Слова этого американского еврея о России


Я буду испытать переводить слова в картине наверху к русскому, они из этого американского евреев на Файсбуке на дне когда Путин и Трамп были в Хельсинки в прошлом годе, в котором Трамп является “слабым” против, в глазах американских людей, этого русского диктатора этой страной не демократической.

Мой перевод внизу…

Поминайте, это не просто геополитические границы которые делят Америку и Россию, но основная политическая психика двух стран.

В Америке, государство существует чтобы служить народу.

В России, народ существует чтобы служить государству.

Это не такой, что Америка всегда почитает праву человека. Это такой, что в России, существует основная вера что государство никогда нужно.

Сегодня праздник середины осени в Китае. Я смотрел некоторые видео советских музык, включая песня “день победы” пелся Львом Лещенком на 70-х годовщина дни победы в 2015 году с оба Си Цзиньпином и Путином в зрителе и также многие красивые красные российские девушки пляшущие в обмундировании красной армии.


Some AnonFromTN quotes



It is possible (although the probability of this is low) that Omeljan just honest idiot (which honestly believes in Ukrainian hyperloop and Ukrainian flag in Vladivostok)

Hyperloop signed the agreement also. Are they, too, idiots?Here is the hyperloop founder and CEO who signed it:



Ukrainian flag over Vladivostok wasn’t how you said it was:


(link to his facebook):

“А так ми привітали сьогодні з Днем Прапора і Днем Незалежності, що надходить завтра, українців на центральній площі окупованої Горлівки.

Синьо-жовті листівки доставляємо поки не Укрпоштою 😉

Європа буде від Лісабону до Владивостока, коли український прапор повернеться у Владивосток!”

Translation of relevant part:

“Europe will be from Lisbon to Vladivostok, when the Ukrainian flag will return to Vladivostok.”

No mention of a victorious war and conquest of Russia. Logical interpretation is that Russia will one day join the EU and Ukrainians will be free to fly their flag to the ends of Russia.

As usual, you are clueless and gullible, believing and spreading nonsense about Ukraine.

This means that the clinical idiot was appointed Minister in order to create the best conditions for stealing by other people.

Or it just means another manifestation of your cluelessness about Ukraine. Nothing new.

“Clinical idiot,” meanwhile, was the most successful transport minister that Ukraine has had.

Logical interpretation is that Russia will one day join the EU

With this kind of logic people are best advised to see their psychiatrist (a real one, not a shrink or some other quack).

The last few years were a turning point in Russian psyche. Finally, the people realized that Russia is an independent civilization, neither Europe, nor Asia. The majority stopped looking to Europe as an example of something positive. It is mostly considered an example of what not to do.

Russia will never join the EU for a number of reasons. First, there would be a question of who is joining whom. Just look at the map: Europe is a pimple on a huge body of Asia, like India or Indochina, less populous that the former and more populous than the latter. European delusions of grandeur are coming to a bitter end. Second, the EU bureaucrats would never agree to that: their habitual US boot-licking would be over, and that’s the gist of their jobs. To get a “leadership” position in the EU, you have to pathetically loose the elections in your own country (current examples: Tusk, Juncker, Ursula von der Leyen). Third, the EU is in no mood to expand, as with accumulated problems it is a lot more likely to fall apart.

Finally, Ukraine has no more chances of joining the EU than Burkina Faso or Republic of Palau. So, the likelihood of Ukrainian flag over Vladivostok is about the same as of that flag over the Moon, Mars, or Venus. Or the likelihood that Down Syndrome sufferers would change the colors of their flag out of respect for Ukraine. Sweet dreams!

Mongols (as well as Yakuts and Buryats) have very narrow eyes and wide face, whereas most Kazakhs (especially their prettiest girls) have much larger eyes and the face of more European proportions. What’s more, Kazakh nose is quite prominent, in sharp contrast to Mongols with tiny nose. I don’t know the data of any genetic studies, but facial features suggest a large proportion of Caucasian blood in present-day Kazakhs, at least in civilized city dwellers.


