Это такая красная песня одну которую я узнал в прошлом году но я никогда на самом деле учился его текст который русский что более литературный. Просто слушаю красивую музыку в исполнении трех красивых россисских девушк с очень тюркской внешностью. Они не были полностью тюркскими но также они не являются полностью белыми россисскими и из етого я вспомнил как мой друг индийского происхождения в теоретическом физике один раз сказал мне как некоторые самых красивых девушк в мире тюркскые.

но вчера у меня некоторое время любуясь её текстами и это был с помощью страница на энциклопедии байду у которым китайский перевод. И снова я чувстую что текст этих советских песен по английски его содержание его чувство очень иностранный но по китайски они такие что один может чувствовать глубокие эмоции в словах и великий дух и мужество россисского народа.

Его же текст ниже

Слова Р Гамзатова
Музыка Я Френкеля
Мне кажется порою, что солдаты,
С кровавых не пришедшие полей,
Не в землю нашу полегли когда-то,
А превратились в белых журавлей.
Они до сей поры с времен тех дальних
Летят и подают нам голоса.
Не потому ль так часто и печально
Мы замолкаем, глядя в небеса?
Летит, летит по небу клин усталый,
Летит в тумане на исходе дня,
И в том строю есть промежуток малый,
Быть может, это место для меня.
Настанет день, и с журавлиной стаей
Я поплыву в такой же сизой мгле,
Из-под небес по-птичьи окликая
Всех вас, кого оставил на земле.
Мне кажется порою, что солдаты,
С кровавых не пришедшие полей,
Не в землю нашу полегли когда-то,
А превратились в белых журавлей…

Его писатель дагестанц и я помнил что там авары эта этническая группа.

Я также думаю о как не как Китае не у России его собственный Ютуб и из этого один может сказать что не у России полный суверенитет интернета и Ютуб единственное место где я могу смотреть музыкальные клипы советских песень не мы все знаем что в Китае там не Ютуб. Может быть что Россия должна создать россисский ютуб.


Lenovo is no longer really a Chinese company

Most of this reality about Lenovo is all stuff I learned after I returned to China. I was reminded of Lenovo through this article by Andrei Vltchek


where there was

No one is talking about it openly, but, let us face it: those U.S.-made planes are crashing; the performance of Apple phones and computers is falling far behind those made by Huawei and other Chinese companies. Lenovo took over IBM and is doing extremely well. NASA is absolutely incapable of building decent rockets that would be able to deliver people or even satellites to space, cheaply and safely.

Seeing that I commented,

Lenovo is actually widely despised now in China. Its founder Liu Chuanzhi essentially sold out a state owned company to US (Lenovo is now actually a US company headquartered in America) as part of Thinkpad purchase. Their PCs sell more expensively in China than in US (Liu Chuanzhi and Lenovo manipulated some contract where Chinese government buys Lenovo PCs in bulk). People in China now call Liu Chuanzhi a hanjian.

And his daughter Liu Qing became CEO of Didi Chuxing (like Uber) after becoming managing director at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. Didi laid off 15% of their staff early this year and there was a rape/murder case that triggered outrage last year. Its reputation in China is not very good. And Liu Chuanzhi’s niece is head of Uber China, and Liu Chuanzhi also owns some other big taxi related business. It’s some pretty sick nepotism.

I learned of this from this Chinese games programmer. He was basically like, Liu Chuanzhi, Liu Qing, the harder they work the more damage they do. And I read that Lenovo even tried to attack Huawei.

There is not much serious technology in Lenovo, its basically a PC assembly job, based off Windows and Intel. A guy high up there in the 90s wanted to develop CPU but Liu Chuanzhi forced him out.

Back in the 2000s Lenovo’s purchase of IBM ThinkPad was big deal. As part of it, Lenovo moved headquarters to North Carolina. And I remember I saw some US magazine with Bill Gates of China, which was on Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s CEO back when I was still a kid.

I was told that Liu Chuanzhi back in the days presented himself as a 民族英雄 (ethnic/national hero) and fooled a lot of people, but nowadays, the attitude towards him in China is mostly one of get the fuck out. People mock him and his company derisively as 美帝良心.

