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If you show traits of confidence and dominance as an Asian man you’ll naturally make a lot of enemies just by being yourself – in the workforce and in the dating pool. Because you’re a viable threat and competition vs the friendly subservient inferior underling which is what the white man prefers Asian men to be. Sadly most Asian men comply too.

The solution is for more Asians to create more powerful networks business networks and opportunities but sadly Asian culture only fosters good Model Minorities who end up working for the white bro and don’t get promoted.

In the West there’s a lack of Asian VC funds, old boys networks and Asians who have gone the entrepreneurial route in general. That may be the result of grooming workers instead of leaders as well as a lack of support and funding compared to whites.

I work and invest in a few private side startups myself and even in collaborative workspace settings you don’t see enough Asians at least trying something independently. Not only that but some of the few Asians-Americans I know who got startups running had to go overseas back to Asia to develop their project further.

The lack of institutional support for Asians in the US is systemic throughout all professions because Asians are unwanted/picked last. Whether it’s being shut out of partnership and influence in Silicon Valley/BigLaw/Big Finance or if you’re working some regular 9-5 or if you’re applying to a good school, be aware that nobody wants you and they’ll only take you if they need you for their own gain.

The paths with the lowest odds of discrimination for Asian men in USA are either making it completely on your own without relying on any support/funding or being a doctor/surgeon in a vital medical field.

Asian-American identity is inherently powerless because it only fosters traits and values that produce grunt workers and second-class citizens below whites and this won’t change until the identity is completely overhauled. By contrast, China and Asia started to finally taste a bit of power in recent years and the differences can already be seen. The days of Asian-Americans making fun of FOB’s are over and done.

Excelling in top tier schools and white collar fields is not a viable path to prosperity for Asians in USA because the payout rewards are reserved for whites to take. None of the dozens or maybe even hundreds of Asians I know who pursued that path reached partnership or majority shareholder level in these fields. Those who made it were either already earmarked thanks to extremely powerful family connections (i.e. major bank clients) or defeated extremely rare odds in a system where this wasn’t supposed to happen (i.e. just as rare as plain dumb luck).

Sadly Asian-Americans parents and society don’t tell their kids that you can’t win in a game that is rigged against you, thus letting them waste a lifetime of potential just so they can have some major name school or corporation on their resume once with not much else to show. The common plateau for high-achieving Asians is toiling around at mid-level earning a lower-end 6 figure salary at best.

Whether it’s business, getting laid or fighting for a dignified representation in the media, Asian men in the West now have to decide whether they want to continue a marginalized existence or whether they want to acquire a conquering and winning mentality. Those in power have no interest or incentive to make concessions to Asians who ask for more acceptance and fairness. Can’t blame them, why would they?

Yes, the “gay mafia” is strong in these high profile industries. It’s an open secret that a lot of those who have worked in these fields are probably aware of because everyone gossips about it.

In terms of Gaysians, the common stereotype and power dynamic amongst Asian Americans is being the subservient bottom “rice queen” to white men – essentially the gay version of Anna Lu. I’d like to see more actually Asian gay men throw in their 2 cents around here.

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What to do? Claim a larger stake in power institutions such as Hollywood, DC and Silicon Valley. That’s it. Nothing less will do. Setting lower activism goals and standards won’t suffice. This will likely require punching back, fighting fire with fire and smarter strategic positioning with a positive net gain in mind.

Professional financial traders who hedge against and adjust positions regularly for a living understand the latter analogy instantly. You have to offset the position of tolerant representation of steretypical AM’s who are traditionally viewed as weak doormats and you have to offset the position of defending Asian feminist activist women who happen to be in WMAF relationships. In simple terms you have to add new strategies to offset 2 natural negatives no matter how well intentioned they are.

Instead of being bitter and supporting censorship of diverse viewpoints I would rather let all current positions speak their minds while adding new strategic trading legs to offset the incurred losses. Why do I favor this approach over outright banning? Because natural selection will eventually take care of thin-skinned censorists anyway no matter what they do or where their views fall on the political spectrum. Doesn’t matter if they’re black pilled misogynist basement incels or SJW PC activist incels when their stances and efforts are weak.

In the same vein a lot of dedicated Asian male activists are tempted every single day to cross the line and censor successful Asian men who overachieved in slaying common AM problems that they have failed to solve for themselves despite dedicating their entire lifetimes to it. On an academic-style grading scale the AM SJW PC activist gets an A for effort and a C-/D+ for delivered results while alpha/chad/bros get an F for effort and an A-/B+ for delivered results.

Adding insult to injury to these activists’ efforts is the fact that some bros who embody the antithesis of the their principles regularly get to stick their dicks inside the same women that the activists’ sought out to protect and cater to. That includes women who have actively posted on sub-reddits like this one on a regular basis.

The choices that even the most staunchly PC feminist POC BFF ally activist female members in these sub-reddits make still reflect the same natural selection patterns that even idiots can casually observe in society. Good luck to those who keep trying to go against nature I guess.

As of now you have visible activists that have literally been “censored-alt-right-c-word that rhymes with clucked” in their own space and they will continue to be”censored-alt-right-c-word that rhymes with clucked” by whoever as long as they try to hold on to the same net-losing position instead of choosing to improve and evolve.

To use your own analogy here banning the strong (i.e. slayers) is akin to pulling out the weeds only to see them grow and come back stronger. To finish the strong and the slayers IRL or on the internet you would need to find a solution akin to toxic glyphosate weed killers.

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Correct. Anglosphere has long conquered and colonized the east and if Asians want a better existence they have to turn the ship around and go from the conquered to the conquerors. That would entail reclaiming pride and dignity on our own land (i.e. punishing lowlife sexpats) and take over as much of “their” land, women and power structures as possible. That’s what conquerors usually do.

While I don’t see this turnaround happen on a collective scale anytime soon I do know individuals who do well in the sport of conquering already. Real estate/investment sharks and individual slayers etc.

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Hardly any Asians are aware of the fact that they live under a system that is primarily built and designed for the benefit of WM and the interests of their penis.

In order for AM especially to enjoy a better existence than being a 2nd-rate citizen they would have to dismantle all the major institutional ruling structures and alter them for their own benefit. This would entail a long laundry list of things including but not limited to gaining a larger power stake in Hollywood, opening up more venture capital for Asian entrepreneurs, manipulating the dating market in our favor via media and pushing better dating apps that reduce racial bias etc. No single person can change it all unless you’re a massive tycoon but everyone can pick their personal battles and chip in a bit here and there.

A lot of Asian-American activism you see these days is still weak and misguided because they’re focused on calling out the ruling institutions for their misbehavior and then beg them to change and be charitable. Good luck with that. Even worse, most BFF SJW POC female allies would never consider AM’s dateworthy in a million years even when they publicly support AM’s for their self-interest. The worst example of this of course are the Asian female activists publicly speaking out in the media, all of whom date WM’s.

Until AM’s have viable support or activism to rely on they have no other choice but to take self-responsibility and make an effort to improve for themselves, especially in the looks/attractiveness department. Sad to say, most AM’s still haven’t put in sufficient effort for themselves yet to knock down the major looks hurdles which hold them back in every area of their daily lives. Once a larger core base of AM clears these hurdles we’ll see a higher return of success in everything we do.