有人看到了 https://www.jianshu.com/p/c0f5a62770aa 里的内容说了个

One interesting idea touched upon here is the social status of Chinese American academics. For any other race such as white including Jews being a tenured professor at a top university opens the doors to an elite social life. This is not just about money made it is more about social connections. A tenured professor would be living large — going on private yachts, parties at the fanciest lounges, front stage tickets to concerts and events. This is all supported by the university, its alums and donors. I wonder if the Chinese American professors are actively excluded from the “old boys club” associated with senior level academics and relegated to the laboratory basement instead. It seems to me that they probably are. Otherwise why would so many of them (the elites not counting the middle of the pack) be tempted to reconnect with China? The STEM subject matter shields them from discrimination in the pure academic setting but once in a broader social setting we see that they face the same discrimination as if they are in law or finance instead of STEM.









Some thoughts and historical background on those stereotypes of Asian scientists not having that rock the boat creativity personality conducive to “zero to one” work

I wrote this to Steve Hsu after he discussed the matter in the title of this post to me.

I saw a wechat moment involving 吴文俊 Wu Wenjun who did seminal work in algebraic topology and later automated theorem proving who I mentioned.
The Chinese who first did seminal work in modern science tended to be in pure math the field that is aside from a brain at the far tail arguably lowest barrier to entry. In theoretical physics the arbiter is experimental validation so there is more politics/connections/cred involved whereas for pure math if the proof is correct then it’s absolute truth.
Before 1950 Chinese in pure math already produced SS Chern (differential geometry) Hua Luogeng (analytic number theory and some other fields too to be fair he may well have been smarter and also more discerning than Terry Tao) Weiliang Chow (algebraic geometry) Wu Wenjun (algebraic topology), Chern and Chow stayed in US after PRC was founded while Hua and Wu returned. Hua’s student Chen Jingrun proved best current result towards Goldbach conjecture (every sufficiently large even number is sum of two primes or sum of prime and semiprime). I read that he and his students in the 50s in China did some seminal work in several complex variables that was published as a monograph that was translated to Russian and then English. Also Zhang Yitang’s breakthrough started with his learning the work of Chen Jingrun as a teenager on his own before he went to college at age 23.
To be fair pure math got only more abstract and esoteric and divorced from the rest of science after WWII. Chinese mathematicians were still kind of minor the really mainstream stuff was happening in US France USSR Japan. To my take it was really only Chern who really revolutionized math and he was born in 1911.
As for physics aside from Yang and Lee in theory I know there was a guy 赵忠尧 who experimentally discovered but likely didn’t fully explain the positron in the early 30s (at Caltech I believe), I think he had to go back to China after getting his PhD and if not for that likely he would’ve done more there and maybe actually gotten full credit for that thing. Back then there was just much more low hanging fruit. Nowadays we’ve kind of reached a bottleneck in science.
In experimental physics I also know of 王淦昌 who led a team that discovered some particle while in USSR in late 50s but it was not quite Nobel prize level maybe close. And of course there were some ethnic Chinese in US like Steven Chu who did win Nobel in experimental physics.
Certainly it was very difficult to do such level work in China or in the four Asian tigers due to lack of powerful scientific community at the forefront in those places. I think Japan was different after WWII they already had first rate science of their own by then. So naturally the best Chinese in pure science were the ones who went to US and stayed before PRC or went the Taiwan/HK route afterward. Mainland China really only had access to USSR in 50s and also during that era the best people tended to be pressured into applied work.
Again the era of fundamental advances seems to be kind of over. There hasn’t been much serious breakthrough in science and technology since end of cold war. World Wide Web and AI doesn’t really count in my view. Nothing compared to semiconductors and satellites and computers and lasers which all happened during cold war. AI is just a natural product of advances in computing power and GPUs.
My Indian friend also said that Indians did better in pure physics than Chinese due to Brit education. CV Raman Bose Chandrasekhar their elite got into modern science arguably earlier than the Japanese too let alone the Chinese. Modern science is a Western thing East Asians just got into it quite late with Chinese much later than Japanese and Koreans even later really.
Access and tradition matters a lot too it’s not just about g or the right maverick personality. It’s just too bad that East Asians didn’t create modern science or anything close to it on their own despite obviously being quite gifted in it based on their achievements after they got into that stuff. But not long after it became kind of saturated.
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那个人非常关注基因,我也跟他说人的世界观和宗教及政治信仰也是有一定遗传因素,关于这个的英文文章我是读过。就是中国人,也有了国共分裂及双方分别根据在大陆和港台美。现在,美国的自由主义伪左派将种族视为一个social construct(社会构建)而非生理的,其荒谬我就不在这里解释了。这让我想起2013年底2014年初的时候,乌克兰在发生政变,一位五岁随父母从乌克兰移民美国的男生对此非常不满,并说了个

Liberalism is a genetic disorder.













