Some emails to Russian in Russia while on train and subway

I’m copying them over to maximize the fruit of writing them. I know that writing so much to one person is not best use of time. But on 30 minute train and later subway it’s hard to do much.

In China I see locals with an attitude of resentment of why don’t you go back to America to many of the returnees they feel like the returnees are taking their cake. Also there are returnees who feel like they’re hot shit and demand ridiculous pay like this person who asked for 800k total compensation in China after I’m guessing about 400k in America at Facebook. Especially when the returnee is often not really any better aside from having some fancy American names like Google Harvard etc on their resume. Also fitting in that’s really important since people do not operate in isolation.
And there is that returnees have more money because salaries in US are higher under currency exchange rate which naturally attracts resentment. If they have American passport then their loyalty is suspect they’re seen as greedy opportunist who can not be trusted.
I’m aware that often America is mostly good at inflating her value and many people fall for it. They like to use money and false promises as bait. Like the so called American dream. I’m talking with this American company with a third of engineers in Beijing. It’s obvious that they are doing this for cheap labor.
In the meanwhile you have all this Hollywood propaganda of rich people with mansions and private jets much of it exaggerated to make America seem so much better and have people feel like maybe if they worked hard they could eventually become an exec and get that too. Its all superficial just look at how shitty public transportation is in America and the shitty educational opportunities. Higher salaries but also much more out of pocket if you want something that’s not shitty.
Like in China I took subway plus half hour train to another city for interview. The train ticket was 55 RMB and because it was morning I stayed at a very minimal hotel overnight that cost 50 RMB about 7 dollars.
America is gonna have another major crash their parasitic elites keep deluding themselves with false numbers like GDP and notions such as markets and free trade as opposed to actual capability.
And I was in Tokyo lately after I saw 20 minutes of Xi in Pyongyang last week. Tokyo looked exactly like American city just Japanese on the surface. The image was one of being raped by America. I didn’t expect it to be that severe. I wrote that in comparison Seoul didn’t give me that image. SK is also a soulless America ass-kisser with a shameful history it just happens that DPRK and PRC and indirectly USSR actually reigned in on them a bit and gave them some fear unlike the fully American Japan.
Trip to Tokyo enabled me to appreciate DPRK more.
US tech companies hire H1Bs for cheap labor and to keep workers under more control. US elites wants a global capitalist culture devoid of national boundaries with themselves on top and capitalists of other countries as second tier. Actually it’s the Jews who want this because they know once racial and national cohesion is undermined then they can easily remain on top. They essentially want to destroy civilization by mixng peoples under a pretense of diversity and the countries which we represent are their biggest obstacles.
US is a ruthless everybody in Anglo culture under Anglo norms in English system. I went there at age 6 and unlike almost every other ethnic Chinese who grew up there I successfully resisted ethnic cleansing.

I’m on Subway now and going to rant even more. You know that South Korean rap song Gangnam Style that became number one on YouTube. My Russian friend in US told his younger brother sing it in the car again and I’m going to sing back No Motherland Without You Kim Jong Il which is actually a high quality song. I listened to it online several times this week. At my hotel in Japan I watched their military parade online which was not bad. Chinese literature professor Kong Qingdong at Beijing University openly said that China has a lot to learn from DPRK. He’s taught in SK too and on there he wrote a satirical poem based on Mao’s “Changsha” that ended with

Half a nation walled off, characters on a broken memorial stone, yet still daring to look arrogantly over five continents, remember not under Shangganling (a major battle during the war that the Chinese side won), a mound of ten thousand dead bodies

Kong thinks that SK basically sold its soul to get whatever economic development they’ve gotten and that DPRK’s difficulties are mostly due to loss of trade with Russia in 90s. He thinks their determination to survive and triumph against the odds is something that Chinese to learn from a true miracle that I think is much more so than Japan’s rebuilding post war.
SK soldiers are under US command and control. My friend said if DPRK attacks they are not going to want to sacrifice themselves to preserve their capitalist masters puppets of America.
South Koreans are generally smart and hardworking from what I’ve seen but many are the prestige obsessed small minded type who entertain delusions of superiority while defensively rebutting any challenge against their American master.

That Kong Qingdong lamented that Chinese and their govt did not do enough to protect DPRK and many instead tried to mix with its enemies SK and US. So DPRK had to go on its own against the odds to make nukes to extort stuff out of rest of the world and that their results are quite applaudable.
Though now that there is so much tension with America Chinese are changing their attitude just look at how much Xi’s visit to Pyongyang was reported. 20+ minutes of it on nightly news watched by hundreds of millions. Certainly DPRK will become economically much better off now with more favorable environment.
Kong actually regards SK as super repressive place he taught two years there at some college thought the intellectuals there were pretty much bought out by America. And that the people there are super hardworking and stressed out but much of it is ineffectual or unnecessary. Even called it a fascist country says their media reporting is shameless and says that US encourages them to make trouble for China such as by complaining about repatriation of North Korean refugees thru Chinese border. Maybe he also said that SK manufactures fake DPRK defectors.
I learned of this in late 2013 and it was so different from what you typically hear in America. As much as US goes on about North Koreans starving or in concentration camps certainly the place is much better overall than Africa and also better than India/Pakistan by objective metrics. Even in the 90s their most difficult time.
My mom is an America loving moron and traitor who unquestioningly believed that Kim had his uncle eaten by dogs when US media reported that. America likes to claim that Chinese in China lack critical thinking but I think believing that and reacting emotionally without actually seeing it on video is lack of critical thinking. That America reports stuff like that shows that it is Americans who lack critical thinking.


