Michael O Church

I’m still quite young, but unfortunately (or not), I’ve already seen that the world is mostly kind of a shitty place, ridden with corrupt, dysfunctional systems and hypocritical status posturing behaviors. At age 22, I couldn’t quite understand much of what Michael O Church had written about this stuff though I could vaguely feel it, due to my lack of exposure. So now, when I look back to some of his writings I can much better appreciate what he’s saying.

He deleted many of his blog posts though, many of which were quite insightful and well-written, in particular on the true nature of the Silicon Valley VC funded startup scene.

Many of his deleted ones were backed up on http://sasamat.xen.prgmr.com/michaelochurch/wp/. I feel it’s worthwhile to put some of them on my site too, for myself to easily refer to (I like to collect quality pieces of writing on here, sometimes in text as opposed to links for more fault tolerance) as well as for more other people to find through online searches, etc. So I will do just that.