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The Chinese government has been certainly quite smart to block Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Quora and Reddit as of August of 2018 entered that category too. Yes, I suggested that Russia doesn’t have its own YouTube (as far as I know) much because Putin et al are not hardline enough to simply shut out those US internet media sites.

The West’s propaganda against the Soviet Union during the Cold War was absolutely relentless. They are now trying to do the same thing to China. While Russia has not learned their lessons, I guess China has learned a thing or two.

I’ve tried my US phone card on the Huawei phone by the way, didn’t work. I’ve confirmed with others who did so while physically in the US. Which means that China can be even more unapologetic about banning US internet media sites.


Translation of that Chinese poem on the USSR into English

Original here. My strictly literary translation of it into Russian here.













As for its English translation, my remark on that was one of “Overall the translation is quiet good but I don’t think the content will be well received by English readers for obvious political reasons.”

The translator responds, “It’s good if the thing will infuriate some people a bit :), fully agree with you here. It was part of motivation.”

Soviet Union, glory forever is yours,
like the brightest of all supernovas.
Brief was grandeur, but globally impacting was
stalwart vigour before you unknown.
In your time, gave the radiance and power away,
but centupled in following years
all the crops you have sown… in a similar way,
ancient peoples were knelt by the heroes:
for the West, Alexandrian might was your twin,
for the East, ’twas the Qin incarnation.
As the shine of your height, communism was seen;
you exacted an obliteration
on the fiend of Nazism; developed that huge
planned economy, strict, all-embracing;
for industrial China, the impulse were you;
that’s for what I unceasingly praise you.
These four feats of the soul of the Soviets prevail,
all depicting the face of the era.
Twentieth century, put only these on your scales,
not the chaff and the trivia mere.
Like the Great Alexander made Hellenism thrive,
Greeks, Egyptians, Pamirians tying,
like the Qin closed its ranks with its Dynasty’s drive*,
like for fates of the world unifying
was the U.S.S.R. The ingenious surge
of that energy shall not expire.
Husk is shed, soul is free. And the world to emerge
has insights to grow into acquired.
Yes, the Union’s gone. But triumphant in vain
is the self-righteous Cold War victor.
Twenty years flew by… Truth is valued again.
Thought is living, lies cannot constrict it.
It’s full circle: anew is the Union born.
Lit is prairie, the fire’s increasing.
Off is cancerous tumor of capital torn.
For it isn’t without a reason,
having battled this ailment and seen what is true,
own selves we rework, growing finer.
Greeks to Rome, the Qin to the Han, the S.U.
to the People’s Republic of China.

(*Original. Vladimir Beryazev’s line: like did China close ranks under communist drive)

My reaction to this, its very literarily adorned style of translation in particular, is mostly one of laughs.

A pdf of all this.

In Russian,

О, Советский Союз, твоя слава в веках,
Как ярчайшая вспышка сверхновой!
Скоротечно величье, всемирен размах
Той невиданной мощи суровой.

Отсиял и отвластвовал в срок роковой,
Но стократно в обильные годы
Всё взошло, что посеял…
Так древний Герой
На колени повергнул народы –
Македонского властью стал Западу ты.
И державою Цинь – для Востока.
Коммунизм был сияньем твоей высоты.
И тобою разгромлен жестоко
Хищный демон нацизма…
А то громадьё
Экономики строгого плана!
Индустрии Китая начало твоё! –
Вот, что славлю в тебе неустанно.

Те четыре свершенья советской души,
В каждом подвиге – образ эпохи.
Век ХХ – лишь их на весы положи,
Остальное – полова и крохи.

Как во дни Искандера расцвёл эллинизм
От Испании и до Памира,
Так Китай воедино сплотил коммунизм,
Так на судьбы огромного мира
Повлиял СССР. Не иссякнет уже
Той энергии творческий выброс.
Оболочка распалась. Не тесно душе.
И прозрения – мира на вырост.

Да, Союза уж нет!
Но в холодной войне
Победитель ликует напрасно.
20-ть лет миновало… Вновь правда в цене.
Мысль жива, лжи она не подвластна.

Круг замкнулся. Опять возникает Союз –
Искра грезит ковыльным пожаром.
Прочь из раково-алчных и денежных уз,
Ведь не даром, не даром, не даром,
Одолев эту немочь, мы истину зрим –
День за днём из себя вырастая,
Как во след Александру владетельный Рим,
В мир идёт мощь и воля Китая!


On the global homo Anglo world order, its origin and its implications

I have a very smart and unusually politically perceptive WASP American friend, who placed at or at least near the top at elite math contests. He once said to me the following:

A world run by Chinese or Japanese is one where they’d be rich and on top but mostly leave others alone, except to get money from them. A world run by whites is one where half want to conquer and half want to help. A world run by Jews is one where they’d systematically extinguish any hope of ending it.

I feel that before he said this, I was still somewhat half asleep on this matter. I was subconsciously aware but perhaps not consciously so. And over time, my understanding of this, the last sentence in particular, grows only more profound. In some sense, what is described there is much already happening.

Like it or not, America is still by far the most powerful or at least the most politically influential country in the world. And since that Jews have already solid control at the highest echelons of the most influential organizations in America, like Goldman-Sachs, like Google, like Harvard, all of which are relentlessly absorbing and influencing people, elites especially, globally to a point of no, or at least, difficult return, one can argue that that above hypothetical scenario is already very much alive.

