Speech of W.E.B. Du Bois in Beijing University in 1959

By courtesy of the government of the 600 million people of the Chinese Republic, I am permitted on my 91st birthday to speak to the people of China and Africa and through them to the world. Hail, then, and farewell, dwelling places of the yellow and black races. Hail human kind!

I speak with no authority; no assumption of age nor rank; I hold no position, I have no wealth. One thing alone I own and that is my own soul. Ownership of that I have even while in my own country for near a century I have been nothing but a “nigger.” On this basis and this alone I dare speak, I dare advise.

China after long centuries has arisen to her feet and leapt forward. Africa, arise, and stand straight, speak and think! Act! Turn from the West and your slavery and humiliation for the last 500 years and face the rising sun.

Behold a people, the most populous nation on this ancient earth, which has burst its shackles, not by boasting and strutting, not by lying about its history and its conquests, but by patience and long suffering, by blind struggle, moved up and on toward the crimson sky. She aims to “make men holy; to make men free.”

But what men? Not simply the mandarins but including mandarins; not simply the rich, but not excluding the rich. Not simply the learned, but led by knowledge to the end that no man shall be poor, nor sick, nor ignorant; but that the humblest worker as well as the sons of emperors shall be fed and taught and healed and that there emerge on earth a single unified people, free, well and educated.

You have been told, my Africa: My Africa in Africa and all your children’s children overseas; you have been told and the telling so beaten into you by rods and whips, that you believe it yourselves, that this is impossible; that mankind can rise only by walking on men; by cheating them and killing them; that only on a doormat of the despised and dying, the dead and rotten, can a British aristocracy, a French cultural elite or an American millionaire be nurtured and grown.

This is a lie. It is an ancient lie spread by church and state, spread by priest and historian, and believed in by fools and cowards, as well as by the downtrodden and the children of despair.

Speak, China, and tell your truth to Africa and the world. What people have been despised as you have? Who more than you have been rejected of men? Recall when lordly Britishers threw the rickshaw money on the ground to avoid touching a filthy hand. Forget not the time when in Shanghai no Chinese man dare set foot in a park which he paid for. Tell this to Africa, for today Africa stands on new feet, with new eyesight, with new brains and asks: Where am I and why?

The Western sirens answer: Britain wheedles; France cajoles; while America, my America, where my ancestors and descendants for eight generations have lived and toiled; America loudest of all, yells and promises freedom. If only Africa allows American investment!

Beware Africa, America bargains for your soul. America would have you believe that they freed your grandchildren; that Afro-Americans are full American citizens, treated like equals, paid fair wages as workers, promoted for desert and free to learn and travel across the world.

This is not true. Some are near freedom; some approach equality with whites; some have achieved education; but the price for this has too often been slavery of mind, distortion of truth and oppression of our own people.

Of 18 million Afro-Americans, 12 million are still second-class citizens of the United States, serfs in farming, low-paid laborers in industry, and repressed members of union labor. Most American Negroes do not vote. Even the rising six million are liable to insult and discrimination at any time.

But this, Africa, relates to your descendants, not to you. Once I thought of you Africans as children, whom we educated Afro-Americans would lead to liberty. I was wrong. We could not even lead ourselves much less you. Today I see you rising under your own leadership, guided by your own brains.

Africa does not ask alms from China nor from the Soviet Union nor from France, Britain, nor the United States. It asks friendship and sympathy and no nation better than China can offer this to the Dark Continent. Let it be freely given and generously. Let Chinese visit Africa, send their scientists there and their artists and writers. Let Africa send its students to China and its seekers after knowledge. It will not find on earth a richer goal, a more promising mine of information.

On the other hand, watch the West. The new British West Indian Federation is not a form of democratic progress but a cunning attempt to reduce these islands to the control of British and American investors. Haiti is dying under rich Haitian investors who with American money are enslaving the peasantry. Cuba is showing what the West Indies, Central and South America are suffering under American big business.

The American worker himself does not always realize this. He has high wages and many comforts. Rather than lose these, he keeps in office by his vote the servants of industrial exploitation so long as they maintain his wage. His labor leaders represent exploitation and not the fight against the exploitation of labor by private capital. These two sets of exploiters fall out only when one demands too large a share of the loot.

