Native Chinese are WOKE with respect to the Jews

I’m going to take a little time to document some chat I had with native Chinese colleagues in English, with the intention of delivering some message to English readers and also of taking some notes for the record before I forget.

I was surprised when this guy spoke of Jews as the pioneers of terrorism in the form of suicide bombing. He was aware that they did that during their war for the founding of Israel in the late 40s. In particular I am aware they did this to mediating British diplomats as well who they were dissatisfied with. I only learned of this last year, reading online in English and also from the blog of a Chinese professor in Chinese.

That guy was like, “everybody hates Jews.” On my mentioning of their control of media in America where he’s spent time he was like, “everybody knows that.” When I responded with “you think Americans do too?”, he was like “no Americans don’t Americans are stupid.”

This other guy was also aware of Israeli “terrorist” acts in their war for founding of Israel. I asked him how he learned of that and he said through reading. He in particular said he has read the Old Testament.

I told them about Ron Unz’s piece on how he suspects Meng Wanzhou’s kidnapping and extradition was pretty much ordered by Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson who I believe also funds Birthright Israel, along with Unz’s background. Additionally there is that the Jews attempted in the 30s to create a settlement for themselves in Manchuria and that it didn’t come to fruition much because of Japanese alliance with Nazis.

Also I mentioned Bobby Fischer.

Update: the same guy is well aware of Hollywood and US media’s campaign to demean East Asian men while portraying the women as cute and white worshipping. He’s well aware that East Asian men are the most disliked by mainstream America.



minikube start老是被卡住,得到如以下的结果

yunhenyanshideMacBook-Pro:~ yunhenyanshi$ minikube start
😄  minikube v1.2.0 on darwin (amd64)
💡  Tip: Use 'minikube start -p ' to create a new cluster, or 'minikube delete' to delete this one.
🏃  Re-using the currently running virtualbox VM for "minikube" ...
⌛  Waiting for SSH access ...
🐳  Configuring environment for Kubernetes v1.15.0 on Docker 18.09.6
E0805 20:53:39.879197   55701 start.go:403] Error caching images:  Caching images for kubeadm: caching images: caching image /Users/yunhenyanshi/.minikube/cache/images/ fetching remote image: Get dial tcp i/o timeout
❌  Unable to load cached images: loading cached images: loading image /Users/yunhenyanshi/.minikube/cache/images/ stat /Users/yunhenyanshi/.minikube/cache/images/ no such file or directory
🔄  Relaunching Kubernetes v1.15.0 using kubeadm ...


minikube start --registry-mirror=

也不解决这个问题。查了半天,试了半天还是不行,终于灵活起来了, yunhenyanshi$ minikube --help
Minikube is a CLI tool that provisions and manages single-node Kubernetes clusters optimized for development workflows.

  minikube [command]

Available Commands:
  addons         Modify minikube's kubernetes addons
  cache          Add or delete an image from the local cache.
  completion     Outputs minikube shell completion for the given shell (bash or zsh)
  config         Modify minikube config
  dashboard      Access the kubernetes dashboard running within the minikube cluster
  delete         Deletes a local kubernetes cluster
  docker-env     Sets up docker env variables; similar to '$(docker-machine env)'
  help           Help about any command
  ip             Retrieves the IP address of the running cluster
  kubectl        Run kubectl
  logs           Gets the logs of the running instance, used for debugging minikube, not user code
  mount          Mounts the specified directory into minikube
  profile        Profile gets or sets the current minikube profile
  service        Gets the kubernetes URL(s) for the specified service in your local cluster
  ssh            Log into or run a command on a machine with SSH; similar to 'docker-machine ssh'
  ssh-key        Retrieve the ssh identity key path of the specified cluster
  start          Starts a local kubernetes cluster
  status         Gets the status of a local kubernetes cluster
  stop           Stops a running local kubernetes cluster
  tunnel         tunnel makes services of type LoadBalancer accessible on localhost
  update-check   Print current and latest version number
  update-context Verify the IP address of the running cluster in kubeconfig.
  version        Print the version of minikube

      --alsologtostderr                  log to standard error as well as files
  -b, --bootstrapper string              The name of the cluster bootstrapper that will set up the kubernetes cluster. (default "kubeadm")
  -h, --help                             help for minikube
      --log_backtrace_at traceLocation   when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace (default :0)
      --log_dir string                   If non-empty, write log files in this directory
      --logtostderr                      log to standard error instead of files
  -p, --profile string                   The name of the minikube VM being used.  
                                         	This can be modified to allow for multiple minikube instances to be run independently (default "minikube")
      --stderrthreshold severity         logs at or above this threshold go to stderr (default 2)
  -v, --v Level                          log level for V logs
      --vmodule moduleSpec               comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging
Use "minikube [command] --help" for more information about a command. yunhenyanshi$ minikube start -h
Starts a local kubernetes cluster using VM. This command
assumes you have already installed one of the VM drivers: virtualbox/parallels/vmwarefusion/kvm/xhyve/hyperv.

