Duke of Qin (Unz Review)

That’s a handle on Unz Review. For all his comments, go here. He seems like a mainland Chinese in Singapore, and very knowledgeable, especially on China, India, and the Muslim world. So I’ll collect his quotes too.

I agree that nutrition could still use some work, though how much is hard to quantify. South Korea and Taiwan appear to have solved the nutrition issue only by the early 2000′s. At least this seems to be the case as that birth cohort was the final one where gains in height seem to have finally plateaued.

The aging population structure has been addressed by my and others elsewhere.

Xinjiang is quite different the West’s colonies. The British empire when it crumbled had 30 million brits overseeing some 600 million in South & Southeast Asia. They were outnumbered 20 to 1 so it obviously wasn’t going to work long term. The Chinese outnumber the Uyghurs 120 to 1. There are already 9 million Han Chinese families living in Xinjiang. Compared to a few hundred thousand bureaucrats and soldiers the Brits had spread out in theirs. I will not accept abandoning them to be massacred by Muslim mobs. Unlike the West who seems to enjoy in a sadomasochistic fashion watching their own co-ethnics raped, murdered, and dispossessed, I don’t. I would rather every central Asian turkic muslim be rendered down into protein powder before I watch a single Han Chinese give up their homes. The Chinese have suffered enough at the hands of barbarians.

The final issue of Chinese male “underperformance” is an artifact of your industry. Aside from your wrongheaded idea of “finance and law” as the “advanced economy”. The reason that Chinese women are overrepresented in venture capital and law is due to a confluence of factors. First, Women as a whole in Chinese executive positions are actually relatively underrepresented compared to the West. I think Forbes did a recent study looking at board members of fortune 500 companies and Chinese, along with Japanese companies were seriously deficient in female representation with 13 and 11 Japanese companies multibillion dollar companies having no female representation at all. Amazingly Tencent and JD both count themselves in this list. There is a slight female over participation in the labor force due to the lagacy of Communism, as there is in Russia. The Chinese venture capital industry is much larger than that of Japan’s and Korea’s, the reason of this is because of the complex interlink between Chinese VC and American VC. Namely look at Chinese VC’s and you’ll see a string of people who attended US schools in the 90′s, worked for Goldman or some such, then returned to China. Men get into wealth and power generally speaking by their own work. Women get it through their husbands. The reason that Chinese women have more relative representation in VC is what I would call the Wendi Deng effect. In the 90′s there was a string of ambitious Chinese students heading overseas and plenty of women among them. Being Chinese yourself, you should know that discrimination against East Asians in the West is heavily gendered. You yourself are competition, your women are fair game. What this in effect resulted to was a stronger representation of Chinese women moving through the Goldman type chain that feeds into the industry and their powerful hypergamous instinct lead them to marry American men. Unsaid but not unnoticed is that the majority of female Chinese venture capital partners were already married to American men and it was their patronage networks that they harnessed to get their businesses in China rolling. Likewise where you noticed the big investment company where 28 out of 30 in the legal department were women. I’ll bet you a million dollars that there is a Western manager somewhere immediately in the hiring process tilting the scales with his dick. You notice this phenomenon heavily in any industry in China where direct Western influence is at play, such as the offices of Western press agencies. This kind of lopsided female hiring just doesn’t happen at actually Chinese controlled businesses.

我和海外学生和表哥谈过这个问题,大部份人都同情我的想法,但是我的家庭有点跟大多华侨不同。我不相 Daniel。我家里人没有这个国民党官,那个国民军。我爷爷是种地的。我奶奶是种地的。我姥姥也是种地的。只有我姥爷给中铁干活。我父亲以外,上一代的家人不是农民只是工人。只有我这一代有更多人在白领工作。与今天的大陆人相比,我们比较穷。所以没有 “精美 “王八蛋。

女人不要说。我家的女人上上下下太温柔了。他们不想这些事情 只想怎么可以好好生活。

One of my deepest disappointments with the post Deng leadership is the relatively poor state of the Chinese military today as opposed to what it theoretically could have been. Defense spending as a total proportion of the government budget is down to 5%. The US is spending almost 18% of it’s budget on defense. Even assuming this is modestly underreported, China’s naval and air buildup is still far too modest. If it had spent in proportion to what the US budgets, it would have today a massively overwhelming presence in the Western Pacific. I’m talking 90 guided missile frigates and 60 guided missile destroyers in 15 years massive, bigger than every other country combined massive. 150 new tactical fighter aircraft per year massive.

As iffy as Putin is on Russian security (Putinsliv and Soviet relict ideology and all that), the Russian deep state still is still keenly paranoid about US intents and maintains robust military and nuclear force relative to it’s economy. The essence of strategy is to do what your enemy doesn’t expect. The Trumpidor and various neolibs/neocons expect China to fold under a protracted economic war. China should massively expand in preparation for a kinetic one and increase it’s nuclear deterrent by an order of magnitude to match.

Good article, but a bit wrong about the Belt and Road initiative which is just half assed over inflated PR to disguise patronage to favoured private and otherwise state owned companies. The biggest caveat is that China wants to be as strong as the United States, it doesn’t want to BE the United States. It doesn’t have the power, attitude, or even the inclination to be the hegemon of a new world order. It does however have the capability and intent to tear apart the current one. What comes afterwards will be likely similar to what came before. A return to 19th century norms rather than late 20th century ones. America’s past strength was built on overwhelming economic security that enabled overwhelming military superiority. People shared America’s values because people always follow the strong like the social primates we are. America’s present, is in a situation where not quite so overwhelming military superiority disguises it’s much smaller economic base. It’s outside influenced is backed primarily by force as states stay pay deference to America because she has the biggest guns, however all the talk of shared values is nothing more than hollow sophistry that will crumble to ashes the moment the 7th fleet is sent to the bottom of the Pacific.

The simple answer is that Argentine demographics aren’t 80% white, or at least not what would fall as European under North American definitions. A century of gradual decline is a century of shifting population ratios due to differentiate fertility.

Also it needs to be said that the nations of Latin America are running de facto caste systems due to assortative mating. Caste systems have the side effect of maintained system stability at the cost of overall competitiveness because elite intragroup competition is much smaller and selection pressures much weaker because the proles are so dimwitted that they don’t pose any threat.

The US’s natural commitment to free speech is overridden by it’s stronger impulse to be moral busybodies. America interferes with and suppresses other cultures elsewhere because it’s political culture is a disgusting abomination resulting from the fusion of Puritanism and Kikery. It remains to be seen if the natural Chinese impulse for controlled speech overrides our political culture of not really giving a shit about other peoples.

All existing instances of Chinese political interference with other states all fit into 2 neat categories. Suppression of all instances of Taiwanese pretensions of statehood and any formal recognition. Suppression of anti-party activism by emigre groups (Falun Gong, Tibetans, Uighurs) and counter-intel directed towards temporary student populations to prevent them from falling to the Pozz and potentially bringing it back with them. The Communist party doesnt really seem to care about anything else.

It’s a racial thing, East Asians compared to Whites are basically social autists. Case in point, Mongolia. Mongolia is suffice it to say almost entirely dependent on China economically. Yet Mongolians are rapidly so anti-Chinese that it would make a Ukrainian svidomite seem positively a russophile in comparison. Yet despite this, the Communist Party doesn’t actually meddle in Mongolian domestic politics nor does it actually seak to suppress anti-Chinese sentiment among the Mongolians at large via it’s leverage over Mongol elites. It just doesn’t care because Mongolia isn’t a US geopolitical sockpuppet and isn’t an avenue of potential subversion within China itself.

The upper echelons at IBM and Accenture may still be Anglos, but dollars to chapatis that the middle management at those companies skew heavily Indian. The CEO and CFO doesn’t really make the hiring decisions, but rather someone much lower down the management chain who interviews, and subsequently bins, potential hires in favour of more people from his caste. I suspect a lot of the upper management at US multinationals are elite kool-aid drinkers who by virtue of being parachuted into elite positions immediately upon graduation have a very vague understanding of what is happening lower down on the food chain.

Daniel is correct in that Indian’s want out of India especially badly. The World Policy Journal did had an article i think circa winter 2013 that compared India and China’s education system. Particularly it looked at two of the most elite schools in India and China and did a compare and contrast of info such as popular areas of studies, cost of tuition, where the students ended up. If I recall correctly, for the graduating class of Beida (Peking University) about 8% of it’s graduating class ended up moving to the West immediately after graduating. In comparison IIT Mumbai 60% of it’s graduating class had left the country immediately after graduation. The more interesting detail was that they also factored in a time variable. 4 years after graduation, it turns out that only 6% of Beida’s graduating class was still in the West, meaning a quarter of those who left had actually come back to China. In comparison for IIT Mumbai, that already astounding 60% had increased in the intervening years to 67%.

Open Thread 53

You are conflating two separate issues, status and power. Power is primary and status is secondary and derives from the latter. I am sure the Romans found Gothic table manners severely lacking, yet it was Gothic power that won out and Roman civilization that died. Likewise the amusing video JJ shared. The black woman obviously lacked status and the YouTube comments left behind left no doubt as to this. Yet what is the use of tut tutting after the fact when the obvious clear as day truth is that the black woman got her way and none of the other high status individuals did anything. Disparate communities of blacks and whites when placed in proximity without the presence of an interventionist states always ends in one way, with whites fleeing for the hills and blacks left in command of the battlefield. Sure it will eventually become a ruin, but blacks win and whites lose. You see in the macro level as South Africa is gradually ethnically cleansed of whites, yet the same refugees from the black tide are usually the first to make excuses for the blacks that ethnically cleansed them! Another case in point, when Cortez in responding to Charles V criticism of the excesses of the ecomienda system responded that maybe such an enlightenment policy would be possible if the majority of the Spanish colonialists were like the good noble friars, but it wasn’t possible because the majority of the Spaniards were of low quality, violent, and vicious and if given more free interaction with the natives were likely to convert them to European vices. It was men such as they that carved out a Spanish Empire across the new world rather than the good burghers.

The civility you imagine that commands respect is actually the result of human domestication. Domesticated animals always lose out to their wild counterparts when exposed to open competition.

Greed and status ambition properly channeled is not a problem. To rid the Chinese of them is an act of racial disarmament. Instead the direction of their ambition must be redirected and focused in ways more conducive to the long term survival of the ethnos by directing the output of their energies towards ends that maximize power and outgroup antipathy.

The actual Chinese aristocracy became extinct in the 9th century just so you know. Titles since then have principally been non hereditary. Who you’ve and the West have been actually interacting with have been the comprador classes formed primarily Southern gentry who became more powerful following the Taiping war after the state decayed and retreated.

This is because you have let your white wife mess with your brain. Power is the ultimate virtue. In group cohesion serves to buttress Chinese power. Whether it is positive reinforcement by shared values or negative reinforcement via shared enemies, Chinese and by this I mean Han ethnic cohesion must me maximized. The values and group markers that they share are really tangential to this idea are only useful as long as they increase Chinese “distinctiveness” and separateness. I think this is one critical place where we part ways. I have the sneaking suspicion that you are closet liberal seem to get the impression you want China to gradually develop and join the so-called “community” of nations with your talk of shared values and “humanity”. I spit on the entire concept of a community of nations. There are Chinese and there are not Chinese. Ultimately nothing good has ever come with China’s interactions with the outside world and in order to preserve the Chinese race, we must focus inward and isolate ourselves from it. The presence of an ever increasingly intrusive and ever increasingly subversive American monoculture makes this difficult, so it must be destroyed. However, after that the rest of the world can go pound sound because their actions and their opinions one way or another are simply not relevant.

Hah, you must have had very limited interaction with Chinese if you actually believe that no one complains about the Honkies or the Taiwanese. It’s a matter of concentric degrees of affinity. The Austrians of less than a century ago would have given you an earful about those “horrendous” Czechs. Now, given the new presence of Afghans, Iraqies, and Morroccans, suddenly the distinction between the Germans and the Czechs are less salient than before and to complain about it any differences now would seem petty and pointless. In truth, I find the mercantile transactionalist comprador behavior of the Southerners rather petty and the whole notion that their customs and manners are to be emulated laughable.

I do not think it is possible. There is some quirk of human psychology, “squeaky wheel getting the grease” that seems to empower being the biggest ass hole around. It maybe that people just associate it with alpha like behavior. Just look at the poor behavior of blacks everywhere, yet everyone else is on tip toes around them. Or look at how obnoxious Jews are, yet the people who they screw the hardest are first to lick their feet. Hell look at Trump. He defies all social convention of his class, yet his followers have formed a cult of personality around him. Yes people do talk about such people behind their backs, but in public their power is absolute because of their willingness to break established norms.

