An email I wrote to a Russian in Russia on my thoughts on media/information sovereignty

I feel some of its content is worth sharing more widely. So I’m copy pasting it here with some modifications.

I’m kind of disappointed that Ron Unz blocked my comment in Chinese on his article I made a few more today, suggesting someone on there to email me and others to join a potential WeChat group (but there’s a chance they’ll get blocked too). I’ve attached screenshots.

I also don’t like this clause

Submitted comments become the property of The Unz Review and may be republished elsewhere at the sole discretion of the latter

There are some particular people on the site I’d like to talk more in private, like AnonFromTN and Vidi. I’ve exchanged a fair bit with the former already on that site publicly, who is a Russian immigrant biologist. Do you have his contact information?

There is also that Unz Review is really high latency (aka very slow). It was in the US too. After all, images plus hundreds of comments have to be loaded all at once. I actually prefer not to turn on my VPN while in China. Chinese sites hosted in China load slower if I use that (even when I use its Hong Kong configuration) and turning on/off is an annoyance. Sadly, if I want to listen to some Soviet songs, I basically have to go on YouTube. Even Yandex video results are almost all YouTube. Now that is something that Russia didn’t do right, not making their own large video site (tell me if there is one).

In that Chinese comment of mine, in reply to a guy almost certainly Chinese who is very pro Chinese communist according to his comments (text below along with screenshot in case you want to copy paste to an online translator), I wrote that even though Unz Review is contrarian towards American mainstream, it’s still an American media, in English, and that if he likes the Chinese communists so much, he would do much better to support some Chinese companies, maybe work for one, than comment in English on a fringe media site political viewpoints few English readers really want to hear.

I increasingly realize how much power these media companies have due to their control of dissemination of information. America obviously wants to bring the world into their media monoculture, with Google/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter and also English as the de facto international language. Their possession/control of all that user data as well as the media platform in itself gives them tremendous leverage. China has done remarkably well at resisting that, much better than Russia has.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Chinese being a very different language is quite an advantage for the Chinese. Makes the Chinese population much harder to culturally conquer, a perfect political shield. Unlike Russia which is kind of halfway between East and West culturally closer to West so it’s far less immune to the Western toxin. I find myself so much happier without Google without Facebook, within the Chinese internet bubble. Search including for technical I can get from Baidu and instant messaging I get from Weixin. Life is good interacting in person with only Chinese in Chinese and online with the occasional non-Chinese like you who I actually enjoy talking with. I don’t have to give a fuck about what an American or Indian or Jew thinks unlike in the US.

I’m encouraging people of the right background in the Anglo world dissatisfied with it to detach from it instead of arguing/fighting within an Anglo system controlled by the other people. That is the best way to show contempt and exert leverage. Those Russians could transfer the time and energy spent reading and commenting on Unz Review to doing things which directly support Russia (like, read and comment on RT instead, which is actually controlled by Russia). Arguing on somebody else’s media in their language on their turf against them is but a losing game.

同时,可以找到与你道相同的或可能相同的人针对性的影响组织,少浪费时间与不认同你的人。Unz Review是逆于美国主流的地方,所以能找到一些支持中国的人不过它依然是个英文的美国媒体,真正的中国人也很少会在这上面评论。稍微看了你的评论历史,对你稍有好奇,欢迎发我邮件gmachine1729 at,然后可以加个微信多认识一下,把你介绍到更多与你道相同的人。

Revisiting quotes of ChinaSuperpower after some time in China

I’ve been busy busy busy quite exhausted but weekend gives me a chance to wind down a bit. So I went over the VPN to read again some quotes of ChinaSuperpower on Reddit.

I’m from a technical background but unlike many especially from the Chinese diaspora STEM community in US, I’m not exactly entirely apolitical and I do not try to pretend that national and racial boundaries can be traversed unlike many an idiotic Western or Westernized liberal. Segregation per race is natural for humans and miscegenation, hybrid vigor notwithstanding, I see as for the most part quite corrosive if not socially and culturally destructive. As the Chinese saying goes, 人以群分物以类聚. I was and still is a quantitative nerd and used to hang out with mostly those types naturally but many of them are just 书呆子 with pretty low political awareness and then again naturally I don’t want to be exposed too much towards that aspect of them. Like, I will respect a high IQ banana for his technical prowess but I will disdain him somewhat socially and treat him with some degree of suspicion.

On the other hand, ChinaSuperpower is a lawyer as he has written on Reddit. He doesn’t care all that much about pure technical ability and puts the political side before the professional side. He doesn’t want to hear more about cases of highly successful Chinese STEM diaspora and he has a very high standard when it comes to ethnic/tribal affiliation. Being a lawyer he’s obviously had to deal with much more cutthroat behavior than people in technical fields. A political big fish in the latter is merely average in the former so the standard is very different.

I’ll say that with direct exposure and experience I can better understand where he’s coming from with his words.

Like he wrote

You are thinking like a diaspora, mate. Race only matters when you have the same citizenship. In Asia, where different ethnicities have different citizenships, the only thing that matters is your citizenship.

So a Chinese national will naturally discriminate against nationals of other countries that are unfriendly to China. A Chinese American will be categorized as “American” and disliked. Now a white American may be disliked as well but a native Chinese will expect the white guy to have some status within America, so he gets respect. They know a Chinese American has no status either so they will dislike the Chinese American for his citizenship and look down on him for his lack of status.

Again, this is the shitty situation created by the huge wave of white worshipping emigration from 1980 to 2015. They exploit their children as “anchors” in the adopted country for the parents’ convenience and then cut off their children’s escape route back to the homeland.