In the 20th century, America has aimed to bring in and brought in elites from other countries into its system and order much more so than any other big nation. The Soviet Union did to some extent as the pioneer of the socialist system, which it sought to internationalize, but it’s hardly debatable that even during the relative height of the Soviet Union, the level of “Sovietization” of the world was much less so than the Americanization of the world, let alone after its collapse. China is now powerful and increasingly so but its latecomer status and more so its alien culture more or less render impossible direct global political and cultural influence the way that America, and more generally, the Anglo world has done. It is expected that China will become by a wide margin the world’s largest economy, with at the same time indisputably world class science and technology and military, including core innovative ability and capacity, by the end of this century at the latest. But it is hard to imagine a real Sinicization of the world. China is the ancestral homeland of Chinese, unlike America, a new immigrant nation founded on dispossession and white supremacy; mass immigration to China will simply never be allowed. At the same time, Chinese language and culture is too different from that of the rest of the world to spread to the rest of the world, for the same reason that the English language did not spread to China even though the West during the turn of the 19th century, so much more modern and powerful, easily brought China to her knees, with implicit reference to the aftermath of the Boxer Rebellion. It is difficult to foresee anything other than a strong degree of isolation for the Chinese in mainland China, with this extending to East Asians in general, though far more so for the Chinese in mainland China due to the diametrically opposite political ideology in addition to race, language, and culture.

It is reasonable for anyone cynical at the slightest to believe that there were and still powerful political forces in Anglo world seeking to irreversibly absorb China into the Anglo system in an unequivocally subordinate position. This has been achieved with Korea as well as with Japan as part of the post-war arrangement. It was their hope that similar could be done with China. The strategy was and still is to cultivate a significant segment of the Chinese elites and population at large that would act in a way that would inextricably bind China to America in such a way that would extinguish any hope that China seriously challenges America on the world stage. This would secure America’s position as the world’s number one, and as a derivative, secure Jewish world domination.

There appears the pattern that the Jewish elites encourage immigration into America. Again, from the cynic’s perspective, it is a mechanism for transmission of American culture and influence throughout the rest of world that would corrode the ability of competing nations and ideologies to challenge the dominant American one. The Jews have already won America. Even if the immigrants and/or their descendants realize that they will always be subordinate in America to the Jews at the top, they won’t really be able to challenge it under the American system. In America, they cannot form their own armies, and Jews will not pass on real political power to them. Stasis will set in in a virtual caste system in liberal democratic America.

According to a Chinese professor, what Jewish elites fear most are political strongmen, with reference to the recent indefinite extension of Xi Jinping’s tenure. In a democratic society, when the president or chairman or whoever changes every few or several years, Jews won’t give a damn about you at all, because your political foundation is very weak. They fear more political strongmen in the likes of Hitler, in the likes of Putin, who would have the ability to disrupt many Jewish plans.

Democracy really is a form of political mediocrity, permitting nothing too extreme. It is at worst very ineffectual or disastrous in the case of 90s Russia and at best unable to achieve anything spectacular. In a dictatorship with a strong ideological basis, the worst is Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (both of which were of objectively very formidable competence) or maybe Pol Pot (of a very different nature) and the best were USSR before decline and PRC China which achieved miracles and were both extremely successful. Of course, there are plenty of relatively mediocre and bland minor “dictatorships” out of there who most people could not care about. The point is that dictatorship of a certain form is the most conducive to strong ideology, conviction, organization, and efficiency, and thus radical political change in a naturally top down human society. This requires time and thus the importance of long tenure of at least 10 years of a political strongman with a clear direction. It is like how someone who stays and focuses on the same field or job for 10 years generally achieves much more than an unfocused job hopper.

As already mentioned, concomitant with liberal democracy in the Anglo world is support or at least tolerance for racial and cultural diversity in the sense of having people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds sharing the same land, and as a consequence of which, some degree of miscegenation. Ironically, its inevitable cultural de-heterogenization per spread of the Anglo language and culture to other races actually much reduces global genetic and cultural variance. In doing so, it does poison the Anglo culture itself to some extent but even more so, it is a form of global cultural and political monopoly by a system that the Jews have already won. What is going on here is already in effect systematic extinguishing of the hope of ending a world largely run by Jews. It is the bringing about of an ever more irreversible mediocrity fundamentally motivated by the desire for a closed, entrenched elite to consolidate power that can be likened to cultural and political sterilization of the other to eliminate her potency.

In summary, along this line of argument, the Zionists are already engaged in a process of what is fundamentally a perversion or destruction of civilization to ensure that their rule persists indefinitely. To them, forces still independent from the Anglo liberal democratic system they control, mostly China and Russia, need to sterilized and decapacitated at all costs, with the ends justifying the means. That means whatever “dictators” associated with the two ought to be slandered beyond proportion. That means that even though the Soviet Union much saved the world from a Holocaust perpetrating Nazism, its decisive contribution for the WWII allied victory ought to be erased from the history books, with credit transferred to the American, now proxy for Israel, side.

Andrey Martyanov on Unz Review has written the following.