  minikube start [flags]

      --apiserver-ips ipSlice             A set of apiserver IP Addresses which are used in the generated certificate for kubernetes.  This can be used if you want to make the apiserver available from outside the machine (default [])
      --apiserver-name string             The apiserver name which is used in the generated certificate for kubernetes.  This can be used if you want to make the apiserver available from outside the machine (default "minikubeCA")
      --apiserver-names stringArray       A set of apiserver names which are used in the generated certificate for kubernetes.  This can be used if you want to make the apiserver available from outside the machine
      --apiserver-port int                The apiserver listening port (default 8443)
      --cache-images                      If true, cache docker images for the current bootstrapper and load them into the machine. Always false with --vm-driver=none. (default true)
      --container-runtime string          The container runtime to be used (docker, crio, containerd) (default "docker")
      --cpus int                          Number of CPUs allocated to the minikube VM (default 2)
      --cri-socket string                 The cri socket path to be used
      --disable-driver-mounts             Disables the filesystem mounts provided by the hypervisors (vboxfs, xhyve-9p)
      --disk-size string                  Disk size allocated to the minikube VM (format: [], where unit = b, k, m or g) (default "20g")
      --dns-domain string                 The cluster dns domain name used in the kubernetes cluster (default "cluster.local")
      --docker-env stringArray            Environment variables to pass to the Docker daemon. (format: key=value)
      --docker-opt stringArray            Specify arbitrary flags to pass to the Docker daemon. (format: key=value)
      --download-only                     If true, only download and cache files for later use - don't install or start anything.
      --enable-default-cni                Enable the default CNI plugin (/etc/cni/net.d/k8s.conf). Used in conjunction with "--network-plugin=cni"
      --extra-config ExtraOption          A set of key=value pairs that describe configuration that may be passed to different components.
                                          		The key should be '.' separated, and the first part before the dot is the component to apply the configuration to.
                                          		Valid components are: kubelet, kubeadm, apiserver, controller-manager, etcd, proxy, scheduler
                                          		Valid kubeadm parameters: ignore-preflight-errors, dry-run, kubeconfig, kubeconfig-dir, node-name, cri-socket, experimental-upload-certs, certificate-key, rootfs, pod-network-cidr
      --feature-gates string              A set of key=value pairs that describe feature gates for alpha/experimental features.
      --gpu                               Enable experimental NVIDIA GPU support in minikube (works only with kvm2 driver on Linux)
  -h, --help                              help for start
      --hidden                            Hide the hypervisor signature from the guest in minikube (works only with kvm2 driver on Linux)
      --host-only-cidr string             The CIDR to be used for the minikube VM (only supported with Virtualbox driver) (default "")
      --hyperkit-vpnkit-sock string       Location of the VPNKit socket used for networking. If empty, disables Hyperkit VPNKitSock, if 'auto' uses Docker for Mac VPNKit connection, otherwise uses the specified VSock.
      --hyperkit-vsock-ports strings      List of guest VSock ports that should be exposed as sockets on the host (Only supported on with hyperkit now).
      --hyperv-virtual-switch string      The hyperv virtual switch name. Defaults to first found. (only supported with HyperV driver)
      --image-mirror-country string       Country code of the image mirror to be used. Leave empty to use the global one. For Chinese mainland users, set it to cn
      --image-repository string           Alternative image repository to pull docker images from. This can be used when you have limited access to Set it to "auto" to let minikube decide one for you. For Chinese mainland users, you may use local mirrors such as
      --insecure-registry strings         Insecure Docker registries to pass to the Docker daemon.  The default service CIDR range will automatically be added.
      --iso-url string                    Location of the minikube iso (default "")
      --keep-context                      This will keep the existing kubectl context and will create a minikube context.
      --kubernetes-version string         The kubernetes version that the minikube VM will use (ex: v1.2.3) (default "v1.15.0")
      --kvm-network string                The KVM network name. (only supported with KVM driver) (default "default")
      --memory int                        Amount of RAM allocated to the minikube VM in MB (default 2048)
      --mount                             This will start the mount daemon and automatically mount files into minikube
      --mount-string string               The argument to pass the minikube mount command on start (default "/Users:/minikube-host")
      --network-plugin string             The name of the network plugin
      --nfs-share strings                 Local folders to share with Guest via NFS mounts (Only supported on with hyperkit now)
      --nfs-shares-root string            Where to root the NFS Shares (defaults to /nfsshares, only supported with hyperkit now) (default "/nfsshares")
      --no-vtx-check                      Disable checking for the availability of hardware virtualization before the vm is started (virtualbox)
      --registry-mirror strings           Registry mirrors to pass to the Docker daemon
      --service-cluster-ip-range string   The CIDR to be used for service cluster IPs. (default "")
      --uuid string                       Provide VM UUID to restore MAC address (only supported with Hyperkit driver).
      --vm-driver string                  VM driver is one of: [virtualbox parallels vmwarefusion kvm xhyve hyperv hyperkit kvm2 vmware none] (default "virtualbox")
      --xhyve-disk-driver string          The disk driver to use [ahci-hd|virtio-blk] (only supported with xhyve driver) (default "ahci-hd")