我之后很他说了孔庆东骂香港人是狗的事件,也说了我去年从Unz Review得知鸦片战争也是(好像根据于印度的)犹太沙宣家族为了他们的经济利益而挑起的,这为犹太人的反华又加了个点。






我跟你说过,那个学数学的美国犹太人,我和他在网上交流了不少。然后,我还与一位犹太数学博士,特别有才华,并且品德也不错,不像一般犹太人。可是呢,即使那些人,他们如果需要选择还是会毫无犹豫的贴到犹太主流那边。Unz和Bobby Fischer那样的是特别少数的,几乎被边缘化了。像Unz,他可能有两千万身价和一些媒体影响加上Fischer为国际象棋冠军,可以这跟那些真正有钱有权支持锡安主义的主流犹太人相比是啥都不算。如Adelson, Sergei Brin, Steven Spielberg。我在我网站上都积累了一个反华犹太人的名单。还有Elie Wiesel,他儿子是高盛的高管。华人在美国面对犹太人的姿态是极其软弱的,我比他们强硬得多。
















这让我想起我接触过的一位硅谷风投初创公司的华裔女CEO,六岁去的美国,应该是83年出生的吧,大学毕业后好像在对冲基金发了些财,身价应该有个一千万吧。我去过好几次她在她家里开的聚会,去的都是些白人和完全美国化的华裔,完全以美国的方式交流。她说话给我一种没有人情的感觉,也显得如那种无脊梁的野心主义者,上了什么福布斯30 under 30(就是30个人,不到30岁)。我看到她说了,写了些一般人会觉得很恶心的话,比如她父母得癌症时(我记得她母亲死了,父亲有没有我就不知道了),自己会如何坐飞机看他们,加了个什么“还好我有钱,机票钱对我啥都不算”,还写道旧金山街上无家可归的人,在某采访中还提到她大陆家庭背景相对负面的事情。她也是中文基本不会,尽管她跟我说大学还上了中文课。我当时还是个幼稚的孩子,不知硅谷初创公司真面貌,还稍微考虑了到她那儿工作,跟她通了一次电话对这个人只形成了更加负面的感觉。





My personal experience with Stanford University

2019-05-08 下午10.23.14

Lately it’s kind of difficult not to have heard of this. I first learned of it through WeChat (somebody posted it on Moments) I believe. And a few days ago I was talking with someone (call her X) about how social class is about culture and social connections, not money. On this, an adult who I had spoken with on this matter had responded with something like, “many of those 暴发户 (nouveau rich) thought they could buy themselves into American society but after trying (and failing) they were deeply disappointed.” There was also a time when an extremely high IQ (but idiot ABC who can’t even speak Chinese) MIT student was telling me about how if I became a billionaire, I could buy my way into the Chinese elite. He has no idea what he’s talking about, and even more ironic is how this is coming from an ABC who can’t even speak Chinese. Anyhow, X also responded with this Yusi Zhao case, which is frankly quite embarrassing for both China and Stanford.

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A revisit of the chosen people (the Jews)

From almost two years ago: https://gmachine1729.com/2017/07/13/the-chosen-people/.

After I sent this to a physicist, he responded:

I scanned that article a long time ago to see who you are
it is out of date just like my vixra article, because after UNZ showing that jewish achievement is way down now, there is no longer any question that the main reason is jewish people favoring other jews and lying and hyping all the time. you see it in academia all the time – and whites as well as asians slurp it up hook line and sinker. sad

This physicist is also quite obsessed with psychometrics and hypothesizes that verbal IQ is associated with self-deception, which also, according to him, is inversely correlated with autism/Aspergers. Sounds roughly right to me.

I wrote in response to his message above

I would bet JvN’s intelligence was also vastly exaggerated and hyped. Surely he was outlier in intelligence but the eidetic memory stuff and multiplying six digit numbers easily in his head stuff I now have hard time believing.

Genius tends to be exaggerated in biographies. That stuff doesn’t help for teaching young people. Much of the stuff in popular math and science books including of mathematicians and scientists is actually kind of a negative for actually learning the math and science.

