男白人女亚裔出的祸(WMAF fuckups)

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WMAF children:

– Daniel Holtzclaw

– Elliott Rodger

– Daniel Henney

– Olivia Munn

– Nathan Adrian

– Eiji Wentz
Justin Nojan Sullivan (Eurasian who attempted to join ISIS)
Matthew DeGrood (Mass killer, 5 victims)
Eric Bloss (Arrested in 2015 for attempted murder of boss)
Connor Sullivan (Ran away from home, missing for 4 days, survived by eating fruit from trees, in 2015)
Amanda Todd (Famous suicide)
Isabella Guzman (Matricide via stabbing 151 times)
Kelly Baltazar (Rich girl turned degradation-pornstar)
Jimmi Inthep Hansson (Swedish animal killer of 9 cats; translation needed)
Daniel Holtzclaw (Cop turned mass rapist)
Belle Knox (Half Indian, Half White) pornstar / Duke student
Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia mattress girl whose claim was later found to be false)
David Renz (Stabbed mother to death in 2013, attempted to rape 10 year old daughter)
Elliot Turner, murder of his girlfriend, half Indonesian, half British
John Everette Perry, sexually assaulting young men, 2013
Alex Kenji Gaborek, Transient Suspect, Accomplices Arrested for Breaking Into Mother’s Elk Grove Residence
Bryan Springer. White Father, Thai Mother. Murder/Suicide involving his girlfriend. 2015. source
Aaron Ybarra, White-Hispanic father, Asian mother, school shooting in Seattle, 2014
Julian Edgren, Former Princeton student and prodigy sentenced to 5 years for selling drugs, White Father, Chinese Mother
Alysa Suguro Bathrick, “Cute mugshot girl”
66 year old white politican and his 25 year old WMAF hapa boyfriend arrested and faced charges for sex crimes with a minor, July, 2015
The 2016 List alone.
David Fry. Oregon Militia and ISIS sympathizer, January 13, 2016. White father / Japanese mother.
Thomas Wagoner, ASU student who committed suicide due to racial bullying, January 13, 2016
Jack Luck, Taiwanese television host, suicide. January 22, 2016. White father / Asian mother.
Aage Jorgansen, 16 year old boy who went missing after his father kicked him our of his car. January 28, 2016.
Dorothy Dutiel, murder suicide with girlfriend, February 12, 2016. White father / Asian mother
Joshua Zarembeski, armed robbery, February 26, 2016. White father / Asian mother
Alex Buckner, mass murder of entire family, February 26, 2016, White father / Asian mother
Colin James Sparks, theft of $1000 worth of Lego sets, July 15th, 2016.
Justin Mazone, arrested for intoxication manslaughter, January, 2016
Pre-2013 List.
Glenn Murphy, Jr., 2007, Head of Young Republicans, arrested for sexual assault on a 22 year old sleeping man.
Wesley Covenah, child molester, Asian mother, white father
James Sosnicki, gay for pay “stripper”. He served 3 years for drug possession, burglary, and fraud. Now on parole.
Phillip Sands, ex-deputy Sheriff’s son convicted of murder, 2005.
Marcus Epstein, 2007, anti-immigrant activist arrested for assault on a black woman
Learco Chindamo, half Italian, half Phillipino, convicted in 1995 stabbing murder
Arthur Patterson, 1997 Itaewon murder
Tiege Harris Delaney Jr, half Asian, white father, child molestation; father also arrested for… child molestation.
Charlie Chase, 1998, “Sometimes, lots of times, I fantasize about cutting someone’s head off, cutting their heart out”, WMAF Hapa. Japanese Mother. In prison for murder, robbery, assault.
Jack Abbot, was an American criminal and author, to an Irish-American soldier and a Chinese prostitute, murder, robbery.
Heck Van Tran, Triple Murder
Roger Brady, double murder
Richard Yi Begnell, 2012, larceny
Harvie Dale Oglesby III, bank robbery, dubbed the “Hipster Bandit”, 2012
Tyler Lee Ford, groped three girls sleeping in a bedroom in the home: two 9-year-olds and a 10-year-old, 2013.
Jarred Dean Snyder, 2014 armed robbery
David Anthony Runyon, 2007, killer for hire
Nicole John, 2010 daughter of the Ambassador to Thailand and a Korean woman, death from falling off of Manhattan high-rise during party, while high.
Two hapas charged with almost cutting a 15 year olds arm off.
Empire State Building Shooter, 2012
Robert John Bardo, Korean mother, White father, 1989 murder
George Woldt, wanton abduction, torture, rape and murder of college student Jacine Gielinski in 1997. “His own mother is Korean and apparently Woldt never accepted his Asian ancestry and wished his mother dead for having had him.”
Martin Soto-Fong, Mexican father, Chinese mother, triple murder, 1994
Alfred K. Brown, White Father, Japanese Mother, 1982 Triple Murder
Jason McClendon, 1995, White Father, Half Asian Mother, Murder of Mother
Steven Parker. White Father, Vietnamese Mother. Double Homicide, Kidnapping, Robbery. 2005. sources
Gerald Powers. White Father, Taiwanese Mother. Murder and aggravated robbery. 1966. source
Michael Blair. White Father. Thai Mother. Sexual Assault and Rape of multiple children. Early 90’s. source
John Harvey Otwell, White father, Chinese mother, drifter and murder of girl, 1989. Mugshot.
George Wilkerson. White Father. Korean Mother. Murder. 2005. source