In China, without citizenship there is too much one cannot do. One cannot buy train tickets online and one can only live in hotels for foreigners that are overpriced. China is not an immigrant nation like America, China does not even pretend that non-Chinese can become Chinese, unlike America with its melting pot bullshit. A non Chinese without citizenship can only work on the fringes of mainstream society in foreign-based organizations there. Really it’s similar for Chinese in America even those with US citizenship. They tend to be in academia and tech companies full of immigrants or in Chinese restaurants. They have no place in the media or in the legal sector or in mainstream finance or politics. Their kids are subject to higher standards in college admissions because their career prospects and social influence are limited in America.

On this I shall quote a comment on Reddit.

This is somewhat true. Many are just as blind as they were when they first arrived to the US. Many stay here, buy into the story and never want to acknowledge the problems that exist in the West (US) and how this affects them and their communities.

I think the problem is the clustering of immigrants which gives them a sense of false reality. Back home in Vancouver, the majority of Asians tend to stay within their own communities. These communities live in their own bubble, but are also deeply affected by westernization in all aspects.

They get fooled that they maintain their own social dynamic and that things are good, but essentially the same rot occurs due to the way society works in the West. I have seen Chinese folks talk all proud about being Chinese and doing some superficial Chinese things, but besides these few things, they have become almost fully westernized and they would difficulty move away from this.

The reason why the diversity meme is spread is precisely because it helps spread westernization among the immigrant population. They want Asians, but they want a specific type of Asians to be represented. They want people that LOOK Asian and do some superficially Asian things, but they essentially want these people to behave in the exact same way and have the exact same political/social positions as the mainstream whites.

Given it is a slow process, most people don’t realize it. It is like the frog in the boiling water.

To this ChinaSuperpower responded with

Your post hit the nail on the head. Never underestimate the resolve and solidarity of the mainstream society in excluding Asians from real corridors of power. Instead, they cleverly peddle a superficial Asian (or Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc.) community to numb the first generation emigrants into thinking they are in control.

Actually, the first generation emigrants are in control of nothing. The government remains in control of the mainstream. The police remains in control of the mainstream. The banks and big businesses remain in control of the mainstream. The unions remain in control of the mainstream. The media remain in control of the mainstream.

But you let the first generation emigrants gather together in some Asian mega church or whatever and they feel as if they are “at home.” The moment they realize they are not at home is when they change from consumers to producers.

When they have to actually make a living they realize there are no jobs. When they try to open a business their property rights are not protected. When they wonder what is going on by then it is too late: their sons have wasted years and years getting an education without real job prospects. Their daughters have spent years and years watching white savior Hollywood movies.

If these Asian enclaves never formed and all these Asian families were scattered in redneck hick towns maybe they would have figured things out much faster and retreated back to the homeland. The Asian enclaves serve to paralyze the first generation emigrants while the Western toxin works its way into the bodies of the second generation sons and daughters to change their lives forever for the worse.

I having grown up there and worked there am aware of all this. I much disliked it obviously and did what I could to keep that toxin out of my system. Nonetheless I still feel at times a little PTSD from that experience. But once well settled in China what happens in America will largely be irrelevant to me; I will have basically little reason to care. I hardly even go on English media now and as an example I never even cared to read any English media articles on the recent Huawei detainment incident aside from the one on Unz Review by Unz himself. Unz Review is out of the mainstream though. There are many Russians on there and I encourage them as hard as it may be to go home instead of being an unwelcome contrarian in America. Social position and belonging means much more than the extra money and material standard of living you’re getting in America.

Even a guy with top credentials with even stronger anti Western liberalism views than I do superficially speaking I laugh at at times to myself as merely a “Chinese nationalist wannabe banana” as his Chinese is very limited and he basically acts American in terms of many of his natural habits. I do think he can be redeemable though but with a lot of work. I encourage second generation Chinese in America with a desire to become a true Chinese to contact me and I’ll do what I can to help. At the very least I can supply some connections on 微信. It’s a very small base population though so you are probably used to your social and psychological needs not really being catered to growing up. Having gone through that experience I definitely will help in my spare time. I am aware that those who grew up in America by default would regard returning as basically not an option and I am happily challenging that default with my own writings and more importantly actual actions. I encourage more Chinese to actively challenge existing norms in ways advantageous to both the individual and the group whenever one is capable of doing so.

My blog does not get that much readership (certainly less than Steve Hsu’s) but it’s also far from negligible. People have contacted me and I have become good friends with at least one. I’m glad to have influenced some people. Those who like my blog are of course very welcome to share it. In the reverse direction, I’ll say that my contacting a Chinese in China blogger I stumbled upon through Baidu search helped me with my return to China which while not that difficult due to my relatively privileged circumstances was not exactly easy either. At the very least it brought me some connections and made me feel less alone. So maybe I can do the same for others.

I want to say to my readers that though this blog might in many ways reek of elitism, there’s no reason to feel intimidated or embarrassed. I’m actually a pretty chill person for the most part. I don’t think I am all that great either. I want my blog to provide some valuable information and encouragement to my readers and hopefully meet some interesting and helpful people through it as well. I want to write honestly too, about how the world really works socially based on my personal experience in school and in the real world, across both the Chinese and American cultures. I’ll be honest to say that in that regard I do have quite a rare combination, though that has more to do with my rather unusual background than with any terribly exceptional ability or talent, though certainly, I’m also far from a dimwit.

At the same time, I want to write more clearly and simply about my experience learning various technical topics in math and computer science and provide some suggestions on how to go about understanding them, though surely, the audience for that is smaller than for the political matters I write about. I don’t think it’s very good to try to make this stuff seem super difficult and perhaps more complex than it needs to be. I realize that many expositions present just the formality and don’t say anything about the motivation or intuition, with the appropriate analogies or context.