It’s always funny when Russians claim that Ukraine, which is racially and culturally-homogeneous and whose history dates back to the time before Moscow was founded, is somehow not a “real” country, unlike glorious Mother Russia, which contains dozens of different races and cultures, a feeble economy smaller than Brazil’s, cities of rotting communist architecture, and capital full of Muslims who worship at the biggest mosque in Europe; a Zionist mafia state whose bogus patriotism is based on Stalin worship and recycled WW2 propaganda. If Ukraine is a fake country, Russia is even faker.
Maybe on your planet Ukraine is homogeneous. Here on Earth it is incredibly heterogeneous. There is Eastern and Southern Ukraine, speaking mostly Russian and Surgik (a crazy mix of Russian and Central Ukrainian), there is quite different Slobozhanschina (Kharkov region) speaking almost pure Russian, there is Central Ukraine (Poltava and nearby regions) speaking (at least in villages) what became literary Ukrainian, there is Odessa and areas around it, speaking Russian, with a sprinkling of Romanian and Bulgarian, there is Volhynia and Galicia, speaking a variety of Polonized or Germanized dialects, there is Trans-Carpathian region, where people hate Galicians even more fiercely than Russians do, and where there are sizable Hungarian and Romanian populations speaking their own languages. I am not even counting Crimea that never was Ukrainian and never will be.
Tell us more about your planet, I am curious.


As to the West, you have to distinguish the Empire and the EU. The Empire is as far from Ukraine as it is from Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, or Serbia. So, from the imperial perspective, there is no harm in leaving a pile of shit to inconvenience others, as long as it’s very far from your own door. Besides, I strongly suspect that the Empire wanted to kill two birds with one stone: hurt both Russia and the EU. It achieved both goals. The EU is another story. It’s “leadership” (basically, pathetic imperial puppets) has been acting against best interests of Europeans for a long time now. Europe lost a lot, and got a huge problem right on its doorstep. So, if saner people come to power in Europe (unlikely, but possible), they would see that cooperation with Russia in the cleanup is in the best interests of the EU. Otherwise, Ukraine will fester for decades, stinking out both Russia and Europeans, with the Empire smugly far away.


From Western point of view, Ukie provocation was not a complete failure (even though it’s a catastrophic failure from Ukrainian point of view): Russia had to spend a lot to develop the production of military things it used to import from Ukraine, like ships, ship engines, helicopter engines, spaceship control systems, etc. Now that it acquired the capability to produce these things, there will be no going back regardless who rules Ukraine: it’s industries that used to export to Russia are doomed. These include such giants as Nikolaev shipbuilding plant, Motor Sich in Zaparozie, Antonov aircraft building plant in Kiev, etc. The same goes for transit. It is not just natural gas transit everybody talks about. Russia used to transport ammonia to Odessa, where it was partially exported and partially converted into fertilizers. The plant that used to do that is dead. Ukraine tried to sell it for $5 billion under Yanuk and got no takers, about a year ago it tried to sell it for 10% of that price, and got no takers again. There also used to be substantial Russian payments for transport via the railway going across Eastern Ukraine. Russia built an alternative bypassing Ukraine, so they might as well dismantle the rails on their route. For Ukraine these are all irreversible losses, but from Western perspective, these are little victories: Russia was forced to spend more. As the West does not give a hoot about Ukraine, the US and its vassals can freely celebrate these victories.

So, it all depends on the point of view. The West never cared about aborigines, so their point of view does not come into its calculations.


That’s one explanation. Smacks of paranoia, though

I just wrote a comment that included the fate of the Kulaks.

Or consider the Palestinians in 1947, I wonder if some of them were called ‘paranoid’ too?

Or David Koresh or Randy and Vicky Weaver. They too felt they understood the nature of their enemies, and no doubt many called them paranoid.

Thing is, not all mega-thieves that robbed Russia in the 1990s and are robbing Russia (less blatantly under Putin, but still robbing), the US and Europeans now are Jews.

Of course not. But were it not for Jewish supremacists, (exactly as Churchill pointed out) utterly in control of Russia after the revolution, then the Red Terror would never have been.