“Civilized” people get ethnically cleansed. I want the Chinese to be proud Chinese, not ersatz yellow Canadians. You know what happens to the considerate Chinaman? Other people walk all over him and take advantage of them at every turn and they are too meek to say a word otherwise. It’s a recipe for racial extinction. Submission to the behavioral norms of globo-homo-Amero culture one place means submission in other places too. Better by far for the Chinese to retain the blithe “fuck you” attitude and force others to accommodate themselves to our behavior than the inverse. Works for the Arabs and Israelies, the Chinese should copy them.

A more accurate explanation is that the Japanese are quite possibly the most conformist people on the planet. When their society and state told them to kill for the greater glory of the Japanese empire, they did so as ruthlessly as possible. When their society and state told them to make peace, they did that too.

Thorfinsson I think once commented that the Scandinavians, far from independent minded Westerners as is commonly thought, are actually quite totalitarians. It’s just that their totalitarian ideology presently tells them to diversity + liberalism = good so they double down on what is socially desirable. Soon as you flip the switch though, they will probably go super nazi.

Optimistic would depend on your point of view. Of course America wouldn’t collapse over night like some African state after the Whites leave and no one can keep the lights on, but rather it will be a gradual entropy as the nature of the state and society “coursens” as the general population is no longer productive enough to support both the size of the state and its wealth transfers between constituents that keeps the peace. Many people foolishly herald Trump as some sort of White savior, but he is really the start of Caudilloism in America. He talks “bigly” but cannot deliver what his constituents really want to him to do because he is unable to reverse the demographic trends that are already baked into the cake. Also something I learned from Karlin is that I heavily suspect some epic levels of Zrada and Trumpsliv coming down the line. Even if all immigration were to end tomorrow, America would still be screwed because of the numbers already present and again the differential fertility. Chinese Americans and are 1% of the total population and very low fertility in the US, much lower than they are in our homeland and again are better served by going back to our homeland if we want to stay what we are. There is nothing but death that awaits the Chinese and indeed all the East Asians in America and the people who think the moon is a little bigger are fools, because they don’t realize the extra money they earn comes at the cost of not having any grandchildren.

I dont want to divulge too much personal information about myself because of the inquisitorial nature of American society so I don’t even use any social media at all. Unlike Karlin, personal commitments rather than anything else force me to stay for the near future but I too would like to go back and dont relish raising children in the US.

Your white friend’s opinions on Indians sound like mine. Their socially predatory and destructive behavior is a learned / ingrained adaptation from their own homelands of intense ingroup outgroup competition between Indian jati groups. Thankfully it seems to rapidly disappear within one or two generations without sustained immigration. Honestly I dont care if they want to gorge themselves on the decaying corpse of American society, I just want them gone from Singapore though because their numbers are too large now that it has reached criticality and that the next generation will likely retain some of the social attitudes of the first and basically wreck Singapore until the Chinese elites there recognize what is going on and fight back.

The beauty is, we don’t have to do anything but wait. Not to sound like a Marxist, but the West is going to be undone by their own internal contradictions and the US while on paper remains the strongest is much weaker than it appears. Massive system instability that they constantly predict for China is just as applicable to the US if not even more so. The US is undergoing a massive demographic and cultural transition and is far ahead of all European states. US had around 3.9 million births last year, but not even 2 million was non Hispanic white and this number has been in unending decline for decades. It’s admixture is only 62% non Hispanic white now but this really hides just how significant the 30+ age white cohort is and how huge the youth non-white population is. I know some people don’t think Hispanics are too bad, including our host Unz, and indeed they aren’t bad people at all. But based off the socio-economic indices and what constitutes “white” in mugshots I am extremely skeptical of them being able to sustain present US prosperity levels or technological sophistication. The US obviously isn’t going the South Africa route, but Brazilification and its Latin American socio-economic and political systems are I think inevitable for America. Actually Argentina is probably the best long term example of what is going to happen in America as the differential population growth of Indio and European (Spanish, Italian, and German) elements slowly but steadily tipped the country from one of the Richest countries at the start of the 20th century to a middle rank one by the end of it. Some countries in Western Europe are salvageable if they jettison American vassalage and start kicking out it’s Afro-Arab elements which are so obnoxious that they engender immediate feelings of disgust rather than Latinos which are met by most Americans in their daily lives with indifference. It remains to be seen if they have the will to live and pass on their homelands to their children rather than follow America in it’s death spiral. Nations can survive declining demographics. France did, so did Ireland. They can’t survive declining demographics and importing other people’s children.

In the meantime I’m buying Huawei products and using a Xiaomi robot vacuum.

Productivity and quality are the results of competition for customers. For most countries that aren’t the US and China, protectionism really just helps 1 entrenched market monopolist. China is massive enough for a large number of market participants across most industries. If Xi really wanted to benefit the Chinese everyman, he would privatize (into Chinese hands) the telecom sector and instead of the comfortable state oligopolists of China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom and force them to compete everywhere for customers. They are moribund, state owned, and inefficient, but also not that much worse in service compared to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon in service. The level of service (crap) is similar, it’s just that the different ownership structures push the money to different parties. The Chinese SOES are less profitable because they employ more (often useless) employees while the US private counterparts being owned by private capital are more efficient in that their profits all flow vertically upwards towards owners. Their end utility is the same, it’s just that different people get their cut.

China’s auto industry is plagued by a similar problem. The reason that Chinese automakers are not a threat to Western automakers is because the Communist Party is on the side of West. The biggest car companies are SOE’s in joint ventures with Western car companies who have cozy profit sharing relationships. They dont want to interrupt this and don’t want competition from private Chinese automakers. The US trade pundits make bullshit complaints about forced joint ventures. You know who doesn’t complain joint ventures? US companies in cozy nepotistic profit sharing agreements with SOE’s. A true win-win for both. The Chinese SOE’s dont have to do much work, and the Communist Party suppresses domestic competition in favour of the State entity in bed with a foreign company.

The areas where I have seen the most genuine whining about Chinese economic obscurantism is in the finance industry and honestly I’d prefer to keep the US out of that sector entirely.

Long story short. State capitalism seems to work, at least for the far east, in development. China’s strategies aren’t particularly unique and are basically following in Japan and South Korea’s footsteps. The same policies that they took, even when pooh poohed by Western economists at least lead to their current development levels. The countries that slavishly followed conventional Western Wisdom (asides from no brainers like not collectivizing agriculture, shooting your kulacks) on development never get anywhere and amount to anything, becoming at best resource appendages or cheap outsourcing destination and consumers of high margin western products. Xi hasn’t nationalized any new industries, but simply isn’t liberalizing existing ones to the extent that the great and good desire.

There is a principal agent problem in development economics that, like the tribe, no one is particularly interested in touching. Simply put, Western educated economists represent the economic and political interests of developed Western states, not those of developing states. The likes of David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Max Boot, et al. may claim to be representing American interests and may even believe to actually be doing so but the ultimate effect of the totality of their policies they advocate lead somewhere else entirely. Maximizing Chinese power means the destruction of the liberal Western democratic post-war American order. There is no denying this simple fact. The same people that advocate for “pro-market” Chinese development policies do not support this endeavor, and will also advocate for what you and I know are extremely destructive policies elsewhere. Thus I have no reason to trust them when it comes to Chinese economic policies, and every reason to be extremely skeptical.

Ask two economists and get three opinions. There are some good basic fundamentals that economics teach: price controls ineffective, state control bad, increased specialization and low trade barriers good, but any time they begin whipping out the charts and the math formulas to prove how this must happen, you have better luck getting an honest answer from reading chicken entrails. Germany in 1945 was absolutely wrecked. It had had practically zero productive capital left. About 7 million of Germany’s bravest were left fertilizing European battlefields. It’s women were prostituting themselves to their erstwhile vanquishers for cigarettes, potatoes, and shitty chocolate. Forget debt to GDP ratios, hundreds of thousands literally starved to death in the winter of 45. Didn’t stop Germany from reclaiming it’s top spot as Europe’s strongest economy by 1945 though. Germany had one thing other countries didn’t; Germans. Germans that could and did bootstrap themselves up from absolute devastation to prosperity with a generation and a half.

Bingo. Karlin can’t do it because he is a materialist and he doesn’t recognize the need for “faith” or more accurately what should be called believing your own bullshit. You and I don’t need it, but the average prole does. Removing traditional restraints on moral behavior didn’t really affect elite behavior that much because they had natural self control and discipline. The proles all went to shit though because they couldn’t control themselves and need stricter and more clear moral guides.

To quote Xi Jinping, “To dismiss the history of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Communist Party, to dismiss Lenin and Stalin, and to dismiss everything else is to engage in historic nihilism and it confuses our thoughts and undermines the Party’s organizations on all levels.”

It doesn’t have to be true, but the majority at least need to believe in it to be true to act as a schelling point. Communism sucked and Stalinism sucked harder. However, just because this is true doesn’t mean you can’t pretend its not in order to coordinate group action. Do you think the Jews tell themselves that their shitty semitic god is nothing more than the tribal egotism of unwashed desert monolaters who kept accruing more power to their totemic god in a giant game of “my dad can beat up your dad” with their neighbors? No, they tell themselves they are the chosen of Yahweh.

I think Russia needs to go the Juche route and transmogriphy Stalin from Georgian fucktard to Russian demigod. Strip him from the actual person of Stalin by rewriting his past and make him the Supreme light of the Russians and all the Jews and Liberasts are just haters cause he’s our awesome demigod and not theirs. Sounds unrealistic sure, but hell it worked for the Muslims.

A more realistic and interesting proposal is to turn Russia back into a constitutional monarchy. There are probably plenty of Romanov pretenders out there who would leap at the chance to sit on a throne. Just gotta make sure you dont get a cucked European aristocrat one though.

To be more precise Steve, it’s only a viable career path to Asian girls (and homosexuals). Gatekeepers is really just code for middle age Jewish media bosses who have a thing for Asian 6′s and twinks who are sexually pliable and willing regurgitate their ideological biases back to them.

If you really want to understand the underlying social issues that Sarah Jeong and her ilk represent, you should really read the reddit hapas Manifesto. Those half breed white-asian mixes droping unapologetic truth bombs and shiving their parents right in the ovaries.

This is because you don’t understand Indians at all. If you had read Steve’s review of David Reich’s new book, you’d have a better of understanding of them.

People tend to think of India, with its more than 1.3 billion people, as having a tremendously large population, and indeed many Indians as well as foreigners see it this way. But genetically, this is an incorrect way to view the situation. The Han Chinese are truly a large population. They have been mixing freely for thousands of years. In contrast, there are few if any Indian groups that are demographically very large, and the degree of genetic differentiation among Indian jati groups living side by side in the same village is typically two to three times higher than the genetic differentiation between northern and southern Europeans. The truth is that India is composed of a large number of small populations.

Norwegians are actually closer related to Greeks that lived a thousand miles away than Indians of different castes that have been living in the same village for thousands of years. Think on the degree of segregation and tribal animosity it took to make that happen. Indians aren’t a people. They are a collection of hundreds of “gold chain” wearing tribes that have lived together yet simultaneously apart and their culture reflect this. You can’t compare Indians to tiny groups such as Armenians or Chechens. Indians are actually Armenians, AND Chechens, and Jews, and Gypsies, and various Arab Tribes, and Kurds, and Druze, and Dönmeh and basically every other small ethno-religious endogamous minority you can think of rolled into one country. India is the Ur multicultural-multiracial civilization par excellence and its function, or dysfunction, is the example of what people can expect when the West becomes truly “diverse” in the future.

Its kind of like invasive species. Sometimes taking something out of its natural habit allows it to thrive. Becoming much more successful because the local competition is not adapted to its ecological advantages. India is a giant tragedy of the commons, with each endogamous group striving massively to screw every other over but when removed from this type of conflict remain hardwired so run amuck in societies without similar networked predation groups.

Human sociality adapts to reality much faster than natural biology though which is why you are beginning to see greater pushback. The greatest problem is that multicultural societies modeled on Western standards of fairness and reciprocity when confronted by this behavior adopt the same and prosocial behaviors are jettisoned in favor of more tribalism for everyone. One almost has to thank the Indians for what they are doing. The Jews have been running a similarly strategy much longer and more successfully because they can usually pass for the host population. Indians are visually discernable at the outset.

They aren’t that nice. The thing with running tightly integrated ethnic networks is that you have keep the group cohesive by excluding lots of people. It isn’t Indians helping one another persay but rather particular groups of Indians helping their own particular caste network by taking advantage of everyone else including Indians of the wrong caste. The more honest among them readily admit to whats going on.