This China knows. This Africa must learn. This the American Negro has failed so far to learn. I am frightened by the so-called friends who are flocking to Africa. Negro Americans trying to make money from your toil, white Americans who seek by investment and high interest to bind you in serfdom to business as the Near East is bound and as South America is struggling with. For this America is tempting your leaders, bribing your young scholars, and arming your soldiers. What shall you do?

First, understand! Realize that the great mass of mankind is freeing itself from wage slavery, while private capital in Britain, France, and now in America, is still trying to maintain civilization and comfort for a few on the toil, disease and ignorance of the mass of men. Understand this, and understanding comes from direct knowledge. You know America and France, and Britain to your sorrow. Now know the Soviet Union, but particularly know China.

China is flesh of your flesh, and blood of your blood. China is colored and knows to what a colored skin in this modern world subjects its owner. But China knows more, much more than this: she knows what to do about it. She can take the insults of the United States and still hold her head high. She can make her own machines, when America refuses to sell her American manufactures, even though it hurts American industry, and throws her workers out of jobs. China does not need American nor British missionaries to teach her religion and scare her with tales of hell. China has been in hell too long, not to believe in a heaven of her own making. This she is doing.

Come to China, Africa, and look around. Invite Africa to come, China, and see what you can teach by just pointing. Yonder old woman is working on the street. But she is happy. She has no fear. Her children are in school and a good school. If she is ill, there is a hospital where she is cared for free of charge. She has a vacation with pay each year. She can die and be buried without taxing her family to make some undertaker rich.

Africa can answer: but some of this we have done; our tribes undertake public service like this. Very well, let your tribes continue and expand this work. What Africa must realize is what China knows; that it is worse than stupid to allow a people’s education to be under the control of those who seek not the progress of the people but their use as means of making themselves rich and powerful. It is wrong for the University of London to control the University of Ghana. It is wrong for the Catholic church to direct the education of the black Congolese. It was wrong for Protestant churches supported by British and American wealth to control higher education in China.

The Soviet Union is surpassing the world in popular and higher education, because from the beginning it started its own complete educational system. The essence of the revolution in the Soviet Union and China and in all the “iron curtain” nations, is not the violence that accompanied the change; no more than starvation at Valley Forge was the essence of the American revolution against Britain. The real revolution is the acceptance on the part of the nation of the fact that hereafter the main object of the nation is the welfare of the mass of the people and not of the lucky few.

Government is for the people’s progress and not for the comfort of an aristocracy. The object of industry is the welfare of the workers and not the wealth of the owners. The object of civilization is the cultural progress of the mass of workers and not merely of an intellectual elite. And in return for all this, communist lands believe that the cultivation of the mass of people will discover more talent and genius to serve the state than any closed aristocracy ever furnished. This belief the current history of the Soviet Union and China is proving true each day. Therefore don’t let the West invest when you can avoid it. Don’t buy capital from Britain, France and the United States if you can get it on reasonable terms from the Soviet Union and China. This is not politics; it is common sense. It is learning from experience. It is trusting your friends and watching your enemies. Refuse to be cajoled or to change your way of life, so as to make a few of your fellows rich at the expense of a mass of workers growing poor and sick and remaining without schools so that a few black men can have automobiles.

Africa, here is a real danger which you must avoid or return to the slavery from which you are emerging. All I ask from you is the courage to know; to look about you and see what is happening in this old and tired world; to realize the extent and depth of its rebirth and the promise which glows on your hills.

Visit the Soviet Union and visit China. Let your youth learn the Russian and Chinese languages. Stand together in this new world and let the old world perish in its greed or be born again in new hope and promise. Listen to the Hebrew prophet of communism:

Ho! every one that thirsteth; come ye to the waters; come, buy and eat, without money and price!

Again, China and Africa, hail and farewell!

Copied over from http://media.pfeiffer.edu/lridener/dss/DuBois/DUBOISP4.HTML. Additionally, there is some actual footage at http://credo.library.umass.edu/media/mums312-b246-i002-001.access.mp4.

I won’t comment too much on this. I mostly find this type of racial/class language in English rather uncomfortable and try to avoid it most of the time. But this is Du Bois and he’s pretty significant and that speech he gave in China in 1959 at Beida was too. And it’s a pretty good speech. He is WOKE. The more idealistic part of it, especially regarding “communism” don’t take too seriously of course.