There is Russian Left and Chinese Left and they look completely different next to Western Left. But we may move even further–so called Western Left is not really Left, it is a brand assigned to it by people who practice faux-scholarship. Reality and a driving force of the Western Left is not so much Marxism, to which this W.Left appeals when it suites it, but still good ol’ liberalism. Western Left is a pinnacle of liberalism, it is its final form which atomized society utterly and in doing so undermined its foundation. The United States was a perfect nation to do so, it is the same as it is a perfect nation, as an example, for organizing Holocaust industry and selling it as a guilt medicine and use it as a coercion tool, the practice also imposed on war-torn Europe by its alleged “liberators”. It is also a perfect country to subvert its foreign and defense policies because the United States doesn’t know what REAL war is. Even rabid Russophobe Richard Pipes openly admitted it. In the end, United States never formed as a true nation. In many respects popular American 20th “history” of Russia is so consistently associated with “Jewishness” (apart from obvious ignorance of those who write it) because it is projection of own complex of inferiority. Russia changed Jews, Jews changed the United States and this inequality will exist and this is one which bothers greatly many of those WASPies in the US who have to face the fact that Russia didn’t sell out to Jews, while the United States today is effectively run by them in key sectors of national activity. This Russia-USSR-Bolsheviks-Jews-GULAG mantra is needed as a therapy for very many Americans in order to block out how they, and others, sold out their country to these very same Jews. Especially against the background of once great country literally turning into the third world multicultural cloaca with grim or no prospects at all. Sad, especially when one looks at purely American phenomenon of a vast strata of Christian Zionists loyal to Israel–an exhibit A of America’s failure to form as a cohesive nation.

Here, what he is essentially saying that Anglos are culturally such a weak people that Jews managed to take over the media, culture, and politics of America from the WASPs despite being outnumbered at least 10 to 1. On the other hand, Russia changed Jews and kept them fundamentally in line with Russian interests despite that the Jewish population percentage in Russia was so much higher. The Chinese are arguably viewed by the Zionists as much more of a threat due to the alienness of Chinese culture in addition to their competence. It would simply be impossible for the Jewish parasite to blend in among the Chinese and thus, she can be there a parasite not. Essentially, the Jewish strategy was to prey on the weak and vulnerable Anglo culture and once they successfully took over that host society abundant in power and resources, they are leveraging it to infect other powerful societies much culturally stronger with the hope of sinking them too into the oblivion of the global homo Anglo world order.

Again, there is no way that Jewish domination of America can be removed from within. Even if the truth is realized, those against it but already submerged into the American system can do nothing in effect to change it, as Jewish seizure of the highest echelons of power in what has already been transformed into a multicultural democracy has rendered organization and instigation of an internal revolution impossible. So if it is to change, it must come from without. If it is to change, this host society must be such that its internal order and prolificness is exhausted enough that it disintegrates and collapses from within. Along then will die the parasite that can live not without its host.


Reflections on the airplane in China

I’m on the airplane in China right now with nothing to do so I write this. The person next to me is watching an American movie with Chinese subtitles. Having been in China for almost a month, seeing that screen feels foreign to me, there are mostly some white people and a few black ones too. On that I shall say that my mental state has much changed being surrounded by people like myself for no more than 30 days. In America my only access to the culture and environment of what is to be my natural habitat was indirectly and very imperfectly through Chinese in America as well as the Chinese Internet. But that is nothing like actually being in China surrounded by Chinese people and their way of life in cities built in their own style. After just this little bit of time, much has changed as for my mental defaults, perhaps most prominently that now a pretty woman is instinctively East Asian as opposed to white. The power of advertising, the power of propaganda. I had been exposed to propaganda all my life in America nonstop and now I’m China I experience one in the reverse direction, with crudely speaking a cancellation effect underway.

Almost instinctively I no longer care or fear anything near as much what whites think. This is actually natural for almost everyone in China. They have no direct contact with white people or with people of any other race really. White people are pretty much invisible in their lives excepting an occasional model advertisement in public and appearance on some world news on TV. This is in stark contrast to in America where communication is so stilted in comparison because there are a zillion races which the multicultural environment naturally conditions one to fear pissing off either intentionally or by accident. One reason why I’m not optimistic about America. Sure America can attract smart people from all over the world. But there is also that given how people of one race already have enough difficulty getting along, how much of a problem it becomes when there are many races of vastly different cultures and inherently competing interests sharing the same space. Maybe that is much a reason why now China’s airports render the ones in America shabby in comparison. Even in a second tier city the magnificence of the airport instantly made an impression on me. Of course America is still more advanced and of higher innovative substance in core science and technology but even there the advantage is dwindling.

I increasingly view my experience growing up in America as an ethnic Chinese as an abnormal one essentially forced upon me. It’s human biological nature for races to self segregate, this is instinctive and it’s really modernity that has made possible people like me. Biologically and culturally, whites and East Asian are far far apart. It’s nothing like the difference between Han Chinese and the Mongols or that between the English and French. And so it’s also natural that the Chinese in America are perpetual foreigners who die out in a few generations with high outmarriage and low birth rates. It’s like a pollutant entering water that eventually becomes absorbed in, no longer visible to the naked eye. Of course there has been a continuous stream of it entering to replenish but mostly uniformly there is quite a low half-life.

I am the rare type of pollutant who opts to leave that system for self preservation. Yet owing to my having entered and stayed in formative years I continue to with my fluent and still prolific English writing infect readers and minds within. I am in some sense a product of American liberalism. It was the invasion of toxic American liberal ideas into my native land in the 80s and 90s along with some slots opened for entrance into the land of its gospel that attracted people like my mother and many other Chinese of that generation. Most of their offspring were absorbed and tamed under the new system, yet I resisted and am now in some sense retreating and launching some sort of counterattack. What was it of this gospel that so repelled and disgusted me? That is quite complex and not to be elaborated on here. In any case, it is evidence of lack of universality of that gospel in its power to attract, its power to deceive.