I’ve been told by an acquaintance that due to changes in promotional procedures, that many of the departments at Microsoft have erupted into de facto race wars with caste Indians on one side and Chinese + most everyone else on the other. Suffice it to say that productivity is not what it once was. On the bright side, Americans can look forward to being culturally enriched by vibrant new overlords.

Succeeding as a racially diverse nation is simply not possible. It inevitably devolves into an ethnic spoils system where public interests of the whole are a distant second place to parochial community interests. Tragedy of the commons and all that. This can be overcome by a strong monoculture and rapid population admixture, but the problem with America and the West at large is that long term sub replacement native fertility coupled with high immigrant fecundity means blacks and mestizo peasants (arab and African muslims for Europe) are going to make up a significant proportion of future population ancestry. Good luck fighting the Chinese for global supremacy with Jose, Mohammed and LaShawn as your future shock troops.

Also Russian girls are cuter than Indian girls. Now if only they would learn not to put mayonnaise in everything. I actually enjoy dill, potatoes, boiled eggs, and pickles. Beets I admit I am indifferent to, but ill eat it if its put in front of me. But why all of that mayonnaise?

Emperor Xi Tries to Correct Demographic Course

This is the problem with feminism right here. “Our vital interests”. Women shouldn’t think of themselves as a separate interest group at all, rather they should represent the interests of their sons and husbands.

This also needs to be said, long term assortative mating is bad, very very bad for civilization. You know what happens when assortative mating gets taken too far? A caste system. Basically creating multiculturalism and even multiracialism. Do as your ancestors have done and marry the pretty but not so bright girl and sire children with her. This spreads the smart genes around and ensures sufficient churn in the elites that stasis never sets in. Otherwise your civilization turns into India. India is a shithole, partly because the average Indian isn’t very bright, but mostly because their maladaptive caste system wrecked their society some 2000 years ago. The problem of the caste system is that it sets permanent status at birth, reproductive access without work, and lowers the general competitiveness of a society all around. Indian society has basically zero permanent social mobility because of endogamous mating and this means that not only are smart bright people not able to climb their way up in society, but stupidity by the elites is never punished as harshly as warranted. Merit is unrecognized, failure is tolerated and ignored, all to maintain group endogamy and caste advantage.

With all of the terrible consequences of such a system, you have to wonder why it has persisted so long. The simple answer is that it does have single, but huge, advantage compared to more exogamous and equitable societies, civilizational metastability. Assortative mating results in fixed elites and the shattering of the masses into even more distinct subgroups. This makes it impossible for lower status groups to organize and gang up on those on the top because intergroup trust and ability to cooperate is non existent. The elites rests securely on top with minimal effort. You know what is almost non-existent in India history? Peasant rebellions. Oh castes were perfectly willing to fight each other over petty spoils and marginal differences in status, but they could never take collective action to challenge the elites. They simply couldn’t because there was no “smarter than the average bear” Jean-baptiste, or Johann, or Jin Yang willing to say I’m just as smart as the local lord/king/emperor so fuck him, get your pitchforks boys. In caste societies, the elites enjoy being elites for a long time, if not forever, and the society itself has achieved a metastable position at extreme cost of overall competitiveness.

To use a more contemporary metaphor, think of pubstars pwning noobs all day in pub games for shits and giggles. Because the level of play and competition is so low, they never learn to lose bad habits accrued over time nor up their level of skill to the next level because there is no need to. Then when they play true pros, that skirmish against each other regularly and where the minimal standard of play is so high that stupid mistakes and harshly and ruthlessly punished, they get pwned themselves like the newbs they are.

Yeah, so assortative mating when carried out too far is bad. Do marry your cute secretary. Do it not only for yourself, but for your very civilization!

I didn’t want to wade into this conversation and dog pile on you, but I have to say it, Women simply have no have place in politics. The world of antiquity had separate social spheres for all manners of groups. Men did their thing, women did their thing, jews did their thing, everyone else did theirs. These clear social boundaries prevented not only conflict but set clear established norms of behavior that people were expected to adhere to. Women entering into the political realm of men is simply an abomination because women are less rational than men and more particularist. They only care about the reproductive viability of their own children, the nature of their fathers being somewhat irrelevant. There are exceptions to the rule, but breaking these rules for the rare exceptions is a stupid idea. Women serve as the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent for entryist cadres to start mucking around. Hearth and home are the woman’s realm, leave affairs of state to men.

I want to agree, but with a caveat. The real problem with education is that it raises the self perceived reproductive status of women to the degree while also damaging their actual reproductive status (a wasted youth and thus beauty). When everyone aspires to live the carefree life of a modern Bourbon, there will be no one to replace us. Elite female fertility has always been very low historically speaking, with huge numbers of elite girls ending up in nunneries without ever having any children at all.

The problem with female status is that it massively depresses female fertility by restricting their pool of allowed mates to men of even higher status. The problem is that men of higher status doesn’t want a Harvard mba or a Princeton PhD, which women are fooled into believing is actually useful, they want a youthful beautiful feminine wife. So at best you get wasteful credentialism of a woman who spent years in graduate school and never working once they’ve found an even higher status husband while stealing a spot from a man or at worse you get cats for grandchildren.

Holistic admissions was created by gentiles to keep Jews out, but then abandoned by the same gentiles in favour of a more meritocratic system. However, as our own dear host Unz noticed, quantifiable measures of Jewish performance have declined dramatically over the past few decades as the initial immigrant striver mentality disappeared among the Jews but the representation of Jews at said elite institutions remains unchanged. This is because contrary to gentiles, who openly and honestly admitted that holistic admissions were designed to keep out arriviste Jews, Jewish ethnic cohesion remains a potent force and they have re-adopted a holistic admission systems though they brazenly lie about its purpose. Blacks and Hispanics are affirmative actioned into Harvard at rates far beyond their capabilities, but this also happens to serve as a deflective cover for the fact that Jews are also being admitted at rates far beyond their capabilities. Nearly half the “white” student body at Harvard is Jewish, a representation that the modest Jewish advantage over the White mean cannot possibly be responsible for. Episcopalians have socio-economic indicators every bit as high as Jews, yet I doubt you’ll find entire cliques of Episcopalians operating in admissions departments or politically organized groups. Destroying the affirmative action system at the Ivy colleges will demolish the Black and Hispanic populations present there, it would also decimate the number of Jewish students as well. Asians would see a modest uptick of admissions from 25 to probably 35% of the total population. White gentiles would see their representation go from 25% to probably 60% of the total student body.

The one child policy was never universally “ruthlessly” enforced. You are mistaking Western human rights agitprop for reality. For every commies aborted my baby sob story, there was thousands of buy me dinner and give me some cigarettes and booze and I’ll look the other way non story. Fact is, plenty of Chinese still do have multiple children. All of my paternal cousins have siblings and half of my maternal ones do as well. The only reason I didn’t was because of my mother’s extremely late at the time age of giving birth to me (30) and because my father was still working on his PhD and couldn’t afford another and by the time he could, it was too late for my mom. The only sector where enforcement was total was on the party itself. Xi Jinping and all the other members of the Politburo have only 1 child each (well legally recognized child that is).

It is natural personality aversion to a dominant oriental archetype. To the more extroverted type Caucasian, East Asians simply look autistic. To the more insular, perceptive, and autistic sorts of Caucasians, East Asians look normal. The latter aren’t in power and rarely are (Nixon being a rare example) while the former have achieved overwhelming supremacy in America. This aversion is a two way street though as we are deeply distrustful of the “I am your friend type”. The more you tell me you are my friend, the faster I count my silver.

Yes if I was American Stalin I’d have most of the hpy MBA types shot and replaced with white middle class gentiles from intact families and non coastal states that were top of their class from public engineering schools. Hard to go wrong with those types.

I like to characterize the Chinese as balancing two separate impulses. The first is our natural biological urge to follow established precedent and authority. The second, sometimes working in opposition to the first, is our cultural profanity. We really hold nothing sacred beyond filial piety and thus have no schelling points with which to naturally rally to. Our lack of things which we deem holy means that there is little to limit our personal ambition to getting what we want.

Again you are mistaking state nationalism with community tribalism. What the Chinese possess, thanks to the 20th century government educational policies, is a strong nationalist impulse. It is not however a natural impulse that rose organically but rather was the result of explicit government educational policy, thus it does not last a single generation if that, when divorced from its roots. What the Europeans used to possess, in the 19th century was a similar nationalism fostered by new governments centralizing power and thus wanting more control over it’s people. Another Unz commenter whose name I cannot recall at the moment quoted a 19th century Russian liberal Alexander Herzen, in describing the Germans.

“The cruder sort of German boasts of German might, but really means is that the German Emperor is mighty and can crush you, just as he has done to the German people on numerous occassions.”

Europeans no longer have this sense of belonging because European vassal states, living under American hegemony, are not allowed to execute policies promoting such nationalism.

It’s actually somewhat ironic that your humor is more accurate than you know. Harvard (and most institutions) does discriminate against “Asian” boys in particular. “Asian” of course is a meaningless catch all phrase that serves to obfuscate. What is actually going on is massive systemic bias against Chinese and Korean men that is lessened by lumping them into a broader “Asian” category and further hidden by the fact that the women are much less discriminated against.

A people, practicing group strategy and ethnic nepotism, will always dominate those who don’t. The problem was never that gentiles aren’t collectivist, but rather not collectivist enough compared to the competition. Victories are won on the margins, rarely does it ever require total advantage. A few fingers on the scale here, a few there, and before you know it somehow the organization is majority Jewish.

I think people misunderstand East Asian conformity and mistake this as collectivism. We are very much a go with the flow people that prefer following established norms wherever they exist. This isn’t collectivism though, as the “got mine, f*ck you” attitude is unfortunately extremely common among the Chinese and Koreans. True collectivism, as in “my tribe, f*ck you” is actually rare amidst the people of the Far East because those attitudes are only made possible by multi racial/cultural/religious environs where ingroup endogamy is the norm. That type of environment just doesn’t exist in the Far East or the West (before the imminvasion) but it is extremely common among the peoples of the Middle East and South Asia.

Yes, the higher education status bubble and women refusing to marry “down” is an especially acute problem in China and East Asia as a whole. It is Chinese nature to want to over educate, or at least over credential, their children thanks to two millennia of bureaucratic pressure selecting for education and credentialism. Girls are simply more responsive to the modern type of abusive education system that seems universal because they are more obedient and lass rambunctious than boys. Thankfully the Communists seem to be both cognizant of the problem and have started making half hearted efforts to redress this. Many university departments now have separate scoring criteria for men as opposed to women in admissions. For “soft” subjects which women gravitate towards and the gender imbalance is acute, women are required to have higher scores than men to gain admittance. I don’t think this goes far enough, but Chinese parents are particularly “touchy” about the prospects of their children getting ahead being kneecapped so I’m not sure how much the party can get away with in this area without facing serious public opposition.

US trade deficits are the flip side to US financial and corporate power. America outsources low margin low wage production to countries outside in exchange for market access and huge markups. Apple sold 77 million iphones accounting for nearly $60 billion in revenue just in a single quarter. Accordingly because the iPhone is made in China, lots of countries are magically running an iPhone “deficit” with China. However, Chinese share of the profit margins on the phone are only around 2-3% while apple, and it’s US owners collecting 30-40% of the gross. I would be happy for China to outsource low margin production to the US if it meant we directly sold to US consumers at 40% profit margins. Say the entire iPhone production line is moved out of China. Net losses to China would be the about 2 billion in lost profit per quarter. Apple then stops selling iphones in China and also loses the app market. Net loss on the phones to the US alone with be about 4 billion per quarter. The app store for Apple is the money maker though. Apple’s China revenue from it’s app store was $34 billion in 2017 and their margins on software are enormous. Basically Apple’s profits alone in China are enough to balance pretty much the Chinese profits from the entire US trade deficit.

Remember it isn’t Chinese companies or Chinese workers making the lions share of the money from from US imports. It is US companies and US capital.

The inner Mongolian Communists came into existence via way of osmosis from the Sovietized Communist outer Mongolians. The Chinese Communist Party at its founding, like it’s European counterparts, was very much an upper crust affair. Rather than a party of urban workers, it was a party of wealthy sons of the gentry and intellectuals. It wasn’t as such a national party and most provincial parties were newly created after they had already seized military power. One exception is in inner Mongolia which via exposure to the Soviet Union already had a Communist Party. Because a Communist Party already existed in inner Mongolia prior to the Chinese Communist Party seizing military control, it ended up being rolled into it and left in charge, hence the expanded modern version of Inner Mongolia that also happens to be overwhelmingly Chinese and the dominance of ethnic Mongols in early PRC inner Mongolian history. However, because of the fact that the Party had become associated with a particular ethnicity, when Mao launched the Cultural Revolution to attack the party bureaucracy, a political fight against the established order spiraled into a race war, which ended up with the Mongols getting slaughtered.