Global Flags:
      --alsologtostderr                  log to standard error as well as files
  -b, --bootstrapper string              The name of the cluster bootstrapper that will set up the kubernetes cluster. (default "kubeadm")
      --log_backtrace_at traceLocation   when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace (default :0)
      --log_dir string                   If non-empty, write log files in this directory
      --logtostderr                      log to standard error instead of files
  -p, --profile string                   The name of the minikube VM being used.  
                                         	This can be modified to allow for multiple minikube instances to be run independently (default "minikube")
      --stderrthreshold severity         logs at or above this threshold go to stderr (default 2)
  -v, --v Level                          log level for V logs
      --vmodule moduleSpec               comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging yunhenyanshi$ 

我这傻逼没早想到在终端里的minikube弄个help,毕竟这样说已被搜索结果所建议的--registry-mirror=https://registry.docker-cn.com所暗示,也没想到查了”mainland china minikube”之类的,英语在谷歌查这个能把我带到以及在百度上搜到的所包含的在github上的minikube的源代码对对应的参数的实现及解释,其为

startCmd.Flags().String(imageRepository, "", "Alternative image repository to pull docker images from. This can be used when you have limited access to For Chinese mainland users, you may use local mirrors such as")

好多我查到的结果(它们好多都是2017-8年的吧)只包含--registry-mirror=https://registry.docker-cn.com而非关键的,这才是问题解决的根本。 yunhenyanshi$ minikube start --vm-driver=none --registry-mirror=
😄  minikube v1.2.0 on darwin (amd64)
✅  using image repository

⚠️  Ignoring --vm-driver=none, as the existing "minikube" VM was created using the virtualbox driver.
⚠️  To switch drivers, you may create a new VM using `minikube start -p  --vm-driver=none`
⚠️  Alternatively, you may delete the existing VM using `minikube delete -p minikube`

🏃  Re-using the currently running virtualbox VM for "minikube" ...
⌛  Waiting for SSH access ...
🐳  Configuring environment for Kubernetes v1.15.0 on Docker 18.09.6
🔄  Relaunching Kubernetes v1.15.0 using kubeadm ... 
🤹  Configuring local host environment ...

⚠️  The 'none' driver provides limited isolation and may reduce system security and reliability.
⚠️  For more information, see:

⚠️  kubectl and minikube configuration will be stored in /Users/yunhenyanshi
⚠️  To use kubectl or minikube commands as your own user, you may
⚠️  need to relocate them. For example, to overwrite your own settings:

    ▪ sudo mv /Users/yunhenyanshi/.kube /Users/yunhenyanshi/.minikube $HOME
    ▪ sudo chown -R $USER $HOME/.kube $HOME/.minikube

💡  This can also be done automatically by setting the env var CHANGE_MINIKUBE_NONE_USER=true
⌛  Verifying: apiserver proxy etcd scheduler controller dns
🏄  Done! kubectl is now configured to use "minikube" yunhenyanshi$ 



yunhenyanshideMacBook-Pro:kubernetes-ci-cd yunhenyanshi$ minikube start --registry-mirror=
😄  minikube v1.2.0 on darwin (amd64)
✅  using image repository
💿  Downloading Minikube ISO ..

minikube start --registry-mirror=





I’ve noticed that many Russians don’t look that white or at the very least they are only superficially so. Their facial structure and also texture of skin has some Mongoloid features such as flat face and nose. This can be traced to Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun. Maybe that Russians have some paternal line Mongoloid blood is major reason why Westerners don’t accept them and even want genocide against them. And Lenin’s paternal grandmother is a full Mongol and the Mongol features dominated his appearance.

Mongoloids and Caucasoids diverged about 40000 years ago. The winters during ice age were colder in Northeast Asia but there was more sun, in comparison to Western Europe so evolved the separate Mongoloid race and the Native Americans are actually their descendants. But the Spaniards and especially the Anglos eventually killed them off. More reason for Chinese to be wary of America and more convinced am I that Chinese who immigrate to America are idiots or mentally sick or ethically challenged people facing genocide. From my observations there are the malicious intentional collaborators to towards the genocide agenda and then there are the weak minded ones who are asleep or complicit and a minority of people like me who often didn’t end up there by choice or are there to get something out of America temporarily with intention of returning. I read about how the Pilgrims used some native American slave trafficked to Europe who learned English there who later returned to assist them with their genocide agenda and this is a parallel to many of those Ivy League educated comprador Chinese during the modern era. Good thing that the ones who came of age after Mao era CPC didn’t let into positions of power.

It’s interesting how the territory of the socialist camp during the Cold War much parallels the territory of Mongol empire. I feel like Mongoloids are simply very different in our world view and faith and there is a certainly a strong genetic component. When you have to cooperate to hunt big game during the cold winters in the ice age to survive you simply have to be more red pilled and direct, which connects to not having some imagined “God,” in line with the whole materialist view of socialism and Leninist government.