It’s also not my intention to show off or name drop or status signal. I have been guilty of doing that before, just as I’ve been guilty of intellectual intimidation, and all that I find increasingly tasteless. I must say that Steve Hsu’s is full of that, and it threw me off quite a bit when I first encountered it (when I was about to graduate from high school I believe). He hasn’t really changed. Not that he isn’t extremely talented and impressive, but every once in a while, he will write about how hard theoretical physics is, his contacts/connections with theoretical physicists and also mathematicians (recently Noam Elkies), and alongside that random blog posts about his sporting prowess, and also geopolitics (mostly in the form of links to videos) and then advertise these random Chinese (to clarify, mostly Chinese-Americans, not real Chinese) people and Chinese companies, and then go on about how they’re discriminated against in college admissions in a white country (with the whole controlling for all other variables, being Asian means less likely to be admitted argument that most people don’t really want to listen to). Also, his cognitive genomics and AI and Silicon Valley startup experience among other things. It’s mostly in the form of advertisement, often with links and just brief commentary, with at times some elitism in the form of name dropping and personal associations. Clearly, our formats differ greatly, with my posts being longer and in more essay format, with some actual elaborations on my thoughts and reflections coupled with some personal experiences.

I’m getting a bit tired of Steve Hsu’s blog by the way, but I certainly acknowledge the impact it’s had. It’s a pretty successful blog with many commenters, unlike mine, which has very few comments. This I’m sure also at least subconsciously has to do with the fact that I don’t really consider Steve Hsu a real Chinese, especially now that I am in China; he’s not at all culturally Chinese as far as I can tell. So as much as he advocates for China and Chinese, especially in America, it’s hard to take him that seriously in this different context. Of course, this is all a product of his having been born and raised in America. I was raised in America since first grade too, but I have more actual exposure and connection to the real China and real Chinese such that I still can be one of them.

My Huawei phone arrived

Sunday out to meet an old friend at a restaurant in Beijing while navigating my iPhone suddenly died in the cold and couldn’t turn on for a while. After about five minutes it finally went on but at 10% battery when before it was at 70%.

So I thought time to order a Chinese phone instead. Sunday night I did so online on JD 京东 and today at noon it was delivered. I spent only 1000 RMB (less than $200) on it. Let’s see how long it lasts being so much cheaper. I ordered a cheap one after my physics professor friend in China told me he never goes beyond 1000 RMB when ordering his Huawei phones. There were Huawei ones that are like 4000 RMB iirc.

For those of you still stuck in America who can’t return in the near future who want to support China in this trade war you can start by using Xiaomi for phone and boycotting Google and Facebook. Americans go out of their way to devalue Chinese companies and there is every reason for Chinese to do the same to America in return.

Apparently, another one of Ren Zhengfei’s daughters is a computer science undergraduate at Harvard

The detaining of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei and daughter of its founder Ren Zhengfei, at Canadian airport on behest of the US authorities has made headlines the past several days. On that, I have little to say other than that she is quite attractive and also that the half-closeted nepotism via mother’s surname is both amusing and somewhat gross.

Reading her Wikipedia page, I pulled the following

Ren’s first wife was Meng Jun, the daughter of Meng Dongbo, a former deputy governor of Sichuan Province. They had two children: daughter Meng Wanzhou and son Meng Ping, both of whom took up their mother’s surname.[14] After their divorce, he married Yao Ling, with whom he had another daughter, Annabel Yao, who is 25 years younger than Meng Wanzhou. Annabel is a computer science student at Harvard University who made a high-profile debut at Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris in 2018.[14] Ren married for the third time to Su Wei, who was reportedly his former secretary.[14]

Ren’s eldest daughter, Meng Wanzhou, is deputy chairperson and chief financial officer (CFO) of Huawei.[15]

I’m somewhat surprised and also rather disappointed that Ren Zhengfei sent his other daughter, who also took her mother’s surname (and this is a different mother), to Harvard for undergrad. It reminds of how Xi Jinping’s daughter transferred to Harvard from Zhejiang University after her freshman year. I hate to say it but it’ll be hard to take the PRC elites too seriously when they send their children to elite US schools for undergrad. It is a sign that they still lack independence with a need to associate with global homo Anglo elite institutions. On the Chinese internet, people are questioning what other passports besides the Chinese one is possessed by Meng Wanzhou, and it was revealed somewhere that she had a green card from Canada.

Meng for undergraduate merely attended a good but not great university in China. That was when her father, who started Huawei in his 40s, was still a relative nobody. Remember that in China, aside from regional discrimination, wherein Beijing residents are allocated like 10 times more slots at Beida/Qinghua adjusted for population than residents in the provinces, admissions is based purely on gaokao and automatic admission via top performance on the national math and science olympiads. It’s basically impossible for filthy rich and/or well-connected parents to buy one’s kid’s way into Beida/Qinghua in China. So I guess when the kid of someone super high up in China turns out to be intellectually mediocre, attending an elite US school for undergrad becomes the default, sadly.

Something to note, relatedly, is that 富二代 (second generation rich) is a relatively new phenomenon in China. After all, after the communists took power, the rich people had their assets confiscated (like my amusingly pro-communist ABC friend stuck in the US at least for the near future, his family ended up sharing their four story house/building with a bunch of a poor people), and afterwards, people in high up positions did not make much more than the ordinary worker, with the salary difference, based on what I’ve heard, at most a factor of 10, barring very exceptional cases. It was really only after 1980 when it became possible for one to become extremely rich doing business. Between 1980 and 2010. there was a lot of low hanging fruit in China, economically. Plenty of mediocre people with the right entrepreneurial energy/personality became rich. And by that, the class of second generation rich was born, and it seems now they are forming their own culture, with studying abroad paying ridiculous tuition at US universities common, as well as their parents investing in US real estate. It’s very possible and perhaps likely that the class structure in China will solidify over the next generation, as is already the case in the US. How much so, that remains to be seen.