The current international order and existing institutions were already created by the US on terms favourable to Washington. In fact, so favourable that no one else had a say and the US essentially wrote the rules carte blanche by men much wiser that than the creatures dwelling in Washington today after ww2 when the US accounted for 50% of the world’s economy. The existing international system serves to buttress American power, tearing it down to renegotiate new norms is a good idea if you are a revisionist power whose current strength is no longer reflected in the system. Not such a great idea to renegotiate if you are substantially weaker than when the norms were originally created.I honestly don’t understand why so many Americans are so enamoured with trump to the point that it’s become a self willed personality cult. Trump’s intelligence or lack thereof is secondary to his own personality flaws, that he is a massive narcissist whose one and only loyalty to himself. What he does is secondary to the fact that everything must make him look good. Such people always hurt those closest to them. Rather than the conservative messiah, I see in Trump many things Russians have come to expect in Putin. Zrada. The Trumpsliv is coming and his betrayal will be enormous.

Fast forward a few more years to the start of the Cultural Revolution and things get interesting. As I mentioned elsewhere, the Cultural Revolution was an attack unleashed by Mao harnessing the power of the unadulterated leftist singularity and unleashing it against his enemies in the party bureaucracy itself. The Cultural Revolution was in and of itself, not particularly violent by Chinese standards and most Western Pozz overplay its non-political impacts and death toll. This was true for most places, but it wasn’t true in Inner Mongolia. Here you had an ethnic minority population who had a vice like grip on the local Communist party apparatus, with an ethnic majority population who had suffered for more than a decade under Communist rule being told it was now OK to criticize the Party. The results were unsurprisingly a blood bath with the lion’s share of the cultural revolution’s death toll coming from here as the Chinese proceeded to basically kill the entire Communist Party in Inner Mongolia and ethnic Mongols along with them. After the Cultural Revolution ended, the Communist Party in Inner Mongolia had to be basically reconstituted from Han cadres from elsewhere because the local party apparatus, along with a few percentage points of the ethnic Mongol population, were dead.

The Communist Party is an imperfect organization, one part traitorous and two parts gloriously reactionary. It is the best out of a stable of bad choices though sub-optimal to what I have in mind. It is also unfortunately a civilian bureaucracy and not a military one. Mao was wrong in that the Party should always wield the gun, rather it should be that the Party is the gun. China’s most stable and prosperous periods were ushered in by men who came from the military aristocracy and decay inevitably set in when the military was de prioritized by a court governed by the families of Empress regents.

My definition of the rule of law is vastly different than what most of the West today would classify as rule of law. Laws emerge from the collective morals of their respective communities, that is they reflect the interests and sensibilities of men. There can be no universal law because each community has their own particular values. That they should be neutrally enforced and applicable to the extent of their communities I whole heartedly concur. What Chinese liberals and their degenerate race defiling enablers in the West mean by “rule of law” is actually rule by a blacked robed judicial commissariat. The law here being enforced is not so much community consensus by rather administrative fiat driven by a degenerate globohomo elite. Such as Hong Kong inviting two elderly British women to be judges.

Sending masses of Uyghurs to reducation camps would accordingly be against the rule of law to them. However effective policing of ornery Muslims is right and proper and within Chinese consensus, hence is perfectly following Chinese law in my book.

My ideal government for China is to adopt the civic militarist attitudes that proved so successful with small European polities and wed them to a minimalist quasi army-state administration whose only purpose for existence is impartial arbitration of Chinese law and war making modeled after post Shang Yang/Han Fei Qin. Rather than power centralized in the status of a singular abstract emperor though. Legal authority and thus suffrage should be limited to the upper proletariat, and lower and middle bourgeoisie males. Women don’t get a vote, in fact spinster childless women should cost their male relatives votes out of simple principal. In contravention of Chinese tradition, the elderly don’t get a vote either because the changing demographic balance is quite ahistorical and will be needed to avoid gerontacratic capture as has happened in the West. It may actually be more appropriate to not enfranchise individuals at all but family units. Only Han Chinese men with a minimal amount of financial capital from the ages of 18-65 with a minimum of 5-10 years of military service get a say in how the state should be run and the state itself should only be involved in 3 areas: Maintaining an army, maintaining the police and courts, maintaining an education system to feed the army and minimalist administrative demands of said army. All other factors the Chinese people should self organize and take care of on their own. Ideally I want at most 10% of the male population involved in political decision making.

God I fucking hate sports “craptaculars”. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is going to be another rerun of Sochi, though thankfully significantly cheaper since we still have tons of facilities left over from 2008, you can bet the human rights ass holes are going to make even bigger nuisances of themselves then. I honestly hope there is a boycott so the Chinese people and the Communist Party shed their “win-win” illusions and realize that the only true power is coercive power and than the West is a flat out enemy.

That 10 billion could have paid for at least another 100 ICBMs, or 100 fighter jets, or 20 guided missile frigates. Counting the opportunity costs just pisses me off knowing that instead all of that money going to line the pockets of politically connected construction interests, it could have gone to something truly useful and kept the anglo-zio pirates at bay.

The rule of nature, unlike the norms of men, cares nothing about truth, status, wealth, or beauty. It cares only for survival. Societies can be dysfunctional, rulers can be cruel and capricious, the individual can be cowardly and avaricious. All of that is irrelevant in the face of the only question that matters, do you have enough children and is their identity cohesive enough that it will not see them dissipated in the winds of modernity. The aforementioned peoples have all found answers to that. We haven’t, so the people to go inquiring for answers should not be those who are clinging to their dutch wives under a digital bliss as they slowly descend into oblivion.

Perhaps Houellebecq has the right idea, despite how unpalatable it is. Convert to fundamentalist Islam and then seize control of the religion from the Arabs via natural superiority.

Chinese domestic security spending is actually quite low. This is one of the “Great Lies” oft repeated by the usual Liberast media that is repeated ad infinitum until it is accepted as gospel truth. Chinese defense spending as a percentage of GDP is lower than “domestic security” but that is not because Chinese “domestic security” is excessive, but rather China’s spends on defense like a complacent Western European state. Chinese GDP in 2017 was 82.7 trillion yuan with government revenues around 17.5 trillion and expenditures at 20.5. Announced defense spending for 2018 was only 1.11 trillion yuan. Not even 5.5% of total government expenditures and only 1.35% of GDP. As a proportion of total GDP and total government expenditures, China is officially spending like Canada or Portugal. Even using the SIPRI pulled out of ass numbers only raises Chinese defense spending to that of France.

The thing with so-called Chinese “domestic security” spending is that it really is a catch all super category that accounts for numerous budgets. For example, it includes the national, provincial, and local police, procuratorate and court system, prison system, customs/immigration, border security, disaster relief, fire fighting, forestry, mines and dams, and the people’s armed police (Gendarmerie, aka the crackdown). To make China seem like a police state, this mass catch all category is usually only compared to US police spending alone which is usually cited as approximately 160 billion or so. This is an apples, pineapples, coconuts, mangoes, oranges, bananas, pears, and oranges to apples alone comparison. The US has about 1 million uniformed police officers compared to China’s roughly 1.6 despite the latter having more than 4x the population. More than that though, that 160 billion or so basically only covers federal, state, and local police and doesn’t even begin to touch all the spending for the US court system and the US prison system (Prison spending alone is another 80 billion USD per year) let alone all the other categories such as the National Guard which is in the US defense budget. If anything China is under policed, with basically twice as many cops as Russia but 10x the population.

Civilization itself is fragile and its flame must be constantly shepherded for it to survive. It took two millennia for the Han race to reach their current numbers. The time it would take for dissipation, nihilism, childlessness, and racial defilement to kill all of us is a single lifetime. Certainly we are working with a larger buffer than say the Estonians, but a slow death is still death nonetheless.

You only have to look at what is going on in Singapore, in Taiwan, and even in Hong Kong to say nothing of the Chinese emigre communities in Southeast Asia and the West. Full on Western cargo cult self-annihilation mode that dare I say exceeds Sweden. At least a large minority of Westerners realize that they are under attack, the overwhelming majority of Chinese are still asleep.

I oppose Chinese emigration abroad and want all the Chinese to return to our racial urheimat and to seal the borders. I’m a Han racialist and thus I understand both the advantages and disadvantages of my race very clearly. Living in proxity with the outsider is not one of those strengths and inevitably leads to our gradual cultural and indeed racial annihilation under a post-modern liberal order. Unlike the overwhelming majority of the West’s new racial cohorts, where Rassenschande leads to the de-whitening of the native demos, it leads to the de-Haning of ours. I think we even understand this at an instinctive level which is why we actively seek to congregate together in Chinatowns (even the millionaires buy mansions next to other Chinese millionaires) as part of a circling the wagons, but this stratagem is no longer working. A bigger paycheck is too big of a price to pay for not having any grandchildren, which is something that many Chinese don’t realize before it’s too late. Everywhere outside of our homeland, where the Communist Party holds sway and keeps the Pozz at bay, my people are an endangered species verging on extinction. This cannot be stopped without overturning the entire value system of the West and perhaps not even then. Thus to preserve my race, I advocate isolationism; backed with a massive military and nuclear arsenal of course to keep the degenerate and rapacious West at bay.

There are plenty of Chinese that now cover the country for the elite Western press, at least if twitter press feeds is anything to go by. They just all happen to be Chinese women in relationships with Western men or outright homosexuals; also likely in relationships with Western men.

The English language press in China and really the entire Far East bureaus of Western media depends on a stable of local compradors and fixers due to lack of language facility. These overwhelmingly happen to be pretty ambitious young women who speak English and like the hordes of talented young girls flocking to New York or LA to make it into the big leagues, working for the prestige Western Press is a huge status bump for them. The editors in charge are your average clueless middle aged guys transported to the Far East and their hiring decisions are driven primarily by their penises. Accomodating sexy young things who pander to their ideologies get hired, men don’t. This is how the Western media works in Asia.

Chinese brothers, and I suppose White people too take note. This is the incompetence and mendacity of the caste Hindu coupled with his annoying argumentativeness in full display.

A surprisingly high number of Chinese men that marry Western women end up marrying Jewesses.

This is the type of deliberate deceitful behavior, along with the inventive name calling, and psychological aggression that makes Indians annoying to deal with. I’m unlike most Chinese in that I like to argue back but to be honest it doesn’t come naturally to me and I find it tiring at times. Best not to let them into your homelands or you get more of this type of behavior directed against you and your kin until you get tired and give up and give him what he wants. Or do as the Muslims are wont to do and behead him. That works too.

Chinese people really like Money and Status. In truth, everyone likes Money and Status, but we Chinese like it more than most.

As I mentioned, the same social timidity that puts Chinese at a disadvantage also applies to the dating realm. It’s not so bad for women because men generally do the approaching but it’s difficult for Chinese men to date out because of social anxiety and intrinsic shyness. This doesn’t just apply to the Chinese but really all Eastern Eurasians. We generally aren’t the type of people to send women random dick pics or harass women on facebook with show bobs and vagene. However, that is precisely the type of “crude” aggression that works on lots of women. Its why black men are several times more likely to interracial mix with white women because they are on average far more aggressive than whites.

As I mentioned, Chinese women are super hypergamous and they want money and status. White westerners reek of money and status (for now) in addition to being marginally more socially aggressive. Chinese women also inexplicably have difficulty parsing white losers from white winners and thus have much lower standards when it comes to men, thus allowing lots of low status white males mating access to a younger, and not fat, woman that their own natural socio-economic value. Chinese men are generally not willing to mate down interracially in terms of looks. We wont settle for a Western land whale like most low status white men put up with nor will we touch black women.

I don’t “hate” the Brahman, I just don’t want to live in proximity to him because he is a socio-economic parasite par excellence. The ones in the West I can do nothing about nor is it my responsibility to. The ones in the East, really mostly in Singapore and a few in Hong Kong need to be kicked out and sent back home. Especially the ones in Singapore, nothing more than a bunch of nepotistic assholes who are busy packing the entire IT and banking sectors with their caste kinsmen who, needless to say, are incompetent and unqualified at our expense while simultaneously filling up the English language press with endless whines about Chinese racism. The Singaporean Chinese have been deracinated and completely cucked out by our so-called government and thus nothing is done about it and even saying in public the facts on the ground gets you socially ostracized for being “racist”.