All you have to do is look around today. Look at all the wars and suffering and destroyed nations, millions of people murdered and maimed and displaced, and all of it a direct consequence of Jewish supremacist$ in total control of the governments of ZUS, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, and so on..

Most of the “Russian” oligarchs were agents of Rothschild.

Some are even Muslims.

How much success would Muslims be having with their incursions into the West were it not for the corrosive cultural and spiritual poisons emanating out of the West’s ((media)), and corrupted governments and courts and other institutions, eh?

Just consider the troubles created in Chechnya by John McCain and his ((neocon)) buddies. (the same people who created the deadly strife in Georgia and Ukraine).

How many acts of terror or financial rapine would Muslims be committing in the West were it not for the (((demand))) that Europe open its gates to unlimited invasions from the Third World?

You make some valid points, but I think you are oversimplifying it. You are conflating two different things.

Yes, most of the wars the US waged in the last 50 years were for Israel’s benefit. Most of these wars were actually detrimental for the US national interests. Yes, most mega-thieves stealing USSR state assets in the 1990s, both foreign and domestic, were Jewish. Most, but not all. The same is true for the US and Europe. Personally, I don’t care which of them is Jewish and which is not: they are all thieves and should be in jail or, better yet, should be hanged on lampposts. That applies to Saudi, Ukrainian, and Georgian oligarchs. Say, the fact that Akhmetov in Ukraine is Tatar, as well as Usmanov in Russia, should not protect them from gallows, where they should hang next to their Jewish “colleagues”.

Ординарный профессор россисский в известном американском университете сказал мне о википедии

Вики врет чаще, чем говорит правду. Я в ней разочаровался и больше никогда не буду ничего для нее писать и денег им не дам. Практически все в статьях “Donetsk People’s Republic” и “Lugansk People’s Repubic” неправда или маленькая часть правды поданная как вся правда.

Screenshot from my new Huawei phone

Text below, to make it indexable by search engines.

The Chinese government has been certainly quite smart to block Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Quora and Reddit as of August of 2018 entered that category too. Yes, I suggested that Russia doesn’t have its own YouTube (as far as I know) much because Putin et al are not hardline enough to simply shut out those US internet media sites.

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On the global homo Anglo world order, its origin and its implications

I have a very smart and unusually politically perceptive WASP American friend, who placed at or at least near the top at elite math contests. He once said to me the following:

A world run by Chinese or Japanese is one where they’d be rich and on top but mostly leave others alone, except to get money from them. A world run by whites is one where half want to conquer and half want to help. A world run by Jews is one where they’d systematically extinguish any hope of ending it.

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Election time

I just received ballot for primary elections. Now, time to do a bit of “research” into the background of the candidates as well as the election system in general. Truth is of course that primaries are given far less attention by the media (I sure hope I’m correct on this one) than the final election pitting Democrat vs Republican. Enough that I’ve also paid scant attention to it so far. I haven’t found American politics all that interesting, but that may change. In any case, I found myself looking briefly at the backgrounds of superdelegates of the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

There was also that I read a bit more about the background of Ron Unz, whose site I comment on now, who actually won 30+% of the votes in the California Republican gubernatorial primary back in 1994, as a 32 year old financial software entrepreneur. The winner of that got 60+% of the votes, so he wasn’t exactly close, but regardless, 30+% of the votes means you were actually taken seriously. Not bad for a smart as fuck Jewish weirdo who studied theoretical physics, who, according to this article, was still eating half his meals at Burger King despite being a multimillionaire at age 37. I don’t think he married or had kids. Maybe because he only saw his father, an EE professor, three times in his life, and was afraid that he would end up like that too, who knows. What can I say, his maverick, non-conformist streak certainly has relation to such a background, for reasons of both genes and environment. Honestly, I can’t believe a guy like him managed to be as successful as he was in the game of American politics, which, as far as I can tell, tends to select inverse to merit, past a certain, not terribly high filter at least.