Uber IPOed lately. I saw that Kalanick’s girlfriend is this Angie You, so another WMAF. And Alan Eustace this SVP at Google who joined in early 2000s or maybe even 1999 has some Eustace-Kwan Foundation. There was also that Sergei Brin-Amanda Rosenberg affair, and Rosenberg is the product of some Jewish-Chinese relationship in Hong Kong.

I once looked up the VPs at Facebook and the ones of Chinese descent were mostly if not almost all female. Starts from the top with Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

As for Google, I vaguely recalling reading that Eric Schmidt also once dated some Vietnamese concert pianist or something like that.

Not to mention I’m also reminded of that Amy Chua who is married some Jewish law professor at Yale. Her tiger mother book certainly didn’t help with positive publicity of Chinese in America.

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On the global homo Anglo world order, its origin and its implications

I have a very smart and unusually politically perceptive WASP American friend, who placed at or at least near the top at elite math contests. He once said to me the following:

A world run by Chinese or Japanese is one where they’d be rich and on top but mostly leave others alone, except to get money from them. A world run by whites is one where half want to conquer and half want to help. A world run by Jews is one where they’d systematically extinguish any hope of ending it.

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I’ll further comment that having been in it from first grade through university the American school environment seems very effective at culturally cleansing those of Chinese descent as was done to that person’s kid despite his having done up to sixth grade in China. It is indeed 非常可怕, and again I did what I could resist the cleansing.

Seeing his shock on how just 2 or 3 years of brainwash in America managed to override a preceding 12 years of it in China, evidence of futility of Chinese education, I have a few thoughts on the matter. One, his kid is somewhat on the extreme end there; of course it didn’t help that he was put in schools full of rich white kids. Two, this has become a problem in China too, an invasion of toxic American liberal ideology. Banning Google and Facebook, and now also Reddit and Quora, is not enough. On how to solve this, I have a proposal, a rather unrealistic one at this point in time: change the de facto foreign language in China from English to Russian, China already had experience with that in the 50s and time has showed that Russian culture is more compatible with Chinese culture than the Anglo one. If China is going to secede from the world by walling off Jewish controlled Anglo media, it should do so full force, not half-heartedly.


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A Chinese theoretical physicist on freedom of speech, lack thereof in civilized society

As for the words of that physicist, he was too articulate about it, that high V. Everybody who’s not delusional is pretty much aware of what he’s saying, but few can say as articulately and expressively. I published his words in an article on Zhihu, in Chinese of course. I will translate it to English for a few of you here. It’s of course much more expressive in Chinese but not all that much is lost in translation either.


The more civilized the society, the less there is freedom of speech. In America, you can of course criticize that American president because the American president has no relation with you, but do you dare to criticize your immediate superior? This is what your life experience has told you, that in a civilized society, there are so many relations between people. Of course you are for your own personal interest, you of course cannot speak as one pleases. I can just use the mainstream media to explain. So long as one is not an imbecile, it’s universally known that those Jews control the media but who dares to say it, if you say it, your boss, your Jewish boss, will immediately fire you. Once you’re fired, that house mortgage, auto mortgage of yours, your Harvard tuition, where will you find that money. Only in a primitive society is there freedom. China has a proverb known as “devoid of desire, thus hard and firm.” Only when you have no desires, no need to appeal to others, do you have freedom of speech. So I always say that Europeans and Americans per a type of delusion, say they are a democratic society, a society with freedom of speech, it’s completely an illusion. Criticize the president so what, proves what, if you have courage, criticize your immediate superior, criticize your colleagues.

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How East Asian males in America can attain more status and power

I read through some comments of wokeAZN on Reddit and I actually created a page where I began to collect his quotes. Of course, what he says many already know, but few will actually say, for obvious reasons. I think that yes, East Asian males really need to confront the reality and change certain flawed attitudes, and this is most easily done if the realities however unpleasant are laid bare before us.

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Elizabeth Holmes, Kaifu Lee, and some remarks on fraud and manufactured success

Haha, father VP at Enron, fraud seems embedded in her bloodline. Fleischmann is Jewish, that means maybe Elizabeth Holmes can also go onto my Scandalous Jews list?

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I stumbled upon the reddit by the handle wokeAZN. Guessing from his handle, he advises Asian-Americans on how to fight for equal rights. One of his main points, which I’ve long realized and written about on this blog, is that in the current system, privileged whites have no incentive to not preserve their privilege, which necessarily means depriving Asian-Americans. A representative comment on that would be

Correct. Asian-American activism as of today is entirely focused on begging the predominantly white owners to change their ways without even considering to challenge or disrupt the ruling mechanisms to begin with. Their weapons of choice are politeness, copying SJW concepts that worked for other marginalized groups and political correctness. Good luck with that.

Look at the recent Harvard and specialized NYC HS admissions controversy for example. Asians loudly speak up in droves protesting the process changes yet none of them even thought about the need to challenge and dismantle the administrations and institutions that are in charge of the admissions processes. Same goes for any activism directed towards Hollywood and the Western media etc.

This was in response to the quote:

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.”- Assata Shakur.

This is nothing but obvious to me. Reminds me of how in essence, Gandhi’s nonviolent resistance signals nothing but weakness. India’s nominal independence didn’t really liberate India. She remained at her core still a British colony. I recall how Chinese Marxist philosopher Ai Siqi (艾思奇) wrote of Gandhi’s nonviolent resistance with disdain. The Chinese communists on the other hand actually won a war against America in Korea, the reason they are so despised in the West. So yes, if Chinese-Americans want equal rights in America, they should go unambiguously more in the direction of the Chinese communists. It’s not about morality; it’s about leverage. I heartily hope that Asian-Americans can stop exhibiting a form of Stockholm syndrome manifested in the form of defensiveness and attachment towards a system that treats them as second-class citizens. Continue reading “wokeAZN”