is harder to get a cat than a gun, there is more paper work, a more thorough background check and more restrictions on what you can and cannot do with the cat. And the local shelter boss, on his own, can ban you for whatever reason he likes and for whatever period he likes. The paper work costs more, too.

2018-11-09 on pj-instapundit

Are we going to withdraw from the Outer Space Treaty, which bans weapons of mass destruction (not just nuclear) from being placed in Earth orbit and on moons and planets? That would include, I think, Jerry Pournelle’s (RIP) idea of kinetic weapons, very large telephone pole-sized tungsten rods. You might get away with unarmed military space observatories like MIR and ISS, but the cost would be prohibitive. The ISS is over $100 billion by now. That’s a whole carrier strike group, Ford-class carrier, radars, stealth air craft, support vessels…

At some point, the Russians will withdraw from SALT I and SALT II and the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (OCFE). Then what? All these treaties — Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABMT), Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF), the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)– were negotiated because we thought we benefited from them.

2018-11-09 on infoproc

As the correlations get better, one problem will be to convince parents and children that their lives are not predetermined (pace Augustine and Calvin), that they should collapse into a fatalistic despondency on the one hand or an arrogant megalomania on the other.

2018-11-08 on thereferenceframe

You must know by now that I am the epitome of the clueless layman, a mere civil/sanitary engineer. However, some googling gives,

E = h(nu) = mc^2

so I get it.

Now, I wonder, what is the standard frequency for the kg?

2018-11-08 on pj-instapundit

While the constitutional amendment process calls for a three-quarters majority of the States for approval of an amendment, Article V provides that NO state can be deprived of equal representation in the Senate without its approval. This effectively changes the amendment process to require unanimous consent for any amendment changing Senate representation among the States.

2018-11-08 on pj-instapundit

Everything after the 12th.

2018-11-08 on thereferenceframe

So, what is the new definition of the kilogram? Some people were pushing for a definition in terms of one mole of C-12.

2018-11-07 on infoproc

Is this some sort of satire? Or am I not woke?

2018-11-07 on infoproc

I am astonished. Back in the 1960’s, when I was in grad school, everyone in empirical fields took at least one year of statistics, which included experimental design and replication. Type I and II errors, power, p values (now despised) were all discussed. T tests, F tests, Chi square, various kinds of ANOVA were all discussed. We weren’t taught Bayesian inference, although the Bayes rule was.

I suppose our NPC replacements don’t need any of that as long as they know the important chants.

2018-11-07 on pj-instapundit

Do we have a varsity team in this game?

2018-11-07 on pj-instapundit

The US Navy has not fought a war since 1945. It has all sorts of readiness issues and training issues. One wonders if it can fight against a near peer.

The Army hasn’t fought a war since 1973, and it lost that one and all the rest since. Don’t cite Hussein’s joke army. We ultimately lost Iraq. The Iranians and the Shia militias won that one.

2018-11-06 on pj-instapundit

We used paper ballots today in Ohio.

Re Maxinius, we had to produce state-issued ID, in my case my photo drivers license. And I had to answer questions relevant to my place of residence.

2018-11-06 on pj-media

Just how stupid is Ezra Klein? Does he not know that the USA is a republic, not a democracy? That the Constitution contains a number of anti-democratic provisions—the Bill of Rights, the Senate, the Electoral College, States’ Rights? A true American opposes democracy.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

No. It’s not a question of charge. It’s the kind of matter.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

It’s not just any old prediction. It’s the most basic theory of gravity. According to General Relativity, there is no gravitation force. Mass bends spacetime, and all mass bends it the same way. So, the question sort of doesn’t make sense.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

They’re not sorry about anything other than losing the war.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

Although Brazil has an IQ problem and a spotty history.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

Japan’s main liability is its truly brutal and exploitive colonial history throughout the region. China, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia all suffered under the Japanese boot. Korea since before WW I. That would suggest China would have an easier time seducing the other countries around the China Sea. The greatest prize would be the Philippines, which suffered under both American and Japanese colonialism. The US killed hundreds of thousands of Filipinos putting down the Moro uprising. Control of the Philippines would eliminate most of the choke points hemming in China, and open its way to the western Pacific.

That said, if China could reach an accommodation with Japan, or worse and alliance, the US would lose the western Pacific and be reduced to an eastern Pacific power.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

Russia’s GDP (ppp) is about 10% larger than Germany’s, and the Russian economy produces many more things than does the German economy. In fact, Russia’s industrial sector is more comprehensive than our own. However, the vast territory and its extremely high per caput infrastructure costs and the fact that Russia’s population is almost twice Germany’s reduces the Russian standard of living.

Russia’s cultural history puts the US cultural contributions to shame. Our only contribution for the last quarter century has been to invade Third World countries and kill their people and destroy their infrastructure. We are the World’s greatest terrorist state.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

It strikes me that claims that affirmative action hurt minorities are tendentious in the extreme. It does, however, hurt Whites and Asians by denying them access to high quality education, and its hurt everyone by dumbing down the level of instruction and discourse in the classrooms, especially in the humanities.

The problem of affirmative action in the Ivies would go away if their enrollment had grown with the US population. Big state schools like Ohio State and Alabama were once fairly small, with only several thousand students. Let Harvard et al. increase their enrollments to 60,000 each, and we won’t be having this argument.

2018-11-05 on pj-instapundit

Why is anyone surprised? Obama’s administration was full of anti-Semites and openly anti-Semitic in its polices.

Just how stupid are lefty Jews. Weren’t Lenin and Stalin lessons enough? Hitler was the icing on the cake.

2018-11-04 on pj-instapundit

The grandchildren of the Nazis still keep the old Nazi dream alive and paralize the Ukrainian government. There will be no peace until the Nazi militias are suppressed.

2018-11-04 on pj-instapundit

In any trade war with China, the grim reality would be that they have the modern factories, the skilled workers and the technical R&D base to develop new things. We have companies like Apple that import and distribute finished goods, and put their names on them. China’s problem would be to find new markets for their goods. They have huge undeveloped hinterland with a billion people, but creating new markets there would be hard. America’s problem would be empty store shelves, a thousand new Sears going out of business, and people without clothing, electronics or other manufactured goods to buy. We could rebuild our lost industrial sector, but that would take years, and who would be fool enough to lend desperate debtors, awash in red ink, with the needed funded.

2018-11-04 on pj-instapundit

The Soviet Union died and went to a well-earned Hell over a quarter century ago.

I actually knew and worked with a Hungarian refugee from 1956 who, with his wife, fled west across barbed wire fences. I also used to play cards with a kid whose family fled Castro in 1959 by boat. And Boston was full of old Jews with blue numbers tattooed on their arms.

Today, the main threat is in Washington, and it is other Americans. Where can we flee?

2018-11-04 on pj-instapundit

The UK is officially a Stasi police state. They don’t have a really good place for a Gulag. South Georgia and the Southern Sandwich Islands will have to do.

Or maybe they can stuff the Bad Whites into all those defunct coal mines.

2018-11-02 on pj-instapundit

There is no reason for an intelligent, ambitious white boy to go to college, any college, any discipline.

2018-11-02 on cdrsalamander

At all times, in every era, the European Front runs from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. West of Poland it narrows to the Northern European plain, Germany, the Low Lands, northern France. The Arctic is an irrelevancy.

2018-11-02 on pj-instapundit

Let us hope the US backs down. If the sanctions successfully shut down Iranian oil exports, which is the stated goal, Iran would close the Straits of Hormuz. It would require a major invasion of Iran to reopen it, which means no oil exports from the Gulf for at least several months to a year or more. That is 20% of world consumption. From past experience, we know it would take at least two months just to assemble an invasion force, probably in Oman, if we could talk them into it.

The ensuing war would be ours alone. No NATO ally other than maybe UK would join in, and their forces are risible. Iran has 80 million people and a GDP of $1.8 trillion. That’s almost as many people as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria combined, and twice their total GDP. Aside from a few urban secularists, the regime has the support of a majority of the Iranian people and its military. Iran is the only country in the region other than Israel that has its own defense industry. We would be fighting in the Zagros Mountains to keep the Iranian missiles out of range of the Straits. Mountain fighting. How nice.

If things go badly, a la Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia…, the Iranian war could be a repeat of Vietnam. Russia shares a border with Iran, and Russia and China would happily supply Iran with whatever it needed against the US, just to tie down our forces in another stupid war.

2018-11-01 on pj-instapundit

If we succeed in shutting down Iran’s oil exports, we will get a major war in the Persian Gulf region that shuts down all oil exports from the region for months. And that’s assuming we can win such a war. It would take two months to stage the troops needed for an invasion of Iran, and many months more to defeat the Iranians.

How about $30/gal regular, and strict gas rationing? How about 20,000 dead Americans? That’s what the Administration is flirting with.

2018-11-01 on pj-instapundit

If Larry Page and Sergey Brin want to keep their company, they have to fire the women or at least the ringleaders.

2018-11-01 on pj-instapundit

In my personal experience, the vast majority of continuing education courses in engineering are scams. ChrisIowa is right. Engineers learn new skills as needed on the job.

2018-11-01 on pj-instapundit

At some point in the next decade, China will have both naval and air superiority in the East and South China seas. They also need to complete the OBOR project to provide an alternative (if expensive) route for strategic resources. They will not make any move before both happen. The only exception would be an attempt by Taiwan for full independence. That would lead to a war with Taiwan, but the US would stand aside, out of tactical and strategic necessity.

At some point, the US might quietly back down and stop talking about freedom of navigation. That would probably be the wisest course.

2018-11-01 on pj-instapundit

Don’t abolish the Ivy’s. Expand their enrollments to 60,000 students each.

2018-11-01 on infoproc

If IQ varies between groups due to genetic differences between groups, then personality does, too, and also for genetic differences. So, if Harvard wants personalities that differ from the Asian mean, it is reasonable that they discriminate against Asians.

The anti-Asian bias offends modern (i.e., since 1960, or so) American sensibilities, but what is the legal basis for a remedy? Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex. Affirmative Action, the established law, necessarily replaces applicants of one race with applicants of another. Moreover, Harvard is a private corporation.

I suppose the fact that Harvard is first and foremost a research university, with a modest-sized undergraduate college appended, means that general federal anti-discrimination rules apply, and that Harvard’s research income is at risk. But does anyone see the feds denying Harvard’s faculty research grants? At most, some clever judge will find an inventive argument to sanction Harvard some way and force them to take Asians.

Before WW II, Ohio State University (and Michigan State College) was relatively small with only about 7,000 students, or so. Nowadays, tOSU has over 60,000 actual student bodies roaming around its Columbus campus. Harvard’s, and whole of the Ivy’s, problems would go away if Harvard has 60,000 students and 4,000 faculty.

2018-10-31 on pj-instapundit

It doesn’t belong in England anymore. They forfeited the right to keep it.

2018-10-31 on pj-instapundit

Don’t forget their regular students. A majority of the graduate students enrolled in our graduate STEM programs are foreigners, and Chinese nationals are the largest group among them. In some STEM programs, the Chinese are an absolute majority of all students enrolled.

Graduate students are apprentices. They learn by doing research, inventing theories and experimental methods, writing a publishing refereed papers and getting research grants from the federal government. Some of our cutting edge technology was invented by Chinese graduate students in our colleges.

Then they go home, and take their knowledge, skills and inventions with them.

And, of course, because our defense industries are led by really stupid, corrupt people, Chinese cyber experts easily penetrate many of the secret databases that support our military, and take what they want.

They have a two-edged sword, and they cut us with both edges.

2018-10-31 on pj-instapundit

Iran has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz and shut off all oil exports from (and food imports to) the region. They don’t need a navy or air force. They can do it with land-based missiles and artillery. That would remove 20% of world oil production from the market and cause economic chaos that cripples everyone, including the Iranians. We, also, import 10% of our oil consumption.

We can reopen the Straits, but that would require a massive ground war to conquer Iran to a depth equal to the range of its anti-ship missiles, generally 200 miles, but newer ones with a 400 mile range. It would also take a few months, at least. We would need two months just to stage the troops. And where? Oman?

2018-10-31 on cdrsalamander

When the Taliban take over, they will need helicopters, and they will decide which they want. Russia will make them a deal they can’t refuse, and old times will be forgotten.

2018-10-31 on pj-instapundit

In toto, combined, you might be correct. There are many military experts who think the US military budget is mostly waste, and that the US must spend $5 to $10 to get the same result as $1 of Russian or Chinese spending. Some experts even think the Russians, and maybe the Chinese, have achieved technological superiority in many, but not all areas (e.g., stealth).

2018-10-31 on pj-instapundit

The idea of a conventional war in Europe is absurd. There are four nuclear powers with interests there, and each has independent control of its weapons. A war in Europe is necessarily nuclear. The opening incident would be a preemptive nuclear strike on something or someone. Then everyone would climb the escalation ladder until all of Europe (Atlantic to the Urals) and all of the US and Canada were incinerated.

I doubt that any conventional weapon would be used by anyone. The war would be over before the troops got out of their barracks. Germany’s policy is rational. A small, relatively harmless conventional force suitable for civilian mob management and occasional threat displays. The UK (and France) is delusional with dreams of lost empires and ancient heroics, but their conventional forces are also irrelevant in the European theater.

Conventional forces are useful to intimidate Second and Third World countries, and that is how the US and NATO actually use them.

2018-10-29 on pj-instapundit

Keeping everyone out of Harm’s Way.

2018-10-29 on pj-instapundit

We have a long history of laughing at Chinese mistakes, and then, a few years later, complaining about how their unfair competition drove us out of one business after another, how they stole all our technology, how corrupt they are.

2018-10-27 on pj-instapundit

It is clear by now that as long as Putin is in charge there will be no Russian aggression. A US/NATO preemptive attack on Russia, even a nuclear one, is a possibility, although very unlikely.

What we have seen since 1992 is repeated acts of wanton, unprovoked aggression by the US. The one act of aggression that would have been justified would have been an attack on Saudi Arabia for 9/11. But that one didn’t happen. Today, the US is the World’s leading terrorist state, attacking and destroying countries left and right, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and driving millions into exile, destroying billions upon billions of dollars of civilian infrastructure in poor countries. Some of our wars have been going on for more than a quarter century. Somalia is beginning its 27th year this winter. Yemen is only a few years old, but already that war has killed tens of thousands, is starving hundreds of thousands and has wrecked the country.

Americans have not stopped these horrors. Horrors that benefit only the MIC. Horrors that reveal the corruption and utter incompetence of our military. Instead, many Americans cheer on the war criminals. We are individually responsible for this. Eventually justice will be served, and we will grieve.

I voted for Trump in part because he said he would wind down these wars. But the Deep State/Cabal slapped him down publicly. Tell me why we should vote.

2018-10-27 on thereferenceframe

For years, Ohio State University has advertised open tenure track jobs that only women and/or minorities could apply for. If a White male did so, his application was summarily trashed without review.

More recently (last 15 to 20 years) the University has demanded that every applicant for a faculty job submit an affidavit supporting various SJW positions and that they submit proof that they have done so in the past.

A woman I worked with for years, who is now chair of the department’s promotion and tenure committee thinks these are good things. Civil engineering needs women and POC’s.

Kenyon College, once a men’s college, is now 55% female. It’s actually possible to walk around the campus without encountering a man.

2018-10-27 on pj-instapundit

I lived through it supposedly, but it never got to my neighborhood. Like everything, only the 1% got any.

2018-10-26 on pj-instapundit

Solar and wind never have capacity factors higher than 30 to 40%, and the great majority of installations have capacity factors of 10% or less. That means 60 to 90% (usually 90%) of the rated power must come from “backup” fossil fuel-powered generators. These are almost always gas turbines that idle continuously 10 to 40% of the time and generate electricity at full power the rest of the time, 100% of the time generating carbon dioxide.

The costs cited never include the duplicate “backup” generators and attribute all the rated power to the solar or wind installation

2018-10-26 on cdrsalamander

A 550 ship Chinese navy strikes me as fantastical. But a Chinese navy and air force sufficient to dominate the China Seas is a realistic goal, especially by 2030 or soon after.

A very good parallel strategy for China would be to induce/seduce the Philippines into an alliance that would allow the deployment of Chinese military to various places in the islands. Air and naval bases in the Philippines would give China control of the China Seas and an open door to the western Pacific.

I do not know if that would be possible, but there is a substantial anti-American faction in the Philippines, and they might be the lever. On the other hand, Chinese arrogance might be too much.

2018-10-26 on cdrsalamander

We might have the will (dubious), but we definitely do not have the money. The current military is grossly overextended and eating its capital. It needs to cut back operations and procurement to get its hardware back on line.

2018-10-26 on powerlineblog-com

If you order a steak with that salad, you will have a steak knife.

2018-10-26 on moonbattery

When Megyn was young and pretty, the network execs would put up with her nuttiness, because she drew viewers. Now, she’s middle-aged and no so nice to look at, and her nuttiness is unbearable.

2018-10-26 on pj-instapundit

A believer in realpolitik would say that Saudi oil is more important than the vicious murder of a semi-journalist. Moreover, the Saudi royal family is evil, vicious, violent, depraved and corrupt, so what do you expect? If we didn’t respond to Saudi involvement in 9/11, why should we care? If we actually help the Saudis bomb Yemeni schools and hospitals and starve the Yemeni people, so what if Khashoggi gets cut up? Is he halal?

2018-10-26 on infoproc

Since when, in Standard English typography, are spaces put around the slash? That does occur in French and some European languages, but not in Standard English.

2018-10-26 on thegatewaypundit

The relationship of Reform Judaism to actual Judaism is similar to the relationship between Unitarian/Universalism and Christianity. None.

2018-10-26 on blazingcatfur

This is the equivalent of an American deficit of US$ 3 trillion, or so.

2018-10-25 on pj-instapundit

Where is Pinochet when we need him?

2018-10-24 on pj-instapundit

The Alaska class cruisers were down-sized Iowas with 9-12in guns.

2018-10-24 on pj-instapundit

Where is our Pinochet?

2018-10-24 on pj-instapundit

Is this coming from Hong Kong? Natives of Hong Kong might still have some Commonwealth rights to move to any Commonwealth country, like Canada. So how does Canada deal with it?

If it is Hong Kong money, is it a problem?

2018-10-24 on pj-instapundit

Looking for Nazi battleships in the fjords.

2018-10-24 on thereferenceframe

One is reminded of Gore’s favorite chart, the Vostok ice core. That shows temperature changes leading carbon dioxide by 400 to 800 years. And we’ve known for some time that temperature rises preceded carbon diode rises during the 19th Century.

2018-10-24 on cdrsalamander

Do you mean Iowa? We also had a few Alaska class cruisers.

2018-10-24 on cdrsalamander

They are what we will have next time. Fix ‘em.

2018-10-24 on cdrsalamander

I’m old nough to remember, but I forgot the date. Thanks.

2018-10-24 on cdrsalamander

Whatever you think of the LCS, we are going to have 32 of them, 10% of the entire fleet. We simply have to find a fix that makes them as useful and as survivable as they can be. So stop the whining and carping, and come up with solutions that let our sailors be effective at what they will be tasked to do and that gives them a decent chance of survival.

We may not get a frigate until the last LCS is sent to the scrap yard 40 years from now. Fortunately, we can still build Burkes and Virginias.

2018-10-23 on pj-instapundit

An utterly asinine deployment. This is the last place in the world we would fight Russia. Alaska is more likely. Has the administration forgotten all their threats against Iran? Only two carrier struck groups deployed, each thousands of miles from the main event. The Navy keeps whining about lack of ships, and then they do something as stupid as this. On the bright side, there aren’t many container ships to run into that far north. Nor any Iranian sailors to make ours cry.

2018-10-23 on pj-instapundit

This crap exists everywhere, not just California. For years, Ohio State University has had faculty positions that only women and minorities can apply for, and it insists that all candidates demonstrate a commitment to SJW policies and goals.

There are schools in this country that will not give a graduate student a degree or let him enroll in classes unless he takes a SJW oath.

2018-10-23 on pj-instapundit

There is a libertarian fantasy that free trade, open borders and globalization will create such wealth that war between countries, especially democracies, will be impossible. Libertarians also believe everyone knows this, and, even more importantly, that everyone wants wealth over national pride and identity, and that there are no revolutionaries who want to overthrow the existing system.

The Iranians and Saudis for sure, and likely the Russians, Chinese and Indians and others might reject the libertarian dream and dream their own dream.

Yet we had WW I + WW II. WW III (and last) is a distinct possibility.

If Bolton gets his war, that would be two sunk warships in the Strait.

2018-10-22 on pj-instapundit

Time travel is forbidden by relativity or the speed of light or by causality, whih are pretty much the same thing.

2018-10-22 on pj-instapundit

The City Council of Mount Vernon, Ohio, is discussing prohibiting 18 to 21 year-olds from buying e-cigarettes and vaping apparatus. They would still be allowed to buy actual cigarettes.

2018-10-22 on pj-instapundit

Bolton is a notorious warmonger, and he will get his war if he can. Better Iran than China, but the economic impact would be worse with an Iranian war.

2018-10-22 on pj-instapundit

Most trade unions used to run apprentice programs. Of course, that worked because the unions controlled to local labor market, and an apprentice could not get work on his own until he became a journeyman.

I suspect the German system, often cited, has the same feature–the apprentice is restricted until he becomes a journeyman.

In my father’s union, the apprenticeship lasted five years, and apprentices were paid only a fraction of the journeyman’s wage.

2018-10-21 on pj-instapundit

The is zero chance of any future need for an amphibious landing anywhere in Europe, especially Norway. The Nazi battleships were sunk long ago. Iran is another matter entirely, but we seem to be disengaging from the region. No carrier strike group within thousands of miles (at least a month’s sail), and no Patriot anti-air/anti-missile system. Lots of ground troops standing idly around.

2018-10-19 on pj-instapundit

“President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un state the following:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.”

Kim thinks this is a sequential process in which denuclearization comes 3rd after steps 1 and 2. Trump disagrees. Moon is short-circuiting the process and trying to get a full peace treaty now.

The bottom line for North Korea is a peace treaty and normalization of relations with the US and South Korea, including no sanctions. After that, Kim will discuss denuclearization. That will require compensation for the resources and labor the North Koreans spent on their nuke and missile program. It may also require development funds for the North. We are looking at hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation and development. Kim will likely also require the removal of American forces from the Peninsula, but that might be negotiable if he gets the rests.

2018-10-19 on pj-instapundit

Harvard is a major research institution. It spends about $1 B on research each year, and gets about $550 M from the federal government. About $300 M comes from the earnings on its endowment, and these monies are directed to researchers in fields that are lightly funded by the federal government, like the social sciences and humanities. Loss of federal dollars would virtually shut down Harvard’s graduate school.

2018-10-19 on pj-instapundit

The countries around the South China Sea have to consider whether they should align with a rising world power and the soon-to-be largest world economy or whether they should stick with a stagnant, possibly declining, world power. The is a pure realpolitik choice.

The growing power of China cannot be contained. A determined attempt to do so will lead to war, possibly nuclear war. Direct negotiations with China, not threats, sanctions or hostile coalitions, are what is needed now. The Washington Ruling Class is probably unable to behave rationally in this (or many other) situation(s).

2018-10-19 on pj-instapundit

Ledeen is right that we should be supporting the Iranian opposition, but the sad truth is that that opposition is likely smaller than America’s own Antifas movement, and has much less support. If Iran is wobbling, what are we doing.

For comparison, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have a combined population of 90 million and a combined GDP (PPP) of about $0.9 T. All that before the wars and the extensive destruction of their civilian infrastructure and large scale emigration. Iran has a population of 82 million and a GDP (PPP) of $1.8 T. Iran also shares a border with Russia and is on the western end of China’s New Silk Road. Were it not for the Ayatollahs and sanctions, Iran would be a First World country by now.

Considering how we fared and are faring in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, how likely is it that our strangulation policy against Iran will succeed? Zero? Do we resort to open war?

2018-10-18 on pj-instapundit

Does Stevie really support cutting up live people? He would have been a prized recruit at Auschwitz.

2018-10-18 on pj-instapundit

One place were convoy might be needed real soon is the Straits of Hormuz. There the need is anti-ballistic missile defenses, which means Aegis cruisers cruisers and destroyers with BMD capability. Currently, five cruisers and 28 destroyers can provide such defense.

As to trans-Atlantic convoys, any war with Russia will go nuclear real quick, and there won’t be time (or the need) to organize convoys.

You might also want to remember that those WW I and WW II convoys were made up of American, Canadian and British merchant marine. They were drafted into the war effort and forced to man the convoys. Nowadays, we have no merchant marine, and the freighters that do exist are owned by companies located in other countries, many of which are potentially hostile. There is no way to organize a convoy today because we do not have access to a merchant marine.

2018-10-17 on pj-instapundit

Ditto if the sanctions against Iran work.

2018-10-17 on pj-instapundit

Yes, and lose the entire Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and control of the Middle East oil reserves. I imagine Putin goes to mass every morning praying for that NATO will expel Turkey.

2018-10-17 on pj-instapundit

Iran has already threatened a general Persian Gulf war if its oil exports collapse. Sneaking around the US sanctions is in everyone’s best interest, including the US. A Persian Gulf war would shut down all oil exports from the Gulf for many months, collapse stock markets everywhere, and lead to a new Great Depression. A Third World War, which would be nuclear, would be very likely

2018-10-17 on pj-instapundit

The defunct Soviet Union had twice the population of modern Russia plus the population and industry of the Warsaw Pact allies. The Kremlinologists never got its economy right, but it was a valid threat to the US/NATO and a near peer. Modern Russia has been stripped of all those assets, but it still has 140 million people and an economy somewhat larger than Germany’s. So, even in its reduced state, it is not to be despised.

It would seem the same dunces who misread the Soviets all those years have been transferred to the China desk, and will provide us with more nonsense. However, the facts on the ground, what anyone can see, show that China is as much a threat and competitor as the Soviets ever were. Moreover, they have Russia as an ally.

2018-10-17 on pj-instapundit

The real story is that the Patriarch of Constantinople has claimed the right to reorganize the Orthodox Church. In this case, he has separated a long time historical part of the Russian Orthodox Church from the Patriarch of Moscow, and set it up as an “independent” Patriarchy. This is a usurpation in that Orthodox Patriarchs are supposedly equals, and none of them has any such authority. The Orthodox Church has no Pope, and the Great Schism of 1054 was over the pretentions of the Pope in Rome (officially once the Patriarch of the West) to govern the whole Christian Church.

This action by the Patriarch of Constantinople is an unsavory descent into partisan politics, and it is partially driven by the competition between Rome and Constantinople for influence in the Orthodox Church. Because the politics involve the Ukrainian government, the potential for violence over the control of individual parishes is very high.

2018-10-16 on pj-instapundit

The Uyghers are not good guys. This is basically a fight between bad guys.

The US and EU might take some lessons from the Chinese about how to handle their own unassimilable, hostile Muslim minorities.

2018-10-16 on pj-instapundit

This from an agency that can’t put a man into low earth orbit.

2018-10-15 on pj-instapundit

People have been working on algae-to-diesel for 30 to 40 years. The economics are bad.

Algae-to-animal feed has also been a project for over 40 years, but the product has too much DNA, which produces toxic byproducts when metabolized.

2018-10-15 on pj-instapundit

Kotkin is an ignorant writer. Feudalism is not the concentration of wealth, that occurs in many systems, especially totalitarian socialism. Feudalism is about patron-client relationships and land tenure. In a feudal society, clients owe personal allegiance and obedience to the patron set above them. There is no allegiance to the state or party. In fact, there is no state and no party. The patron also owns the land and lets out parcels in return for a share of the produce. In the real feudal societies of the past, the rents and other obligations were traditional and enforced by consensus. No of that exists anywhere anymore.

What is happening in California is the importation of the Latin American system of highly concentrated wealth ownership and political power into the hands of a very small minority, and widespread immiseration of the masses. There may be one, but I am not aware that sociologists have coined a word for it.

Also, what is happening is California is not fascism. Fascism was invented by the former Marxist Benito Mussolini. In his system, fascism is a form of totalitarian (his coinage) socialism in which ethnicity, the nation, is given precedence over economic class, the proletariate.

2018-10-13 on pj-instapundit

There have been launch failures before, and the ISS was not abandoned or empty.

2018-10-12 on pj-instapundit

White women, especially the lefties, have got to start voting for White Nationalists and start supporting White Nationalist programs.

2018-10-12 on pj-media

I have to disagree with most of your post.

The People’s Republic of China does not provide launch services for the US. Those services are provided by Russia. Russia also provides the rocket motors we use for our own launches, including the launches of our spy satellites.

Our loss of manned space capabilities and independent launch capabilities was not due to any conspiracy among NASA managers and workers to protect cushy jobs. Those losses are directly due to the rise of the welfare state. There was no US welfare program to speak of during the 60’s when NASA was at its heyday, and the Great Society gradually killed NASA. Today, every growing welfare state is killing our military.

2018-10-12 on pj-instapundit

A Supreme Court ruling is, in fact, law. The only way to change it is by Constitutional amendment. The principle of Stare Decision governs judges, because otherwise there is no law, only chaos.

2018-10-12 on pj-instapundit

I actually consider myself to be dissident right.

2018-10-11 on cdrsalamander

A combat capable readiness goal of 80% (up from about 30%) requires redistribution of funds from operations, like Afghanistan, and procurements, like the F-35.

Love the picture. My father transferred directly from a troop transport to an LST on June 7. Never spent a single day in England.

2018-10-11 on pj-instapundit

The Bible is number one on the To-Burn list.

2018-10-11 on pj-instapundit

We have a military that is so overextended that it cannot maintain any of its vehicles–planes, ships, tanks– and it cannot adequately train its personnel, as the Navy and Green Berets have shown. Deferred maintenance and lack of training mean the military is eating its capital, actually becoming smaller and less capable. Fixing maintenance and training means that we have to transfer funds from operations, like Afghanistan, and procurement, like the F-35.

The situation is not going to get any better. The military already gets all the money the US economy can generate. The annual budget deficit is as large as the defense budget. In a very few years, the annual interest payment on the accumulated debt will be larger than the defense budget. Social security and Medicare and other social spending will not be cut; the defense budget will be cut.

Our military future is Britain and Germany. We will be the ones spending 1% of GDP for coastal defense.

2018-10-11 on pj-instapundit

A woman’s right to an abortion, for any reason or no reason, is settled law. If the Supreme Court consisted of nine Catholic bishops, they would not overturn that right. You might sneak in a few regulations about the procedure, but the fundamental law won’t change. You might as well try to reintroduce slavery.

2018-10-10 on pj-instapundit

The maintenance problem throughout the military includes ships and tanks as well as aircraft. There is also a severe training deficit. All of these are indicators that the US military is operating at an unsustainable pace, and it is eating its capital to do so. Mattis should learn from King Canute: you just can’t announce that something will happen. Maintenance monies must come out of either operating funds (like Afghanistan and Syria) or procurement funds, like the F-35, LCS…

In the near term, things get much worse. The annual budget deficit is about the size of the entire defense budget, and in a few years the annual interest payment on the accumulated debt will be the largest item in the federal budget. Social security, Medicare and other social spending cannot be cut (as long as we are a democracy of sorts). So military budgets will be cut. Take a good, hard look at the militaries of Britain and Germany, because that is our future.

The leaderships of Russia and China do not have the same degree of democratic restraint we do, China has none, and their populations are used to hardship. They will not miss a life style they never had. We will not give up the one we do have. At some point soon, the Eurasian alliance will achieve military superiority over us and our allies. Then the fun begins.

2018-10-10 on pj-instapundit

Soon there will be no White Democrats left. The Jews have a problem in that Perez and Ellison and the brown and black faction of the Party think Jews are White and the enemy. Feinstein and Schumer represent the last generation of Jewish Democrats.

Where the Jews can go is a mystery. The Democrats don’t want them, and they don’t want the Republicans. There are some fringe communist/socialist parties, but who wants to be fringe?

2018-10-09 on pj-instapundit

Apple has denied this chips exist.

2018-10-08 on pj-instapundit

I hope he hears every case involving Democrats with anger, hate and revenge in his heart.

2018-10-08 on pj-instapundit

I had a 2001. It was underpowered, but it was the most fun car I ever owned. It was made for backcountry roads, which is were I live.

I thought my midlife crisis was cured, so I sold it for a Subaru (???!!!). Whatever. I know.

Now you do this to me.

2018-10-08 on pj-instapundit

Oil refineries and petro-chemical plants average about one large fire/explosion about every year.

2018-10-08 on pj-instapundit

Stare Decisis==Stand by the decision, or uphold precedents.

This fundamental rule of law means that judges should uphold precedents except in the most extreme need. Otherwise, the law is in chaos. No one has any idea what a judge will decide on any given case.

Roe v. Wade is established law. Nine Catholic bishops would not overturn it.

School prayer, affirmative action… All are established law, and no one on the Court will consider overturning them.

2018-10-08 on cdrsalamander

I sorta knew how big the Zumwalt is, but that picture really drives the point home. When it was first commissioned, someone on a publicity tour commented about how empty it was, and was told that allowances had been made during the design period to accommodate all sorts of new technology when it became available. LCS.

Whatever. A ship that big must have some uses. Of course, the guns will have to be replaced due to lack of ammunition. Someone at NCIS recommended the Army/Marine MLRS. Even the Army/Marine 155 might be good, especially with Excalibur rounds (1/8 the cost of Zumwalt’s rounds).

Give it to the Marines, and let them have a crack at it.

2018-10-07 on pj-instapundit

Nor is it a place for a carrier strike group, a Burke destroyer/cruiser…

If we know anything from naval war games, the submarine always wins, and the carrier admirals always rig the game and lie about the result.

2018-10-07 on pj-instapundit

We do need a frigate, but we are at least 10 years, or more, from getting one. We aren’t even in a formal development process, just loose talk. We may never get one, at least not in time for the next police action. So we are stuck with 32 (at full procurement) LCS, and at least 4 (8?) will be committed training vessels.

We have to do something with them. They are more heavily armed than a coast guard cutter, and likely faster, and have a reduced radar cross-section. They would be useless against any First World power and most Second World powers, but they are perfectly good enough for Third World Powers, like the Somalian pirates. Anti-pirate patrols along both sides of Africa, the Caribbean and the East Indies are good uses. They might be survivable in the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia thinks so. They are buying some.

Most LCS will deploy with a helicopter, which immediately gives some extended range to their fire power and radar. In today’s world of lightly and unarmored warships, a Hellfire missile is something to be avoided. I would try to get a couple of torpedo tubes aboard, lots of small ships and even cruisers used to carry torpedoes.

We put lots of warships to sea in WW I and WW II that were lightly armed and served well. Nearly ever country had something like the PT boat, and they actually sank some real warships, like cruisers.

2018-10-07 on pj-instapundit

A nice addition to the 57 mm autocannon, 30 mm Bushmasters and .50 cal machine guns. This is starting to become a serious small warship.

Of course, the whole mission module concept has been scrapped, and LCS of either variant will be equipped with a fixed set of weapons and a fixed mission.

However, like the rest of our surface navy, it had better stay away from the shores of Russia and China, or even India (unless invited).

2018-10-07 on pj-instapundit

Wait until the Ginsburg seat becomes open in a few years.

The principle of Stare Decisis, which is necessary for stable law and to prevent chaos, and which all lawyers reasonably subscribe to, means that sodomy and abortion are safe, as are the bans on school prayer and the continuation of affirmative action.

2018-10-05 on pj-instapundit

“its current military posture in the Gulf”

Well, our current posture includes no carrier strike group for the first time in years. The CSG was removed from the Persian Gulf and the region some time ago. The closest is in the North Sea a month away. Also, we are removing all our Patriot air and missile defense systems from the region, and moving them to the Far East. Those two changes are very large downgrades to our military capabilities in the region, so just what military posture are we talking about?

Iran just struck an ISIS bastion with missiles just three miles from the American base at Al-Tanf. Does that look like a set-back? The missile attack was supposedly retribution for the terrorist attack on a military parade in Iran. Besides that, the Ayatollahs are having problems with dissident groups in Iran, but those setbacks are not due to our partial withdrawal from the region.

2018-10-04 on pj-instapundit

Mattis statement is bizarre in the extreme. For the first time in years, there is no carrier strike group anywhere near the region, nor in the Persian Gulf. The closest is in the North Sea, a few weeks away. Moreover, the US just announced it is removing all its Patriot air and missile defense systems from the region and transferring them to the Far East.

These moves only make sense if the US has decided that Iran is NOT a threat. Actions speak louder than words.

2018-10-04 on pj-instapundit

By the way, Russia currently leases an old Norwegian submarine base at Olasvern (Tromso) above the Arcti Circle, which was closed and sold to a Norwegian company for pennies on the krone. It used to be semi-secret, and it is carved into a mountain for protection against air raids. The Russians are ostensibly using it for scientific research and oil exploration.

Norway is a member of NATO but not of EU.

2018-10-04 on pj-instapundit

And something a majority of Swedes seem content to let happen. What is wrong with Swedes?

2018-10-04 on pj-instapundit

If, in the highly unlikely event of a European war (of necessity nuclear), Sweden would be bypassed as an irrelevancy. Sweden actually supported the Germans in both wars, but nobody ever attacked her for it.

Sweden would add nothing to NATO, would probably further weaken it by adding another vote necessary to act. Sweden, like the Baltics, Poland and the other Central European states is a liability, not an asset. Ukraina and Georgia, of course, would be acts of war and a casus belli. Again, nuclear soon if not immediately.

Our Ambassador to NATO didn’t help matters by threatening to preemptively attack Russia’s Iskander missile sites. Someone in State laid off the martinis long enough to make her take back her comments.

2018-10-03 on pj-instapundit

Why does the US military use any imported weapons, parts or supplies? Even our NATO allies place restrictions on how, when and where we can use the things they sell us.

2018-10-03 on pj-instapundit

The Brits intend to mothball the Prince of Wales (QE II’s sister ship) when it is completed. Perhaps the US Navy should lease it, and put a Marine wing of F-35B’s on it. The Brits might want to add a squadron of their own. Many of our allies are buying F-35’s, maybe one of them would like to join the QE II also. How about Japan? Why not station it in Japan?

2018-10-03 on pj-instapundit

And to think, McNamara had to shove the M-16 down the Army’s throat.

2018-10-03 on cdrsalamander

Another thought. The Brits apparently intend to complete construction of the Prince of Wales and immediately mothball it. Why doesn’t the USN lease the PoW and put a Marine F-35B wing on it. Perhaps the Brits would like to add a squadron of its own. And we have other allies buying the F-35B. Would the Japanese like to get some carrier-experienced pilots? Could the PoW be deployed to Japan?

2018-10-03 on cdrsalamander

Calling the F-35B a Harrier is somewhat of a stretch. Stealth + advanced sensors/communications + superior performance …

More interesting is the recent raid by an F-35B from the Essex to a Taliban(?) site in Afghanistan. I have criticized this raid on economic/wasted resources grounds, but it does demonstrate that we have something new and new potentials.

Sometime ago someone over at USNI noted that the F-35B gives Marine Wasp-class carriers significant sea-control capability. The Marines have more Wasp-class carriers actually deployed than there are Nimitz-class Navy carriers. So, the Marines are deploying a significant fraction of our naval airpower.

Being clever monkeys, no doubt the Marines will find a reason to build a few more Wasp-class, and they are likely to get them. Next, they start deploying them without any attached MEU. They might even use names like Hornet, Saratoga, Lexington, Ranger, Langley…

Muy fun. Navy goat on the barbie.

2018-10-03 on pj-instapundit

de Lesseps also tried to build a sea-level canal, which was impossible given the technology of time, and might be impossible even now.

There were also some financial shenanigans, including bribery. From Wiki:

“The failure of the project is sometimes referred to as the Panama Canal Scandal, after rumors circulated that French politicians and journalists had received bribes. By 1892 it emerged that 150 French deputies had been bribed into voting for the allocation of financial aid to the Panama Canal Company, and in February 1893 de Lesseps, his son Charles (born 1849), and a number of others faced trial and were found guilty. De Lesseps was ordered to pay a fine and serve a prison sentence, but the latter was overturned by the Court of Cassation on the grounds that it had been more than three years since the crime was committed. Ultimately, in 1904 the United States bought out the assets of the Company and resumed work under a revised plan.”

2018-10-03 on pj-instapundit

Myers report is just another fake-american-neocon hit piece. No reporting by any FAN is credible.

2018-10-02 on pj-instapundit

Finch spoke the N-word and must be damned to eternal hell. He cannot possibly have any redeeming character. Also, the book has been banned in numerous schools because of Finch’s morally reprehensible speech, claims that the book is anti-racist notwithstanding.

2018-10-02 on pj-instapundit

We could trade Fethullah Gulen for Rev. Brunson.

Turkey is one of our oldest allies, joining the UN coalition against fascism in 1945 and signing a formal alliance with us in 1947. We had no allies prior to 1942, and both England and France were hostile towards us throughout nearly the entire 19th Century. They even considered attacking us during both the Crimean War and our Civil War.

Turkey also provided an infantry brigade of 5,000 troops during the Korean War, which was the fourth largest contingent fighting there.

Our problems with Turkey are the result of Israeli meddling in our politics and foreign policies. The likelihood of American and Israeli participation in the failed coup is fairly high, almost certain in the case of the US. Israel also prevented us from selling Patriot air defense systems to Turkey, which is why they are buying the Russian S-400.

If people could read maps, they would understand that Turkey is a critical piece of our strategic position in the Middle East, and Israel is a liability.

2018-10-01 on pj-instapundit

Does that include the engines and electronics, which are often priced separately?

2018-10-01 on infoproc

Is that an entangled state inside the ket?

2018-09-30 on pj-instapundit

That was another F-35B here in the states.

2018-09-30 on pj-instapundit

So, we have yet another example of me-tooism in the military. This action is a grotesque waste of resources, and symptomatic about why we can’t defeat the Taliban. It is also an example of the waste throughout the military. An infantry company would have been the appropriate unit for an attack on the fixed Taliban position, perhaps even an artillery strike. The fact is the Afghanistan is an infantry war, but we either won’t or can’t fight an infantry war.

We have also used B-2’s in Kosovo, MENA and Afghanistan, flying them from Whiteman AFB in Missouri. Thousands of miles each way with multiple refuelings each way.

That’s why we spend upwards of $1 trillion on the military each year (including benefits and retirees), and yet cannot win a war.

Just shameful.

2018-09-28 on pj-instapundit

Is there a reason that crypto-Democrat and fraud Kasich is included among the Republicans.

Baker, Hogan and Scott, and especially Kasich, need to be purged from the Party.

2018-09-28 on pj-instapundit

Elon Musk is a rent seeker. Everything he does depends on government subsidies. Nothing stands on its own. Tesla is a prime example of a subsidy driven Musk enterprise.

2018-09-26 on pj-instapundit

Iran can shut down all oil exports from the Persian Gulf for months. That’s 20 % of world consumption. The result would be another Great Depression and stock markets collapse.

The warmongers who comment here look at America’s immense military power and Iran’s weakness, and they believe a war with Iran would be a short walkover. But Iran does not need any navy or air force to close the Straits of Hormuz. That can be done with land-based artillery and rockets. In fact, it would likely take only one RPG fired from a sinlge speedboat into the castle of one tanker to halt all commercial shipping. The controlling party is not the US, or even Iran, it is the maritime insurance companies. They will cancel insurance for any ship operating in a war zone, and the ship owners will remove their vessels from the Gulf.

As has been demonstrated repeatedly, despite their lies, naval and land air power cannot interdict missiles. Remember Hussein’s Scuds, invisible to pilots in open, flat desert? Again, an occasional missile landing near a freighter or tanker is all Iran needs to close the Strait. Iran need not ever engage a warship. Warships and planes are irrelevant to the tactical situation.

The only way to keep the Strait open against Iranian aggression is to invade Iran and occupy its coastal region to a depth that exceeds missile range. That probably would entail occupying the western slopes of the Zagros Mountains, too. It would have to be a permanent occupation until there is regime change in Teheran, which might take years. The ayatollahs do have significant support, especially among the religious and rural population.

The occupation could keep shipping moving, but it would require a force of a few hundred thousand ground troops, likely the whole of our active duty Army and Marines and most of our reserves. We would likely have to do it alone. Europe would not want to help, and it lacks the military power to help.

China and Russia would laugh themselves half to death, and they would supply Iran with whatever it needed to keep the war going. Vietnam again, maybe larger, but with the same result.

The JCPOA was working, despite fake-American-neocon lies. Trump was duped into a massive strategic blunder. We will pay for the lies.

2018-09-26 on infoproc

Does Alain ever leave his Ivory Tower and walk the streets of Paris? Is he unaware that the France of his youth and young adulthood has been destroyed? Will the denizens of the banlieus have to tear down his Tower and kill him before he awakes from his slumbers.

2018-09-24 on pj-instapundit

The last US diesel-electric subs, the Tench class, deployed after WW II, had a range unrefueled and unreplenished of 11,000 nm and 75 days. Even with the batteries of the day, it could stay submerged 48 hours. This is a true transoceanic sub, capable of putting to sea from the west coast of the US, patrolling off the Chinese coast, and returning without refueling or replenishment. It carried 10-21 in torpedo tubes and a total crew of 81.

Modern diesel-electric AIP subs like Germany’s 212A class can stay submerged for 3 weeks without snorkeling. They have a shorter range, only 8,000 nm, and fewer torpedo tubes, 6-21 in, but those are design choices for a navy unlikely to sail beyond the North Atlantic. Nonetheless, the 212A can launch from the Baltic Sea, cruise the Caribbean and return to base without refueling or replenishment.

Modern designs would be larger and have many of the capabilities of the Virginia class, especially the ability to launch cruise missiles and transport Navy Seals. The Type 212A cost a little under $1 B, so you can get three of them for the same price as a Virginia. Or you could replace a Ford class Strike Group costing about $50 B with 50 of them, and they could bombard the Chinese and Russian coastlines and land targets, which carriers can no longer do. Let us assume US yards do the design and work, and we only get 25 diesel-electrics for the price of a carrier strike group. That still gives us an extremely large navy of boats that really matter and can really perform hazardous missions.

However, as Steve Green comments, the issue of manning such a fleet is another matter. In fact, manning our military without a draft is becoming very difficult, especially if one must staff high tech forces. The Army uses an IQ cutoff of about 85, which excludes half the Black and Hispanic population and one-sixth of the White population. And those passing the IQ limit often are disqualified for other reasons.

2018-09-24 on pj-instapundit

The expansion of Chinese influence in the world is much more rapid and extensive than I would have thought possible. This visit is a very big deal for our position in Latin America. China also operates on the periphery of the Middle East, and there are opportunities for them there as well.

2018-09-23 on pj-instapundit

There isn’t any. It won’t happen. The native English have been crushed by a new 1066.

2018-09-23 on pj-instapundit

The most likely scenario is that the Brits cave and crawl back into the EU.

2018-09-22 on pj-instapundit

The Talmud teaches that all goyim are animals. That likely includes you as well as me.

2018-09-22 on pj-instapundit

Good start! Now, ban kosher and halal foods and their various absurd costumes and beards.

2018-09-22 on pj-instapundit

In a free society, segregation is the choice of the people. Lee Kuan Yew (8/8/05 interview): “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

2018-09-22 on pj-instapundit

Likely around 60 million. Equal to the whole population of Britain or France. And a large majority on welfare or involved in crime.

2018-09-21 on pj-instapundit

The US has or is about to impose sanctions on China because China is buying some high-end Russian weapon systems. China has threatened to retaliate. What could go wrong?

2018-09-21 on pj-instapundit

I’m in agreement with most of this, except for ISIS. ISIS is our creature. We are actively defending it against Assad’s coalition. We allow it to pump Syrian oil and sell in on the world market. We and Israel give it arms. And we allow new recruits to join it.

ISIS sits in the region controlled by the US and the Kurds, and we do nothing. We could destroy ISIS in an afternoon, or merely starve it into submission, and we do nothing. The only power ever to attack ISIS is Russia.

2018-09-21 on infoproc

We are not only a surveillance state, both public and private organizations act on that data and seek out and punish their enemies. For now, it is a leftist monopoly, much like the rightest monopoly on guns.

