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One interesting idea touched upon here is the social status of Chinese American academics. For any other race such as white including Jews being a tenured professor at a top university opens the doors to an elite social life. This is not just about money made it is more about social connections. A tenured professor would be living large — going on private yachts, parties at the fanciest lounges, front stage tickets to concerts and events. This is all supported by the university, its alums and donors. I wonder if the Chinese American professors are actively excluded from the “old boys club” associated with senior level academics and relegated to the laboratory basement instead. It seems to me that they probably are. Otherwise why would so many of them (the elites not counting the middle of the pack) be tempted to reconnect with China? The STEM subject matter shields them from discrimination in the pure academic setting but once in a broader social setting we see that they face the same discrimination as if they are in law or finance instead of STEM.









My observations of Chinese scientists and engineers in America


In short, they are still quite culturally isolated from the mainstream. I’ve interacted with graduate students and graduate departments before. In those, the Chinese students largely self-segregate. Their conversational English is limited. As for the professors from mainland China, they mostly do their research and teach their classes and are rather inactive in actual department matters. They are respected for their technical ability, but they are not really actually assimilated, from what I’ve observed. And many of them take on mostly Chinese students, as non-Chinese students would naturally find a Chinese advisor somewhat uncomfortable, culturally, especially if most of his students are Chinese. They do generally behave in a way that could be characterized as “keeping their head down” and “toeing the American line,” because they know that even as a tenured professor they’re not anywhere near as socially or politically influential. They interact mostly with Chinese outside the work setting, I’ve attended parties of somewhat or very high up Chinese immigrant scientists and engineers before so that I can attest to this. Even in the workplace, they have lunch with mostly other Chinese immigrants (I have participated in those as well). The people of other more assimilated races obviously don’t like them or even secretly hate them, but they are too afraid to openly say it. It is obvious from the segregation and the way whites treat them, and I think those Chinese immigrants are perhaps too insensitive in this regard. Many Chinese out of desperation for their career will purposely try to act more “American,” in a way that makes them seem pathetic, that would be met with utter social disapproval in China. They do act like they are better than Chinese in China for sure, and they project that image when interacting with whites. Though many of them still will try to use/exaggerate their American position and university name tag to get stuff out of China. They know that whites don’t give a fuck about them, but in China, they can still fool a lot of people.


Like Shing-Tung Yau in pure math, who has said a ton of ridiculous stuff in China, like “in America, even law students have to learn math.” He talks all the time about how great America is in China. And then there was physicist Shoucheng Zhang, who died at age 55. His VC firm failed (this was what someone with indirect connection to him told me), there was an FBI investigation against him. He wanted serious privilege in America, as opposed to merely being a low-profile top scientist, with that tenured Stanford professorship not enough. He wanted more, he wanted influence in China. He also wanted a venture capital firm for Chinese in Silicon Valley. He wanted to feign loyalty to China too as an evangelical Christian who naturalized as American citizen despite being sent to study in Germany in the middle of undergrad on Chinese government funds. Really, anyone with some common sense will realize that a mainland Chinese immigrant cannot attain what he aspired for in America, where ethnic Chinese are socially and politically an untouchable caste. And lately, I learned of Kai Li, Princeton computer science professor, who apparently pulled his American connections to help get funding from an American VC for this fingerprint recognition company whose main client is the Chinese police department. Most of these immigrants are not actually loyal to America, they only pretend to love America to advance their career there. Americans should know that once they talk with Chinese in China they put on a completely difference face. I’ve had some personal interactions with this type of stuff, and it’s absolutely disgusting.


Something that most Americans might find a bit counterintuitive is that most Chinese people don’t like Chinese-American scientists either. They’re not really Chinese anymore, especially if they’ve raised banana children in America who don’t even know the culture and language. They are increasingly also politically untouchable in their ancestral home country. That’s something that China and US have in common in this ongoing trade war and civilizational clash. They both dislike Chinese-Americans. This does not need much explanation. Nobody likes traitors and spineless opportunists.


