今天下午,我找到了以“哄鬼”讽刺邓小平的摸着石头过河之文,原链接为http://www.oldkids.cn/blog/view.php?bid=1136018,复制版链接为https://gmachine1729.com/reprints/%e6%91%b8%e7%9d%80%e7%9f%b3%e5%a4%b4%e8%bf%87%e6%b2%b3%e5%93%84%e9%ac%bc/。与此相连,我想到如何媒体和艺术若如哄鬼发展,就会成为美国那样的一片糟,而相反,列宁说过艺术必得系统引导。我记得俄语读过他的关于这个的语录,起头为Каждый художник(每一个艺术家)。在Yandex上查了查并看到来自https://leninism.su/books/4109-zhizn-lenina-tom-2.html?start=16

Ленин любил ясность. «Я имею смелость заявить себя «варваром», — сказал он Кларе Цеткин. — Я не в силах считать произведения экспрессионизма, футуризма, кубизма и прочих «измов» высшим проявлением художественного гения. Я их не понимаю. Я не испытываю от них никакой радости»3. Наследники Ленина остались верны своему учителю. Ленин знал, сколько вреда причинила искусству и литературе царская цензура, уродовавшая многие из величайших произведений литературы XIX века. Некоторые литературные произведения, в том числе ряд книг Толстого, печатались за границей, потому что самодержавие боялось свободного мнения. «Подумайте о том влиянии, которое оказывали на развитие нашей живописи, скульптуры и архитектуры мода и прихоти царского двора, равно как вкус и причуды господ аристократов и буржуазии, — говорил Ленин Кларе Цеткин (о литературе он не упомянул). — В обществе, базирующемся на частной собственности, художник производит товары для рынка, он нуждается в покупателях. Наша революция освободила художников от гнета этих весьма прозаических условий. Она превратила Советское государство в их защитника и заказчика. Каждый художник, всякий, кто себя таковым считает, имеет право творить свободно, согласно своему идеалу, независимо ни от чего. Хаотическое брожение, лихорадочные искания новых лозунгов… — все это неизбежно».

«Но, понятно, — многозначительно прибавил Ленин, — мы — коммунисты. Мы не должны стоять сложа руки и давать хаосу развиваться, куда хочешь. Мы должны вполне планомерно руководить этим процессом и формировать его результаты».

从这个在俄罗斯的俄罗斯人做的收集及展示关于列宁的信息的网站,我得知他出生在Симбирске,并复制粘贴在Yandex上查了查,将我引到了Yandex地图。观察到Симбирске离哈萨克斯坦不远后,就将地图放大并观察到北朝鲜南朝鲜他们不用North Korea和South Korea,而用正式名,DPRK和Republic of Korea,我其实觉得他们这样做挺好的。然后又发现台湾名字不被显示,放小之后也如中国其他省的名字一样显示Taiwan

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Why I think luxury Western brands are ridiculously overpriced and idiotic

I just made a table of price comparison of various goods/services between China and US. It reminded of how I recently told two visitors from US that the (semi formal) shoes which I’m wearing now and have been for over half a year I bought at a Fred Meyer like store for 39 RMB which is less than $6. I was looking to buy a new pair of shoes then as a backup and in the process I went into some shoe store in some mall with Nike and other famous US brands. I knew I would not buy those but out of curiosity I asked for the price of one of the cheaper ones and the answer I got was like 800 some RMB or maybe 600 some. Those were tennis shoes 球鞋 so not fair to compare but still. Basically it’s these US brands getting a big profit margin through their brand name from selling such overpriced stuff that is manufactured in China by people earning very low wages and their bosses the factory owners acting as compradors.

So this reminds of how buying these Western luxury brands in China to many is a sign of status. It signals wealth and is considered cool whereas the native Chinese brands are considered 土 and uncool and for the masses for the people who don’t have money and are not cosmopolitan or Western. Plenty of the nouveau rich splurge into that stuff which includes BMWs and Chanel and Louis Vuitton stuff I have no interest in. As for services you have the analogous international schools and US undergrad again overpriced junk.

I remember eating out with these two businessmen who are rough-mannered and never went to college but drove BMWs. Now it’s true that Chinese cars are not good but still they work and I have a relative (smart and educated) with probably about or even over $10 million net worth (made in China) who drives a Chinese brand car who also looks down on the superficial wealth and success epitomized by these luxury Western brands. He said that often the more you see calligraphy and art displayed in a person’s home or office the more it is a signal of that person’s not being that smart or educated because people who were secure about their culture or education would have no psychological need to do that.

Those nouveau Chinese rich many who splurge and show off their wealth often abroad belong somewhat in that category. They’re not that smart or educated but they had what it took to succeed in business. They feel as a result of their money that they’re hot shit and they also have some fear about the security of their wealth in China under rule of the Leninist CPC, so they want to try to diversify. They don’t have any real chance of getting serious power in China and buying their or their kids’ way into mainstream America is even more laughable. And in general the more they have in America wealth and kids wise the less influential they and their family will be in China.