I’ve had some interactions with 富二代 kids and their parents in the US. Many of them are, predictably, not very smart academically. They are basically on permanent vacation in America. Their career/employment prospects in America are not surely not good for obvious reasons. It doesn’t seem like they’re well treated in school by their white peers in America. Yes, their families are economically well off, but that doesn’t mean they can integrate into American society. Their families are able to invest in real estate in America for now; even so, their existence in the US will be a marginal one much confined to the Chinese community. Many of them do not even know English well and are mostly here to invest in real estate, enjoy some material comfort and fresh air, and also send their kids to school here. In most cases, the father based in China only visits every once in a while. They’re obviously not really wanted in America other than for their money, spent on international tuition and luxury brands and so on.

As the reader can tell, I don’t have a high opinion of those 富二代 who send their kids to America and invest in real estate there. Being in China now, I’m sure I’ll learn more about them, including the process they go through to transfer all that money to the US, and maybe I can even influence them a bit. As one can see from the detention of Meng Wanzhou in Canada, there is little guarantee for them on US soil. Finance/economics tells us there is no such thing as a free lunch. They may feel they are winning now and that their assets in America are safe, but this could very much be a process of 温水煮青蛙 (a frog boiled in warm water), where initially one feels warmth, until one gets burned. They may own real estate in America on paper for now, but that real estate is physically in America, where the Chinese do not really control anything. They have no media power, no legal power, no military power there. It’s totally possible for them to suddenly lose everything. Unlikely, but it can happen and only needs to happen once.

The Meng Wanzhou incident has been in Chinese media tied to the death of Stanford physics professor Shoucheng Zhang at age 55 which happened on the same day. The family statement said that it was due to depression, which we all know is just a euphemism. There has been speculation that it was related to the alleged tanking of his Chinese venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. It’s quite tragic that he took his ambition/careerism too far, assuming that his death was related to his VC activity. Had he just remained purely academic, he would have survived and likely eventually won his Nobel. Needless to say, using the prestige of a rare Stanford tenured professorship in physics to raise a Chinese VC is not really what he should be doing while officially in that position. Stanford probably should be somewhat embarrassed about his case as well, in addition to the recent Elizabeth Holmes case that was magnitudes worse. On this, I also have in mind the cases of Lucas Duplan and Evan Spiegel, both quite shameful.

It is my hope that talented, elite Chinese can focus more on developing their institutions at home instead of wasting so much money and energy associating with and working for elite US institutions for signaling. Doing so only inflates the value of a system hostile to Chinese while at the same time de-valuing Chinese institutions. If Chinese are really serious about this trade war, they should be going out of their way to devalue Harvard and Stanford, to devalue Google and Facebook, not eagerly trying to attend those schools for undergrad for a rather mediocre academic educational experience and making such a big deal about working for those companies, whose programmers are generally no better than ones in a good internet company in China as far as I can tell. If Chinese want other people to respect and value them, then they ought to first have confidence in their own institutions. I say this having been in prestigious US institutions myself, interacted substantially with numerous people from there, and frankly, many of them are not all that great, with some depressingly mediocre or even problematic. Of course, there are also plenty of genuinely brilliant, accomplished people in America in top American institutions. Overall, my point is that it’s clear that America will not judge the Chinese well, so why expend so much trying to associate and fit in with America? Why not instead expend more energy into creating a system where what America thinks simply becomes more or less irrelevant?



周四,我认识的一位同样搞理论凝聚态物理的人微信发给我了张首晟去世的消息,让我感到吃惊。这么牛逼的人,不光有资格得诺贝尔奖的理论物理学家,而且还很有钱,好像他90年代末凭他斯坦福大学教授的关系做了搞虚拟机器(virtual machine)的VMware(其创始人是斯坦福大学计算机系教授)的天使投资,赚了一大笔钱,也得到了为后来做风险投资的资历和关系。一流理论物理学家很少是多么有钱的,美国名校物理教授每年也就15万,最多30万的工资(当然,现在极少数最牛的理论物理学家可以通过什么突破奖发点大财了),而张首晟成为了极其罕见的即大物理学家又大发财的人,一种几乎不存在的令人惊叹不已的人生赢家。可惜他近年做得过度了,最终出现了悲剧。可以说他当初运气太好了,拿到的教职确是斯坦福的,才得到了这种天使投资的机会。反而他要是是什么麻省理工或哈弗的,很难想象到他这么去做。可是,反过来,也可以说最终好事变成了坏事,他的这种运气所迎来的成功引发了他后来自以为是的做一件物理教授不应该做的事情而运气不好彻底倒闭了,英年夭折失去了得诺贝尔奖的机会。




我还记得有一次网上看到了他的一个视频,是在斯坦福大学举行的那种启发美国华裔中学生那种活动,网上可以搜到,那里边他讲了他的一些人生故事和价值观。记得一开始他说起他长大的文革时期中国的气候是不鼓励学习的,然后又说起他父母是工程师,然后家人有好多学过文科的人,自己小时候多么多么善于自己读书学习。然后还开始扯美国建国的人如Benjamin Franklin, John Adams的一些理念,说什么我自己要做一些实用的挣钱的事情,为了我的孩子或孙子能够从事更创造性的如艺术之类的工作。他说同样,我们这一代移民来到美国好多为了留下,为了挣钱,却选择了工程,他属于少数坚持他对理论物理热爱的人,但第二代就比他们有远远更好的条件,应该去追求自己的梦想,最自己喜欢的东西。他说的这些也有一定道理了,当然,他扯美国建国人的时候我有点感到不舒服,我想他是不是觉得自己在美国名校斯坦福举行这种明目张胆的华人利益活动有点不要脸了,他真的觉得中国人应该学习美国建国人那套吗,以白人至上主义和暴力逐出印第安土著人建设一个华人没有什么真正地位的国家吗?他跟那些孩子讲完了之后,在旧金山的中国领事馆的一个代表又开始采访他了。在那一段谈话里,我记得他说中国人在美国都混得不错,大多是在做工程。是,那些科技移民在硅谷都有比较好的工程工作,整一个相当高的工资,不过相当少能成为经理,很少能够创办自己的公司,也没有那么好,在美国依然算相对边缘。还记得他又提到自己的儿子在哈弗上学第一学期在上一门中国近代历史的课,不过都是用英文以美国的眼光讲,同时儿子中文也不错,也读了陈独秀的一些中文文集。我想这活动肯定是那儿的中国领事馆组织的,由于张首晟当时是拿了政府的钱本科时去德国留学的,中国政府的人依然觉得有资格“利用”他一下。



A girl from China studying abroad in America being mistreated by a Jewish landlord, consulting me

I’m translating this from original Chinese, published here on Zhihu.