The few white Americans I could get along best with in America were actually those who wanted to preserve Western civilization. Once I knew them well enough, I could actually talk with them honestly and openly on such matters. And they better understand where I’m coming from as well…


Ironically, there is actually some form of mutual respect between WASP and Chinese conservatives… they do actually have a bit in common…




They don’t understand how 贱 they are. Their yellow existence is a threat to the mainstream. They don’t realize it’s their yellow-ness that is a mortal sin. White people especially Jews don’t want yellow people on planet Earth, period. They scored a huge victory by killing off the Native Americans and all that stands between them and total planetary victory is China. To some degree the diaspora AFs understand this and they want to side with white people. Just like La Malinche. She helped Europeans to conquer her own Aztec people.


看起来当年的白人征服者把他们捕到的女印第安人奴隶培养成了翻译,不得不让我想到现在不依然有好多崇洋媚外的中国女人在学英语么?那些拥有美国学位的华裔女性中国怎么能轻易信任呢?就连写关于南京大屠杀的美国华裔Iris Chang(张纯如)也是嫁给白人的,我今年去南京的那个纪念馆还看到了她的照片。她36岁就自杀了,我有一次也看过她的演讲视频,对于她,我只能说




美国华裔,美国亚裔是二十一世纪的美国印第安人。二战时,美国日裔被关进集中营了,我亲自认识一个人跟我说那个当时几乎把他家毁掉了,战后基本得从头开始,也不敢再学日语了,完了几乎成了黄皮肤的洋垃圾(white trash)了。问题是这些人在哪里都是垃圾了,中国也越来越不会接受有太多美国背景的华裔,尤其如果是自愿去的以及其后代。他们在中国难以融入,也是政治风险。






男白人女亚裔出的祸(WMAF fuckups)

来源: http://mongoloidracerising.blogspot.com/2016/08/amwf-is-vastly-superior-to-wmaf.html

WMAF children:

– Daniel Holtzclaw

– Elliott Rodger

– Daniel Henney

– Olivia Munn

– Nathan Adrian

– Eiji Wentz
Justin Nojan Sullivan (Eurasian who attempted to join ISIS)
Matthew DeGrood (Mass killer, 5 victims)
Eric Bloss (Arrested in 2015 for attempted murder of boss)
Connor Sullivan (Ran away from home, missing for 4 days, survived by eating fruit from trees, in 2015)
Amanda Todd (Famous suicide)
Isabella Guzman (Matricide via stabbing 151 times)
Kelly Baltazar (Rich girl turned degradation-pornstar)
Jimmi Inthep Hansson (Swedish animal killer of 9 cats; translation needed)
Daniel Holtzclaw (Cop turned mass rapist)
Belle Knox (Half Indian, Half White) pornstar / Duke student
Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia mattress girl whose claim was later found to be false)
David Renz (Stabbed mother to death in 2013, attempted to rape 10 year old daughter)
Elliot Turner, murder of his girlfriend, half Indonesian, half British
John Everette Perry, sexually assaulting young men, 2013
Alex Kenji Gaborek, Transient Suspect, Accomplices Arrested for Breaking Into Mother’s Elk Grove Residence
Bryan Springer. White Father, Thai Mother. Murder/Suicide involving his girlfriend. 2015. source
Aaron Ybarra, White-Hispanic father, Asian mother, school shooting in Seattle, 2014
Julian Edgren, Former Princeton student and prodigy sentenced to 5 years for selling drugs, White Father, Chinese Mother
Alysa Suguro Bathrick, “Cute mugshot girl”
66 year old white politican and his 25 year old WMAF hapa boyfriend arrested and faced charges for sex crimes with a minor, July, 2015
The 2016 List alone.
David Fry. Oregon Militia and ISIS sympathizer, January 13, 2016. White father / Japanese mother.
Thomas Wagoner, ASU student who committed suicide due to racial bullying, January 13, 2016
Jack Luck, Taiwanese television host, suicide. January 22, 2016. White father / Asian mother.
Aage Jorgansen, 16 year old boy who went missing after his father kicked him our of his car. January 28, 2016.
Dorothy Dutiel, murder suicide with girlfriend, February 12, 2016. White father / Asian mother
Joshua Zarembeski, armed robbery, February 26, 2016. White father / Asian mother
Alex Buckner, mass murder of entire family, February 26, 2016, White father / Asian mother
Colin James Sparks, theft of $1000 worth of Lego sets, July 15th, 2016.
Justin Mazone, arrested for intoxication manslaughter, January, 2016
Pre-2013 List.
Glenn Murphy, Jr., 2007, Head of Young Republicans, arrested for sexual assault on a 22 year old sleeping man.
Wesley Covenah, child molester, Asian mother, white father
James Sosnicki, gay for pay “stripper”. He served 3 years for drug possession, burglary, and fraud. Now on parole.
Phillip Sands, ex-deputy Sheriff’s son convicted of murder, 2005.
Marcus Epstein, 2007, anti-immigrant activist arrested for assault on a black woman
Learco Chindamo, half Italian, half Phillipino, convicted in 1995 stabbing murder
Arthur Patterson, 1997 Itaewon murder
Tiege Harris Delaney Jr, half Asian, white father, child molestation; father also arrested for… child molestation.
Charlie Chase, 1998, “Sometimes, lots of times, I fantasize about cutting someone’s head off, cutting their heart out”, WMAF Hapa. Japanese Mother. In prison for murder, robbery, assault.
Jack Abbot, was an American criminal and author, to an Irish-American soldier and a Chinese prostitute, murder, robbery.
Heck Van Tran, Triple Murder
Roger Brady, double murder
Richard Yi Begnell, 2012, larceny
Harvie Dale Oglesby III, bank robbery, dubbed the “Hipster Bandit”, 2012
Tyler Lee Ford, groped three girls sleeping in a bedroom in the home: two 9-year-olds and a 10-year-old, 2013.
Jarred Dean Snyder, 2014 armed robbery
David Anthony Runyon, 2007, killer for hire
Nicole John, 2010 daughter of the Ambassador to Thailand and a Korean woman, death from falling off of Manhattan high-rise during party, while high.
Two hapas charged with almost cutting a 15 year olds arm off.
Empire State Building Shooter, 2012
Robert John Bardo, Korean mother, White father, 1989 murder
George Woldt, wanton abduction, torture, rape and murder of college student Jacine Gielinski in 1997. “His own mother is Korean and apparently Woldt never accepted his Asian ancestry and wished his mother dead for having had him.”
Martin Soto-Fong, Mexican father, Chinese mother, triple murder, 1994
Alfred K. Brown, White Father, Japanese Mother, 1982 Triple Murder
Jason McClendon, 1995, White Father, Half Asian Mother, Murder of Mother
Steven Parker. White Father, Vietnamese Mother. Double Homicide, Kidnapping, Robbery. 2005. sources
Gerald Powers. White Father, Taiwanese Mother. Murder and aggravated robbery. 1966. source
Michael Blair. White Father. Thai Mother. Sexual Assault and Rape of multiple children. Early 90’s. source
John Harvey Otwell, White father, Chinese mother, drifter and murder of girl, 1989. Mugshot.
George Wilkerson. White Father. Korean Mother. Murder. 2005. source



AMWF seems superior because WMAF is almost usually driven by insecurity on both sides. AF (wants to whiten the race up by breeding with a white man; white worship complex) WM (hates WW or has had bad experiences with them; has yellow fever complex; knows he’ll be worshipped by AF so he chooses them over WW or any other race/ethnicity)
I feel the same way about BMWF relationships. Most of the time, they’re driven by insecurity as well. BM (white worship complex; wants to gain status and/or whiten up the race by breeding with a WW) WW (wants to prove she isn’t racist; only dates BM for their big dick stereotype; wants to gain attention or upset WM and BF) I also tend to think WMBF relationships are superior to WFBM as well.


























在美国时,我试了给Steve Hsu创建一个百度百科页,但总是无法通过,当时还不那么清楚中国总而言之反感美国华人,一位拿过CIA钱开网络安全公司在中国搞渗透的国民党背景的人就不用说了。可能未通过因为徐已在tg黑名单上了。


Speech of W.E.B. Du Bois in Beijing University in 1959

By courtesy of the government of the 600 million people of the Chinese Republic, I am permitted on my 91st birthday to speak to the people of China and Africa and through them to the world. Hail, then, and farewell, dwelling places of the yellow and black races. Hail human kind!

I speak with no authority; no assumption of age nor rank; I hold no position, I have no wealth. One thing alone I own and that is my own soul. Ownership of that I have even while in my own country for near a century I have been nothing but a “nigger.” On this basis and this alone I dare speak, I dare advise.