There is much criticism over the election system in America, obviously, especially with regard to the electoral college, which one can think of as a layer of indirection in the voting process. Think of them as virtual votes, which correspond to electors apportioned based on state population (via number of House of Representatives plus two Senators). They actually correspond bijectively to the members of Congress of each state but are not those. They are nominated by the political parties per state, and they vote for the representative of their party in the presidential election, with the exception of cases of faithless electors. There were quite a few in the controversial 2016 election. The one who stood out most was a Native American who instead of voting for Hillary Clinton voted for some Native American activist. On that note, that other smart and weird as fuck Jewish Ron who studied theoretical physics is Ron Maimon, and he once spoke of America as a culturally rotten nation founded on white supremacy and dispossession. This is what I was reminded of when I learned of that faithless elector.

Of course, what’s been the most controversial about the 2016 election is alleged Russian interference. Just a few days ago, there was quite some media backlash there with regard to Trump’s denying it in his summit with Putin in Helsinki, to the extent that Trump was pressured to publicly take back his statement, framing it as an accident of word. I learned of this incident after I started seeing these Facebook posts on Putin/Russia, and I was like, huh, what just happened.

As for Russian interference, they say, among many other things, that Russians hacked into the Democratic National Committee computer network. I would believe that is real. I guess Russian government is doing that for revenge against Ukraine. Reading Andrei Martynov’s book reminded me of the Ukraine coup back in 2013-14 and consequent sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea. It seems like Russia has pretty much lost hope in trying to make peace with the United States and is going direct confrontational now. I guess Russia might also want revenge for their banning from the Winter Olympics earlier this year for doping, which many there believe was pressured and manipulated by the US.

There were also Russian internet trolls, on Twitter and Facebook especially. I hate to say it, but that’s part of the game of manipulating public opinion. In the US there are these election campaigners who essentially play it professionally. The only way to fend this off would be to have these sites block Russian IP addresses, which I’m sure these sites would be very reluctant to do, as it would mean loss of business for them. Again, the conflict between private interest and “national interest.” Of course, this won’t stop Russians from using proxies in the US to do the same, just as the Great Firewall of China doesn’t stop people from bypassing it via VPNs. There are, I’m sure, companies in the US acting as covers for Russian intelligence activity. Those would be difficult to eliminate, unless America chooses to go full anti-Russian domestically, meaning that the smart Russians with a lot to contribute will come here less and less, and instead make Russia better at home. In any case, Russia has succeeded in undermining public faith in America’s democratic process. My question now is when will the American public wake up and realize that “democratic” is a meaningless political buzzword with a positive connotation artificially manufactured and promoted by the US mass media?

In any case, this shows that Russia is still really politically formidable, *in spite* of her big fall in the 90s. At the core, Russia is still the world’s number two. It’s not China, which I don’t think could have interfered in a US presidential election enough to get as much blame for it even if she really wanted to. Of course, this has to do with that Russians are physically and culturally much closer to the US than China, making it easier for them to blend in when necessary. There is also that Russia is still more technologically advanced than China. Even in computer security, Russia has Kaspersky. Nginx, a real rival of Apache, was created by a Russian in Russia. What does China have there? No web server from there that I know of. In anti-virus, I know of Qihoo 360, but I would not bet on them vs Kaspersky. On this, I’ve written the following:

China is still way behind

Buys its best military gear from Russia. S-400 surface-to-air missile system. Su-35 fighter jet along with Russian engines for its own planes because its own aren’t good enough. Its Comac C919 passenger plane is taking longer than it should, and it’s collaborating with Russia on a better one (CR929). Still not self-sufficient in CPUs/semiconductors. Russian military technology may well be the best in the world now: https://www.unz.com/tsaker/book-review-losing-military-supremacy-the-myopia-of-american-strategic-planning-by-andrei-martyanov/. China is still junior partner just like back in the 50s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg8Zd-IPHYg.

On the plus side, China has mostly completed its Beidou satellite navigation system (though Russia’s GLONASS still came first), and it’s being incorporated into Chinese defense industry and tech companies. Baidu Maps probably uses it now.