At some point, it will become impossible for left and right to live in the same neighborhoods, towns or states or to attend the same schools and colleges. Rwanda beckons.

If you do not live in the country and have a gun, you are a fool.

2018-09-20 on pj-instapundit

Iran’s oil exports are still above 2015 levels, so they’ve got a way to go. The earlier sanctions did not stop Iran’s weapons programs or foreign adventures, and the new sanctions won’t either.

Expect Iran to repudiate the 5+1 agreement if there are future defections by the Europeans. It will be impossible to negotiate a new agreement, and that will put Iran back on the path to nuclear weapons. It will raise the possibility of a very large land war in Iran and chaos in the world oil markets. $500/bbl anyone?

2018-09-20 on pj-instapundit

David Duke should lead these meetings.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.–David Lane

“In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”–George Wallace

Or did I misunderstand the story?

2018-09-20 on pj-instapundit

The Israeli’s fly them against Syria’s S-300 system with good results. They would probably work against Russia’s S-400 system. But cost remains a problem. It is also a mystery, because air frames, engines and electronics come from different vendors and are priced out separately. The total cost is never revealed, at best only the air frame. The Navy plays a similar game with its carriers. The radars, air wing, supporting destroyers, submarines and replenishment ships are not included in the price.

The valid criticisms of the F-35 are short range, low payload and low speed (if stealthy). With respect to the F-35C, our carriers must be well within an opponents land-based defenses to attack any land target. That is the carriers, themselves, which are no way stealthy.

It remains to be seen if the Air Force gets the whole 2,500 or so it wants. The next Democrat President (2021?) will be a full blown socialist/communist/racialist and will have been elected as such. A sharp reduction in the size of the American military is probable with a socialist/communist/racialist President.

Jimmy Carter cancelled the B-1A, and we got the inferior B-1B from Reagan. The Russians went ahead and built their version of the B-1A anyway.

2018-09-20 on cdrsalamander

ISIS is our creature. It has two enclaves in Eastern Syria along the Euphrates, one of which is in territory we control. They are exporting oil through territory we control, and they are receiving weapons and new recruits through the same territory. Many of the weapons they get from us or the Israelis.

The idea that we are fighting ISIS is absurd. We are defending and supplying ISIS.

The deep irony is that Russia and Iran are the only hope for peace and security that the Syrian people have, even the Kurds.

2018-09-18 on pj-instapundit

Many years ago, my department chair at Ohio State told me that when he was appointed chair he discovered that all the endowed scholarships given to the department over the years had been totally drained, and that nowadays scholarships were funded out of the department’s annual fund.

2018-09-18 on cdrsalamander

DSJ, no, a thousand times no. The French still have colonial delusions. They to have them beaten out of them.

2018-09-17 on pj-instapundit

It is no longer possible to live in the same country as leftists. It is necessary that the US be broken up, and that leftist be sequestered in their own self-created Hell.

2018-09-16 on pj-instapundit

Lee Kuan Yew: ” In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

We have permanently entered racialist politics and parties. When American was 85% or more White, with a small, segregated, and impotent Negro minority, Whites could afford to argue over ideology. Now Whites have to vote for parties, policies and politicians that promote Whiteness. The left/right axis has been erased. And the Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden generation is the last generation of White leaders in the Democrat Party.

2018-09-15 on pj-instapundit

It’s called operant conditioning, just tinkle a bell and watch them howl.

2018-09-15 on pj-instapundit

I would fully support such a project if we could agree on the territory ceded to blacks. On the other hand, they are a tropical species, and, as jubadoobai points out, there is a whole continent for blacks.

2018-09-15 on pj-instapundit

People argue whether Russia or China has undue influence in our politics when the real threat is Israel. They control several members of both the Senate and House, have agents in the White House and throughout the Executive and have influential allies and minions in the media and entertainment business.

2018-09-14 on amerika-1

Libertarians are every bit as committed to the Blank Slate fallacy as any Progressive/Leftist. To Libertarians, people are identical atoms without culture, history or genetics. Any Libertarian, for consistency, must be committed to the absolute elimination of all borders and the absolutely free movement of goods and people without regard to any other principle.

This is, of course, a form of lunacy.

2018-09-14 on pj-instapundit

Count me on board with the Chinese regarding the Uyghurs and the Burmese regarding the Rohingya. Both are unassimilable Muslims. At some point, both the US and Europe will have to do their own ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

Even if we succeeded with the Muslims, we would still be left with an unassimilable and violently hostile black underclass. The future of the US (and Europe) is very bleak.

2018-09-14 on pj-instapundit

The Navy has decided not to procure ammunition for the main guns, because at $800,000 per round it is too expensive. So the main guns are nowadays decorative.

The Zumwalt’s existence implies enormous corruption among the Navy’s procurement personnel.

It has been pointed out by many others that the US Department of Defense’ primary mission is to transfer money to the Military-Industrial-Complex. Procurement officers who are especially successful at that task are rewarded by the MIC with cushy retirement no show jobs. The Sopranos could not do better for their soldiers.

2018-09-13 on pj-instapundit

The problem is land-based artillery and missiles. Ships, boats and aircraft are a side show.

2018-09-13 on pj-instapundit

The people of California voted for this. And the ones who move to Colorado or Nevada or Texas vote for the same things in their new homes. The disease is the people themselves.

2018-09-13 on pj-instapundit

Someone at USNI blog point out a while back that the Marine carriers now have some degree of sea control ability. They are not restricted to amphibious support.

2018-09-13 on pj-instapundit

This deployment has nothing to do with Syria. The Essex group is conducting exercises designed to keep open the Straits of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb at the southern end of the Red Sea. Both Straits can be closed by land-based artillery and missiles, and ground troops are needed to occupy all the land within artillery and missile range of the Straits.

Bab-el-Mandeb and Yemen are completely dominated by the US and its allies, and are not a real problem, unless we let it be.

Hormuz is dominated by Iran, and the ground force required to keep it open would have to be something on the order of 100,000 troops. The Essex’ 4,500 Marines are not nearly enough.

A force large enough to invade and occupy Iran would have to be staged in Oman. Would they let us?

Whether or not either Strait remains open is actually up to maritime insurance companies; military forces, especially navies and air forces, are largely irrelevant. If the insurance companies perceive any threat of loss, they will cancel the insurance on all commercial ships using either Strait, and the ship owners will be forced to remove their ships from the region.

2018-09-13 on pj-instapundit

These people are seriously mentally ill, yet the medical profession, completely consumed by leftist ideology, refuses to provide them with treatment. Instead, a coterie of corrupt surgeons mutilate people, including children, for profit.

2018-09-12 on pj-instapundit

Twenty six years in Somalia, 27 in Afghanistan, 15+ in Iraq, 25 or so in Kosovo … Maybe we will do better in Venezuela. But so far, SOCOM hasn’t achieved anything. Even Pt du Hoc (??) was a bust—there weren’t any guns there.

2018-09-12 on pj-instapundit

This looks like one of those ideas hatched in a drunken frat party (which is pretty much SOCOM, anyway), which in the sober light of day will be revealed as absurd.

2018-09-12 on pj-instapundit

Marc Fabbri is perpetrating a fraud on his students, and is in open violation of his contract with Penn State University.

While not in the same class as Sandusky, Fabbri is abusing his students and his power over them.

2018-09-11 on pj-instapundit

For good reason. Bolton meets all the definitions of a war criminal and would be a prime target of any ICC investigation and trial.

You can toss in the Bushes and several of McCain’s buddies, too.

2018-09-11 on pj-instapundit

Her tantrums (plural) in the Final are a classic example of ‘roid rage. She has been a steroid and HGH abuser for years and has gotten a pass on it. It is time to ban her from tennis for life.

2018-09-11 on moonbattery

“single female-headed households” are the norm in all black countries. It is an evolutionary adaptation to the Bantu’s West African homeland, where it is possible for a women to raise a family with light gardening without a man. It is the pattern among the Khoi-San hunter-gatherers, too.

The nuclear family, complete with resident father, is a evolutionary product of the Eurasian tundra/steppe. It has no relevance to Africans.

2018-09-11 on pj-instapundit

Regardless of what Saddam Hussein was doing to the Iraqi people, we had no business invading that country. That invasion itself was a war crime. Everything that followed, including the ISIS’ (our creature) atrocities can be laid at our feet. All of it. The Iranians and Shias are the heros there.

And the Bush administration did lie about Iraq’s WMD, and it was a very elaborate lie that Colin Powell presented to the US, MGDHSTEH.

The lies are continuing in Syria, another country we have invaded illegally, and another war crime. As much as I despise Barack Hussein Obama, the black nationalist and communist, he is the only President we have had since Eisenhower who stood up to the MIC and the Deep State/Cabal and the Fake-American-Neocons. I know he did it because he hates us/US, but that hate worked to our benefit.

Considering that the Deep State/Cabal and the Fake-American-Neocons have captured the Trump Presidency and have shoved Trump aside, we might need a socialist/communist/black government in Washington to clean them out.

2018-09-11 on pj-media

Immigration and ressentiment and the Left’s promotion of indentitarian politics will continue, largely because Leftists benefit from them, or at least think they do. But the result will be a thoroughly balkanized country where everyone votes for their own race and religion, as Lee Kuan Yew observed. We already see POC’s purging the Democrat Party of White leaders, just like the NAACP did to Jews a generation ago. Pelosi, Biden, Feinstein, even Schumer, are the last White Democrat power brokers we will see.

In a few decades, the US will be held together at gun point, if at all. Elections, if held, will be decorative. Lee Kuan Yew is probably the best kind of dictator we could have, although I, personally, would prefer a Pinochet, if any of our flag officers were patriots.

2018-09-11 on pj-instapundit

Vox Day and Chateau Heartiste made that point tears ago.

2018-09-09 on pj-instapundit

Better yet, all public and private schools should be entered into the lottery, and all faculty hires and student admissions should be determined by chance.

You might want to subdivide the faculty and student candidates by discipline.

A pure lottery system of hires and admissions would not only eliminate inequality in the schools, it would automatically solve all the progressive bias and discriminations issues.

2018-09-09 on pj-instapundit

Thank God! I thought I was going to have to hang out with Bergoglio.

2018-09-08 on pj-instapundit

The USS Constitution is ready to go, just needs some whips and grog.

2018-09-08 on pj-instapundit

It boils down to numbers—more boats for the same cost. Also, the European AIP boats aren’t that short range, 8,000 nm between refuelings. And that is a design choice.

2018-09-08 on pj-instapundit


He is a pretty light-skinned Hindu, so Acadia and its SJW’s likely wouldn’t count him as a POC. Moreover, he is an Indo-European, which puts him in the Caucasian clade, and which makes him a descendant of the IE invaders that conquered much of India. Altogether bad blood lines. Needs to be punished for something.

Also, evolutionary psychology is Double Bad-Think and raciss. Needs to be punished for that alone.

He wouldn’t get a pass at any university in the US, UK, New Zealand or Australian either.

2018-09-07 on pj-instapundit

The charge that Putin did it is absurd on its face. There would have been no benefit to him and there most certainly wasn’t. (The person who did benefit is Theresa May.) And there was no possible reason. Skripal is old news, a decade old. Russia might have killed him years ago when his offences were fresh, but not after all this time.

Assuming May did not do it (why would she?), the most likely perpetrator is some disgruntled employee of Porton Down, Britain’s chemical warfare development center. They are known to have Novichok and to be able to make it. We had a similar problem with weaponized anthrax some years back.

2018-09-07 on pj-instapundit

There is a fake-American-neocon fantasy that China will someday seize Russia’s vast Siberia. That fantasy makes no sense. China needs Russia desperately as a counterweight to the US/NATO/Japan. Without Russia, and worse, with Russia as a mortal enemy, they are truly surrounded and relegated to permanent second power status. And that assumes that Russia acquiesces to the loss of Siberia and does not resort to nuclear war, actually ending China.

The true targets for Chinese expansion are the countries surrounding the Nine Dash Line, especially Malaysia and Indonesia, and for the same reasons the Europeans colonized them and the Japanese invaded them–resources. They are the target of China’s military build up, all of which has uses against countries with coastlines, and little of which is useful against a land power.

There will be no breech in Russian-Chinese relations unless the fake-American-neocons who control our foreign policy are shoved aside, and real Americans take charge and end the intensely aggressive, lunatic anti-Russian foreign policy we now pursue. Then we can consider a mutual containment policy against China.

Where is Nixon when you need him?

2018-09-07 on thereferenceframe

Dear Lubos, Do I remember correctly, that one time you dismissed a granular space-time because it would exhibit diffraction patterns in some radiations, patterns that we don’t see. So, is this a model of a granular space-time, or did I miss something important, as usual?

2018-09-07 on pj-instapundit

I actually agree. People have freedom and are responsible for their own lives and actions.

You can make the same argument, and I’ll agree, regarding motorcycle and bicycle helmets.

2018-09-07 on pj-instapundit

Marijuana users inhale the same tars that cigarette users do, so in time, when we have enough users, we will see the same health effects as beset cigarette users: lung cancer, heart disease, COPD, et al.

Whether marijuana will get the same warning labels is an interesting question. I expect years of denial from users and the FDA, CCDC, et al.

2018-09-06 on pj-instapundit

A majority of the graduate students enrolled in our engineering and physical science departments are foreign nationals, and most of them are Chinese. Graduate students learn by doing, and they do invent laboratory procedures, manufacturing procedures and scientific theories. They also write research grant proposal, refereed papers in major journals, and give presentations at conferences. The Chinese do all of that just like their American peers.

A good deal of the “stolen” information was likely developed by the Chinese graduate students in the first place. And most of the thefts are from American military suppliers and procurers who are too stupid to implement basic internet security. Anyway, the Chinese take their knowledge and skills back to China and enrich Chinese engineering and science.

We are lucky that China has a doctrinaire communist leadership, which greatly impairs the functioning of their otherwise capitalist economy. But do not denigrate the abilities and ambitions of Chinese engineers and scientists. They are every bit as good as Americans, and there are a lot more of them.

Remember, in any trade war or shooting war with China, they are left with the skilled workers and modern factories, and we are left with empty store shelves, bankrupt companies and inadequate military supplies.

2018-09-06 on pj-instapundit

The British government has absolutely no credibility on this matter. If you apply the principle of Cui Bono?, the main suspect would by Theresa May and the MI5/6. She most certainly benefited from the attacks. Putin and Russia most certainly did not. And the timing, a decade after Skripal leaves Russia, makes no sense, either.

Most likely, Britain’s Porton Down, which is next door to the attacks, has a rogue employee who is acting out some fantasy. We had the same problem with the anthrax attacks a decade or so ago, and the main suspect was a federal government employee.

2018-09-06 on pj-instapundit

This is the established pattern in both the US and the EU. A terrorist is identified and monitored, and he is allowed to commit a terrorist act.

Our law and intelligence agencies are not only utterly corrupt, they are also utterly incompetent. And I include the courts, federal, state and local, in that opinion.

Surely, we live in a society that is not capable of surviving. When Sharia finally comes, how many Americans and Europeans will welcome it, and feel relieved?

2018-09-05 on moonbattery

For the last 20 to 30 years, or more, Ohio State University has established tenure track faculty positions that are open only to women and people of color. White men are explicitly excluded from consideration. Moreover, all candidates for all faculty positions are required to sign an affidavit affirming their support for various socialist causes, including diversity. This affidavit has to be supported by proof that the candidate has supported such causes in the past.

2018-09-04 on pj-instapundit

When and where, pray tell, was higher education every a bulwark against authoritarianism? Socrates put paid to that conceit. Higher education trains the children of the Ruling Class to succeed their parents. It always and everywhere serves the Ruling Class and authoritarianism, and that includes the great state universities, which always and everywhere pretend to serve a rising middle and working class and always and everywhere serve their masters.

2018-09-04 on pj-instapundit

If an IQ of 115 is deemed necessary for an elite education, then one would expect that on a national average elite schools would be 70% white, 10% Jewish, 10% East Asian, 5% Hispanic (nonwhite) and 5% black. These numbers perhaps should be adjusted upwards for whites and downwards for the rest. Any significant departure from these numbers indicates that the school is using non-merit based affirmative action admittance criteria, like race norming or “leadership potential.”

Affirmative action requires that education standards be relaxed, otherwise less intelligent students must fail to graduate. Mudd is merely reducing the standards openly. Harvard and the rest of the Ivies did it secretly.

By the way, standards reductions applies to employees also, especially faculty. A school that aggressively pursues affirmative action programs ends up with both stupid students and stupid faculty. Of course, in that environment, no one would notice.

2018-09-04 on pj-instapundit

Aircraft carriers are useful for intimidating Third World countries, which is how we use them, but they are pretty much useless against Russia and China, in part because no carrier group would survive an attack on mainland targets in either country. China’s two small carriers are quite suitable for supporting amphibious landings by marines, and there are plenty of places inside the Nine Dash Line that might be targets, including Taiwan.

China might build as many as four big deck, Nimitz class carriers, but they would not be a threat to our fleet. There won’t be another Midway or Coral Sea.

The biggest threat to the US Navy is our budget deficit. Right now it is almost as large as our expanded defense budget, and in a very few years the annual interest payment on the accumulated debt will be the largest item in the budget. And then there is Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the rest of the welfare state. Those programs do and will have a much higher priority than the defense budget, and as they grow they will force reductions in defense spending. There will be no 355 ship navy; a 200 ship navy is much more likely.

The crisis in defense spending will only be aggravated if we continue to engage in foreign wars that serve no American interest. An Iranian war would likely collapse our military.

2018-09-03 on coyoteblog

“especially when you aren’t a white man”

The utter absurdity of this is mind boggling. White men are the universally reviled group in academia in general and the humanities and social sciences in particular.

The university is a matriarchy.

No talented, intelligent, ambitious white boy should go to any university.

2018-09-02 on theaviationist

Apparently, the Israeli’s have been flying F-35’s against Syria’s S-300 systems without problems. That stll leaves the S-400’s Russia uses, and the upcoming S-500.

As to Turkey, they are buying the S-400 because we won’t sell them the Patriot system. If we would, the problem would go away.

But do we really want that. A NATO ally with both F-35’s and the S-400 would be a major intelligence coup. We could test all sorts of tactics against the S-400, including F-22’a, F-35’s, B-2’s and eveything else we have.

I can’t understand why the Russians would give us such an advantage.

2018-09-02 on pj-instapundit

You’re still not getting it. Farrahkhan is absolutely mainstream black. He speaks for every black, no exceptions. Every black hates every white and every Jew with a flaming passion. Farrahkhan is the absolutely the typical, most representative black person in America. He is Obama. He is Ellison. He is Kaepernick. He is Al Roker. He is …

2018-09-02 on thereferenceframe

The humanities and social sciences have been sunk in a swamp of illiteracy and superstition for some time. Physics is just “catching up.”

Considering FIU’s Diversity Bridge, my field of civil engineering is already there.

2018-09-02 on pj-instapundit

The complete failure and disappearance of black artists in all genres is the great mystery of our time.

2018-09-02 on pj-instapundit

Jazz died in the 40’s. Its corpse stank up the 50’s and 60’s despite Coltrane but because of Miles.

2018-09-01 on spectator-org

The Catholic problem is not so much progressives as it is homosexuals. The Church has a homosexual infestation at the highest levels, including Pope Francis, and a purge of the hierarchy is needed. Actually, a schism might be needed, on the order of 1054.

2018-09-01 on cdrsalamander

Didn’t we lose an aircraft carrier on one of those runs? The Brits put together a film from actual combat footage from Malta. Bad quality images, but riveting.

2018-09-01 on cdrsalamander

We no longer have a real merchant marine, although the Academy might still exist in CT. I thought about it when I graduated HS, that and the CG Academy.

Where would we find the crew and officers to man those ships again, if we had them, to cross the Atlantic under fire, today, even the Persian Gulf?

2018-08-31 on pj-instapundit

No. The CRSPR method alters genes that are not targetted, and the risk of deleterious mutations is too high.

2018-08-31 on coyoteblog

The Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission for Columbus, Ohio, is continually pushing for light rail to run from the City’s northern suburbs to the City’s center, and the City itself wants trolleys downtown.

Yet all the growth is in the suburbs to the northeast and northwest of the City, and the massive traffic flows are along that east-west corridor. One might reasonably argue for a light rail system that went completely around Columbus and connected all its suburbs, but no one does.

When I was still commuting into the City from the far north, I was always impressed, and sometimes frightened, by the immense traffic jams and backups on I-71 southbound to I-270. Once I was through that horror, I-71 southbound INSIDE the City flowed smoothly, at except at the actual peak of the rush hour.

2018-08-30 on pj-instapundit

The real problem is Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq, justified by outright lies. That was and is a war crime.

2018-08-30 on pj-instapundit

Despite the problems with the Armata, Russia still has a very large number of modernized T72’s, T80’s and T90’s. Britain, France and Germany can only bring about 400 tanks to the fight; Britain has a single active duty tank regiment with 56 MBT’s. The Russians have recently reactivated the legendary 5th Guards Tank Army, which has two full armored divisions plus various infantry and support units.

Russia could probably get as far as the eastern German border before their logistical tail collapsed, or before they met serious resistance.

2018-08-30 on pj-instapundit

See below. It is larger than Germany’s. $4.0 trillion (PPP) vs. $3.5 trillion.

The bad figure of $1.6 trillion has somehow become imbedded in the internet and cannot be corrected.

2018-08-30 on pj-instapundit

If you use PPP version of GDP instead of financial data, the Russian economy is somewhat larger than Germany’s, $4.0 trillion vs $3.5 trillion. Russia’s manufacturing sector is also much more comprehensive than either Germany’s or the US’. If you consider what Russia actually does, the size of its military, a manned space program (which we do not have), etc. The higher figure makes sense, and the smaller one ($1.6T) doesn’t.

The sanctions do hurt, however, and the huge landmass for such a small population means that per caput infrastructure costs are very much higher than those in Europe or the US.

2018-08-30 on pj-instapundit

McCain was a bad man. He was disloyal and dishonest, selfish and self-seeking, and vindictive. And that extends to his miserable family, too. What a disgraceful treatment of Sarah Palin.

2018-08-28 on pj-instapundit

A majority of the graduate students enrolled in our graduate engineering and physical science programs are foreigners, and most of them are Chinese nationals. Graduate education is an apprentice program, and graduate students learn by doing under the guidance of a master practioner. The Chinese students in our colleges invent theories and methods, write refereed papers and grant proposals, and take their knowledge back to China when they graduate. Until this year, China had the two fastest supercomputers in the world, and more supercomputers than any other country, including the US. The Chinese supercomputers are entirely homegrown in China by Chinese engineers and scientists, including the chips, circuits, supporting systems and operating systems.

Chinese graduate students invented much of our cutting edge techology. The claim, repeated endlessly on this and other blogs, that the Chinese steal all their technology is a racist lie. It is identical to the racist lies about the Japanese in the 1930’s before they kicked our ass in the early 1940’s. They had a superior military, superior in equipment, tactical and strategic doctrine, and, most importantly, in the quality of their servicemen and officers. Eventually we caught up and beat them, but it was touch and go for over a year.

In 1940, we had the larger population and industrial base. Now China does. In any kind of war with China, trade or shooting, they have the factories and skilled workers and dedicated soldiers and sailors, and we have the empty store shelves and a fatuous military. This time round we get slapped down.

Please stop the racist, ignorant posts.

2018-08-27 on pj-instapundit

In 1940 it was, the Japanese are just near-sighted little yellow monkeys whose ships are made of brittle steel and that tip over in hard turns…

Then, 12/7/41.

2018-08-27 on pj-instapundit

We import more than 10% of our oil consumption, and the Gulf supplies 20% of world consumption. Losing this production would collapse stock markets and pensions and plunge the world into another Great Depression.

2018-08-27 on pj-instapundit

The Iranian navy and air force are irrelevant to control of the Straits of Hormuz, and so are the US/NATO navies and air forces. The Straits can be closed to shipping by land-based artillery and missiles. Moreover, the Iranians need not engage any US/NATO warships or aircraft. Simply targeting a few freighters will suffice to stop all commercial shipping. Insurance companies would cancel the insurance for all ship operating in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Osman, and the ship owners would remove their ships from the region: no oil exports and no food, medicine and manufactured goods imports. A humanitarian disaster in the Gulf states would ensue.

It is also not necessary to severely damage or sink a tanker or freighter. A single RPG into the crew quarters and bridge would suffice, but injuries to crews also ends ship insurance.

The problem facing the US/NATO is that to prevent land-based attacks on shipping they would have to occupy the Iranian coastal plain up to a distance larger than Iran’s artillery and missiles. This would probably be something on the order of 100 miles or more for the missiles. The coast plain is 1,000 miles long, so you need enough infantry to occupy 100,000 square miles. And you have to be able to defend that territory against continual Iranian attack. Good luck with that.

The Straits are the prime example of asymmetric warfare.

2018-08-26 on pj-instapundit

“teams up with Bill Gates” That doesn’t bode well. Gates’ recent history is one of abject failure.

And tell me who repealed the law of economies of scale. The cost per kwh of electricity from a mini nuke is likely to be an order of magnitude greater than a regular 1,1000 MW unit, rivaling the costs of solar and wind.

2018-08-26 on pj-instapundit

My alma mater is an endless source of embarrassment to me. Every time “Northeastern University” appears in type, another outrage has been committed by its faculty, administration or “students.”

2018-08-25 on pj-instapundit

Germany lost, but the Nazis won. Whatever happened to the Netherland’s Nazi Crown Prince?

2018-08-25 on blazingcatfur

What plans? How can there be any plan other than to rescue a small number of the Ruling Class?

We live 50 miles from Columbus, Ohio. That’s out of the blast range, but we can suffer flash damage, and the radioactive debris will kill us.

How delusional. Why not make peace with Russia instead on continually goading it?

2018-08-24 on pj-instapundit

US arms are also going to Syrian Al-Qaida and to ISIS.

2018-08-24 on pj-instapundit

Well, the US rail system is a private concern and has nothing to do with US debt. Also, antiplanner repeatedly argues that the US has the best rail system in the world, because if focuses on what rail does best, move freight. Rail is a bad way to move people, and Europe, Japan and China waste huge resources moving people in the most expensive and environmentally destructive way possible.

Other than that, he’s right. China’s debt produces tangible results.

As to Carl Pham’s observation, I would argue the students did NOT get a college education, they were seriously maleducated, and they accumulated enormous debt for nothing. Chalk student debt up as another waste of resources.

2018-08-24 on cdrsalamander

The focus on Europe, which is understandable given its strategic value, obscures the fact that Russia is making huge inroads in the Middle East and Central Asia. The loss of Turkey would cement in place Russia’s domination of the Persian Gulf, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Eastern Europe and most of the Middle East.

Today Russia is organizing an Afghanistan peace conference that includes most of the surrounding states and the Taliban. The US and the Afghan government will not attend, but they might be irrelevant in the long run.

2018-08-24 on thereferenceframe

Unfortunately, America’s Deep State/Cabal is fully on board with the South African war against Whites, and Trump can’t make it help the South Africans. In fact, the US State Department actively discriminates against the immigration of Whites and Christians from anywhere. It would take a major purge of the civil servants in State to change that.

2018-08-24 on pj-instapundit

How about a country like Israel that killed and wounded over a hundred US sailors when they attacked the USS Liberty, for hours? Even North Korea treated the crew of the USS Pueblo better, and they are an enemy.

2018-08-24 on pj-instapundit

“the Turkish government’s bizarre paranoia”

Good grief! We sponsor a coup d’etat to overthrow their government, and we actively support Kurdish militias who are openly trying to partition Turkey. I guess even paranoids have enemies.

Turkey is one of our oldest allies. They joined the anti-fascist UNO military alliance in February, 1945, and signed a treaty of alliance with us in 1947. Only France, Britain and Britain’s dependencies have been allies longer, and that by only a few years, since 1942.

We had no allies other than France during our Revolutionary War (and only then) until WW I, when we had a brief two-year alliance with Britain, France, Italy and Russia. That alliance ended with the war, and we had no allies again until we joined WW II in 1941 against Germany, Italy and Japan. Then our allies were France, Britain and its dependencies, the Soviet Union and China. Turkey became part of that in 1945, some three years later.

Our utterly bizarre and self-destructive Middle East policies are imposed upon us by Israel. Until we free ourselves of Israeli domination, we will continue to destroy our own system of alliances. The US Ruling Class, its Deep State/Cabal are suicidal, and they are taking us with them.

2018-08-23 on pj-instapundit

Quite a mess at tOSU (my former employer): Urban Meyer, Head Coach, and Gene Smith, Athletic Director, suspended for three weeks w/o pay; two sexual abuse cases under way, one current, one 20 years old; and now corruption in the Student Life Office.

tOSU also advertises faculty positions that only women and minorities may apply for. White men are explicitly excluded. This has been going on for some 20 years or more, and hundreds of white men have been discriminated against.

Moreover, applicants for faculty positions are required to sign an affidavit supporting a variety of left wing causes and are required to submit proof that they have actively supported those causes in the past.

tOSU is thoroughly pozzed and thoroughly corrupt.

2018-08-23 on pj-instapundit

Less than 10 percent of college students have the IQ or work ethic or interest needed to pursue a degree in engineering or the physical sciences. If MD or PhD level achievement is the goal (which is absolutely required for a career in medicine or the sciences), it is likely that only 2 or 3 percent meet the minimums. In those cases, an IQ over 115 in the minimum.

Admissions people can ignore the minimums, but then you get the Diversity Bridge at FIU.

2018-08-23 on pj-instapundit

The claim that the Russians have any effect on American affairs is so utterly absurd that the purveyors of such nonsense have to be judged to be psychopathic liars.

The only country that exerts any influence over American affairs is Israel. Israel has an entire propaganda apparatus in the main stream media and Hollywood pumping out pro-Israeli disinformation 24/7. Israel outright owns numerous Congressmen, and it has absolute control of America’s Middle East and Russian policies.

2018-08-22 on pj-instapundit

The US is clearly a declining power, and its aggressive foreign policy is out of sync with its capabilities. Just look at the numbers. We have deferred maintenance on all systems and low availability on critical air craft. We are sending partially trained SOCOM (!!) into combat. All this means we are eating our military capital and the current operational tempo is unsustainable. Another war, say Iran, would collapse the US military.

We are in a position where we have to cut back our commitments and operations to levels we can sustain.

2018-08-22 on pj-instapundit

Tick, tock, tick, tock… Civil War approacheth.

2018-08-22 on pj-instapundit

Prof. Peter Turchin, the UConn economic history professor, is wrong. We won’t have to wait until the 2020’s for blood in the streets.

2018-08-22 on pj-instapundit

The eastern rim of NATO is absolutely indefensible. Effective defensive positions begin somewhere in Poland, west of Warsaw, possibly as far west as the German-Polish border.

But even that assumes there are actual, in existence German, French and British land armies, and there aren’t any, and, more importantly, there are not going to be any in the future, either.

So unless the US is willing to put in place a mechanized land army of say 300,000 or more troops, any discussion of defending against a Russia attack is delusional.

Of course, although Russia is generally defensive and reactive (but opportunistic), an attempt to put such a force in place might actually trigger a Russian attack.

2018-08-22 on pj-instapundit

Tesla shows all the signs of a bankrupt company.

2018-08-22 on infoproc

“With increased funding, new infrastructure, and an aggressive hiring initiative, we are positioning MSU research, and the university, for continued success.”

“The bar has been set very high, but with the resources and new opportunities here at MSU, your potential is limitless.”

Considering the $500M settlement in the Nassar scandal, these sentences are delusional. If I recall, the State of Michigan has already said it will not contribute to the needed monies and it has ruled out using student tuition and fees. The MSU BoT has decided to get the money from a bond issue, but that must be paid back. So what are the sources? It has to be part of the University’s unrestricted endowment and annual revenues. But those are the sources used to hire new faculty in new areas, to provide seed money for new research areas, to build facilities…

The MSU athletic department is profitable, but, if MSU operates like tOSU, those profits are put into the general fund and are, in fact, part of the revenues needed for the things just mentioned. The athletic department also needs those profits for facilities, non-revenue sports, etc.

So, how is it that the Nassar settlement has not crippled MSU finances and academic and athletic operations for the next 30 years or so?

2018-08-21 on pj-instapundit

You are referring to the Turkish parliament voting to forbid the 4th ID from transiting Turkish territory. In hind sight, they were right and we were wrong. The overthrow of Hussein, which was based on lies about WMD, gave us the current disaster in Iraq, and it moved Iraq into the Iranian sphere of influence.

The vast destruction and massive number of civilian deaths we inflicted on Iraq has turned Iraqis into enemies.

2018-08-21 on pj-instapundit

Some history.

Turkey mostly sat out WW II, but in February of 1945 it joined the UNO coalition fighting fascism and became an American ally. Turkey and America formalized their alliance by treaty in 1947, one year before the formation of Israel, and two years before Israel joined the UNO. NATO was formed in 1949, but Turkey did not join until 1952. However, from 1950 through 1953 Turkey deployed a 5,000 man infantry brigade to Korea, which fought alongside our troops. Turkey’s brigade was the fourth largest unit deployed to Korea. Turkey did not deploy any troops to Vietnam, but they did send humanitarian aid. As did Iran.

It should be noted that Turkey has been an American ally for 78 years, which is longer than any other ally except for France, Britain, and Britain’s dependencies (Australia, Canada, etc.). Certainly longer than Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland…

Turkey held its first multiparty parliamentary election in 1946, and that date can serve as a marker for the beginning of Turkish democracy. And Turkey’s democracy is every bit as legitimate and real as is Israel’s.

Until Erdogan came to power (by democratic election), Turkey’s military thought it had the right to intervene in Turkey’s domestic politics, and it did so repeatedly. Erdogan is the first Turkish civilian leader who was able to bring the military under civilian control, and the recent coup was a military plot to over turn Erdogan’s government and reassert military control. It failed, and Erdogan’s purges of the military and the civil service have cemented Turkish democracy and civilian control of the military.

Iran, too, has a democracy of sorts, although the power of the ayatollahs to veto candidates and parliament acts is a severe defect, similar in effect to the now lost power of Turkey’s military to do the same. Hopefully, the democratic ferment in Iran will produce a leader of Erdogan’s power to push the ayatollahs aside. Don’t hold your breath, however.

Turkey is essential to our strategic position in the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Sea and Central and Eastern Europe. It is far more essential than Israel. Someone has to talk sense to our Ruling Class before they destroy our alliance systems and reduce us to a North American regional power.

2018-08-21 on pj-instapundit

A lot more if we invade Iran

2018-08-21 on pj-instapundit

In my dad’s field artillery unit, there were guys missing fingers and toes. As long as you load the 105’s you were good to go.

A couple of guys were sorta simple.

The unit got bypassed in the Battle of the Bulge.

My dad served in the same division (26th Inf, Yankee) as my granddad, and they covered a lot of the same territory, 20 years apart.

2018-08-20 on pj-instapundit

9/11 was a Saudi op, not a Taliban op.

How about we invade and kill Saudis?

2018-08-20 on pj-instapundit

Ghani wants the US out and a peace treaty with the Taliban. The Pakis want us out. China wants us out to pursue OBOR. The Russians want us out.

It was pointed out by one of the writers at the Unz Review that we have been involved in Afghanistan fighting for 27 years. That includes the 10 years we supplied the resistance to the Soviets (yes, the same Taliban), and the 17 years we have fought there. In a year or two, young men who weren’t born in 2001 will start replacing their fathers in Afghanistan, fighting over the same territories and against the same families their fathers did.

2018-08-20 on pj-instapundit

China already gets all it wants from Russia. If it were to expand, the best pickings are to its south, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, in particular.

2018-08-20 on pj-instapundit

The attempt to shut down Iran’s oil exports would be and act of war, and Iran would retaliate. It would be a simple matter to shut down all shipping in the Persian Gulf. Iran need only attack a few tankers and freighters, and the maritime insurance companies would cancel ship insurance and force ship owners out of the region. The loss of 20% of the World’s oil supply, even if only temporary, would collapse stock markets and pensions and drive the World economy into another Great Depression.

Reopening the Persian Gulf would be a horror show, because we would have to occupy Iran. Since our current tempo of military operations is already unsustainable, that occupation would be impossible.

2018-08-20 on infoproc

The parents have an absolute right to know the results of the tests, and the doctors have a moral, and likely legal, obligation to inform them. Denial of the rights of the parents is the height of paternalism.

2018-08-19 on pj-instapundit

Only a small percentage of women have the genetic predisposition to succeed in engineering and the physical sciences. A substantial majority of the graduate students in the biological sciences are women, but these disciplines are famously innumerate.

2018-08-17 on pj-instapundit

Single mothers with children from several men is the African norm, and it is genetic. Eurasian norms don’t apply to Africans because of the different evolutionary histories.

Prior to the civil rights revolution, Whites were able to impose White norms on some Blacks, but no more.

2018-08-17 on pj-instapundit

30,000 is pretty much the entire army ISIS had when it overran the Euphrates Valley right down to Baghdad. Have they all gone to ground, a la the Taliban following our invasion? If so, a major renewal of fighting throughout Iraq and Syria is due.

More likely, the Inspector General is relying on bogus data, and the two smallish regions ISIS is known to control near the Syria-Iraq border hold all the current ISIS forces. A few thousand fighters seems more likely.

2018-08-17 on pj-instapundit

Impose the 1st Amendment on them. The argument that private companies or schools or networks are not bound by the 1st and can censure or punish the speech of their employees or the users of their services is has no merit whatsoever. FaceBook, Twitter et al. should be prohibited, with harsh monetary penalties, from censuring any speech or postings on their networks by anyone, including explicit hate speech and obscenities and threats, and no company should be able to censure or punish the speech or writings or any employee when that speech or writing does not occur during the workers actual hours of employment.

Obscenities, threats and criminal speech is the province of the courts, not vigilantes like Bezos or Zuckerberg.

2018-08-17 on pj-instapundit

“war beginning in the ME provoked by Iran”

You’re not paying attention. The war provocation is entirely American.

2018-08-17 on pj-instapundit

A useful example to us and the Europeans.

2018-08-17 on pj-instapundit

At some point, the mullahs must realize that war is cheaper than sanctions. A war would collapse all oil exports from the Persian Gulf for several months, perhaps even a year or two. This has nothing to do with relative military power. The mullahs have none, and the US/NATO/SAUDI/ISRAELI military power, though overwhelming, is irrelevant.

The stoppage of oil shipments is the unavoidable result of insurance companies cancelling insurance for ships in war zones. Ship owners simply must keep their vessels out of such zones.

The stoppage also include imports of food, medicine, manufactured goods to the Persian Gulf states, with resultant starvation and disease among their populations.

The utter incompetence and incomprehension of the senior officers in the American military (due to PC screening) and of the fake American neocons is evident here. Free passage through the Straits of Hormuz can only be guaranteed by military occupation of Iran to a depth from its coastline longer than the range of Iran’s missiles, which in practice means the whole country.

And the war would not only be with Iran itself. Iran has allies and proxies everywhere in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, even Turkey. American troops and civilians would be under attack everywhere in the Middle East. Israel would be in a death match with Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO.

No doubt, with the American military tied down in the MENA and Afghanistan, other countries would take advantage of the opportunity to achieve their own goals. Taiwan, perhaps?

2018-08-16 on usniblog

In defense of German attitudes, it is clear that there is no threat to German or West European security, certainly not Russia, which is defensive and reactive, but opportunistic. The German attitude also extends across Western Europe, including Britain. France is a partial exception, but only because they still harbor colonial pretensions, especially in Africa.

On the whole, we would be better off without NATO. It newest members like Poland and Hungary, as well as the Baltics, entertain revanchist dreams which could cause trouble for us in the future.

The whole Russia! Russia! Russia! thing is a neocon obsession, and does not represent any reality.

2018-08-16 on pj-instapundit

China’s OBOR might turn out to be another Iridium project. The sat-phone company went under after launching satellites and building sat-phones, and the US government bought it up for pennies on the dollar. Sat-phones are now a major security asset of the US government.

Similarly, if China eventually goes belly up, the roads, harbors, pipelines and electrical transmission systems will still be there waiting for someone to pick them up.

2018-08-16 on pj-instapundit

First, ISIS is a creature of the CIA that was intended to help overthrow Assad. However, its leaders had their own ambitions, and it slipped the leash.

The fight against ISIS in Iraq was lead by Iran and its Shia Iraqi allies, with some assistance, mostly air strikes by the US. The Kurds stood aside. And so did the US until ISIS got almost to Baghdad.

In Syria, the US let ISIS run amok and did nothing to it. The US allowed ISIS to export oil by truck convoy across nearly the whole of Kurdish Syria and through Turkey to ports on the Mediterranean, where it was loaded on tankers for transport to Europe. The convoys operated in broad daylight. This was openly known by everyone.

ISIS’ oil business did not come to an end until Russia intervened and began bombing the ISIS oil convoys. There were no serious attacks on ISIS forces until Russia, Iran and Hezbollah intervened. Conspicuously, the Kurds again stood aside until outside pressure, principally the successes of Assad’s coalition forced their hand. Today, the Kurds are still standing aside from the fight against ISIS.

Today, ISIS continues to hold two regions near the Euphrates in eastern Syria. The US knows the detailed dispositions of ISIS, its force numbers and its equipment. One region is in the area controlled by the US. The US refuses to attack either ISIS stronghold, and it has actually defended the ISIS located south of the Euphrates from attack by Syria and its allies. That’s what the slaughter of Russian mercenaries was about a while back.

Right now, ISIS continues to extract oil from the fields it controls, and it sells the oil to Kurdish middlemen who transport it to the Mediterranean. The US refuses to intervene to cut off the oil shipments, which are providing ISIS with needed funds.

The US is currently shipping large quantities of arms and munitions to the Kurdish areas of Syria. It is assumed this materiel will go to the Kurds, but much of it will go to ISIS.

ISIS allies in Syria include the US, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is a grotesque lie that a “US-led coalition [is] fight[ing] against ISIS in Syria…”

2018-08-16 on pj-instapundit

The forces being assembled by our eastern NATO allies are speed bumps. Only Germany is large enough and positioned geographically to mount a serious military defense of the region. Without them, a Russian push into Central Europe, at least as far as Warsaw, is doable.

2018-08-16 on animalmagnetism

The reality is that Social Security and Medicare will continue for everyone. There may be tweaks around the edges like retirement age and the FICA tax, but the federal government will make up whatever shortfalls there are.

In a democracy, reductions in entitlements are literally impossible. Cuts will be made everywhere else, especially in defense. Once the SS and MC deficits kick in hard, there will be a major American disarmament, say 50% to 75% reduction. the NSF, NEA, NEH, subsidies for public transit and public schools, loans to college students, space science–all will disappear.

Only a hard dictatorship can impose entitlement cuts. So when people say social security and medicare will disappear, what they are really saying is that America is going to get an iron fist dictator for life.

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

Make that White people.

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

Yes, why indeed?

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

The Rohingyans are a non-native group of Muslims that have not assimilated to Burmese culture or politics. Similarly, the Uighurs in northwest China, although native, are an unassimilable minority. Both the Chinese and Burmese have decided not to tolerate them, and they are imposing solutions, either deportation for the Rohingyans, or conversion for the Uighurs.

Considering that Europe is currently being invaded and overrun by unassimilable Africans and Muslims, and that blogs like this one are continually criticizing the feckless EU and Merkel for aiding and abetting the invasions, it is passing strange to see this site criticizing China and Burma protecting themselves.

The US, too, could use a spine transplant from the Chinese and Burmese.

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

Which guarantees a Chinese invasion.

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

This spending bill is a little bit larger than the projected annual deficit. Think about that. Our entire defense is funded by debt. In a few years, in the early 2020’s, the annual interest payment on our accumulated debt will be the largest single item in the budget. And that assumes continuing, historically low interest rates.

And note that this is technically a peace-time budget. We have no major war underway anywhere. How long will that last? We are pursuing an extremely aggressive foreign policy against Russia, China and Iran. Can Venezuela be far behind? Especially considering China’s recent investment in the Venezuelan oil industry.

This is a recipe for military and economic disaster. Our deluded leadership is driving us off the cliff.

Just who do the Ruling Class serve? It is certainly not the American people.

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

If the Chinese investment in Venezuelan oil succeeds, $50/bbl is more likely than $100/bbl, but the investments will take some time to take effect.

Would that make China a de facto member of OPEC? Would they control the Venezuelan vote?

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

Well, if the Asians are willing accomplices in these crimes, they deserve to be punished severely. Send them to the camps.

However, H-1B is a scheme Silicon Valley moguls to hold down American wages. Every H-1B visa should be cancelled and the people holding them deported.

We also need to find a way to punish the Bezos and Zuckerbergs.

2018-08-15 on pj-instapundit

Yemen has been a mess for a long time,…

It’s probably better to think of “Yemen” as a geographic term like “The Amazon” rather than a state.

2018-08-15 on blazingcatfur

Thank God there is at least one Canadian left.

2018-08-15 on pj-media

Breivik has a point. He attacked an anti-Semitic indoctrination camp for anti-Semitic youths.

Norway was by and large a willing collaborator to the Nazi occupation. Quisling had many, many Norwegians in agreement with him.

And then there were the Swedes, and Danes and Dutch. Many Scandinavian/Germanic people supported Naziism. The Netherlands had a Nazi Prince, married to the Queen.

People forget that Fascism, Naziism and Communism were popular mass movements throughout the West, including the US and Canada.

2018-08-15 on animalmagnetism

Dr. Ceri Shipton is a charlatan. She has no clue about natural selection, supposedly her field of expertise. H. erectus didn’t change because it was perfectly adapted to an environment that lasted a million years. That they succumbed to a world wide environmental disaster is the fate of all organisms, including one day, ourselves. I suppose the dinosaurs were lazy, too.

Shipton is a good example of the stupidity, scientific illiteracy, incompetence, and PC nonsense that nowadays infest the biological sciences. She is a publicity pig. The biological/medical/environmental “sciences” are also the source of the great majority of scientific fraud. There is no fraud in mathematics, almost none in physics and chemistry. But even major refereed journals like the NE Journal of Medicine, Cell, Environmental Science and Technology are littered with it. Half the reports in those and other bio-related journals cannot be replicated.

I exclude the social sciences because they aren’t sciences. They are corrupt political parties.

2018-08-14 on cdrsalamander

It would still win.

2018-08-14 on pj-instapundit

Kasich, the quintessential cuckservative, is the one who has to knock it off. He has no future in the Republican Party. It’s a mystery why he claims to be a Republican when he’s clearly more sympatico with the Dems.

2018-08-14 on pj-instapundit

Erdogan is a democratically elected president with as much legitimacy as any American president. He is authoritarian and Islamist, but he is constrained by a parliament in which his party is a minority party and in coalition with another. He is also constrained by the Turkish court system. Turkey is a constitutional democracy.

Needless attacks on our allies are exactly the sort of thing that is leading to the destruction of the American alliance system, and the eventual collapse of American power world wide.

In the Middle East, Turkey is America’s essential ally. Israel isn’t. Saudi Arabia isn’t. Both of them are liabilities.

2018-08-14 on pj-instapundit

Actually, before the fall of the Shah, Iran was our principal ally in the Persian Gulf.

2018-08-14 on pj-instapundit

Incirlik is a Turkish base that houses some NATO squadrons. It is mostly a Turkish base.

2018-08-14 on pj-instapundit

Turkey bought the Russian S-400 because, we refused to sell them the Patriot system. We also intervened with the Europeans to deny the Turks a European air defense system.

While people complain about revealing F-35 performance v. v. the S-400, it is equally true that NATO would recover a treasure trove of information about the S-400 and its performance against the F-35 and the rest of the NATO air fleet.

The whole controversy is utterly bogus and dishonest and really has nothing to do with the F-35 or the S-400. The solution is simple. Sell the Turks the Patriot

2018-08-14 on pj-instapundit

This is a country that cannot even put together and infantry brigade and needs American transport to move what few untrained troops it has.

And several commenters below are right. A German bomb would be a jihadi Muslim bomb.

2018-08-13 on pj-instapundit

The long term problem for these countries is the instability of American military commitments. With annual budget deficits nearly equal to the total defense budget, and annual interest payments on the accumulated debt about to become the largest single item in the budget, a substantial, maybe radical, downsizing of the American military seems inevitable. If we get involved in a war with Iran, our military collapse might be sudden.

