My understanding of the situation in Venezuela

I learned of it through this WeChat group called “China Rising Radio Sinoland” consisting of 150 some people which I was added to this week. I’ve paid little attention to Venezuela of the years. But I knew of Hugo Chavez, in particular that he was quite anti-American like Cuba, as well as of his successor Maduro, who is politically similar to him. Moreover I am aware that Venezuela is very rich in oil. It actually has the most proven oil of any country in the world, according to this source even more so than Saudi Arabia.

So there have been protests over the years with the economy in poor shape. And on January 10th, Maduro was reelected. But some Americas organization consisting of pretty much all the countries in North and South America declared some other guy in Maduro’s opposition as official president. I believe that Maduro still holds actual power, military power especially. Such a declaration is rather meaningless. All it says is that US really wants him out. Now, the question is will US actually go to the extreme to take military action against Venezuela. And if the US does so, what can the rest of the world do about it? I read somewhere that Russia gave Venezuela a little military aid. That of course won’t be enough to fend off serious US military action. Pressure will have to be exerted on America in some other way, such as by damaging the US economy or exerting some serious pressure on some staunch US ally.

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