The funny thing about Indians is that they are not near as capable as you think they are, to say nothing of their opinions of their own abilities. If push comes to shove, China is going to curb stomp India hard. Those observations you made about Indians bee-lining for middle management and other bullshit positions with difficult to observe deliverables? That doesn’t just apply to the IT industry but really every single sector of Indian society. Shit floats to the top just as well as cream. The Indians talk talk talk talk talk a good game, but they have nothing to back it up. The unwarranted sense of confidence and entitlement that gets Indians into comfortable sinecures is also going to get them into trouble when its time to shut up and show your cards. In a force on force conflict with China where you cant bullshit away your incompetence, India is going to get wrecked.

I agree that Whites are somewhat intermediary socially, but the “White” category itself has fairly long tails. I think one of the reasons why Eastern Europeans and Chinese get along so well is that we are surprisingly similar temperament wise and thus know how to avoid stepping on each others toes.

Crypsis. The Jew is for the most part phenotypically indistinguishable from a gentile. For the Chinese, a Big-Nose is a Big-Nose; there is no hiding that. Half breed Jew-Chinese mixes are almost always socialized at an early age as Westerners and thus find it difficult if not impossible to navigate purely Chinese social group dynamics, thus it will be impossible for them to climb the social political ladder. Besides, Chinese practice agnatic descent and thus most mixes are technically not recognized as Chinese. The Chinese are certainly more welcoming to Han descended individuals than the Japanese are, who are so insular that they see even Japanese who have spent years abroad as “contaminated” outsiders, but we aren’t that open.

A surprisingly high number of Chinese men that marry Western women end up marrying Jewesses. That I think is where the actual danger for subversion comes from. The resulting children are by custom both Chinese and Jewish, having inherited their Patrilineal Chinese name from their father and their Matrilineal Kosherness from their mother. More importantly, a greater proportion of such children are socialized as Chinese while simultaneously socialized as Jewish (because women tend to be more religious). The Liu Nuoyi type is much more of a risk than the Maxima Chan Zuckerberg, though thankfully rare in absolute numbers.

That’s because mainland Chinese are oblivious to Indians what with only 20k Indian residents spread out through China. Familiarity with Indians leads to the animus, I suspect TT and Denver are Chinese Malaysians or Singaporeans and Daniel is well acquainted with Indians in the US. I’m familiar with both. English speaking Chinese are not as ignorant of Indians as most mainlanders are.

We are fundamentaly incompatible peoples on a social and even biological level. The “argumentative Indian” archetype isn’t regarded as a positive by the Chinese. To the contrary most Chinese would see that sort of personality as patently dishonest. Elite Indians are basically low rent Jews and behave as such. Chinese, unlike whites, haven’t lost all traces of their racial asabiyah and thus they are able to recognize and willing to react to organized outgroup subversion.

We are oil and water, the Chinese are socially timid and reticent to speak their minds in public and general socially passive. We can be clannish but it is a very isolationist clannishness and we don’t seek to to subvert other communities to our norms. Indians have Chutzpah in spades and no social boundaries, demanding others bend to their will. When we see Indians playing to their strengths, social extroversion and loquaciousness, we feel we are being taken advantage of particularly since it quickly becomes obvious that the Indians who play those social games to the hilt to get ahead are generally the least competent. Thus the antagonism.

Not true, the Chinese were there first. Chinese rule over the territory that now encompasses Xinjiang has been sporadic but it has spanned several centuries and was first established as early as the 2nd century BCE. China’s most famous poet was born just outside of Bishkek Kyrgyzstan in 701 CE. Chinese present continuous rule over the area has dated since 1756 after the last Mongol Khanate was wiped out of existence.

The Turkic Uyghurs swept into the region from what is now Mongolia back in the 10th century and basically demographically obliterated the Indo-European, more specifically Eastern Iranian, peoples who were native before the Chinese arrived.

The best European parallel I can draw is that the Uyghurs are essentially Anglo-Saxon invaders vis-a-vis Britain and the Han Chinese are the Romans. Yes we aren’t native and ancient invaders at that, but our claim is older than that of the barbarians who now have the gall to claim that this is their homeland when their actual original Urheimat is now in Mongolia. They are now Turks, and Sunni muslim ones at that compared to polyglot Christian, Manichaen, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and even Hellenistic Pagan original inhabitants. There is one community in Xinjiang that can actually be considered autochthonous to the region and it isn’t the Turk Uyghurs, but rather the Iranian Pamiri Tajiks of Xinjiang. They are still primarily Indo-European and actually speak the closest living descendant of the extinct Tocharian language. Not only that, but they aren’t Sunni but rather Ismaili Shia. These people would be analogous to the Welsh to carry my Britain analogy further.

You are so full of shit. A walking talking (((stereotype))). China and Russia used to promote diversity when they were actually still Communist in deed as well as name, busy classifying ethnicities and in China’s case making them up wholesale. Putin’s Sovok legacy “Big Russia” autism aside, neither are actively promoting diversity now because having experienced raging Leftist ideology manifest in full force, they are now innoculated against its more terminal but slow spreading Western post Marxist variant.

The trend of the new Xi era is unbridled ethnonationalism. Yesterday was actually the first annual Hanfu day, imagine if you will if Western governments made a new Holiday celebrating “Germanness” or “Frenchness” by encouraging young people to wear dirndls, lederhosen, or berets. Of course you can’t imagine it because they are busy abolishing their native populations and are more likely to celebrate Algerian immigrant enrichment day.

The Soviets unfortunately didn’t have millions of surveillance cameras and full control over all mass communication networks nor AI driven big data crunching.

However, I do agree that this is all somewhat excessive and expensive. This isn’t a permanent solution unless you keep the Muslims permanently under pressure and the next generation could just as easily slip into recidivism after not having experienced first hand what the Chinese state is capable of. My cheaper, more permanent solution requires emptying out China’s violent offenders from their prisons and deploying them in conjunction with state security enforced safe zones to run amuck among China’s Muslims and drive them into the neighboring stans.

Basically the Chinese inmates will do what Sunni muslims already do organically, i.e. organized bands of rowdy toughs who make life unpleasant and uncertain for non Sunni muslims through random murders (what your own Pakistani countrymen are doing to your Hazara community) on the small scale level; ISIS head choppers once they have sufficient mass and organization. Peace and stability through demographic reduction and transfers. I think once at least 80% of the Sunni Muslim population has been displaced by sub-state violence, the rest will be quiescent for at least a century or more.

Sadly this is just a dream.

I think the problem with Russia is that the political parties are weak and undisciplined. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or perhaps Anatoly will, but it seems to me that United Russia is basically the party of Putin rather than Putin being the representative of the Party. China has only half abandoned Marxism-Leninism. Marxism may no longer guide economic decision making, but China firmly remains a one party Leninist-state. What this means in effect is that the Party rules over all and all party members must follow the dictates of the party, or else. The Hu Jintao interregnum saw a slacking of party discipline and growth in political decentralization and political liberalism similar to the Perestroika era Soviet Union. What this resulted in was both growing corruption and more critically the inability of government to push top level policy down to lower levels as lower level cadres felt free to be obstructionist if they felt party dictates interfered with their own local prerogatives. This is both good and bad in that it prevents disastrous policies from being felt in force because its application will be both unenthusiastic and resisted at numerous bureaucratic levels but it also makes state policy highly resistant to changes to the status quo and inevitably results in decentralization of power and policy drift/paralysis. What Xi Jinping has done in his first five year tenure is forcefully restored the centrality of the Communist Party in all the affairs of state. In other words what the party says is law and you better fucking do it or else.

The differences in ability to implement policy I think is best reflected in how China and Russia choose to handle the issue of restive Muslims. Putin has basically decided to do pacification on the cheap by empowering a local Muslim strongman, Kadyrov, to keep the other Muslims in line and pay him for the efforts. This policy can be said to work in that it keeps Chechnya quiescent for now but it is not a long term permanent solution and it does nothing to address Sunni radicalization. Xinjiang’s Muslims basically amount to around 12 million Muslims, about 8x greater than Chechnya I think and are relatively similar proportion of China’s population as Chechens are to Russians. Instead of a hands off approach, the Chinese Communist Party under Xi has went after them with an iron fist. 10% of the population has passed through newly established “Re-education” camps with hundreds of thousands inhabiting them long term. All unemployed men rounded up and sent to the camps. All Muslims who have traveled abroad to other Muslim states arrested. Communist Party cadres sent into the homes of Muslim families to sleep and live there. All older Korans confiscated and replaced with new “revised” editions. Mosques demolished or “renovated” to be less Arabic in style and more Chinese. Existing mosques had their minarets torn down, party and national flags raised to prominent position, their entrances defaced with prominent Communist Party propaganda slogans. Mandatory atheism education in school and children banned from religious instruction. In one instance, a Communist Party cadre was disciplined and demoted for putting out a cigarette when he entered a mosque. His error was failure to established the ultimate supremacy of the Communist Party State and actually respecting local custom when the Party wants everyone to know that their religious values are worthless and powerless. All of this backed up by massive security presence and surveillance apparatus that would have made the Stazi green with envy. All of these activities has to the contrary of Western liberals idea of “inflaming” of Islamic radicalism instead scared them shitless and totally cowed them. All the more impressive is that the state has mobilized the local Muslims in their own surveillance and Muslim cadres are forced into compliance of Party anti-Muslim policies.

This is the degree of raw power that a Leninist Chinese Communist Party still posses, the Soviet Union used to possess, and Putin’s Russia simply doesn’t. I do not think it would be possible for United Russia to bring such a massive degree of coercion on both it’s own members (to get them off their asses) and restive Muslims even if Putin wanted to. This is I think Putin’s biggest failure in that he has built up no institutional levers to exercise executive authority and thus Russian policy implementation is completely dependent on his own personal charisma which will not outlive him.

The best answer is that the PLA or at least the Communist Party doesn’t expect a war any time soon and thus doesn’t feel like spending preparing for one. With a 82.5 trillion yuan economy and barely 1.11 trillion in defense spending out of government budget of 21.5 trillion yuan, China’s spending levels is barely better than Western European levels and below France and the UK. This level of pacifism is dangerously complacent considering the Anglos are murderous piratical scum, the deceitful heirs of Hengist and Horsa while the Americans are the same except combined with Trotskyite messianic insanity. China needs to triple her defense spending now and exponentially increase her strategic nuclear arsenal in a sprint to parity with the US. This wouldn’t even be a big militarization as it would be merely restoring defense budgets to those of the mid 80′s. It would on the other hand give us an aviation and fleet larger than Nato combined.

What is it about Communism that creates so many stupid degenerate traitors? I used to think the pathetic Chinese eunuchs cum racial quislings that groveled towards the West were a sign of our unique failure as a people, but seeing all these stupid Russians gleefully reveling in the misfortunes of their kin is just stupifying because I thought Whites would have a little more pride. At least the turncoat knows his treason and shame and seeks to disappear with purse of silver, but these people are utterly shameless.

The suicidal lemmings in the West don’t really count because even their prostrations towards the pathetic wretches that they seek to make holy are still cloaked in their overwhelming arrogance and iron clad superiority of thinking they and only they possess historical agency.

The Chinese police are a bunch of lazy Barney Fifes, corrupt too, but mostly harmless and non-predatory. Their default activity is napping. What distinguishes them from police in India and the US is that they aren’t on a power trip. The police in the US behave as if they were an occupying force and their training reflects this, i.e. everyone is treated as a potential threat and the number one priority is going home safely for the day. Their confrontational behavior towards civilians is self evident and running into an American cop in a bad mood is a quick way to end up in legal trouble. Despite China ostensibly being a Communist Police state, most Chinese people are not uneasy around the police and treat them with a degree of nonchalance. Basically most Chinese will act towards the police force as if they were regular other people and the police recognize this. The Chinese internet is full of public cell phone recorded videos of people confronting police in a manner that would have gotten them shot in the US and nothing happens. Irate female drivers assaulting traffic cops, insurance scammers “falling” down in front of cop cars or diving under the slightest taps to claim police brutality and hence a payout, I’ve even seen a video where idiots were arguing with a cop with a pistol drawn and he fired warning shots into the air. Basically aside from the rare instances where the Communist Party orders an ass kicking for political reasons, the Chinese cops in general are just not very threatening.