China looks like it’s here to stay. Countries in the region need to factor that into their choices.

2018-08-13 on pj-instapundit

A fully equipped Virginia class sub goes for about $3B, whereas a Ford class carrier will go for about $25B with planes and electronics. Add another $10B for support craft, which would include one Virginia.

So for each Ford you could get 11 Virginias. The chief difference is that the Virginia can get close enough to both Russia and China to actually attack mainland targets. The Ford’s and Nimitz’s can’t, especially with the short range F-35C.

That said, I agree with kevinstroup. We need to stop intervening everywhere, come home, and cut the military by at least 50%. That level of funding still gives us/US the biggest military in the world, and we still would be invulnerable to invasion (except by Mexico).

The savings would go to reducing the budget deficit, which nowadays is equal to total defense spending. And in a few years, the interest payments on the accumulated debt will be the largest item in the budget.

And we will not be able to use the Social Security surpluses to fund routine government programs.

2018-08-13 on animalmagnetism

There are people who actually want a civil war. The 60’s were more than enough for me.

Modern civil war is not armies marching through the wheat a la Gettysburg. In modern civil war civilians are legitimate targets: children in school, old people in church. Politicians and generals would die, too, but so would your mother or daughter. Priests, teachers, cops, all are targets. Think Hutu/Tutsi: that’s what you will get, along with a few 9/11’s.

2018-08-12 on pj-instapundit

The old Kemalist Turkey was prone to military coup d’etats, and the military believed it had the ultimate responsibility to safeguard Ataturk’s heritage and to control whatever democratic processes there were. Erdogan’s Turkey is a democracy, even with the new constitution, with a military under civilian control. Erdogan is a democratically elected president, with presidential powers similar to those in other presidential systems, such as our own. His authoritarian impulses are limited by a parliament and law courts, and he can no more run amok that could Obama or Trump or any American President, all of whom have nearly unlimited war powers and a monstrous military.

As usual, Mr. Bay choses to ignore many important issues, especially those relating to our current difficulties with Erdogan, all of which derive from Israel’s need to control and dominate its neighbors.

First, Erdogan is an Islamist, and he is hostile to Israel. To Israel that means he must be removed, and the only force capable of doing so is Israel’s puppet regime in Washington. It is clear by now that the US instigated and aided the failed coup d’etat, almost certainly at the behest of Israel. The US also refused to sell Turkey the Patriot system, which lead to Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 system. This refusal also was dictated by Israel, which will not allow any other state in the region to have modern air defenses. Finally, the current sanctions, instituted for the utterly specious reason of an American undergoing trial for supposed connections to the coup, are intended to collapse the Turkey economy, with the hope that Erdogan will be overthrown. Again, to Israel’s benefit, but not our own or that of the Turkish people. But those are not valid considerations in some circles.

Turkey is essential to America’s strategic position in the region, and Israel isn’t. Should Turkey be forced into an alliance with Russia, which daily seems ever more likely, Russia gets control of Eastern Europe, the Black Sea, the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and, because of its ties to Iran, the Persian Gulf. The only worse event would be Egypt joining that alliance, which would make our position in the Eastern Mediterranean, and Israel’s continued existence, tenuous.

Mr. Bay’s assertion that there are alternative routes to the Black Sea besides the Bosporus/Dardanelles is so utterly absurd as to leave one nearly speechless. Apparently, Mr. Bay has never looked at a map of Eastern Europe. The Vikings could sail their small ships along several Eastern and Central European rivers until they got to the Dnieper or Volga, thence to the Black Sea. No modern war ship can make that transit.

If anyone thinks Israel is a friend of the US, then let him compare how Israel treated the USS Liberty and its crew with how a real enemy, North Korea, treated the USS Pueblo and its crew. If anyone thinks Israel is a democracy, let him read Israel Shahak. If anyone thinks there is a Judeo-Christian tradition, let him read Michael Hoffmann.

2018-08-12 on pj-instapundit

One reason for a separate space force is to keep it out of the hands of the Air Force. The Army’s and Navy’s opposition to a separate air force are good cases in point. Once it was free of the Army, the Air Force largely abandoned the Army’s needs for close air support in order to pursue its own agendas of air superiority and strategic bombing. Any space force under the control of the Air Force would undergo similar distortions and cripplings.

2018-08-11 on pj-instapundit

Apparently, the construction phase was completed.

2018-08-11 on pj-instapundit

The bridge design would have to have been approved (and stamped and signed) by a Professional Engineer holding a license in Florida. There’s no such thing as an Apprentice Engineer card.

Admittedly, you only need a 70/100 to pass the FE and PE, and that is normed, but still, anyone who can read should be able to follow the published design standards for such structures.

Something really bad happened here. It stinks of corruption.

2018-08-11 on pj-instapundit

Ah, the Diversity Bridge again. Can’t wait for the final NTSB report.

A post and lintel bridge is just about the simplest civil engineering project imaginable. I guess a sidewalk is simpler. And reinforced concrete has been a staple of structural design for a hundred years. So how did the FIU people screw it up so badly.

2018-08-11 on pj-instapundit

I suspect the Outer Space Treaty prohibits these.

2018-08-11 on pj-instapundit

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which the US signed and ratified, bans weapons of mass destruction in space and any military activities on the moon or other celestial bodies. It does allow conventional weapons in space.

The US Space Force will not do much more than we already do, but it might bring some focus and coordination to our various military programs. It will really tick off the USAF, which is a good thing. The USAF should be folded back into the US Army, where it belongs.

2018-08-11 on pj-instapundit

On the other hand, the neocons didn’t control him. Too bad the Muslims and Marxists did.

2018-08-10 on pj-instapundit

Are you sure those aren’t Russian or Syrian planes? The US has left those guys alone, in territory the US controls, for some time. In fact, the Syrians and Russians have claimed that the US has been actively protecting ISIS there and has attacked Syrian forces that approached them.

It seems that there is yet another secret agreement regarding Syria.

2018-08-10 on pj-instapundit

The effect of sanctions is to isolate the Russian economy from the world economy, which means that to some extent exchange rates are irrelevant. Right now, Russia sells the world wheat, gas and oil. It buys gold and electronics and some other stuff, but official policy is to create import substitutions. Russia is also cutting deals to trade in local currencies, not the dollar.

One notes that China seems to be off the table for serious sanctions despite their bad behavior.

And, of course, Israel, the chief meddler, one that actually controls may Congressmen and our MENA policy, cannot be mentioned.

2018-08-10 on moonbattery

Until the early 1970’s, all of tOSU’s cheerleaders were male, and every member of TBDBITL was male. But the cheerleaders were plainly men, not effeminate wannabes.

2018-08-10 on pj-instapundit

We signed a treaty not to test. Maybe that was a mistake. From an engineering viewpoint, no amount of simulations (what we actually do) can replace an actual test.

However, the political implications are enormous. Testing a single warhead would likely unravel the whole NPT, and numerous countries would announce new or renewed nuclear weapons programs. So much for sanctions.

2018-08-10 on pj-instapundit

A Supreme Court consisting of nine Catholic Bishops would not undo Roe v. Wade. All judges adhere to Stare Decisis, because otherwise there would be chaos in the law courts and no possibility of justice in them. Moreover, a majority of Americans, maybe 70%, support at least some form of Roe v. Wade.

Abortion rights is a hypocritical tactic used by both Democrats and Republicans to stir up their bases. The Republican Party is a center-left party controlled by its liberal wing, viz. Kasich, McCain, McConnell et al. They do not oppose any New Deal or Great Society program, not even the ban on 100 W incandescent light bulbs, and they do not support repeal of Roe. v. Wade, none of them.

Until the realignments of the 1970’s, the Republican Party was arguably to the left of the Democrat Party. The Progressive Movement of the 19th Century was a Republican movement. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Frankly, you should look at who aborts their babies. Clearly, abortion has a eugenics effect, and I support it for that reason.

2018-08-09 on pj-instapundit

You’ve missed the last 10 years. Only half the Russian military is conscript, and they have moved to reorganize along NATO lines. Their logistics is good enough for Central Europe, where we run out of logistical tail. They are not American quality, but they are better than any of our NATO allies other than the French.

2018-08-09 on pj-instapundit

One answer is, No. They certainly don’t have the reach we do. And we do lead in some areas like stealth.

But one has to wonder about the quality of our troops. The Navy’s junior officers haven’t covered themselves in glory or even ship handling competence, and SOCOM is putting partly trained people in the field, people who oddly in this day don’t have combat experience.

Then there is the inability of our flag officers to come up with a winning strategy in any of the wars since 9/11 or Somalia or Kosovo or Ukraine. Perhaps they are no damn good, the result of intensive selection for political correctness and subservience.

And we have too many failed procurement programs: Zumwalt, LCS, Palladin, X18 and maybe F-35. Spending is outrageous and likely largely corrupt.

In areas close to its homeland, like Ukraine and the Baltics, Russia clearly has the upper hand. But I doubt it is a threat to Germany or points west.

China is in a similar position. It is probable they have military superiority over much, if not all, of the South China Sea, and certainly they have absolute superiority in all phases of combat close to their shores.

2018-08-09 on pj-instapundit

The idea that Russia poisoned the Skripals is absurd. Cui bono? Certainly not the Russians. And the spy had been out of circulation for years. One person who did benefit substantially was Theresa May, PM. That attack deflected attention from her many problems.

Most likely, we have a crazed employee of Porton Down going around poisoning people.

I would not accept any statement as true if it came from any agency of government.

2018-08-09 on pj-instapundit

Considering the chaos we have unleashed on MENA and Afghanistan and numerous other countries, an Ottoman Empire is looking pretty good right now.

2018-08-09 on usniblog

The current anarchy in Ukraine is a direct consequence of our coup d’etat against Yanukovych, Ukraine’s only legitimate, democratically elected president. Had we let events take there course, he likely would have lost the next election, and Ukraine would be intact and at peace.

There should be no NATO members east of Germany. Such members are a serious threat to American security, because revanchist elements in the former Warsaw Pact are continually agitating for war with Russia. Estonia is the latest example.

2018-08-08 on pj-instapundit

Multicultural, multiethnic societies are riven by race and religion, and people align with those who share their race and/or religion. Viz. Colin Powell. Unless one group is overwhelmingly dominant, as Whites in the US were prior to 1960, the society is held together by brute force. Hussein’s Iraq is America’s future.

2018-08-08 on pj-instapundit

Sometimes one wonders just how much Green’s ideology blinds him to reality. It is obvious to everyone that part of the deal with North Korea must be a formal peace treaty, with guarantees for the security of the Kim family and the regime members. Furthermore, these guarantees will need enforcement provisions involving Russia and China. The word of the American government is worthless.

Moreover, the actual destruction of the nuclear warheads and missiles will require compensation to the North for giving up such valuable investments. This might run from a few to several hundred billion dollars, much of it in kind. One problem would be to prevent the South Koreans from secretly obtaining a few warheads. The South is all for a joint Korean nuclear deterrent. They want their finger on the trigger, too, and they want some say in targeting.

Finally, the settlement of all these disputes will have to be capped by the removal of all American forces from the Peninsula.

That is the price we have to pay to get rid of North Korea’s nuclear deterrent. It is a price well worth paying.

2018-08-08 on pj-instapundit

Every European business with a large position in the American market will likely follow suit. It will be interesting to see if all European businesses do so. The EU is urging them not to obey the sanctions.

Then there are Russia and China, both of which will continue to do business with Iran, at least to some degree. China needs Iranian oil. Russia is too sanctioned out to care much about new ones. It is unlikely they will cooperate. China is another matter. Does the US dare sanction China? Chimerica is as real as Meximerica.

2018-08-08 on pj-instapundit

The CIA has a long, sordid history, continuing into the present day, of overthrowing governments. They have brought those techniques home and are trying to overthrow Trump. Why should we have expected otherwise? Were they ever on our side? Even the OSS?

And then there is the FBI: Hoover’s secret files, Ruby Ridge, Waco, MLK, JFK, RFK, the fake FBI lab results. Why did anyone ever take this violent criminal gang seriously.

The CIA and FBI are beyond reform. They both should be shut down, and the senior and middle managers should be put in cages in Gitmo.

2018-08-08 on animalmagnetism

I do not accept the argument that private companies can do as they please. These companies are major communication channels, bigger than the telephone system, and the Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech, should be imposed on them. Denial of their “right” to control what they transmit is necessary. The telephone system cannot intercept and censor your call, nor can the post office. The modern era requires that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the other be held to the same standard.

The Bill of Rights should also be imposed on all private corporations and private schools. No corporation or school should be allowed to censor the speech of their employees when they are off-duty. Face-to-face with a customer, yes. Home or in the streets, no.

2018-08-07 on pj-instapundit

Chicago’s gun violence is not a Democrat problem. It is a black problem. In every Democrat-run city with a crime problem, it is the ghetto black population that is doing the crime.

With IQ’s in the 70’s, a propensity to violence, impulsivity, uneducability and able to perform only brute manual labor, ghetto blacks routinely descend into mindless violence. This has nothing to do with Democrat rule. It is simple genetics.

It is not even a problem for all ghetto blacks. The culprits are a fraction of young black males between 15 and 30. Nationwide there aren’t more than 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 of them. They commit a majority of all violent crime, all hate crime, all inter-racial crime, all gun crime. To control them and shut down the crime, you either need to impose martial law on the ghettos (which affects the non-criminals, too) or you need to imprison the likely culprits on suspicion. Two million additional prisoners is readily doable.

Also, most violent criminals mellow out with age. Violence is a young man’s thing. Past 40, most men convicted of and imprisoned for violent crimes can be released back to society.

If you are not willing to honestly recognize the problem, and insist on talking points and political propaganda, you, yourself, are part of the problem.

2018-08-07 on thereferenceframe

When the Constitution was written, the means of communication were letters, newspapers and pamphlets, and public orations and diatribes. Nowadays, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are major means of communication of opinion on all matters. It is time to impose the Bill of Rights, most especially the First Amendment, on private corporations (including private schools and colleges), giving employees and users defensible rights against the corporations.

2018-08-07 on pj-instapundit

How smart do you have to be to outwit voters with an IQ of 70? You could get a plastic doll elected in her district if it were painted black.

2018-08-07 on infoproc

You can get a small drone adequate to carry a lethal charge for a few hundred dollars in Walmart. If you want to assassinate a leader, collateral damage to his followers is a plus.

As my engineering teachers used to write, KISS.

2018-08-05 on pj-instapundit

These retrictions won’t pass court review.

Anyway, I’ll take politicians concerns about Russian and Chinese influence seriously only when they themselves look into Israeli domination of American Middle Eastern and Russian policies.

2018-08-03 on pj-instapundit

Blacks kneeing before Whites, how sweet it is.

2018-08-03 on infoproc

His first film, “Pumping Iron,” is truly funny, and meant to be. Oh, where is Red Sonja now?

2018-08-02 on pj-instapundit

Can we get some whole coca leaf extract back in Coca-Cola, the psychoactive stuff, not just the flavoring?

2018-08-02 on coyoteblog

Walmart has a cooperative relationship with Woodforest National Bank of Woodland, TX.

This is a privately held bank, already chartered, and it has branch offices in many of the Ohio super Walmart stores. Check them out. They are a full service bank.

2018-08-02 on pj-instapundit

The maintainability issues of the F-22 are endemic in stealth because of the coatings. They affect the availability of the B-2, and affected the availability of the F-117A. They will affect the availability of the F-35, especially the sea-borne B and C versions.

If the Air Force requires specially constructed environmentally controlled hangars for the F-22 and B-2, how do the Navy and Marines intend to maintain their F-35’s in a wet, corrosive ocean environment? What sort of availability with they have, 10%? I know the F-35 has different and fewer coatings (and is less stealthy), but it still needs special maintenance after almost every flight. How many sorties per day for an F-35B or C?

2018-08-01 on pj-instapundit

Actually not. Before Hughes descended into dementia he was a prolific inventor, film director and highly successful businessman. His film “Hell’s Angles” remains a great watch to this day, and the companies he founded are still in business.

2018-08-01 on pj-instapundit

It’s a lot easier, but maybe not so safe, to find a street dealer and buy a real gun. Just be sure to get rid of it quickly if you ever have to use.

2018-08-01 on pj-instapundit

The cost problems of the F-35 mean that the USAF will get only about 800 to 1,000 of them, not the 2,500 or so planned. And the maintenance requirements mean that only a small fraction of them will be available at any given time. That small number, even when added to the rapidly aging and near obsolescent F-22 are simply not enough aircraft to maintain air superiority. Numbers really count. A truly cost effective, and relatively cheap, F-15X, if purchased in large numbers, say 1,500 or more aircraft, would do much to keep the Air Force relevant and to maintain our current air superiority.

Stealth is a highly specialized solution to special problems. It is not a panacea. Stealthy aircraft are really stealthy only at night, and only in relation to targeting radars, not search radars. The Serbs shot down one F-117A and severely damaged another with obsolete Soviet systems. In its usual configuration with all sorts of stuff hanging off its wings, the F-35 is not in the least stealthy, no more than an F-16 so configured.

2018-07-31 on pj-instapundit

Israel meddles more in American politics than any other country. They actually control many members of Congress, probably control Trump via his family, and have absolute control over American Middle Eastern policy. If we attack Iran, it will be because Israel ordered it.

Remember the USS Liberty.

2018-07-31 on cdrsalamander

All of those places were mainland China. China had historical claims on them. Djibouti is 10,000 miles away.

2018-07-31 on cdrsalamander

Is this not the same Djibouti that has huge American and French bases? France has 1,700 troops in Djibouti and a naval base. The US keeps about 4,000 troops in Camp Lemonnier, including infantry, artillery, Army, Air Force and Naval air, and support for Air Force and Naval operations.

Is the long term Chinese plan that America and France simply disappear? Is that a plan or a hope?

We run our drones in Africa and much of the Middle East out of Djibouti. This is an intelligence gathering operation.

If China ever does expand in Djibouti, it will mean that we have collapsed and disappeared. They will be expanding everywhere.

We have a total of 90,000 troops in MENA and Afghanistan, hundreds of combat aircraft and dozens of warships. Some realism is needed here.

2018-07-30 on cdrsalamander

Considering the size of the French and American bases in Djibouti and their armaments and personnel, this is really small potatoes. It looks like a surveillance outpost with some capacity for peacetime refueling and resupply. It’s not going to be there very long if a shooting war starts up.

There is a bigger base at Gwadar, Pakistan, and another somewhere farther down the African coast. I’d worry more about Khan’s election to the Paki presidency than I would about Djibouti.

2018-07-30 on pj-instapundit

Big Government is a necessary consequence of democracy. Elections force all public spending into direct subsidies for the people, and things like militaries, science research, space exploration … get the ax.

If you want to reduce Big Government, you have to restrict the vote. Fat chance. Anyway, any restriction on the franchise would leave our current Ruling Class with all the votes.

2018-07-30 on pj-instapundit

The Kurds in Syria, at least the fighters, are doctrinaire communists of the Stalinist persuasion. They are not our friends in any sense, and their goals are quite different from ours, part being the partition of Turkey. The Kurds will side with anyone who furthers their goals, which once was the US and now is Assad.

2018-07-30 on pj-instapundit

The deal Assad offered the Kurds a while ago was the Kurds get limited autonomy (a sort of federalism) in return for recognizing the authority of the Syrian state and for turning over control of the Turkish and Iraqi border crossings to the Syrian army. The sticking point will be Kurdish arms. But it looks like the Kurds and Assad are getting close to a deal.

If a deal is cut, the position of the US and its dependents in Syria will become impossible. There have already been attacks in the American controlled region on our allies by local Arabs.

Assad has also sworn to drive Turkey out of Syria. That is also a goal of the Kurds. If the deal is cut, expect a war for the Turkish-held region in the northwest.

Right now, Assad is on a roll, and the SAA is sweeping through southern Syria rounding up terrorists and inducing former enemies to join its ranks.

Assad, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah won; the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, France and Britain lost.

2018-07-30 on animalmagnetism



This is a review of some 2,000 to 3,000 handgun shootings. If deterrence is the goal, make the perp runaway, then any caliber suffices. The .22/.25 will wound, and the .44/.45 will kill. The point is that the pain from any gunshot is severe enough to stop an attack unless the attacker is really determined or hopped up on something.

Granny knew what she was doing. For myself, I keep a .22 lr revolver in the bed stand for late night social events.

2018-07-29 on pj-instapundit

As written, the article makes no sense. As 3Subject notes, professor would have tenure, and his dismissal would have been nigh impossible. But it turns out Fink is a mere lecturer in the Communications Department. These are temporary, one year, non-tenure track appointments, and lecturers may be dismissed without cause at any time. Non-tenure track in academia means the holder of the position cannot apply for tenure. Institutions limit the duration of such appointments to three years to avoid becoming entangled in the AAUP’s tenure rules, which nearly all colleges and universities adhere to. UCLA does.

Nevertheless, it appears that Fink would have grounds for wrongful termination, especially since UCLA is a public university that receives lots of federal funding and is bound by the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

2018-07-29 on thereferenceframe

The Indian reservations are the result of various treaties signed during the Indian Wars. The Indians on them actually have sovereignty, and are exempt from numerous federal and state laws. They do not pay federal and state taxes. They also have their own courts and police forces. The Indians are full citizens of the US and vote in national and state elections.

One difference with the situation in Lekamba is that the Indians are at peace with the rest of the country and are not conducting terrorist raids on it. Non-Indians can freely go onto the reservations, talk to the natives, and do business with them. The Constitution of the US, especially its Bill of Rights is in full force on the reservations.

There no-go zones in the US, but they are the black ghettos, which are essentially outside the territory of the US and utterly ungovernable.

The degree to which the Australian and European police and politicians have been cowed and subordinated is extraordinary. It indicates just how successful the Muslim invasion has been.

Multicultural, multiethnic societies are held together by brute force, and always become dictatorships in which all politics is racial/religious. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq is one good example, Tsarist Russia is another, although more gentile.

The permanent presence of Muslims in the West will force the replacement of Western democracy by various kinds of dictatorships. Hungary and Poland might yet save Europe, but a whole generation of senior European politicians and religious and cultural leaders will have to be killed off.

2018-07-29 on pj-instapundit

You give up a great deal of payload capacity in a reusable rocket. I can’t believe that the cost per pound of material orbited is lower in such a system.

Its just not the fuel used to land the rocket. The rocket itself has to be much more complex with much more complex controls if it is to land safely.

2018-07-28 on thereferenceframe

What an excellent post, and one I mostly understand.

One is reminded of the role of axioms in mathematics, especially the discovery of non-Euclidean mathematics. Something that Euclid could have done himself.

The postulates and theories derived from them also define what is a fact. Not all observations are admitted into the theoretical framework.

2018-07-28 on pj-instapundit

The general AAUP rule, which most universities and colleges follow, is that if a department is closed for bona fide financial exigency, the institution must make a good faith effort to find similar employment for dismissed faculty at the institution. If the institution has been following AAUP recommended procedures, even tacitly, the courts will often enforce faculty rights against it.

That said, small liberal arts colleges depend on enrolling young White people, because they are the only demographic group that has any interest in the humanities. Blacks, Hispanics and Asians could not care less about them. As the White cohorts diminish in size, many colleges will go belly up, including some famous ones. Antioch College is the prime example, although self-sabotage was a factor there.

2018-07-27 on pj-instapundit

Go read this, an analysis of some 2,000 to 3,000 shootings,


If the goal is deterrence rather than killing, then any handgun caliber works, including the 0.22 LR.
The point is the pain from any gunshot wound will make any but the most determined assaillant run away. The .44 mag will kill him dead, but the .22 on up will deter him.

If you wound someone who survives, you have a legal problem. If you kill him, you have a massive legal probelm.

2018-07-27 on pj-instapundit

Let’s hope that’s true.

2018-07-27 on pj-instapundit

There is absolutely no excuse or reason for bombing Iran. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, negotiated by the US, France, Britain, China, Russia, Germany and the European Union prevented the further development of nuclear weapons by Iran. All observers agree that Iran is in substantial compliance with the agreement. The US’ unilateral and unjustified nullification of a major international treaty has caused the current crisis.

Bombing Iran would be a war crime, and the President, each Cabinet member, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all the people involved in planning and executing such an attack would be war criminals, in exactly the same sense that Hitler, Goering, Goebbles, Himmler, et al., were war criminals.

The likely outcome of such an attack would be Iran’s closing of the Persian Gulf, both oil exports and imports of food, medicines and manufactured goods. Reopening the Gulf would require a major land war to conquer and occupy Iran at least as far as the range of its anti-ship missiles, which have a range of about 120 miles. Along most of Iran’s coastline this is well into the Zagros Mountains, and the fighting would be infantry vs. infantry. It is doubtful the US/NATO have the stomach for that war.

Whose interests are served by war with Iran? Certainly not America’s. Let Israel do it own dirty work.

2018-07-26 on pj-instapundit

And is no longer stealthy.

2018-07-26 on pj-instapundit

Numbers count. The Air Force is not going to get the 2,400 or so F-35’s it wants. It will only get 1,000 or less. The F-15X would fill in the gap. And it has much longer range, payload and speed than the F-35.

What the Air Force won’t recognize is that stealth is a special attribute for special missions. It is not an everyday attribute.

2018-07-25 on pj-media

I wish you would stop citing David Brooks, who is a thoroughly discredited and discreditable cuckservative.

“Localism” is what the Catholic Church calls “subsidiarity,” or what the Founding Fathers called “federalism.” Unfortunately, the centralized, really nonfederal, state is cooked into the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation were a true federal constitution, and if we want our freedoms back, we need to return to the Articles. However, history has a ratchet, and we are doomed to becoming a multi-cultural, multi-racial dictatorship. Think Saddam Hussein and his merry men.

2018-07-25 on cdrsalamander

Carriers have no use against either Russia or China, because any situation in which we attempted carrier attacks on their mainlands would be during a nuclear war. It is also clear that our carriers cannot get close enough to the Russian and Chinese coastlines without risking total destruction. Any naval doctrine arguing for a carrier attack or even carrier utility against those countries is nonsense. The carrier admirals have become the old battleship admirals.

The only use we have had for carriers since 1945 is attacking Second World and Third World countries that lack air and ship defense capabilities. North Vietnam was a good example, and so is Iraq.

That does not mean carriers have no use, but we are investing in the wrong ships still. The fact that China is building carriers does not mean that they are planning another Coral Sea or Midway, merely that they intend to intimidate Second and Third World countries, too.

2018-07-25 on pj-instapundit

My daughter lives in Germany, and she is married to a German. German is nice and her life is pleasant. It is perfectly OK with me and her if the German military disappears totally.

Free chocolate and beer for everyone!

2018-07-25 on pj-instapundit

Germany’s disarmament is not irrational. There is no threat to Germany from anyone, especially not Russia.

Moreover, considering Germany’s history from Bismarck’s unification to Hitler and new Merkel, a powerful German military is not in anyone’s interest.

2018-07-25 on pj-instapundit

No country’s trade policies are altruistic. There is always some profit motive or strategic purpose to the trade. What China seeks other than mineral wealth is unclear. But it likely fairly simple: China is resource poor (like all of East Asia), and Africa is resource rich. There is also some benefit to ports on the African coast that can support China’s navy and keep its supply lines open to both Africa and the Middle East.

America’s SOCOM troops roaming over most of Africa are not there for the benefit of Africans, and the US Navy in the Persian Gulf and India Ocean are not there to support the programs of the deceased Mother Teresa.

2018-07-25 on pj-instapundit

The Hoover files, JFK, RFK, MLK, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the FBI lab scandals… Why did it take so long?

Throw in the CIA, NSA, NSC, DOJ. The corruption also extends to the ranks of our flag officers, all of whom are carefully screened for PC and obedience to the Deep State.

Revolutions begin with colonels and sergeants.

2018-07-25 on pj-instapundit

“The True Believer” was required reading when I was an undergraduate in the early 60’s. It made a lasting impression, in part because I personally knew actual Communists of the Leninist/Stalinist ilk.

It is the only book of required reading from my college days that I remember, and I still have the classroom copy.

2018-07-25 on infoproc

This is really an abortion rights issue, since one embryo will be discarded, and all the various abortion arguments come into play.

I imagine there will be attempts to suppress tests of this kind, and to outlaw doctors giving such advice. There are already attempts to deny individuals genetic information relating to their own health, because the dummies can’t understand the science. There are also attempts to deny a woman’s right to abortion if the reason is the sex of the embryo or if the embryo has Down’s disease.

Fortunately, 70% of voters support abortion rights, so I don’t think the Luddites will win. But be prepared for the fanatics.

2018-07-24 on pj-instapundit

Up to now, the US has refused to sell Turkey the Patriot system and has intervened with other NATO allies to prevent them from selling Turkey any modern air defense systems. The whole S-400 issue could be resolved if we would sell Turkey the Patriot.

Once again, Turkey is being blamed for something we did. The neocons are true monsters, and they have to be cut out of the US’ decision making loops.

2018-07-24 on thereferenceframe

You have not mentioned it, but I suppose some of these crackpots are tenured physics professors at major universities.

I am really glad I retired. tOSU seems to be sinking into the swamp.

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

Actually, the phrase “our posterity” in the preamble to the Constitution is a reference to the Anglo-Saxon founders. The USA was intended to be an Anglo-Saxon homeland.

I don’t think you qualify.

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

This law is the very definition of an apartheid state.

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

A non-Jew may not buy land from a Jew, although a Jew can buy land from a non-Jew. Moreover, non-Jews may not live on land owned by Jews. Israeli laws are designed with a rachet; the fraction of the country owned by Jews continually increases, and the area forbidden to non-Jews for residences also continually increases.

This applies to Christians as well as Muslims.

The Chief Rabbi of Israeli decides who is a Jew. Reform and Conservative Jews aren’t. Only the Orthodox are Jews.

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

The problem with the new constitutional law is the presence of a substantial, non-Jewish minority, both in Israel proper and in the West Bank, mostly Muslim Arabs, but also Christian Arabs. These people are officially second class citizens. There are numerous other Israeli laws and Talmudic precepts that demean non-Jews, too. Read Israel Shahak’s “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” for details.

Israel is a Jim Crow state evolving into an apartheid state.

If you think Israel is a friend of America, compare how they treated the USS Liberty and its crew with how the North Koreans treated the USS Pueblo and its crew. If North Korea is an enemy, what is Israel?

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine… Are we missing anyone?

Oh, yes, Iran.

It would be another ‘Nam, maybe worse (better?).

While we’re at it. The Pakis are a pain in the butt, too. They’re just next door. Do them, too.

Oh, and we don’t like Turkey either. They’re next door, too. A threepeat!!!

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

“A German intelligence report from the city-state of Hamburg..”

From a city-state? Are you effing kidding me? What kind of doofus intelligence agency does a city-state have?

Get off the vodka, Stephen.

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

Don’t forget the pedophiles Tony Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein nor the Lolita express and the children’s spa.

2018-07-23 on pj-instapundit

What Ukraine needs desperately is its own Putin. They need someone to put down the oligarchs and the Nazi militias and to implement Minsk. That is the only way to end the civil war.

Unfortunately, Poroshenko and Timoshenko are two of the oligarchs who need to be put down.

In the meantime, Putin thanks Obama for Crimea.

2018-07-23 on infoproc

I suppose the conference and FRIB are funded by some sort of unrestricted monies owned by MSU. How will the $500M settlement affect projects like this in the future? Apparently the settlement will have to come out of current revenues and unrestricted endowments. The State will not fund it; can’t come out of student tuition and fees; and the insurance companies will skate because of official malpractice.

Your colleagues in the B1G, tOSU, are looking at at least $100M to $200M in reparations and maybe as much as the MSU settlement for the same reasons.

Can anyone who likes to hang out with children and young people be trusted?

2018-07-22 on pj-instapundit

You missed the networking part. Yalies are well-connected to the Deep State, and they will prosper as long as it does. The CIA still likes to recruit there and at other Ivies, too. I have a nephew who was recruited out of Cornell by the NSA.

2018-07-22 on pj-instapundit

The black and white working classes are the primary victims of immigration and globalization. It is obvious that those policies are the most vicious anti-black policies since Jim Crow, and that they are a major cause of the opioid epidemic among whites. The Democrats and the GOPe are sacrificing an entire generation of young blacks and whites out of greed.

2018-07-21 on pj-instapundit

We need to use our leverage to get Poroshenko to implement the Minsk agreements. That is the only way to end the civil war and reunify Ukraine.

Crimea, however, is Russian forever. Again, a result of the coup we instigated. Obama’s free gift to Putin.

2018-07-19 on xyz-net-au

Or HST for that matter.

2018-07-19 on xyz-net-au

Ironically you open this essay with one of the greatest lies, “Judeo-Christian democracy.” There is no Judeo-Christian anything, and most especially democracy. Israel itself is an racist Jewish state that denies full citizenship to all nonJews and some insufficiently Jewish Jews, like the Reform.

2018-07-19 on pj-instapundit

For over 20 years.

2018-07-19 on infoproc

“We experience the physical world directly…” I suspect most psychologists would insist that the world we experience is a mental construct of our brains that correlates well with physical reality.

Most mathematicians are probably Platonists, and they likely think mathematics is more real than the physical world.

By the way, as a quantum mechanician, do you believe there is an actual objective physical world?

2018-07-19 on animalmagnetism

The asteroids are 100 million miles away, and they are a million miles apart. Never happen, never.

There’s also more gold in the ocean than in all the world’s gold depositories and jewelry. The cost of extraction is far higher than the value of the gold, even assuming no price collapse.

2018-07-18 on pj-instapundit

The complete story is that at the behest of Israel the US refused to sell Turkey the Patriot system and even intervened with other NATO countries to see to it that they would not provide modern air defense systems to Turkey either. The Russian S-400 is the only air defense system Turkey could buy. Israel’s policy is that all countries in the region should be defenseless against an Israeli attack. Israel recognizes no friends or allies in the region, merely useful stooges.

Turkey is certainly angry with the US and EU, and its NATO member is fragile, but our real problem is that our Middle Eastern policies are dictated to us by Israel. Israel is a worse friend to the US than Turkey, and Turkey does not control us. Israel is a dangerous parasite that we need to be quit of. Strategically, Turkey is critical to our position in the Middle East, North Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. Israel is a strategic irrelevancy.

Moreover, from an intelligence viewpoint it would be very nice to have a NATO country own both an S-400 system and F-35’s so that NATO could test them against one another and determine how best to deploy the F-35.

2018-07-18 on pj-instapundit

The Swamp Reptiles are trying to seize control of the Executive Branch from Trump. It is a slow-moving coup d’etat. If they fail they will likely try to kill him.

Part of the reason for the current push is maybe that Putin gave Trump copies of communications intercepts that revealed widespread collusion between the Reptiles and foreign powers:


If this is true (Who knows? Q?), Trump will have plenty of ways to blackmail and control the Reptiles. He might even want to cook a few of them. Tastes like chicken.

2018-07-18 on pj-media

Unless we rebuild our industrial base, make it the largest and most comprehensive in the world, we have no chance of doing any of this. Manufacturing provides high wage jobs and large tax revenues. The service economy does the opposite: low wage jobs and low tax revenues. All our problems reside there. Our people aren’t making enough money, and the economy is too small to sustain the government.

It is probable that China, or at least the Chinese-Russian axis, has already won the 21st Century.

2018-07-16 on pj-instapundit

Because it is the US that initiated and is pursuing an aggressive anti-Russian foreign and military policies. America’s foreign and military policies are controlled by fake-American-neocons who are in service to a foreign power.

Here are the facts that everyone knows, EU:Russia without US or Turkey: population 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1; active duty troops, 1.8:1. The ratios double if Turkey and the US are added in. So, who is a threat to whom? Putin knows the numbers, that is why his foreign policies are reactive and defensive, although when the stupid fake-American-neocons give him a free gift, like Crimea, he will take it.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia lost half its own population, half its own economy and one-third its own territory. Besides that, Russia lost all the Warsaw Pact allies, who along with some historic Russian territories were transferred to EU/NATO. Russia is a mere shadow of the Soviet Union, and without its nuclear arsenal it would have been invaded by NATO long ago.

On the flip side, since 1992 the US has run amok invading numerous countries without cause, none of which attacked the US. Without the Soviet Union, the US and its fake-american-neocons have become the prinicipal source of terrorism in the world. Just look at the dozens of Iraqi and Syrian and Libyan cities bombed flat, as flat as Dresden after the fire-bombing. We might have killed as many as 1,000,000 Iraqis and Syrians. We surely drove millions into exile.

Fox & Friends has allied itself with CNN and MSNBC as a purveyor of fake news, fake journalists, and fake Americans.

2018-07-16 on thermidor-magazine-1

A Supreme Court consisting of nine Catholic bishops would not overturn Roe v. Wade. All judges adhere to Stare Decisis, on the valid grounds that overturning precedents leads to legal chaos. Roe v. Wade is part of a long series of precedents granting rights to sexual privacy and choice, including the rights to contraceptives, interracial marriage, homosexuality, same sex marriage, transgender surgery… None of that will be overturned. Abortion is a red herring.

The battle lines are now prostitution (legal in Europe), pedophilia (the favorite crime of all ruling classes), and bestiality. I expect that all will be approved by courts before I die.

2018-07-16 on pj-instapundit

EU:Russia–population, 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1; active duty troops, 1.8:1. US and Turkey double those ratios. Who threatens whom?

2018-07-16 on pj-instapundit

And the fake-American-neocons want to put that to the test. Let’s hope Trump and Putin can get along and collude on deals to save the world.

2018-07-16 on pj-instapundit

“a president with broad powers that include the authority to appoint and remove senior civil servants”

Like any US President. All presidential systems have such powers. In Ukraine, Poroshenko can appoint local officials.

2018-07-16 on pj-instapundit

The loss of trust has taken a very long time. There are the Hoover spying scandals, the murders of Samuel and Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge, the murders of six Branch Davidians at Waco, the numerous falsified FBI lab results…

Lafayette Park is an ideal site for a gallows.

2018-07-16 on pj-instapundit

The quoted price is likely for the airframe only. Engines, electronics, parts will be extra.

But even so, price reductions are necessary and welcome, if the Air Force is to get all the planes it wants. Otherwise, we have yet another B-2, F-22, F-111, B-70, B-1A cost fiasco.

2018-07-16 on pj-media

“There is no full explanation as yet for what destroyed the mighty Global World Order…”

Except, of course, the Global World Order and the Davos Devils still have control. The Order is still there, viz. Theresa May. They may be surprised, even shaken, but they have control, and the populists do not.

Robert Kagan is an apt quote. He, himself, is one of the criminals running and plotting the Global World Order, instigating and urging one war crime after another, a true modern Himmler.

The Global World Order (an ironic “order”) has been marked by a fake-American-neocon led wave of American terrorism against countries that did not attack us: Serbia, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen… Add to that the coups in Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey… That is Kagan’s dream world. The world desired by the fake-American-neocons and the Davos Devils.

What we need is nationalism: American for Americans; Britain for Brits; Germany for Germans…

And a very large gallows.

(PS. Glad to see you quoting “The Expanse.” The TV series is even better than the Corey’s books, and it is still improving.)

2018-07-15 on pj-instapundit

Frankly, I find the Pizzagate story convincing, and Strzok looks like a possible member. Pedophilia is the crime of choice among Rulers. And I note the Clintons associations with known pedophiles like Anthony Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein. Kamala sports a ring with a pedophile symbol.

2018-07-15 on thecollegefix-com

Since Buffalo is a state university, the administrators and trustees might be tempted to claim sovereign immunity, but the courts would likely quash that argument.

2018-07-15 on pj-instapundit

Russia is not a threat to anyone. The fake American neocons/Cabal/Deep State is.

2018-07-15 on amerika-1

The Deep State/Cabal already occupies that complex, and they are the problem.

2018-07-15 on pj-instapundit

As a matter of diplomatic protocol, President Trump and Queen Elizabeth are of equal rank, both are heads of state, and neither bows to the other.

The idiot Kenyan didn’t know that, and neither did his idiot advisers.

2018-07-15 on diogenesmiddlefinger

In diplomatic protocol, Trump and the Queen are of equal status, both are heads of state, and neither bows to the other. The ignorant Kenyan didn’t know that, and no one told him, or maybe they didn’t know either.

2018-07-15 on pj-media

The idea that Russia is a threat is a fantasy pushed by the fake American neocons. As has been pointed out by Tim Beale, the roots of the neocons are in revolutionary, and violent, Trotskyite communism. And they haven’t moved very far from their roots, viz. David Brooks or Bill Kristol. EU:Russia–population, 3.6:1; GDP (PPP), 4.6:1; active duty servicement, 1.8:1. Just who threatens whom?

All of Europe’s problems–delusional environmental radicalism; delusional economic and foreign policies; foreign invasion by Muslims and Africans; dependence on Russia and the US; authoritarian, anti-democratic regimes; and economic stagnation–all of them are the results of European choices and delusions.

We, the US, need to cut them lose. And that includes the UK.

2018-07-14 on pj-instapundit

Why aren’t Brennan and Clapper and their friends in Gitmo?

2018-07-14 on pj-instapundit

Look around and see. A majority of kids today are fat. Morbid obesity is not unusual. And it’s not a poor v. rich thing. The undergraduates at a nearby elite college are generally fat.

2018-07-14 on pj-instapundit

Judges are governed by state decisis. Except in the most extremely rare occasions, and then only due to extreme situations, they do not overturn previous rulings. To do so would be to create chaos in the law, and the law must be stable.

Roe v. Wade is part of a long series of judicial rulings going back to Griswold v. Connecticut (1965). Collectively, these rulings establish the right to privacy and self-determination in all things sexual: contraception, interracial marriage, homosexuality, abortion, and more to come. These cannot be overruled, and they won’t be, none of them.

2018-07-14 on pj-instapundit

“Backsliding toward inequality” Is David Brooks that stupid? We are an unequal society, because we are a multicultural, multiethnic society, and diverse people differ genetically in all things. A ghetto black with an IQ in the 70’s cannot learn any skill useful in a modern society. He is only good for brute, manual labor. The black IQ is 85, but that is borderline moronic. 85 is the minimal IQ for getting into the Army; the Navy, Marines and Air Force require 90. So, more than half of all blacks cannot even serve in the military.

2018-07-13 on cdrsalamander

The original Zumwalt needs to have an engine replaced. Apparently a Rolls turbine. Less than one year of use.

2018-07-13 on pj-instapundit

The courts generally enforce faculty tenure rights against schools unless tenure loss is due to serious misbehavior, failure to perform duties or proven financial exigency.

2018-07-13 on pj-instapundit

The SU-57 is likely more or less equivalent to the F-22. Both aircraft are inferior to the F-35 with respect to sensors and electronics. But the Russians cannot afford it. Unless, of course, Europe buys a whole lot of Russian gas and oil.

2018-07-13 on pj-instapundit

A naval, or any military, tradition can be gained or lost in a single generation. No American naval officer has any experience in naval war, none. In fact, no American officer in any branch has any experience fighting against a near peer enemy. Moreover, the performance of our military across all branches against Third World militias has been appalling. We have not been driven out of the Middle East and Central Asia simply because of our total air and artillery supremacy in the regions. Yet we are barely hanging on. We hung on for ten years in Vietnam simply because our troops could not be overrun. But we couldn’t defeat the NVA.

2018-07-11 on pj-instapundit

In the 50’s, Boston did the same thing. Only then we had in in-ground, covered garbage pail of about 5 gal (?). Each week the city would get the pail and dump it in a special truck. Then off to the steam cooking/sterilization plant and then to the pigs.

They stopped because the costs were too much. That is typical of all recycling. The cost is not worth the results, unless you can force some to do it for free.

2018-07-11 on pj-instapundit

When I was a boy in the 50’s, we got 2¢ per soda bottle, glass, 7 or 8 oz. The milkman took back the milk bottles. You’ll have to ask my dead dad if he got money for his empty beer bottles, plenty of those. Go read on my front porch for a funny essay about the 50’s and its lack of the green thingy:…

If you want a really, really good insight into the reality of recycling and trash in general, read William Rathje and Cullen Murphy’s “Rubbish: The Archaeology of Garbage,” HarperCollins Pub., New York, 1992.

Rathje is an archaeologist. All the good sites in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America were worked over, so he dug in American landfills. The results are amazing. Good stuff about recycling, what’s actually in the landfills (you’re wrong, and so are the enviros and EPA), what happens during shortages, blah blah blah. Extremely well written, and very apropos.

2018-07-10 on animalmagnetism

Germany’s lack of military spending is rational. What the Germans and every European know is that there is no threat to Europe, especially not Russia, unless you count the possibility that the US would use Germany’s NATO membership to drag Germany into a war. Oh, wait, the US already did that in Afghanistan and came close in Syria.

Russia has only half the population and industrial base and only two-thirds of the territory of the defunct Soviet Union. Almost all of that was transferred to NATO, and NATO is very much stronger (as least potentially) than it was before the SU collapse.

The ratios for the EU vs. Russia, without either the US or Turkey are: population, 3.6:1; GDP (PPP), 18.3:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. If you add in the US and Turkey, all those ratios double.

The idea that Russia is a threat to EU/US/NATO is an absurdity. It is especially absurd given that the Putin-Lavrov-Shoigu leadership group is reactive and defensive. This is especially true of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, which was initiated by a coup d’etat we instigated, a coup against Ukraine’s only legitimate, democratically elected president. The Crimean annexation was a direct consequence of that coup, and it had the full support of the Crimean population, which is overwhelming ethnic Russian.

The Europeans would do well to quit NATO to avoid future American led and instigated wars.

2018-07-09 on pj-instapundit

The polae route to Europe is 40% shorter than the southern, and almost all of it is under Russian control, which reduces the US’ ability to blockade China. However, there are very few ports along the Siberian coast that can support heavy freighter traffic.

2018-07-09 on pj-instapundit

Although they are more expansive than most, Erdogan’s presidential powers are not unusual for a presidential system, including our own.

As to the Ottoman Empire, that is dead and buried, and Turkey lacks the military power and national will to try to reestablish it. They can’t even slap down the Kurds in Iraq and Syria.

The main threat is that the US, egged on by Israel, will drive Turkey out of NATO into the arms of Russian and China, which would nearly complete MacKinder’s World Island concept. That would be a world-historic disaster for the West, comparable to the Turks’ conquest of Byzantium in 1453.

2018-07-09 on pj-instapundit

Germany is making the rational choice. There is no threat to Germany from anyone, most especially not from Russia, other than its membership in NATO, which might drag Germany into an unwanted, pointless and losing war. The US would do well to follow Germany’s example before its current lunatic policies start a really big war. Iran for example. Or, worse, North Korea.

2018-07-09 on pj-instapundit

Again, close tp Porton Down, Britain’s biological and chemical warfare development center. Evidently the Brits have a rogue employee at the center.

2018-07-08 on pj-instapundit

Allowed!!!??? They should be required to kneel!! The image of blacks kneeling before Whites is just too precious.

Make that a rule for all aports. During the National Anthem, all black players and coaches must kneel before the White fans. After all, gladiators knelt before the Emperor.

2018-07-08 on pj-instapundit

Iran’s threat to close the Straits is a response to America’s threat to close off Iranian oil exports, so there would be no self-inflicted damage to the Iranian action, it would have already occurred.

That said, it is ridiculously easy for Iran to close the Straits, and well-nigh impossible for the US/NATO to keep them open. We have here a classic case of asymmetric warfare. The Iranians need only attack one freighter or oiler with one RPG. They don’t need any navy or air force. It can be done from shore.

In response, the maritime insurance companies would cancel the insurance on any ship operating in the Persian and Oman Gulfs, and the ship owners would withdraw their ships from the region until the crisis was over. This might take many months. In the interim, the World would lose 20% of its oil production, and the Saudis, et al., would lose their imports of food, medicine, refined oil products and manufactured goods. A Great Depression would ensue.

We, by the way, still import over 10% of our oil consumption.

There are only two possible strategies that the US/NATO could pursue. One would be intensive air patrol over that portion of Iran that might have anti-ship missiles. This amounts to some 200,000 sq. mi. We were never able to locate and destroy Iraq’s Scuds during Gulf War I. The air patrols would have to be supplemented by ship convoys guarded by destroyers and frigates with anti-missile technology. We have nowhere near enough air craft or ships to do this.