Being in China and having been to the Altai mountains in Xinjiang I feel closer with central Asia and the Muslim world. I learned about Timur founder of Timurid Empire which conquered Persia eventually and also his descendant Babur founder of Mughal Empire that spanned from around Uzbekistan to parts of South India, they were Turkicized Mongols. Apparently Stalin had Timur’s tomb excavated a few days before Great Patriotic War started. I feel like China’s relation with Muslims is not bad and in particular China and Pakistan have an alliance that parallels the US Israeli one. There was much interaction with them historically and it helps that Muslims in central Asia and middle East often have many East Asian physical features that is much an artifact of Huns and Mongols. It’s the Jews Hindus and Anglo Christians that are most hostile to Chinese.

I also wonder how Russians feel about losing Alaska to the Anglos. That’s really quite sad. Maybe eventually Russians (or Chinese) can retake the place. In any case I feel like Russians Chinese and Native Americans (all groups which the Anglo-Zions seek to ethnically cleanse) are natural allies. The Russian-Chinese connection is not just socialism and Lenin it goes as far back as Mongols which is reflected in Lenin’s ancestry. And Native Americans are really former Siberians who were first to settle in America but were later dispossessed.

And I recognize that English is the only way I can communicate with you and other Russians. My Russian I can only read it and understand parts of it and sometimes most or almost all of it. As for learning and using English there is a major difference between doing so to get stuff out of the Anglo world and doing so to be ruled and manipulated by Anglos. The Anglos in America essentially forced some Native Americans into Christian English culture in order to use them. And also the women tended to be more receptive just as how right now there is a deliberate American policy of trying to subvert Chinese females. Like, my mom’s college classmate married an old US southerner who manipulated her into evangelical Christianity to the extent that she is obsessed with prayers and even goes on mission trips to Indian reservations. So I think English education ought to be minimized in China and political/cultural English content ought to be shut out too. China has walled off English Wikipedia and Reddit and Quora too. Chinese is too different to ever become big in the outside world but Russian is not being Latin based and I think maybe China when the time is ripe could even switch from English to Russian for internationalization purposes. Let the foreigners/tourists in China adapt to us instead.


  • 楚瓦什族(Chuvash)
    • 人口1,500,000,主要在楚瓦什共和国
    • 属于突厥
  • 瓦剌族(Oirats)
    • 人口638,372,分布在新疆,外蒙古,和卡尔梅克共和国
    • 属于蒙古,包含卡尔梅克(Kalmyks)
  • 布里亚特族(Buryats)
    • 人口525,000,主要在布里亚特共和国
    • 属于蒙古
  • 雅库特族(Yakuts)
    • 人口500,000–600,000,主要在萨哈共和国
    • 属于蒙古
  • 图瓦族(Tuvans)
    • 人口300,000,主要在图瓦共和国
    • 属于突厥,但也受了不少蒙古影响
  • 锡伯族(Xibe)
    • 人口172,900,主要在新疆,吉林,辽宁
    • 属于通古斯
  • 鄂温克族(Evenks)
    • 人口69,856,大多在萨哈共和国,中国内蒙也有
    • 属于通古斯
  • 汉特族(Khanti)
    • 热口31,000,主要在汉特-曼西自治区
    • 属于乌拉尔语系芬兰乌戈尔语族,跟匈牙利和芬兰一样
  • 楚科奇族(Chukchi)
    • 人口15,949,主要在楚科奇自治区
    • 属于楚科奇语系
  • 尤卡吉尔族
    • 人口1600

Reading on the plane last night

With a need to find something sufficiently interesting that I could still do while exhausted and on an airplane for at least two hours followed by another hour of subway, I found this book on the fall of the Berlin Wall by Egon Krenz who was head of East Germany for less than two months after Honecker resigned. It was translated to Chinese and published by if I remember correctly the press of the CPC party school.

Last year I learned about Honecker and Krenz on English media, and the English media described Krenz and some others as having gone to Beijing in 89 to thank Deng and CPC for violent suppression of the protests. In his book he said such was not the case. He claimed that he merely went there for the October 1st national day and that his official stance on Tiananmen incident was really quite moderate.

Afterwards Honecker resigned amidst pressure and Krenz himself seemed instrumental towards the decision to open the wall, to permit travel to West Germany using merely id card. Ironically the West Germans still needed visa to go to East Germany. Krenz’s actions and stance seemed very liberal compared to those of his predecessor Honecker who he characterized as a Stalinist.

English wiki says Krenz was sentenced to six years in jail in 1997. I think he underestimated the extent to which removing such travel restriction would result in his loss of power and humiliation. It seems that those high up in East Germany pretty much all got screwed after reunification. It’s analogous to Russians wanting to integrate with the West and getting more screwed by their associated actions of overly trusting nature. Krenz’s actions made him come across as more of a somewhat naive capitulator as opposed to a hardliner, unlike how the English media would portray him. I’m sure he was influenced to some extent by that idiot Gorbachev.