The West as represented by America is now nihilistic. It seeks perpetual expansion but in the long run that brings in outsiders to its culture and eventually to its own lands. It moves and mixes races and peoples to the point where the mixing becomes the norm that goes on eventually to the point of no return. It seeks much, inadvertent and complicit, to destroy itself and everyone else along with it. The West has unleashed a force it cannot control unto itself that may well end with its own tragic destruction. With reference to the words of Duke of Qin, civilization is fragile and its continuation requires constant shepherding. Especially in the modern world so small and interconnected dangerous in a way never before for racial and cultural survival.


这标题很大受了我读的一位网名为Duke of Qin的英文评论之启发,具体为

“Civilized” people get ethnically cleansed. I want the Chinese to be proud Chinese, not ersatz yellow Canadians. You know what happens to the considerate Chinaman? Other people walk all over him and take advantage of them at every turn and they are too meek to say a word otherwise. It’s a recipe for racial extinction. Submission to the behavioral norms of globo-homo-Amero culture one place means submission in other places too. Better by far for the Chinese to retain the blithe “fuck you” attitude and force others to accommodate themselves to our behavior than the inverse. Works for the Arabs and Israelies, the Chinese should copy them.


Disparate communities of blacks and whites when placed in proximity without the presence of an interventionist states always ends in one way, with whites fleeing for the hills and blacks left in command of the battlefield. Sure it will eventually become a ruin, but blacks win and whites lose. You see in the macro level as South Africa is gradually ethnically cleansed of whites, yet the same refugees from the black tide are usually the first to make excuses for the blacks that ethnically cleansed them!




美国的华人也是那种为了自己某些愿望,无论是崇洋媚外还是还是自己的事业还是更舒适的生活为代价主动选择被白人统治的那种。说起这一点,又一个Duke of Qin的语录从我脑海再次出来,复制一下就是

Nice guys finish last. Chinese shouldn’t become “nicer”, they need to get meaner. Atavism is the word of the day and they need to embrace “meanness” to survive in an ever darker world. I’ve seen the behavior of the so-called “nice” Chinese; deracinated compradors with fertility rates below 1 whose primary desire is overpriced real estate and cargo culting the West and miscegenating themselves into oblivion. In other words, an evolutionary dead end. Ill take Henan peasant over Shanghai cosmopolitan any day of the week and twice on Sundays. One of the good things about the Communist Party is that they have universalized Chinese nationalism to no longer be the exclusive realm of educated elites. Next step is to foster a siege mentality of us against the world and project that “meanness” against outsiders. Race War Now.







Role models for Chinese who grow up in America

Now that I am older with some time out of that shitty American education system, I can better appreciate how racist and emotionally destructive it is at its core for Chinese. Of course, I sort of knew all along that the “Asian” portrayals and stereotypes within the US school system and media bears little resemblance to the real one based in China. I mostly did what I could to ignore that and learn the real Chinese culture instead. For that, much thanks to Baidu and CCTV.

And yes, I had been at least subconsciously aware of the problem of lack of good role models. Speaking of which, I just read this comment on Reddit which left me quite an impression. The author of it, though having written that he was actually born in the US (I wasn’t), clearly knows the Chinese language and culture well, if you look at his writings on Reddit. As for the specific comment, I have it copied below.

There are plenty of Asian role models if the younger generation would actually try to look.

My personal, first and foremost has to be Mao Zedong, simply because of his bravery and not giving in to pressure, especially by XMs if you think about it: Krushcev, FDR, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, etc etc.

He led the Red Army during the Long March, 6000 miles on foot, always having to worry about assassination, and when they did win the Civil War, what happens? The United States tried to get him during the Korean War, and well, we know what happened after that, pitting 2 superpowers against each other and coming out on top, with lots and lots of pressure. Also the Chinese nuclear weapons was under Mao’s watch, which is the benchmark of calling yourself a superpower.

And no, to those Asian parents who decided to come here, air conditioners and toilets is NOT the the benchmark of being a superpower, nuclear weapons are, supercomputers are, missiles are.

Funny thing is, Mao died in his 80s, with all the pressure and stress he had endured. New generation Asian emigrants come here and I’ve noticed die much earlier than the previous generation. What gives? Could it be that your abundance of food is not so good? The convenience of air conditioners, heaters and toilets made you all weaklings? Something to consider.

For intellectuals, the father of China’s nukes and missiles have to be Qian Xuesen along with all the other great Chinese scientists under Qian’s watch.

Let’s not forget all the musicians that composed those beautiful war/red songs, still written to this very day. There is just too many to name, but they should all be enshrined to be the world’s greatest artists, along with Cultural Revolution painters. The paintings are amazing.

Yang Hongji is a famous singer in China, his baritone voice is amazing, you all should have a listen, Baidu it, 杨洪基

For athletes, I do like world record holders, so definitely Lu Xiaojun and Liao Hui, along with olympic swimmer Sun Yang. Also, we have to put in Bruce Lee as well, <— finally an ABC lol, yay! I like Jeremy Lin too, he’s way better than he actually is until the Houston Rockets basically fired him because the general manager was a supreme jack ass.

So, if Asians really look close enough there is plenty of role models around, don’t look at just Americanized Asians.

Now if you made it this far reading my walls of text, lmao, how many at r/aa actually know this about history, the Chinese Asians that is? Not many I reckon. Which is why I always say, deletion of history from your brain can be detrimental to your mental health. But at the same time we still have very proud Asians even with a lack of knowledge of history. Why is that? Maybe because there is so much evidence right now that we are just better. I honestly have no idea what is going in the brains of Asians from those other subs whom we shall not name lmao.

I pretty much have felt the same as he had, aside from my not having heard of Yang Hongji and Lü Xiaojun, who are pretty minor on that list anyway. But in place of the former, I know of plenty of such Chinese cultural singers, and the latter is as far as I can tell still more or less obscure, his weightlifting world record notwithstanding.