Liu Chuanzhi’s father I learned from online graduated university in Shanghai in 1944 and later was involved in People’s Bank of China and also patent law. Some speculate that he had kowtowed to the Japanese back then. Some of the stuff online portrayed the family as 红色家庭, with Liu Chuanzhi himself a CPC member.

Lenovo is not doing well now, their stock has gone down a ton. I think they made a smartphone that flopped and with people moving to mobile, their PC sales aren’t doing all that great either. They’re not really so much a technology company as much as they are a comprador company posing as a technology one.

And I had read in December that now deceased former Stanford theoretical physics professor Shoucheng Zhang summer of 2018 (or around that time) joined Lenovo’s board of directors, when I was not yet aware of the dark side of that company. I only got the impression of this high up guy trying to get more power, money, and titles for himself.

Certainly, my opinion of him is lowered somewhat by this. I don’t think Shoucheng Zhang’s family fit in terribly well in China after the PRC was founded. In some talk he gave to Chinese-American kids at Stanford, the video of which can be found on YouTube, he spoke of his having uncles who had college education in humanities during 民国 period, along with his parents’ being engineers. Certainly, their family was in or close to the intellectual elite, at the very least well educated. I had spoken to this Chinese physicist about how this kind of background would leave many Chinese full of envy, how it was so high up, and his response was one of “they were not actually at the very top, just very well off.” And what he said that made me laugh was


(How would Old Mao judge them? To Old Mao, even many Beijing University professors are shit.)

Then he was like how he doesn’t have terribly high opinion of Mao, but even so, Mao’s entire spirit was so much higher than that of the four powerful families of ROC (Song, Kong, Chiang, Chen).

I remember in that video Zhang spoke rather caustically of the Cultural Revolution and seemed to very much identify with America, with the idea of building a bridge between US and China, with the idea that the second generation Chinese actually have a real future in America, which now seems rather ridiculous. But you know, this is a Stanford theoretical physicist and venture capitalist, because of his position, what he says can be difficult to challenge. Now that he is dead, it’s much easier to rebut.

Fang Zhouzi lambasted Zhang’s being a devout Christian. Now, it’s not really fair to judge a person based on religious beliefs. Still, being realistic I’m aware that having certain religious beliefs and promoting them especially can in certain circles help or hurt you politically, and some guy who had spent time at Harvard had speculated that Zhang and his family did this partly to gain more acceptance in American society. It is likely that people in his family went to schools and universities started by American Christians in China, like that St. John’s School in Shanghai or Yenching University in Beijing, both of which after the PRC was formed had their names changed and/or resources merged into other schools. Likely, they still identified with much of that old system.

In any case, an ethnic Chinese being an evangelical Christian is just kind of weird. That will surely disqualify you for positions of political power in China. It was the party’s birthday a few days ago and as a matter of fact, party members are not allowed to have religious association. Again, Americans might complain freedom of religion, I think that’s bullshit, it’s more about a balance of power between religions and ideologies. If you have power and the gun, as the Chinese communists gained in 49, you can more or less discriminate against people not like you with impunity if you want to. The people actively in the Crusades certainly did not give a damn about freedom of religion. If you are a minority in terms of your religion or ideology either go somewhere where you will be part of the majority or live a more marginalized existence. Generally, if you don’t aspire for money or political power, nobody will care to discriminate against you much because there would be little for them to gain or lose from doing so. If you are based on your ethnicity or religion or ideology discriminated against or marginalized or even cleansed (as the Native Americans were), then maybe you deserve sympathy or maybe you are to blame for being too weak to defend yourself. To those protestors in Hong Kong and politically unwanted ethnic Chinese forced out of mainland China, one can easily say, “If you’re so great, why couldn’t you even maintain control over that piece of territory? Why were you so military weak and incompetent to actually be forced out of it?” This is rather harsh but it is still the reality.

There is no such thing as freedom of speech either, only control over media. Crudely speaking, CPC controls Chinese media, and Zionists control US media. If you are banned or silenced, that is because the channel you are on is controlled by people who want to and can silence you. For one’s speech, there are always consequences of varying degree. Often, it’s a double edged sword. This applies to my blog as well, as well as to, say, SC Zhang’s kids or Jeremy Lin promoting Christianity online.

With political questions, there is usually no objective right or wrong as there is in science. Instead, you become right by overpowering your opponent, via media, via economics, via military, etc.