This luxury brand signaling and social climbing will get you some stuff in certain circles in peace time but in war time (that includes economic war) it’s mostly useless and even a liability, when you have to show your cards for real. So as Duke of Qin has written, the Chinese system under CPC is pretty good at filtering out the disloyal superficial status whoring liberal trash on a continuous basis. The government system 体制内 doesn’t permit much of that behavior. For example, the actors and singers and composers in 体制内 are expected to conform to certain norms in how they act and look, the women are not allowed to behave like sluts in the likes 郭美美 or 章泽天 in outside entertainment. They and many of the nouveau riche who splurge onto Western labels may think they’re cool and successful and rich but the reality is that they are not actually very mainstream in China in terms of their political influence especially. You may think you’re cool but those “uncool” people in 体制内 have power over you and if they really want to they can shut you out.

Lastly I want to note that not all nouveau riche are as described above. Plenty aren’t and a good example is the Huawei founder, who is former 体制内. They might still consume some luxury Western brands, particularly for their children, but it’s generally in a more superficial way and at the core they are very different in their personality and value system and also the way they do business, as far as I can tell.



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Translation of that Chinese poem on the USSR into English

Original here. My strictly literal translation of it into Russian here.













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苏联的伟大,中共文明继承 (величие советского союза, китайская коммунистическая культура наследует) перевод китайской поэмы



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其实,鉴于此文在纪念党的生日,我觉得中共所领导的做的好多都是惊人的,具有无比勇气的。统一了百年军阀混战的中国是一。建国没捞着喘什么气又跟世界老大直接打了一仗,而且还赢了,至少平了。此代价是世界老大采取几乎所有措施让你崩溃,但是二十年后,中国从几乎零的基础下研制出了两弹一星,世界老大也不得不认输了。之后,跟世界老大建交了,他非要让你改变你的制度,到处污蔑你好对你施加压力,但中共依然坚持抵抗着,直到今天发展到世界老大真的怕你代替他咯。所以从任何客观的角度这都是很神的党,奇迹性的政治组织,美国当权派及其走狗对它的诬蔑只能客观表示一种自己深厚的畏惧和对自己失败的回避,是一种拒绝面对客观事实的表现,用另一句话说,是一种sore loser的表现。当然,中国在共产党的领导下还要好多做的不足的地方,如此前文所述,还有很漫长的路要走。我个人觉得中共改革开放那帮领导相对比较差,比较没有骨气,此可以以六四和中国的人才流失证实,当然我也认识到中国要融入美国为首的国际体系就是要失去一定的独立自主为代价。(注:读者别把我搞错,我绝对不是一个极左,四人帮当然也有很多糟糕的地方,基本上是一些弱智流氓,但至少他们是立场坚定,不会去走卖国的自由主义。)


Not that I am any sort of unreconstructed Maoist: I also approve of Deng Xiaoping, including his willingness to be harsh when necessary. Both Mao and Deng played a big part in producing today’s China, but in a future article I will argue that it was Deng who came closest to wrecking it. Contrary to what most analysts will tell you, Mao always had a fall-back position that he could return to if one of his radical experiments went wrong.




On questioning authority

A couple years ago, my friend who won high honors at the Intel Science Talent Search told me that he was talking this guy who created some app that allows you to schedule a Uber ride for later, who was also at/near the top of the same science competition, who is extraordinarily versatile and prolific. I watched a little of a video of a TED talk he gave, wherein he explained what one can learn from ancient Hebraic texts. Overall, I wasn’t terribly terribly impressed by it, though it was quite eloquently delivered. Mostly because with those types of things, one is too free to interpret and thus, the lessons/messages given were overly generic so as to make them almost meaningless, one of which was how the Bible teaches the importance of questioning authority, with reference to the refusal to bow to the golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar by Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as an exemplary.

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My awesome roommate

I recently met this cool guy because we live in the same place. Though he’s not that nerdy (by that, I mean super mathy), we still share many common interests. For instance, he expressed interest when I told him a bit about 艾思奇(Ai Siqi). Additionally, he told me about his appreciation for André Weil and Simone Weil, particularly her mysticism, which I found quite pleasing as I was reading about them not long ago. He also told me about this guy who is trying to understand Mochizuki’s “proof” of the abc conjecture despite being not long out of undergrad, who has plenty of other quirks and eccentric behaviors. Like, that guy joined some Marxist collective, and goes on drunken rants at 3 am, and is in general “aspie af,” something that he described me as too when messaging that guy himself. There is also, “he would literally kill himself if he had to do a tech job.” (laughter) That guy’s dad happens to be a (tenured) math professor from mainland China, more evidence that madness runs in families. Continue reading “My awesome roommate”


昨天在网上碰到了一个有趣的视频,标题为“My Life, My China – I am a Communist Party member 被打上标签的人”。此内容我就不在这里谈了,读者可以自己看此十分钟以下的视频。里面人所表达的想法和个人经历给我留下了深刻的感受,也在我心目中启发了一定的反思。

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后在得知此来自Time Magazine的刚发布的一篇文章,想这是Time Magazine啊,美国很有威望的畅销杂志。在那儿,闻到中国竟然已在非洲东北岸的吉布提(Djibouti)建立了头一个海外的军事基地。但对我印象最深的文章最后段,为:

The China striding into that spotlight is not guaranteed to win the future. In this fragmenting world, no one government will have the international influence required to continue to set the political and economic rules that govern the global system. But if you had to bet on one country that is best positioned today to extend its influence with partners and rivals alike, you wouldn’t be wise to back the U.S. The smart money would probably be on China.