I especially liked his

And no, to those Asian parents who decided to come here, air conditioners and toilets is NOT the the benchmark of being a superpower, nuclear weapons are, supercomputers are, missiles are.

This has been quite obvious to me all along. Economic power is not the same as standard of living as experienced directly by the common folk. People who conflate the two tend to be those mentally sick right wing liberal Chinese who I want nothing to do with. Of course, not that material standard of living doesn’t matter, it certainly does, and in that regard, China has naturally improved very rapidly the past several decades once it had its industrial and military foundation.

Another comment of his I found particularly funny,

I never knew America is actually not that strong at weightlifting, and I wasn’t able to easily confirm it through online searches. I’ll take his word on that though, and also, that Russians are really good at weightlifting is exactly what I would expect.

I do remember seeing that the World’s Strongest Man contest had an Icelandic and Lithuanian, and more generally Nordics and East Europeans, at the top. There was though an American named Brian Shaw. I told this to my racially self-hating Chinese male nerd friend with reference to the word “white,” and to my great surprise, his response was actually

Lol that’s because only white people could care about such a ridiculous contest.

By the way, I don’t find that contest ridiculous; I find it quite respectable.

Back to Chinese role models, I first learned about Qian Xuesen spring of sophomore year of high school through Wikipedia and I developed somewhat of a fascination with him. I think very few Chinese who grow up in America know about him despite his being a household name in China, simply because America is not going to advertise him. I saw that Iris Chang, famous for her book on the Rape of Nanking also wrote a biography for him in English. Sadly, Iris Chang committed suicide in her 30s out of mental illness. She was also a WMAF, and yes, I’m well aware now of the phenomenon of Asian female married to white male as Asian-American community activist, in particular how much of a joke that is.

I’ll conclude by saying that I’m not some frenzied Chinese ethnic chauvinist. I genuinely admire much of Western civilization, the science part of it especially, though I’m also aware it is much in contradiction with my heritage, not to mention that mainstream American culture and politics right now is basically completely degenerate. Again, my message to Chinese in America is to be less complicit with it. In other words, quoting that guy again,

We need to channel Genghis, do not integrate into the land you are in right now, but channel your own inner Ghenghis. We need to forget this acceptance garbage. When Ghenghis went into Iran, did he beg for integration into Iranian society? No. he went out there and just took it. This attitude is what we need.



I was born in Taiwan in a WSR family and grew up in the West. Growing up, I finally realized that whites intend to do genocide on East Asians and KMT are collaborators in that agenda. Including my own parents — they are traitors and collaborators too.

After finishing my last degree, due to total disgust with the West and my traitor family, I reverse emigrated and worked in mainland China. It’s been 10 years now. The agenda to do genocide against East Asians (starting with Chinese) is very much alive. KMT is a part of the agenda. DPP is part of the agenda. The only people fighting against the agenda are the leftist CPP! Not even the pro-reform rightist faction of CPP. They are a part of the problem.

For us, the leader against Western imperialism is Chairman Mao!

Today, we have Chairman Xi, who is doing a pretty good job too. The struggle is real and it is literally a life-or-death struggle for the East Asian race versus the Anglo race. To defend ourselves, we are willing to nuke anybody who gets in our way!



读完学位以后,出于对西方和我叛变家庭的彻底厌恶,我返移民了,并且在中国大陆工作了。十年已过。 对东亚人(从中国人开始)进行种族灭绝的意图依然活活存在。国民党属于它。民进党也属于它。与此斗争的唯有中国共产党左翼!连中国共产党的改革右派都不算,他们是问题的一部分。












苏联的伟大,中共文明继承 (величие советского союза, китайская коммунистическая культура наследует) перевод китайской поэмы











Величие советского союза редкий в тысячелетиях
как взрыв сверхновой, мимолетное великолепие, изобилует потомством
сравним с македонской империей в западной истории
сравним с Империей Цинь в восточной истории
коммунистическая революция, расстрел нацистов, плановая экономика, первоначальное накопление китайской индустриализации, эти четыре великие советские подвиги
как Эллинизация и взаимодействие между Востоком и Западом из Македонии о как концепция великого единства династии Цинь, будет вечно влиять на человечество на протяжении тысячелетий
Советский Союз мертв
самоуверенный победитель холодной войны радуется двадцать лет не больше
теперь искра Советского Союза распространилась на степной пожар
рак капитализма, император земли – китайская коммунистическая культура постепенно поднимается
как Рим после Македонии, как Великий Хань после Великого Цинь

Gangnam Style

I have a smattering of thoughts I want to express here, and cannot think of a more suitable title. I guess the general theme is the cultural divide from the Cold War. I use Gangnam Style as the title since it is a representative, and also it’s occurred to me that it’s better for attracting attention/marketing. It is or at least was the most viewed video on YouTube after all.

Why am I suddenly reminded of Gangnam Style? Well, yesterday somebody spoke of that Crazy Rich Asians movie that just came out, that’s in a couple weeks time gotten $86.6 million box office already, almost thrice the $30 million budget. After searching online, I learned it’s based off a novel of the same name by a Singaporean-American of Chinese descent from, predictably, quite a prominent family in Singapore. I had already learned of it, as it has been everywhere online for a few weeks, though I didn’t pay much attention to it. I was quickly reminded of an anecdote involving Gangnam Style, which is also Asian. As for the name, Gangnam is this important, wealthy district in Seoul, or something like that. It is Korean for 江南 (jiangnan), which means south of the river, I believe.