Krenz still visits China it seems and the Chinese government press portrays him in a good light, translating and publishing his books too. According to Chinese government, Krenz has high opinion of Chinese economic development.

Now we’re verging on Cold War II but this time liberal market democracy no longer has a real material advantage, which has much to do with China’s having caught up a lot. As much as propaganda and media matters reality of economics and technology and living standards matters more. In Krenz’s book he wrote about how the economic disparity between West Germany and East Germany was very visible in the 80s and made the East Germans suspicious. So they naturally wanted integration with the West. But when you’re weaker, integration doesn’t necessarily do you much good, you just become a subordinate under the new system. I’d bet even adjusting for population, there are several times fewer East Germans in high up positions in Germany today especially politically.

From now on I’m going to avoid even more the English language media as such information keeps proving unreliable and malicious.

Link to translated book: 大墙倾倒之际:克伦茨回忆录.

PDF for download: 克伦茨回忆录PDF

Speech of W.E.B. Du Bois in Beijing University in 1959

By courtesy of the government of the 600 million people of the Chinese Republic, I am permitted on my 91st birthday to speak to the people of China and Africa and through them to the world. Hail, then, and farewell, dwelling places of the yellow and black races. Hail human kind!

I speak with no authority; no assumption of age nor rank; I hold no position, I have no wealth. One thing alone I own and that is my own soul. Ownership of that I have even while in my own country for near a century I have been nothing but a “nigger.” On this basis and this alone I dare speak, I dare advise.

China after long centuries has arisen to her feet and leapt forward. Africa, arise, and stand straight, speak and think! Act! Turn from the West and your slavery and humiliation for the last 500 years and face the rising sun.

Behold a people, the most populous nation on this ancient earth, which has burst its shackles, not by boasting and strutting, not by lying about its history and its conquests, but by patience and long suffering, by blind struggle, moved up and on toward the crimson sky. She aims to “make men holy; to make men free.”

But what men? Not simply the mandarins but including mandarins; not simply the rich, but not excluding the rich. Not simply the learned, but led by knowledge to the end that no man shall be poor, nor sick, nor ignorant; but that the humblest worker as well as the sons of emperors shall be fed and taught and healed and that there emerge on earth a single unified people, free, well and educated.

You have been told, my Africa: My Africa in Africa and all your children’s children overseas; you have been told and the telling so beaten into you by rods and whips, that you believe it yourselves, that this is impossible; that mankind can rise only by walking on men; by cheating them and killing them; that only on a doormat of the despised and dying, the dead and rotten, can a British aristocracy, a French cultural elite or an American millionaire be nurtured and grown.

This is a lie. It is an ancient lie spread by church and state, spread by priest and historian, and believed in by fools and cowards, as well as by the downtrodden and the children of despair.

Speak, China, and tell your truth to Africa and the world. What people have been despised as you have? Who more than you have been rejected of men? Recall when lordly Britishers threw the rickshaw money on the ground to avoid touching a filthy hand. Forget not the time when in Shanghai no Chinese man dare set foot in a park which he paid for. Tell this to Africa, for today Africa stands on new feet, with new eyesight, with new brains and asks: Where am I and why?

The Western sirens answer: Britain wheedles; France cajoles; while America, my America, where my ancestors and descendants for eight generations have lived and toiled; America loudest of all, yells and promises freedom. If only Africa allows American investment!

Beware Africa, America bargains for your soul. America would have you believe that they freed your grandchildren; that Afro-Americans are full American citizens, treated like equals, paid fair wages as workers, promoted for desert and free to learn and travel across the world.

This is not true. Some are near freedom; some approach equality with whites; some have achieved education; but the price for this has too often been slavery of mind, distortion of truth and oppression of our own people.

Of 18 million Afro-Americans, 12 million are still second-class citizens of the United States, serfs in farming, low-paid laborers in industry, and repressed members of union labor. Most American Negroes do not vote. Even the rising six million are liable to insult and discrimination at any time.

But this, Africa, relates to your descendants, not to you. Once I thought of you Africans as children, whom we educated Afro-Americans would lead to liberty. I was wrong. We could not even lead ourselves much less you. Today I see you rising under your own leadership, guided by your own brains.

Africa does not ask alms from China nor from the Soviet Union nor from France, Britain, nor the United States. It asks friendship and sympathy and no nation better than China can offer this to the Dark Continent. Let it be freely given and generously. Let Chinese visit Africa, send their scientists there and their artists and writers. Let Africa send its students to China and its seekers after knowledge. It will not find on earth a richer goal, a more promising mine of information.

On the other hand, watch the West. The new British West Indian Federation is not a form of democratic progress but a cunning attempt to reduce these islands to the control of British and American investors. Haiti is dying under rich Haitian investors who with American money are enslaving the peasantry. Cuba is showing what the West Indies, Central and South America are suffering under American big business.