The second possibility is to invade and occupy Iran to the same depth: 1,000 mi. of coast line to a depth of 200 mi., or so, whatever the expected missile range. Russia and China would wet themselves with laughter and pleasure. They would make sure that Iran got enough weapons and supplies to keep that war going indefinitely. China would get its oil from Russia and Iran via OBOR, which is why it is being built.

Game, set, match, Iran. So much for an empty threat.

2018-07-07 on pj-instapundit

It has been pointed out that the roots of the fake American neocon movement is the old Trotskyite faction in the USSR. In the US, they split from the Democrats because the Democrats didn’t support Israel.

2018-07-07 on pj-instapundit

As various communist regimes have demonstrated, you only need about 0.3% of the population to control a country, as long as they are committed, dedicated supporters willing to do and suffer physical violence. The Ayatollahs have very much more than that, likely a majority of the Iranian population. The demonstrators are the secular urbanites whose grandparents probably supported Mosaddegh.

As long as the Ayatollahs have the rural, Islamic population they are safe. A color revolution won’t work in Iran.

2018-07-07 on thereferenceframe

Witch hunts seem to be a permanent feature of human society. I bet Australopithecus did it. The must be some DNA-determined hard wiring in our brains that keeps it going.

2018-07-07 on pj-instapundit

Pedophilia is the preferred crime of every Ruling Class, because it is the ultimate crime against the ultimate victim, and doing it proves your power. The Muslim grooming of young children in Britain is clearly intended to supply the demand of the British elites in Parliament and the Civil Service for children. In this country, the Clintons have long associated with known perverts like Anthony Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein. Kamala Harris sports a ring with the triangle-in-triangle pedophile symbol. Pizzagate is at least symbolically true and likely actually true.

The left is now pushing for the legalization of pedophilia, the long term goal of NAMBLA. After that it will be bestiality, unless the animal rights people can muscle up.

2018-07-06 on infoproc

Unfortunately, the people incapable of recognizing the emerging reality are those in power, and they will stay in power for some time yet.

Our delusional military still is planning for an invasion of North Korea, passing those plans on the assumption that China and Russia will do nothing. Just as they did nothing in Korea I and Vietnam.

2018-07-06 on infoproc

Yet another BS plot. They have NOT demonstrated any significant correlation. This is a sorta shapeless scatter plot. They didn’t even capture the very slight slope in the data, which has an intercept on the predicted g axis of about -1, nowhere near the plotted lines. They evidently used the regression procedure that forces the intercept to be near or at the origin. Hence the utter fatuous regression line.

I bet the data matrix is ill-conditioned. It might even have a zero determinant.

This is scientific illiteracy. It demonstrates that the researchers and the referees and editors are utterly ignorant of Stat 101.

Anyone who is interested in fmRI should first read Raymond Tallis’ “Aping Mankind.” Tallis is a physician and practicing neuroscientist. He is a severe critical of neuro-imaging in general and fmRI in particular.

This plot is typical of the results of neuro-imaging.

2018-07-05 on blazingcatfur

There are no good guys in Syria, but it can be argued that the US and its gophers, which includes our creature IS, are among the worse. We started the Syrian war over an oil pipeline. Assad didn’t like the Saudi’s, and did like the Iranian one. Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are in Syria because of US actions. Just like the US coup that collapsed Ukraine into civil war and chaos and partition. And the US supported coup against Erdogan and follow aggressions that have driven Turkey into the arms of Russia.

We are the Evil Empire. We are the principal terrorist state in the world. Get woke.

2018-07-05 on pj-instapundit

I have degrees from both Northeastern University and Purdue University. NU is a bottomless pit of embarassment. Occasionally I am proud of PU.

2018-07-05 on pj-instapundit

The Democrats have targeted White people and Jews for punishment, blaming them for all the evils that beset Blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals et al. Any rational White will vote Republican.

The Democrats have succeeded in racializing our politics. All politics is identitarian now.

2018-07-05 on pj-instapundit

Libertarians are open borders, blank slate lunatics. There is hardly any real difference in the results they effect and those of the hard left.

2018-07-05 on pj-instapundit

Even a 747 wasn’t big enough to carry an effective laser. The problem is the size of the energy source. If all they intend to do is blind the opposing pilots, it will work. But if they want to burn through aircraft structures they will need a much bigger platform.

I’d be happier if the clowns at the Pentagon would stop the pursuit of “Wonder Weapons,” and get down to the problems of building effective weapons, and more of them, and effective servicemen and officers, officers who don’t ram ships together while they’re having a snit.

2018-07-05 on cdrsalamander

Over at Asia Times there is a short article claiming that by 2025 China might have 7 aircraft carriers. They would consist of the Liaoning and it sister ship, two big-deck Nimitz-like carriers and three Wasp-like helicopter assault carriers. The Chinese apparently do not have an VTOL aircraft, but if they’re building the Wasp class, so something Harrier or F35B like must be in the works.

That should be enough to establish naval and air superiority (when combined with land assets) over the whole Nine Dash region, and all occasional forays into the western and southern Pacific.

2018-07-05 on animalmagnetism

A better plan would be to expel California from the Union and to strip all Californians of their citizenship. We could always do to them what Britain did to Cyprus and establish sovereign naval and air bases at convenient places, like San Diego. Gitmo is another good model.

2018-07-04 on cdrsalamander

A lot can still go wrong. We may have as many as 5,000 troops on the ground in Syria, itself, in addition to 6,000 in Iraq, 8,000 in Kuwait, 2,000 in Israel and an unknown number in Jordan. Plus the huge establishment in Bahrain. There are also hundreds of French and British troops in Syria.

That’s an awful lot of manpower just sitting there. Someone has a plan.

Today it is reported that the Kurds want the Turks out and are talking to Assad about mutual action. Assad made some sort of offer to them a while back.

Assad seems to be mopping up in the South, and Iraq now controls its side of the whole border.

Trump’s talk with Putin should be interesting.

2018-07-04 on thereferenceframe

Sub yocto to super yotta. Loving it. Am going to share it with my colleagues. The ancient Greeks had no idea what trouble they were making for students learning SI.

Well, kilometers are suitable for small countries like France, but big countries need miles. yotta miles.

2018-07-04 on pj-instapundit

Apparently, the segregation has been going on for years, but it was publicly admitted only recently. The parents and students kept quiet about it, so they must have liked it.

2018-07-04 on infoproc

I apologize for being off-topic, but how do you expect the recent Nassar settlement to affect MSU?

I realize that as an officer of the University you might be under some sort of gag order, so I won’t be surprised if you have no public opinion. It might be impolitic, anyway.

2018-07-03 on pj-instapundit

Every trade union has an apprentice program, and the apprentices earn significant money while they are training.

2018-07-03 on pj-instapundit

People in the Deep State/Cabal are trying to sabotage the deal. They want a war.

2018-07-03 on pj-instapundit

If you count tatooing, as you should, I bet it’s close to half.

2018-07-03 on fortruss

On the other hand, NATO gets to test F35’s and other aircraft against S-400 anti-aircraft systems, which the Russians wouldn’t like.

The S-400 is a red herring. Turkey is buying the S-400 air defense system because the US refused to sell it the Patriot system and pressured other NATO countries not to sell Turkey other advanced systems. This was all done at the behest of Israel, which wants a defenseless Turkey.

2018-07-03 on pj-instapundit

The opposition to Turkey’s purchase of the F35 never had anything to do with its purchase of Russia’s S-400 system. That was always a cover story for Israel’s attempt to keep all its neighbors weak and defenseless and open to Israeli attack. Turkey, because of its power, is a particular target of Israeli lies, and our Neocon Fake Americans are Israeli agents fomenting anti-Turkish fairy tales.

The deeper reality is that under Israeli influence the US refused to sell Turkey the Patriot air and missile defense system, and the US further influenced other NATO members to refuse to sell Turkey any modern air or missile defense systems. Russia filled the void, giving Turkey a defense against Israeli attacks. And considering our involvement in the failed coup, possibly an American attack.

In the real world, not the delusional world of the Fake American Neocons, having an S-400 system in the hands of a NATO ally would be an immense tactical advantage, and would provide all sorts of information on how to defeat it. It would be especially useful if we could routinely run F35’s against it.

But no. Local regional dominance by Israel is more important than the security of NATO’s southern flank.

2018-07-02 on pj-instapundit

Give Trump 10 more appointments.

2018-07-01 on thereferenceframe

I can see how my emphasis on the maldistributionist effects of free trade could be viewed as Bolshevik, or at least left wing. I, however, view them as populist/mercantilist, and I think of myself as alternate, or at least dissident right, in the Vox Day sense not the Richard Spencer sense.

But my position derives from the experiences of my generation and our children. I and my sisters were born into a working class family between 1943 and 1953. Almost all of us got college degrees, and achieved a middle to upper-middle class lifestyle. Several of us became licensed professionals. However, of our 18 offspring, less than half have any college education, and a few of them are visibly sinking into the underclass, or at least lower working class.

A college education for working class kids is becoming closed off. In 1966 I graduated from Northeastern University with a BSCE. That year I paid about $1,200 in tuition and fees, and I left with only $300 in debt on a National Defense Student Loan. Those loans aren’t available anymore, and NU charges $51,500 in tuition and fees. It is not unusual for an NU student to graduate with over $200,000 in relatively high interest, nonforgivable loans.

So, my generation enjoyed peak economic success, and our children have fallen below that, some well below. The trend downward is continuing with our grandchildren.

That basically is all you have to know about Trump. That and the monster Hillary.

There are other free trade effects I didn’t mention. The loss of high profit/high wage industry has reduced the tax base and tax revenues, and the US is in dire straits. Our annual deficit is larger than the defense budget (We will be leaving Europe, and maybe NATO.), and in a few years the annual interest payment on the accumulated debt will be the largest item in the federal budget.

Moreover, the lack of a large and diverse industrial sector means that we are scarcely able to maintain our existing military. Should a large war break out (always the goal of the neocons), we will not be able to replace combat losses, either in materiel or personnel. It will be a war of attrition, spiraling down to WW I/II technologies, being won by whoever had the most toys at the beginning.

I think those are pretty good arguments for protectionism.

2018-06-30 on pj-instapundit

An intelligent, industrious, ambitious White boy has options other than college and the insufferable feminists who rule it.

PS. Ohio State is conducting a witch hunt against a faculty member who has been dead for 13 years. Michael V. Drake has repeatedly sent the whole university emails soliciting stories about how bad this guy was. Worse than Hitler, I imagine. I suppose they intend to dig up the body and parade it around campus before burning it at the stake. Feminism + Affirmative Action = Blood Feud

2018-06-30 on thereferenceframe

Your membership in the EU does eliminate trade barriers, but that works both ways, and it exposes your native industries to competition from more efficient German et al. industries. About the best thing that can be said for membership is that your newly unemployed citizens can, “Go West, Young Man!”

You should vote to get out as soon as possible. The deracinated globalists pursued policies that wrecked American industry and immiserated the American working class. Our GDP did increase, but the Ruling Class captured every single penny of the growth and actually clawed income away from the working class.

2018-06-29 on pj-media

When Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he destroyed the Roman Republic and established the Principate. If our current crisis does degenerate into violence, the result will be a dictatorship, whether of the left or right I do not know, but our representative democracy will be gone. The forms may remain, the Roman Senate lasted until the Turks took Constantinople, but they will be empty.

2018-06-28 on pj-instapundit

If anyone will look at the Constitution, it will become apparent that the Supreme Court was NOT given the power to review the constitutionality of legislation or regulations. That power was usurped by Marshall.

No Common Law country allowed its courts to review the constitutionality of acts of parliament until very recently. I’m not sure that UK does even now. Other Common Law countries passed special acts granting their courts review powers.

2018-06-28 on pj-instapundit

The real issue is who will partner with Erdogan’s AKP to form a governing coalition. Ataturk’s CHP is out, and some of the others would reinforce Erdogan and Turkey’s drift into the Russian camp.

Right now, Turkish air force pilots and maintainers are in the US being trained on their F35A’s. They have possession of one, and will receive another soon. Even if we cancel the deal (because of the S-400), the pilots and maintainers will go home knowing just about everything about the F35.

2018-06-28 on pj-instapundit

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have the status of freedom fighters opposing the empire. They are the militia of the largest tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Pashtun. The only way to defeat them is to kill all the Pashtun.

The MOAB we dropped on a couple of dozen ISIS ragtag militiamen a while back was a sign of desperation and fear in our government.

2018-06-27 on pj-instapundit

The Russians will build and operate the new rocket regardless of any commercial success. They have and intend to keep a manned space program. China has a small one, too. We don’t. Europe doesn’t.

2018-06-27 on cdrsalamander

30% of all the terminals in US ports are run by foreign companies, and 80% of the terminals in the port of Los Angeles are run by foreign companies. Several LA terminals are run by Chinese government companies, which also operate terminals at both ends of the Panama Canal.

Even if the terminals are not suitable for maintaining naval vessels, they are perfectly good as intelligence gathering bases. The string of Chinese terminals is now world wide. Some, like Gwadar in Pakistan, can provide support to naval vessels, and Gwadar is at one enf of OBOR.

2018-06-26 on pj-instapundit

The parallels between Vietnam and Afghanistan are significant. In both places, we controlled the cities, and the rebels controlled the people. Afghanistan had a workable and stable government until the communists overthrew it in 1978. They had a nominal king and a parliament of tribes. There has been no peace in Afghanistan since then. Even at their peak, the Taliban did not control the whole country, and they won’t even if they drive out the US. In the meantime, the Taliban are the militia of the Pashtun, the largest tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and they have the moral status among the Afghans of freedom fighters.

The idea that we defeated ISIS in Iraq or even in Syria is laughable. In both countries, the main opposition to ISIS was Iran and its allies, especially Russia and the Syria government in Syria. We had 6,000 ground troups in Iraq, and they did nothing to ISIS. We now have 5,000 ground troop in Syria, and they are doing nothing to the ISIS remnants, other than protecting them from Assad.

2018-06-26 on pj-instapundit

Just like the Moon landings did. Tang drove an economic explosion. We all saw that.

But nonsense aside, just what would the Space Force be? There is an international treaty that prohibits putting weapons into orbit. Everything would have to be on the ground.

You might put a surveillance space station up, but the ISS cost over $150 B and has only 33,000 cu ft of pressurized, livable space. A typical bilevel home with a basement has about 20,000 cu ft of livable space.

So, it looks like the Space Force is simply a reshuffling of existing personnel, equipment and bases. How does mere rearrangement of the pieces lead to $1 T GDP.

2018-06-26 on pj-instapundit

Political and social brainwashing aside, the American military is operating at an unsustainable pace. This is shown by the deferred maintenance, low platform availability, and partial training, especially of junior officers. The military is eating its human and materiel capital just to keep current operations going. There is no excess or slack in the system.

Part of the problem is that we are trying to police the whole world with only 4% of the world population and 15% of its GDP (PPP). Those percentages are falling. We are getting relatively smaller. And we are aging, so the manpower pool is shrinking.

Moreover, the deindustrialization promoted by economists and deracinated globalists has reduced the tax base and tax revenues by replacing high wage, high profit industry with low wage, low profit service companies. We simply cannot generate enough taxes to support the military we have.

Should we stumble into a major war, this military will be defeated. We will need those thousands of miles of ocean east and west.

2018-06-25 on pj-instapundit

One of the survival blogs recommends 2,000 rds for every rifle and 1,000 rds for every pistol. Plus a neighborhood patrol, plus…

2018-06-25 on pj-instapundit

Staples will not allow the xeroxing of any copyrighted material despite the fair use doctrine.

2018-06-25 on pj-instapundit

At the same time, US helicopters are evacuating ISIL leaders to safe havens.

There is no reason for us to be in Somalia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Philippines, Columbia, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Sudan…

2018-06-25 on pj-instapundit

When I was in college, it was helpful, and I would still recommend it. The actual style the Elements is written in is also a good model.

Could William Safire get hired today?

2018-06-25 on thereferenceframe

Einstein: “It [thermodynamics] is the only physical theory of universal content, which I am convinced, that within the framework of applicability of its basic concepts will never be overthrown.

2018-06-25 on moonbattery

This ruling is a non-problem.

I predict some software company will develop an app that no only calculates the actual sales tax owed in each jurisdiction, down to the city and country levels, but also accumulates the total tax owed annually to each jurisdiction, and prepares the necessary submission forms. Individual income tax programs already do that sort of thing, and companies like TurboTax, who already have the data, will jump on that market. The entire process will be automated.

The great majority of small vendors selling on line do so through Amazon, and Amazon itself might provide the service for a fee.

The IRS originally detested income tax programs, but they came to realize that the programs almost eliminated all filing errors and greatly simplified the IRS’ work load. States and counties will quickly come to the same realization.

2018-06-25 on pj-instapundit

Surely that link needs to be rewritten. Just whom are the parents supposed to ask? Their children? Shouldn’t a parent know if his child has a gun? Child here probably means 18. Or are they supposed to ask the pediatricians? Are they inquiring whether the pediatrician himself has a gun at home, or in his office, or in the examining room? Or are they supposed to ask the pediatrician about his advice regarding ownership, training, storage…? What?

2018-06-25 on pj-instapundit

The refuge crisis in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia was caused by the US blindly implementing neocon policies. We did that. You should also add nearly one million civilian casualties, many if not most due to direct American military action. And the dozens of major cities nearly razed by American bombing.

Our actions in the MENA and Central Asia and Eastern Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union are the most sordid in our history. Trumped campaigned to stop these invasions, but the Deep State/Cabal slapped him down.

2018-06-24 on pj-instapundit

This may actually turn out well. Especially now that both China and Russia are supporting denuclearization of the Peninsula.

But the long-term status of the South is an issue, because of Moon’s anti-Americanism and strong desire for North-South reconciliation. Moon recently spent three days in Russia, partly to attend the World Cup, but also to negotiate with both Medvedev and Putin. He also addressed the Russian Parliament. The Russkies put on the really big seduction.

The Russo-Chinese offer on the table, valid once the nuclear and missile issues are resolved, is to connect both North and South Korea into the OBOR system, with upgraded rail throughout the Peninsula, oil and gas pipelines, and extended electrical transmission lines. Free and open trade is part of the deal.

The result would be to keep North Korea in the Russo-Chinese orbit and to add South Korea to it. This would be a net loss for the US and its Asian allies. It is also the most probable outcome given the preferences of Moon and his party, and the majority of South Koreans that elected them.

2018-06-24 on pj-instapundit

On average, the direct state subsidy to a public university is only about 20% of the university’s budget, and it directly tied to student enrollment. This level of subsidy is far less than it was 40 years ago. The other principal sources of income are tuition and fees (heavily paid for by student debt) and overhead on externally funded research projects. A very few public universities have endowments large enough to generate usable amounts of money. Even the richest public schools’ endowments are generally well under $2B.

So, the states have already by and large cut loose their public universities. Tuition and fee income will only decline if students and their families begin to doubt the value of a college education.

Over the 37 years I taught civil engineering, the engineering disciplines were largely immune to the nonsense in the humanities and social sciences. But those faculties dominate every university, and they are beginning to impose their idiocies by demanding that they be incorporated into every (as in EVERY) course. Since engineers are captives of the universities, because state laws require a BS degree from an accredited university for licensure, They will simply have to put up with it.

The rot has gone so far that public universities like Ohio State now require all applicants for faculty positions to sign a loyalty oath upholding all the PC shibboleths, and, moreover, they have to provide documentary proof that they actually participated in SJW activities in the past. Some colleges of education and social science also demand that students sign loyalty oaths to SJW dogma in order to stay in class and get a degree.

A rational, decent society would simply close its universities or at least cut them loose entirely.

2018-06-24 on pj-instapundit

I got out in 2007, none too soon.

2018-06-24 on pj-instapundit

Woody Hayes was against it. He thought it weakened his players.

2018-06-23 on pj-instapundit

We have several hundred nearly intact (except for wing roots) B52’s sitting in the desert. They can be cannibalized for spare parts for decades.

They aren’t much use against First World countries, but they are extremely useful for policing Third and Second World countries.

2018-06-23 on coyoteblog

The willful ignorance of people like Melinda Gates is the problem here. The students they were experimenting on are genetically low IQ minorities who have only marginal abilities to learn. Comparison with the students in private schools is absurd. Those students are largely genetically high IQ students who learn easily.

Moreover, the conceit that each student is unique is patently absurd, also. Genetics guarantees that within groups there is a lot of commonality in physiognomy, biology, behavior …

Biology is destiny. Stop the anti-science babbling.

2018-06-22 on pj-instapundit

Does anyone know what Ince’s policies towards Syria, Russia and us are?

2018-06-22 on infoproc

How sweet it is! Latin!! And from Boswell’s Johnson!!!

Yes I looked it up. However, Harvard is too big even for God to destroy.

Many years ago the Patriots were playing their games at Fenway. Of course the Sox put an end to it after one season because Fenway’s manicured sod was ruined. The Patriots went looking for another stadium, and Harvard turned them down. A member of the state legislation suggested that Harvard’s stadium be seized by eminent domain. At which point it was discovered that sometime in ancient history a Harvard alumnus had gotten an article inserted into the MA constitution that exempted Harvard from eminent domain proceedings.

2018-06-22 on pj-instapundit

He was a neocon and an NeverTrumper, and for that I cannot agree that he was a great political commentator. The fact that he could not see the evil in Hillary Clinton will forever tarnish his reputation.

2018-06-22 on pj-instapundit

The real question is, Where can I buy this jacket?

2018-06-21 on pj-instapundit

Do we need yet another unwinnable ground war? Guess so. At least this one would be close to good R&R sites. “China Beach” is taken. What would we call it? There’s good cheap cocaine next door, too.

2018-06-21 on pj-instapundit

But Yanukovych was democratically elected and the legitimate President of Ukraine. Timoshenko was equally corrupt. She just represented a different clique of oligarchs. Without the US supported coup, Ukraine would be at peace, intact (including Crimea) and likely affiliated with the EU. We only had to wait out Yanukovych’s term.

Lubos Motl posted an election map of Ukraine that showed that Yanukovych won Crimea and every oblast east of the Dniepr R. by margins of over 60% to over 90%. That is the Russian Orthodox region with a large ethnic Russian minority. Timoshenko won every oblast west of the Dniepr by equal margins. That is the Roman Catholic region and the region of Stalin’s genocide against the Kulaks. Western Ukraine has all sorts of cultural and historical connections to the countries west of it: Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania… True peace might require separation of east and west Ukraine.

2018-06-21 on pj-instapundit

Austin Bay is a delusional neocon who repeats all sorts of nonsense. Pray for him.

2018-06-21 on pj-instapundit

Ohio State is also investigating a faculty member who has been dead for 13 years for sexual abuse. SJW’s are in full control of the University. Shutting down the sexual assault center has to be some sort of error.

2018-06-21 on moonbattery

John XXIII was the usurper. No true pope or church since then.

2018-06-21 on infoproc

It would be cleaner if Harvard just announced an explicit quota system for various races: so many blacks, so many Whites, so many Jews, so many Asians …

Of course, in that case the feds would have to cut of Harvard’s research funding. It would be nice to have some more research money in the B1G.

2018-06-20 on pj-instapundit

A majority of Americans voted for her. We were saved from disaster by the Electoral College.

2018-06-20 on pj-instapundit

Actually, we’ve enacted one Progressive reform after another for 150 years. The first progressives were the post civil war Radical Republicans and the Progressive Era was a Republican project. Think Lindsay Graham.

2018-06-20 on pj-instapundit

Will the Army be allowed to purchase any. They can’t buy the V-22.

2018-06-20 on pj-instapundit

What is a close air support aircraft doing in Alaska? What use could it possibly have there? Is there a Russian or Chinese attack underway? Are there some left behind Japanese in the Aleutians yet? Are we planning to invade Siberia or Yukon?

2018-06-20 on pj-instapundit

We’re back in the 1940’s with slanty-eyed, near-sighted, little yellow monkeys whose ships keep tipping over. And then they slap us silly for a year.

There is no doubt that China tries to steal trade secrets of high tech companies. But, the implication that they are too stupid to create high technology is a racist myth. A good deal of the research being done at our top universities is being done by Chinese nationals, both students and faculty. Until last month, China had the two fastest supercomputers in the world, both built from scratch in China, chips, operating systems, everything.

Right now, China’s industrial economy is far more comprehensive than ours, and it is bigger. Socks to supercomputers. Compared to China, we are in the same position as Japan was compared to us in 1940. Unless Trump can repatriate the industries that fled the US, we will become a second rate nation, dominated by China.

While we are busy bombing the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan into the Stone Age, China is integrating the economies of half the world’s population, and creating Mackinder’s World Island. Which is the long-term winning strategy?

2018-06-19 on pj-instapundit

“Then, determined and creative geologists developed the technologies…”

This sort of idiocy is common among people likeKathleen Hartnett White who have no knowledge of science or technology. The technology was developed by petroleum engineers.

But she’s right about the politics. The virulent opposition to shale gas in Europe is astonishing, but it is typical of Europe’s utterly delusional and dictatorial Ruling Class. The Bourbons forget nothing and learn nothing.

2018-06-19 on pj-instapundit

There is no reason for an intelligent, ambitious White boy to go to college, especially considering the dysfunctional, crazed women he would meet there, and the enormous debt he would incur. An apprentice in the union trades actually earns a living, if modest, wage. And there’s no homework.

2018-06-19 on pj-instapundit

Ruby Ridge, Waco…

2018-06-18 on pj-instapundit

Sometime ago, someone at USNI blog pointed out that the F35B gives amphibious assault ships actual sea control capabilities. Not up to Nimitz standards, but plenty good enough to handle destroyers, frigates and the like. This would make the Marines nine helicopter carriers a force to be reckoned with.

The QE II and PoW will carry F35’s, too.

It is a mistake to compare these ships with the Nimitz and Ford classes. You can get three QE II’s for the price of one Ford. And you will get 120 fighters on station, compared to the 70 you get with one Ford. Or, you can be in two or three places at once.

If we are going to get to 350 combat ships (impossible in my opinion), you will have to consider cheaper ships. The Europeans build some nice frigates and very nice diesel-electric subs. A mix of these and Brit-style ski jump carriers will be needed to fill out the 350 ship goal.

2018-06-18 on pj-instapundit

Aegis Ashore is not an Army program, and the Army is in charge of homeland missile defense.

2018-06-18 on cdrsalamander

You should add those artificial islands to the graphic. They will supply tactical air and missile support in any engagement.

On the other hand, a war between the US and China is inconceivable, as it would likely go nuclear if either side perceives it is losing. Their navy, like ours, is aimed at Second and Third World countries.

2018-06-18 on pj-instapundit

Considering what happened to the FB111, B1A (not built, stripped down B1B built), B2, and F22, the Air Force will likely get about 800 to 1,000 F 35’s. It might not get any B21’s.

That kill ratio better be real, because those might be the actual odds.

2018-06-17 on xyz-net-au

The left/right distinction in socialism refers to the attitude towards ethnicity. In classical socialism the defining category for any individual is economic class. For Fascists and Nazis, the defining category is ethnicity. There are other issues, too. Classical Marxists (but not cultural marxists) support public ownership of all property. But many Western socialists do not. The British Labour Party only supported public ownership of the “commanding heights,” namely railroads, coal mines, electrical power generation, communications … Mussolini and Hitler adopted regulation of privately owned corporations.

All socialist groups support government funded and controlled education (all levels), housing (at least subsidies), medical care, transportation … The entire set of social welfare goals. By that criterion, the US is a socialist country, and both the Democrat and Republican Parties are socialist parties. The Democrats are a marxist party, and the Republicans are a center/left party.

2018-06-17 on thereferenceframe

Over time, these ideas seep into the colleges, and you end up with college graduates and teachers who literally do not know how to write cursive, or read an analog clock, or do long division, or to solve an algebraic equation …

At that point the game is largely over. The University of Chicago, which is one of the most prestigious schools in America, a Midwest Ivy, is doing away with ACT/SAT in admissions.

2018-06-17 on infoproc

Someone has pointed out that if the Ivies had grown in enrolled students like the country had grown in population, they typically would have 20,000 to 30,000 undergraduates and 3,000 to 4,000 faculty. That’s what happened to the B1G and PAC and other state schools.

With 30,000 Harvard undergrads, there would be room for all ethnicities without need for discrimination for or against any, and the admission standards would be the same as in 1960.

2018-06-16 on pj-instapundit

This has been settled science since WW II. Grand Rapids, MI, began fluoridation of water in 1945.

PS. The efficacy and necessity of vaccination has been known since 1796 when Edward Jenner introduced a smallpox vaccine.

And the Sun rises in the East

2018-06-15 on pj-instapundit

The scandal at DOJ/FBI will not go away until several dozen senior staff are in prison.

Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco. Justice for the Weavers and the Branch Davidians.

2018-06-15 on pj-instapundit

Well, if you and your family are continually attacked because you are White, the only rational, moral response is to vote for issues and candidates that favor Whites explicitly. Join a White Nationalist party. (Eventually the Republican Party if it survives.) Promote segregation and real racial quotas that set aside jobs, schools and neighborhoods for Whites. Memorize the Fourteen Words. Etc., etc., etc. Give the non-Whites their own in spades.

Be glad you’re not a Jew. The Blacks and Browns and Yellows hate them now (viz. Prof. Weinstein and wife), and they see all Jews as White. Will Whites accept Jews into the fold? It would be good for the White cause if Jews self-identified as a White tribe.

2018-06-15 on pj-instapundit

speed is likely to be 40 mph. high speed requires very special control systems. the buses are cheaper, more reliable and likely faster.

2018-06-15 on pj-instapundit

15 miles each way and a $40 taxi ride.

The taxi is the cheapest way to move people from downtown to the airport. It produces the least CO2 per passenger mile, and uses the least fuel per passenger mile. Even a conventional train/track system is more expensive, uses more fuel and has higher emission than a taxi. For peak periods, buses are preferred.

Based on recent experience in other cities, a surface light rail system can be expected to cost $1 B per mile to build. Transit speeds will be slower than buses, and occupancy will be very much below capacity, 5 to 10% of capacity. Fares will cover 10 to 20% of operating costs.

One has to think that a true hyperloop, which by definition is a vacuum tube with a high speed maglev train, would cost many billions of dollars to build. The tunnel alone must be $1 B to $2 B per mile, and that does not include the vacuum liner, rails etc.

And, of course, absolutely none of the technology has even reached the small scale prototype test phase.

Musk is a charlatan and a rent seeker. All of his enterprises, and most especially Tesla, depend on heavy government subsidies to survive. And that is the whole point of his business activity, collecting the subsidy.

Chicago and Illinois are so corrupt they will jump at the chance to start this project and bleed it white. I predict, if built, the cost will approach $1 Trillion dollars, and the trains won’t ever run.

2018-06-15 on thereferenceframe

The average IQ in Latin America is about 85, and in sub-Saharan Africa it is about 70, which should tell you just how likely the Singularity is. Or a new supercollider, for that matter.

2018-06-15 on pj-instapundit

Thank you frackers! My wife’s family has some oil rights there.

2018-06-14 on pj-instapundit

Both the Russians and the Chinese are excellent engineers and scientists, and their technology is just about as good as ours overall. But we don’t need to help them cover the gaps.

The idea that the Russians and Chinese depend on stolen information and that all their technology is stolen and out-of-date is absurd. Anyone who has taught STEM will know that a majority of STEM graduate students are foreigners, and most of them are Chinese nationals. Chinese nationals are a majority of the MS and PhD candidates in some departments.

Graduate education is an apprentice program, and the students actually do most of the work on funded research projects. They are not mere cattle. They develop theories and procedures and even write grant proposals to the federal government. The Chinese students are actually developing a good deal of our military technology and the sciences and engineering related to it, and because they talk to Americans they even get some access to classified research. Students like to brag about what they are doing.

When they graduate, the Chinese take their cutting edge skills and knowledge back to China. So, while stealing stuff helps, they already know much of our technology, because they made it.

We have not only transferred our industrial base to China, we have transferred much of our graduate research universities to them. Every economist or neocon who argues for free trade should be hanged. I have a whole bunch of trees in my yard.

2018-06-13 on coyoteblog

We live in a matriarchy. Sit down and shut up.

2018-06-13 on cdrsalamander

Russia’s bottom line is that Ukraine must implement the already agreed to Minsk agreement (also supported by Germany, France and UK). The Donbas is part of Ukraine, and cannot be independent or part of Russia. Crimea is part of Russia. Ukraine cannot be in NATO, but it may have affiliate status with the EU as long as Russian trading rights are accounted for (whatever that means).

Frankly, that’s about a good a deal as can be expected, and Ukraine should take it. In any war, Russia would annex at least everything east of the Dnieper and perhaps the entire Black Sea coast to Moldavia, where it has troops by treaty. That would leave only the old Polish-Lithuanian sector in the northwest.

People should look up where Kursk and Smolensk … are. There is some history here.

The only sanctions left are a complete cutoff of all trade and travel, but that doesn’t affect Russia’s relations with the world outside US/EU/NATO. It also means Europe needs another source of energy. But fuels are fungible. Any gas/oil not bought from Russia can be bought from OPEC, and OPEC customers left behind by OPEC can buy what they need from Russia.

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

Obama, himself, is a Muslim, a (cultural) marxist and a Farrakhan Nation of Islam affiliate, and Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian agent, so what did we expect.

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

If we do get Korean War II, the odds are that we will lose, and even if we did win, the destruction to Japan and the US will be so great it would amount to a loss and the permanent overthrow of our world influence.

That does not negate the utility of bluffing and name calling, all well establish negotiating principles.

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

Barnes and Noble has Broaddrick’s book.

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

Considering that the left has near total control of all our newspapers, magazines and broadcast networks, this is sort of hypocritical–the US pot calling the Turkish kettle black.

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

The Dems would see four more senators for a total of six. Not a chance in Hell that Congress approves this.

Puerto Rico and the DC won’t get statehood either, for the same reason.

Now, expelling California and making Puerto Rico independent, those are good ideas.

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

Are Vince and Seth there, too?

2018-06-13 on pj-instapundit

Barnes and Noble still lists it.

2018-06-12 on pj-instapundit

Erdogan did not do that. The Turkish bureaucracy, responding to Turkish cab drivers, did it. It is important to remember that the Big Man sits on top of a whole faction of politicians, bureaucrats, military, and clergy, and they often call the shots, often without any approval from the Big Man.

Every country has a Deep State/Cabal that has its own agenda. The Deep State/Cabal is often at odds with the Big Man, ans sometimes seeks to remove him, as we are currently seeing in Washington.

2018-06-12 on thereferenceframe

So, why has this disease become so widespread in physics? What is wrong in our physics departments and their faculties? I note that something similar occurs in biology, the Gould-Lewontin-Rose anti-Darwin program. All those guys are Marxists, too, like Ball. Is that it? Is it simply the domination of our universities by Marxists?

2018-06-12 on animalmagnetism

Marijuana is illegal in Colorado and everywhere else. Evidently, you agree with Calhoun about state nullification of federal law. If you think Colorado’s marijuane law is legal, then you also think that school segregation is legal, school prayers (Prostestant, always) are legal, abortion is illegal, same sex marriage is illegal…

The federal government needs to pass this law to make your state’s law legitimate.

750,000 troops, almost all white, and 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 civilians, including about 1,000,000 slaves died over stuff like nullification, secession…

Just how bad are the public schools in Colorado?

2018-06-11 on pj-instapundit

DSJ. Does not anyone know anything about thermodynamics. The energy (and hydrogen) inputs required to turn carbon dioxide into any hydrocarbon are enormous, actually much larger than the energy released by reoxidizing the hydrocarbon product by to carbon dioxide. I don’t think there’s enough uranium or thorium on the planet to drive the process by nuclear fission, and God knows where the hydrogen would come from. Water? At least we have a lot of that.

2 H2O + CO2 + beaucoup joules = CH4 + 2 O2

Gasoline requires further syntheses.

2018-06-11 on cdrsalamander

Let’s hope the Brits get it right this time.

Sometime ago an article posted on The Saker blog indicated that Russia was planning to move to a frigate/corvette centric force. They intend to mount long-range missiles on them. An analysis of Russian frigate designs would be interesting, if anyone would care to do it.

2018-06-11 on weaselzippers

Are we supposed to believe this nonsense. There is a large ISIS contingent that has been encamped in US-controlled Syrian territory for months that not only has not been attacked by the US but actually has been protected from Syrian Arab Army attacks by the US.

ISIS in Syria is an American (CIA) creature, and it is protected by the US.

2018-06-11 on pj-instapundit

Trump lashed out at Trudeau in part because Trudeau is an insufferable, pompous ass, but mostly because the G7 is a thing of the past. Lavrov indicated that Russia feels other forums are more useful to its goals, like the G20 and the SCO.

The SCO summit, which just ended in Qingdao, included the heads of states of China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which are members, and Iran, which is an observer. While Trudeau had his tantrum, and got b*tch-slapped, and the Six Dwarves had a snit, the SCO agreed to numerous projects that will further the integration of Eurasia, without any US or EU input.

The Trump-Kim negotiations are far more important than any G7 nonsense, and, combined with the SCO, they will determine the new world order.

2018-06-11 on pj-media

Other important negotiations, perhaps the ones that will actually determine the future world order, include the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit just ended in Qingdao, China, and the ongoing, secret North and South Korean negotiations.

China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are members of the SCO, and Iran is an observer. Afghanistan will join once its civil war is over. Can Turkey be far behind? That’s half the world’s population and one-fourth its GDP. They are reorganizing the Eurasian continent without European or American participation. Their meeting ended harmoniously with numerous agreements for continued cooperation. The G7 ended in discord and confusion. G1 and the Six Dwarfs indeed.

The North and South Korean negotiations are aimed ultimately at some sort of confederation or even unification. A somehow unified Korea would be a major power in the region with or without nukes, and most likely they would have some. The South wants them. Whatever the outcome in Singapore, it will give further impetous to the Korean talks.

2018-06-10 on pj-instapundit

If, God forbid, a European war were to break, every NATO soldier in the Baltic would be KIA, MIA or POW in a few days.

By the way, the total number of NATO tanks in Europe is less than 1,000. The UK only maintains a single armored regiment of 56 tanks. Most NATO armies are a joke, badly trained, badly lead, badly equipped and totally unprepared for war. The German army cannot be deployed outside Germany, and might not be able to defend itself if attacked inside Germany. In the Kosovo operation during the Clinton Presidency, German, French and British troops had to be transported to the Balkans by the US. In the recent Libyan operation, our allies ran out of precision weapons.

Russia has its own problems, and it is likely it could not penetrate very far into Poland. But that might be as far as the old Tsarist border.

On the other hand, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev all called for a united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, with Russia either in or affiliated with NATO and the EU. If that had happened, would anyone care what an isolated, outnumbered, outgunned China did? A world historic opportunity to create a true New World Order missed. Instead we have 1914.

2018-06-10 on thereferenceframe

Thank you. It’s been a while. The Apple ad for the Mac was good, too. Where is that blonde?

2018-06-09 on pj-instapundit

Anti-Semitism is rife in the black community, good examples being nearly any black leader, like Jesse Jackson. If Ellison and Perez have their way, there will be another Jewish holocaust right here in America. Blacks expelled Jews from the civil rights movement, even though some Jews died for the cause, and they will expel Jews from the Democrat Party. Has anyone seen Prof. Weinstein, formerly of Evergreen State, recently? Do he and his wife still have academic careers?

2018-06-09 on animalmagnetism

I have no sympathy for the Kazazi’s. They are Muslim immigrants returning to a Muslim country notorious for breeding and harboring terrorists. Large cash transfers are always regarded by the authorities as supporting terrorism. A simple wire transfer would have solved their problem, if their actions were innocent.

PS. Bkhuna is right. A beautiful girl so mentally ill as to mutilate herself.

2018-06-08 on pj-instapundit

Behavior has a genetic component. These women’s genes are being eliminated via Darwinian natural selection.

2018-06-08 on pj-instapundit

Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin …

2018-06-08 on pj-instapundit

Originally, the University of California system was tuition-free for California residents, although some fees were charged. That all changed some time ago. Free tuition was a Republican project.…

2018-06-07 on pj-instapundit

The crazies might go for two. I include our fake American neocons in the crazies.

2018-06-07 on pj-instapundit

Actually, the Argentines agreed to a game in Haifa. The Israelis moved it to Jerusalem. That’s what provoked the death threats, and that’s what lead to the Argentine withdrawal.

2018-06-06 on pj-instapundit

These are mayflies. They are a sign of good water quality. At least in the spring. Latter in the fall there will be a nasty algal bloom.

A hundred years ago, there were even larger swarms.

2018-06-06 on pj-instapundit

Bet on an all-around Erdogan victory, especially since he got the Us to take the Kurds out of Manbij.

2018-06-06 on pj-instapundit

I agree with MartinLawford. Both Social Security and Medicare benefits will be paid in full. Either there will be a large tax increase or, more likely, severe cuts in other areas. Expect a very much smaller military (50% cut?), and a major pull back of American forces from overseas (no NATO?).

2018-06-06 on pj-instapundit

A few Japanese carriers would be a welcome addition to our allies military power. Our own budget disaster portends a large reduction in the size of our military, especially in the size of our Navy. 200 ships are more likely than 355 ships.

2018-06-06 on cdrsalamander

You can get almost three QE II’s for the price of one Ford. The three QE II’s give you 50% more combat aircraft in one operational area or the ability to be in three places at once. Britain also claims the QE II’s have a higher sortie rate than the Nimitz/Ford carriers.

2018-06-06 on pj-media

The mayflies are a sign of good water quality. At least in the spring, in the fall the algae blooms will contaminate the water.

2018-06-05 on pj-media

Russia is not a problem. It never was. The ratios for the EU vs. Russia, without either the US or Turkey are: population, 3.6:1; GDP (PPP), 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. The ratios double if you add in the US and Turkey.

Granted, the EU military are a shambles, especially Germany’s, which cannot be deployed, and which has dubious capability to act defensively. But Russia has only half or less of the population, GDP and military that the old Soviet Union had. And Russia’s ability to project power into Western Europe is limited, probably not past Warsaw.

The world situation we now face, which is grim, was created by our own fake-American neocons. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin all called for a united Europe stretching “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”– Putin’s actual words. We squashed that.

As to Syria, we caused the Arab Spring and crashed Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq. We also caused the Ukraine and Afghanistan. Somalia is our longest war. It goes back to 1992. We created ISIS, and we are still protecting it from attacks by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Assad. When ISIS still controlled half of Syria, we and Turkey conspired to let it export Syrian oil. Only Russia stopped that.

We have grievously abused our ally of 65 years, Turkey, almost driving it into the arms of a Russian alliance, which would be a world-historic strategic disaster for us. We had some role in the failed Turkish coup, and we still protect Fethullah Gulen. We are actively supporting the Kurds who are trying to partition Turkey. What kind of friend are we?

Suppose we had accepted the Gorbachev-Yeltsin-Medvedev-Putin offer, and Russia was in both NATO and the EU. Would we have all the pointless, unwinnable, illegal, immoral wars our fake American neocons have instigated? Would China be a threat or a mere curiosity, surrounded by overwhelming force? Would we have a pending trade war with our allies, or would our alliance system be in tatters, on the verge of collapse?

We did that.

2018-06-04 on pj-instapundit

You are entirely wrong. The problem is multiple aggressive, dismissive acts by the US. First, there is the suspected US involvement in the failed coup. That coup fits into the established pattern of using coups to advance our commercial interests in Ukraine and the Arab Spring. There is also the matter of the US harboring and protecting Fetullah Gulen, the suspected coup leader. Third, there is the matter of US support for the Kurdish groups actively seeking to partition Turkey.

Erdogan, and the Turkish people, have every reason to be suspicious of the US, and it is up to the US to change its policy toward Turkey.

You might also want to look at the map. The populations of Egypt, Iran and Turkey are 90 M, 79 M and 78 M, respectively. Iran is our sworn enemy. We are actively driving Turkey into a Russian-Iranian alliance of some sort. And Egypt is still angry about the American inspired coup that removed Mubarak. Turkey has been an American ally for 65 years. We needed Turkey (and Iran, at the time) to offset Soviet influence in the region. If we lose Turkey as well as Iran, our position in the Middle East would become impossible. For that matter, Israel likely would not survive, nukes or no.

If both Turkey and Iran were to join forces against us, it is likely Egypt would jump on board, too. And remember, both Iraq and Syria are in the Iranian camp.. That’s another 60 M people.

2018-06-04 on pj-instapundit

Politically and religiously, Turkey has a city vs. country divide like the US. In Turkey, however, the religious and conservatives are a majority. The only question in the Turkish election is, How big will Erdogan’s victory be?

The other question is, Does Erdogan and Turkey continue to drift away from the US, NATO, and the EU?

Strategically, Turkey is more important to US interests in the region than is Israel. An attempt to mend US-Turkish relations is well worth the effort.

2018-06-03 on thereferenceframe

The real Ukrainian tragedy is that fake American neocons like Robert Kaplan (Amb. Nuland’s husband) and Bill Kristol want to use the oligarchs and nazis to launch an attack on Russia, or at least to keep the pot boiling as a distraction to Russia. This has nothing to do with the actual situation in Ukraine, it’s all about hating Russia and Russians.

They might actually succeed, and we would get WW III. There are American and British special forces operating in eastern Ukraine, probably exchanging shots with the Spetsnaz.

You might want to get a visa to the US, visit old friends at Rutgers, now a Big Ten school. The prime tank path goes north of you along the coastal plain, but side excursions are possible.

2018-06-01 on cdrsalamander

The Navy has a long history with 5″ guns, but why don’t they consider the Army/Marine 155 mm? This is a larger but not huge gun with a wide variety of ammunition types, including precision (but pricey) Excaliburs, and, in some versions, autoloaders. Someone (at USNI?) suggested them for the Zumwalts, which will need a new gun. And considering the number of such guns in use, which are standard in NATO, the guns themselves and their ammunition are relatively cheap.

I think the same guy (at USNI?) also suggested the Army’s MLRS, some of which come in smaller truck versions.

2018-06-01 on pj-media

On the other hand, the EU is considering some internet regulations that under the guise of copyright protection would essentially eliminate hypertext and linking. That would shut down most of the internet.

2018-05-31 on pj-instapundit

There is no doubt that OBOR has uses for military transport. In particular, it would serve as an alternative supply route if the US intercepted Chinese merchantmen at the Strait of Malacca. However, it is also an important infrastructure development for all of Central Asia and will improve ties of Central Asia into the larger world.

India is ambiguous about it, but both India and Pakistan are participating in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The SCO was launched under Russian auspices, but its members also cooperate with China on OBOR. Russia and China are gradually roping in the Eurasian countries and forming a large economic block. The economic block is a bigger threat to America’s hegemony and India’s economy than any putative military advantage.

Modi can’t seem to make up his mind regarding China. India would probably be better off if it could reach some sort of accommodation with China, but the Hindu nationalism of Bharatiya Janata Party holds sway.

2018-05-30 on pj-instapundit

This is not Trump applying “maximum pressure” on Iran, it’s the EU finding a way to bypass US secondary sanctions. It is an indicator of the ongoing erosion of US influence in Europe.

2018-05-30 on pj-instapundit

What happened to our black brethren? Once they gave us the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz, and Motown. Many black artists did great covers of the Standards. Now we get rap crap.

2018-05-30 on pj-instapundit

It was pointed out by someone at the USNI blog that the F35B will give the Marine’s nine carriers a sea control capability to go along with their amphibious assault capability. The Marine carriers will not have the capabilities of the Nimitz (and, hopefully, Ford) class ships, but they will supplement Naval air.

2018-05-30 on cdrsalamander

R2P? I hope no one is arguing for a military intervention by the US. We have more than enough wars already. And if we did, our native communists, like Sanders, would come out in force to protect Maduro: Nam reprised.

A Chinese intervention would seem to be a bridge too far. Of course, if they did it would be at the invitation of the Venezuelan government, which happens to enjoy international recognition and legitimacy despite its depredations against the Venezuelan people. The Syrian analogy comes to mind.

If anyone should intervene, let Brazil do it.