China after long centuries has arisen to her feet and leapt forward. Africa, arise, and stand straight, speak and think! Act! Turn from the West and your slavery and humiliation for the last 500 years and face the rising sun.

Behold a people, the most populous nation on this ancient earth, which has burst its shackles, not by boasting and strutting, not by lying about its history and its conquests, but by patience and long suffering, by blind struggle, moved up and on toward the crimson sky. She aims to “make men holy; to make men free.”

But what men? Not simply the mandarins but including mandarins; not simply the rich, but not excluding the rich. Not simply the learned, but led by knowledge to the end that no man shall be poor, nor sick, nor ignorant; but that the humblest worker as well as the sons of emperors shall be fed and taught and healed and that there emerge on earth a single unified people, free, well and educated.

You have been told, my Africa: My Africa in Africa and all your children’s children overseas; you have been told and the telling so beaten into you by rods and whips, that you believe it yourselves, that this is impossible; that mankind can rise only by walking on men; by cheating them and killing them; that only on a doormat of the despised and dying, the dead and rotten, can a British aristocracy, a French cultural elite or an American millionaire be nurtured and grown.

This is a lie. It is an ancient lie spread by church and state, spread by priest and historian, and believed in by fools and cowards, as well as by the downtrodden and the children of despair.

Speak, China, and tell your truth to Africa and the world. What people have been despised as you have? Who more than you have been rejected of men? Recall when lordly Britishers threw the rickshaw money on the ground to avoid touching a filthy hand. Forget not the time when in Shanghai no Chinese man dare set foot in a park which he paid for. Tell this to Africa, for today Africa stands on new feet, with new eyesight, with new brains and asks: Where am I and why?

The Western sirens answer: Britain wheedles; France cajoles; while America, my America, where my ancestors and descendants for eight generations have lived and toiled; America loudest of all, yells and promises freedom. If only Africa allows American investment!

Beware Africa, America bargains for your soul. America would have you believe that they freed your grandchildren; that Afro-Americans are full American citizens, treated like equals, paid fair wages as workers, promoted for desert and free to learn and travel across the world.

This is not true. Some are near freedom; some approach equality with whites; some have achieved education; but the price for this has too often been slavery of mind, distortion of truth and oppression of our own people.

Of 18 million Afro-Americans, 12 million are still second-class citizens of the United States, serfs in farming, low-paid laborers in industry, and repressed members of union labor. Most American Negroes do not vote. Even the rising six million are liable to insult and discrimination at any time.

But this, Africa, relates to your descendants, not to you. Once I thought of you Africans as children, whom we educated Afro-Americans would lead to liberty. I was wrong. We could not even lead ourselves much less you. Today I see you rising under your own leadership, guided by your own brains.

Africa does not ask alms from China nor from the Soviet Union nor from France, Britain, nor the United States. It asks friendship and sympathy and no nation better than China can offer this to the Dark Continent. Let it be freely given and generously. Let Chinese visit Africa, send their scientists there and their artists and writers. Let Africa send its students to China and its seekers after knowledge. It will not find on earth a richer goal, a more promising mine of information.

On the other hand, watch the West. The new British West Indian Federation is not a form of democratic progress but a cunning attempt to reduce these islands to the control of British and American investors. Haiti is dying under rich Haitian investors who with American money are enslaving the peasantry. Cuba is showing what the West Indies, Central and South America are suffering under American big business.

The American worker himself does not always realize this. He has high wages and many comforts. Rather than lose these, he keeps in office by his vote the servants of industrial exploitation so long as they maintain his wage. His labor leaders represent exploitation and not the fight against the exploitation of labor by private capital. These two sets of exploiters fall out only when one demands too large a share of the loot.

This China knows. This Africa must learn. This the American Negro has failed so far to learn. I am frightened by the so-called friends who are flocking to Africa. Negro Americans trying to make money from your toil, white Americans who seek by investment and high interest to bind you in serfdom to business as the Near East is bound and as South America is struggling with. For this America is tempting your leaders, bribing your young scholars, and arming your soldiers. What shall you do?