What is the anecdote? My smart as fuck Russian friend in math raised in America who identifies strongly with the Soviet era has a younger brother nowhere near as smart as him who plays video games all day. On the car, he would keep singing Gangnam Style. My friend got so annoyed with that he said,

From now on, sing that again, and I’m going to sing back No Motherland Without You, Comrade Kim Jong-il.

I have listened to Gangnam Style by the way, and my reaction was like, “how the fuck did this trashy culture-less music video in Korean become number one on YouTube? What the fuck is going on with the taste of the current generation?” I guess it’s also impressive, that South Korea can produce a video music this viral, in their own language. Korean drama is also a big thing. Samsung and Hyundai too. Koreans (in the South) are both technically and culturally innovative.

Reminds me of my unusual ABC (actually born in America) friend who’s sympathetic to the North. He said some things about them which surprised me. Now, most Chinese in my parents’ generation I’ve encountered were from relatively humble backgrounds, often first in their family to attend college. He’s an exception though. He told me that his father’s family used to own a four story building in Tianjin that he’s visited. During the war, it became Japanese barracks. After the Japanese left, they got it back, but four years later, they ended up sharing it with a bunch of poor people. He told me his grandpa was about to go study in Britain, but the Japanese invasion disrupted that plan. His mother’s dad were also highly educated in STEM, and occupied a relatively high up position there. Ironically though, he really surprised me by saying a bunch of stuff in Chinese in the likes of what you hear from people during the Mao era or nostalgic for it, like how back then people didn’t need to buy a home, because the state provided one. I concluded that he, who has spent his entire life in America, must have learned all that from his parents.

As for North Korea, I told him about how some Korean was telling me about how there’s this map of lighting of world, in which South Korea is super bright while the North is almost completely dark, which exception of a glimmer from Pyongyang, which just goes to show the sheer economic disparity in level of development. His response was,

Or maybe because while the South Koreans are being worked to death, the North Koreans are sleeping.

Inside Facebook office, there’s an analogous display.


In this one, China is also entirely in totalitarian darkness. 😉

On DPRK, that guy was also like,

In a situation of war, the South Korean soldiers are not going to fight to the death to preserve the interests of their capitalist masters.

I spoke of how American and South Korean media talks about how the North’s army is extremely weak and ill-equipped now. Like their pilots don’t even have enough fuel to do sufficient training. On that he was like,

That’s not how the American and South Korean armies staging military exercises think.

I was like “lol okay.”

A few days ago, I finally learned of Erich Honecker and his wife Margot Honecker, who were the General Secretary and Minister of Education of East Germany respectively. They both pretty much got screwed after reunification. Erich escaped a criminal trial out of poor health to reunite with his wife in South America, who had sought asylum in Chile through the Chilean Embassy in Moscow. Margot died in 2016 and defended the GDR till her death. I had known before of the predecessor of Honecker, Walter Ulbricht, but not that he also had training Moscow from the 20s on as part of the German Communist Party. Not a surprise though, after the war, the Soviets pretty much planted those types in positions of power in East Germany. The system they established certainly had some political influence, they trained communists from all over the world, setting up schools just for that. The Comintern was certainly quite an effective political organization. Many of the old Chinese revolutionaries had that background too. I also learned of Egon Krenz, a top East German politician who actually travelled to China in 89 to thank Deng Xiaoping on behalf of the regime for using force to suppress the student protests, who subsequently published some books sympathetic to the GDR.

I’ve read before that there is quite a bit of East German nostalgia, with the so-called Ossis still being culturally different, of course, I’m not qualified to judge. In any case, it’s probably safe to assume that the stuff we hear in English about East German and the Stasi should be taken with a grain of salt. Victor’s justice after all, those part of the Stasi (an equivalent of Department of Homeland Security really), along with just about everyone high up in the East German regime, were politically disgraced after reunification.

More generally, I can sense how the political outlooks and ways of doing things still vary widely, and the legacy much persists today. The political rhetoric employed is markedly different, needless to say. Also, how those former socialist countries do those military parades, which would be naturally viewed in American mindset as distasteful and totalitarian, the style of dictatorship. Many from former those states also think that, especially ones who emigrated to the “free world,” also eventually grow to think that. They’ll say stuff like “waste of money.” An uncool way to “show how good we are.” I once said С днем победы to a Russian friend raised in America and he was like,

It’s stupid to celebrate the deaths of so many people.

My response was

So you’re saying that it’s basically, “we beat the Nazis, we saved Europe, we saved the world, we’re the best!”

And he was like, “pretty much.”

In the American political narrative, that stuff is almost always portrayed as people taking part in that not because they want to but because they have no choice under a totalitarian regime. An easy way to be dismissive of course. Expectedly, I find this perspective rather problematic. I’ve heard enough times the likes of “I like China, just not the Chinese government,” and “Remember that the Chinese people and the Chinese government are not the same thing.” The reality is that a government of a country is made up of a subset of its people, with the percentage depending on degree of government affiliation, not to mention that a government is necessarily influenced by its people, so it’s entirely unrealistic to speak of a government and its people as entirely separate.

I’ve also seen some liberal Russians here poke fun at Iosif Kobzon. They’ll say,

Oh, everybody hates Kobzon.


He’s ridiculous. Super pro-government. And he’s not even Russian you know, he’s actually Jewish. He’s ridiculous.

When the government routinely organizes those concerts where they sing those songs about the Red Army and crowds clap along, those guys find it either ridiculous or revolting. The thing is that the system gradually normalized that kind of activity to the point where people in that environment don’t find it strange and even enjoy it.