The way to excel in anything is not to sensationalize it but to realize the simple and systematic ways and thought processes behind it. Once they are grasped there is nothing much more to it and they are straightforward. But you know many scientists for grants and misleading young people won’t do that and I would bet that Jews do more in that direction. I think Asians are probably the least in this regard though there are exceptions like Michio Kaku so they come across as uncharismatic/uncool. It’s uncool to say that there is actually a surplus of scientists (and engineers too in many fields) though it should be obvious if one examines closely. Jews are good at and inclined to hype and exaggerate especially in Anglo context.

His response:

yeah – the jews hype their jews that way – einstein was not all that clever either – he was not the one who first and best understood relativity, nor did he grasp quantum mechanics. the jews still today try to falsify the record on that – see the attachement – (did I send it to you – I just have it on this desktop for some reason)

That attachment I have uploaded to https://gmachine1729.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Winterberg0715.pdf.

I had also written to him:

I think it’s still pretty high at the highest level especially in academic research. They do have the advantages of access to older generation. But in terms of test scores and contest results and maybe grades too they’ve surely declined. But they can always say those don’t matter as much as research/work.

But yeah the Jewish social science people they need to go.

Relatedly, http://kskedlaya.org/putnam-archive/putnam2018results.html came out lately. While the problems do not involve any deep mathematics, they do require some cleverness to solve, and to be able to solve them under the 6 hour time constraint is even more impressive,. There are a total of 12 problem each worth 10 points. To place top 5 required 100, top 15 87, top 25 79, top 100 56, top 500 23, according to https://kskedlaya.org/putnam-archive/putnam2018stats.html. And there’s no subjective component. So it does say something Continue reading “A revisit of the chosen people (the Jews)”

Apparently, another one of Ren Zhengfei’s daughters is a computer science undergraduate at Harvard

The detaining of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei and daughter of its founder Ren Zhengfei, at Canadian airport on behest of the US authorities has made headlines the past several days. On that, I have little to say other than that she is quite attractive and also that the half-closeted nepotism via mother’s surname is both amusing and somewhat gross.

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周四,我认识的一位同样搞理论凝聚态物理的人微信发给我了张首晟去世的消息,让我感到吃惊。这么牛逼的人,不光有资格得诺贝尔奖的理论物理学家,而且还很有钱,好像他90年代末凭他斯坦福大学教授的关系做了搞虚拟机器(virtual machine)的VMware(其创始人是斯坦福大学计算机系教授)的天使投资,赚了一大笔钱,也得到了为后来做风险投资的资历和关系。一流理论物理学家很少是多么有钱的,美国名校物理教授每年也就15万,最多30万的工资(当然,现在极少数最牛的理论物理学家可以通过什么突破奖发点大财了),而张首晟成为了极其罕见的即大物理学家又大发财的人,一种几乎不存在的令人惊叹不已的人生赢家。可惜他近年做得过度了,最终出现了悲剧。可以说他当初运气太好了,拿到的教职确是斯坦福的,才得到了这种天使投资的机会。反而他要是是什么麻省理工或哈弗的,很难想象到他这么去做。可是,反过来,也可以说最终好事变成了坏事,他的这种运气所迎来的成功引发了他后来自以为是的做一件物理教授不应该做的事情而运气不好彻底倒闭了,英年夭折失去了得诺贝尔奖的机会。

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我在知乎上写的目前竟是一些有关于美国华人和ABC和犹太人的政治话题,自己快成了民族活动家了,其实对于学理工科的人而言,民族活动家比较贬义。民族活动家似的言论与活动,尤其在美国,其实是自然被有能力的人所藐视的,这原则很简单,它根本就是不“专业”的表现,甚至可以说是一种流氓耍诬赖的作为。在美国,中国人政治上都是特别老实的,从来不闹事儿,不抗议,就服从性的低调的埋头苦干。相反,我看到过一位根本不黑但有黑人血统的数学研究生,他的数学水平其实很差的,与其他人相比,可是他却公开的支持Black Lives Matter,然后学校媒体却非常支持他,以他宣传自己的diversity,公布的视频里还有他说I didn’t have to think about race。有意思的是他根本不黑,要他不说,其实都看不出来他是黑人。所预料,这些在学校没人敢说的,说了都怕给自己惹麻烦,其实好多人都为此感到不满,但不得不不了了之,最终政治赢者是谁就毫无疑问了。

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