It’s not just technology of course. It’s also the political posture, though surely, that part is hard if you don’t have really strong indigenous military technology to back it up. In that respect, everybody else is still << United States and Russia. And maybe Martyanov is right that there, as far as quality is concerned, we are having Russia > United States. Though perception wise, I don’t expect that for a while.

On Russia and Russians

I was told yesterday by that uber pro-American anti-communist American Jew that American liberals actually hate Russia more than they hate China. I was surprised. He said that this is seldom realized, and that

if you compared xi to putin people would consider that offensive even
people have a double standard against white countries when it comes to human rights

So, the logic is because Russia is white, they should be held to higher standards for human rights and democracy, and the extent to which Russia is “freer” (than China, which blocks Google and Facebook and is still a one-party totalitarian state) is not enough to offset the differentiated standard.

I don’t get it, why are Western liberals so intent on hating Russia, why why why? Because Russia is such a threat to their world domination? (The USSR is gone and there’s basically zero hope of Russia recovering to that level, but that’s apparently not enough.) I had also heard that in the UK it’s the Russians, not the Muslims, who are most resented, for being tall, blonde, and alpha and taking the tech jobs. It’s another one of those they’re hated for being too good. Russians being good attracts more resentment than admiration, they must have failed politically somewhere.

From my experience working, observing, reading, and interacting, it does seem like Russians are technically extremely powerful. Of course, the ones here in America are a select group. At a place where I worked, there was this big Russian guy who was quite an ubermensch programmer doing much of the technical heavy-lifting. He was also a higher up in the company, though not terribly high up, and it took him some time in officially low ranking positions (where I’m sure he contributed a ton) to get there. There is good reason to believe the pattern of Russians being ranked (much) lower in American tech companies relative to their ability and contribution, given how political promotion and performance reviews are, and the extent to which salary is determined by one’s “circumstances.” There seem to be very few Russians high up in corporate America, despite their ability. On this, I can’t help but think: could it be that the American elite only wants them to do the hard technical work (where they contribute much more than they get) and find them too threatening to allow into positions of power? It seems though that as a group, they’re more or less accepting of this treatment, content with a very intellectually stimulating job. My Russian friends tells me that very few go back due to lack of opportunity, notwithstanding that Russia has Yandex (which was, curiously, founded before Google) and vKontakte, and its own military ecosystem.

I know that there is the widely stereotype that Russians are smart and really creative, while Chinese are smart but lack spark. There is some truth to that as far as I can tell. On TopCoder and CodeForces and at the ACM ICPC, all of which I’ve participated in, with mixed success, the Chinese still cannot beat the Russians, even when they seem to try really hard. Petr was superhuman, and ACRush, while also an ubermensch, was still a notch below Petr. Though ACRush, with his Chinese connections, has started his own self-driving car company, while Petr is still working for Google. CodeForces, created by Russians, is now much better maintained and consequently more popular across the world to competitive programmers.

I’ve observed that Russians are not as obsessed about prestigious schools here in the US as Chinese are. Plenty of really smart ones only attend state schools, to save money, and also maybe because the elite schools discriminate against them too, because their being Russian and worse connected in American society would be a disadvantage for them in the career world.

From what I’ve seen, Russians are very well-rounded too, actually smart and capable in all respects. Even in athletics, they’re feared and targeted (with reference to the Olympic ban). This might mean that they’re not very good at putting on a stupid smile and going along with all the stupid bullshit that goes on in this society. If they’re this good, maybe they instead of being taken advantage of by American capitalists who only want to extract as much as they can out of them for as little as they can get away with should build their own technology and institutions in Russia, where they actually end up having ownership. They did that in the USSR days (but bad luck and stupid political decisions blew it all away), maybe they should continue to do so.

To conclude, I’ll say that I’ve heard that “Russians/Eastern Europeans get macho and that leads to individualism/isolation in the workplace.” Maybe because they’re pissed that they (the ones in America are some of the best and brightest) have to answer to idiots who they have a hard time pretending to respect.