First, understand! Realize that the great mass of mankind is freeing itself from wage slavery, while private capital in Britain, France, and now in America, is still trying to maintain civilization and comfort for a few on the toil, disease and ignorance of the mass of men. Understand this, and understanding comes from direct knowledge. You know America and France, and Britain to your sorrow. Now know the Soviet Union, but particularly know China.

China is flesh of your flesh, and blood of your blood. China is colored and knows to what a colored skin in this modern world subjects its owner. But China knows more, much more than this: she knows what to do about it. She can take the insults of the United States and still hold her head high. She can make her own machines, when America refuses to sell her American manufactures, even though it hurts American industry, and throws her workers out of jobs. China does not need American nor British missionaries to teach her religion and scare her with tales of hell. China has been in hell too long, not to believe in a heaven of her own making. This she is doing.

Come to China, Africa, and look around. Invite Africa to come, China, and see what you can teach by just pointing. Yonder old woman is working on the street. But she is happy. She has no fear. Her children are in school and a good school. If she is ill, there is a hospital where she is cared for free of charge. She has a vacation with pay each year. She can die and be buried without taxing her family to make some undertaker rich.

Africa can answer: but some of this we have done; our tribes undertake public service like this. Very well, let your tribes continue and expand this work. What Africa must realize is what China knows; that it is worse than stupid to allow a people’s education to be under the control of those who seek not the progress of the people but their use as means of making themselves rich and powerful. It is wrong for the University of London to control the University of Ghana. It is wrong for the Catholic church to direct the education of the black Congolese. It was wrong for Protestant churches supported by British and American wealth to control higher education in China.

The Soviet Union is surpassing the world in popular and higher education, because from the beginning it started its own complete educational system. The essence of the revolution in the Soviet Union and China and in all the “iron curtain” nations, is not the violence that accompanied the change; no more than starvation at Valley Forge was the essence of the American revolution against Britain. The real revolution is the acceptance on the part of the nation of the fact that hereafter the main object of the nation is the welfare of the mass of the people and not of the lucky few.

Government is for the people’s progress and not for the comfort of an aristocracy. The object of industry is the welfare of the workers and not the wealth of the owners. The object of civilization is the cultural progress of the mass of workers and not merely of an intellectual elite. And in return for all this, communist lands believe that the cultivation of the mass of people will discover more talent and genius to serve the state than any closed aristocracy ever furnished. This belief the current history of the Soviet Union and China is proving true each day. Therefore don’t let the West invest when you can avoid it. Don’t buy capital from Britain, France and the United States if you can get it on reasonable terms from the Soviet Union and China. This is not politics; it is common sense. It is learning from experience. It is trusting your friends and watching your enemies. Refuse to be cajoled or to change your way of life, so as to make a few of your fellows rich at the expense of a mass of workers growing poor and sick and remaining without schools so that a few black men can have automobiles.

Africa, here is a real danger which you must avoid or return to the slavery from which you are emerging. All I ask from you is the courage to know; to look about you and see what is happening in this old and tired world; to realize the extent and depth of its rebirth and the promise which glows on your hills.

Visit the Soviet Union and visit China. Let your youth learn the Russian and Chinese languages. Stand together in this new world and let the old world perish in its greed or be born again in new hope and promise. Listen to the Hebrew prophet of communism:

Ho! every one that thirsteth; come ye to the waters; come, buy and eat, without money and price!

Again, China and Africa, hail and farewell!

Copied over from http://media.pfeiffer.edu/lridener/dss/DuBois/DUBOISP4.HTML. Additionally, there is some actual footage at http://credo.library.umass.edu/media/mums312-b246-i002-001.access.mp4.

I won’t comment too much on this. I mostly find this type of racial/class language in English rather uncomfortable and try to avoid it most of the time. But this is Du Bois and he’s pretty significant and that speech he gave in China in 1959 at Beida was too. And it’s a pretty good speech. He is WOKE. The more idealistic part of it, especially regarding “communism” don’t take too seriously of course.