AMWF seems superior because WMAF is almost usually driven by insecurity on both sides. AF (wants to whiten the race up by breeding with a white man; white worship complex) WM (hates WW or has had bad experiences with them; has yellow fever complex; knows he’ll be worshipped by AF so he chooses them over WW or any other race/ethnicity)
I feel the same way about BMWF relationships. Most of the time, they’re driven by insecurity as well. BM (white worship complex; wants to gain status and/or whiten up the race by breeding with a WW) WW (wants to prove she isn’t racist; only dates BM for their big dick stereotype; wants to gain attention or upset WM and BF) I also tend to think WMBF relationships are superior to WFBM as well.





那个人非常关注基因,我也跟他说人的世界观和宗教及政治信仰也是有一定遗传因素,关于这个的英文文章我是读过。就是中国人,也有了国共分裂及双方分别根据在大陆和港台美。现在,美国的自由主义伪左派将种族视为一个social construct(社会构建)而非生理的,其荒谬我就不在这里解释了。这让我想起2013年底2014年初的时候,乌克兰在发生政变,一位五岁随父母从乌克兰移民美国的男生对此非常不满,并说了个

Liberalism is a genetic disorder.













我之后很他说了孔庆东骂香港人是狗的事件,也说了我去年从Unz Review得知鸦片战争也是(好像根据于印度的)犹太沙宣家族为了他们的经济利益而挑起的,这为犹太人的反华又加了个点。






我跟你说过,那个学数学的美国犹太人,我和他在网上交流了不少。然后,我还与一位犹太数学博士,特别有才华,并且品德也不错,不像一般犹太人。可是呢,即使那些人,他们如果需要选择还是会毫无犹豫的贴到犹太主流那边。Unz和Bobby Fischer那样的是特别少数的,几乎被边缘化了。像Unz,他可能有两千万身价和一些媒体影响加上Fischer为国际象棋冠军,可以这跟那些真正有钱有权支持锡安主义的主流犹太人相比是啥都不算。如Adelson, Sergei Brin, Steven Spielberg。我在我网站上都积累了一个反华犹太人的名单。还有Elie Wiesel,他儿子是高盛的高管。华人在美国面对犹太人的姿态是极其软弱的,我比他们强硬得多。
















这让我想起我接触过的一位硅谷风投初创公司的华裔女CEO,六岁去的美国,应该是83年出生的吧,大学毕业后好像在对冲基金发了些财,身价应该有个一千万吧。我去过好几次她在她家里开的聚会,去的都是些白人和完全美国化的华裔,完全以美国的方式交流。她说话给我一种没有人情的感觉,也显得如那种无脊梁的野心主义者,上了什么福布斯30 under 30(就是30个人,不到30岁)。我看到她说了,写了些一般人会觉得很恶心的话,比如她父母得癌症时(我记得她母亲死了,父亲有没有我就不知道了),自己会如何坐飞机看他们,加了个什么“还好我有钱,机票钱对我啥都不算”,还写道旧金山街上无家可归的人,在某采访中还提到她大陆家庭背景相对负面的事情。她也是中文基本不会,尽管她跟我说大学还上了中文课。我当时还是个幼稚的孩子,不知硅谷初创公司真面貌,还稍微考虑了到她那儿工作,跟她通了一次电话对这个人只形成了更加负面的感觉。






Uber IPOed lately. I saw that Kalanick’s girlfriend is this Angie You, so another WMAF. And Alan Eustace this SVP at Google who joined in early 2000s or maybe even 1999 has some Eustace-Kwan Foundation. There was also that Sergei Brin-Amanda Rosenberg affair, and Rosenberg is the product of some Jewish-Chinese relationship in Hong Kong.