Fundraiser for translation to Russian of Grover Furr’s book on Katyn Massacre

Dear friends:

Here, for your own information, is the web page, with which the Tver’
people wish to raise enough money to pay for the translation of my Katyn
book into Russian.


Here’s the book. It was published in July, 2018:

The Mystery of the Katyn Massacre. The Evidence, The Solution



In this book I investigate the Katyn massacres in the manner of a
detective who approaches the case with complete objectivity, wishing
only to solve the crime and identify the guilty party.

I would have been content to conclude that the Soviets had shot the
Poles. Instead, I found that ALL the valid evidence points to German guilt!

This conclusion is taboo, of course. When it comes to attacking the
Soviet Union during the period of Joseph Stalin’s leadership, no calumny
is too outrageous.

Vladimir Bobrov, my wonderful Moscow-based colleague and a dedicated
historian, has informed me that he has obtained an oral  promise from a
major Moscow publisher to publish this book, IF they are presented with
the translation.

Please forward this email of mine to any and all Russian friends or
colleagues you may have. Perhaps they would like to contribute? If not,
they may be interested to learn of this project.

Yours for the truth!

Grover Furr

2019-06-06 上午10.38.262019-06-06 上午10.39.13

The link is https://planeta.ru/campaigns/furr and there is a Union Jack at the bottom to change language to English. I tried with both American and Chinese credit cards (they were all Visa) but they could not get accept on that Russian e-payment/finance platform. They also supported like Yandex Money and a bunch of other Russian “fin-tech” products, none of which I have and none of which I actually care enough to register for. Looks like Russia might be ahead of America now in mobile/e-payments as well.

I really wanted to donate but haven’t been able to. But readers of this are surely welcome to, with instructions below.

Dear friends:

Some of you have asked me how you can make a contribution to the fund
for translating my Katyn book into Russian.

There are two ways you can do this:

*First way: Using a credit card, on the web page:*

1. Go to this web page:


2. Click on the link at the very bottom of this page that says: “Switch
to English version.” There is a small Union Jack (flag of the U.K.)
beside these words.

3. Only the first box, labelled “No reward” and “100 ₽” (the sign for
Russian rubles) is translated. The others remain in Russian. But you can
click on any of them too.

1000 ₽ (Rubles) is about US$15. If you want to contribute, say, 2000
Rubles, you will have to use the 1000 Rubles box twice.

4. Complete your credit card information on the next page.

Voilà – you’re done!

I did it, as a test, and got confirmation from both the crowdfunding
software (planeta.ru) and from Mr. Maxim Kormushkin, who is organizing
the fund.

*Second way: If you do NOT want to use a credit card.*

Send a check to me at the address below. Mark your check “Crowdfund” (so
I’ll know you are not buying one of my books).

I will wait until I get a number of checks, and then make a collective

If you contribute more than 2000 Rubles (= about US$30), I will mail you
a copy of my book. In English! IF you ask me for it!

Here is the address to mail me a check:

Grover Furr
English Department
Montclair State University
1 Normal Avenue
Montclair NJ 07043

Russian is the most important language that this book should be
available in. So thank you for all your support!


Grover Furr

By the way, I don’t really actually care about the Katyn Massacre and I know very little about this controversial matter. I just know that it was murder of some Polish officers (in 1939 I believe) in Katyn. Stalin’s NKVD led by Beria I believe was blamed for that. I believe the Soviets denied it until Gorbachev. Furr’s thesis is that it was actually done by the Nazis, which really is quite plausible.

Why do I like Grover Furr? Well, he seems like a serious honest scholar. He knows Russian well. Not sure Robert Conquest does, and Furr said that most of the references in Robert Conquest’s Black Book of Communism were bogus. Apparently, the book had gotten so much acclaim, and nobody actually really pointed out that the references were kind of fake after actually looking them up. Basically, pure Cold War propaganda. I’d totally believe it. There is some Victims of Communism Memorial in DC where they say there were 100 million victims of communism. It’s China 65 million, USSR 20 million, then Cuba, North Korea, Romania, Vietnam, etc for the remaining 15 million. Like that, is basically bullshit.