2018-05-30 on pj-instapundit

Erdogan is not determined to align Turkey with Russia, but we are sure determined to push him out of NATO. It is almost certain that we had a hand in the failed coup d’etat, and we continue to protect the coup’s main architect, namely Fethullah Gulen, who lives under CIA protection in Pennsylvania.

The loss of Turkey to an alliance with Russia would be a strategic disaster, the worst strategic disaster in American history. Russia, Iran and Turkey would control the Black Sea, the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and, with friendly Syria and Iraq, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. Hell, half the Middle East would be in the alliance. This would give Russia more influence in the region than the Soviet Union had.

And then there is Egypt. Still miffed over the Mubarak ouster.

And even better, there is the EU, considering whether it should reject the US’ withdrawal from JCPOA and continue to trade with Iran.

The unraveling of the Pax Americana is gathering speed.

2018-05-30 on pj-instapundit

It didn’t even exist during the ice age. It was dry land.

2018-05-29 on moonbattery

Watching black players kneel before White fans was a pleasure. Sorry to see it go.

2018-05-29 on pj-instapundit

Samsung TV’s record conversations, too.

2018-05-28 on pj-instapundit

If I may be permitted another post. Everyone is in for a bad surprise. Kim and Moon have agreed to a series of one-on-one meetings, in which they will undoubtedly discuss all things Korean, without any kibitzers or witnesses. There will be secret agreements. Gordon Chang has repeatedly stated that Moon is an anti-American and leads the anti-American faction in South Korea. That faction is likely to be a majority, although the intensity of anti-American feelings will vary among them.

Moon also wants a unified Korea, his life-long goal, and he will make concessions to get it. Whether unification is a single government or some sort of confederation remains to be seen, but there is no place for America in that union.

It also remains to be seen whether unification depends on denuclearization of the North. Considering their racial pride, it is likely that the South admires that achievement and wants a voice in how the nukes are used. The South Korean military also likely wants them. South Korea did, after all, have its own nuclear weapons program until we shut it down.

A unified, nuclear armed Korea will be a major East Asian power, and nobody’s friend.

2018-05-28 on pj-instapundit

Any peace negotiation for the Peninsula requires the active presence of China and Russia, both of whom participated in the Korean War, and maybe Japan, too. A deal between North and South Korea and the US won’t address all the issues.

2018-05-28 on pj-instapundit

The only way I ever ate it back in grad school.

2018-05-28 on infoproc

The main problem with vinyl was lack of quality control by the major American manufacturers. At least a fourth of the discs I bought in the 60’s and 70’s had some sort of defect. Usually it was embedded bits of old label paper. The manufacturers would recycle unsold LP’s, but the process often left some bits of the label in the melted plastic. About the only reliable manufacturer then was Deutches Gramophone.

The switch to CD’s solved that problem, but someone didn’t understand the Nyquist sampling theorem. In order to correctly sample the entire human hearing range, which is about 20 Hz to about 20 kHz, the upper limit on the recordings should have been around 120 kHz. The theorem states that to DETECT a frequency one needs to sample at at least twice its value. In the case of human hearing that would be 40 kHz, but that sampling rate cannot reproduce the 20 kHz wave. One needs a much higher sampling frequency.

Of course, then the CD’s would have been as big as LP’s, and the cost would have been prohibitive.

My youngest daughter has all my old LP’s and 45’s, but she never listens to them. I don’t think she has a turn table.

PS. You can get LP’s again, but the modern stereo systems are real crap. You need to spend $1,000 or so for an adequate system today. MP3 is appalling:…

2018-05-27 on coyoteblog

As antiplanner has pointed out many times, in terms of cost per passenger mile or fuel consumption per passenger mile or carbon emissions per passenger mile, buses and cars soundly beat all forms of rail transit. And buses and cars are about equal. And buses and cars are flexible, whereas rail has fixed, inflexible routes.

2018-05-27 on thereferenceframe

In the end, regardless of what Progressives might think, the world is Darwinian, and those societies that embrace realities, like 2+2=4, will come to dominate the superstitious ones.

2018-05-27 on pj-media

EU (without US or Turkey) to Russia ratios: population, 3.6:1; GDP (ppp), 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. If you add in the US and Turkey, the ratios double.

Admittedly, NATO’s European forces are badly trained, badly equipped, badly lead and demoralized and the European leaders are utterly corrupt, incompetent and depraved. But Europe is not vulnerable to a Russian invasion. And Putin, who is reactive and defensive, although opportunistic, plainly does not want a war in Europe. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin all, at one time or another, called for a united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, and for Russian membership in the EU and NATO. All of that was and is being blocked by our own anti-American neocons. Who do they serve? Cui bono?

2018-05-27 on pj-instapundit

On the plus side, not one of them will ever move to the small Ohio town I live in. “Thank You Jesus!”

2018-05-27 on pj-media

“…Putin’s invasion of … Syria…”

We, the US, France, the UK, Turkey and Israel have invaded Syria. And all of us have supported anti-Assad groups, including specifically ISIS, which we are currently defending against Russian and Syrian attacks.

However, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are there at the express invitation of the Assad government, which is the internationally recognized government of the country and a UN member. Even FUKUS, Turkey and Israel implicitly recognize Assad’s government as legitimate, although they are trying to overthrow it.

Please do not go full anti-American neocon on us.

That said, China is not only an adversary, they are smarter than the Western governments, and they appear to be winning. It will soon be a Chinese Century. Considering how the US stumbles from one hopeless, pointless unwinnable war to the next, that might be a good thing, if China can impose peace on us.

2018-05-26 on pj-instapundit

And to think I once thought the IRA were the bad guys. What a fool I was.

2018-05-26 on pj-instapundit

The UK is a full blown police state. There is no right to self defense, or speech, or religion, or the press, or assembly or even to a trial. Robinson didn’t get one. The judge just sentenced him out of hand.

It is almost certain that the Skirpals were poisoned by MI5 or 6. They recovered from the “military grade nerve poison,” and now they are being held prisoner by the UK police, and the daughter was forced to read a statement written by the police.

2018-05-26 on pj-instapundit

Considering that the DOJ, FBI and CIA managers are actively engaged in a slow-motion coup d’etat against the American people, this warning has to one of the classical instances of extreme chutzpah.

2018-05-26 on thereferenceframe

Collaboration was wide spread throughout Nazi-occupied Europe. Some people, like the Ukrainians, welcomed the Nazis. And there were indigenous Nazi-like parties in almost every country in Europe. Both Naziism and Fascism were, after all, popular mass movements and competed with communism.

And then there is Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, often accused of being a Nazi in his youth:…

2018-05-26 on moonbattery

To quote Chateau Heartiste, “Diversity + Proximity = War.”

Segregation is a positive good. We should encourage all instances and all forms of voluntary, self-segregation.

2018-05-26 on pj-instapundit

Almost certainly a hybrid. Dire wolves have been extinct since the end of the Ice Age.

The Eastern Coyote is a hybrid consisting of about 2/3 Western Coyote, 1/4 (Canadian) wolfe and about 1/10 large domestic dog.


They exist in every county east of the Mississippi, and in every city. Stanley Gehrt at Ohio St. U. studies urban coyotes, and he claims downtown Chicago has about 2,000 of them. The city conditions are nearly ideal for them.

It has been proposed the the Eastern Coyote be classified as a separate species. Besides being about 50% larger than the Western Coyote, they form packs and are comfortable around people.

2018-05-25 on pj-instapundit

In combat with a near peer or peer, there would be a steady attrition of everything without any hope of replacement. The loss rates would simply be too large, and very much larger than any possible replacement rate.

It should be noted this applies to personnel, too. Our current highly skilled service of all ranks, general to pfc, require years of training and experience to get to the levels we now expect. Losses among that cadre will also reduce the capabilities of the force. Japan didn’t just lose carriers, they lost pilots, maintainers, andships’ crews. There was a steadily decline in Japan’s combat power because of this.

If a war dragged on long enough, we would be fielding mostly lightly armed, poorly trained, and poorly motivated conscripts with only some artillery, armor and close air support. The Chinese beat us in the Korean war with even less (a WW I infantry w/o naval or air support), but their casualty rate was horrendous. We wouldn’t accept such loss rates and likely would quit.

2018-05-23 on pj-instapundit

China has vital security interests in the Peninsula, and probably should be at the table with Kim, Trump and Moon. Kim cannot agree to anything China opposes, and he will not. Ultimately, China wants the US out of South Korea, and that might be the condition for getting rid of the North’s nukes and ICBM’s.

People need to be reminded that both China and Russia participated in the Korean War on the North’s side. And that they soundly defeated the US/UN forces. Any preemptive attack on the North will bring a military response from China. Whether Russia would add its forces to the Chinese is debatable, they have enough problems in the Middle East and Europe, but Russia would certainly provide materiel aid.

2018-05-23 on pj-instapundit

First, the Russians did not invade. They were already there by treaty. Second, Crimea has a large ethnic Russian majority, and the referendum, while illegal, accurately represented their views. Third, Crimea is once again part of Russia because fake American neocons staged a coup d’etat to remove Ukraine’s only legitimate, democratically elected president, Yanukovych, and they plunged Ukraine into chaos and civil war.

Finns who know some history know that Finland was once a Russian province under the Tsars, and it was attacked by Stalin. So they worry. But Putin is not a Tsar nor a Soviet Secretary General, and his foreign policy is generally reactive and defensive, although he will take free gifts like Crimea.

As to the Russian threat to Europe in general, the relevant EU:Russian ratios (without US or Turkey): population, 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1 (PPP); active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. Of course the training, motivation and equipment of the European is suspect, but an invasion of Europe by Russia is a physical impossibility.

2018-05-22 on cdrsalamander

The Kurds are a really big problem for Turkey wherever they are. Getting autonomy for the Kurds in either Syria or Iraq would pretty much push Turkey out of NATO and into a Russian alliance. Toss in Syria (done deal), Iraq (likely) and Iran (done deal?) and then look at the map. Does Israel have a future?

Egypt is still sorta squishy, too, especially after the failed Muslim Brotherhood government.

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

The US is alone on sanctioning Iran. The Europeans will find a way to protect their companies from secondary sanctions. Iran will have unfettered trade with the world. And we will become irrelevant.

You cannot continually screw over your allies, like we do to the Europeans, and expect them to remain allies. Repeatedly screwing over the Turks isn’t too bright either.

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

I have come to believe that JFK’s murder was a Deep State/Cabal coup d’etat. I think they had a hand in all the assassinations and attempted assassinations of the late 20th Century.

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

The Chinese want to buy Afghani minerals, and they want it to become part of the OBOR route to the Indian Ocean, ending at Gwadar, Pakistan. They already have an agreement with the Afghan government for OBOR, which the Taliban has indicated they will support. No doubt the Taliban think they are winning, and they want part of the pie.

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

Somalia. 25 years and counting.

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

Afghanistan is a lost cause. Make peace with the Taliban and leave. Of course, that was Trump’s original plan until the fake American neocon got to him.

We need to shut down every war we are in, all of them, and start bringing troop home.

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

So, you take a command that’s grossly understaffed and undershipped, and you give it a major extension in its area of responsibility. Will the Fifth Fleet be added to Indo-PACOM?

2018-05-22 on pj-instapundit

The Navy has to find a way to make these things useful. They’re going to have a lot of them, all very lightly armed. The Zumwalts are a problem, too. Let’s hope they can fix the Fords.

2018-05-21 on pj-instapundit

Maximum pressure equals irrelevance.

Did anyone expect anything else? The remaining six signatories will adhere to the JCPOA, and Iran will continue to have largely fettered access to world markets.

Leaving JCPOA was a major foreign policy blunder. It drove yet another wedge between the US and the EU/NATO. Americans and neocons (they are different) calling for American withdrawal from NATO might want to consider that that is exactly what many Europeans want, to be rid of the US and its influences. Suppose Germany were to leave NATO and cosy up to Russia. That would be a world historic strategic disaster for the US. Wasn’t the purpose of NATO to “keep Germany down, the US in, and Russia out”?

At Sochi, Merkel and Putin agreed that the Nord Stream gas pipeline would be completed, and that the Minsk accords should determine the peace process in Ukraine. Two more diplomatic defeats for the US.

And then there is the festering wound of Turkey and the ongoing rapprochement between Moon, and anti-American activist (Gordon Chang), and Kim, proceeding without any American input, and likely to determine America’s future on the Korean Peninsula, and possibly in East Asia.

You are looking at the end of an American World Empire that lasted 73 years.

2018-05-21 on pj-instapundit

What a great excuse for home schooling!

2018-05-21 on animalmagnetism

The reality is that the Germans are right. Russia is not a threat to anyone. But the US is. And it is the US that is liable to initiate another pointless war someplace and drag NATO into it, as we did in Afghanistan, and almost did in Syria.

In the meantime, Germany is cozying up to Russia and siding with them on Nord Stream (will be completed), Ukraine (enforce Minsk, no NATO) and Iran (no sanctions, support JCPOA). Our European and Middle Eastern diplomacy, “maximum pressure,” is a failure.

2018-05-20 on pj-instapundit

There are British pilots on American carriers, too. They are training and waiting for QE II to get its F35B’s.

2018-05-20 on pj-instapundit

On the bright side, the new big-deck Chinese carrier will sport EMAL’s, too. Let’s hope their engineers are no better than ours. On the other hand, many of their engineers were trained at our engineering schools.

2018-05-20 on thereferenceframe

Roland and Charlemagne and St. Martin of Tours (my confirmation saint) be damned. Roll Black Tide.

2018-05-20 on pj-instapundit

The problem is not White genocide, strongly desired by all POC, but White suicide. If you do not have at least three children, your bloodline will go extinct. Two is not enough.

2018-05-20 on pj-instapundit

The only country supporting “maximum pressure” against Iran is Israel, and they are doing it for selfish reasons: better the US attacks Iran than Israel. Our European allies are united against Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA, and they are preparing legislation to protect their businesses from sanctions, as they did with the Cuban sanctions long ago.

Merkel has agreed that Nord Stream will go forward (no US LPG), and that Minsk II is the only way to peace in Ukraine (no NATO for them). Germany edges closer to Russia. A world historic disaster if they ally. Did Merkel know Putin when they were both in East Germany? I bet Putin is fluent in German. The flowers at the portico were a nice touch.

Erdogan’s call for a united Muslim front against Israel moves him closer to Iran and further away from us and NATO. He is a bigger problem than the Iranian mullahs and deserves more attention and stroking.

When you add in our strategic problems in the Far East, it would seem that the 73 year old American Empire is about to begin its collapse.

2018-05-20 on infoproc

Ruby Ridge, Waco, JFK, RFK, …, the list is long.

2018-05-20 on infoproc

Trump’s reticence regarding Mueller, Brennan, et al., may have more personal reasons. The Deep State/Cabal goes back into deep time. I think it is clear that Deep State involvement in the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and the attempted assassinations of Ford and Reagan is probable if not proven. I were Trump, I would have my family permanently traveling in foreign countries, and I would have made arrangements for political asylum for them and me.*

Can he trust the Secret Service? One woman agent a year or so ago, not on his body guard detail, said she would not defend Trump against an assassination attempt. Whatever happened to her? Did she get a medal and a plum assignment?

On the other hand, Trump has clearly jettisoned his campaign promises to wind down our wars in Central Asia and the MENA. In fact, he has doubled down on them and threatened new wars. Perhaps that was the price for his and his family’s survival.

As an aside, I leave the Deep State/Cabal out of the MLK assassination, although his socialist beliefs were an incitement to them. More likely, the persons who put James Earl Ray up to the killing were older leaders in the civil rights movement who had been shoved aside by King. His killing was revenge for loss of power and influence.*

* Up until the Trump administration, I accepted the standard narrative regarding JFK, RFK and MLK. No more.

2018-05-19 on pj-instapundit

I think the Chinese are pretty close to having the upper hand in those sorts of fights. Pretty soon FONOPS won’t be an option.

We are not going to get a 355 ship Navy. Our budget crisis won’t permit it. We are more likely to end up with a 200 ship Navy. We are going to have to pick and choose our fights, and we will have to walk away from some. This is one of those.

2018-05-19 on pj-instapundit

These cities are only incidentally Democrat. They are essentially black/hispanic cities with all the vibrancy those demographics are famous for.

2018-05-19 on pj-instapundit

The Europeans are already discussing how to circumvent Trump’s new and renewed sanctions. If they can protect their companies who deal with Iran without starting a trade war with the US, they will, and Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA will be a dead letter.

Other results of the Merkel-Putin meeting in Sochi: reaffirmation of Minsk accords as only route to peace in Ukraine; Nord Stream is going forward and will be completed soon (Merkel won’t let it be stopped); Putin has also agreed to continue to ship gas to Ukraine.

2018-05-19 on pj-instapundit

Staging area, refueling station, R&R for long range patrols…

Not as good as Diego Garcia or Guam, but useful nonetheless.

2018-05-19 on pj-instapundit

Not that they care.

2018-05-19 on fashthenation

I grant you that Mohammad bin Salman wants his kingdom to be a modern country, aligned with the West, but I don’t think the rest of Saudi Arabia does, especially the once powerful Wahabi clerics.

By the way, where is MbS? He hasn’t been seen lately.

2018-05-19 on scottadamsblog

They are animals, and Trump is correct to call them such.

Would you defend Nazi prison camp guards? I thought not.

2018-05-19 on thereferenceframe

OK, not a majority. However, you are wrong about the rest. He got 40% of the popular vote, and his party won 188 seats, giving him control of the government. That is hardly a small minority, especially in a parliamentary system, and his voters do not live almost entirely in one city.

This does not change the fact that a plurality of Canadians, and a majority of Americans voted for monsters.

2018-05-19 on thereferenceframe

A majority of Canadians voted for Trudeau, just as a majority of Americans voted for Clinton. The problem is not the candidates, the problem is the people. The people are debauched and corrupt. Democracy is evil.

2018-05-18 on infoproc

Digital means the government has complete knowledge of everything you do and have, and can confiscate everything and/or prevent you from doing anything at a single keystroke. It is the ultimate form of dictatorial totalitarianism, the wet dream of every Stalinist.

2018-05-18 on pj-instapundit

It would be better to try to bring Erdogan and Turkey back into the fold, but that might be impossible. The odds of Turkey actually leaving NATO (an historic disaster for the US and the alliance) keep rising.

But it is better yet that Russia not have access to F35 technology and likely whole aircraft.

2018-05-18 on infoproc

Until recently, I was strongly skeptical about AI claims. But no longer. Impressive as that chart is, Boston Dynamics Dog is even more impressive, and not a little scary. If Dog gets AI of the kind implied by AlphaGo Zero, the “Singularity” will not be far behind. It will not be pretty.

I still think Kurzweil is an idiot.…

2018-05-17 on pj-instapundit

There are a number of Vietnam vets who question McCain’s “honorable” service.

Like The Regulator Guy, I voted for Palin, and McCain was part of the package. It was obvious then, and still is, that among the four, she was the most qualified for the Presidency. That, of course, is a relative judgement.

2018-05-17 on pj-instapundit

Mr Bay ignores a very big issue. JPCOA was not an agreement between the US and Iran, it was an agreement among the US, Iran, France, UK, Germany, Russia and China. None of the other signatories have withdrawn from the agreement. The question then is, Will the other signatories support any renewed or new sanctions imposed by the US? The key player here is Germany. Russia and China can, and likely will, try to subvert any American-imposed sanctions, but if Germany does not go along the sanctions are dead. And American influence over Iran is dead.

Germany is still miffed because the US worked successfully to subvert Minsk I and II. Grievances mount.

2018-05-16 on pj-instapundit

The idea that tactical nukes can be used without resulting in escalation all the way to city busters is absurd. We don’t get to decide where escalation stops. Our enemies do.

This, by the way, is an excellent reason that Kim should keep his nukes and missiles. Bolton implied threat to kill him and his family is another.

Another giant step to nuclear armageddon.

2018-05-16 on pj-instapundit

Kim Kye Gwan should yelp. Bolton’s Libyan reference is a threat to murder the Kim family once the nukes are gone.

Kim has made two conciliatory gestures to Trump, closing the nuclear test site and releasing the prisoners. Trump has not made any similar gesture in response, and has instead opted to stage a very large scale military maneuver that includes nuclear-capable air craft. This is clearly Bolton’s influence. Bolton successfully sabotaged an earlier agreement with Kim’s father, and he is clearly attempting to derail the current negotiations. If he succeeds, we are back to square one, with a nuclear war back on the agenda. Way to go John.

2018-05-16 on pj-instapundit

“As race becomes less important, people worry about it more.”

What an absurdly out-of-touch comment. The left is aggressively pushing racial identity politics, and race is nowadays more important than at any other time in my 74-year life.

2018-05-16 on pj-instapundit

Nota bene: ISIS, not Taliban.

The Taliban is the indigenous liberation movement that made its chops against the Soviet army with help from the CIA. ISIS is a foreign import. Almost all the fighters opposing us are Taliban. ISIS is a decidedly fringe group. On the other hand, we took ISIS seriously enough to drop a MOAB on one of their hideouts, a hideout that contained maybe two dozen fighters.

This is a lost war. All we are doing is killing people, including Americans, breaking things and spending money. By now, it looks like the real purpose of this war is to spend money. Cui bono?

2018-05-16 on pj-instapundit

If conquering Ukraine had been Putin’s original plan, it would have been completed in 2014. Putin has consistently insisted that the Donbas remain part of Ukraine, which was the whole point of Minsk I and II. Both agreements have been successfully sabotaged by American diplomacy and Ukraine’s native paleo-Nazis.

Crimea is a special case that cannot be extrapolated to any other region in Europe. Crimea was formally part of Russia from 1783 to 1954, and a very large majority of its population is ethnic Russian. The plebiscite may have “illegal,” but it accurately reflected the wishes of the native Russians. Furthermore, Russia has had major military facilities on the Peninsula since its acquisition from Turkey. The opportunity to recover Crimea at no cost was too much to resist.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea is best thought of as a gift from our idiot neocons, especially Amb. Nuland, to Russia. If we had not instigated and financed the coup, Ukraine would be intact and at peace. It would have a legitimate, democratically elected government, and Yanukovych would likely have been voted out next election. Its oligarchs would still be looting the country, as they are now, but the last four years of pain and destruction would not have happened. We did that.

2018-05-15 on pj-instapundit

Carriers are useful against Third World countries that lack air and missile forces. They haven’t been a threat to First World militaries for a generation or so.

2018-05-15 on pj-instapundit

Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin all called for an EU that spread from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Medvedev (likely to be the next president after Putin) still supports that. It did not happen because neocons like Bolton and Nuland worked hard to prevent it and to substitute instead an aggressively anti-Russian foreign policy.

Is it still possible? Yes. Note that Putin makes it a point to remain on good terms with nearly everyone. In the Middle East, Russia has working relations with Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE. In South Asia, they work with Pakistan and India. In East Asia, Russia works with China, North and South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. In fact, the US and its close allies (actually vassal states) are the only countries Russian does not have good relations with.

Note in the above list that Russia can work with countries that are almost at war with each other: Israel/Syria, Saudi Arabia/Iran, etc. Note also that in each region Russia is working productively with everyone, and we are at war with at least one country and have bad relations with others.

Perhaps, once the Deep State/Cabal realizes that it can’t remove Trump, it will give up and let him normalize relations with Russia and other countries.

2018-05-15 on pj-instapundit

Our own Deep State/Cabal took us/US off the tram several stops back. At least the Turks get to vote for the conductor.

2018-05-14 on cdrsalamander

Hershel Smith, owner of The Captain’s Journal, is a severe critic of Scales, whom he deems to be a charlatan. Whatever the truth of that judgement, the fact that the M16/M4 and its 5.56 cartridge have lasted 56 years gives the lie to claims it is a bad weapon/cartridge that puts at risk our troops.

The fact is that an assault rifle must be capable of full automatic fire, and that requires a light cartridge, essentially an enhanced pistol cartridge like the 7.62×39.

The 7.62 NATO was a miserable failure in every military rifle chambered for it, because they were uncontrollable in full auto. The BAR weighed some 20 lbs empty, and its rate of fire was well below the M14’s.

Our recent experience in the Middle East and Afghanistan shows that rifle squads do need a few longer range, heavier calibre weapons (and most do have one or a few), but the basic weapon still has to be something like the M16.

There is interest in the Creedmore, but its recoil is similar to the 7.62 NATO, and it is unsuitable for a shoulder-fired auto rifle. If the Army is going to adopt the Creedmore, it might as well bring back the Garand, or the Springfield.

2018-05-14 on pj-instapundit

One has to wonder if the fundamentalist mullahs and the hard right royals will try a coup. MbS is steering a truly radical course for the Saudis.

2018-05-14 on infoproc

Boston Dynamics robotic dog Spot is the basis for real AI:


This robot is able to navigate difficult terrain indoors and out and avoid and move around obstacles. The Army want something like this as a logistics tool supplying front line troops.

Watching the YouTube videos is somewhat disturbing.

It was pointed out many years ago (someone at MIT?) that true AI requires a self-learning, self-directing and mobile robot. One that can interact with the world on its own and learn new stuff and skills from that interaction. If you could put a AI brain capable of that on Spot, you would be there.

The essence is mobility, self-learning and self-direction.

Make that a positronic brain with the Three Laws hard-wired in. Although, I think there are a few scifi stories speculating about how the Three Laws could be subverted.

2018-05-13 on pj-instapundit

The lunatic Glenn Beck is a big Brad Thor supporter. Whether he is down with killing Trump isn’t clear. I suspect lots of crocodile tears from Beck if it happens.

2018-05-13 on pj-instapundit

Jonah Goldberg is, of course, a cuckservative, a neocon, and a hypocritical Jew. He and his ilk are why there is an Alt-Right movement of the Vox Day kind. (Richard Spencer is a side show.)

He is also ignorant of the causes of identitarian politics. The cause is the ongoing loss of a dominant White majority. When Whites comprised 80 to 85% of the population, they could indulge themselves in arguments over policy and economics and ignore race and ethnicity. As we become a minority, although the largest, it is only natural that we adopt the same kind of racial politics long practiced by Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, et al. When surrounded by enemies, you have to protect yourself and your kind. The 14 Words become operative for everyone, including Whites.

The majority of American Jews are progressives, and they like to align themselves with other minorities against the White majority. But the other minorities see them as Whites. That is how they saw Bret Weinstein and his wife, both long active in Progressive politics. They were forced to leave Evergreen State College because of threats from Blacks, Mexicans, et al.

Whether Jews give up their separate identity and their version of identitarian politics remains to be seen. I suspect they would be welcomed into the White community (where they belong genetically, being fully half European stock), but that would require them giving up hundreds of years of hating and fearing Whites.

2018-05-13 on thereferenceframe

The attempt of America’s (the World’s?) Deep State to nullify an election and remove Trump from the Presidency has stripped away the masks and revealed them for what they are.

I am old enough (74) to remember the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK and the attempted assassinations of Ford and Reagan. For a long time I believed the official narrative, with the exception that all of the assassins were obvious communists. But now I think all those attacks were actual coup d’etats and attempted coups by the Deep State. All intended to either replace Presidents with more pliable stooges or to intimidate them back into obedience.

It is notable that America’s foreign policy almost never changes despite our elections. Obama is, in fact, the only President since Eisenhower to resist the Deep State demands without being assassinated. I think they knew that if they killed him the entire black population of America, not just the ghettos, would rise up in rebellion. Governance of America cities would have been impossible.

What the Deep State has done in Ukraine, Central Asia and MENA is appalling. That Putin and Assad should be the voice of reason shows us just how far gone the US is.

A question, Will the normally servile, supine European leadership continue to obey Washington, or will Washington’s abrogation of JPCOA make them grow a pair? Will Merkel jump ship and align with Putin?

2018-05-13 on pj-media

Some of the problems facing the Israeli army are discussed here:…

When deployed, the Israeli army is overwhelmingly a reservist force. First, that means the economy is crippled, and a long duration war is impossible. Second, being reservists, the troops are over-age, out-of-shape and poorly trained. Third, the army lacks an NCO corps. There are no senior sergeants to run the squads and platoons and advise the junior officers. This results in an undisciplined force that is tactically ineffective.

Whether or not that criticism is accurate is open to debate. I merely quote it. However, the IDF’s performance in Lebanon a number of years ago was poor. Hezbollah had no air force or air defense, no armor, no artillery and was heavily outnumbered. But they fought the IDF to a standstill. Israel had to withdraw, having accomplished none of its objectives.

In Syria, Israel’s army would match up with a much better force than the one they faced in Lebanon. To remove Iran and Hezbollah from Syria, Israel would have to occupy Syria all the way to the Euphrates. That seems a bridge too far.

2018-05-12 on pj-instapundit

Where has Sarah been the last 25 years? As soon as Putin got Russia up off the floor, the game restarted. The USAF is happy to play and wants an opponent.

This kind of hysterical anti-Russian BS discredits Ms Hoyt.

2018-05-12 on pj-instapundit

Sullivan maliciously and deliberately misunderstands West’s “slavery was a choice” comment. The meaning is obvious, modern Blacks choose to behave as if they still were slaves stickin’ it to Massa.

2018-05-11 on thereferenceframe

A great many people seem to think China is the next super power. Juncker seems to be unaware there is a China, a country with four times America’s population and almost twice Europe’s, plus an economy about the same size as America’s and Europe’s. Oh, and China has a functioning military.

2018-05-11 on pj-instapundit

In French 101, we learn that actualité is a false cognate. It means the current state of affairs, not reality.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

These are the opening shots in the Israeli-Iranian war, which is evidently now underway. If Israel is determined to eliminate the Iranian/Hezbollah threat, they will have to invade and occupy Syria up to the Euphrates River, where they would link up with the US, UK, France and the Kurds.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

The Dims need 2/3 in each House to get anything done.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

Well, what’s Nicky going to do about it? Run another R2P on Venezuela? How’s the MENA and Afghanistan going? We done there yet?

Chickenhawks don’t even make good eating.

2018-05-10 on cdrsalamander

The real question is, Is the US Navy able to engage a peer or near-peer adversary?

I think the answer is yet to be determined.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

The main thing they get wrong is that we live in a matriarchy.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

They are powerful enough to cripple the West for many months or even a year or more.

They can very easily shut down all oil exports from the Persian Gulf. That is 20% of the world’s supply. It would require a major war, very much larger than the two Iraqi wars, leading to the conquest and semi-permanent occupation of Iran to reopen the flow.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

I have no doubt that with an actual Iranian agent, Obama, in the Whitehouse, in fact a whole pro-Iranian administration, Iran got a sweetheart deal. But the real problem is that three of our NATO allies signed off on the deal. Maybe they were drooling over potential trade benefits, but by reneging on the deal, we have weakened our alliances. Iran won’t back down, we will impose and reimpose major sanctions, but what will Britain, France and Germany do? Will they reluctantly go along (very likely) or will they rebel? If Russia (sanctioned half to death) declines to go along, then what? Suppose Russia decides to go whole hog on its Iranian relationship and sells Iran S-400 systems and modern fighter planes, submarines and long-range missiles (all currently UN contraband), then what? And China, also a cosigner, and one of Iran’s largest trading partners, could also ignore us. Iran is a major terminal for OBOR.

Today we are watching the opening phases of a full-blown Israeli-Iranian war, with ongoing missile strikes in both directions. Will an Israeli invasion of Syria follow? Will Hizballah, with its claimed 100,000 missiles, jump in? Interesting times indeed.

2018-05-10 on pj-instapundit

We live in an actual matriarchy, the neolithic kind that used to sacrifice the Corn King every year to ensure a good harvest.

2018-05-10 on infoproc

Having spent a career teaching BS, MS, and PhD, engineering candidates, I can testify that a large percentage of STEM students, especially at the PhD level, are not only ethnic Chinese, they are mainland Chinese nationals. They do the bleeding edge research at all our major research universities, and they take their skills and knowledge home with them. Schools like MSU, OSU (all three) PSU, Berkeley, Texas are really branches of U. Beijing East. And we are giving them this bonanza for free. We pay the MS and PhD candidates to get their education and do our research.

There are a number of well-regarded graduate engineering and physical science graduate programs in this country where a majority of the enrolled students are Chinese nationals. We have trained a whole generation of Chinese scientists and engineers, and they have produced a whole generation’s worth of American published research.

By the way, in case you think there is no problem here, a couple of years ago a Chinese national faculty member in my own department resigned his faculty position in the middle of the fall semester and fled to China, leaving his family behind, with the FBI in hot pursuit. He escaped. He was also a PI on the Rover missions, and may have had access to sensitive JPL files.

I knew him, and he was very personable, an excellent colleague and well-accomplished. The Chinese space program has a new and very valuable member.

2018-05-09 on pj-instapundit

This should be fun. Poke the Chinese in the eye right where it counts most.

By the way, considering Japan’s brutal colonial history in the region, the Philippines, North and South Korea, and Taiwan are natural enemies of Japan, and any alliance among them is unstable and subject to disintegration.

2018-05-09 on pj-instapundit

In several of the Republican primaries, at least one candidate made it a point to align with Trump and to claim his opponent was anti-Trump. I don’t know how all the Trump supporters made out, but there is a fight on for control of the Ohio Republican Party. Rob Portman, like Kasich, is an extreme anti-Trump fanatic.

2018-05-09 on pj-instapundit

“Netanyahu now has no constraints.” DSJ, we are on the verge of WW III. We will wish we had Obama back.

Neocons are fake Americans. They are Israeli loyalists and agents. They are the enemy of the American people, and they should be treated as such.

2018-05-09 on pj-instapundit

Israel is the problem. It is necessary to remove the Jewish state from Palestine and return the territory to the Palestinians. Where to put the Jews is another problem.

If the neocons continue to lead the US government by the nose, and exploit the American people to realize Israel’s dreams of domination, we will get WW III. Right now, we are closer to nuclear war with both Russia and China than at any time since WW II, including the Berlin Blockade and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Trump’s abrogation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a major step towards war, a war that the neocons having desperately working to start. If the Europeans can waken from their long sleep, we might yet avoid war. But if they mindlessly follow Trump’s lead, and support renewed and enhanced sanctions, we are doomed. Then Iran will restart their enrichment program; we, not Israel, which will sit idly by and cheer, will bomb the bejesus out of Iran; Iran will close the Straits of Hormuz and blockade the Persian Gulf …

Neocons are fake Americans. They are the enemy of the American people, and they should be treated as such.

2018-05-09 on pj-instapundit

Trump should ignore Mueller, any subpoenas he issues and any court orders Mueller might obtain. If Mueller becomes too much of a nuisance, Trump should arrest him and his whole team, and imprison them in Guantanamo.

2018-05-09 on pj-media

If the Cabal is determined to remove Trump, they will have to kill him, as they did to JFK, RFK, MLK and tried to do to Ford and Reagan. If Turchin’s analysis of political stresses and the Fourth Turning are anywhere near correct, the attempt will be made around 2020, perhaps during the campaign. An attempt is absolutely certain if Trump wins a second term.

Considering the comments by the female Secret Service agent a year ago, that she would not defend Trump, the Secret Service itself might be the shooter. Trump needs his own private body guards, and he should have a plan to get his family out of the country, including Ivana, his ex.

2018-05-08 on pj-instapundit

China is undoubtedly a threat, but the real threat to the liberty of Americans is the Ruling Class. The utterly depraved, debauched New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is representative of the entire class. They are corrupt in every way imaginable, including child rape and bestiality. And they are determined to actively dominate the merest details of our lives. They are totalitarians to a degree that would amaze Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot … Our leaders, actually dominators, are a threat to our lives and the lives of our children.

If you do not have an AR 15, you are a fool.

2018-05-08 on pj-media

The resignation yesterday of NY AG Eric Schneiderman is the signature event of our time. The man is an utterly debauched, utterly depraved monster, who not only molested women but actually beat them, all while hypocritically (there is no word strong enough) and vocally supporting #MeToo.

Eric Schneiderman is representative of the entire corrupt American Ruling Class. This class is corrupt in every way possible, including child rape. The entire American establishment is illegitimate and violent and must be removed. John McCain is merely another one of the monsters that infest it. The rumors about his collaboration with the Hanoi jailers are undoubtedly true. Just as the rumors about John Kerry’s cowardice under fire are true.

Warren Buffett is delusional. The political firestorm about to engulf the US, which might involve a shooting civil war, will obliterate all the good economic news since Trump’s election. We are in for a spectacularly frightening ride, worse than WW II and the Great Depression.

Anyone who does not have an AR 15 and lots of ammo is a fool.

2018-05-07 on americanthinker

Under the leadership of President Drake, the Ohio State University is actively persecuting a professor who has been dead 13 years.

2018-05-07 on cdrsalamander

This is likely a substantial underestimate for out-of-pocket costs and an overestimate of damage inflicted.

Then there is the issue as to whether the gas attack actually happened.

2018-05-07 on pj-instapundit

The Iranian dissidents are the pro-western, pro-democracy, educated minority. As in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and most Muslim countries, the great majority of the population support fundamentalist Islam and are anti-western and anti-democratic. The Muslim Brotherhood, which was elected to govern Egypt, and did so until the military revolted, is a good example. All the countries that experienced an “Arab Spring” voted for fundamentalism.

2018-05-07 on pj-instapundit

Most schools long ago found a way to sabotage SET’s. Generally, this amounts to requiring the P&T committee to attend classroom presentations and to evaluate what they see. The teacher gets plenty of warning, of course. Later when the P&T committee meets, they weight the opinions of their colleagues much higher than that of the students, as they should.

2018-05-07 on pj-instapundit

Unfortunately, this is merely an administrative reshuffling, no new ships, just some reassignments of duty areas.

2018-05-07 on pj-instapundit

zmortis is right. Typesetters for books and papers use one m-space to conserve space. The same reason librarians take the dust jackets off the books. And modern word processors do variable kerning with variable width letters. Even the State Department abandoned Courier sometime ago, although FORTRAN still needs it.

2018-05-07 on pj-instapundit

The relevant ratios for EU (without US or Turkey) to Russia: population, 3.6:1; GDP (PPP), 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1.

2018-05-07 on pj-instapundit

The “fringe minority of peace activists” are the majority governing party of South Korea, and Moon is the leader of the fringe and an anti-American. The negotiations between the North and South have the potential to completely unravel our East Asian alliance system. A reconciled North and South would be a major regional power, on a par with Japan, even without nukes and ICBM’s. But it is unlikely the South would insist on elimination of the North’s nuclear deterrent. They most likely would want a voice on how it is used.

2018-05-06 on pj-instapundit

Iran’s Ayatollahs notwithstanding, the Shia branch of Islam has been a lot more tolerant of modernization and multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious societies than the Wahhabi Sunni thugs we are in bed with.

2018-05-06 on pj-instapundit

Vox Day and Adam Piggott have done an extensive demolition of Peterson’s philosophical pretensions. Both of them think Peterson is a left-wing fraud.

2018-05-06 on thereferenceframe

Musk is a rent seeker, and that kind of businessman never produces anything new. His closest rival in rent seeking, and probably his better, is Poroshenko of Ukraine, President, oligarch and chocolatier.

2018-05-05 on pj-instapundit

Sports Illustrated has been converged for some time. The SWJ’s got into the swim suit issue a couple of years ago, and made major changes in the direction of progressive values. Since one of those values is Puritanism, the elimination of the issue is possible. Meredith merely reinforces the process now underway.

2018-05-04 on pj-instapundit

The Air Force is going to end up with 800 or so F 35’s, 180 F 22’s and 18 B 2’s, and nothing else.

At least that will inhibit us from getting into stupid wars, and that will save American and foreign lives.

2018-05-04 on pj-instapundit

The US version was slow, lacked high altitude capability, lacked usable range, and did not have a bubble canopy. It was basically a P40 upgrade. The Brits turned it into the best fighter in WW II.

2018-05-04 on pj-instapundit

Secularism in the Muslim world was (past tense) a movement of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s: Nasser in Egypt; Boumoudienne in Algeria; the Baathists always (Assads and Hussein) in Syria and Iraq; Mossaddegh and the Shah in Iran; the communists in Afghanistan. Aside from Pahlavi, these were all totalitarian socialists more or less aligned with the defunct Soviet Union.

Since the fall of the Shah, and driving it, there has been a strong fundamentalist tide in the Muslim world. The fundamentalists strongly reject all things Western, including especially secularism. Erdogan is part of this movement, and he his strongly supported by a large majority of Turks, especially outside Constantinople. Ince and Aksener are simply irrelevant gadflies and have no chance.

2018-05-04 on pj-media

Bill Kristol is the archetypical cuckservative. He is to traditional conservatism what cancer is to lungs. Anyway, the word conservative is becoming vague and void of meaning.

I suspect Generation Z (the Zyklons, sarcastically) might be more libertarian than conservative.

2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

Columbia, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Sinai?, Philippines… and Yemen.

Must be missing someplace.

Way to go Deep State!

By the way, the people actually putting our troops lives in danger are the Deep State/Ruling Class swamp rats who are running all these pointless wars. Pointless, that is, to real Americans. Fake Americans no doubt are getting rich off the blood of our troops.

Fake journalists are bad enough on their own, but they cannot be charged with endangering American lives simply by reporting the crimes of the Deep State/Ruling Class.

2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

Virtually every college and university in the US requires that applicants for faculty positions sign an affidavit that they support progressive programs for diversity, and they must submit documentary evidence, including references, that they have done so in the past.

In order for students to get a degree, or even attend class, a number of colleges of education and social work demand that they sign an affidavit that they do and will support various progressive causes.

Conservative students and faculty are left in the stall and don’t even get into the gate.

At my wife’s school, an otherwise excellent and selective liberal arts college, every faculty door in her building sports the exact same collection of posters. Faculty apparently have some freedom in how they are arranged.

There is no reason for an intelligent, ambitious White boy to attend college, other than as an engineering, business or physical (NOT biological) science major. He will lead a more satisfying life as a carpenter, electrician, automechanic, et al. He also will avoid four years of vicious abuse.

PS. The screening of applicants and students is done by the faculty in the various programs, and the administrators who encourage such discrimination need not get involved.

2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

While the Taliban represent the largest tribe in Afghanistan, that tribe is a minority. The Taliban never controlled the whole country. There were always holdout regions, especially in the north. Nonetheless, they do represent a large plurality of the people in Afghanistan, and that is the reason for their staying power. No government is possible in Afghanistan unless the Taliban control it. That is the bottom line.

You would think that a decade in Vietnam would have taught our Ruling Class something. But apparently, Ivy League credentials notwithstanding, they are too stupid to learn.

2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

At and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev all called for a united Europe stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok. (This is a riff on de Gaulle’s Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals.) All four Russian (by then) leaders wanted Russia in both NATO and the EU. This was blocked by neocons and Deep State activists the US, and the US began a campaign of aggression against the then prostrate Russia.

Russia is no longer prostrate, but there is still an Atlanticist party (Medvedev) that prefers EU/NATO over China. Our neocons/Deep State will not permit this unless Russia agrees to be a vassal state of the US.

Trump is sympathetic regarding improved US/Russian relations, but he has no say in this matter, no President has had since Eisenhower. None have had the prestige to face down the Deep State. (Neocons come later.) The Deep State killed JFK, RFK and MLK when they got uppity, and they tried to kill Ford and Reagan when they strayed from the plantation.

2018-05-03 on thereferenceframe

NYT needs an update. Sultan Knish reports (5/1/18) that Democrat party donors are quieting purging all the women who made #MeToo complaints against sitting Democrat politicians like Al Franken. The donors want to keep their power, and the movement is interfering with their goals. The list of purged Democrats is quite extensive.


2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

Unless it is a token force, Kim will keep his nukes as long as American troops are in the South.

2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

Given the time and place, the culprit would be Homo erectus.

2018-05-03 on infoproc

Vox Day’s take on Peterson, that he is a typical liberal academic and a fraud is convincing.

2018-05-03 on pj-instapundit

I made the same observatiion mnay years ago when i was at tOSU. When the Army wants a general, they promote one of their colonels.

2018-05-02 on pj-instapundit

I thought the international standard for spirit and wine bottles was 75 cl.

2018-05-02 on pj-instapundit

A lawless country like the US does not need lawyers or law schools or even courts, for that matter. A Cheka will do, or a Terror.

2018-05-02 on pj-instapundit

Having spent my professional career as an environmental engineer and scientist, I can tell you that the ecofanatics do not need any outside urgings. They generate all that energy within themselves, and whip each other up into a frenzy. They are typical leftists focused on the environment.

No doubt there are Russian trolls who actually think they created the demonstrations and that they are leading the ecofanatics. They are deluded. But if their bosses believe them, they get a few more roubles.

There are probably Russian troll who think they elected Trump. They and Mueller are deluded, but both are making money.

2018-05-01 on pj-instapundit

Operations to punish attacks that did not occur, like Douma, or that were conducted by the people we support, like at Aleppo?

How about we stop defending and protecting ISIS? We have given them sanctuary in the area we control, and we are allowing to cross the Euphrates to attack Syrian government positions.

And why don’t we tell Netanyahu to STFU? He is trying to get us to attack Iran. He has nukes and missiles that can reach Iran, let him do it.

2018-05-01 on pj-instapundit

Aside from Turd World rat holes, where can the Marines make a landing on a defended beach? Turd World militias routinely hand us our heads, so even there, where we can probably capture a beach-head, we are in trouble.

We’ve been dicking around in Somalia for 25 years, eight years longer than Afghanistan, and we still can’t walk down the streets of Mogadishu. Gen. Mohammed Farah Aidid has been dead a long time, but his children and grandchildren and allies are still there, continuing the “good fight”.

2018-05-01 on pj-instapundit

The Terminators.

2018-05-01 on pj-instapundit

Kim’s concessions are more likely Xi’s doing. When China agreed to enforce the new sanctions, Kim was left without an ally, and needed to change the strategic situation. Fortunately for him, Moon is from the anti-American faction of South Korean politics and wants to make a deal.

The long-term outcome is likely to be some sort of alliance between North and South. There will certainly be more or less free trade between the two (no more sanctions), and there may be military cooperation, too. The South doesn’t want the North to get rid of its missiles and nukes; the South wants a voice in how they are used. So, there won’t be any actual denuclearization. There will be pretend, very long term, negotiations about how to do it.

Any kind of cooperative relationship between North and South creates a major regional power, on a par with Japan. And if the North can indefinitely delay giving up its nukes, the “alliance” with be superior to Japan.

There is no future for the US on the Peninsula. And the idea that any Korean government can be in an alliance that includes Japan is beyond absurd.

2018-05-01 on pj-instapundit

The is a reason the field workers were not invited into the house.

2018-04-30 on pj-instapundit

$300/bbl is possible if Iran shuts down Persian Gulf oil exports. One missile into one tanker would do it. It would take months before the US and its allies could invade Iran and cease enough of its seacoast to guarantee safe passage for commercial shipping.

2018-04-30 on pj-instapundit

Francis is typical of essentially the whole Catholic hierarchy. If there is any Christian church left, it is one of the Eastern Orthodox churches. Which actually has been the case since 1054.

2018-04-29 on pj-instapundit

California, New York…

2018-04-29 on pj-instapundit

It surely is in our interests if MbS survives and succeeds. However, the high tide of modernization, westernization and secularism in the Muslim world peaked in the 1970’s, and since then there has been a strong fundamentalist tide washing away the earlier achievements. Ironically for us, the modernizers were all socialists and communists we opposed: Nasser, Mosaddegh, the communists in Afghanistan, Boumedienne, the Assads and Hussein. Our allies were the Wahabis and the Saudi royal family, about as retrograde a bunch as could be found anywhere.

I’m still betting that MbS gets assassinated.

2018-04-29 on fortruss

The idea that America’s defense budget is ten times that of Russia is likely to be wrong. Consider the analogy of Russian GDP. According to the IMF, Russia’s GDP is only $1.6 T, which puts it down around Spain. But that estimate is based on financial data. The PPP estimate is $4 T, which is somewhat larger than Germany’s. Considering the range of things Russia makes and does, the latter estimate is much more reasonable.

Now if a similar ratio (2.5) exists in defense spending, then Russian defense spending is about 25% of America’s. That also seems more reasonable, given the size of Russia’s military.