I once looked up the VPs at Facebook and the ones of Chinese descent were mostly if not almost all female. Starts from the top with Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

As for Google, I vaguely recalling reading that Eric Schmidt also once dated some Vietnamese concert pianist or something like that.

Not to mention I’m also reminded of that Amy Chua who is married some Jewish law professor at Yale. Her tiger mother book certainly didn’t help with positive publicity of Chinese in America.

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Why native Chinese girls are 1000x better

I now chat with at least two (native Chinese girls), one of whom is a mother of two, a fair bit. Unlike with females I encounter in America, I can talk with them pretty honestly and openly about race, sex, culture, etc. I was just talking with one of them, and I thought it’s worthwhile to record some of what we said. There’s quite a lot, so expect what you see here to be far from inclusive.

I told her about ChinaSuperpower, in particular his thesis that the Anglo elite/mainstream is out for genocide against East Asians. They do it quite aggressively through the media and Hollywood, and trust me, I’ve seen enough racist Hollywood movies, with the one coming to mind during our discussion The Interview, which was on assassinating Kim Jong-Un and involved subverting some sex object like North Korean girl towards that.

I said that if the Anglo elites could, they totally would commit genocide against East Asians, and Russians/Slavics too. Obviously, blacks, Muslims, and Indians are not liked in the Anglo world, but the Anglo elites don’t really seriously care about them as much because they are no real threat to Anglo hegemony, more of an annoyance. On the other hand, you have a lot of big, tall, macho, highly competent Russian men with a base in a country still extremely powerful despite the calamity following the disintegration of the USSR, in which they lost like 10% of their population. I’ve heard that in the UK, those guys, who take many of the STEM jobs, trigger a lot of insecurity in the Brits. As for the Chinese, this need not really be explained, just look at the recent Huawei incident for example.

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一些关于所谓sexual racism(性种族主义)的想法



她的评价我就不说了,没有那么高。我就说说我自己的评价吧。可能还是过于受美国媒体文化的影响,一看就觉得是典型的身材好,金发碧眼的来自有钱背景的白人美女。毫无疑问,她显得非常白,这种女人在美国是根本不会搭理我的。记得有一次,在个小博物馆里快要关门了,碰到了一个白人姑娘跟我差不多大吧,不是金发的,颜值仅仅可以,我就试试跟她聊了,一开始好像找了“理由”主动跟她说几句,比如“这博物馆什么时候关门”,或者“你觉得这博物馆的美术如何”,之后我问了她她是做什么的,“她说她在华盛顿DC一个美术的non-profit工作”,我也跟她说了我是做软件开发的。没多久,她对我的态度就是一种“alright bye”。

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Steve Hsu(徐道辉)



我跟一位体制内背景的人说了他,那个人也对徐产生了兴趣,可是对他评价也不是特别高。总而言之,觉得徐有政治能力但是是那种符合美国已形成的体制和文化谋取成功的政治能力,做的更多一种模型美国亚裔,很优秀但是还是服从体系的,为了自己的事业发展不敢对其作出任何挑战。反而,这人觉得我的政治能力从某种角度更强,比如我的博客写的东西有点含量,不像徐那些只不过是引用别的文章或视频自己也就做点小评论。我的反应是徐的做法的确是那种比较现实主义的,没什么错或不好,挑战权威反而经常才是愚蠢的破坏自己事业的做法 Continue reading “Steve Hsu(徐道辉)”

Revisiting quotes of ChinaSuperpower after some time in China

I’ve been busy busy busy quite exhausted but weekend gives me a chance to wind down a bit. So I went over the VPN to read again some quotes of ChinaSuperpower on Reddit.