I can only say that back then, China was still quite poor and backward, but really optimistic. It was right after the highly successful first five year plan through which China rapidly developed some modern industry but even so, it was back in 59 when many people did not have enough to eat. Nowadays, it’s a completely different story. And unlike in 80s, 90s, and 00s, people in China have belief in their system and culture in addition to the hard power to back up, unlike during the Mao era when the determination was strong, but the material support was meh but growing quickly. US tried to defeat through proxy war (KMT), failed, direct war (Korean War), failed, economic sanction (during Mao era), failed, coup (89 protests), failed, liberal temptation (80s thru 00s during reform and opening up), this by 2017 has also proven itself pretty much failed.

To put it shortly, blacks in America are WOKE. Their ancestors didn’t come here voluntarily, they were forcibly shipped here to become slaves. Their lack of success is a competence problem, not a woke-ness problem. Besides they have more status and position in America than East Asians, who and whose ancestors mostly came here out of voluntary betrayal and white worship, do.


Duke of Qin on Chinese Communist Party being anti-liberal filter


OCRed via https://www.newocr.com

The Chinese Communist Party as an anti-liberal filtering mechanism. An interesting quirk of the Party is that it locks out potential liberal infiltrators from any real power. Most countries are not particularly sovereign in any real sense of the word because their elites are fundamentally liberal creatures, having been processed through the American educational-imperial complex to think like Americans. An Ivy league education serves as an imprimatur to elite status in most places, even in China, or arguably especially in China because of long established educational credentialism. Yet in spite of social power, unlike elsewhere, this doesn’t translate into political power (see Taiwan). Americans operate under the assumption that it is Chinese elites they are educating, when in reality they are ex-elites. Xi Jinping’s daughter will never hold any political power in China, nor will Bo Xilai’s son, nor will any apparatchiks kid who went to Harvard. The Party simply distrusts them and won’t place them in a decision role. They can be wealthy, but they will never have a true say. Liberals call this phenomenon as power uncertainty, as if the this somehow reflected a flaw in the system. To the contrary, I argue this system prevents the formation of political dynasties and serves as an immune reaction, cutting away the infected flesh as it were. The only foreign educated member of the Politburo standing committee went to Kim Il Sung University. That pretty much says it all. Those who came of age in the 80s who had the opportunity to study in the West are noticeably absent among the Party ruling elements, unlike post Cold War Eastern Europe which is rife with American creatures. The very privileges that power seeks to perpetuate on it’s progeny, special private schools, followed by Western education dissociates itself with the mainstream of Chinese society. It also inadvertently cuts itself off from how power and decision making is allocated by the Party itself. Ironically, a Leninist Party state will select for more representative leadership than any Democracy because power is limited to Party members rather than being diffused out into nothingness with universal suffrage.








ChinaSuperpower将第一代大陆移民形容为大多有精神病(mentally ill)或道德有问题(ethically challenged),我之前觉得他这么说过激了,现在却觉得这种说法基本是对的。他特别强调八十年代后,中国已经相当稳定了,那些移民的在中国也算过的不错的,不像之前的一些移民,是逃避战争,饥荒或严重的经济危机,他们是有理由的。他也提到好多第一代移民的家庭在解放前也是城市人,对土地改革或文革依然怀有抱怨态度。我的感觉是这些人他们能力不差,但是就是比较过于自我中心并缺乏眼光。他们在中国已经过的不错了,甚至特别好了,但是还是把自己的个人利益放在国家前面。他们觉得白人更富裕,更好,所以要让他们的孩子接触白人,在白人文化环境长大。他们在美国也不团结,面对白人是跪舔态度,互相之间经常是小人的勾心斗角和攀比。所以说他们是ethically challenged是绝对正确的。他们这样成不了大事,就像当年的地主那样永远是帝国主义的傀儡,他们也建设不了现代化的国家。




















我近几天在Disqus上的几个关于中国的评论(Some comments of mine over past few days on Disqus on China related matters)




This is utter nonsense. China’s political institutions are among the strongest in the world, as has been demonstrated repeatedly. That’s what communism is all about. And in a trade war their position is stronger than that of the US. China has the skilled workers and modern factories. Their problem, and it is a big one, is to find markets for their products to replace the US. That is a much better situation to be in than the US. In trade with China, or anyone, what we have is store shelves. In a trade war we have empty shelves and a population that cannot find basic needs.

At present, we are in a similar position v.v. China as the Indian Raj was v.v. England. England imported Indian and Egyptian cotton, and solid it back to the Indians and Egyptians as cloth, at a profit.

Our loss of our industrial base means that in a military sense we are to China today what Japan was to the US in 1940. How did that turn out.