The American worker himself does not always realize this. He has high wages and many comforts. Rather than lose these, he keeps in office by his vote the servants of industrial exploitation so long as they maintain his wage. His labor leaders represent exploitation and not the fight against the exploitation of labor by private capital. These two sets of exploiters fall out only when one demands too large a share of the loot.

This China knows. This Africa must learn. This the American Negro has failed so far to learn. I am frightened by the so-called friends who are flocking to Africa. Negro Americans trying to make money from your toil, white Americans who seek by investment and high interest to bind you in serfdom to business as the Near East is bound and as South America is struggling with. For this America is tempting your leaders, bribing your young scholars, and arming your soldiers. What shall you do?

First, understand! Realize that the great mass of mankind is freeing itself from wage slavery, while private capital in Britain, France, and now in America, is still trying to maintain civilization and comfort for a few on the toil, disease and ignorance of the mass of men. Understand this, and understanding comes from direct knowledge. You know America and France, and Britain to your sorrow. Now know the Soviet Union, but particularly know China.

China is flesh of your flesh, and blood of your blood. China is colored and knows to what a colored skin in this modern world subjects its owner. But China knows more, much more than this: she knows what to do about it. She can take the insults of the United States and still hold her head high. She can make her own machines, when America refuses to sell her American manufactures, even though it hurts American industry, and throws her workers out of jobs. China does not need American nor British missionaries to teach her religion and scare her with tales of hell. China has been in hell too long, not to believe in a heaven of her own making. This she is doing.

Come to China, Africa, and look around. Invite Africa to come, China, and see what you can teach by just pointing. Yonder old woman is working on the street. But she is happy. She has no fear. Her children are in school and a good school. If she is ill, there is a hospital where she is cared for free of charge. She has a vacation with pay each year. She can die and be buried without taxing her family to make some undertaker rich.

Africa can answer: but some of this we have done; our tribes undertake public service like this. Very well, let your tribes continue and expand this work. What Africa must realize is what China knows; that it is worse than stupid to allow a people’s education to be under the control of those who seek not the progress of the people but their use as means of making themselves rich and powerful. It is wrong for the University of London to control the University of Ghana. It is wrong for the Catholic church to direct the education of the black Congolese. It was wrong for Protestant churches supported by British and American wealth to control higher education in China.

The Soviet Union is surpassing the world in popular and higher education, because from the beginning it started its own complete educational system. The essence of the revolution in the Soviet Union and China and in all the “iron curtain” nations, is not the violence that accompanied the change; no more than starvation at Valley Forge was the essence of the American revolution against Britain. The real revolution is the acceptance on the part of the nation of the fact that hereafter the main object of the nation is the welfare of the mass of the people and not of the lucky few.

Government is for the people’s progress and not for the comfort of an aristocracy. The object of industry is the welfare of the workers and not the wealth of the owners. The object of civilization is the cultural progress of the mass of workers and not merely of an intellectual elite. And in return for all this, communist lands believe that the cultivation of the mass of people will discover more talent and genius to serve the state than any closed aristocracy ever furnished. This belief the current history of the Soviet Union and China is proving true each day. Therefore don’t let the West invest when you can avoid it. Don’t buy capital from Britain, France and the United States if you can get it on reasonable terms from the Soviet Union and China. This is not politics; it is common sense. It is learning from experience. It is trusting your friends and watching your enemies. Refuse to be cajoled or to change your way of life, so as to make a few of your fellows rich at the expense of a mass of workers growing poor and sick and remaining without schools so that a few black men can have automobiles.

Africa, here is a real danger which you must avoid or return to the slavery from which you are emerging. All I ask from you is the courage to know; to look about you and see what is happening in this old and tired world; to realize the extent and depth of its rebirth and the promise which glows on your hills.

Visit the Soviet Union and visit China. Let your youth learn the Russian and Chinese languages. Stand together in this new world and let the old world perish in its greed or be born again in new hope and promise. Listen to the Hebrew prophet of communism:

Ho! every one that thirsteth; come ye to the waters; come, buy and eat, without money and price!

Again, China and Africa, hail and farewell!

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I won’t comment too much on this. I mostly find this type of racial/class language in English rather uncomfortable and try to avoid it most of the time. But this is Du Bois and he’s pretty significant and that speech he gave in China in 1959 at Beida was too. And it’s a pretty good speech. He is WOKE. The more idealistic part of it, especially regarding “communism” don’t take too seriously of course.

I can only say that back then, China was still quite poor and backward, but really optimistic. It was right after the highly successful first five year plan through which China rapidly developed some modern industry but even so, it was back in 59 when many people did not have enough to eat. Nowadays, it’s a completely different story. And unlike in 80s, 90s, and 00s, people in China have belief in their system and culture in addition to the hard power to back up, unlike during the Mao era when the determination was strong, but the material support was meh but growing quickly. US tried to defeat through proxy war (KMT), failed, direct war (Korean War), failed, economic sanction (during Mao era), failed, coup (89 protests), failed, liberal temptation (80s thru 00s during reform and opening up), this by 2017 has also proven itself pretty much failed.