The default state in India policing seems to be a form of anarcho-tyranny. The cops there are on power trips and actively dangerous for the civilian population and should be avoided. Like for example multiple uniformed officers robbing toll booths of money as a matter of course and assaulting the booth attendant because he didn’t pay up. Rape victims who were raped once again while under police custody. Bicycles and stolen property conveniently turning up in police impound minutes after you paid their finders fee.

The historic Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia and the US/West prior to the recent post 90′s immigration wave came almost exclusively from Guangdong and Fujian. To be even more specific, the majority actually originated from just two counties in Guangdong: Meixian and Chaozhou, and Changle in Fujian. The emigration patterns were both very specific and not very representative of the Han race. It would be akin to the “English” who settled in the US having all come from Wales and Cornwall and still speakers of Cornish. I think they are still probably over represented among recent immigrants, but no longer exclusive.

They are an entrepreneurial people and quite clever but also quite insular and clannish, a given since the majority of them would have been closely related and coming from the same ancestral villages.

One caveat I need to make to Steve’s assertion is that the Indians are more verbally agile than the Chinese is that I think most people are mistaking behavior with aptitude. The Chinese are actually stronger than the Indians in verbal reasoning and significantly stronger in quantitative, all the sizeable empirical data points to this even with the most selected of Indian population samples. What sets the Indian’s apart from the Chinese is actually their loquaciousness, their love of hearing themselves talk, their extroversion, and their social fearlessness.

The Indians are part of what can be accurately described as the Chutzpahsphere that stretches from Greece at the West and India in the East. It is the urheimat of what Steve’s readers will recognize as the gold chain wearing men set with ground zero being the Levant. They are societies that produce people like Shmuely Boteach and Baba Ramdev far in abundance of what is expected. The Chinese, like all Northeastern Eurasians, are socially timid; shy and uncomfortable in unfamiliar social settings, and generally unwilling to stick their necks out. This is basically our biggest weakness and Indians’ biggest advantage in open social interactions unguarded by cohesive ethnic gatekeeping, i.e. modern liberal multicultural societies. The elite Indians will naturally win out because they are more aggressive, aka “team players” and “management material”.

Unfortunately this doesn’t do Indians in India much good because when the entire society is structured so that social extroversion is so heavily favoured, where everyone is to a degree an adept bullshitter, then you end up with the people who are supremely full of shit inevitably rising to the top.

Nah, Chinese immigrants are stupid deracinated cucks, especially the women. If they were actually like Qin Shi Huang, they would be advocating all those homeless junkies to be rounded up and pressed into a forced labour gang and sent south to build a massive wall.

One correction I have to make, but there is a huge difference in Chinese and Indian students that many are not aware of and their particular remigration patterns. The Chinese scholars often do move back to China, the Indians don’t. Westerners often assume Chinese and Indians are same same based off of very particularist immigrant patterns but as Anatoly himself has demonstrated, they are not. Just to give you an example but basically 6% of Beijing University students are in the USA around 4 years after graduation. The rates for an equivalent Indian school, IIT Mumbai are 67%. Even worse is that this discrepancy hides a time factor. Slightly higher percentages of BeiDa students end up in the US immediately after graduating but as the years pass more return. For Indian schools, it is the opposite as the more years it has been after matriculation the higher their chances of being in the US. That 6% brain drain shrinks with time and experience and they bring back best practices from the West. That 67% isn’t a brain drain as much as it is a brain tsunami and they not only don’t come back but those who didn’t get out continue to actively seek to leave.

This is something the American public is too naive to understand. If South Korea and Japan go nuclear, it’s actually irrelevant to China but bad for the U.S. or the Pentagon’s empire at least. China is already the target of thousands of US nuclear warheads and any few hundred that the South Koreans or Japanese could add won’t make much of a difference. However, it would signal that the US cannot be relied upon to guarantee their security and would end their status as US satrapies and actually make them fully independent states. The US doesn’t have allies, it has dependents that take orders. The people at the Pentagon and even more so the State Department warhawk interventionists are absolutely addicted to control. A Strategic nuclear arsenal for either South Korea or Japan would allow them the freedom to cut strategic deals with China independently of the US without having to be beholden to Washington. This is why all the neocon bluster of nuclear proliferation in South Korea and Japan is so hollow and North Korea routinely escalates its provocation with zero effect. Expecting the Pentagon to cut its satrapies loose and make them less dependent on the US is like expecting Republican politicians to deliver on promises to Republican voters, it’s simply not in their natures.

Why bother? I don’t particularly care what the Koreans and Japanese do. As long as they aren’t actively hostile and part of some subversive liberal coalition then they might as well be on Mars for all I care. Also subjugating others, especially stupid others, is a really bad idea. It is inevitably going to result in foreigners entering China in unprecedented numbers. This has happened before in China’s past as it is happening to the West today. My Prime Directive is the survival of the Chinese race first and foremost. Beating up SE Asian Muslim isn’t related to this goal, leave the quixotic crusading to the Americans.

As for the final racial reckoning I honestly don’t see it happening. The West isn’t going to go down with a bang, rather it will die with a whimper. If they do summon the will to survive, then they won’t be actually be a subversive threat. Just look at Poland, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Really nothing good has ever happened with China’s interactions with outsiders. Isolationism is really the best policy.

The warring states period was by comparison quite pacific and orderly. All of the states were the ducal heirs of the kingdom of Zhou and shared an overarching monoculture. Like the city states of ancient Greece or the German principalities of medieval Europe, they were politically fragmented but shared the same values and customs.

The modern world is on the other hand a wild dangerous place, filled with wildly different peoples and sundry barbarians with grossly different values. I would be more positive if I thought the Chinese race were stronger, but we aren’t. Unlike the undomesticated negro with his raw strength who overawes all peoples with his presence, the cunning Jew who is able to subvert others to his cause, the wild eyed Mohammedan with his unrelenting faith, or the Hindu who is a combination of the (worst) traits of Jew and Mussalman, or even the nihilistic hypocritical European driven by the desire to see his own race destroyed and everyone else along with it, the Chinese are socially a weak people. We are meek, passive, lacking in assabiyah, and just all around too domesticated to survive in a war of all against all that modern “liberal” societies seek to create. Compared to the warring states of old where defeat meant you paid your taxes to one Duke as opposed to another, defeat now means your racial annihilation and debasement. Our one redeeming feature is our state, a government ruled at the top by flinty eyed bastards thoroughly opposed to a liberal world order. That they can and do use the state to crushing effect to protect our race against the outside is a “feature” not bug that Western liberals seek to undermine at every opportunity.

This is where I heartily disagree, the best way to safeguard the Chinese now, as then, is heavily armed isolationism. Triple the defense budget, more nukes, ships, more jets and zero emigration or immigration. Basically buy our shit, stay out, and leave us the hell alone, a historically relevant policy worth emulating.

Nice guys finish last. Chinese shouldn’t become “nicer”, they need to get meaner. Atavism is the word of the day and they need to embrace “meanness” to survive in an ever darker world. I’ve seen the behavior of the so-called “nice” Chinese; deracinated compradors with fertility rates below 1 whose primary desire is overpriced real estate and cargo culting the West and miscegenating themselves into oblivion. In other words, an evolutionary dead end. Ill take Henan peasant over Shanghai cosmopolitan any day of the week and twice on Sundays. One of the good things about the Communist Party is that they have universalized Chinese nationalism to no longer be the exclusive realm of educated elites. Next step is to foster a siege mentality of us against the world and project that “meanness” against outsiders. Race War Now.

The Taiwanese are a bunch of boring deracinate cucks who are happy to follow the West into oblivion if it means some additional status points for themselves. The Mainlanders need double down on the nationalism. Not the shitty “big state” nationalism of the Communist Party though (analogous to Putin’s version of Russian Nationalism or even the dominant strain of American nationalism), rather the natural tribal racial nationalism of the Han people. Volkish race nationalism good; Imperialist boilerplate masquerading as nationalism, bad.

The reason that China drives some white expats nutty as it were has a deeper psychological reason. The same type of oriental fatigue exists all throughout the far east but it primarily stems from resentment engendered by two factors. Reality not matching up with wishful expectations and the contempt engendered by unwarranted generosity. The Chinese are not isolationist enough and far too charitable with the Westerners among them, giving them too much for so little. Like the spoiling of a child, this creates a sense of entitlement among certain caliber of expats that manifests as seething resentment towards their benefactors. No doubt some whites will take umbrage at this observation but consider if you will the simmering hostility and contempt with which Muslim immigrants in Europe regard the natives, natives whose tax dollars pay for their welfare benefits. It’s a very human failing that stems from a character flaw.

The Japanese didn’t fight to the death because they were especially brave, they fought to the death because their government intentionally gave them no choice in the matter. The Japanese government knew, even if not quite to the exact extent in reality, their material and technological disadvantage vis-à-vis the allies and thus were determined to bridge this gap with “fighting spirit”. How do you make men fight harder beyond rational limits of self preservation? By intentionally making surrender an impossible option. The brutality of the Japanese during WW2 was not a necessity born by material circumstance, but rather a deliberate strategic choice by their high command to make certain Japanese soldiers did not desert/surrender en masse. The Japanese soldiers knew full well the brutality they were inflicting on their enemies and that they could expect reciprocity in kind. They kept fighting not out purely of courage, but because they feared being brutalized in turn.

You can see the logic of this kind of thinking in action in Germany. On the eastern front; No quarter asked, none given. However, on the Western front, German soldiers weren’t so determined to make suicidal last stands knowing that German POW’s in British/American hands had something like 98% survival rates and were being better fed than the Wehrmacht.

Dating East Asian Girls as a WN Rite of Passage

This is just wrong. The Manchu barbarians were never Sinicized, they were only ever loyal to their barbarian usurper selves. For example, the requirement of appointing Manchu officers for the new model army. The concentration of loyalist banner forces around Beijing. The laughable policy of favoring incompetent Manchu officials at all levels over more qualified Han Chinese, the farther up the ranks you go the more systemic it became. They “claimed” they represented China, but every single policy was aimed at weakening the social cohesion of the Han race and privileging Manchu’s at their expense. As the dysfunctional foreign regime became more dysfunctional it also became even more manchufied until it ended up being entirely governed by a coterie of useless imperial princes. Do you even realize that the entire banner forces had essentially become a giant welfare program by the 18th century and because government revenue was so low, that they began kicking Chinese en mass out of the banner force so more gimmes could be paid to Mongols and Manchus? They obviously weren’t Sinicized enough to not join up with the Japanese to found a Manchukuo puppet state.

Let me give you another example of how treacherous these nomads are. The Xibe were a tribe, one of the last ones incorporated into the Manchu banners and in the 18th century they were basically sent out to Xinjiang as a garrison force. Their entire raison d’etre was to defend the frontiers of the Chinese state and keep the Turks in line. Now these nomadic scum, despite speaking Chinese, mouthing Confucian pieties, practicing Buddhism, etc not only failed to justify their very purpose, but turned traitor. End of WW2, Stalin started plotting as Stalin was wont to do and instigated a revolt in northern Xinjiang. The Uyghurs now claim this as their independent state of East Turkestan and Western journalists too stupid to ask questions repeat this claim. The Uyghurs who overwhelmingly inhabited the South remained loyal to the RoC. What it was, was a Soviet backed putsch by Kazakhs. A particular tribe of Kazakh scum who had only arrived in Xinjiang the 1920′s after being given refuge from the Soviet collectivization by the Chinese (Germans take note that Muslim refugee ingratitude is a historically established pattern). They were lead by Russian officers, commands were issued in Russian and weapons were delivered by the Soviets and only replaced with captured Chinese weapons when it came time for plausible deniability. After it became clear that the Nationalists were losing the Civil War and Chinese Communist forces were winning, the Soviets disarmed them, and Stalin subsequently had their useful idiot leaders shot by firing squad after their usefulness came to an end. I meander a bit, but back to the Xibe who were supposed to have defended the Chinese state for 200 years actually ended up joining the Kazakh rebellion. Naturally the progression of rebel forces meant the rape, murder, and dispossession of Chinese communities in their path as is the standard operating mode of Turk looting bands. That is how loyal and sinicized the Manchu’s were. They abandoned oaths of loyalty to defend Chinese interests to join their stupid steppe cousins to terrorize Han Chinese when the opportunity arose. To call them acculturated is to spit on the blood of my ancestors that they shed.

The opium wars as I said were a farce and inconsequential, the boxer rebellion even more so. A mere superstitious peasant rebellion driven by drought and hatred of Christian converts thought to have caused it that disappeared the day the rains arrived and their Christians neighbors burnt out. My enmity for the sassanachs stems from their assistance render to the Qing government during the Taiping Rebellion.