I’m from a technical background but unlike many especially from the Chinese diaspora STEM community in US, I’m not exactly entirely apolitical and I do not try to pretend that national and racial boundaries can be traversed unlike many an idiotic Western or Westernized liberal. Segregation per race is natural for humans and miscegenation, hybrid vigor notwithstanding, I see as for the most part quite corrosive if not socially and culturally destructive. As the Chinese saying goes, 人以群分物以类聚. I was and still is a quantitative nerd and used to hang out with mostly those types naturally but many of them are just 书呆子 with pretty low political awareness and then again naturally I don’t want to be exposed too much towards that aspect of them. Like, I will respect a high IQ banana for his technical prowess but I will disdain him somewhat socially and treat him with some degree of suspicion.

On the other hand, ChinaSuperpower is a lawyer as he has written on Reddit. He doesn’t care all that much about pure technical ability and puts the political side before the professional side. He doesn’t want to hear more about cases of highly successful Chinese STEM diaspora and he has a very high standard when it comes to ethnic/tribal affiliation. Being a lawyer he’s obviously had to deal with much more cutthroat behavior than people in technical fields. A political big fish in the latter is merely average in the former so the standard is very different.

I’ll say that with direct exposure and experience I can better understand where he’s coming from with his words.

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On the global homo Anglo world order, its origin and its implications

I have a very smart and unusually politically perceptive WASP American friend, who placed at or at least near the top at elite math contests. He once said to me the following:

A world run by Chinese or Japanese is one where they’d be rich and on top but mostly leave others alone, except to get money from them. A world run by whites is one where half want to conquer and half want to help. A world run by Jews is one where they’d systematically extinguish any hope of ending it.

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I’ll further comment that having been in it from first grade through university the American school environment seems very effective at culturally cleansing those of Chinese descent as was done to that person’s kid despite his having done up to sixth grade in China. It is indeed 非常可怕, and again I did what I could resist the cleansing.

Seeing his shock on how just 2 or 3 years of brainwash in America managed to override a preceding 12 years of it in China, evidence of futility of Chinese education, I have a few thoughts on the matter. One, his kid is somewhat on the extreme end there; of course it didn’t help that he was put in schools full of rich white kids. Two, this has become a problem in China too, an invasion of toxic American liberal ideology. Banning Google and Facebook, and now also Reddit and Quora, is not enough. On how to solve this, I have a proposal, a rather unrealistic one at this point in time: change the de facto foreign language in China from English to Russian, China already had experience with that in the 50s and time has showed that Russian culture is more compatible with Chinese culture than the Anglo one. If China is going to secede from the world by walling off Jewish controlled Anglo media, it should do so full force, not half-heartedly.


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Reflections on the airplane in China

I’m on the airplane in China right now with nothing to do so I write this. The person next to me is watching an American movie with Chinese subtitles. Having been in China for almost a month, seeing that screen feels foreign to me, there are mostly some white people and a few black ones too. On that I shall say that my mental state has much changed being surrounded by people like myself for no more than 30 days. In America my only access to the culture and environment of what is to be my natural habitat was indirectly and very imperfectly through Chinese in America as well as the Chinese Internet. But that is nothing like actually being in China surrounded by Chinese people and their way of life in cities built in their own style. After just this little bit of time, much has changed as for my mental defaults, perhaps most prominently that now a pretty woman is instinctively East Asian as opposed to white. The power of advertising, the power of propaganda. I had been exposed to propaganda all my life in America nonstop and now I’m China I experience one in the reverse direction, with crudely speaking a cancellation effect underway.

Almost instinctively I no longer care or fear anything near as much what whites think. This is actually natural for almost everyone in China. They have no direct contact with white people or with people of any other race really. White people are pretty much invisible in their lives excepting an occasional model advertisement in public and appearance on some world news on TV. This is in stark contrast to in America where communication is so stilted in comparison because there are a zillion races which the multicultural environment naturally conditions one to fear pissing off either intentionally or by accident. One reason why I’m not optimistic about America. Sure America can attract smart people from all over the world. But there is also that given how people of one race already have enough difficulty getting along, how much of a problem it becomes when there are many races of vastly different cultures and inherently competing interests sharing the same space. Maybe that is much a reason why now China’s airports render the ones in America shabby in comparison. Even in a second tier city the magnificence of the airport instantly made an impression on me. Of course America is still more advanced and of higher innovative substance in core science and technology but even there the advantage is dwindling. Continue reading “Reflections on the airplane in China”