Google Translate blacked out on my site

I use WordPress for it. I had installed a Google Translate plugin. But when I loaded it from a China IP address, I saw in my browser a request to blocked. That Google Translate module couldn’t load. Similar happens on many other US sites, including Unz Review, and blogspot (owned by Google I believe) is plain blocked in China. I believe Google Analytics has a request made on the client side, which means there might be some trouble logging China visits through that.

So I guess if you want your site to be more functional across the entire world, you should probably boycott Google and its subsidiaries? I have imagined a scenario where in diplomacy China provides a small country some benefit in exchange for their shutting out Google. That really could happen. In a decade’s time, China could really have the leverage to pull that off.

Now I pretty much only use Google’s services when it would be really inconvenient not to and that’s not very often.

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