In cannonical Chinese story as tought by both the Communists and West is that the opium wars are the beginning China’s so-called century of humiliation. This Whig history (read nonsense) simply isn’t true. China’s century of humiliation began much earlier and it was actually already two centuries. The problem was China simply wasn’t sovereign at the time, the Qing government being an illegitimate regime of scheming barbarian scavengers who had by circumstance and race treason seized the throne for themselves and enslaved the Chinese race, the Han race (This is literally true as the institution of slavery was reintroduced by the Qing and Qing courtiers had to refer to themselves in the presence of their dog emperor as “Your slave” rather than “Your minister”).There are many similarities between the simultaneous collapse of the Ming and the Thirty Years war, chiefly that the main beneficiaries of the internal warfare, economic collapse, and crazed anaptists, both happened to be foreigners. Sweden primarily in Germany’s case and the Manchu scum in the case of China. In both cases, basically the fighting had rather than leading to decisive advantage lead to general chaos and an intense merciless power struggle between many competing groups. A more cohesive new force joined the fighting at an opportune time and was able to act as a loadstone to gather to it otherwise disorganized forces around and eventually press their advantage. This was basically how tiny Sweden managed to become overlord of half of Germany and built a sizable empire (until she lost to the Russians) and how the Manchu were able to attract and coalesce various Ming remnant forces after rebels had sacked Beijing leaving the legitimate emperor dead.

Rather than the standard history of China having stagnated, it was regressed. The standard of living declined dramatically from the mid 17th century to the mid 19th century when the century of humiliation had began. In terms of per capita grain availabily, land, wages, etc Manchu misrule of China had cut incomes by a third. Even worse than the loss of wealth was the loss of purpose as the Manchu’s in order to justify their heathen barbarian rule did irreparable damage to Chinese society via their literary inquisitions. 19th century China had been scarred like the areas of Southeastern Europe that had fallen to barbarian Ottoman Islamic rule and most Europeans should be familiar with how those nations faired compared to those that had safely been kept safe under the Austrian Catholic aegis. The damage that the Qing Manchu barbarians inflicted on China vastly overshadows what little the British let alone what the French and Germans had done (Basically nothing except inflate Wilhelm’s vainglorious pretentions at home in Europe). The Great Sin of the British however was their support of the Qing court during the Taiping rebellion which was on course to topple Manchu rule. Instead British support aided the barbarian usurpers and let the decrepit Qing survive long past its smell date and it’s rotting and clinging presence set up China’s political troubles during the early Republic by fragmenting authority to regional elites.

But of course all of this is generally not the standard interpretation of the period and instead Whig history prevails both in China and abroad so popular resentment is incorrectly directed at the British in particular (thoroughly deserved) and Westerners in general instead of at the illegitimate barbarians misrulers of China herself. Chinese history as it was understood during the Republican period actually more closely mirrors my understanding but the Communists marxist interpretation of history has washed all that away.

In case you didn’t notice, the West and the rest of the world isn’t going anywhere except circling down the drain. If racial chauvinism and isolationism can prevent the pozz from spreading into China then it’s a policy worth taking. What is there now left to emulate from the West besides demotist dysfunction?

My enmities are a little more primal and ancient than the mere opium wars which were a farce. I am a Han racialist and not a Chinese nationalist. Oh I have no love for the perfidious Albion and am smirking at the prospect at her being annihilated by self inflicted barbarian hordes. It’s just that given the option I’d rather have the road from Xian to Constantinople lined with gibbets filled with your kinsmen, the stinking degenerate steppe nomad.

It’s assortive mating. A good fraction of Eurasian children of WMAF are the children of socially maladjusted white men and women looking for a green card. For those children sufficiently self aware, this is akin to getting hit in the face with the fact that your mother is a whore and your father a John every time they look in the mirror with an additional racial edge. It is a literal scarlet letter that they are burdened with their entire lives. Bourgeoisie whites are too well socialized to ever publicly admit such thoughts but everyone is thinking it even if it is unvocalized.

AMWF general come from an entirely oppositional dynamic where their socio-economic status in their respective communities tend to be significantly higher than their reverse gendered pairings.

I agree though, down with race mixing. I want to preserve the patrimony left by my forefathers and want my descendants to work for the restoration of the Han race. To bring glory to my ancestors and bloodily avenge past injustices, not create another caste of rootless cosmopolitans.

The causes of this are female solipsism and simple failure to manage expectations. The white father is simply blind to the racial dynamics of his progeny. The Asian mother driven by a ruthless urge to assimilate and a status upgrade raise their children with an entirely white identity. However, they will for the vast majority fail to rise past the uncanny valley and be seen as such by a White society. This contradiction, a home environment that raises them as white and a white society that treats them as not results in problems like Elliott Rogers. This doesn’t apply to black mulattos in the West who are recognized as blacks by all parties.

The reasons for this are simple psycho-cultural dynamics. East Asians are simply less spontaneously violent than any other race. Intermix two groups of people and the males of one group that commit a disproportionate numbers of rapes against females of the other group will also 9 times out of 10 also be more likely to be engaged in consensual relationships. This is simple biology. Women like cads.

The way this has been generally mitigated is by the less violent group being more organized and engaging in communal violence against the more aggressive outgroup males. See how whites reacted to blacks taking their women prior to the mid 20th century and Arabs still do today. In the liberal Western societies where the state has a monopoly on violence and clan vendetta no longer legal, the natural hierarchy asserts itself.

Of course not all women only care about aggression in men, they want status too. White men, despite I suspect many here would disagree, still have the highest status in the West and really the world at large. East Asian women being more calculating are generally repulsed by low status blacks, but find high status whites and more aggressive ones at that a winning combination.

It is true that white men don’t actually have an Asian fetishist but rather the other way around. Asian women simply have noticeably lower standards when it comes to white men. Men generally aren’t that picky when it comes to women despite everyone on the internet thumbing their noses at anything less than an 8. They follow the path of least resistance and hence will settle for the first non disagreeable woman that comes along. When White Nationalists have generally low status among their own female peer group, they are willing to settle with an Asian woman particularly since she is skinnier than his own market value would warrant.

Female Suffrage

Now that you mentioned it. The type of small state pozzed nationalism seems to be a universal feature. I see the same kind of idiocy in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The anti mainland attitudes you see in Hong Kong are generally coupled with shit like gay marriage or legalized right of abode for southeast Asian workers. Just last week I heard from a Taiwanese that it would be a good idea to import more immigrants to Taiwan so the demographics would be less Chinese and at the same time show the world their “moral superiority” (Their exact words) over those horrible wretched mainlanders.

China’s Experiment with Rule by Aged Actress

The cultural revolution is widely misunderstood in China and the West, I suspect this is intentional in both places because the reality so undermines the narrative of both the Party and the Western liberals. The true victims of the Cultural revolution were never China’s revolutionary elite, though the party bureaucracy was fully suborned by Mao, but rather it was the urban proles that had gotten themselves dragged into elite infighting. The Red Guards contrary to popular perception weren’t drawn from young hooligans but were rather the children of the revolutionary elite themselves. Like the student radicals in the West of the same period, they actually came from rather privileged backgrounds. The vast majority of Chinese, the rural masses practically sat out the whole affair, while the children of the revolution devoured themselves as tends to happen in leftist singularities. However generally they weren’t killed but rather dispersed and sent to cool their heels in the countryside. The vast majority of deaths during the cultural revolution came from ironically enough the urban proletariat who had seized control of several cities in true revolutionary fashion akin to the Paris Commune and were gunned down by the army to restore order. Chinese political elites don’t tend to murder their own children. The irony is that these same self serving elites now are fond of writing scar literature of the period omitting the fact that they were the perpetrators while casting themselves as the victims.

The whole mythos of the Cultural revolution was repeated at Tiananmen with elite leftist student agitators attacking the party apparatus. Leaving unharmed and transforming overnight into good little bourgeoisie as happened to the likes of Ayers and Dorn. The people who paid the price in blood again urban proles who had mainly showed up to protest the disbanding of the state welfare system. This is not generally how the narrative is spun today but the narcissism of the Chinese elite is truly stupendous.

Your assessment of establishment Washington views regarding Beijing WAS correct, but I should say no longer applies. As long as China was still nominally Communist and espoused the leftist party line, The US establishment was willing to be accommodating. However, the now reality of Chinese power, rather than the mere theoretical future Chinese capabilities poses an immediate threat to US hegemony not so much by action, but by it’s very existence. Furthermore I think the jig is up by now. It has been clear ever since the late Hu Jintao era that China is now no longer even operating under the pretense that it is a leftist regime and is now fully established itself as a conservative authoritarian nationalist state determined to uphold both strategic and more critically ideological independence from the West. The only people left in Washington since the late Obama era who are accommodating now are the business interests that do hundreds of billions in trade with China, a powerful force for sure, but I think no match ultimately for the Red and Blue Coalition of Pentagon and State Department. Expect China soon to be labeled with the “F” word (as in fascist) by the Western prestige press and you can expect conflict will surely follow. I think the Trump administration has somewhat thrown a spanner in this in that his election has weakened the corporate capitalist elements in the US that don’t want to see a Sino-US conflict but at the same time it has devastated the elements in State Department (the Clinton/Obama containment wing) that were beginning to push for a more confrontational stance. Should Trump lose the 2020 election to a Democratic contender, expect Sino-US conflict to reignite.

I’ve always regarded Xi Jinping as a weak president. Personal weakness begets professional weakness. His daughter attended Harvard under an assumed name. The odd thing was, was that she was a transfer student after attending Zhejiang University her freshmen year. International transfers to Harvard basically means the administrators knows the kid is the scion of someone important. Further the transfer also says two things about Xi Jinping. First is that he attempted to keep his daughter away from the degenerate influence of elite Western opinion making by trying to get her to attend a local school. The second is that he failed and it was almost certainly due to the lady macbeth like influence of his status mongering wife. The nagging almost certainly went like this; so and so member on the Politburo standing committee has their grandkid at Yale. Nag Nag Nag. HARVARD. Nag Nag Nag. MIANZHI. That he failed to keep his wife and daughter in line makes me doubt his fitness to lead. That he hasn’t had the entire Ling clan subject to the nine familial exterminations further leads me to believe he is not as powerful as the West claims. Putin at least had his enemies come down with a case of polonium poisoning.

The truth of the matter is, the Chinese are extremely mal-adapt at producing agitprop that is palatable towards Western tastes and are entirely incapable of subverting Westerners except the rare individual for sale or subject to Soviet style Compramat. Ever heard of the Three Represents or a Moderately Prosperous Society? Yeah, that’s why Chinese Communist propaganda doesn’t work.

The Chinese party is directing influence towards Australia, Canada, and the US but it isn’t towards subverting your systems and your people, but rather it is in the form of counter-intelligence. It is entirely directed towards Chinese student populations living abroad, the overwhelming majority of whom now return to China, to counter their subversion by Western forces. That is all efforts are directed primarily at other Chinese to prevent them from being converted into Western Liberals at Western universities the same way they undermine White Western students.

The Indians are mediocre programmers who have locked in the H1B racket via group strategy and ethnic nepotism. Elite Indians don’t actually program because they are not competitive at it. Rather all of them beeline towards management and use their actual competitive advantages, namely office politics and group cohesion, to push out others and hire more Indians. So much programming today at the low end is basically the copy pasting from established code libraries so Indian seat warmers have basically replaced more expensive non Indian seat warmers while patting themselves on the back.

India already produces a huge number of programmers as the Google code jam and other competitions have shown being usually the largest component. They are just really poor performers being reduced to nothing as the challenges become more difficult.

Citing the number of Indians in the MIT computer science department is laughable. Offices politics has a huge effect on who gets tenure. Your link also shows quite a few blacks and hordes of women being represented. In the real world where performance matters their representation is usually 0 so the number of Indians tenured at MIT is proof of nothing.

Russian and Chinese cyber warfare capabilities are infamous. Indian hackers are non existent and its not because they are so ethical, rather just incompetent.

Chinese defense technology is caching up to the West, at a rate faster than the Pentagon estimated, but unevenly with some sectors approaching parity much faster than others. Over-all military technology though is advancing slower than the civilian sector. This is primary because defense spending in China only amounts to 2% of Gdp. The US was around 10% for most of the cold war and God knows how much of the Soviet economy was dedicated toward military production and R&D. American and Russian present advantages which were built on the decades of monster defense budgets are in more mature fields less subject to disruption and more dependent on long term iterative development.

The very term Han Chauvinism was coined by Mao no less.