Basically the landlord keeps blaming problems in the home on her and is demanding more even after having deducted out her entire deposit and is taking advantage of her because she’s a college student from China.

My response to her was that the most her landlord can do is not give back any of her deposit, and why give any more money if the deposit is already fully deducted away, even if you just leave, he can don’t anything to you, of course, renting another place isn’t only trouble, you’ll have to pay another deposit, if you refuse to pay anything beyond the deposit, he can’t do anything to you, even if he blames stuff on you and incurs on you additional charges, you just refuse no matter what, if he take it further and finds a collective agency to demand your money, once you’re back in China, you’re basically under zero risk.

Afterwards, I told her that in America, Jews have pretty much controlled the finance, media, and legal sectors, arguably the three sectors most critical towards political power, and so very few people dare offend the Jews, and often only suffer in silence in the face of mistreatment, with even whites submitting to Jews. The positive side is that once she returns to China, she can not give a damn about what Jews think. I even told her that once she gets her degree, she can tell the landlord that after she returns to China, she will do everything she can to smear the Jewish reputation there, encourage Chinese and the Chinese government to boycott any company run by Jews, and this way, the landlord will not dare to mistreat Chinese tenants too much, because China can really make life difficult for Jews and Israel.

I suggest the Chinese in America, if able to, to stay away from Jewish bosses and Jewish landlords, and do what they can to devalue any company or institution controlled by Jews, starting from little things, like not using Gmail, not using Facebook, even if studying abroad in America, one can still use a Chinese email, not give a damn about whether American will regard you as not “democratic” enough. Towards Jews, learn to exert whatever pressure on them that you can. I also told that person to get something from something else, the most effective way is to have something that poses a real threat to them, and make them aware of it, as opposed to being polite and submissive, as in most case, being polite and submissive, especially towards people like Jews, will only make one seem meek and easy to take advantage of.

In America, Chinese are legally basically visibly second class citizens, because Chinese there don’t have any political power or influence, so the law will always be visibly disadvantaged Chinese, with even Chinese scapegoated for industrial/technology espionage on trumped up charges, there are several cases of such every year entering the mainstream media. In contrast, Jews are the most legally protected group in America.

The most unfortunate are those second generation Chinese in America who do not know the Chinese language and are unable to benefit from China, who can only be a passive minority in America ripe for exploitation. Like that person I consulted, she is a Chinese international student, even if she doesn’t do well in America, she can still go back to China to develop her career, and everything that happened in America can basically be erased, and at the same time, she can influence public opinion in China a large market, advantages not possessed by second generation Chinese American, for which there are exceptions, like myself, assuming the reader views me as a second generation Chinese American.

Really, in the final analysis, I feel like going to America for college self-funded is a rather unwise decision, of course not saying that there aren’t exceptional cases. If you want to go, go for graduate school, get into a PhD program in STEM where you can get a very small salary/stipend, as opposed to giving money to American institutions. Honestly, lots of those who study abroad in America, especially those not in STEM, are basically on a permanent vacation there, especially if they go in middle school, if you’re not of value to them, there won’t be a job, and they only let you be there for your money, either your family has money and can support you, or you should accumulate knowledge, skills, and connection that would help you develop a career in China.

Now China is quite powerful, and should when able to have the world adapt to China, as opposed to adapt to a world centered on America in a compliant fashion. Learn appropriately some methods of the Jews, you see, Jews in America never really adapt to and tolerate others, they also try to find a way to have other adapts to themselves, if somebody else does anything against the Jewish interest, then they use their media power to label that person an anti-Semite, and that person will be screwed. To be fair, even if China goes on a massive anti-Jewish campaign, the world won’t be able to do much; not only does China have a strong and ever more powerful military, the world is also dependent on China’s markets. At the same time, China has no historical burden towards the Jews and is also not a losing country from WWII, not like Jewish. China’s doing this would only encourage many other countries to do the same, one ought to realize that social norms are dynamics, not static, and its change and evolution stems from a person or organization of sufficient leverage willing to violate some social norm at the time and let others gradually get used to it, thereby rendering it normal, acceptable behavior.


A call to boycott Jewish media

A few days ago, on WeChat, somebody sent me the following screenshot,

which just goes to show how egregious censorship really is in America.

So, I have some American friends who I wish to tell some things, but I am hesitant to over Gmail/Facebook, the two most common means of communication in America now, for the reason that I don’t want a permanent record of the information stored within an American institution run by people I have no reason to trust with that information.

This is something I’ve been aware of for quite a long time but have mostly kept to myself. You see, there are guys like Andrey Martyanov who are very much against virtual Jewish control of America, yet ironically, he uses blogspot (which was acquired by Google I believe) to blog and Gmail as his email. If he is so against Zionism, why is he trusting an arguably Zionist institution with his information and communications and thereby indirectly endorsing it? He is a Russian who came to the US in the 90s when there was economic crisis in Russia. Why can’t he use a Russian email instead?