I do wonder how much of one’s preference on this spectrum is heritable versus shaped through experience. Necessarily, experiences shape one’s tastes and views but it is genes which largely determine how people respond to experiences more or less imposed on them as well as which ones they actively see out.

On Americanized Chinese females and colonialism

My general impression has been that Chinese females are generally much more susceptible to American culture than Chinese males. I was talking about this with a friend and his characterization of them was as follows

a lot of them are really stupid
there are some good ones

I asked him what kind of stupid, and he was like

mentally weak
absorb the dominant ideology without thinking

This is of course consistent with higher conformism and group think in females. My observation has been that even many of the ones who did up through high school or even college in China get pressured/tricked into this.

Through family, I know of a woman college-educated who after marrying some old white conservative man became an evangelical Christian obsessed with prayers, and even went as far as to go on mission trips to Indian reservations. This is just absolutely gross, that Chinese women in the West can be converted into willing accomplices for arguably the worst part of Christianity, the part where it is forcibly put upon those already mercilessly conquered and ethnically cleansed. 共产党快把这类人屠杀好不好啊,饶不了他们在中国的家属。

The way those churches bait poor and lonely students on campuses with food is disgusting. They love to target poor new immigrants without community. And they’re so aggressive in the way they go about it.

By the way, my observation has been that Chinese are by nature very atheist and materialist in their view of the world, and in a poll, 61% of Chinese in China identified as atheist. So naturally, Chinese are also very receptive to HBD and IQ.

Now, many Christians get super emotional when they see a non-believer. As kids I’m sure we’ve all instinctively felt that way when met with some faith very different from ours. The thing is some people grow out of that much more than others, eventually learning to rationalize differences in others in their belief systems. They remove to some degree the psychological blind that is what they wish things were that arises from a more emotional impulse.

It’s amazing how effective Christianity has been historically as a motivator and justifier of conquest. Intrinsic to the religion is a deeply engrained missionary culture, a conviction that God gave some groups of people not just the right but the duty to conquer and colonize in order to spread it to liberate savages devoid of the faith. Speaking of which, the Chinese government is for the most part hostile to Christianity based much on historical experience. It’s symbolic of white, Western conquest of China over China’s so called century of humiliation. After the British easily won the Opium Wars with their modern military technology, among the stipulations with in the resulting unequal treaties was the right for missionaries to spread their faith across China and in exchange for that favor, to live like kings. I’ll put it pretty bluntly, that full-blown conquest of one country and people by another entails the following:

  • Killing their men in a war
  • Subjugating their people
  • Raping their women (to some extent)
  • Brainwashing them with your religion and ideology
  • Cultivating a comprador upper class within the colonized country to serve your interests and do some of the dirty work of managing and subordinating for you
  • Promoting your language and culture there too

And as always, it’s frowned upon but still okay for a man from the colonizer to marry a woman from the colonized, and if a colonized man married or even had intercourse with a woman from the superior, colonizing tribe, he would literally get destroyed and that woman would be shunned for life by her own.

This phenomenon is still very much alive today in the behavior of Chinese women. Their white worship is evident from all the white male Chinese female couples out there in the West as well as their white-loving self-hating behavior in terms of cultural preferences. It’s needless to say that marrying a white man for a Chinese woman is for the most part a straightforward way up the current social ladder.

It’s also somewhat apparent that the extent of white-loving self-hating behavior of East Asian women varies for the most part consistently, monotonically based on degree of colonization of the place of origin. In mainland China, Shanghainese girls are seen as the worst. There was after all the Shanghai International Settlement, despite Shanghai’s never having been fully colonized the way Hong Kong was. And yes, Hong Kong women are almost certainly worse. As for Koreans, we all know that during the Cold War their women were basically sex objects for American GIs. There was I’m sure an element of that for Japan too, though surely, Japanese are less this way due to their stronger history. Still, in the end, they got raped by the US Army. The thing is that Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore all very much developed under America’s patronage post-war. Japan is rather different as it was already rather powerful and advanced before the war, but that doesn’t change their insecurities about being associated with the weaker, inferior race.

Now, mainland China is quite different. It was semi-colonized yes, but the Chinese communists against managed to get even militarily with the former oppressors during the Korean War from 1950-1953. She subsequently modernized rapidly much through Soviet aid and technology, with exchange with the West minimal after the United States was so butt hurt about losing to this backwards country that was led by a ruthlessly competent and formidable new regime. Moreover, the Chinese communists won their civil war with very minimal Soviet aid. There was nothing as far as I know other than the Soviets Red Army secretly transferring Harbin in Northeast China to them, which had some leftover industry and equipment from the Japanese occupation for them to use. Obviously, the current regime in China is so feared and resented by the West because it’s the only non-white that has been able to resist the West. Naturally, the political culture there is relatively very strong and independent too, as opposed to one of subordination to superior outsiders. Still, nowadays, there are plenty of girls in China who would sell out to some white loser for more money and status, and there is little that can be done to prevent that.