Bolton and Pompeo are pursuing and extremely belligerent foreign and military policies with everyone, including our oldest allies. These policies will eventually cripple American and destroy its influence and power even if we can avoid a major war, which seems increasingly unlikely.


I’m sad for America. I’m perhaps more sad for the minority of woke white Americans like you and a few of my similarly woke white American friends in my generation who and whose children don’t really have an escape route. Like, I actually have more freedom of speech than my smart woke WASP American friend who is actually more or less stuck in America or at least in the Anglo world, much subject to a certain group for his career, etc.

The minority of white Americans like you and Jared Taylor and Ron Unz (he’s Jewish so slightly different) who dare to speak out are far from enough to counter the main trend. But at the very least, it’s a form of insurance in that if America really crashes and burns, they can make a case for themselves and receive better treatment or at least sympathy from the other side. I suspect there are many, especially young, white Americans who feel similarly but are at least half closeted out of career risk-aversion, can’t blame them really. I myself though am I guess less of a conformist and more of a risk-taker, unlike most Chinese who grew up in America.

I’ve spoken with one of my WASP friends, who’s very understanding and rational on China (like he openly told me that China’s banning Google and Facebook was a smart move), on how I feel sad for him that he won’t have a white homeland. This was of course only after I got to know him well enough that we could openly exchange such opinions. Most people are too afraid, especially in the suffocating American political climate. In China, in spite of censorship, people are generally much more direct about how the world works and less politically correct. Like, I’ve had some writings censored on a Chinese internet media platform for using certain blacklisted words several times, but nowhere close am I to actually getting banned, account-wise, and I’ve made some real friends on there. On the other hand, Quora has banned, or at least severely downranked, accounts of certain people who have opposed the politically correct liberal group-think idiocy that characterizes most of the site’s content.



On of the fundemental reasons China has prospered is that it treats its people less worse then Mao did. For instance, and God forbid, if today 10 million Chinese were murdered like Mao did, the economy would collapse . So, greed is good. You can not harvest wealth from dead field hands. Engineers and nimble businessman must be better treated.

So, China might well lose the field hand jobs of low manufacturing, and the cash flow. They will have to move up, with ever more skilled labor, requiring more liberty.
I hope for the best. China’s problems are political. They’ve shown understanding of political reform leading to better living.


The foundation of China’s modernization happened under Mao in the 50s with aid and technology transfer from the Soviet Union. US which China fought a war with in early 50s had nothing to do with it. That is the reality that Americans are going to have to eventually accept…




Khrushchev cancelled it, brought back the technicians and stopped aid. Mao then i( 1960)nstituted The Great Leap Forward/ Cultural Revolution a disaster killing 40++ million. Chinese GDP/Person never reached a few hundred dollars until the early 70’s.


A reasonable estimate for the sum of excess deaths plus fewer births between 1959-1962 was 15+15=30 million. The total population was about 600 million at that time. I don’t really think it’s reasonable to count the people who weren’t born due to the economic crisis as part of the death toll. I know that people exaggerate these death tolls just like how people often exaggerate salary and net worth. The Cultural Revolution targeted almost exclusively people in the political or intellectual elite, a small base population to begin with, not to mention they were merely politically attacked and demoted, rarely actually killed directly or indirectly.

GDP per capita is a very flawed metric. The planned economy at that time in China very likely underestimated it. There was basically no inflation. Withdrawal of Soviet aid did some damage but China still did fine, developed nuclear missiles, industrialized more places in the country, etc. This only gave the world more “proof of ability,” sufficient to integrate into US world order without subordination later on. Enough for China to be where China is today 40+ years after Mao’s death.

I don’t see much point arguing further on this matter. Because China was quite objectively mostly the winner in relations with the US since end of WWII, there is not all that much for Chinese to be regretful or resentful or insecure about. The Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution were pretty big mistakes (whether the latter was might even be arguable) but they were certainly not fatal, far from it. The Anglo world’s using those to gaslight the Chinese on their past had some effect over the past generation but that stuff is becoming ever more irrelevant, and their exaggerations ever less convincing. If America denies this reality, then it is mostly America’s problem. There is relatively little to fear from America now.