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

Goldberg, himself a strong, committed tribalist, has got it wrong, as is usual for him. Identity politics works because the tribes do have a basis in reality. Tribalism naturally arises whenever there is some sort of equality of numbers between the different tribes. Tribalism is suppressed only when one of the tribes is overwhelmingly dominant. This was the case in the US, which was over 85% White European until the changes in the immigration law in 1965. No longer. And tribalism cannot be suppressed now.

The problem is that in a multicultural, multiethnic empire like the US once the component tribes begin to self-identify the only way to hold the empire together is by brute force, a la Saddam Hussein or the Tsar, et al.

All politics from here on out will be tribal. Politics based on economics or ideology is no longer possible. Everyone will vote for their own tribe’s interests.

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

For me, the key passage was the report of the woman (!!!) trying to teach a nuanced reading of Genesis to male prisoners. The prisoners preferred the Koran. Pace confused therapist. We are all about to become Muslims.

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

Another thought about MBS. He is not the first Muslim reformer. Throughout the 50’s and 70’s there were many: Nasser in Egypt, the communists in Afghanistan, first Mosaddegh and then the Shah in Iran, the Baathists in Syrian and Iraq, Boumedienne in Algeria. Except for the Shah these were secular, socialist, dictatorships. Their capitals looked like London or Paris or Rome. Both men and women wore western dress, and women were emancipated and educated.

Nearly all of them were replaced by conservative religious regimes, and western styles and women’s emancipation disappeared. Even today, the war against the dictator Assad is a war by head-choppers sympathetic to ISIS and Al-Qaeda against Assad’s secularist, socialist government.

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

Is Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman’s government stable? He is a revolutionary (of sorts) in a deeply conservative country. MBS has arrested many Wahhabi leaders and cancelled their authority in many areas. But they have not gone away, and they have many supporters, including supporters in the Royal Family. That particular game isn’t over yet.

And then there is the issue of using Saudi and/or Qatari troops to replace American, French and British forces in Syria’s Kurdish region. Is MBS on board with that? More importantly, how would the Kurds, many of whom are secular communists, react to Saudi troops patrolling their region? How would the Saudis, many of whom must be religious conservatives, react to the more permissive Kurdish society, especially to its women?

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

Go read Peter Turchin. History is more open to mathematical analysis than you think, especially probabilistic analyses.

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

Hall makes good points. He should include WW I, the French and Indian War and the 60’s, which had several home-grown terrorist groups and numerous bombings and murders, and even the current levels of leftist violence.

Peter Turchin, the economic historian at UConn, is another person who is predicting widespread and intense political violence in the 2020’s. Turchin notes that today’s political discord is more intense than at any other time in our history, including the eave of the Civil War, when people like John Brown were rampaging across the US killing and destroying.

I, too, have done flood plain and drought statistics, and the point about a homogeneous statistical record is important. In an era of rising tensions the extreme value techniques give a serious underestimate. Hall’s 2/3 estimate for major violence might be significantly low.

Brennan’s repeated threats against Trump are an indication of Deep State desperation. An assassination attempt on Trump is probable once the lawfare fails. That would be the trigger.

2018-04-28 on pj-instapundit

Considering the desperation evident in Brennan’s threats against Trump, an assassination attempt is probable, especially when the lawfare fails. Trump had better find refuges for his family out of the country in places the Deep State cannot reach. It was rumored at the time that a Secret Service agent gave Robert the coup de grace. Trump cannot trust his Secret Service detail. One agent already has stated she would not protect him. Trump might want to consider resigning and fleeing the country.

If they do attempt to kill him, this country will explode.

2018-04-27 on amerika-1

It seems hopeless to insist on some actual history, but the Enlightenment was an 18th Century intellectual movement. It was replaced, at least on the Continent, in the 19th Century by Romanticism. And it was really Romanticism that drove the various socialist/communist movements and even Naziism and Fascism. Bernie Sanders is a child of the Romantic era.

Nowadays, the intellectual class discusses whether we are in a Modernist or Post-Modernist era, and some claim they are Post-Post-Modernist.

The Enlightenment does persist in small enclaves, mostly in the sciences, but not in the humanities. But the Romantics are still with us in significant numbers, and they explicitly reject the Enlightenment ideals of science, reason and individual liberty.

2018-04-27 on pj-instapundit

Just how does our invasion and occupation and partition of Syria differ from the Nazi/Communist invasion and partition of Poland? It does not in any way. The partition of Poland was a war crime, and our invasion and partition is a war crime. Russia is there legally, at the request of the legitimate, internationally recognized and UN member government of Syria.

Mattis is best thought of as a modern Guderian, charging in his Panzers across France and the Soviet Union. Like Guderian he is an amoral war technician who has no interest in or regard for the civilians that get in his way.

Just when did the US government become evil? Perhaps it began with carpet-bombing German and Japanese civilians. But whenever it started, the US is the Evil Empire today.

2018-04-27 on pj-instapundit

Our leadership is both mindless and dangerous, especially to us.

Consider the current situation. We have invaded, occupied and partitioned Syria. We (and France and Britain, Sykes-Picot, FUKUS, aptly) now control Syria north and east of the Euphrates River. We do so with the assistance and acquiescence of the Kurds, who at one time thought we would grant them independence. That, of course, is no longer possible.

Trump has also indicated that this situation will become semi-permanent, or at least for 20 or more years or so. He would like, however, the occupying force to be an Arab army from Saudi Arabia or Qatar or somewhere. Just how will the Kurds react to being occupied by an Arab army? Or, for that, matter by FUKUS? Eventually they will get tired of us or the Arabs, and some sort of guerrilla resistance will ensue. Ironies abound.

The alternatives are; (1) we withdraw, and the Turks occupy the region; (2) the Kurds cut some sort of deal with Assad. I think both of these alternatives are anathema to us, but a permanent occupation by us or an Arab army can’t possibly work. Cutting a deal with Assad is the Kurd’s best choice, and Assad has already made an offer: rejoin Syria and let Syrian troops control the Turkish border, and you get some sort of autonomy. By the way, that’s a pretty good deal for the Turks as well, as it seal the border against Kurdish incursions into Turkey.

2018-04-27 on thereferenceframe

“we are only one generation from barbarism.”–Gleaves Whitney, the Center for the American Idea’s Founders’ Breakfast in Houston, on Wednesday, September 19, 2007.

He used to run a blog History Gadfly.

2018-04-27 on pj-instapundit

The masks are off, and no one can doubt the reality of the Deep State/neocon/Ruling Class. But their own actions have reopened issues long thought settled. It is no longer possible to believe that the assassins of John and Robert Kennedy or MLK or the attempted assassinations of Ford and Reagan were the acts of lone gunmen. The Deep State was involved in each of those. Of course, that generation of Rulers is long dead, but eventually the current generation will realize that law fare will not remove Trump, and they will kill him. Whether they decide at that point to openly announce their rule or try once again to hide remains to be seen.

2018-04-27 on pj-media

Zhukov and his troops had no problems with mass killings of German civilians. The only good German was a dead German. Any megacity can be quelled if you kill lots of its residents. Nanking is another example of how to do it. LeMay gave us yet others, more the American style of death from above.

2018-04-26 on pj-instapundit

A Diversity Station to go with the Diversity Bridge?

2018-04-26 on pj-instapundit

The Persian Gulf produces at least one-fifth of total world oil production and 40% of OECD oil consumption. The US is still a net importer of oil, our imports amounting to about 4 million bbl/d. Closing Hormuz would be a world disaster. And it is something Iran could do in a matter of minutes: one missile into one oil tanker.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

What about Roman Polanski?

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

I am afraid I don’t understand your comment. Are you saying the UK police are in the right?

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

Britain is a full-blown fascist police state. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are pretty far down the same path. If the Democrats get their way we will join them.

For self defense, we should seriously consider cutting ourselves from those monsters. Trump’s wall should be on the Canadian border. Canadians are a bigger threat to the US than any Mexican or drug cartel.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

You shouldn’t confuse Russia with the Soviet Union. Two different governments, two different strategies and goals. And two very different levels of power. The old Soviet Union routinely did things that are totally beyond Russia’s capabilities. In particular, the Soviet Union was an aggressive, expansion power, and Russia is a defensive, reactive power, although opportunistic.

Both Russia and China are focused on us.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

The main threat is plainly a highly aggressive and hostile US that clearly wants to dismantle what is left of Russia and convert it into a western vassal state. The US threat is so over the top and imminent that possible long term disputes with China pale into insignificance.

Both China and Russia are threatened almost daily by the US, Russia more so, and they urgently need each other to defend themselves. One remembers that Curtis LeMay was willing to go to nuclear war with Russia and kill hundreds of millions of people over the Cuban Missile Crisis. That mind wet clearly is in the saddle in the Pentagon today, too. Friedman is typical of the ilk.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

Don’t forget Britain, France, Germany (our allies) and Russia and China (our adversaries). They all have a say, and they could continue to support the agreement without us.

As to Trump’s implicit threats to attack Iran, Iran could close the Straits of Hormuz to commercial shipping. All it takes is a single rocket into a single tanker, and the marine insurance companies would refuse to insure ships transiting the area. We would have to invade Iran and permanently occupy a substantial amount of Iranian territory to reopen the Straits. The zone occupied would have to be large enough that anti-ship missiles could not reach the Straits.

What would Putin do? What would Xi do? For that matter what would May, Macron and Merkel do?

It’s real easy to get into major wars and lose allies. Just ask Feldmarschall Franz Xaver Joseph Conrad Graf von Hötzendorf.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

With the US’ annual budget deficit essentially equal to the defense budget, and with the annual interest payment on accumulated debt about to become the largest budget item, the goal of a 355 ship fleet is delusional. Especially if the Navy insists that each ship be a super high technology ship, which the Navy will do. Of course, that insistence has given us the USS Ford.

While the low end ships might be inexpensive compared to an Aegis cruiser, they are not harmless. Russia is equipping its frigates and corvettes with long-range, high speed cruise missiles that are a threat to our destroyers, cruisers and air craft carriers.

If the US were willing to go the Russian route, we might actually get to 355 ships. One Ford less air wing is about 8 to 10 complete frigates, if we would adopt one of the European designs (but not the German one). With the air wing, a Ford is closer to 20 complete frigates. One Ford is also equal to about 2.5 QE II’s, which would carry more combat air craft combined than one Ford class carrier.

2018-04-25 on cdrsalamander

“Russia’s more recent wars against Georgia and Ukraine”

The fact that Carpenter et al. actually believe such nonsense is the main reason a large-scale European war is possible. One way to preserve the peace would be to purge the Carpenters, Boltons, Kagans and Kristols from the discussion.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

The last time blacks voted Republican in significant numbers was when the Dixiecrats had power in Congress and the Democrat Party. Southern Democrats wouldn’t even let blacks register to vote. All those Dixiecrats are in the Republican Party now. No sane black will vote for them.

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

Remember, this was not a negotiation with Iran only. It was also a negotiation with Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany. Everyone involved gets a voice in forming a new deal. Just walking away means walking away from Britain, France and Germany, too. How does that improve future bargaining efforts and, more importantly, our alliance?

And does it not confirm Lavrov’s statement that the US is institutionally incapable of negotiating anything, because the Presidency, State, Defense, CIA and others all run independent foreign policies and presume they each have the right to veto anything any of the others negotiate. Defense vetoed a deal cut by Obama regarding deconfliction in Syria.

And, after murdering Gaddafi who acquiesced to everything we demanded, if we walk away from the Iran deal, how do we deal with Kim?

2018-04-25 on pj-instapundit

Acosta, Adams, Maddow and other denizens of the fake news, fake American, enemy of the American people persuasion are deliberately legitimizing the assassination of Trump and his family. If I were the Donald, I would send Melania and the children and the older children from Ivana out of the country. They might be safe in Israel or Switzerland, but they might have to flee to Russian or China.

2018-04-24 on cdrsalamander

At some point, the former East Bloc countries will have to reach some sort of accommodation or reconciliation with Russia. There’s a few hundred years of shared history, a good deal of it unpleasant for sure, and once upon a time economic integration. You can’t build a country on hating your neighbor.

Of course, if enough Estonians and Latvians emigrate, the Russian minority in those countries might become a majority.

2018-04-23 on pj-instapundit


Has Green completely lost his mind? The overriding geopolitical considerations are control of the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the eastern Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and all the Persian Gulf oil and gas. This has been the geostrategic problem par excellence for almost 100 years, ever since navies switched from coal to oil.

An alliance between Turkey, Iran and Russia would also spell the end of Israel and a new diaspora if not another holocaust. Or do Green and the other anti-Erdogan partisans care?

I don’t know about Green, but I have some Israeli colleagues whom I actually like and who have been to my home for burgers and beer. I grew up with Jewish kids in Dorchester in the 50’s and 60’s. The best man at my first wedding was a Jew (British). Does Green know any Jews? Does he know any that he likes.

2018-04-23 on pj-instapundit

“the environmental and security implications of such a test would be catastrophic”…

Yes re the security implications (meaning bad for us), but we, the Soviets, the British, the French and the Israelis detonated hundreds, maybe thousands, of above ground atomic and hydrogen bombs before moving the tests underground and signing the test ban treaty. A single nuclear blast over the dead zone in the Pacific would not have any extraordinary effects aside from a temporary increase in atmospheric radioactivity.

2018-04-23 on pj-instapundit

If he succeeds it will be the result of a free and fair democratic election. Like Putin, Erdogan is giving the Turkish people what they want. Can anyone in Europe or North America make the same claims? In both Europe and North America, the Deep State Ruling Class is ramming its choices down the throats of the people.

And what about the rule of law mentioned below? Do you mean Kelo or Ruby Ridge or Waco or Bundy?

2018-04-23 on pj-instapundit

If Trump wants to save our liberties, he will have to stage a Pinochet-style coup d’etat and set up a dictatorship. The communists and criminals that make up the Deep State, the Democrat Party, the media and much of the senior management of our major corporations must be imprisoned indefinitely and their power broken.

2018-04-23 on pj-instapundit

And recertified in 1968 and 1974.

2018-04-23 on pj-instapundit

The regime in Washington is corrupt beyond repair. It is also incompetent enough to start WW III. I am waiting for a Pinochet style coup d’etat and dictatorship.

2018-04-23 on fashthenation

The US is the aggressor everywhere in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. We are a rogue terrorist state, the main and often the only cause of death, destruction and terror in the world. ZOG indeed.

2018-04-22 on pj-instapundit

I don’t think they want an F35B. It looks like a standard non STOL version. The Marines can have their Harrier 3.

2018-04-22 on pj-instapundit

Agreed. The F22 is a much larger airframe with much larger weapons loadouts and fuel and much greater combat radius and speed. A true air superiority fighter. On the other hand, the F35’s avionics (and maybe stealth) are superior.

If the Japs will fund development, we should buy lots of them and cancel the F35.

2018-04-22 on pj-instapundit

Well, Google is run by virulently anti-Christian Jews.

2018-04-22 on thereferenceframe

Yes, and still evidently crazy.

I would look you up in my old files, but I trashed them some time ago. So your secrets are safe.

I sincerely hope we did you some good at tOSU, and I hope you are enjoying a successful career. I often wonder about how our students faired later on.

I realized at one point that I wasn’t actually teaching anyone. Students learn by their own efforts. All I was doing was drawing attention to what I thought was important and providing some carrot/stick motivation.

On balance, I enjoyed tOSU, especially the students, and I was fortunate to have colleagues I liked and respected. (I pity Lubos.)

I now live in the outskirts of Mt. Vernon, and our house overlooks several hundred acres of permanent farm land. Very much like the views I had growing up in rural Massachusetts.

Go Bucks!

2018-04-21 on pj-instapundit

If he were the Godfather, they would be sleeping with the fishes.

2018-04-21 on pj-instapundit

We need bigger ax handles.

2018-04-21 on pj-instapundit

We need bigger ax handles. (Movie reference)

2018-04-21 on thereferenceframe

When I was teaching civil/sanitary engineering to undergraduates, I often was asked why you should memorize stuff. My answer was that out in the field you are often required to make professional judgements and calculations without recourse to reference materials. If you can’t do that, your employer will find someone who can.

In graduate school, I was taught statistics by a Korean who who emphasized derivations, even on examinations. When asked why, he said (more or less), Suppose you are going home to Korea, and the boat with all your books sinks, what use are you?

2018-04-21 on pj-instapundit

Say what?? Natalie is an Israeli and a Jew!

2018-04-21 on pj-instapundit

The arguments for racial segregation are irrefutable.

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

Michael, post a transcript. No one is going to spend 1 h 20 m listening to it.

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

Or the more formidable Michelle Obama. More masculine, anyway.

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

Two-thirds of the shipping in the South China Sea goes to or from Chinese ports. It is China’s main import/export artery. The fact that they want to control it is hardly surprising. Aside from being a convenient transit route for our Navy, the real strategic areas for us are the choke points around the Nine Dash Line. Those choke points are what we would use to cut off China trade. That would, of course, lead to nuclear war, but the Admiral is cool with that.

OBOR is China’s planned defense against an American sea embargo. Russia already ships a good deal of oil to China overland, and OBOR would allow a major expansion of Russian shipments plus shipments from Iran and other Persian Gulf states. China would be able to import iron ore and other raw materials over the same routes, and those routes could be used for exports. The costs would be much more than the sea-borne trade, but the security of the Chinese trade would be worth it.

Then there is the northern route along Russia’s Arctic Sea coastline this is very much shorter than the present sea route, and probably more difficult to interdict. But it is only available seasonally.

Would a sea battle along Russia’s Pacific Coast be possible in order to shut down the northern route?

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

I’m with PGMahone. How could a dingbat bleach blonde be any worse than Cuomo or Schumer or any other NY Democrat?

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

I am amazed at all the good press the FEEBs get. There are times (but not many) when I sympathize with the BLM people.

2018-04-20 on cdrsalamander

I believe that combined UK, France and Germany have about 400 tanks total on active duty. A bunch more are rotting in storage. NATO is a dangerous farce. Its pretensions and delusions are liable to get us into a war everyone loses.

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

Trayon White. The name itself explains it.

2018-04-20 on pj-instapundit

You can add Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi, the American FBI agent who murdered Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge in 1992.

The FBI has been a corrupt, violent criminal gang since its founding in 1908. Hoover changed nothing. As the criminal Comey has shown, it is still a violent criminal gang. Who will they kill next?

2018-04-19 on pj-instapundit

A good deal of the weaponry we sent to anti-Assad groups ended up in the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra, and al Qaeda affiliate of some sort. Whether intentionally or through carelessness that materially aided the terrorists in Syria. We are in the bizarre position of fighting agains the only person approaching the definition of a moderate in Syria, namely Assad.

2018-04-19 on infoproc

Ironically, Binet introduced his IQ test as a means of identifying students who needed special instruction. However, the strong correlation between IQ and race and the history of racial antagonisms and discrimination has made it impossible to pursue Binet’s program. The developing knowledge of IQ and genetics will be suppressed for as long as possible by people who have a vested interest in the current nonsensical paradigm. That paradigm will persist until its beneficiaries pass away.

Was it not Max Planck who said that science progresses one funeral at a time?

2018-04-19 on pj-media

The analysis of Russia’s predicament is based on the IMF’s deeply flawed estimate of Russia’s GDP, supposedly about $1.6T or less. This is about the size of Spain’s. However, the PPP estimate for Russia is about $4T, and this is somewhat larger than Germany’s, and it is obviously more nearly correct. Similarly, Russia’s defense budget is often estimated at around $60B per year, but if the same multiplier holds, it would be closer to $150B per year. The latter figure is around 20 to 25% of the US defense budget. Considering the range of products and activities Russia engages in, and the evident size and actions of its military, the larger figures are clearly the better estimates. A wounded tiger indeed, but one with real teeth and claws.

Russia is still weak compared to the West. Compared to the EU alone, the EU/Russia ratios are: population, 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1; active duty military, 1.8:1. If you add in the US and Turkey, the ratios doubles. None-the-less, using bogus numbers to disparage Russia adds to the hubris of the American and European Ruling Classes, and makes them prone to truly disastrous miscalculations. Think August 1914.

The ever increasing isolation of Russia and its elites from the West, the aggressive, increasing encirclement right up to Russia’s border, and the continuing attacks on Russian interests all point to war. It will be an unnecessary war. It will be a nuclear war. And it will be the permanent end of Western Civilization.

The only winner in this exercise in Western stupidity is China, the obvious heir to our empire.

PS. Kagan is monster. He has been a purveyor of utter nonsense about international relations for a generation. He is a war monger, and because of his power and influence he is an actual war criminal. And one should remember that his wife while ambassador to Ukraine instigated the coup d’etat that overthrew Ukraine’s only democratically elected president. Kagan’s voice is one that should be ignored.

2018-04-18 on pj-instapundit

The books, being made of paper, are technically renewables, and could be used to meet California’s renewable fuels mandate.

The libraries at California’s cities, schools and universities are full of renewable fuel.

2018-04-18 on pj-instapundit

The Strategy Page is about as reliable as The Debka File, which a year ago had the Chinese carrier Liaoning moored at Tarsus. But this, “The utterly fragile Congo and vulnerable Rwanda…,” is utter nonsense. The tropical ecologies of those countries are robust, and the political turmoil, rebellion, foreign invasions, etc., are long-term, normal, actually stable if you will, conditions. Stable in the sense that the chaos is well-established and has been going on for decades. It is certainly stable to the people involved.

2018-04-17 on pj-instapundit

There are several hundred of these beauties sitting in the desert complete with engines and electronics. The wing roots are broken, and they are early versions, and the electronics are ancient. But we could scavenge them for parts, and keep the B52 fleet flying for decades.

These are not penetration bombers. They are cruise missile trucks. They don’t need stealth or supercruise. Fuel ‘em up, load ‘em up, and send them on their way.

2018-04-17 on pj-instapundit

Douma is under Syrian control, so if anyone is doing the blocking it is Assad. The Brit is lying.

2018-04-17 on cdrsalamander

The raid was a last hurrah, thanks for the fish, goodbye. Assad has won. He is steadily consolidating control south and west of the Euphrates, and it will be complete by early summer. The Kurds bet on us and lost. They will have to reconcile with Assad. When that happens, we will be forced to leave.

Iran won big. They now have friends in power in Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut. The Shia corridor to the Mediterranean is an accomplished fact. Russia won. They now have more influence and more friends in the Middle East than at any other time in their entire history. We have the fewest friends and least influence than ever before.

Our invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have proved to be the worst military adventure in our history.

2018-04-17 on pj-instapundit

Kroger is a union shop, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, UFCW.

2018-04-17 on pj-instapundit

A double-good suicide. I encourage the others to emulate him.

2018-04-17 on infoproc

Every character of every organism has a genetic component, and that includes all the various behaviors it is capable of, including, in humans, political and religious preference. Intelligence is merely one small component of the suite of inherited behaviors, and often the others behaviors are determinative of life history.

2018-04-16 on pj-instapundit

Bell was late night entertainment at its best. Back then we also had Weird Al Yankovich and Dr. Demento to kill the night. Al and the Dr. are still alive, but they’re not on the late night radio anymore. Us pencil-necked geeks are in mourning.

2018-04-16 on pj-instapundit

Whatever Putin wanted in the election, he’s getting a big win in Syria and the Middle East. The air raid last week looks like a Parthian shot. Assad is consolidating his hold on Syria west and south of the Euphrates. The Kurds bet the farm on us/US and lost it. Now they will have to reconcile with Assad. The price will be substantial if not complete Kurdish disarmament and Syrian Arab Army control of the Turkish border. Erdogan will probably like that and withdraw his troops from Syria. Our position in Syria will become impossible, and we will be forced to withdraw regardless of what the Pentagon wants.

A similar scenario might play out in Iraq. The Kurds, now alone, might reconcile with Baghdad. The Kurds disarm, and the Iraqi army takes control of the Turkish border. The Turks withdraw from Iraq, and we are forced out.

Russia now has more influence and friendly relations with more countries in the Middle East than at any time in its history, ever. We now have the worst relations in the Middle East than at any time in our history, ever. Iran now has allies in Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut, and the Shia corridor to the Mediterranean that everyone on our side (the few, the precious few) feared.

Has any foreign war undertaken by the US ever produced worse results? Maybe our participation in WW I?

2018-04-15 on pj-instapundit

A reference to ethnicity, no doubt. If so, the problem is self expalantory.

2018-04-15 on pj-instapundit

Illinois is a special case in that public employee pensions are protected by the state constitution. However, in every state pensioners have a lien against state revenues, and judges will enforce pensioner rights against state tax revenues. Whether states can discharge these obligations via bankruptcy is another question.

2018-04-15 on infoproc

Since the means are normalized to 100, after enhancement the mean IQ would be 100. However, nonenhanced groups like ghetto blacks would see a significant decline in their average IQ. Muy fun!

2018-04-15 on pj-instapundit

The Wookie…love it.

FLOTUS is lucky. She won’t have those parasites taking up her time.

2018-04-15 on pj-instapundit

I suppose that includes Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Ukraine. Is Bush II a leftist? Obama is.
Then there are the neocons, all former (?) socialists.

2018-04-15 on pj-media

Is everyone on drugs? Everything that is wrong in the Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia is a direct result of American aggression and invasions. The US is a rampant terrorist state, and it is the chief source of chaos and destruction in the world today. Iran, Russia, Assad, ISIS (our creature), Taliban and the murdered (by us/US) Gaddafi and Hussein are/were pikers compared to the war criminals who occupy the regime in Washington.

Every President from and including at least Clinton is a war criminal for exactly the same reasons that Hitler and Tojo were war criminals. The main problem facing the world today is how to rein in the monsters in Washington before they destroy the world.

2018-04-15 on pj-instapundit

No mention of the missile attacks? Is this a credible source?

From The Saker,…

Gen McKenzie said the “initial indications are that we accomplished the military objectives without interference from Syria”.

That considering that 71 out of 103 missiles were intercepted.
That there were no Syrian (or Iranian or Russian) fatalities.
That not a single airfield was hit.
That the buildings destroyed were empty.
That only Syrian air defense were used.
That Russian air defenses were completely bypassed.

The Saker is a Russian partisan, and he might not be reliable. However, the Pentagon and CIA have a long sordid history of lying: Gulf of Tonkin, Iraqi WMD, numerous false flag chemical attacks, alleged war against ISIS (our creature, now being protected by US forces in Syria)…

2018-04-15 on pj-instapundit

Typhoid and cholera were epidemic in the early 19th Century. They were contained by the installation of toilets, plumbing and sanitary sewerage. They were substantially eliminated by the chlorination of public water supplies beginning in the early 20th Century. The medical profession played no role in this; it was the doing of civil engineers.

The fact that the antibiotics used against typhoid have lost their effectiveness only means that doctors can’t treat patients for the disease. The 19th and 20th Century technology that originally defeated it is still in place and still works.

Except, of course, in progressive cities like San Francisco.

2018-04-14 on pj-instapundit

Too bad. Whites should encourage and support self-segregation of POC’s. Make America a no hypocrisy zone.

2018-04-14 on pj-instapundit

This to be lauded. The less Whites have to do with POC’s the better it is for Whites. For POC’s, not so much, but they chose to live in the sty.

2018-04-14 on thereferenceframe

I wonder how much sanctions really hurt Russia. Except for fuels and food, it’s not highly plugged into the world economy, and those products are its exports, not imports. That also means that the recent decline in the rouble is sort of irrelevant. It’s international value only affects Russia’s ability to import stuff. The rouble’s international value doesn’t affect its internal, Russian value. The fact that the oligarchs can’t move their money out of Russia helps the rouble. And the restriction on Russian imports help noncompetitive Russian companies. The real net net is a closer Russian and Chinese alliance.

Using the IMF data, it is often claimed that Russia’s economy is tiny, the size of Spain’s. But that is absurd. The PPP estimate puts Russia’s economy at somewhat larger than Germany’s. That makes perfect sense.

A similar problem arises with Russia’s defense budget, usually put at aroung $60B or so, or 10% of America’s. But if we apply the PPP equivalent to the defense budget, Russia is spending something like $150B, about 25% of the American budget. Again this makes sense considering the scale of Russia’s military.

Putin has decided to ride this missile strike out and to complain to the UNSC, where the US has already rejected any UN authority in the conflict. (China and International Court re South China Sea) Is this a change in Russia’s Middle Eastern policy and goals, or is their Red Line somewhere else? It would be good to know.

2018-04-13 on pj-instapundit

I think we are sitting on something like 200 of the first generation F-35’s that do not meet current combat specs and that require major upgrades. None of that is budgeted. Whether these early models will be scrapped is still under consideration.

Add the LCS to that, and the USS Ford’s problems with its catapults (low reliability), arrestor gear, electrical generators, electrical distribution systems, ammunition elevators …

We should be talking nice to the Russians and Chinese.

2018-04-12 on pj-instapundit

Food Nazis–American is perfectly good for grilling all by itself, and it is the most commonly used cheese for cheeseburgers. Even Kraft slices are OK. And the de rigueur for an authentic Philly cheesesteak, what the vendors really use, is Velveeta.

2018-04-12 on pj-instapundit

You have to establish a continuous CAP, 24/7 no lapses, within 100 to 200 hundred miles (or closer) of each launch site. We don’t have enough combat aircraft of all types to do that, and certainly not enough F-35’s.

2018-04-11 on cdrsalamander

Today’s date is August 1, 1914.

2018-04-11 on pj-instapundit

Today’s date is August 13, 1914.

2018-04-11 on pj-instapundit

Assuming Assad’s regime did this (which is patently absurd), what does it matter to the US? Who cares?

Well, Israel cares. So, we are about to get into a shooting war with Russia because of an Israel vendetta against Syria? What lunacy is this?

Meanwhile, the 2,000 troops we have northeast of the Euphrates continue to protect ISIS against Syrian attacks.

2018-04-11 on pj-instapundit

I have one, steel frame, and it is a very sweet gun. I don’t carry, so the weight, minimal, is not an issue for me.

As to stopping power, a study of a few thousand shooting incidents over at Buckeye Firearms showed that all calibers from .22 LR to .44 Mag could deter attackers. Of course, if you shoot someone with a .22 LR, he runs away; if you use a .44 Mag, he falls down and dies. Personally, I rather make someone run away.

Read this, it will enlighten you:


This article pretty much muddies up the stopping power debate.

2018-04-11 on pj-instapundit

Everyone who is not John Bolton agrees that the Iranian enrichment program was suspended, but the facilities were not dismantled. So, if we cancel the agreement, they will restart uranium enrichment, with a goal of getting to bomb material. Why is this surprising?

The more important point is that we also will have unilaterally terminated an agreement with our allies Britain, France and Germany. How does that affect our alliances?

Russia’s FM Lavrov has already said that the US is institutionally incapable of negotiating anything, largely because the President, Defense, State and CIA all have their own uncoordinated foreign policies, and each feels free to veto or ignore agreements reached by the other three. We have seen that a few times in Syria, where the President gets some sort of deconfliction agreement, and Defense or CIA vetos it.

A week ago, Trump announced that we would soon leave Syria, and the NSC promptly slapped him down and made him recant.

2018-04-11 on infoproc

The main buyers of the product will be governments, assuming they don’t already have their own versions. It is said that in London, everyone walking around is photographed 300 times a day, and the photographs are used by the police to find and track people. Virtually every commercial establishment in the US has security cameras, and it looks like a simple software upgrade would greatly enhance the value of those systems.

Pattern recognition has gotten so good that automated license plate readers are in common use. Massachusetts has removed toll booths from the Mass Pike and uses cameras to issue toll fees. They got my Ohio plates coming and going last year. And Ohio State University enforces its parking lot fees and permits using dashboard mounted cameras that record and identify license plate owners.

Related, there is a company in Columbus, Ohio, that has injected RF chips into those of its employees who are allowed to work in certain high security areas. Some day, we’ll all get chipped. Bow-wow, litter mates. Let’s go pick on the runt.

2018-04-10 on pj-instapundit

Mary to Lou: Mr. Grant, what is the secret of your success?

Lou to Mary: (thoughtful pause) I know how to delegate blame.

Ranks up there with, “I thought turkeys could fly.”

2018-04-10 on pj-instapundit

There were several reviews of fusion technology (then and now tokamak) published in Science by experts in fusion and fission. One reviewer noted (this is like 1978) that even if fusion worked, a fusion reactor would have to be about 10 times the size of the equivalent (in power output) fission reactor. At that time fission was the most expensive form of electricity, although nowadays it is among the cheapest. The upshot was that there is no possible civilian or military use for fusion power, Aliens not withstanding.

In the forty years since, there has been no progress in fusion reactors. Fusion has become one of the greatest scientific frauds of all time, ranking up there with AGW. However, it has provided a jet set life style for the principal investigators, while at the same time wasting billions of dollars and the professional lives of thousands of junior investigators.

2018-04-10 on pj-instapundit

Cui bono? It is almost certain this was a false flag operation conducted by the terrorists in Doutha that we support. A false flag operation designed to get just the response it is getting. To “justify” yet another R2P atrocity.

And even if Assad did do it, how does that compare to the one million Iraqis, Syrians and Afghanis our forces have killed, and the dozens of Middle Eastern cities flattened by our Air Force and Army, or the tens, maybe hundreds, of billions of dollars of destroyed infrastructure or the millions of displaced refugees. All the result of our own lawless, criminal action.

Since at least Clinton’s first term, we have been ruled by blood-thirsty war criminals, criminals for exactly the same reasons that Hitler and Tojo were war criminals.

And if you think this is only a problem for despised foreigners, you had better read up on Ruby Ridge and Waco.

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

You mean, “diversity bridge.”

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

This affadavit, required of all applicants, is standard practice at nearly every university in the country. I know for a fact that Ohio State has had such a requirement for years.

Of course, similar affadavits are not new. When I was hired at Ohio State in 1972, I had to submit a notarized loyalty oath to the US. Nowadays, that would be an infringement of my freedom. Diversity oaths aren’t.

West Point probably has a diversity oath, but since its faculty and cadets are infested by disloyal communists, it obviously has not loyalty oath to the US. Just how reliable is our military? Can they be trusted? Or will they gun us down if we get unruly? MacArthur had no problem running off veterans.

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

You support a coup d’etat against his democratically elected government (shades of Ukraine), and then you support a Kurdish terrorist group that is trying to partition his country. And you are surprised that his is angry with you?

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

It is interesting that he thinks he has the authority to do this without any other authorization. No city ordinance, not act of Parliament. If a mere mayor in UK has such powers, we should be grateful for the Revolution and the rule of law.

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

Actually, only the wing roots were cut. The air frames and wings and even the engines are still there and can be used for parts. We can keep the B 52’s in the air indefinitely. Even the wing roots can be remanufactured.

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

Has the Air Force decided what to do about the first 200 yet? They need serious upgrades to become combat ready. With the aging of the F16/F15 fleets we need these things, all of them.

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

“Jerusalem was founded by the Jews, by King David, 3,000 years ago. It never was the capital of any other country or any other people, and it is central to the Jewish faith.”

Actually, the Bronze Age settlement at Jerusalem dates to about 3500 BC. It was a preexisting city when David conquered it in the early Iron Age around 1000 BC. It has been a Jewish center since then.

Sometimes Jewish mythology is as obtuse as Muslim mythology.

2018-04-09 on pj-instapundit

The reality is that all of the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians in recent years have been false flag operations conducted by terrorist factions that we support. Assad has no reason to conduct such attacks, and it is almost certain he has no chemical weapons.

I note that we are once again protecting ISIS, giving them sanctuary in the Syrian territory we control.

And even if he did, who is the monster? Since 2003, the US has killed about one million civilians in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. We have leveled dozens of cities, and destroyed tens or hundred of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure, and made millions of civilians refugees, often fleeing to other countries. The US is the monster here, and every President since Clinton, and every Secretary of Defense and State, and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a quarter century is a war criminal, in exactly the same sense that Hitler and Tojo were war criminals.

2018-04-09 on thereferenceframe

Well, Hungarian is not an Indo-European language, and the Huns are not Indo-Europeans. They are also fairly recent immigrants to Europe.

2018-04-08 on pj-instapundit

One of the unmentioned perks of federally funded research is the paid travel to conferences, which are always held at gorgeous resorts. The extra two months of summer salary is pretty sweet, too. The really big scientists lead really big jet-set lifestyles.

2018-04-08 on pj-instapundit

If you are interested in a detailed critique of neuroscience from and neuroscientist (and physician), read,

Raymond Tallis, “Aping Mankind,” Acumen Publishing, Ltd., Durham, UK, 2011.

2018-04-08 on pj-media

“I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny . . . and I say . . . segregation today . . . segregation tomorrow . . . segregation forever.” George Wallace inaugaral speech, 1963.

2018-04-08 on duckofminerva

It is hard to imagine a more dishonest, wrong-headed essay than this one. If we have seen anything during his administration it is the wanton disregard of the plain language of statute law by numerous left-wing judges, especially in the area of immigration. Compared to the rampant disregard of law and Constitution by the Obama regime, Obama’s open collusion with the Iranians, and Obama’s autocratic rule by executive order, and Obama’s numerous war crimes, including the murder of at least one million civilians in the Middle East, the Trump administration is a breath of fresh air and a return to the rule of law.

2018-04-07 on pj-instapundit

“Damaged by Greenpeace demonstrators..”

The French should have nuked them back in the day.

2018-04-07 on pj-instapundit

Free trade and free immigration are planned attacks on the American working class and most especially the black working class. Over the last 40 years, the American working class has lost 20% of its real income, and middle class incomes have stagnated. All, as in all, of the growth in GDP over that period has been seized by the Ruling Class. They have even been able to claw income away from the workers. Cui Bono? That is the enemy of the American people.

The Deep State/Ruling Class is now pushing for a major expansion of our wars in the Middle East, as if the utter destruction already accomplished there is not enough. And we just saw the military bitch-slap Trump for proposing that we leave Syria, a country we invaded illegally.

2018-04-06 on pj-instapundit

This is a shameful post. You should retract it.

2018-04-06 on pj-instapundit

Edward Kennedy was indeed despicable. But Joseph Sr. and Rose did raise three other admirable sons: Joseph Jr., John, and Robert. Joseph Jr. died in combat at the end of WW II in Europe as a Navy pilot. John served bravely in the Pacific as a PT boat commander, and was seriously injured during that service. He was assassinated by the communist and traitor Lee Harvey Oswald. Robert was too young to serve in either WW II or Korea (but Joe Sr. would have sent him, too), but he had a distinguished career as a lawyer prosecuting organized crime and corrupt unions. He, too, was assassinated by another communist, Sirhan Sirhan. (Please let him out so he can be served justice.)

People denigrate the whole Kennedy clan because of Ted and some of his cousins. But the core family served this country well, certainly much better than any of the Kennedy haters posting here.

2018-04-06 on thereferenceframe

Marcus ought to worry about Mossad. If they decide quantum computers are a threat to Israel secrets, they might do a Gerald Bull on him.

2018-04-06 on pj-instapundit

Barone repeats Lewontin’s Fallacy. The mean differences between populations do have important consequences. A population with a mean IQ in the 70’s does not contain enough bright people to maintain an industrial society. The small number of brights is simply overwhelmed by the large number of dims. Of course, if you separate the brights from the dims, they can succeed just about anywhere. But the dims cannot.

That is essentially what the Civil Rights Movement accomplished in the US. It allowed the Black middle class and upper class to escape the dims. The down side is that significant portions of the US, especially the Black city slums, have descended into incurable savagery.

2018-04-06 on pj-instapundit

Whatever one thinks of Williamson’s writing style, the fact is there is no place in the political spectrum for him or the other socially autistic libertarians. When you’re fired by both the Atlantic and the National Review, what is left?

2018-04-06 on pj-instapundit

Modern anti-tank missiles currently have the upper hand in the offense/defense competition. One wonders just how an M1A2, most of which have not been upgraded to new reactive armor, would fair on a modern battle field against a modern foe. Our and Turkey’s experience in Iraq and Syria, and Israel’s disastrous experience in Lebanon are not reassuring.

2018-04-06 on infoproc

These are interesting results, but the AI is solving what are essentially logic problems. Animals do more than that. Many years ago (70’s ?), one of MIT’s AI researchers pointed out that real AI would not come about until it was housed in an independent, mobile machine that had to interact with the world on its own. The recent fatal accident caused by and AI controlled car indicates just how far we are from that goal.

2018-04-06 on duckofminerva

Thanks for an interesting post. Who would have thought Bakhtin was relevant to Trump? Your analysis seems correct to me (a Trump voter), but I think you miss an essential point. Clinton won a majority of the popular vote, so Trump’s appeal is limited to a minority of the population. However, Clinton’s supporters are heavily concentrated in a few areas (the famous map of results by county), and that concentration prevented her from getting a majority of the Electoral College. If her voters had been spread uniformly over the whole US, she would be President.

The Electoral College was intended to prevent domination by a few large States, and it worked as intended in 2016. Take away California, and Trump wins the popular vote. Take away New York, too, and his victory approaches landslide proportions.

A more troubling issue is why such a ghastly person as Hillary can get majority support. Are Americans, themselves, ghastly?

2018-04-05 on pj-instapundit

I agree with MST. The Guard would not be in a police mode, they would be in a military border defense mode.

In earlier deployments on the Mexican border, the Guard troops were accompanied by civilian law enforcement officers who did the actual arrests. The Guard provided backup.

2018-04-05 on pj-instapundit

The Persian Immortals had sustainable wicker shields, nice wooden spears, and plates of hard materials sewn onto cotton tunics for armor.

2018-04-05 on pj-instapundit

An annual budget deficit nearly equal to the defense budget and rising…

An annual interest payment on accumulated debt soon to be the largest budget item…

Ongoing wars in at least a dozen countries involving tens of thousands of troops…

Partially trained, inexperienced Naval officers and SOCOM troops…

Cheating, incompetent strategic missile and bomber crews with obsolete strategic weapons…

We are broke. We are more likely to see a 200 ship Navy than a 355 ship Navy.

And if we stumble into a large war (evidently the neocon goal) then what? There is no slack in either the federal budget nor the economy to sustain a large war.

2018-04-05 on moonbattery

She was insane, but she also was shadow banned by YouTube. Similarly, Cruz, absolutely crazy, was mocked and bullied by his fellow students, including the lesbian Emma Gonzalez.

We need some place to house the crazies, but in the meantime harassing them is dangerous.

2018-04-05 on pj-instapundit

Vampires are cured by a stake through the heart. Call Buffy. I prefer the Swanson version or even Cordelia.

2018-04-04 on pj-instapundit

The real evils of Maduro and his allies aside, this is a laughable, contemptible media stunt. A fake court full of fake judges hearing a fake case. If anything, this demonstrates just how irrelevant and powerless Maduro’s foes are and how strong he and his allies are.

Maduro’s regime would survive an American invasion (unlikely but sometimes mentioned) and defeat the invading force. Or have we forgotten or never heard of Vietnam?

Of course, our conventional forces (other than SOCOM) are desperately looking for something to justify their existence, and Venezuela looks to them to be a pushover. Practically commuting distance. Mort Sahl recommended invading Canada instead of Vietnam. Still good advice.

2018-04-03 on coyoteblog

Growing up in Boston in the 50’s, we still had electric buses. These were powered by overhead lines carrying DC. It was impossible for the cars of the day to out accelerate these buses. Teslas must have the same torque.

2018-04-03 on pj-instapundit

Ah, the Europeans. Wachs is right about them. But there is another problem. The deal was signed between 7 countries, three of them, the Euros, are our NATO allies. If Trump cancels the deal with Iran, he also cancels it with UK, France and Germany. There’s the rub. Beyond the fact that they probably will not go along with renewed sanctions, there is the issue of how reliable a negotiating partner they think the US is. That negatively affects our long term NATO relations. It might be better to keep the Iranian deal to preserve confidence among our allies.

If our allies do support Trump (unlikely), then the deal is dead, and all bets are off. Russian and China might regard renewed sanctions as illegal and not abide by them. Iran surely will reactivate it nuclear weapons program.

2018-04-03 on pj-instapundit

Today we know, thanks to Erdogan, that there are a number of French bases in Kurdish Syria. Shades of the old Sykes-Picot treaty. (no relation, by the way). Are there English bases, too? Complicated indeed.

2018-04-03 on pj-instapundit

How long before the POed Princes and the Wahabi mullahs have had enough? MbS is a meteor in sky, soon to burn up.

2018-04-02 on pj-instapundit

The Virginia’s and the Burke’s are the most useful ships we have, carriers not withstanding.

2018-04-02 on moonbattery

This is a black teacher. Her rant is not so much about lefty politics as it is about blacks hating whites. George Wallace was correct, but I was too ignorant to know it at the time.

2018-04-01 on pj-instapundit

I agree with Dusty below. What will happen when they reach the border? Will Trump order the border to be closed? Will American troops use force to prevent the crossing? Are we as tough as Israelis?

This is going to be an acid test of the resolve our government to protect our borders. The most likely outcome is that we do not close the border, and that the Border Patrol is overrun. We then will have a literal army of thousands of invaders who will rapidly disperse throughout the Southwest. They will be welcomed by La Raza and its supporters like Jerry Brown.

That will be the dam-break. More vast mobs will follow until we start shooting unarmed mobsters. Then, whether this country can survive will be strongly tested.

2018-03-31 on pj-instapundit

Sweden actually needs Islam to clean up the place. Eliminating the Swedish Ruling Class is worth a few child brides.

2018-03-31 on pj-instapundit

The other members of the P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, plus Germany) continue to support the agreement as is, and do not want any changes. If the US reneges on the deal, it will prove Russia’s claim that the US is incapable of negotiating, because the major Departments like State, Defense, CIA, NSA, and the White House, pursue independent and uncoordinated foreign policies, and they each feel free to veto any agreement any or all of the others have reached with foreign powers.

Another deal will not be possible, and Iran will feel free to do anything. If they do reactivate their nuclear program (which all the cosigners but us claim is suspended), the other members of the P5+1 will not support sanctions.

We need to free our Middle Eastern policies from Israeli control. Following their lead has destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, leveled dozens of cities and created millions of refugees. Does anyone think an attack on Iran will produce better results?

2018-03-30 on pj-instapundit

True. If we had proportional representation, which is often proposed, we would have many parties and coalition governments. Nowadays, with first-past-the-post election, coalitions have to be formed prior to the election, not after.

On the other hand, I began voting in the 60’s when both parties were big-tent and non-ideological. (Remember Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Jackson?) The modern ideological parties do seem to have an air of instability about them.

2018-03-30 on cdrsalamander

The now inactive blog “In from the Cold” ran a long series of exposes on the land-based legs of the Triad, bombers and ICBM’s. It was pretty, comments about obsolescence aside, that blogger demonstrated wide-spread incompetence and cheating among the servicemen in those branches.

2018-03-29 on pj-instapundit

Someone tell Nabisco to bring back Pilot Crackers.

2018-03-28 on pj-instapundit

Boeing offered an semi-stealth version of the F15, the S version, but the Air Force refused to consider it. They should reconsider.

Although the upfront price of the F15S would not be dramatically lower than the F35A, the F15 is a mature airframe with well understood maintenance issues.

2018-03-28 on cdrsalamander

They are a NATO ally. Israel isn’t. Since Israel has the F35, we are obligated to continue Turkey’s participation in the project.

The excuse that Erdogan is an authoritarian doesn’t mean anything. At least he is elected and has the support of a large majority of Turks. Jean-Claude Juncker is an unelected authoritarian. Should we abandon our relationships with the western European governments? Should all our NATO allies be denied F35’s?

2018-03-28 on cdrsalamander

Look at the map. The only rational choice is to dump the Kurds (who are not our friends, especially the communist YPG) and support Turkey. Moreover, we have a treaty obligation to support the Turks.

If we choose the Kurds instead, and actively oppose Turkey, Turkey will almost certainly leave NATO and abandon its hopes for membership in the EU. Their only other possible home is a full-blown alliance with Russia, which entails Iran and China as well. As a consequence, Russia achieves strategic dominance in the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the eastern Mediterranean and the (aptly named) Persian Gulf. That is an historic strategic disaster. The only way to make it worse would be to force Egypt into Russia’s arms. Obama’s support for the coup against Mubarak nearly succeeded in doing so.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

If I could, I would like to sign it. Maybe you could pencil in my name: Robert M. Sykes.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

It would be better simply to disassemble the US into 10 or 20 independent countries. Some could keep the Bill of Rights, some could pick and chose, and some could go whole hog socialist dictatorship. David Hogg would make a good Fuhrer for the last.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

Ford did a great job resurrecting the Thunderbird, and the Mustangs are really good, too. So there is hope. Get the T-Bird design crew on it.

