Scrolled screenshot of collection of Soviet red song (embedded YouTube) videos



Updated my pages of Chinese red songs and Soviet red songs

They are at and

Additionally I made recently a page of DPRK music videos and films/parades (like The Flower Girl) but this one is quite short and incomplete for now.

Before I basically just a list of links of online videos. Since Russia doesn’t really have its own video site, the Russian ones were all YouTube, and the Chinese ones were half YouTube, half Chinese video sites. I have been aware that WordPress automatically embeds YouTube videos, so it occurred to me that I could with some JavaScript code within the browser pull out all the hrefs with I looked up with some code and based on it I ran

hrefArr = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
for( var i=0; i<hrefArr.length; i++ ){
  if (hrefArr[i].href.indexOf("youtube") > -1) { 

to get

2019-07-09 下午9.28.06

copy pasting the printed urls into a text editor and a s/VM802:1/ and copy pasting the result back into the WordPress editor did the trick.

2019-07-09 下午9.42.01

And yes for the Chinese ones, for all the ones without YouTube links, I found a YouTube video of that song, added it, and when finished with the manual searching and adding, reran the extract and embed all youtube urls process described above.

The result (scrolled screenshot taken via this Nimbus browser plugin):







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My whole experience with the American school system

I accidentally stuffed my face last night and found myself too uncomfortable from that to do anything productive, to my great disappointment. So I verged onto non-technical topics again, and in particular, I reflected somewhat on my personal experience growing up as a Chinese immigrant kid in America, and I write this with a hope that it might be inspiring to others with a similar background.

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On questioning authority

A couple years ago, my friend who won high honors at the Intel Science Talent Search told me that he was talking this guy who created some app that allows you to schedule a Uber ride for later, who was also at/near the top of the same science competition, who is extraordinarily versatile and prolific. I watched a little of a video of a TED talk he gave, wherein he explained what one can learn from ancient Hebraic texts. Overall, I wasn’t terribly terribly impressed by it, though it was quite eloquently delivered. Mostly because with those types of things, one is too free to interpret and thus, the lessons/messages given were overly generic so as to make them almost meaningless, one of which was how the Bible teaches the importance of questioning authority, with reference to the refusal to bow to the golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar by Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as an exemplary.

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今天又听了诸多苏联歌曲,甚悦耳,大多来自于薛范的YouTube account。音乐与镜头配的好的不能再好了。记得曾经薛范在采访中说过:做他的工作需要音乐,俄文,和中文三项通,具备此条件的人并不多。

所听的,我能想到的有:москва майская, москва-пекин, прощание славянки, подмосковные вечера, марш защитников москвы, в путь, 等等。这些无论是其音乐还是其歌词艺术质量都很高。我认为一个人可以不喜欢这些歌代表的苏联的政治那一套,但是很难从一个纯粹艺术角度上低评它,就像一个天才可能是个asshole,但是这并不改变他是天才的现实。在这里边,对我印象比较深的是在《莫斯科-北京》里,还有,若我没判断错,郭沫若的镜头。另一位出现的我记得的好像是胡乔木,但这我不能太肯定。