I wrote in https://gmachine1729.com/20… that it is in war that relative status/position changes most precipitously. America made a historical blunder by becoming overconfident and reckless enough to give China the very-hard-to-come-by chance of making such a leap in international status/position in the early 50s. The long term historical verdict may well regard that as the critical point or determinant of America’s failure vis-a-vis China, we’ll see. After all, that was what largely set the stage for the developments in China later on, politically and economically, which to America’s dismay were actually quite successful in spite of much intentional and malicious obstruction on America’s part, a double slap on the face. It’s a giant dark mark on US history that the US narrative/media has desperately tried to cover up and forget. Though it might fool many people especially Americans and make America seem better, it’s not really conducive to guiding America towards a more effectual policy vis-a-vis the PRC.


















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May Day in China

In China, people have May 1st thru May 4th off. Because of that, I am meeting some people and also taking some time to wind down. There is also that May 4th 2019 is the 100th anniversary of that May 4th Movement back in 1919 which was crucial towards the founding of communist party, etc, and we are seeing some stuff on TV with Xi Jinping and other high up party people in relation to that.

I won’t go much into the background of that, not that I know too much about it. Basically, it was a protest out of the decision in the Versailles Treaty to hand over the colonies in Shandong (Qingdao in particular) relinquished by Germany to Japan instead. I’m not all that clear as to what happened in the end, I believe China was able to win back those places but with some heavy price. The movement was crucial towards the beginning of “Marxism” in China with people like 李大钊, 蔡元培, etc.

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后来,我慢慢发现大多这些我接触的第一代移民的观念有很严重的问题。对于他们小时候的中国,个人是穷,没有钱,他们都学不了钢琴,但这不意味着不会有极少数孩子,来自特殊家庭或者特别有天分的能得到一些国家的资源成为钢琴演奏家(反正一个没很强的音乐天分的人学钢琴意义价值不大)。对于很多东西,他们看得非常表面,缺乏远见。他们觉得他们自己能和美国有关联,有不得了了,即使自己没啥地位,就是个非常普通的工程师,没想到白人都根本瞧不起他们。然后,一个在美国稍微混出点名堂来的华人,如李开复,那在这些人眼里就不得了了. Continue reading “卖国骗子李开复”

Response to private message through “Contact” page

Readers of my blog are welcome to contact me through https://gmachine1729.com/contact/.

Somebody did a few days ago, and his message to me was


他所说的”2nd latest blog post about giving up”是对我背景的反思。我没有真正的give up,对于走学术界,成为数学家(你们可以我的博客上有我写的纯数学的博文),更广一些就是在理工科,技术做出点名堂来,我可以说是基本give up了。我已经离开了学术界被精神污染了,就很难回去了。但是,我对我的人生还没有give up,我觉得自己还可创造不少价值,而这并非需要通过理工科的工作。

对于”Don’t end your life”,跳楼可不是什么容易的事情,加上我现在也没有这个必要。

对于”You have big brains. Do something useful with it.”,我只能这样说。那些需要特别高智商的学科,什么数学,理论物理,这些都是没啥用的,尤其是现在,高能物理都是已经基本解决的并从70年代以后基本停滞不前的,数学也专到难到抽象到研究需要学的很深才能做,做了也很少人能读懂,很少人会在乎,没啥应用价值。当然,也有应用性的需要大脑子的工作,那些啊,首先要学一段时间,再做一段时间,然后会更加发现你做的那东西有不少名校博士和你竞争少数的合适在工业界的岗位。我做的码农工作根本不需要真正big brains,一定的聪明就行了,更重要是刻苦硬拼,我的智商在这里没啥优势。150+的智商在今天价值一般不大了。

最后一段关于华人和中国,是”Even if the diaspora is doomed, we don’t have to die in vain. Make our homelands strong and ensure the next generation avoids our mistakes. Continue reading “Response to private message through “Contact” page”

Steve Hsu(徐道辉)



我跟一位体制内背景的人说了他,那个人也对徐产生了兴趣,可是对他评价也不是特别高。总而言之,觉得徐有政治能力但是是那种符合美国已形成的体制和文化谋取成功的政治能力,做的更多一种模型美国亚裔,很优秀但是还是服从体系的,为了自己的事业发展不敢对其作出任何挑战。反而,这人觉得我的政治能力从某种角度更强,比如我的博客写的东西有点含量,不像徐那些只不过是引用别的文章或视频自己也就做点小评论。我的反应是徐的做法的确是那种比较现实主义的,没什么错或不好,挑战权威反而经常才是愚蠢的破坏自己事业的做法 Continue reading “Steve Hsu(徐道辉)”