Porsche, on the other hand, needs gull-wing doors.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

We have long restricted sales of advanced arms to Taiwan as part of the general detente with China negotiated by Nixon and Kissinger. China is always balancing the costs and benefits of either allowing the Taiwan situation to play out in their favor or of settling the issue right now with an invasion. The sale of F35’s to Taiwan might tip the decision into invade now.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

manboobs indeed.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

If we were serious about gun crime, we would go after the young underclass black and hispanic males who commit most of it. In fact, they commit most violent crime and most inter-racial hate crime. There can’t be more than one or two million such people, and that looks like a doable problem: American Gulags in Alaska.

Also, all of the school shootings have been committed by know psychopaths (known to the schools, the police and their neighbors), and 26 out of 27 came from broken, fatherless homes. Looks another soluble problem.

2018-03-27 on thereferenceframe

While the principle of “Cui bono?” at least leaves open the possibility of a false flag operation, and the possibility of a rogue group in Russia’s FSB is real (consider the US’ CIA and FBI), Putin and his staff are legitimate suspects.

However, the real problem is the fanatical, if not hysterical, wave of anti-Russia sentiment being deliberately incited. We are in Cold War II. Russia will undoubtedly expel numerous American and European diplomats, but one should remember that there is a whole raft of treaties at risk, like SALT I and II and MBFR, as well as all sorts of trade agreements. The possiblity of a complete breakdown in all diplomatic and trade relations and a return to the very peak of Cold War I is real, with all the threats of an actual shooting war in Central Europe.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

On the bright side, it is gang bangers are getting killed. Leave well enough alone for once. Let them have their fun. And make sure to fund Planned Parenthood in the hood fully.

2018-03-27 on pj-instapundit

If tech has the power of a rogue government, then certainly the Second Amendment applies to them as well as the regime in Washington.

2018-03-26 on pj-instapundit

The Air Force didn’t tumble for the F15S, which also was semi-stealthy. Has the Navy actually contracted for this?

Once the Air Force realizes it’s only getting 800 F35A’s, it might go back to Boeing for the F15S.

And that 800 includes the 200 that aren’t fit for combat and can’t be upgraded:


2018-03-26 on thereferenceframe

Your title may be more correct than you think. When she was still posting, hbd chick had a long series on the history of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. There is a boundary, the Hajnal Line, that separates two basic types of Medieval culture. The Germans are one side, and the Anglo Saxons are on the other.


Since all aspects of any living organism have a genetic component, the Hajnal Line also demarcates a genetic boundary.

Vox Day has a bunch of rants on how the Germans and Irish fundamentally subverted the originally Anglo Saxon Constitution of the US.

2018-03-26 on pj-instapundit

The portraits of Barak and Michelle are utterly perfect. They reveal just who they are, which is the point of good portraiture.

2018-03-26 on infoproc

Is there a typo? “r – .45” Should that be an equals sign, or is the correlation negative?

2018-03-25 on pj-instapundit

The power of impoundment no longer exists:…

2018-03-24 on pj-instapundit

Why bother. It looks like they’re winning.

2018-03-24 on pj-instapundit

The Trump Presidency is over.

2018-03-24 on pj-instapundit

North and South Koreans share a common race, language, culture and history. They have a common enemy in Japan, and Moon represents the anti-American faction in South Korea. Reunification might not be possible, but some sort of accommodation that reduces tensions and promotes trade and some limited cross-border visitation rights is possible.

The important point is that the Kim/Moon meeting will be done without American participation, and the possibility of secret addenda to any public statement or agreement is quite high.

2018-03-24 on pj-instapundit

After a couple of weekends, I gave my Greenworks mower to Goodwill.

2018-03-23 on cdrsalamander

While I do not think that wars on the scale of WW I and WW II are possible among nuclear powers, we do have another, very serious problem. No war we nowadays fight is ever brought to conclusion, and the number of wars we are engaged in keeps rising. We entered Somalia 25 years, and we are still fighting there. Philippines and Yemen are next. We have troops in at least 150 countries, three-quarters of the UN total, and we are actively fighting in a dozen or so.

Just how many such wars can this country support? Considering all our maintenance and training deficiencies, are we not now beyond our maximum sustainable effort? Are we on the verge of reinstituting the draft? How will that go with the current high school and college generation?

2018-03-22 on pj-instapundit

Women are creatures of the hive mind. Heartiste gets it right.

2018-03-22 on infoproc

That he perjured himself automatically tells you how powerful the Deep State is and how close the US is to a full-blown dictatorship. The MSM would welcome and defend a dictatorship as long as it was Maoist.

2018-03-21 on pj-instapundit

My point is that the wars are expanding with no end in sight. At some point they merge into one huge fiasco. The small bits and pieces will connect into something like WW II, only the nukes will come in at the beginning.

I live in the boonies, and I am preparing for WW III. Are you? Don’t be so sanguine. If you live in a city, get out while you can. Save your family.

2018-03-21 on pj-instapundit

Our wars are steadily expanding, both in number and intensity. We have not ended any war other than Kosovo since our entry into Somalia, which is still ongoing. There is an unmitigated disaster coming.

2018-03-21 on pj-instapundit

There is no place for Whites or Jews in the new Perez-Ellison Demcratic Party.

2018-03-21 on pj-instapundit

The South doesn’t have to worry about an attack by the North unless the US carries out a preemptive strike on the North. The one country the North is most likely to attack is Japan, and if they do, the South will stand idly by and cheer.

2018-03-21 on pj-instapundit

Did he say “ZOG” at any point?

2018-03-20 on pj-instapundit

As of now, the Turks, Iranians and Russians form a common front with common interests. Iran and Turkey both have a Kurdish problem, and it is likely they will find each useful, if not lovable, for some time.

2018-03-20 on takismag

Among which is the Golden Gate suspension bridge.

2018-03-19 on pj-instapundit

Buy a bunch, and put them in environmentally controlled storage.

2018-03-19 on pj-instapundit

Plus, there are Kurds in Armenia and Iran. So, there are five countries whose territorial integrity is threatened by the Kurds. When the Iraqi Kurds voted for independence awhile back, Iraq, Turkey and the US jumped on them. There are all sorts of anti-Kurd alliances possible in the region, and we will likely see all of them at one time or another.

2018-03-18 on pj-instapundit

A couple of hundred years ago, 14 was an adult. Read about John Paul Jones’ career.

2018-03-17 on pj-instapundit

Kasich. Nuff said.

2018-03-17 on pj-instapundit

Nowadays, Ohio State University requires applicants for faculty positions to affirm their belief in progressive ideology and to provide evidence that they do so. This is done under the guise of a “diversity statement.” OSU also routinely sets up faculty positions that are only available to specified minorities and certain women. Right now White women are generally acceptable, but considering the vilification heaped on them by the hard left, I can see a day where Ohio State will not hire White people, men or women.

2018-03-17 on pj-instapundit

This is yet another failed assassination attempt attributed to the FSB/KGB. But why would they use a poison traceable to the Soviet Union/Russia? Every intelligence agency, whether it be CIA/FBI, MI5/6, Mossad et al., would send one or two agents armed with suppressed .22 LR revolvers to kill the victim, and they would accost him in private, do the deed and escape undetected. Victims could fall off bridges or under buses or drown in a pool while drunk. All without any suspicion of foul play. Does anyone think the FSB/KGB couldn’t do the same?

It is reported that Novichuk used to be made in Uzbekistan. When the Soviet Union collapsed and Uzbekistan became independent, they hired an American firm to dismantle the plant and clean up the site. The left over Novichuk was shipped back to the US Army for disposal at one of its chemical weapon disposal plants. It would have been ludicrously easy for the CIA or some other friendly intelligence service to acquire the poison and use it. And injuring a large number of people, but not killing the alleged Russian targets, would serve to ramp up vilification of Russia (as has happened) and to justify an attack by US/NATO on Russia.

Posters at this blog and many others have spent much of the last year documenting the corruption at DHS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS et al. So why are we to believe that Russia was responsible for the poisonings? Some people will remember Ruby Ridge and Waco and the people the FBI killed there, and others will remember the CIA’s long sordid history of assassinations and coups. The possibility that the attack in UK was a false flag operation carried out by the US or another NATO country (revanchist Poland?) or even the UK is very real.

In this regard, Putin’s recent strange speech is important. He announced, or claimed, several new Wonder Weapons, and threatened their use against US/NATO. He seems convinced that a US/NATO attack is imminent, maybe this summer, and this incident plays into his fears. (I won’t say paranoia, because I think his fears are justified.) We would need to transfer several armored brigades to Europe if we were going to attack Russia, so if we start shipping them over, you will know that war is imminent.

2018-03-16 on pj-instapundit

Does no one pay attention? The DHS and FBI, and other Deep State conspiracies, have no credibility whatsoever. Nothing they claim about Russia need be taken seriously. It is all an attempt to deflect attention from their own criminality.

2018-03-16 on pj-instapundit

Even a combat ready brigade needs a month to get overseas. To build up a significant ground force overseas requires several months, or have forgotten the run-up to the two Persian Gulf wars.

Would the Russians sit idly by, like good sports, and give us the time to get our heavies to Europe? Or would they slap down the first units and the attempted follow ons? If you are serious about fighting a combined arms force in Central Europe, you had better preposition a few dozen brigades, and preferably a few dozen divisions.

2018-03-16 on pj-instapundit

The number of mercenaries employed by the Pentagon is not publicly reported, but it is believed to be well north of 30,000. They are very expensive, but they will do things regular troops won’t or can’t do, and they don’t show up in the casualty lists nor in boxes in Dover.

2018-03-16 on pj-instapundit

It is hard to imagine that true believers like Tom Perez and Keith Ellison will go along with this. They, not Lamb, are the face of the party and its future. People like Lamb will only have a place in the party if they are totally supine and willing to accept a subservient role.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

The pre-erection publications from FIU indicated it was supposed to be a cable-stayed bridge, but I see no indication that the central tower was in place nor, of course, any evidence of cables. One has to wonder if the design called for the bridge deck to be self-supporting without the live load, but the dead load would be much the largest part of the total in a bridge of this kind. If so, then it is likely the concrete was defective, either the mix or the curing period.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

The problem is that the whole Sunni Arab population in the Euphrates Valley is in revolt, and has been since the fall of Hussein. ISIS merely rode that revolt. There will be another group after ISIS.

White Flag is a reminder that the Kurds had no beef with ISIS unless they intruded on Kurdish-claimed territory. Even in Syria, there was usually a live and let-live arrangement, and the Kurds only supported anti-ISIS actions when the US pressed them to do so. The Kurds and their allies allowed ISIS to evacuate Raqqa and retreat into the the desert.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Novichok used to be made in Uzbekistan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the factory that made it was closed down, and the site and toxic inventory were cleaned up by an American company. The novichok found at the site presumably was handed over to the US government. A false flag operation is possible, and the CIA is not above murder to achieve its goals, which aren’t necessarily those of the rest of the government.

The various stories about Russian assassinations and attempts in Europe (mostly in the UK) are especially odd in that failure is quite common and the tools used are exotic in the extreme. Polonium, ricin… One would expect a professional to use a suppressed .22 lr revolver and to put a couple of rounds in the back of the victim’s head.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Actually, taking guns away from a huge number of gun owners is unnecessary. You just have to disarm young black males. And not all of them. There can’t be more than one or two million actual gang-bangers.

2018-03-15 on thereferenceframe

You’re quoting the IMF estimate of Russia’s economy, which uses nominal exchange rate based estimates. The PPP estimate of Russia’s economy places it somewhat larger than Germany’s. That makes a lot more sense considering the wide range of things Russia does, many of which even the US can’t do. Put men into low earth orbit, for example.

Anatoly Karlin recently posted on the quality of research in Russia, but while I read and respect Karlin for his direct knowledge of Russia (until recently an expatriot), I find his analyis unconvincing. The Saker occasionally publishes on these issues, and he is more convincing.

Attempting to involve America in a war with Russia is the favorite hobby of America’s neocons and Deep State. Fortunately, they keep failing as someone (some traitor, obviously) keeps sneaking copies of the Russian list of targets in America into the Oval Office.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

He has many more choices. Russian has local superiority in other theaters and can play the Iran and/or North Korean card.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

The consistent misrepresentation of Erdogan and Turkey’s government eventually leads to a full-blown Turkish-Russian alliance, and with Iran included Russian domination of the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean, the Black Sea and the Persian Gulf. It would be helpful if people would look at maps and take America’s own self interest to heart.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

The chaos in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia is the direct result of our numerous failed interventions.Those interventions have led to the deaths of several hundred thousand civilians, perhaps a million or more. We have razed to the ground dozens of cities, destroyed massive amounts of infrastructure, likely valued in the trillions of dollars, and we have forced millions of people out of their homes, many into exile. Putin’s many sins pale into insignificance by comparison.

Russia’s troops are on the coast and in the coastal mountains some 250 miles away from the suburbs of Damascus. An attack on Assad’s forces would not involve Russian troops, and Putin’s threat applies to them, not Assad’s Syrian Arab Army. America’s Deep State has very many members who are war mongers like Haley and even war criminals. No doubt some of them would directly attack the Russians if they could.

If the Deep State somehow gets Trump to authorize an attack on the Russians (Do they need authorization?), Russia’s forces would be crushed. However, international relations is a game of tit-for-tat, and Russia does enjoy local superiority in other theaters, like Estonia and Latvia and eastern Ukraine. And it need not go to war there. Russia also has the options of refusing various sanctions against Iran and North Korea and of arming them.

The US keeps pushing for war everywhere, on the Korean peninsula and the South China Sea, in Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, Africa. At some point we will get it long and hard.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

Turkey has an authoritarian President, who enjoys very high levels of public support, but it is still a democracy and its elections still matter.

I have no doubt that Erdogan would be happy to be an Islamist dictator, but the bus hasn’t reached that stop yet.

2018-03-15 on pj-instapundit

A number of years ago, a senior member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (I am a life member.) opined that the US engineering produced a comfortable surplus of BS engineers.

In fact many graduates, half of civil engineers, never practice enginnering.

2018-03-14 on pj-instapundit

Stop being so holier than thou. We, the US, is responsible directly and indirectly for the deaths of as many as one million people in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. And every one was a war crime. Every President after Eisenhower and every Secretary of State or Defense and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since his administration is a war criminal.

2018-03-14 on pj-instapundit

Now, if they could only convince Consumer Reports.

2018-03-14 on cdrsalamander

“requires the Navy to strike enemy capitals and other vital centers of gravity from range”

At that point, attacking Beijing and Moscow, you are in a nuclear war, and carriers and navies and armies are irrelevant.

2018-03-13 on pj-instapundit

One wonders if MI5 or 6 is a subcontractor for the FSB.

2018-03-13 on pj-instapundit

I suppose that could be considered an answer to May’s ultimatum.

2018-03-13 on pj-instapundit

Using the Kurds as colonial troops was a short-term convenience, but it has led to long-term problems both with Turkey and Iraq. Syria is already lost, and Kuwait is likely next in line, a line that extends through Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to Qatar and beyond.

2018-03-13 on pj-instapundit

Here is a guy who thinks that the US military is not merely invincible, it is invulnerable. That despite its inability to defeat lightly armed Third World militias. In regard to that, he does not remember that the colonization techniques used by Nineteenth Century Europeans eventually failed everywhere, and yet we are using exactly those techniques in Afghanistan and elsewhere. He also doesn’t recognize that the defeat of ISIS was a achieved by Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, and that we had very little to do with it. In fact, it is almost certain that ISIS was a creature of the CIA that got loose. (Taliban iterum vidi.) Finally, he seems to believe, with all his colleagues, that we can attack North Korea and that Russia and China will idly stand by.

Conrad to the Emperor, yet again.

2018-03-13 on pj-instapundit

The scenario is nonsense. The US, Japan and South Korea would not intervene if the Chinese invaded Taiwan under any circumstances. They could neither prevent nor undo an invasion, and if they tried they would be crushed. China could, in fact, successfully invade right now. They already have a substantial force in place next to Taiwan. The only reason the invasion hasn’t happened, and might never happen, is that China’s economic interests outweigh any benefit to them of an invasion. The only thing that might precipitate an invasion is a declaration of independence by Taiwan or, perhaps, the election of a government openly committed to independence.

PS. Where and why do Green and Bay (and sometimes Reynolds) get all these lunatic links?

2018-03-13 on pj-instapundit

I hope everyone notices that this is a Chinese space station, designed, built, and launched all by themselves,and, most importantly, accessed all by themselves via their own rockets. I hope everyone also remembers that we no longer have a manned space program, and that we take rides on Russia’s Soyuz to get to the ISS. We also use Russian rocket motors to put our spy satellites into orbit. Good grief!

What a joke this countey is. Somwone please shoot us and put us out of our misery.

2018-03-12 on pj-instapundit

“Nuclear power will be so cheap we won’t have to meter it.”

2018-03-12 on pj-instapundit

We should hope so. Putin pulled Russia out of the chaos of demographic, economic and military collapse. They might not be a superpower again, but all the indicators are positive.

2018-03-12 on pj-instapundit

If they are concentrated in California, Illinois and New York, whether they vote or not will not change the Electoral College.

2018-03-11 on pj-instapundit

Someone somewhere has pointed out, correctly, that the whole Russiagate thing is really about freedom of speech, and that even Russian troll have the Constitutional right, in this country, to comment on and to try to influence the US election. The fact that no one was aware that they were doing it until long after the election just shows how irrelevant they were.

But still, we are seeing an organized attack on the right to freedom of speech and not any attempt to “protect” the US from foreign attack.

2018-03-11 on pj-instapundit

Pinker’s ignorance of intellectual history is nearly infinite. The Enlightenment was a creature of the 18th Century and died with it. The 19th Century through WW II was the Romantic Era, which explicitly rejected science and reason in favor of intuition and feeling. That Era yielded to the Modern Era, and now we are in the Post Modern Era.

Harvard is one of the centers of Post Modernism. Doesn’t Pinker talk to any of his colleagues?

2018-03-11 on pj-instapundit

You are forgetting that Clinton won a majority of the votes cast. Only a quirk in our 18th Century Constitution, insisted on by small states fearful of domination by large states, saved us.

There may be an non-elite majority, but they are in thrall to the Ruling Class.

2018-03-11 on pj-instapundit

When the impeachment effort fails, the Ruling Class will try to kill Trump, and the US will descend into 4G civil war. Welcome to the Euphrates Valley.

2018-03-11 on pj-instapundit

And the Democrat Party is theirs, in toto. There is no room in it for Jews or Whites (assuming those are separate categories, which, for clarity, I don’t). It is hilarious that White Progressives are so delusional that some of them think a Sanders/Warren ticket is even a possibility. The coming slap-down will be awesome.l The current Democratic leadership consisting largely of elderly Whites and Jews, like Pelosi and Feinstein, is passing away, totally confused about what is happening to them.

A question: Will Progressive Whites and Jews form their own leftwing party or will they submit to a servile position in the Black/Brown Democrat Party?

2018-03-11 on infoproc

“statistical illiteracy (a) is common to patients, journalists, and physicians…”

To be fair, probability and statistics is conceptually the hardest area of mathematics by far, much harder than, say, tensor analysis. Note that all of the problems in quantum mechanics revolve around probability and statistics, which many quantum mechanicians still cannot accept 100 years after the revolution. How many of Motl’s rants are about people not understanding this?

2018-03-10 on pj-instapundit

The NCAA did. They ruled that San Diego State U. could use the team name Aztecs because Mexico was not part of North America.

2018-03-10 on pj-instapundit

Portland is also a Democrat city. It’s not Democrats per se, it’s Negroes.

2018-03-10 on amerika-1

If our own corrupt Deep State were to attempt to remove Trump (or assassinate him), I would support a Pinochet-style military coup d’etat, complete with helicopter rides out over the Atlantic and Pacific.

2018-03-09 on pj-instapundit

Since the only thing our military does is fight guerrilla wars, maybe we should be worrying about our proven inability to win a guerrilla war.

2018-03-09 on pj-instapundit

At Ohio’s public universities, all the paperwork for hiring and promotion and tenure decisions is part of the State’s public records and can be viewed by anyone. That includes external letters of recommendation and the reports of the hiring and promotion and tenure committees. The actual meetings and discussions of those committees, however, is generally regarded to be privileged, and the committees operate under the rules of executive sessions.

I served on and chaired P&T and search committees, but no one ever revealed our executive meeting discussions, and I don’t know what we would have done to a tattle-tale.

2018-03-09 on pj-instapundit

“The Pentagon is intensifying military planning for war on the Korean Peninsula…”

Their first mistake is “war on the Korean peninsula.” A renewed Korean War will range over much of East Asia and the Western Pacific, but very little, if any, will occur in South Korea. Both China and Russia will per force be involved. Japan will try to sit it out.

Considering the risks to them, it is probable that both South Korea and Japan will attempt to intercept and force back an American preemptive attack on the North. American forces in South Korea and Japan will be interned and restricted to barracks. Senior American officers will be arrested. Our so-called alliances in East Asia will be cancelled, and we will be forced out. That’s the peaceful outcome. The absolute best that could be hoped for.

If despite the efforts of the South and Japan, the US does start an Asian war, plan for 100,000 dead American servicemen and 1,000,000 wounded, with the loss of four to five complete carrier strike groups plus nuclear strikes on Guam, Hawaii and the west coast by the Norks. Our west coast will be wrecked. We will suffer millions of dead civilians.

China and Russia will not use nukes; they will rely on their superior, local conventional forces. There will be numerous North Korean revenge nuclear strikes on Japanese cities, say 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 dead Japanese and a permanently wrecked Japanese economy and infrastructure.

North Korea will attempt to avoid war in the South with the hopes that after the war some sort of reunification would be possible. However, America will conduct revenge, genocidal nuclear bombing of the North, and the North Korean population will be nearly exterminated, with over 25,000,000 dead.

Happy trails to you.

2018-03-09 on amerika-1

If they don’t teach White culture, there is nothing to teach. There is no Negro culture. They were and are Stone Age savages.

2018-03-08 on pj-instapundit

Considering the ongoing modernization of Russia’s military, and its semi-alliance with China, our world-wide position is becoming untenable. There is also the issue of why our so-called high-tech military cannot defeat lightly armed Third World militias. Of course, part of that is that the militias are actually guerrillas who are actively supported by the local populations, ISIS/Daesh being a prime example, the Taliban another.

Our ability to respond to the Russian and Chinese threats by modernizing and building up our own forces is close to zero. In fact, our budgetary crisis will likely force a downsizing of our military. CDR Salamander favors a 30% reduction in total military spending, no doubt mostly coming out of the Army.

Our annual budget deficit is about to become 50% larger than our defense budget, and in a few years the annual interest payment on the accumulated deficit (well over $20T) will be the largest item in the federal budget. It gets much worse if interest rates rise from their current historical lows. We are going to have to begin a planned, staged withdrawal from our overseas commitments before we end up in a major war ending in our defeat.

2018-03-07 on amerika-1

I finally came to believe that Kubrick is a fraud. All his films are stridently politically correct (for the time) and highly manipulative. To me at least, they are nowadays unwatchable, especially 2001.

2018-03-07 on thereferenceframe

If only they could do this to my feeble DSL connection, which is how I get to read your posts.

2018-03-07 on pj-instapundit

Someone over at USNI blog wrote that the F35B gives Marine carriers like the Wasp significant sea control capability, and the Marine carriers might be able to engage and defeat the (usually sky ramp) carriers of other countries, perhaps even the Chinese type 001 and 002.

2018-03-07 on pj-instapundit

We were booted out long ago.

2018-03-07 on infoproc

“No wonder the cost of living in the bay area is starting to rival Manhattan!”

As antiplanner has repeatedly pointed out, housing costs in the Bay area and other parts of the West Coast are driven by land use regulations.

2018-03-07 on infoproc

I was summarizing the results of a survey of engineering companies that was done some time ago. They only really cared that you were smart enough and worked hard enough to get an accredited BS. They really even didn’t care about discipline. A civil engineering structural design company would be happy to hire a chemical engineer.

What your company might or might not do is not necessarily what the average company might or might not do.

Of, course, these days, when HR departments actually run companies, any new hire has to satisfy their check list. The “owners'” preferences don’t matter.

2018-03-06 on pj-instapundit

You haven’t been paying attention. The whole west coast is in range.

2018-03-06 on pj-instapundit

The North Korean nuclear deterrent exists to deter an American attack on the North. This crisis could be settled if the US were willing to sign a peace treaty that guarantees the security and continued existence of the North Korean regime. Russia and China would have to back up the guarantees, and they might have to station troops in the DMZ. Removal of American forces from South Korea, and maybe Japan, would be required.

The North Koreans spent a huge amount of money, resources and labor on their missiles and nuclear warheads, and they can’t be expected to give them up for nothing. We will have to buy them, literally, for cash. The price is probably several hundred billion to one trillion dollars, but the survival of Japan is worth that. Maybe the Japanese would be willing to pay some of it.

Both South Korea and Japan are on the front lines in this crisis, and the US isn’t. We don’t actually have a dog in this fight. There are substantial minorities (majorities?) in both South Korea and Japan that are anti-American (Pres. Moon is one.) and that would support the removal of American forces from the region. They might even support North Korea in any war with America. It is even possible that South Korea and Japan would intercept and turn back a preemptive American attack on the North’s deterrent.

We have a losing hand in this crisis. We need our leaders to wake up and make a deal.

2018-03-06 on pj-instapundit

The Dims and Rinos are playing with fire. There will be blood in the streets (mostly theirs) if Trump is removed from office.

2018-03-06 on thereferenceframe

The Trump phenomenon is driven by the collapse of America’s working class, which is partly caused by America’s essentially free trade and open borders policies.

I believe that those policies have contributed to economic growth, but there is a problem. All of the growth over the last 30 to 40 years has been captured by America’s Ruling Class. They have even clawed income away from the working class, which has seen approximately a 20% decline in real income over that same period. The middle class has seen stagnating incomes.

The free trade policies have led to the loss of high-paying, high-tax generating industrial jobs as those jobs have been lost to imports and the transfer of manufacturing overseas or to Mexico et al. Once consequence has been the break down in working class families, which now are approaching the horror of the black underclass. Chalk up the opioid epidemic to those policies, too.

The working class and lower middle class is Trump’s core. Expect more policies from him that benefit them. If Trump is removed by the Ruling Class in order to protect their own income and privileges, their will be an explosion in this country.

If you want a detailed critic of the economics of free trade and Ricardo, go over to Vox Populi and search the archives.

2018-03-06 on pj-instapundit

Putin is the greatest statesman of of time and a world historic figure. Our leaders are monkeys.

2018-03-05 on infoproc

Here are some other data collected by, of all places, Michigan Tech:…

In general, median salaries range from $90,000/yr to $120,000/yr, with pretty good job security. Civil is lowest and computer science highest.

And it really doesn’t matter much where you get your degree. Engineering degrees are accredited by ABET, and there is a great deal of uniformity of subject matter across the US. Employers generally use the BS degree as an indicator of basic intelligence and work ethic. A cheap degree at Cleveland State Univ. is every bit as good as a degree at MIT, and a C average at Cleveland St. is as good as an A average at MIT. However, graduate schools are different.

Also, most states use the same licensing exam. However, only civil/environmental engineers take the exam in any numbers. Most practicing engineers work under the corporate exemption. If the company is big enough to pay off any damages you might incur, you don’t need a license.

All told, I did about 40 years in engineering, most of it at universities. It was a good, comfortable life, and led to a comfortable retirement. I would recommend it to the 5% or so of university students who are able to pursue a BS degree in engineering.

2018-03-04 on coyoteblog

“Average people used to understand…” Well, that was before 40 years of more or less free trade devastated the working class and stopped economic growth for the middle class. The Ruling Class captured all the economic growth over that period and even clawed income away from the working class. Hence Trump. After the Ruling Class either removes Trump on some bogus charge, or in frustration kills him (very likely), the working and middle classes will turn to a native Hitler, and the fun will begin in earnest.

2018-03-04 on pj-instapundit

Both countries are key strategic assets, and without them as allies our strategic position in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian Ocean collapses.

This is not the first time we have needed unsavory allies: the South Koreans under Syngman Rhee, Greece under the colonels, Philippines under Duterte, et al. If we insist on maintaining a world empire, we will always be in bed with people like that.

2018-03-03 on pj-instapundit

A predictable consequence of our pulling out of the ABM treaty.

2018-03-03 on cdrsalamander

And cede Turkey to Russia. That gives Russia absolute supremacy in the Black Sea and domination of the eastern Mediterranean. Combined with its semi alliance with Iran, the threesome would control the Persian Gulf, too.

2018-03-03 on pj-instapundit

“…spurious claims…” Well, as they used to say, possession is nine-tenths of the law. So, if the US wants them to leave, the US will have to push them off. The Marines haven’t done an amphibious assault since Inchon. Should make good film.

2018-03-02 on pj-instapundit

“Russian bad behavior in Ukraine…”

Russia did not organize the coup d’etat that overthrew Yanukovych, Ukraine’s only democratically elected, legitimate president. The US did that. And Russia does not support the actual Nazis who are part of Poroshenko’s junta. The US does that, too. Do the neocons realize that the Ukrainian Nazis hate the Jews?

If the US had not supported the coup, Crimea would still be part of Ukraine. Crimea is the US’ gift to Russia.

In the Minsk accords, Russia supported a unified, but federal, Ukraine with guarantees for minority rights. Russia has not and does not support secession of the Donbass region, either to form a separate state or to join the Russian Federation. This is actually serves Russia’s interests. A unified Ukraine with a large ethnic Russia population would not be in NATO. Loss of the ethnic Russians in Donbass or their expulsion from Ukraine would allow Ukraine to join NATO and bring American troops up to the southern Russian border, just as they are on the northern Russian border.

The US has so far successfully sabotaged the Minsk accords, which were signed by Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia. Neocons are the sworn enemy of the American people.

Poroshenko and Timoshenko support ethnic cleansing of all ethnic Russians from Ukraine and the suppression of the Russian language within Ukraine. And we support them.

So just who has exhibited bad behavior and bad faith in Ukraine?

Right now the neocons who control our foreign policy are pushing Ukraine to attack the Donbass enclave, which would almost certainly start a war with Russia. If the neocons can get the US to attack Iran and North Korea, too, they will have achieved all their goals for the US.

2018-03-02 on pj-instapundit

Over 70% of all steel production in this country comes from scrap. Only 30% comes from iron ore, coke and limestone processes.

2018-03-02 on pj-instapundit

The free trade and open borders policies we have pursued for the last 30 to 40 years have contributed to economic growth, although they have also led to the deindustrialization of our economy. But that growth has not been seen by everyone. Working class people have seen a 20% or so reduction in real income because of the increase in workers and decrease in jobs. Middle class people have seen stagnating incomes, and has suffered by direct competition from the H1-B visas. The Ruling Class, however, has captured all the economic growth over that time, 100% of it, and they have clawed income away from the working class and seized what growth was owed to the middle class.

It is apparent that those policies only benefit our Rulers, the 10% fake Americans. What the 90% of real Americans need is a protectionist, mercantilist trade policy and closed borders.

2018-03-02 on pj-instapundit

“…segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever…”–G. Wallace, 1963 inaugural speech.

Then a minority opinion, now mainstream.

2018-03-01 on pj-instapundit

They still sell Ruger Mini-14’s, or at least they did until recently, and long after they stopped carrying AR-15’s. But then, how much damage can you do with a Mini-14 and a bunch of 30-round magazines?

2018-03-01 on pj-instapundit

Cruz most certainly did not escape the attention of either law enforcement or the local school district. Law officers and school personnel were fully and completely aware of his problems. He had numerous run-ins with the law, and he was expelled from the school he attacked for violent behavior.

No, all the people in charge willfully ignored him, and they themselves are complicit in his murders.

And that includes Sheriff Scott Israel, who is best judged to be an active accomplice in the murders.

2018-02-28 on pj-instapundit

First, the authorities did not miss the warning signs, they were well-aware of them and chose to ignore them. This was a matter of agreed policy between the Sheriff’s office and the school district, and it was intended to manipulate arrest statistics for school children in the district.

Second, the fact that there were four sheriff’s deputies at the scene that did not intervene while the shootings were underway indicates that the inaction was not a result of cowardice; they were following the Sheriff’s orders.

2018-02-28 on infoproc

The DNA report cards are useless unless they are available during pregnancy, when the mother can decide what to do with the fetus. After birth, everyone is stuck with whatever is born, meaning no change from the present situation.

As to what will parents and educators do with the information, that can be predicted with certainty: Nothing. Our school shootings prove that. Every shooter was/is insane, and every shooter was well-known to be such and to be a threat by police, educators and neighbors.

Why do people assume the future will be better? Is not history littered with failed civilizations?

2018-02-27 on thereferenceframe

We curious but ignorant dilettantes keep hearing that quantum mechanics and General Relativity are incompatible, but you keep pointing out that string theory bridges the gap. What I don’t quite get is, What is missing that would be a full stringy implementation of GR, a true quantum mechanical version of it? I understand that string theory predicts gravitons, but I don’t understand what else is needed.

Could you make some sort of explanation that would let a civil/sanitary engineer have some dim glimmer?

2018-02-27 on pj-instapundit

Serbia/Kosovo, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt (almost), Syria, Turkey (almost), Yemen… All well-known examples of Russian aggression.

2018-02-27 on pj-media

“Nowhere is this paradox more marked than in the United States where according to the press a barely literate, ex-reality TV show host pretending to be president sits in the White House.”

With that piece of extreme leftist lunacy, Fernandez has permanently discredited himself. Ta ta.

2018-02-26 on cdrsalamander

And not stealthy in that configuration.

2018-02-26 on cdrsalamander

Well, my question is about maintainability at sea. The Air Force’s experience with the B2 and F22 is not promising. However, I suppose there have been developments in coating technology that makes the coatings more durable and easier to repair.

I read somewhere else (USNI?) that the F35B gives the Marine carriers surface sea warfare capability. I guess I am halfway convinced the F35 in all versions is an air superiority fighter. My quibble now is affordability. Especially with the new carriers, the B21 et al., the margin in the budget for the full 2,500 F35 fleet seems slim. What are the odds we get 1,200?

2018-02-26 on cdrsalamander

I still have not seen any discussion of how the Navy and Marines intend to maintain the F35B’s and F35C’s in a marine environment. The Air Force’s F22’s and B2’s are housed in environment-controlled hangars, and the maintainers need 3 to 4 years of training and experience before they can be rated to work on those planes.

2018-02-26 on pj-instapundit

In the coming 4G civil war, everyone will be a target, everyone.

2018-02-26 on pj-instapundit

Well, the four converted Ohio class subs each carry 154 Tomahawk missiles, and they pretty much do what an aircraft can does. Most of our new subs carry at least a few Tomahawks nowadays. Of course, the aircraft carrier is hauling around thousands of warheads.

2018-02-26 on pj-instapundit

You are assuming that the tin hat crowd is wrong.

2018-02-26 on pj-instapundit

Turkey has also joined Saudi Arabia in an attempt to block a US-sponsored UN resolution that would put Pakistan on the UN’s state terrorist financing watch list. The US wants to punish Pakistan for its support of the Taliban. But, with Paki troops near the Saudi-Yemeni border, protecting the Saudis, the US resolution is a nonstarter.

So, Pakistan now joins Turkey on America’s hate list. Is Saudi Arabia next? How can we have a coherent, successful Middle East/Central Asia policy if we keep offending the very people we need. Has Tillerson looked at the map? Does he realize that without Paki cooperation our troops in Afghanistan are just so many hostages? Hostages we can’t reinforce or resupply or even evacuate.

2018-02-26 on pj-instapundit

The Air Force is not paying attention to its own history. B70, B1B (not A, the Russian version), B2, F111, F22, all with short production runs because of cost. Undoubtedly the F35 will also suffer a short production run. The originally planned 2,500 or so aircraft will likely be reduced to half that. Similarly, we can expect to get maybe 50 B21’s rather than 100 to 200, and a similar number of 6th Generation fighters.

2018-02-26 on pj-instapundit

The short answer is, Yes. Our traditional parties are being ripped apart by identitarian politics. Just ask Diane Feinstein. There is no place for progressive Whites and Jews in the leadership of the modern Democrat Party, and if Whites and Jews want to be in and lead a progressive party, they will have to form a separate, Whites and Jews only, party.

The Republicans are not immune to this. Trump is the symptom that White populists are taking over the Republican Party. There is no room in Trump’s party for the Bushes or John Kasich or Bill Kristol or David French. They will have to form their own party.

Kasich is right about one thing. The two party system is over. We will have a plethora of identitarian parties and governance by coalitions. Welcome to Belgium.

2018-02-23 on pj-instapundit

The county and school district have a policy of not reporting student crimes in order to keep the student conviction rate artificially low. Cruz was a beneficiary of this policy numerous times.

The deputy was not alone in his dereliction. All of the police and sheriff’s deputies just stood around and let the killer run amok. They even let him escape. He wasn’t caught for another hour.

The same police inactivity occurred in Connecticut, with the same results.

We also have the numerous screwups of the FBI.

2018-02-23 on pj-instapundit

Let’s hope Iron Dome works.

Also, let’s hope Israel’s infantry does better this time.

2018-02-22 on pj-instapundit

You should add in that many of the patients are disgusting.

2018-02-22 on pj-instapundit

Not if your MBA is from one of the top twelve, like Harvard or Wharton. You’re right about MA’s.

2018-02-22 on pj-instapundit

At last some reason.

Let’s see, EU (without Turkey or US) vs. Russia: population, 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. The ratios double with the US and Turkey added in. And the EU has two native nuclear powers with nuclear powered missile submarines that carry nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

Of course Europe is disunited, and its leadership is corrupt morally and fiscally, poorly educated and delusional and disloyal. Russia’s leadership is the opposite of all of these things. Moreover, Putin is defensive and reactive, although opportunistic when the opportunity arises. Putin, Medvedev, Yeltsin and Gorbachev all at one time or another called for Russian membership in both NATO and the EU and a united Europe “from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” Their words. The US worked miracles to prevent European unification. Now Russia is a de facto Chinese ally, against their will.

Our current troubles with Russia are entirely our doing.

Of course, the deluded neocons who run our foreign policy (for whom, exactly?) are equally aggressive towards China, which is a real threat, and which openly states it intends to expel US from East Asia. They are a few years away from being able to do so, but the trends are against the US and sometime in the 2020’s they might be able to do it. When they can, they will.

2018-02-21 on pj-instapundit

We do not have a gun problem. We have a young black male problem and a crazy person problem. Those are the two categories responsible for the mayhem. Yet they are also the two politically protected categories. Unless they lose their protection, nothing can change.

2018-02-21 on pj-instapundit

A pure fantasy weapon, like light sabres.

2018-02-21 on pj-instapundit

Anyone old enough to remember the FBI murders of women and children at Ruby Ridge and Waco will know that the agency and many of its special agents are corrupt.

2018-02-21 on pj-instapundit

Zero cost virtue signalling. The Point and the other service academies are totally converged, and their graduates are no longer reliably loyal to America or Americans.

2018-02-20 on cdrsalamander

The problem is that we think we have a right to intervene everywhere and to impose our solutions to other people’s problems. And so, we are still fighting in Somalia 25 years after the first invasion; and all the original bad guys are long dead.

Our Puritanical, interventionist foreign policy has involved us in 76 countries. Not all are at war; some are allies. But we are now fighting all across Africa and the Middle East, in Central Asia and now the Philippines. We might have SOCOM troops in eastern Ukraine.

The GWOT is slowly living up to its name—global. I am surprised we aren’t fighting right now in Mexico and Venezuela.

Our $25T debt is now increasing at $1T/yr. All of our wars are going badly. And it’s all Obama’s fault? Because he blinked? Good grief!

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Equality of outcome is only possible in an extreme totalitarian dictatorship. No communist dictatorship got anywhere near it, and some tried.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

People do not understand how diffuse the asteroid belt is and how far away it is. You might have to go hundreds of millions of miles between mineable objects, and it might take you decades to bring stuff back.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Ruby Ridge and Waco is all you have to know about DOJ and FBI.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

DNA classifies most Turks as Indo-European, which includes Germans ans Scandinavians, so they are as White as anyone posting on this blog.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Erdogan is, however, the legitimate, democratically elected president, and he enjoys broad support for his authoritarian regime. Not every country is infested with progressives.

Moreover two important motivations for Erdogan are deceptively ignored. First, even if the US was not an active participant in the failed coup (doubtful), we clearly wanted it to succeed. And we continue to protect Gulen, the coup’s inspiration and/or architect. Second, we actively support those Kurdish groups (really only one) that are seeking to partition Turkey and that routinely run terrorist attacks within Turkey.

Maybe if we were loyal to our allies they wouldn’t turn on us. What is it that Kissinger said, The only worse than being America’s enemy is being its friend.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Stratfor is no more reliable than the always risible Debka File, the group that thought there was a Chinese aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

First, you do not need a majority to rule a country. You do need a dedicated minority, and that is obviously what the Taliban have.

Moreover, the mere fact of their staying power, beginning with their resistance to the communist coup in 1978, indicates substantial support. In April, that will be 40 years of resistance, actual rule and more resistance.

It should be obvious that during the quarter century or so we have been fighting terrorists the number of terrorists and regions they operate in has grown tremendously. We are witnessing a slow motion defeat for the US and its allies. A negotiated settlement with the Taliban, that reinstalled them in power, would be much to our advantage.

And we worry about Russia.

2018-02-19 on pj-instapundit

Until we removed them, the Taliban were the government of most of Afghanistan. And it is evident from their staying power that they have the support of a substantial fraction of the Afghani people, perhaps even a majority. A number of years ago, they had enough support to expel the Soviet Union and the communists who had overthrown the monarchy.

Besides their local support, especially among the Pashtun, the largest tribe in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, they have the support of the Pakistani government, which wants a friendly Afghanistan as an ally against India.

Considering that Al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS/L) still have chapters roaming around just about everywhere in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and that the 25-year old Somalian war is still simmering (with 500 or so American troops in country), how does that record of abject failure predict victory against the Taliban?

2018-02-17 on pj-instapundit

In as much as Russia is not in any way a communist country, and maybe not even socialist, why would they back Sanders, a known communist. If they were going to back anyone, it would be Trump.

Note toe Glenn: The Soviet Union collapsed a quarter century ago. The Third Reich is gone, too, as well as the Southeast Asia Coprosperity Sphere.

2018-02-16 on pj-instapundit

Ron Li, a former colleague of mine at Ohio State, suddenly quit in midsemester and fled to China, leaving his family behind. He worked on NASA’s Mars Rover project and had access to JPL. FBI descended on OSU like locusts.

2018-02-16 on pj-instapundit

In many of our STEM graduate programs, Chinese nationals are the largest foreign-born group, and in quite a few they are an absolute majority of all students. They work on cutting edge research in all fields, and because grad students like to talk about their own research, Chinese students also have some access to classified research. The great majority of the Chinese go home, and take their skills with them. And this has been going on for some 30 years. There is absolutely no doubt they will catch up with us/US in advanced military technology, and they will be an equal world hegemon, and soon.

2018-02-16 on infoproc

In the background is Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court has held that a woman’s right to an abortion is absolute; she may use any reason or no reason at all to abort the fetus. It seems obvious that this can be extended to embryo selection and the use of CRISPR to edit embryo and fetus genomes. So, if you support Roe v. Wade, you should also support genome editing.

Ohio recently passed a law prohibiting the use of genetic screening for the purpose of aborting fetuses with Down’s Syndrome. The first court that gets this case will nullify the law. The practice is actually widespread, and the number of children born with Down’s Syndrome has dropped dramatically. In Europe, practically no children are born with Down’s Syndrome.

2018-02-15 on pj-instapundit

The group that “just got bloodied by American airpower” is winning, albeit very slowly. We cannot win. We can only pile up bodies and destroy things and spend yet more trillions of dollars. We already have several thousand dead and tens of thousands of war cripples. Do we need 100,000 dead Americans and 1,000,000 cripples? $100T? $1,000T? At what point does the stupidity and criminality of this was become obvious to our Ruling Class? Do they even care? Are they getting the profits?

Trump promised to stop this. It’s time he agreed to talks with the Taliban.

Talks with North Korea are also in order.

2018-02-15 on pj-instapundit

A second thought: Pinker seems to be unaware that in the 19th Century the Enlightenment was replaced by the Romantic Era. Romantics explicitly rejected reason and science in favor of intuition and feeling. Think Beethoven vs. Bach. The Nazis and Fascists were Romantics, and our modern Progressives are, too.

2018-02-15 on pj-instapundit

I think Pinker is right, but his points are irrelevant. Identitarian politics has been imposed on everyone by the left. You are what your race and sex are. There is no room left over for conservative or liberal or moderate. Moreover, if you are a White man, you are the devil, and fair game for everyone. White women are only one step up from the bottom.

There is no point arguing this or refusing the battle. It is upon you. Whatever you are, you have to support politicians and policies that promote your racial and sexual interests.

Let Colin Powell be your example and guide. He was a loyal Republican and a conservative, and he was promoted and supported by White Republicans. Yet when push came to shove, he was as Black and anyone in the Congo, and he voted his Black interests by supporting Obama.

2018-02-15 on pj-instapundit

I would have said, aspergic. Libertarians clearly buy into the blank slate theory and ignore all the social and cultural relationships that make up human life. They are in bed with the Marxists on those points. They have their own version of Socialist Man.

2018-02-15 on pj-instapundit

While readiness and the ability to counter possible hostile moves is important, it would be nice if the US could condescend to negotiate with its adversaries.

In Korea, we keep pushing hard at the Norks, insisting they give up their nuclear deterrent for literally nothing. If we were serious, we’d buy it from them (ca $1T) and give them and peace treaty and security guarantees.

In Syria, we are committed to a lost cause, and rather than walk away, we adopt policies overtly hostile to our main ally in the region Turkey, thereby destabilizing NATO.

And then there are our generational long conflicts in Somalia and Afghanistan.

2018-02-15 on thereferenceframe

The air is full of talk about the Singularity and AI, but one has to wonder whether our current high-technology civilization can sustain itself when the education establishment stumbles from one inanity to another. We are always “one generation from savagery.” (Can’t find source.)

2018-02-14 on pj-instapundit

The manufacturers’ claim is that the sensors and missiles on a F35 do not require dog-fighting maneuvers and that the F35 can engage a target in any direction. We will have to see about that.

2018-02-14 on pj-instapundit

Moon is determined to end the hostilities between the two Koreas and to normalize trade and diplomatic relations between them. Last week, Gordon Chang, supposedly and expert on the Far East, said that Moon was intensely anti-American, as were many in his generation. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this new round of good feelings. A rapprochement will not be good for us/US.

2018-02-14 on pj-instapundit

We’re going to keep the 52’s.

2018-02-14 on pj-instapundit

Supposely, we are to believe that the F35’s sensor suite makes it a superior fighter to the F22 despite its lack of maneuverability.

2018-02-14 on moonbattery

The black clown show is endlessly entertaining. We should not be outraged at their antics. We should smirk and enjoy them.

David Cole over at Taki’s Magazine describes the correct attitude:…

2018-02-14 on pj-media

There are only two serious threats to US security and democracy. One is the feral black underclass (and their inciters), and the other is our federal law and intelligence services, who are engaged in a slow-moving coup d’etat.

2018-02-13 on pj-instapundit

Except the Sprint doesn’t exist anymore, and the Russian missile does.

By the way, everyone was very excited about hypersonic missiles a couple of years ago. This story is so much sour grapes.

2018-02-12 on pj-instapundit

At the very least, there should be term limits for judges with an absolute limit on length of service over all levels. Better yet, judges should be elected, as they are in many states.

As to judicial review, there is no authority for it in either the Constitution nor the Common Law tradition. Until a generation ago, the US was the only Common Law state to permit judicial review, and that had been achieved via usurpation.