I can only say that back then, China was still quite poor and backward, but really optimistic. It was right after the highly successful first five year plan through which China rapidly developed some modern industry but even so, it was back in 59 when many people did not have enough to eat. Nowadays, it’s a completely different story. And unlike in 80s, 90s, and 00s, people in China have belief in their system and culture in addition to the hard power to back up, unlike during the Mao era when the determination was strong, but the material support was meh but growing quickly. US tried to defeat through proxy war (KMT), failed, direct war (Korean War), failed, economic sanction (during Mao era), failed, coup (89 protests), failed, liberal temptation (80s thru 00s during reform and opening up), this by 2017 has also proven itself pretty much failed.

To put it shortly, blacks in America are WOKE. Their ancestors didn’t come here voluntarily, they were forcibly shipped here to become slaves. Their lack of success is a competence problem, not a woke-ness problem. Besides they have more status and position in America than East Asians, who and whose ancestors mostly came here out of voluntary betrayal and white worship, do.

Some thoughts and historical background on those stereotypes of Asian scientists not having that rock the boat creativity personality conducive to “zero to one” work

I wrote this to Steve Hsu after he discussed the matter in the title of this post to me.

I saw a wechat moment involving 吴文俊 Wu Wenjun who did seminal work in algebraic topology and later automated theorem proving who I mentioned.
The Chinese who first did seminal work in modern science tended to be in pure math the field that is aside from a brain at the far tail arguably lowest barrier to entry. In theoretical physics the arbiter is experimental validation so there is more politics/connections/cred involved whereas for pure math if the proof is correct then it’s absolute truth.
Before 1950 Chinese in pure math already produced SS Chern (differential geometry) Hua Luogeng (analytic number theory and some other fields too to be fair he may well have been smarter and also more discerning than Terry Tao) Weiliang Chow (algebraic geometry) Wu Wenjun (algebraic topology), Chern and Chow stayed in US after PRC was founded while Hua and Wu returned. Hua’s student Chen Jingrun proved best current result towards Goldbach conjecture (every sufficiently large even number is sum of two primes or sum of prime and semiprime). I read that he and his students in the 50s in China did some seminal work in several complex variables that was published as a monograph that was translated to Russian and then English. Also Zhang Yitang’s breakthrough started with his learning the work of Chen Jingrun as a teenager on his own before he went to college at age 23.
To be fair pure math got only more abstract and esoteric and divorced from the rest of science after WWII. Chinese mathematicians were still kind of minor the really mainstream stuff was happening in US France USSR Japan. To my take it was really only Chern who really revolutionized math and he was born in 1911.
As for physics aside from Yang and Lee in theory I know there was a guy 赵忠尧 who experimentally discovered but likely didn’t fully explain the positron in the early 30s (at Caltech I believe), I think he had to go back to China after getting his PhD and if not for that likely he would’ve done more there and maybe actually gotten full credit for that thing. Back then there was just much more low hanging fruit. Nowadays we’ve kind of reached a bottleneck in science.
In experimental physics I also know of 王淦昌 who led a team that discovered some particle while in USSR in late 50s but it was not quite Nobel prize level maybe close. And of course there were some ethnic Chinese in US like Steven Chu who did win Nobel in experimental physics.
Certainly it was very difficult to do such level work in China or in the four Asian tigers due to lack of powerful scientific community at the forefront in those places. I think Japan was different after WWII they already had first rate science of their own by then. So naturally the best Chinese in pure science were the ones who went to US and stayed before PRC or went the Taiwan/HK route afterward. Mainland China really only had access to USSR in 50s and also during that era the best people tended to be pressured into applied work.
Again the era of fundamental advances seems to be kind of over. There hasn’t been much serious breakthrough in science and technology since end of cold war. World Wide Web and AI doesn’t really count in my view. Nothing compared to semiconductors and satellites and computers and lasers which all happened during cold war. AI is just a natural product of advances in computing power and GPUs.
My Indian friend also said that Indians did better in pure physics than Chinese due to Brit education. CV Raman Bose Chandrasekhar their elite got into modern science arguably earlier than the Japanese too let alone the Chinese. Modern science is a Western thing East Asians just got into it quite late with Chinese much later than Japanese and Koreans even later really.
Access and tradition matters a lot too it’s not just about g or the right maverick personality. It’s just too bad that East Asians didn’t create modern science or anything close to it on their own despite obviously being quite gifted in it based on their achievements after they got into that stuff. But not long after it became kind of saturated.
You’re free to publish this on your blog credit me for it of course.