To put it shortly, blacks in America are WOKE. Their ancestors didn’t come here voluntarily, they were forcibly shipped here to become slaves. Their lack of success is a competence problem, not a woke-ness problem. Besides they have more status and position in America than East Asians, who and whose ancestors mostly came here out of voluntary betrayal and white worship, do.

Why I think luxury Western brands are ridiculously overpriced and idiotic

I just made a table of price comparison of various goods/services between China and US. It reminded of how I recently told two visitors from US that the (semi formal) shoes which I’m wearing now and have been for over half a year I bought at a Fred Meyer like store for 39 RMB which is less than $6. I was looking to buy a new pair of shoes then as a backup and in the process I went into some shoe store in some mall with Nike and other famous US brands. I knew I would not buy those but out of curiosity I asked for the price of one of the cheaper ones and the answer I got was like 800 some RMB or maybe 600 some. Those were tennis shoes 球鞋 so not fair to compare but still. Basically it’s these US brands getting a big profit margin through their brand name from selling such overpriced stuff that is manufactured in China by people earning very low wages and their bosses the factory owners acting as compradors.

So this reminds of how buying these Western luxury brands in China to many is a sign of status. It signals wealth and is considered cool whereas the native Chinese brands are considered 土 and uncool and for the masses for the people who don’t have money and are not cosmopolitan or Western. Plenty of the nouveau rich splurge into that stuff which includes BMWs and Chanel and Louis Vuitton stuff I have no interest in. As for services you have the analogous international schools and US undergrad again overpriced junk.

I remember eating out with these two businessmen who are rough-mannered and never went to college but drove BMWs. Now it’s true that Chinese cars are not good but still they work and I have a relative (smart and educated) with probably about or even over $10 million net worth (made in China) who drives a Chinese brand car who also looks down on the superficial wealth and success epitomized by these luxury Western brands. He said that often the more you see calligraphy and art displayed in a person’s home or office the more it is a signal of that person’s not being that smart or educated because people who were secure about their culture or education would have no psychological need to do that.

Those nouveau Chinese rich many who splurge and show off their wealth often abroad belong somewhat in that category. They’re not that smart or educated but they had what it took to succeed in business. They feel as a result of their money that they’re hot shit and they also have some fear about the security of their wealth in China under rule of the Leninist CPC, so they want to try to diversify. They don’t have any real chance of getting serious power in China and buying their or their kids’ way into mainstream America is even more laughable. And in general the more they have in America wealth and kids wise the less influential they and their family will be in China.

This luxury brand signaling and social climbing will get you some stuff in certain circles in peace time but in war time (that includes economic war) it’s mostly useless and even a liability, when you have to show your cards for real. So as Duke of Qin has written, the Chinese system under CPC is pretty good at filtering out the disloyal superficial status whoring liberal trash on a continuous basis. The government system 体制内 doesn’t permit much of that behavior. For example, the actors and singers and composers in 体制内 are expected to conform to certain norms in how they act and look, the women are not allowed to behave like sluts in the likes 郭美美 or 章泽天 in outside entertainment. They and many of the nouveau riche who splurge onto Western labels may think they’re cool and successful and rich but the reality is that they are not actually very mainstream in China in terms of their political influence especially. You may think you’re cool but those “uncool” people in 体制内 have power over you and if they really want to they can shut you out.

Lastly I want to note that not all nouveau riche are as described above. Plenty aren’t and a good example is the Huawei founder, who is former 体制内. They might still consume some luxury Western brands, particularly for their children, but it’s generally in a more superficial way and at the core they are very different in their personality and value system and also the way they do business, as far as I can tell.

Updated my pages of Chinese red songs and Soviet red songs

They are at and

Additionally I made recently a page of DPRK music videos and films/parades (like The Flower Girl) but this one is quite short and incomplete for now.

Before I basically just a list of links of online videos. Since Russia doesn’t really have its own video site, the Russian ones were all YouTube, and the Chinese ones were half YouTube, half Chinese video sites. I have been aware that WordPress automatically embeds YouTube videos, so it occurred to me that I could with some JavaScript code within the browser pull out all the hrefs with I looked up with some code and based on it I ran

hrefArr = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
for( var i=0; i<hrefArr.length; i++ ){
  if (hrefArr[i].href.indexOf("youtube") > -1) { 

to get

2019-07-09 下午9.28.06

copy pasting the printed urls into a text editor and a s/VM802:1/ and copy pasting the result back into the WordPress editor did the trick.

2019-07-09 下午9.42.01

And yes for the Chinese ones, for all the ones without YouTube links, I found a YouTube video of that song, added it, and when finished with the manual searching and adding, reran the extract and embed all youtube urls process described above.