2018-02-12 on cdrsalamander

Pakistan has its own strategic problems, and they concern India. Pakistan likely would not have allowed us access to Afghanistan if it hadn’t been threatened with an attack, at least that’s what one senior Pakistani official claimed. So we have an unwilling ally who does the least possible to mollify us while pursuing its real interests. Who would have thunk it?

The Taliban now have a few “elite” units fully outfitted like Western infantry. We’ll see how they do this spring.

2018-02-12 on pj-media

Regarding Russia, the statistics given are highly misleading. With the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia lost huge chunks of territory, population and economic power. The 170 million cited included all of the Baltic states, Belorussia, Ukraine and Central Asia. Add those back in and the aggregate would be 221 million people. As to Russia’s GDP, the IMF nominal GDP based on exchange rates is given. Russia’s PPP GDP is $4T/yr, somewhat larger than Germany’s and 1/5 the size of the US’, not 1/8. Considering the wide range of things that Russia does, greater than either Germany or the US, the larger figure is the more realistic.

The point is that claims of Russia’s demise are greatly exaggerated. It is substantially smaller than the Soviet Union, but it has not in anyway become insignificant, and the collapse under Yeltsin induced by the oligarch feeding frenzy has been reversed.

Russia is still weak compared to the US and its allies. For example, the EU without either the US or Turkey vs. Russia is: population, 3.6:1; GDP (PPP), 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. Add in the US and Turkey, and the ratios double.

Those ratios do overstate the EU’s power. Russia enjoys a unified, patriotic and nationalistic leadership that has survived a rigorous and dangerous selection process. No one in the West has the capability of Putin or Lavrov or Shoygu. The Russia military is modern, well-led, well-equipped and has high moral. The EU and US leaders are often corrupt, disloyal and incompetent, and the only competent military in Western Europe is the French. There is no unity of command, even is single countries.

If Russia and China could get past their mutual suspicions (well-founded) and competition and form an actual alliance, we would be facing the greatest threat in our history.

2018-02-11 on pj-instapundit

The loss of our industrial base has eliminated high profit companies and high income jobs and the taxes they both generate. Our current service economy is incapable of generating the tax flow that our military needs. Consequently, all branches of the military are operating right now, in so-called peacetime, beyond their maximum sustainable effort. This shows up in partially trained servicemen and in the maintenance deficiencies in all branches. We are eating our seed corn.

If a real war should break out, our military would be sorely tested, and there is a significant chance it would be defeated.

If you want to have a modern military, you have to have a modern industrial base. All this off-shoring, free trade, globalism nonsense has to stop, and we need to adopt a protectionist trade policy. That will reduce growth rates, but all the GDP growth over the last 40 years, all of it, every damned cent, has been captured by the Ruling Class. The middle class has stagnated, and the working class has actually lost income, some 20% by some accounts.

2018-02-10 on pj-instapundit

The black clown show never ends.

2018-02-10 on pj-instapundit

From an engineering viewpoint, a massive blow to a sphere should induce shock waves that travel around the planet, and rupturing along existing weak zones like faults should be expected.

2018-02-10 on pj-instapundit

Somalia, Sudan, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Philippines …

Do you see a pattern? Aside from Somalia and Philippines, all the rest were wars of aggression against countries that were at peace with us. They are war crimes, and the people who organized them are war criminals.

Why do so many Americans think the we have a right to attack any country that in any way opposes us? How are our wars any different than Germany’s in 1914 and 1939?

2018-02-10 on pj-instapundit

The Korean War was near genocidal, and South Korea’s interest in avoiding another war is paramount. Moon was elected to reduce tensions with the North, and he is doing so. Better relations between North and South Korea will mean worse relations between Seoul and Washington. A peace treaty between the North and South and normalization of relations between them would almost certainly result in the expulsion of US forces from the South. Russia, China and North Korea would be delighted with that result, so expect the US to try to sabotage and reconciliation between the Koreas.

2018-02-09 on pj-instapundit

The neocons who control our Depts. of State and Defense conduct an extremely aggressive and hostile policy towards Russia both in Asia and Europe. The policy is irrational in the extreme and keeps us on the very edge of an armed collision. Russia’s actions are entirely in reponse to our own threats.

Oddly enough, China, which is a real threat and which does pursue aggressive policies of its own, is given a pass.

2018-02-09 on pj-instapundit

It is obvious that Social Security will continue despite its effects on the budget. In a democracy of any sort, entitlements are iron clad. Look at Britain and Germany. They have essentially disarmed and wrecked their military to support and actually increase entitlements. Neither country can really defend itself.

The connection between entitlements and democracy (predicted by de Tocqueville) means that a reduction in entitlements requires first the imposition of a dictatorship. That actually is the usual endpoint of democracies.

2018-02-08 on moonbattery

Trudeau was elected by a majority of Canadians. He is emblematic of that majority, and that majority deserves to be mocked as least as much as him.

I bet there are a lot of Quebec separatists who wish they could have gotten 30,000 more votes. They all hated Trudeau’s father.

2018-02-07 on pj-instapundit

There is a point where Kim decides war is preferable to sanctions.

2018-02-07 on pj-instapundit

It got them a US-sponsored coup d’etat that ousted Ukraine’s only legitimate, democratically elected president, Yanukovych, and that installed a paleo-Nazi junta.

2018-02-07 on pj-instapundit

In the long run, all sex laws will be found to be unconstitutional. Besides incest, that would include polygamy and ephebophilia (see NAMBLA) but not (one hopes) pedophilia or bestiality.

2018-02-07 on cdrsalamander

I’m old enough to remember the Kissinger-Nixon duo. While Kissinger’s realpolitik often rankled my sensibilities, I rather we had another him to advise Trump. What we do have is the ideologues Kissinger was leery of, the neocons and their various delusions and obsessions.

2018-02-07 on pj-instapundit

Of course, Col. Jones is not exposed to any dangers whatsoever, and when he’s operating drones he sleeps in his own bed at home. The infantry on the ground might have a different opinion.

Meantime, the Taliban control up to 70% of the countryside, but no cities. On the other hand, they nowadays routinely raid targets in the cities. Also, they are getting modern arms from someone, and they now field several elite units equipped as modern, US-style infantry, complete with camo-uniforms, Kevlar helmets and modern small arms suitable to an infantry company. How well they fight as modern infantry is not known, but they have never lacked for courage.

Like every one of our current wars, the war in Afghanistan is illegal under international law. As a war of aggression, like all the others, it is a war crime, and the people pursuing the war are war criminals. No power on Earth can bring them to justice, but that does not change their moral or legal status.

2018-02-06 on pj-instapundit

Japan relative to the US in 1941 is similar to the US relative China in 2018. In 1941, we had the long-term advantage. In 2018, China has the long-term advantage. China’s manufacturing base is larger than ours and much more diverse: socks to supercomputers. China also has a high-tech, big power ally in Russia, interior lines and access to Russia’s resources.

Some people would add Japan to our side. However, Japan will not fight unless it is attacked first. It has a large minority that is procommunist, proChina and antiAmerican. Many Japanese remember the US’s genocidal air raids during WW II and the occupation, both of which they resent deeply. Also, many Japanese remember the bad times under the occupation, and they will not risk their current prosperity and peace merely to be America’s colonial infantry.

2018-02-04 on pj-instapundit

Russia has a space program, even a manned space program. We do not. Our “astronauts” ride to the ISS on Russian rockets and at Russian pleasure. We launch our SPY SATELLITES using Russian rocket motors. We are a joke.

China also has a manned space program. I repeat, we do not.

We are a major power is precipitous decline, in free fall, to use a space metaphor.

2018-02-04 on pj-instapundit

“the very mention evokes Hitler’s National Socialism”

You can be nationalist without being socialist. However, nationalism is based on race/ethnicity, and a multicultural/multiethnic society likes ours is an empire, and eventually it will get some sort of dictatorship to keep it together. Think Iraq, Syria, Austro-Hungaria, Tsarist/Stalinist Russia …

2018-02-04 on pj-instapundit

All the design data are highly speculative and guaranteed to be wrong on the optimistic side. $5,100/kW is as much as twice the cost of a conventional nuclear power plant, although some new ones have reached that cost. Considering the economies of scale factor (an exponent of 0.7), the actual cost of these modular plants will have to be very much higher than that of a convention nuke. Power costs from those are 2.1¢/kwh.…

Like solar and wind, these modules will have some use in a few highly unusual locales. There is no magic, pollution-free, cheap energy source.

2018-02-04 on blazingcatfur

Breivik’s victims were actually attending a camp that indoctrinated young adults and teenagers into anti-Semitism. Norway and the other Scandinavian countries have a long sordid history of anti-Semitism and Nazi collaboration.

2018-02-04 on pj-media

ACW 1.0 ended the Constitutional Republic. Lincoln and his successors killed it and installed a centralized government that lasted until FDR. Obama is some sort of boundary. His Praetorians are now making their move. The result will likely be the same chaos that we imposed on the MENA, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

2018-02-04 on pj-media

That people in NSA, DOJ, FBI, CIA are so delusional as to think that the Russians determined the outcome of the election is the true threat to America. Our Ruling Class is literally insane. Of course, our rampage through Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia is the real proof of their insanity.

And if the mad men cannot remove Trump via some sort of Stalinist show trial, what then? Will they kill him? Crazies do crazy.

2018-02-03 on pj-media

It’s time to revisit the claims that McCain collaborated with the prison guards in Hanoi.

2018-02-03 on pj-instapundit

If this study had any validity, we would already be seeing an epidemic of brain tumors among humans, but we aren’t. This is just another of the all-too-many bits of bad science that clutter our medical journals. Remember, a majority of the articles published in biological, medical and social science journals cannot be reproduced. Most of the bad articles are due to the incompetence (especially statistical) of the researchers, but there are many, many cases of outright fraud also.

2018-02-03 on pj-instapundit

They missed the big one. Senior officials at the FBI and DOJ perpetrated a fraud on the FISA court, and they did so four times. Those are felonies, and they are punishable by prison time.

2018-02-03 on pj-instapundit

Mears is right. The modeling is nonsense. The ISS is only 254 miles up, but the Roche Limit for the Moon, the point at which it disintegrates, is 11,447 miles. Eventually the Moon’s orbit will decay to the Roche Limit, and Earth will have a ring system.

2018-02-03 on pj-media

And inventor of the flush toilet:…

2018-02-03 on pj-media

One thing seems clear. Senior members of the FBI and Justice Department perpetrated a fraud on the FISA court, and did so four times. Those are felonies and must be prosecuted.

2018-02-02 on pj-instapundit

I’m going to keep repeating this until it sinks in. EU (with UK but w/o US and Turkey) vs. Russia: population 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. These ratios double if the US and Turkey are added in.

And what country has invaded or attacked the following: Somalia, Serbia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen? What country has supported coups in Libya, Egypt, Turkey?

So, who is the threat to whom? Who is the rogue terrorist state? Who are the war criminals?

2018-02-02 on cdrsalamander

“Have you looked at all the advanced positions in technology and engineering at our finest engineering schools we openly give to Chinese nationals?”

I have pointed out before that Chinese nationals are one of the largest groups in our STEM graduate programs, and they are an absolute majority in some departments. We also have quite a few Chinese nationals on our faculties. I worked with five Chinese mainlanders during my career in a modest-sized civil engineering department, plus three Iranians, a couple of Lebanese and some Central Europeans and Germans, including a former Luftwaffe pilot who served with Rommel.

But we don’t actually give this positions away. All graduate students (at least in STEM) are doing work on externally funded research projects. The problem that faces faculty who have been awarded projects by various agencies is that the work has to be done according to specified schedules and budgets, and the individual professor must himself recruit the graduate students needed to do the work. No one and no agency assigns graduate students to faculty.

The Chinese are recruited because Americans will not enroll in STEM graduate programs. Other nationalities are also recruited, and nationwide half or more of all the graduate students in STEM are foreign nationals.

PS. One of the Chinese faculty I worked with suddenly quit in mid-semester a few years ago and went back to China. His departure was so sudden he left his family behind. We had FBI crawling all over us and his home for a while. The man had access to JPL and worked on the Rovers on Mars.

2018-02-02 on pj-instapundit

I thought was relevant today,

“pessimism about the prospect of victory in the future and optimism about victory in the present (preventive war thinking)”

Sounds like our GWOT and policy towards North Korea.

2018-02-02 on pj-instapundit

The relevant ratios for the EU (with UK but without US and Turkey) vs. Russia are: population, 3.6:1; GDP, 4.6:1; active duty servicemen, 1.8:1. The ratios double if the US and Turkey are added in. These numbers suggest that Russia is not a conventional threat to Western Europe. In fact, if Russia did not have nuclear weapons, Western Europe should be able to conquer Russia if push came to shove.

But that assumes there is some policy coherence among the countries of Europe and some sense of self-preservation in their peoples. In fact, a majority of the people in Western Europe appear to be literally suicidal, with reproduction rates in all European countries well below replacement levels, and in some only half the replacement level. So, while Russia is not a serious threat to anyone other than eastern (but not western) Ukraine and maybe Estonia and Latvia, Europe’s own population threatens its continued existence.

What is happening in Europe is one of the greatest examples of Darwinian theory known. Yet another “Out of Africa” event is about to repopulate Europe. Will Nancy Pelosi care? Will anyone “Make Europe White Again”?

2018-02-01 on pj-instapundit

They call up another 60,000 and another and another. Even if only 1% of Muslims are terrrorists or terrorist supporters that’s a pool of 7.5 million men (excluding women). You don’t have to be a fit 20 year old to wear a suicide vest.

2018-02-01 on pj-instapundit

“the fighters often change their allegiance from one terror group to another.”

They might cease being Taliban, but they’re still fighting us.

We are losing. Our best light infantry is being ground down for no purpose. We are wasting hundreds of billions of dollars for no purpose. We are making enemies of the entire Muslim world for no purpose. Turkey, a member of NATO since 1952 is on the verge of becoming our enemy.

What we need is a thorough purge of our military and foreign service. I would begin with every flag officer and everyone with the rank of ambassador or higher. Let’s see what the colonels and captains can do.

2018-02-01 on thereferenceframe

How do Heaviside, Siemens and Steinmetz fit into the spectrum of engineer to scientist and mathemetician?

By the way, if physicists ever finally got to TOE and GUT and physics research stopped, physics would still be the central science for modern societies, and people knowledgeable in physics would be needed to teach it to civil/sanitary engineers like myself.

PS. Steinmetz and I both taught at Union College, but obviously not at the same time and most assuredly not at the same level.

2018-02-01 on pj-instapundit

The FBI sent five senior officials to the White House last night with instructions to rewrite the memo before it is released. Did they succeed? Our security state simply will not obey the Constitutional government. Is this not a coup d’etat?

2018-01-31 on pj-instapundit

The old saying, Possession is nine-tenths of the Law, applies here. Who, indeed, can dispute China’s claims? If we do not pick our fights carefully, we are going to get a beat down. Right now, anywhere near China is a high risk zone for us. Someday, maybe soon, maybe later, it will be a no-go zone for us.

2018-01-31 on pj-instapundit

Swift is much less of a problem than the whole hip-hop, rap-crap cesspool.

2018-01-31 on pj-instapundit

For the last 30 years or so, Chinese nationals have been the largest single group in our STEM graduate programs, in recent years sometimes comprising an absolute majority of the enrolled students, even in prestige programs. Those students work on and create cutting edge research an all areas of mathematics, engineering and the physical and biological sciences. Because the programs they are in also do classified research, they also have some access (via American students) to that research, too. The great majority of these students go home and bring their knowledge and skills with them, greatly enhancing China’s engineering and science capabilities.

Right now, China has more supercomputers than we do, and they have the two fastest supercomputers in the world. Those machines are entirely homegrown by Chinese scientists, chips, architecture and operating system. The Chinese have a small manned space program; ours is defunct. They have every kind of satellite we do. They have stealth aircraft…

Add to that, the Chinese manufacturing sector is larger than and more comprehensive than ours. Their capability to produce advanced weapons in numbers is greater than ours. We still have a lead in critical military technology, but how long before their electronics industry (ours is defunct) surpasses us in that area, too.

I continually come across comments disparaging Chinese science, industry and military. That is a critical error. If our often delusional leaders share that contempt for all things Chinese, we are doomed to becoming a second class power.

2018-01-31 on pj-instapundit

Russia would have total control of the Black Sea, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Everyone in the Middle East, including Israel, would ally with the Russia-Turkey-Iran monster.

2018-01-31 on pj-instapundit

They would have to deal with Russia’s nukes, which are more numerous and better than their’s. But they can still get the resources by alliance, which is cheaper and more reliable. China has offered Russia a full military/diplomatic/economic alliance a couple of times. Russia resists for now.

2018-01-30 on pj-instapundit

Russia is not a threat to anyone, maybe not even Ukraine.

Ignoring the US and Turkey, and focusing only on the EU, we get the following EU:Russia ratios: population, 3.6; GDP 4.6; active deployed military, 1.8. The GDP ratio uses the Purchasing Power Parity value for the Russian economic, which makes it somewhat larger than the German economy.

If you throw in the US and Turkey, the ratios double or more.

I think it is clear that if Russia did not have nukes they would be exposed to invasion and conquest by the EU all by itself.

2018-01-30 on pj-instapundit

They admit people who are genetically incapable of learning at the college level, and, considering what we know of the Baltimore and DC schools systems, likely incapable of learning anything other than the most rudimentary reading and arithmetic skills.

2018-01-30 on pj-instapundit

Arab armies have a well-deserved reputation for fecklessness. I guess we don’t know how good or bad Kim’s troops are. However, China will absolutely intervene if it looks like the North is going to be overrun. And Russia will supply aid and maybe pilots and planes, too. We know those guys are good.

2018-01-30 on pj-instapundit

And the threshold for Kim using nukes goes down.

2018-01-29 on pj-instapundit

Delpy is getting a little long in the tooth, and she doesn’t qualify for nude roles anymore. Maybe she can find work playing an elderly private detective. Lots of elderly actresses have gone that route.

2018-01-29 on pj-instapundit

Actually, they won’t get a turn. Trump’s removal by any means would result in blood in the streets, a lot of it, and the end of representative democracy in America. We would most likely end up with a military dictatorship, but we certainly wouldn’t have to trouble ourselves with elections afterwards.

2018-01-29 on pj-instapundit

That story is not credible even for an obsolete WW II sub.

2018-01-29 on pj-instapundit

Stop being dismissive of China’s military. They have local superiority in land, sea and air forces near their coasts, say 500 miles. Those artificial islands everyone laughs at are forward air bases, which can provide support to Chinese ships (including two soon three aircraft carriers) and air craft from the mainland. China does have long range heavy bombers.

For the last 30 years or so, the largest number of foreign graduate students in our graduate engineering and hard science programs has been Chinese. They are a majority of the graduate students in some departments. They are performing cutting edge research in numerous areas and have practical day-to-day access to even sensitive research via their relationships with American graduate students. For thirty years, they have been taking this knowledge home and installing it in China’s civilian and military economies. Right now, they have more supercomputers that we do; they have the two fastest supercomputers; and those supercomputers were entirely home grown, chips, operating system and programming. They have stealth air craft, and their third air craft carrier will be similar to our Nimitz class, although non-nuclear.

China’s manufacturing base is larger than ours, and it is more comprehensive. It is also modern, and they are leading in the application of robots to manufacturing. If we were to get into a trade war, China would have the factories and the skilled workers, and we would have empty stores shelves and bankrupt companies, including Apple and Walmart et al.

They are more than a worth opponent; they are a mortal threat. Do you really think our collection of soy boys and pajama boys is any threat to them?

2018-01-29 on pj-instapundit

The US has made many overtly hostile moves against Erdogan and Turkey. It at least countenanced and may have participated in the coup against Erdogan. That certainly fits the pattern of US behavior throughout the Arab Spring. The US has also armed an supported the very Kurdish groups that are actively trying to partition Turkey. That includes the YPG, which is the Syrian arm of the PPK. So, it is not so much that Russia is trying to drive a wedge between the US and Turkey, the US is doing that itself.

Take a look at the map. Turkey, not Israel and not Saudi Arabia, is the key strategic state in the Middle East. Were we finally able to drive Turkey out of NATO and into an alliance with Russia and Iran (the Russian wet dream), they would control the Black Sea and its litoral, and countries along the litoral like Georgia and Ukraine would be reabsorbed back into the Russian sphere. They would also control the Easter Mediterranean. That would put Greece and Cyprus at risk. Turkey might finish the conquest of Cyprus and might seize those Greek islands near its coast.

And then there is Egypt, we helped a terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, overthrow Mubarak, who was at the time an American ally and friendly towards Israel. The Egyptian military staged a counter coup and wrested control of the country back. Do you think there is any love lost between Egypt and the US? Didn’t Egypt offer Russia some sort of basing agreement a little while ago? And won’t Egypt’s Mistral carry Russian helicopters?

Think Suez Canal.

2018-01-28 on cdrsalamander

Considering the scale of our commitments, just about everyone (including myself) thinks that our military is too small. But perhaps it is as larger or even larger than we can assemble. I did not write afford, although that is an issue, too.

Besides the deferred maintenance and cannibalism of hardware, there are serious training issues: ship handling in the East; navigation and leadership in the Persian Gulf; Green Beret readiness and competency in Niger; dishonesty, incompetence and carelessness in the land legs of the Triad (In From the Cold blog); the on-going failures in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Then there is the PC madness that has infested the Pentagon and much of our institutions and government agencies. Performance, competence, honor and even loyalty seem to be devalued.

The attitudes, desires and abilities of the 18 to 24-year old cohort is another matter. Just how many soy boys and pajama boys are there? Would a draft reveal that we are already scrapping the bottom of the barrel, that the volunteers are all that is available? What percentage of the cohort, which is the base of the Army and Marines combat units, would dodge a draft or fail the psychological, physical and moral examinations or simply flunk out of basic?

2018-01-28 on pj-media

In honor of Nancy Pelosi, someone needs to start making MAWA (Make America White Again) hats. I want one to go with my MAGA hat.

2018-01-27 on pj-instapundit

In the long run, demographics also are against the success of the NFL. The wave of legal and illegal immigrants now changing the racial makeup of America have little or no interest in American football or, for that matter, ice hockey. Their sport is soccer; some have an interest in baseball and basketball. This will be compounded by the falling number of White teenagers, which means the numbers of Whites enrolled in college will go down. And college is one of the chief ways that young people get acculturated to football.

Nowadays, baseball is largely a White sport, at least in the stands. So it, too, should go into a decline. Of course, baseball seats are really, really cheap compared to football and basketball, so working and middle class people can still attend those games. Maybe that will provide some support.

2018-01-27 on blazingcatfur

This after a hotel in Kabul was seized and held by the Taliban for a day or two. A number of foreigner who worked as pilots for Afghani airlines were killed before Afghani forces recovered the hotel.

Taliban control continues to expand.

2018-01-26 on pj-instapundit

By arming and inciting the Kurds, the US has created a situation that threatens Turkish territorial integrity. Erdogan is responding to that threat. If not corrected, the stupidity and arrogance of Washington will destroy NATO’s southern flank and given Russia a world-historic victory. Time is rapidly running out if we are to repair our alliance with Turkey. That alliance is the most strategically critical relationship with have with any Middle Eastern country including, especially, Israel, which is as much liability as asset.

You might also want to consider what might happen to the 60 or so nuclear warheads stored at Incirlik. In any breach between Turkey and the US, the Turks could easily seize those weapons and become the second nuclear power in the Middle East.

As I wrote earlier, neocons are a major threat to the American people.

2018-01-26 on pj-instapundit

Goldman is your typical neocon lunatic.

His first lie is calling Erdogan a dictator. He is the democratically elected President of Turkey, and he has very large majority support among Turks. We are angry because he is pursuing policies for the benefit of Turkey: Turkey First!, to paraphrase Trump.

Second the US, dominated by lying neocons like Goldman, has been conducting a Middle Eastern foreign policy that poses an exitential threat to Turkey, that includes not only our support for terrorist Kurds like YPG, but also our connivence in the recent failed coup against Erdogan and the Turkish government.

Third, the neocons have led numerous interventions in Africa and the Middle East that are in fact war crimes. Each of our Presidents beginning with Clinton and continuing to Trump have been complicit in these war crimes and are war criminals. Their Secretaries of State and Defense and the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during their administrations are also war criminals.

Our irrational, violent and criminal actions in MENA threaten NATO’s southern flank. A Turkish-Russian alliance would control the Black Sea and its litoral and the Eastern Mediterranean. Countries like Ukraine and Georgia would be dragged back into the Russian orbit, and the Greek islands and Cyprus would be at risk.

Erdogan is behaving like the Turkish patriot he is, and he is not the problem. The chief threat to the American people are the neocons like Goldman.

2018-01-25 on pj-instapundit

If they really wanted to be helpful, the Japanese would put a squadron or two of F35B’s on that carrier and its other carriers.

By the way, China has influence on Kim, but it does not and cannot control him. Kim will keep his nukes until the US leaves the region, which means he will never give them up.

If anyone is beating the war drums, it is the US. If we are lucky, the Chinese and North Koreans will ignore our noise.

2018-01-24 on pj-instapundit

Keeping Turkey in NATO is essential to the alliance, and it is infinitely more important than siding with the Kurds. Turkey has the second largest military in NATO, after only the US, and it is only a little smaller that Russia’s. A Turkish-Russian alliance would have complete control over the entire Black Sea and its litoral. Countries like Georgia, Ukraine and Romania would be dragged back into the Russian sphere.

If you want to keep down ISIS, reinforce Assad. Syria sank into chaos and ISIS arose because we tried to overthrow Assad, who was much more entrenched and had much more support among Syrians the we imagined. It is also important to remember that we at least tolerated ISIS actions in Syria, and that we took action against them only after Russia intervened.

Unfortunately, literally no one in the State Department or Pentagon has any clue about strategy. They must have their little snit, and they will destroy NATO.

2018-01-24 on pj-instapundit

The real question is whether the members of the “secret society” discussed assassinating Trump.

2018-01-23 on pj-instapundit

China has influence over Kim, but it does not control him in the least, and in the case of existential threats from the US Kim will never give up his nuclear deterrent. Anyway, the detterrent is not aimed at anyone other than the US, and countries like Australia do not need to worry much about it.

The ral threat to the American people is that our delusional neocon/Deep State ruler will precipitate a nuclear war.

2018-01-22 on pj-instapundit

Russians own a fifth of one mining company. They do not control a fifth of our uranium, and all uranium exports are subject to federal licensing and control. If there were to be trouble between the US and Russia (instigated by our neocons), the Russian shares would be confiscated. Ask Bayer how that works.

2018-01-22 on pj-instapundit

The presence of American troops in Syria is an outright invasion of another country and a violation of international law. It is, in fact, a war crime, and while not as savage as Germany’s invasion of Poland, it falls into the same general category. After WW II, German and Japanese officers were hanged for their war crimes. Because of America’s raw power, and not because of any moraal or legal justification, Trump and his generals won’t be hanged, but they are war criminals.

We’re back to fighting the Moros again in the Philippines. Our leaders are consumed by the imperialist lust for world domination. The American people tolerate this and are complicit in our leaders’ crimes.

2018-01-22 on pj-instapundit

There are a bunch of scientists here in the US that are itching to get started on human trials. Maybe we should let the Chinese make all the mistakes on their own people before we let the amoral clowns in this country practice on our people.

2018-01-22 on pj-instapundit

The US will have to decide whether it wants a NATO ally controlling a critically important region or whether it wants to play with a bunch of Kurdish terrorists.

By the way, how’s that Moro II going in the Philippines? The last one ran for 14 years from 1899 to 1913. Had some fun in northern Mexico with Pancho Villa a little later on in 1916. Are we going back into Mexico, too?

2018-01-20 on pj-instapundit

On the other hand, the reviews are good. It should be acceptable for close range shooting, and if it isn’t, you throw it away, and spend $500 on a better sight.

2018-01-19 on pj-instapundit

While I despise Obama as a communist and Muslim jihadist, I do credit him with reining in the warmongers in the Pentagon and the CIA. They have steamrollered Trump and seized control of our foreign and defense policies. Trump’s campaign promise to reduce or eliminate our wars and foreign commitment is null and void.

That said, a Clinton administration would be infinitely worse, and one or two major wars would have been inevitable under her administration.

At least Trump has got the domestic policies right.

2018-01-19 on pj-instapundit

The US Army and Marines simply cannot fight unless they have air support, both to attack their ground opponents and to keep the enemy air planes from bombing them. While the criticism of the A-10 maybe be correct, the fact is that there is no substitute available, not even the F-35. This bodes ill for the future of America’s ground forces.

2018-01-19 on pj-instapundit

North Korea is and will be a nuclear power until the US gives up its vassal state in the South.

This is all about protecting the North from an American attack. Iraq and Libya loom large in Kim’s thinking. Iran obviously needs nukes, too. Does Israel?

2018-01-19 on pj-media

The left has been deliberately breaking down the common culture and replacing it with identity politics. There is no going back. As Whites become a minority (albeit the largest), they, too, will adopt identity politics out of sheer self-defense. Welcome to the era of Black Nationalism, Hispanic Nationalism, Jewish Nationalism and White Nationalism. The first three have been here for some time.

2018-01-18 on pj-instapundit

Yesterday of Fox, the deluded war criminal and former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army Gen. Keane (Ret) demanded that Trump set up a total naval blockade of North Korea and that he transfer large ground and air forces to the region in preparation for all-out war with the North.

One might be inclined to ignore Keane’s rant as just another lunatic howling at the Moon. But he reached the rank of Vice Chief of State of the Army and wore four stars. The real fear is that the Pentagon is infested with such lunatics and that they will start a major war with or without Trump.

The reality is that North Korea, like UK, France, Israel, Pakistan, India, Russia and China, is a nuclear power. That is not going to change. And North Korea, despite Keane’s lies, is not a threat to anyone, unless that anyone attacks them first. The US simply has to suck it up and deal with the North’s deterrent, peacefully. If you think you must get rid of it, buy it, and give the North iron-clad security guarantees.

While you’re at it, get rid of Israel’s nukes, too.

2018-01-17 on blazingcatfur

As in Turkey, it is probable that the religious fundamentalists have majority support.

2018-01-16 on pj-instapundit

The fact that most immigrants have lower IQ’s than the native white population also reduces the supply of new students. When Whites are just another minority, all the expensive liberal arts colleges that depend upon them will go into decline. It’s already baked into the cake.

2018-01-16 on pj-instapundit

I don’t think Assad is dumb enough to do it alone, but the way Erdogan is talking he might get Turkish help. Considering that Erdogan once wanted Assad gone, that would be a disaster for the US.

2018-01-16 on pj-instapundit

Gratitutde? Are you serious? The US is still trying to overthrow Assad and partition Syria. Our contribution to the defeat of ISIS was minimal in the extreme. It is widely believed in the region that we created and protected ISIS. Certainly we protected their oil convoys. And until the Russians showed up, 75% of our sorties against ISIS were cancelled by higher ups in Washinton. ISIS was defeated in both Syria and Iraq by a coalition of Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. Both Iraq and Syria ought to be grateful for them.

2018-01-15 on pj-instapundit

This is NYC. How many people would get on the wrong car and miss their station? All of them?

2018-01-15 on pj-instapundit

Erdogan is correct in this case. The Kurds, all of them, are an existential threat to Turkey. At some point, the Turks will clean house in both Syria and Iraq.

It should be noted that the Kurds are also an existential threat to Iran and Armenia, as well as Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The Kurds could start a really big war in the Middle East.

2018-01-14 on pj-instapundit

Unfortunately, a majority of Canadians support Trudeau and these policies. Pretty soon we’ll have another Venezuela, this time on our border.

Having Quebecois ancestry, I sorta like Bernier, but the Quebecois blew it on independence. They need to give it another try, otherwise the French Nation in North America will be drowned out by immigrants.

2018-01-13 on pj-instapundit

Welcome to the Middle Ages. Will Weinstein, Bevos et al have the droit de seigneur?

2018-01-12 on pj-instapundit

Putin, whom we despise, has the support of about 85% of Russians. Erdogan, whom we despise, has the support of a large majority of Turkey’s civilians and military (especially after the purge). Kim, who we despise, evidently has the support of at least the North’s military and likely most of his people. He even has support in the South. So, what makes us think that Iran’s mullahs are due for a fall? No doubt the Westernized urbanites want the mullahs gone, but do the rural people agree?

2018-01-12 on pj-instapundit

I’m sorry to disagree, but the US is an aggressive, expansionist imperial power and has been since the colonial era.

Since the collapse of the USSR, the US has been a rogue, terrorist state: Somalia, Sudan, Serbia, Afghanistan (3), Iraq (2), Ukraine (partial failure), Libya, Egypt (failed), Egypt (failed), Yemen. We continually threaten Iran, Russia and North Korea.

We maintain 900 military bases in 160 countries, and we have about 60,000 troops actively engaged in some dozen small wars.

How is that not imperialism writ large? In fact, isn’t is obvious that we are governed by war criminals.

2018-01-12 on pj-instapundit

Just the facts, ma’am: EU (w/ UK; w/o US) vs. Russia: population, 3.6; GDP, 4.60 (ppp); active duty forces, 1.8. Plus, the EU has two nuclear powers that deploy Trident or Trident style subs.

2018-01-12 on pj-instapundit

Trump speaking Truth-to-Power. He is the first honest President (or politician) since Eisenhower’s farewell speech. Thank God I had the sense to vote for him.

2018-01-11 on pj-instapundit

He misses the point. America does not have a gun problem; it has a black problem. Young black ghetto men are responsible for most of the gun violence and violent crime in this country. The rest of the country looks like Switzerland when it comes to violent crime.

Reducing gun crime requires intensive, intrusive policing of young black males and incarceration of a significant fraction of them. Good luck with that!

2018-01-11 on cdrsalamander

Consider the following ratios for EU (w/o US) vs. Russia: Population, 3.6:1; GDP, 11.7:1; active duty forces, 1.8:1. For NATO (w/US) vs. Russia, the ratios double.

And the EU has two independent nuclear powers that deploy Trident or Trident-like submarines.

The idea that Russia is a credible threat to the EU is absurd. EU (w/o US) is, itself, an existential threat to Russia. If Russia did not have nuclear weapons, the EU likely would have invaded and conquered it by now.

The continual threats against Russia have created a truly dangerous animal, the Russian-Chinese semi-alliance. How sad. Every Russian leader from Gorbachev, to Yeltsin, to Medvedev to Putin has, at one time or another, called for a united Europe from “Lisbon to Vladivostok,” their phrase. Putin, and the others, wanted Russia to be part of both NATO and the EU. The current, very dangerous, situation in Europe is the creation of deluded neocons.

US participation in the Ukrainian coup did not help either. The forcible removal of Ukraine’s only democratically elected President is a black mark on America’s resume.

2018-01-11 on thereferenceframe

One of my colleagues named her son Luca. Her husband is Italian (Lombard not Sicilian). Reprobate that I am, I immediately thought of Luca Brasi.

2018-01-11 on pj-instapundit

Mr Bay is whistling past the grave yard. The North/South talks are a game changer. Moon was elected to make a deal, and Kim needs one. Not today, but soon an accommodation between North and South will be negotiated. Racial unity is more important to the Koreans than an alliance with the people who bombed their country flat or the other country that colonized them and kidnapped their women for comfort.

2018-01-10 on pj-instapundit

Let’s not get slap-happy here. The North and South have much more in common with each other than either does with its putative allies. The talks have the potential to become very expansive and to include all sorts of issues that neither China, nor Russia, nor the US nor Japan wants discussed. For example, a peace treaty/nonaggression pact or some sort of economic agreement or the presence of American troops in the South.

Remember, Moon was elected to pursue accommodations with the North. There is a significant pro-communist, anti-American element in the South’s population (Japan’s, too) that wants reunification and America out. Many South Koreans are proud of the North’s nuclear deterrent, and if the South got it, we would have the devil of a time making them give it up.

Long term, a unified, nonaligned Korea with a nuclear arsenal is possible. Everyone in the region would hate that, as would we. But Pakistan is an example of what is possible. It has no real allies, despite dalliances with China and the US, and it has a foreign policy that is in its own perceived interests.

2018-01-10 on pj-instapundit

“Now is the time to hit the Iranian regime with lower oil prices: For the sake of the Iranian people and global stability, we need to lead the effort in suppressing oil prices beyond what Tehran can bear.”

As I pointed out yesterday, to no avail apparently, how do you propose to lower oil prices? Prices are set by the international market. Lowering oil prices squeezes out high cost producers, and frackers are high cost producers. That means LESS oil on the market. Moreover, as a result of the Trump economic boom world wide oil demand is increasing. That is the reason it is at a three-year high.

Then the question is, How much pain can the Mullahs take? A lot, apparently. They were very active when oil was $40/bbl. They are fanatics, and there likely no oil price that would curtail them.

Oil is a nonstarter. Glenn and Green don’t understand markets.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

A regional power with only 20% of the world’s population and lots of ICBM’s. Right.

The important issue is China’s industrial sector. It is much larger than ours in aggregate, and it produces a much wider range of products. If we did an embargo against them, they would be left with idle factories and skilled workers looking for new markets, and we would have empty store shelves, bankrupt companies (Apple, Walmart and hundreds more), a collapsed stock market (DOW 0) and massive unrest.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

And, thankfully, it disproportionately kill black babies.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

And Apple shifted to Intel processors years ago because they didn’t think Motorola and IBM could deliver the chips they wanted. Looks like moving their manufacturing overseas wasn’t their only error. Of course, Cook is the big one.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

White genocide is on the agenda.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

How, pray tell, do you propose to lower oil prices? These are set by international markets, and falling prices squeeze out high producers, like frackers. The only way to reduce Iran’s oil revenues is to blockage their oil terminals.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

I think the real trigger for Kim was both China and Russia voting for the new, tougher sanctions. That showed him that they don’t have his back. Now he needs the South, and the South really wants to deal. Moon and his government were elected to reach an accommodation with the North. The South and North have much more in common than either does with its putative allies. The upcoming negotiations might go very rapidly, and the North and South might reach broad agreement on many issues. This is not necessarily good for the US, because one of the issues they might discuss is the status of US forces in the South, a discussion that would take place without the US being there.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

“smelling blood in the water”

If they try, it will be their blood in the water.

2018-01-08 on pj-instapundit

There are about 5 million 18-year olds in the US. If they have to do a year’s service, they will have to be housed, clothed, fed, given medical care, and if they are to be useful, trained. They will also need a stipend. Say $20,000 per person. That is $100B per year. The bureaucrats running this circus will likely need another $100B per year.

Then, of course, there are our ghetto blacks and hispanics. They won’t show up voluntarily. The military or Guard will have to do house to house sweeps almost monthly to round up those slackers. And how will you make them work? Whips? No workee no eatee? Oh Joy!!

2018-01-07 on pj-instapundit

Presently, the two fastest super computers in the world are Chinese, and they are completely Chinese—design, chips and operating system. They also have more super computers than we do.

It is worth noting that for at least a generation many of the graduate students at our best graduate science and engineering programs have been Chinese. They have been trained in our most advanced engineering and science. They actually produced a significant amount of our advanced science and engineering. And they have taken their knowledge home. The best Chinese science universities are now as good as ours.

2018-01-07 on thereferenceframe

My grandfather killed the Kaiser’s Germans in the Ardennes in 1918. My father killed Hitler’s Germans at Normandy and the Bulge. It looks like I was lax in my youth. I could have killed Vietnamese, but I got a pass.

It’s a lot like the question over at American Digest: “The Japanese; nuked too much or not enough?” The Germans learned nothing, and now resemble the Vietnamese, who learned nothing either.

Unfortunately, my eldest daughter lives in Troisdorf and “sees nothing.”

2018-01-06 on pj-instapundit

Let’s get real. Russia is not a threat to anyone or anything.

Here’s the EU (without US) to Russia ratios: population 3.6:1; GDP 4.60:1 (PPP); active duty military 1.8:1.

If Russia did not have nukes, the EU could overrun and occupy Russia and convert it into a colony. (China would get Siberia.) So the EU all by itself is an existential threat to Russia. If you add in the US, all the above ratios more or less double. Russia is an irrelevancy. North Korea is a bigger threat than Russia simply because Kim is more unpredictable than Putin.

China, on the other hand, is a real threat. They intend to replace us as world hegemon, and they are well on the way to doing it. In fact, within a generation, they will be the world hegemon, and we will be kissing their butts.

2018-01-06 on pj-instapundit

She heads the engineering education department, which runs some of the freshman year engineering program. She is an idiot. She does not run the real engineering education departments at Purdue, like the School of Civil Engineering. The real education departments are still high quality. Although, having allowed one SJW into a position of authority, Purdue’s future is not bright.

Disclaimer: MSCE 1968, PhD 1970.

2018-01-05 on pj-instapundit

This is the only empirical study of the effectiveness of handgun calibers that is based on actual shooting incidents:


Read it! Any caliber works in a last ditch situation. Some kill, others maim, but generally the perp goes away.

2018-01-05 on pj-instapundit

The SJW infestation of the military is extreme. None of the nonsense will go away. The President needs to find a way to avoid a war with countries that still have high quality militaries, like China and Russia, until a way can be found to roll back the damage and expel the SJW’s. It is entirely possible that this cannot be done, and that our military is permanently damaged.

And I agree with kevinstroup. The basic rot is in our society. A majority of Americans voted for Hilary, and a large majority would have voted for Obama if he had been eligible.

Does anyone seriously believe that China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, et al. are more corrupt than America?

2018-01-04 on thereferenceframe

an apparition or double of a living person: he has a doppelgänger named Donald, his invented twin brother.

2018-01-04 on pj-instapundit

The West is paying the price for having a corrupt, depraved and delusional Ruling Class. That Class is on the verge of starting wars with both Russia and China. A quarter-century long rampage, terrorism on a gigantic scale, the wanton destruction of much of Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, has brought us to this: the death by fire of the West.

How can we get rid of these sick monsters?

2018-01-04 on pj-instapundit

Another reason for the fall in attendance and viewership is a decline in the number of people who have an interest in football. The fan base is essentially white and black. Mexicans, Central Americans, Africans and Middle Easterners follow soccer. When whites become a minority in the US, football, baseball and hockey will all go into permanent decline. We may see the conversion of football stadiums to soccer stadiums. Basketball is already a cult sport, but blacks will keep it alive.

2018-01-04 on cdrsalamander

We need to stop pretending the USSR and the Cold War are still going on. We need to stop the aggressive policies towards nearly everyone. And we need to bring the troops home, all of them.

Our current military policies and postures will lead to war with both China and Russia, and we will lose it badly.

2018-01-04 on pj-instapundit

It is hard to believe that Caracas and Moscow are any more corrupt than the Deep State/neocon regime squatting in Washington.

However, while our Deep State/neocon spiders have been weaving their net of world domination, other countries have been organizing their defenses. China and Russia are well on their way to integrating the whole of Eurasia from Russia to China to India to Pakistan to Turkey to Iran to Central Asia to Indo-China … into a single economic block.

With both western Europe and North America in decline, bet on Russia and its allies:…

2018-01-03 on pj-instapundit

There used to be a similar agreement in the Big Ten. I think the agreement was not to make offers after some date in the winter or spring.

2018-01-03 on pj-instapundit

No revolvers. No .38, .32, .25, .22.

Read this,


2018-01-03 on pj-instapundit

The PPK is chambered in .380.

2018-01-02 on pj-instapundit

You missed a big one: rapprochement between North and South Korea.

The Russian and Chinese votes to support UN sanctions against the North showed Kim that Russian and China are unreliable allies, and he needs a better one. It’s sitting on the other side of the DMZ. The North and the South are the same race with the same language, culture and history. And that history includes the brutal Japanese colonization of the Peninsula from 1910 to 1945. The idea that South Korea is in an anti-North Korean alliance with Japan is one of the absurdities left over from WW II. An alliance with the North against Japan is the natural order of things.

So, Kim’s recent overture to Moon is a natural response to the UN SC vote. And Moon was elected to normalize relations with the North. The likely result, which will take months, is a peace treaty between the North and the South which recognizes the legitimacy of both regimes and include security guarantees and trade agreements. The DMZ itself would become a normal international border with no mine fields and minimal fencing and patrols. The armies of the North and South will withdraw from the border regions, and there may be some demilitarization on both sides. The presence of the US in the South will be a topic of negotiation, probably not settled for some time.

The North will also want some assistance, in secret, in circumventing the UN sanctions. The South would need to turn a blind eye to smuggling across the border, but they might do it if the price were right. How about access to the North’s nuclear and missile technology, which might include scientists and engineers from the South participating in the North’s program.

The long run future for the Peninsula is likely a non-aligned confederacy of the two governments with separate economic systems and a nuclear deterrent. The deterrent might be kept nominally in the North to give the South plausible deniability, but control would be shared. One good model for this outcome is Pakistan.

2018-01-01 on pj-instapundit

Aside from the H1-B people, nearly all the immigrants are low IQ, low skill welfare consumers. With people like that you get a Mexican economy. Unexpectedly and inexplicably.

2017-12-31 on theothermccain

Four dead Africans. Are we supposed to care? Or are we supposed to cheer?

2017-12-30 on pj-instapundit

Would they understand, Behind the barn with ax handles?

2017-12-30 on pj-instapundit

For those of us who graduated in the 60’s and who remember Bob Griese, Daniel’s best action was to hire Coach Bohm.

2017-12-30 on infoproc

The average IQ of the black underclass is in the 70’s. Ali was a good example: IQ in the 70’s and illiterate. The black underclass has no economic function and cannot be trained to do anything useful in our modern society, the few rarities like Obama not withstanding.

As to the so-called broken black family, this is the norm in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. The European family structure was imposed on blacks until the Civil Rights movement and LBJ’s Great Society freed them from White norms.

The black underclass is the most serious threat by far to the continued existence of the American republic. Delusional discussions of how to “cure” black disfunction only hasten our demise. Fortunately for us, the black underclass is heavily self-segregated, so we are not at risk of violence daily.

2017-12-29 on thereferenceframe

Unfortunately, there are a great many people like Harding in the American government and intelligentsia, and they are actively pushing for war with Russia. And Iran. And North Korea.

2017-12-29 on pj-instapundit

No doubt they are channeling the Sopranos, who regularly negotiated no-work jobs (presence required) and no-show jobs (stay home). But $1,000/day! What good workers (Soprano sense)!

2017-12-29 on pj-media

Items 3 A-C are not possible because the American economy, especially our industrial sector, is no longer big enough to sustain it. We cannot even maintain our current peace time military. Our military is a Potemkin village.

Items 4 A-C lead to world war, which we cannot win, and which will result in a disastrous defeat for the American military and the end of the American Pax.

2017-12-29 on pj-media

North Korean artillery has not lost one iota of its effectiveness. You misunderstand the target. It is not Seoul, it is the South Korean military defending Seoul. That military target could be demolished by the North’s artillery, and the way would be open to capturing Seoul, with all its population, government offices and elected officials, civilian and military bureaucrats, infrastructure, communications, financial institutions and manufacturing. Kim could then demand a cease fire in place and new negotiations. He would get both.

The great problem for the American people, and the people of Asia, is the delusions of the American Ruling Class. Our Ruling Class actually think that they can attack North Korea without suffering any losses or reprisals. That China and Russia will stand idly by, despite their promise to defend the North. That the South Korean and Japanese governments will permit the attack, despite the extreme, existential threat to their own people and economies and the pacifism of their people.

Instapundit notes that we have the worst Ruling Class in our history, and their Korean policy is one of the proofs.

There will be no war on the Peninsula unless we start it, and it will be a world war, which we will lose. If you want peace on the Peninsula, guarantee Kim’s security (China, Russia, South Korea and Japan must sign on), and buy and take delivery of his nuclear deterrent. $1T would probably do it. It doesn’t have to be cash. It could be investment in the North’s economy.

NB. While we are discussing what to do about the odious Kim, South Korea (or at least a commission of some sort) has reopened the comfort person question, much to the anger and consternation of Abe and his government. But considering the common history of the Koreas, Philippines, China, Indo-China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma v.v. Japan, how is any alliance including both Korea and Japan possible? How is an American alliance with Japan possible? That history is an asset of the Chinese, if they could figure out how to use it.

2017-12-28 on pj-instapundit

One hopes and hopes, but the three major reasons for all the cost overruns in the first atomic age were (1) regulators changing the rules, (2) c