Now, when a Russian from Russia emailed me with a email, I felt much more comfortable communicating with him. It feels very different talking with a Russian in Russia. Unlike with a Russian in America, I don’t have to worry that he’s some idiot US loving liberal. Or at the very least, I don’t have to worry that some American boss can extort him or at least influence him into some degree of submission. He’s in Russia where he doesn’t have to give a fuck about a US law that would by default side against him, where there are no US taxes or English as the official language.

Having been in China for a while interacting with almost exclusively locals, I no longer view most Chinese in America as truly Chinese. Especially if they refuse to a Chinese medium of communication like WeChat, especially if they insist on using Gmail or Facebook, both explicitly blacklisted in China. In that case, I will refuse to share any serious information with them. If they insist on trusting Jewish controlled American institutions with their personal information, then they will have to bear its consequences. The longer they persist with this, the less likely their ancestral home country will accept them. They will have then placed their fate into the hands of people who have basically no reason to care about their wellbeing.

Somewhat predictably, some of my friends in America seem reluctant to register a WeChat to communicate with me or with others on there with common views who they might be interested in connecting with. They may be similarly unhappy with much of America right now, in particular its ruling class, but they either do not care enough to do anything at all, don’t know how to go about it, or are afraid to. Yes, venting on Quora and Reddit are options, but experience has told us that being banned from Quora on trumped up charges for writing eloquent answers which displease its VCs is a very real possibility. That has in fact happened to a former top writer with 8500+ followers.

My main message is that if you dislike Silicon Valley or the American Jewish establishment so much, you’re not completely stuck with them. You can get out of America, though it might be difficult, as it requires finding a job in and moving to another country. For as long as you are stuck in America, you don’t have to use Facebook or Gmail either, except when really necessary. For your private personal communications, you can register for and use a non-American email provider or messenger, like WeChat.

As for monitoring by the Chinese government, they absolutely won’t give a damn unless you try to organize some serious anti-China political activity on there. Even if you talk the cliche human rights, communist dictatorship crap on a small scale on there, there’s basically a 100% guarantee that nobody will care. Nobody internal will care enough to go to the trouble to read your messages. In fact, both Tencent and the Chinese government might well be happy to see more internationalization of their product.

By boycotting certain mainstream American internet products, you not only transfer a tad of both data and advertising revenue to whatever else you are using in place. You also send a political message that encourages more people like you to do the same, thereby making it more socially acceptable behavior. Not to mention how through that, you might meet some interesting people who may lead you to some good opportunities, as happened to myself.

I shall conclude by saying that there is little point in fighting from within if your political views are marginal or directly at odds with the American mainstream as societies are naturally top down. In some sense, you cannot achieve anything serious without being part of the mainstream of whatever organization or society you are part of. Yes, go find the minority of people in America who think like you, but in addition to that you are likely to reap a bigger fruit connecting with people outside America, not difficult in today’s internet world. Do what you need to do for minimum survival but past that, the best way to protest is to ignore and detach, not by arguing with or trying to influence people fundamentally opposed to you.

On the global homo Anglo world order, its origin and its implications

I have a very smart and unusually politically perceptive WASP American friend, who placed at or at least near the top at elite math contests. He once said to me the following:

A world run by Chinese or Japanese is one where they’d be rich and on top but mostly leave others alone, except to get money from them. A world run by whites is one where half want to conquer and half want to help. A world run by Jews is one where they’d systematically extinguish any hope of ending it.

I feel that before he said this, I was still somewhat half asleep on this matter. I was subconsciously aware but perhaps not consciously so. And over time, my understanding of this, the last sentence in particular, grows only more profound. In some sense, what is described there is much already happening.

Like it or not, America is still by far the most powerful or at least the most politically influential country in the world. And since that Jews have already solid control at the highest echelons of the most influential organizations in America, like Goldman-Sachs, like Google, like Harvard, all of which are relentlessly absorbing and influencing people, elites especially, globally to a point of no, or at least, difficult return, one can argue that that above hypothetical scenario is already very much alive.

In the 20th century, America has aimed to bring in and brought in elites from other countries into its system and order much more so than any other big nation. The Soviet Union did to some extent as the pioneer of the socialist system, which it sought to internationalize, but it’s hardly debatable that even during the relative height of the Soviet Union, the level of “Sovietization” of the world was much less so than the Americanization of the world, let alone after its collapse. China is now powerful and increasingly so but its latecomer status and more so its alien culture more or less render impossible direct global political and cultural influence the way that America, and more generally, the Anglo world has done. It is expected that China will become by a wide margin the world’s largest economy, with at the same time indisputably world class science and technology and military, including core innovative ability and capacity, by the end of this century at the latest. But it is hard to imagine a real Sinicization of the world. China is the ancestral homeland of Chinese, unlike America, a new immigrant nation founded on dispossession and white supremacy; mass immigration to China will simply never be allowed. At the same time, Chinese language and culture is too different from that of the rest of the world to spread to the rest of the world, for the same reason that the English language did not spread to China even though the West during the turn of the 19th century, so much more modern and powerful, easily brought China to her knees, with implicit reference to the aftermath of the Boxer Rebellion. It is difficult to foresee anything other than a strong degree of isolation for the Chinese in mainland China, with this extending to East Asians in general, though far more so for the Chinese in mainland China due to the diametrically opposite political ideology in addition to race, language, and culture.

It is reasonable for anyone cynical at the slightest to believe that there were and still powerful political forces in Anglo world seeking to irreversibly absorb China into the Anglo system in an unequivocally subordinate position. This has been achieved with Korea as well as with Japan as part of the post-war arrangement. It was their hope that similar could be done with China. The strategy was and still is to cultivate a significant segment of the Chinese elites and population at large that would act in a way that would inextricably bind China to America in such a way that would extinguish any hope that China seriously challenges America on the world stage. This would secure America’s position as the world’s number one, and as a derivative, secure Jewish world domination.