Face it, women are the weaker, subordinate sex. They are smaller, weaker, and less intelligent. Mother Nature made it that way, too bad. So to portray the men of the conquered, inferior race as effeminate is the natural way to culturally degrade them and their race. It’s still very much this way for East Asians, that is the reality. Can this be changed? Yes, but it will take many generations. Culture and perception does take a long time to change. There will need to be the hard power, preferably a military victory, to back it up, plus at least a generation of cultural and political education and media in the same direction. You see, centuries of colonialism has been such that inferiority to whites and the West is deeply engrained, the British and Americans have spent generations if not centuries training their lackeys in the East and promoting a culture in their favor. This is why you see Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, and South Koreans show so much contempt for their counterparts in mainland China, those poor brainwashed communists. Yes, China got Hong Kong back legally and militarily but not the hearts of its people. And the agreement with the British was such that a relative degree of autonomy would remain for another 50 years. There are some people in China who are unhappy with how Deng Xiaoping dealt with the whole thing, mentioning how there is still some British and some South African on some high court in Hong Kong. Hong Kong remains culturally and politically colonized, a hotspot for CIA subversion operations. It took a lot of beatings from the British for the residents of Hong Kong to become that way, I don’t know what the Chinese communists will need to do just to reverse most of that damage. As for Taiwan and South Korea, for the perception to really change, I think China will actually need to take them by force, with economic embargo plus military occupation. Really, you can only truly reshape the world order with military occupation, as the United States and Soviet Union did respectively post WWII, with the United States grabbing a bigger share of course, despite that Soviet Union did much more of the dirty work to win that war.

In some sense, the only guaranteed solution to the problem of ideological conversion is to kill, or sterilize. That’s happened all the time throughout history. During the Crusades, those with the inclination to resist religious thought were basically wiped out of the gene pool. Similar pressures in medieval Europe. Which explains why whites have such strong religious inclination. The Chinese communists also did their killing of counterrevolutionaries after taking over. Of course, there were some who really despised that regime but sucked it up and hid it well enough that they weren’t killed, and their descendants a generation or two could continue on with their liberal anti-communist crap once the political situation permitted. In South Korea, the solution of American puppet dictator Syngman Rhee was also to simply kill anyone suspected of left-wing leanings. There were plenty of socialists in South Korea during that time. The way to deal with them of course was to kill or at least make life hard for their families, with the effect of suppressing birth of more political undesirables to consolidate the next generation’s power.

Of course, now it’s no longer anywhere near as socially acceptable to use the cold kill or imprison method. (The US and allies can still do this though to small countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and get away with it, as it is still too powerful, especially politically, that nobody else can really do anything about it.) Norms have changed, too much liberal human rights bullshit, not to mention to more to lose from actual war. Of course, economic and political pressure is still, and always will be, a viable option. Somebody wrote that the USSR lost much because it was much worse than the US at soft power, at getting others to willingly submit to them. Yes, and this has much to do with that the US was able to inherit centuries of British imperialism and colonialism, whereas the USSR was a new superpower that emerged from relative backwardness under the new socialist system they pioneered in order to survive, not to mention that in hard power it was still much weaker. Yes, soft power takes generations, even centuries to develop. The legacy of the British Empire and subsequent American post-WWII world order, and white, Western imperialism and colonialism in general, will be very hard to displace. Even when their hard power is no longer so overwhelming, cultural attitudes remain deeply entrenched, per the colossal political dependency and technological and institutional ecosystem accumulated over generations.

There is still hope though. China will have to create and promote internationally a culture in its favor, with a fuck you attitude to the West to the extent that she can get away with. You never win by abiding by somebody else’s rules. The West is naturally much advantaged in the idiotic politically liberal free for all market setting of its own creation that has effectively induced in people passive submission against their own interests and reluctance to face often unpleasant realities. China could go the opposite way of brutal state control optimizing for national interests in combination of more ethnic identity among the Chinese people. That means the state using access to its large domestic market to extort as much as they can politically and economically, taking advantage of the precedence of private corporate interest in the West. Basically, along with heavy investment on becoming self-sufficient in all advanced, strategically important technologies, telling the West that we’ll only make it easy for our people to buy your products if you give us something, technology or political favor. Tell them that if you say shit about us your companies will have a lot of profits to lose. That also means intense government directed pressure against liberal anti-communist ethnic Chinese. On this, we can see how many have already toned down such political activities for their economic expedience and benefit, just like how economic pressures from the American ruling class has worked wonders to induce the desired political correctness of expression. As this goes on, China will have to absorb more of the rest of the world into its own ecosystem, primarily targeting of course developing, formerly oppressed countries with shared historical sentiment. This means gradually establishing RMB as an alternative international reserve currency. At home, China can using its state media apparatus strengthen the no nonsense brutally capability-based nationalistic/militaristic side of its culture to encourage its people to achieve their potential in a way that benefits the national interest. On this note, I shall point out my observation that the US media loves to sway and deceive mentally weak people with fake ideological bullshit in the likes of freedom and democracy, whereas the Chinese in media discussions of political matters focus primarily on objective capability and leverage. The US is too good at culturally and systemically absorbing and manipulating, so China’s best strategy to counter it is to unapologetically go the opposite way both culturally and economically. You defeat someone by boycotting his rigged game, not by playing it.

All in all, China is still very much in what would America think mode, though recently, with China’s economic and technological strength ever more manifest, there’s been visibly more of an I don’t give a damn what you think attitude that now China easily gets away with, with the trend ever more in that direction. Just as America has used and still uses anti-communist Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan to make trouble for China, the Chinese government could, appealing to Chinese ethnic pride and identity, encourage Chinese in America, increasingly discontent with the discrimination they face there, to demand more, or at the very least, contribute to more ethnic inter-group tension in an already very racial spoils driven multiethnic society. After all, the people who win big are almost always those with a strong sense of entitlement and ambition, who dare to cross social boundaries.

I don’t think truly getting along is possible, out of realism. Powerful large ethnic groups/nations are almost always hostile to each other, especially when they are very racially and/or ideologically different. They really only cooperate when there is a more threatening common enemy.