Grover Furr also visited at least twice the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing to give talks on matters pertaining to his work Khrushchev Lied so more reason for me to take him seriously. He even said something like, “Stalin didn’t commit a single crime.” He’s obviously exaggerating there. He blamed the Great Purge on then NKVD head Yezhov, claiming Yezhov was a secret Nazi agent. This stuff it’s really basically impossible to know for sure by now. The people directly involved are all dead, and even they only know for sure a portion of what happened. Something I am well aware of is that Stalin is just one person. He has people under him doing stuff. Like, his cult of personality was manufactured by his underlings managing a bunch of people doing actual the work. It’s difficult to actually be able to fully reign in on those people. Surely, they are afraid, but they have some power too, and many of them might have been secretly opposed to much of Stalin, as Khrushchev almost certainly was.

Russians who read this are welcome to contact me. Maybe one of you can donate on my behalf, I’ll pay you back in US dollars or RMB, or maybe by ordering something for you that you want.

RT’s Michele Greenstein

I get usually around 20 views per day on https://gmachine1729.com/lists/rt-videos-involving-michele-greenstein/. There have been a total of 3,452 views on that this year as of today, 2019/6/5, averaging over 20 views per day. But today, I saw that I’ve gotten 63 already, after not much more than half of it. So it occurred to me to update it. The last time I did was late in April.

2019-06-05 下午9.14.16

I’m doing this by manually searching on YouTube and copy pasting one by one.

2019-06-05 下午9.01.46

In my first go, I found the videos of her the past month kind of sparse. I tweaked the filter and ordering parameters a bit (changing from past year to past month or something like that) and found that a few were actually omitted. Could YouTube be screwing with RT too?

I had read some media report of Eric Schmidt publicly saying that they’re down-ranking RT and Sputnik in their search engine. Interestingly, one of the latest videos of Michele Greenstein on RT was

To be fair, Google is still quite a common way of finding this site/blog. I wonder how long that will last though…

Those of you who’ve viewed that page who are reading this, you’re very welcome to comment! Even better if someone can help me get connected with Michele Greenstein and RT!

Why “freedom of speech” is bullshit

I stumbled upon this on Unz Review: http://www.unz.com/article/facebook-censorship-white-supremacy-of-the-most-hypocritical-type/.

I won’t comment too much, basically make some key points, put in bullet form, to make the reading easier and faster.
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Blatant anti-China bias in Google search results

I looked up a guy (using US IP address, clearing all cookies so that they don’t remember any China related IP information) with top tier credentials in elite STEM contests plus top undergrad, PhD, and postdoc institutions on each of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. His page in the Chinese institution where he is now does not appear in the Google results, but it is the first result in each of Bing and Yahoo. I guess it’s not that fair to blame Google since Google is shut out of China anyway so they have some license to not index or down rank results from domains with China IP addresses, especially ones under the .cn top level domain. Baidu also does not really index and rank certain US sites very well, though if you look up programming stuff, you can still more or less easily find the quality English content.

Oh, I also tried on Yandex and Baidu (in pinyin using English alphabet) but no result, but that’s also fair since they are meant to serve the Russian and Chinese languages.

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Google Translate blacked out on my site

I use WordPress for it. I had installed a Google Translate plugin. But when I loaded it from a China IP address, I saw in my browser a request to translate.google blocked. That Google Translate module couldn’t load. Similar happens on many other US sites, including Unz Review, and blogspot (owned by Google I believe) is plain blocked in China. I believe Google Analytics has a request made on the client side, which means there might be some trouble logging China visits through that.

So I guess if you want your site to be more functional across the entire world, you should probably boycott Google and its subsidiaries? I have imagined a scenario where in diplomacy China provides a small country some benefit in exchange for their shutting out Google. That really could happen. In a decade’s time, China could really have the leverage to pull that off.

Now I pretty much only use Google’s services when it would be really inconvenient not to and that’s not very often.

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YouTube removing subscribers of American Nathan Rich who speaks the truth about China (油管在把一位讲中国真实的美国人的订阅者减掉)



2019-02-16 下午7.44.45


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Screenshot from my new Huawei phone

Text below, to make it indexable by search engines.

The Chinese government has been certainly quite smart to block Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Quora and Reddit as of August of 2018 entered that category too. Yes, I suggested that Russia doesn’t have its own YouTube (as far as I know) much because Putin et al are not hardline enough to simply shut out those US internet media sites.

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