There appears the pattern that the Jewish elites encourage immigration into America. Again, from the cynic’s perspective, it is a mechanism for transmission of American culture and influence throughout the rest of world that would corrode the ability of competing nations and ideologies to challenge the dominant American one. The Jews have already won America. Even if the immigrants and/or their descendants realize that they will always be subordinate in America to the Jews at the top, they won’t really be able to challenge it under the American system. In America, they cannot form their own armies, and Jews will not pass on real political power to them. Stasis will set in in a virtual caste system in liberal democratic America.

According to a Chinese professor, what Jewish elites fear most are political strongmen, with reference to the recent indefinite extension of Xi Jinping’s tenure. In a democratic society, when the president or chairman or whoever changes every few or several years, Jews won’t give a damn about you at all, because your political foundation is very weak. They fear more political strongmen in the likes of Hitler, in the likes of Putin, who would have the ability to disrupt many Jewish plans.

Democracy really is a form of political mediocrity, permitting nothing too extreme. It is at worst very ineffectual or disastrous in the case of 90s Russia and at best unable to achieve anything spectacular. In a dictatorship with a strong ideological basis, the worst is Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (both of which were of objectively very formidable competence) or maybe Pol Pot (of a very different nature) and the best were USSR before decline and PRC China which achieved miracles and were both extremely successful. Of course, there are plenty of relatively mediocre and bland minor “dictatorships” out of there who most people could not care about. The point is that dictatorship of a certain form is the most conducive to strong ideology, conviction, organization, and efficiency, and thus radical political change in a naturally top down human society. This requires time and thus the importance of long tenure of at least 10 years of a political strongman with a clear direction. It is like how someone who stays and focuses on the same field or job for 10 years generally achieves much more than an unfocused job hopper.

As already mentioned, concomitant with liberal democracy in the Anglo world is support or at least tolerance for racial and cultural diversity in the sense of having people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds sharing the same land, and as a consequence of which, some degree of miscegenation. Ironically, its inevitable cultural de-heterogenization per spread of the Anglo language and culture to other races actually much reduces global genetic and cultural variance. In doing so, it does poison the Anglo culture itself to some extent but even more so, it is a form of global cultural and political monopoly by a system that the Jews have already won. What is going on here is already in effect systematic extinguishing of the hope of ending a world largely run by Jews. It is the bringing about of an ever more irreversible mediocrity fundamentally motivated by the desire for a closed, entrenched elite to consolidate power that can be likened to cultural and political sterilization of the other to eliminate her potency.

In summary, along this line of argument, the Zionists are already engaged in a process of what is fundamentally a perversion or destruction of civilization to ensure that their rule persists indefinitely. To them, forces still independent from the Anglo liberal democratic system they control, mostly China and Russia, need to sterilized and decapacitated at all costs, with the ends justifying the means. That means whatever “dictators” associated with the two ought to be slandered beyond proportion. That means that even though the Soviet Union much saved the world from a Holocaust perpetrating Nazism, its decisive contribution for the WWII allied victory ought to be erased from the history books, with credit transferred to the American, now proxy for Israel, side.

Andrey Martyanov on Unz Review has written the following.

There is Russian Left and Chinese Left and they look completely different next to Western Left. But we may move even further–so called Western Left is not really Left, it is a brand assigned to it by people who practice faux-scholarship. Reality and a driving force of the Western Left is not so much Marxism, to which this W.Left appeals when it suites it, but still good ol’ liberalism. Western Left is a pinnacle of liberalism, it is its final form which atomized society utterly and in doing so undermined its foundation. The United States was a perfect nation to do so, it is the same as it is a perfect nation, as an example, for organizing Holocaust industry and selling it as a guilt medicine and use it as a coercion tool, the practice also imposed on war-torn Europe by its alleged “liberators”. It is also a perfect country to subvert its foreign and defense policies because the United States doesn’t know what REAL war is. Even rabid Russophobe Richard Pipes openly admitted it. In the end, United States never formed as a true nation. In many respects popular American 20th “history” of Russia is so consistently associated with “Jewishness” (apart from obvious ignorance of those who write it) because it is projection of own complex of inferiority. Russia changed Jews, Jews changed the United States and this inequality will exist and this is one which bothers greatly many of those WASPies in the US who have to face the fact that Russia didn’t sell out to Jews, while the United States today is effectively run by them in key sectors of national activity. This Russia-USSR-Bolsheviks-Jews-GULAG mantra is needed as a therapy for very many Americans in order to block out how they, and others, sold out their country to these very same Jews. Especially against the background of once great country literally turning into the third world multicultural cloaca with grim or no prospects at all. Sad, especially when one looks at purely American phenomenon of a vast strata of Christian Zionists loyal to Israel–an exhibit A of America’s failure to form as a cohesive nation.

Here, what he is essentially saying that Anglos are culturally such a weak people that Jews managed to take over the media, culture, and politics of America from the WASPs despite being outnumbered at least 10 to 1. On the other hand, Russia changed Jews and kept them fundamentally in line with Russian interests despite that the Jewish population percentage in Russia was so much higher. The Chinese are arguably viewed by the Zionists are much more of a threat due to the alienness of Chinese culture in addition to their competence. It would simply be impossible for the Jewish parasite to blend in among the Chinese and thus, she can be there a parasite not. Essentially, the Jewish strategy was to prey on the weak and vulnerable Anglo culture and once they successfully took over that host society abundant in power and resources, they are leveraging it to infect other powerful societies much culturally stronger with the hope of sinking them too into the oblivion of the global homo Anglo world order.