The result (scrolled screenshot taken via this Nimbus browser plugin):


Duke of Qin on Chinese Communist Party being anti-liberal filter


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The Chinese Communist Party as an anti-liberal filtering mechanism. An interesting quirk of the Party is that it locks out potential liberal infiltrators from any real power. Most countries are not particularly sovereign in any real sense of the word because their elites are fundamentally liberal creatures, having been processed through the American educational-imperial complex to think like Americans. An Ivy league education serves as an imprimatur to elite status in most places, even in China, or arguably especially in China because of long established educational credentialism. Yet in spite of social power, unlike elsewhere, this doesn’t translate into political power (see Taiwan). Americans operate under the assumption that it is Chinese elites they are educating, when in reality they are ex-elites. Xi Jinping’s daughter will never hold any political power in China, nor will Bo Xilai’s son, nor will any apparatchiks kid who went to Harvard. The Party simply distrusts them and won’t place them in a decision role. They can be wealthy, but they will never have a true say. Liberals call this phenomenon as power uncertainty, as if the this somehow reflected a flaw in the system. To the contrary, I argue this system prevents the formation of political dynasties and serves as an immune reaction, cutting away the infected flesh as it were. The only foreign educated member of the Politburo standing committee went to Kim Il Sung University. That pretty much says it all. Those who came of age in the 80s who had the opportunity to study in the West are noticeably absent among the Party ruling elements, unlike post Cold War Eastern Europe which is rife with American creatures. The very privileges that power seeks to perpetuate on it’s progeny, special private schools, followed by Western education dissociates itself with the mainstream of Chinese society. It also inadvertently cuts itself off from how power and decision making is allocated by the Party itself. Ironically, a Leninist Party state will select for more representative leadership than any Democracy because power is limited to Party members rather than being diffused out into nothingness with universal suffrage.

Some thoughts and historical background on those stereotypes of Asian scientists not having that rock the boat creativity personality conducive to “zero to one” work

I wrote this to Steve Hsu after he discussed the matter in the title of this post to me.

I saw a wechat moment involving 吴文俊 Wu Wenjun who did seminal work in algebraic topology and later automated theorem proving who I mentioned.
The Chinese who first did seminal work in modern science tended to be in pure math the field that is aside from a brain at the far tail arguably lowest barrier to entry. In theoretical physics the arbiter is experimental validation so there is more politics/connections/cred involved whereas for pure math if the proof is correct then it’s absolute truth.
Before 1950 Chinese in pure math already produced SS Chern (differential geometry) Hua Luogeng (analytic number theory and some other fields too to be fair he may well have been smarter and also more discerning than Terry Tao) Weiliang Chow (algebraic geometry) Wu Wenjun (algebraic topology), Chern and Chow stayed in US after PRC was founded while Hua and Wu returned. Hua’s student Chen Jingrun proved best current result towards Goldbach conjecture (every sufficiently large even number is sum of two primes or sum of prime and semiprime). I read that he and his students in the 50s in China did some seminal work in several complex variables that was published as a monograph that was translated to Russian and then English. Also Zhang Yitang’s breakthrough started with his learning the work of Chen Jingrun as a teenager on his own before he went to college at age 23.
To be fair pure math got only more abstract and esoteric and divorced from the rest of science after WWII. Chinese mathematicians were still kind of minor the really mainstream stuff was happening in US France USSR Japan. To my take it was really only Chern who really revolutionized math and he was born in 1911.
As for physics aside from Yang and Lee in theory I know there was a guy 赵忠尧 who experimentally discovered but likely didn’t fully explain the positron in the early 30s (at Caltech I believe), I think he had to go back to China after getting his PhD and if not for that likely he would’ve done more there and maybe actually gotten full credit for that thing. Back then there was just much more low hanging fruit. Nowadays we’ve kind of reached a bottleneck in science.
In experimental physics I also know of 王淦昌 who led a team that discovered some particle while in USSR in late 50s but it was not quite Nobel prize level maybe close. And of course there were some ethnic Chinese in US like Steven Chu who did win Nobel in experimental physics.
Certainly it was very difficult to do such level work in China or in the four Asian tigers due to lack of powerful scientific community at the forefront in those places. I think Japan was different after WWII they already had first rate science of their own by then. So naturally the best Chinese in pure science were the ones who went to US and stayed before PRC or went the Taiwan/HK route afterward. Mainland China really only had access to USSR in 50s and also during that era the best people tended to be pressured into applied work.
Again the era of fundamental advances seems to be kind of over. There hasn’t been much serious breakthrough in science and technology since end of cold war. World Wide Web and AI doesn’t really count in my view. Nothing compared to semiconductors and satellites and computers and lasers which all happened during cold war. AI is just a natural product of advances in computing power and GPUs.
My Indian friend also said that Indians did better in pure physics than Chinese due to Brit education. CV Raman Bose Chandrasekhar their elite got into modern science arguably earlier than the Japanese too let alone the Chinese. Modern science is a Western thing East Asians just got into it quite late with Chinese much later than Japanese and Koreans even later really.
Access and tradition matters a lot too it’s not just about g or the right maverick personality. It’s just too bad that East Asians didn’t create modern science or anything close to it on their own despite obviously being quite gifted in it based on their achievements after they got into that stuff. But not long after it became kind of saturated.
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