Again, there is no way that Jewish domination of America can be removed from within. Even if the truth is realized, those against it but already submerged into the American system can do nothing in effect to change it, as Jewish seizure of the highest echelons of power in what has already been transformed into a multicultural democracy has rendered organization and instigation of an internal revolution impossible. So if it is to change, it must come from without. If it is to change, this host society must be such that its internal order and prolificness is exhausted enough that it disintegrates and collapses from within. Along then will die the parasite that can live not without its host.


My first on-site software interview in China

Last night, speaking with my headhunter, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that in China, the tech hiring process is usually just one 2 hour on-site. If you pass, you’re hired after that. Maybe in a big company if they really like talking with you, they’ll continue to talk with you overtime and it might last 4 hours. This is in stark contrast to what I’ve experienced in America. They almost always have at least one phone screen that lasts 45-60 min. Sometimes, there are two. Sometimes, there is a code test too. The worst on-site I’ve had is the LinkedIn one that started at 10 am and ended at 5 pm with a one hour lunch interview where you are still judged and evaluated. There are basically no breaks in between. It’s exhausting and quite a waste of time for both sides in my opinion (there’s, I guess, the aspect of testing stamina and social polish as an artificial method of selection, but really, wouldn’t the time be better spent into doing actual work or resting). I personally think that an excess of time and energy spent on selection and social proof via rather artificial channels is quite detrimental not only for productivity but for the overall culture. I must say that the Chinese internet industry is smart not to do the same bloated hiring process of code test plus phone interview plus full day on-site interview, they were smarter than I actually expected, as I was quite surprised to learn this.

To explain this, that headhunter said that the Chinese tech companies value efficiency. I thought of this more as “trust.” More like, they trust that you’re not a bozo and by default, they trust that you are competent and well-intentioned and they don’t go out of their way to screen that you are through a long and rather flawed process. When I mentioned this, he said, yes, and more specifically, that Northern Chinese tend to be high in mutual trust and also very direct in communication with each other. This conforms to what this AG guy on Disqus has written Steve Hsu’s blog from what I remember. I am of Northern Chinese descent too by the way. That guy said that as Northerners with limited contact with Southern Chinese we might not really realize this.

As for this first (in China) on-site software interview, it was with a consumer technology company with already over 10 million users. It was for a backend developer position. The interview with basically three rounds (of like 40 minutes each) of talk about resume/experience plus some algorithmic coding questions. Those algorithm questions were super trivial (at least for me). They were about the level of difficulty of the questions asked by big internet/software companies in America. Honestly, they are questions that a smart high schooler who did those algorithmic programming contests could easily answer. But we all know that real software engineering has little to do with that, the challenge is more with the design and scale of codebase and ambiguity and business/product requirements. I asked one of the interviewers how many machines there are for their MySQL data, and he said only 4, which sounds about right. As for scalability, in most cases it is not really a problem in this industry. A single Apache/Nginx instance can handle 10,000 concurrent connections and usually over 1000 requests per second. See, though they have over 10 million registered accounts, in practice, for this type of internet service, the average user is actively making requests only for a very small fraction of time (certainly less than 1% and usually under 0.1% to be fair). In other words, requests per user over time are very sparsely distributed. So just a few instances of the same web service would be sufficient.

Afterwards I talked with this software engineer about the tech industry in America, in particular the long interviews, the high turnover, and the short average job tenure. We both think that this is rather inefficient and bad for morale. Long interviews means the ratio of time spent both interviewing for jobs and interviewing candidates to actually doing meaningful work is much higher. High turnover and short average job tenure means not only more of the already long interviews but also much more time spent on acquainting with and setting up development environments and tools and frameworks and learning/reviewing new material as opposed to actually doing meaningful work. That guy claims that in American corporate culture, the default is high mutual distrust, with interviews being a method of probing candidates and pressuring them to reveal embarrassing information about themselves or lose their social polish out of exhaustion. I do feel perhaps such negative views of his on American culture are rather extreme and perhaps somewhat unwarranted, but maybe a detailed writeup by him of all that he’s said to me on those matters would convince me otherwise.





For those of you who do not read Chinese, here is an English translation of the poem.

I have long aspired to reach for the clouds
And I again ascend Chingkangshan.
Coming from afar to view our old haunt, I find new scenes replacing the old.
Everywhere orioles sing, swallows dart,
Streams babble
And the road mounts skyward.
Once Huangyangchieh is passed
No other perilous place calls for a glance.
Wind and thunder are stirring,
Flags and banners are flying
Wherever men live.
Thirty-eight years are fled
With a mere snap of the fingers.
We can clasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven
And seize turtles deep down in the Five Seas:
We’ll return amid triumphant song and laughter.
Nothing is hard in this world
If you dare to scale the heights.

which I pulled directly from

As far as this type of political poetry is concerned, I had actually translated strictly literally a Chinese poem on the historical place of the USSR from an answer on Zhihu to Russian, and after advertising it just a bit, there are Russians translating it into much better Russian and even literary English which I have not bothered to seriously read. I thought some Russians might find this interesting too, having in mind a Russian guy I know around my age who also came to the US at a young age, who also finds various aspects of America utterly ridiculous. That can well illustrated by the following anecdote.

So I had some sweatshirt that was basically a big “United States of America” and the Flag on it that was not bought by me that I basically never wore outside for my own sanity. But once when that friend of mine was leaving, I wore it outside to troll him. He completely cracked up, and subsequently, I took off the sweatshirt and threw it at him, and ensued a bit of “hot potato” with that sweatshirt.

Readers of this blog might have realized by now that I have a rather “unusual” sense of humor. Partly, as written in my last blog post, I find much of American politics a mass play of feigned (or not) stupidity, and I can’t help but to make fun of this idiocy a bit on this very blog for my own entertainment, and also for the inspiration of many closeted who feel the same but have not yet “come out.”

Finally, a brief search on Yandex was not able to find for me a Russian translation of that poem; maybe some Russian can find that for me, and then I can add that here too.