More modern examples are just a google search away. Try searching for “Chinese Privilege” and you get to enjoy wonderful examples such as the following.

“To My Dear Fellow Singapore Chinese: Shut Up When a Minority is Talking about Race”

Singapore is the most “Westernized” Chinese polity, hence it is also the most self destructive.

Massive racial alien immigration – check.
Abysmal native birth rates – check.
Dark skinned race hustlers – check.
Entitled invaders claiming they are responsible for everything good – check.
Government hell bent on advocating political correctness and racial “harmony” – check.
Assorted bourgeois intellectuals and tumblrista decrying privilege – check.

The preconditions for full blown sjw outbreak is already present in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It’s just that there are fewer dysfunctional brown helots to make martyrs out of there. English Tsai is just another example of the insidious nature of leftism which has seized the prestige points in the West to move their societies ever leftward. Though unlike Fauxcahontas, this cat lady actually does have some aboriginal ancestry.

A couple of points.

1) YouTube is banned in China. Chinese primarily use their own video sharing websites such as iQiyi and Youku/Tudor.

2) The primary language of the net in China is Chinese.

3) YouTube and Google search autofill results are influenced by your own search history

There aren’t hundreds of thousands of Africans in all of China, let alone Guangzhou. All of the huge population estimates reported in the Western press are from the usual not-so-useful idiots intent on inflating the numbers to inflate black political power as they do in the West whose ridiculous sources are from black so-called “academics” eyeballing the number of blacks.. The number of actual semi permanent (6 months or longer) Africans in Guangzhou is only 4000. At any given day, the total floating population of Africans in Guangzhou is 16000. Keep in mind that Chinese use the geographic definition of Africa so this also includes Egyptians (the second largest “African” population in China) and other North African Arabs. The city of Guangzhou basically accounts for nearly 1/5 foreign residents in China with Beijing and Shanghai accounting for probably much of the remainder. You will find basically zero Africans in China outside of these major metropolitan areas with the remainders elsewhere primarily white backpackers, tourists, and twenty something English teachers and vagabonds.

White liberals have the mistaken impression that Chinese immigration policing is as dysfunctional as their own when estimating the number of illegals. Random on the spot passport checks, arrests, and deportations of Africans are all things the Chinese are perfectly capable of and are doing. The biggest enabler of illegal immigration in China and elsewhere, business elites, have zero incentive or willingness to protect African illegals simply because they aren’t willing to employ them and know they can’t get much productive work out of them. Which is why the largest numbers of foreign illegals are Vietnamese who are smuggled into the manufacturing hub in the Pearl River Delta to offset rising local wages.

Steve, your Jewish friend is wrong or likely just projecting. The Chinese will neither have the attitude nor numbers to seize political power in new York. Everyone who fears the yellow peril is worrying about a phantom. Barring large sustained immigration from China, the Chinese in the US are self destructing under a tide of barren wombs and hypergamous race traitors. Their TFR is barely over 1 and a third of their women folk are choosing to breed with whites. This isn’t a recipe for conquest, but rather the profile of a subjugated people facing extinction.

The Chinese are generally a taciturn race, particularly when they have the disadvantage of not being able to communicate fluently in a non-native language. They tend towards social timidity which some Westerners view as aloofness or coldness. East Asian faces also tend to be less physically expressive for Whites to read.

The Indians on the other hand are much more loquacious and verbal in comparison and more socially adept with the English language, so they are better able to navigate the societies of the West. This expressiveness helps immensely in social situations to express dominance which makes them seem more capable than they are. It is why many numerous Western companies have hordes of subcontinental C-suite types, but the numbers of Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese combined are virtually non-existent (outside of their own national companies).

I would advise trusting them though. There is a cultural sphere centered around the Levant and encompassing areas hundreds of miles both East and West that India is part of where the propensity of people being silver tongued self dealers is higher than anywhere else in the world. In Stevish parlance these would be the gold chain wearing people that just rub me the wrong way.

There has been a enormous tidal wave of Chinese students entering the US in the recent years to the point where they are now more than a third of the nearly million foreign students that the US receives annually. In addition to the raw numbers, Chinese students two decades ago were overwhelming adults pursuing PhDs. Now the majority of Chinese college students are teenage undergrads. Another difference is in the funding for the students, in the past it used to be government scholarships that allowed Chinese students to attend American universities, now it is deep pocketed parents paying for their single child’s tuition in cold hard cash. Two decades ago, students had to compete tooth and nail for a precious spot to attend an American university, now a good number of the students being packed off to the US don’t even actually want to go.

The reason for this change is as I mentioned earlier the “keeping up with the Chens” attitude viciously kicked into overdrive. An overseas education is a status marker for wealthy Chinese and the younger the children that leave, the wealthier and more privileged the families appear to their contemporaries (other wealthy Chinese). This never ending hamster wheel race for more Mian Zi for the parents isn’t about a better quality education (some will say so to gullible journalists of the NYT) for the children, but rather it is an exercise in conspicuous consumption. Packing junior off to the US for boarding school followed by an undergrad education is for the Chinese akin to buying a gold plate iphone or their never ending infatuation with Luis Vutton and other European luxury brands. For both goods, being expensive and Western in and of itself means it is superior by the standards of wealthy Chinese. That means their children are superior and by virtue the parents are superior. This leads to the hilarious situation of Chinese students being packed off by their parents to attend remedial (but expensive!) schools in the US for the dimwitted children of wealthy American parents. After all, no one in China will know the difference but Mian Zi is earned. Whether or not the student can actually understand English is irrelevant. The altitude of Chinese parents, like that of the majority of American students themselves, the only goal is the credentialed degree which gives status, actual learning is tangential to this end goal. Sending their mediocre children to a middling Chinese university where they can actually comprehend their classes doesn’t give wealthy parents any status, so if Chinese parents can afford it, they will send them to the US instead.

The software industry, more than most, is an industry that relies on the 10% to do 90% of the work. The current arrangement merely substitutes Indian mediocrities for American chair warmers at lower cost. However, once an organization becomes sufficiently Indian, to the extent that no one else wants to work there, even other capable Indians, they do go under.

The Indian women working in IT are usually the wives of Indian men working in IT. They are not so much actual jobs as they are sinecures, usually in the beta testing ghetto or somewhere else where they can’t do any damage.

You probably aren’t aware of how the process goes, but the way a workplace becomes 100% Indian is because of old fashioned ethnic nepotism, sort of like how the Northeast ended up with entirely Irish police departments. All you need is a single Indian to enter the company who will invariably try to move into a management position. Indians absolutely love office politics and while their competence at their actual jobs maybe mediocre, they are adept in navigating the myriad social rituals that are essential for reaching the higher echelons of American management. Once they are in a position where they can influence hiring decisions, they will move to hire more Indians in lieu of the current workforce. Once this process has progressed to such a point that the work force has become 50% Indian or so (fairly rapid considering the short turnovers in the industry), they basically aren’t even bothering to hide the ethnic cleansing anymore and start hiring their wives and relatives. This is source of the majority of Indian women in the IT industry.

The Chinese mistrust the Indians, viewing them in Stevosphere parlance as swarthy gold chain wearing folk but otherwise pay them no attention

It is the Indians that hate the Chinese, as the numerous editorial ink and vitriol spilled by Indians proves.

No doubt you yourself as brimming with barely concealed racial animus. Otherwise, who else would come to the immediate but completely stupid conclusion that it is the loquacius Chinese who are out slander the Indians who as well all know absolutely defenseless in the face of verbal aggression, particularly in English.

I would not say Yan Shen is a counter-revolutionary. His interest and mine are perpendicular to one another. My primary interest is in the preservation of the biological and cultural distinctiveness of my race. Yan Shen seems more interested in advancing the socio-economic agenda of his race in particular and the nebulous catch-all “Asians” as a whole in an increasingly Byzantine America. Although we both want the continued economic success of our co-ethnics, our paths diverge in that I want my descendants to remain Han.

What I am cognizant of and what Yan Shen ignores is that America is a trap that spells the death of my race, a trap baited with wealth and prosperity but ultimately death nonetheless. The birthrates of my homeland are already among the lowest in the world considering the stage of development and declining further. While we do have a great many people, the trend lines are clear and we cannot afford to lose even more wombs, particularly those in the upper quartile, to outsiders. Unlike some of the more atavistic immigrants, my people lack a distinct racial religion to call our own, neither do we possess the degree of physiological aggression or as Mr. Sailer would describe it, a “Gold Chain” ethnoculture to provide cohesion for our ethnos when inundated by cultural Marxism and prevent external predation. What this all means is that miscegenation and cultural dispersion eliminates roughly a third of our first generation in America, another third in the second, and the remainder by the third. Without a continuous stream of new bodies, everything that makes that Han race distinct is extinct in three generations and even with more immigration it is simply buying time.

While Yan Shen may not care, as strictly speaking the immigrants have improved their fitness by increasing their wealth and those of their progeny, I care because such people are strangers and not Chinese. Which is why I advocate against immigration from China and want the U.S. to slam the door shut.

When the last dynasty itself began to disintegrate under the hammer blows of internal rebellion and European invasion in the late 19th century, the seeds of modern Chinese nationalism were sown, a nationalism deeply opposed to the partitioning and extraterritoriality of Chinese homelands. Initially rebellion against the Qing manifested itself as the racial opposition to the Manchu, occasionally manifesting in racial pogroms against them when revolution swept away the old regime in 1911. However China’s new Han elites were driven by the notion of the indivisibility of the Chinese nation and the recovery of territories even those on the Han frontier’s with significant minority populations. The Tibetan Lamas had declared independence after the Xinhai revolution had swept away the Qing dynasty and evicted the last Qing governors and soldiers and sought patronage from the British to guarantee their newfound independence as the rest of China was wracked by civil war and political warlords determined to become top dog. It is an absolute miracle that the Chinese nation remains as one polity (excepting Taiwan) when looking at the absolute chaos that gripped China in the early 20th century.

The subsequent Communist revolution that swept away the Republic of China was no less determined to unify the Chinese nation than their predecessors but unlike them possessed the unity of purpose and zeal that they lacked. Even while Communist forces were wiping out the last vestiges of nationalist resistance in Southern China, a Communist army marched on and seized Tibet and over the ensuing decades proceeded to “Sovietize” the place.

With that history lesson out of the way, the position of Tibet in contemporary Chinese political can be summarized as follows. The dominant “Orthodox” position embraced by both the Chinese liberals and neo-conservatives alike is that China is a multi-ethnic nation with Tibetans as one ethnicity of a “Chinese” nationality. The “Heterodox” position espoused by elements most hostile to the Communist government and racially aware Han reactionaries is that the Tibetans are a unique people with a right to self-determination/stinking nomadic ingrates that don’t belong in a Chinese nation.

That said, dozens of Tibetans setting themselves on fire instigated by the exile pity party is fundamentally irrelevant to the ocean of Chinese who suffer the daily indignities Communist Rule. Not so much to the writers of the NYT though.

I can’t speak for Hong Kong but Singapore’s immigration policy is an absolute unmitigated disaster.

The singular purpose of that ang moh dog that calls himself Lee Kuan Yew is enriching the city’s Oligarchy at all costs. The “financialization” of Singapore continues apace and is following London into oblivion. Singapore imports Bangladeshi and Indonesian labor by the boat load to suppress wages at the low end. It imports even more foreign “talents” chiefly Indians to suppress middle class wages. It invites filthy rich mainlanders to buy overpriced housing to prop up sky high real estate values so that the native young cannot afford to start families, hence the abysmal birth rate. The economy is gradually being hollowed out due to the high rents captured by the local tycoons and their PAP enablers.

Singapore’s social policy is even worse as it actively works to suppress the ethnic identity of the Han Chinese, the people who created Singapore’s now declining prosperity. Did I mention that Lee Kuan Yew is an ang moh dog? A Peranakan in the vein of the “more British than British” lackey. His ethnic policy consists of promoting the Malays and Indians and abasing and erasing the ethnic Han in the name of racial harmony. If you say a word contrary, well then you are a racist, a Chinese chauvinist, and you we will sued you if you don’t shut up.

If you think Indian ethnic nepotism is bad in the US, wait until they amount to 20% of your total population. Every major company that hires any Indian management will eventually find itself gradually ethnically cleansed of all non-Indians as they are replaced by co-ethnics or outright relatives from Bharat Mahta. The same threadbare lies echoed by the H1B shills in the US will be trotted out regularly.

The individuals who believe that a Nobel prize is an objective measure of merit need to study some rudimentary statistics and sampling.

A Nobel prize reflects the preferences of their respective Nobel committees, which is representative of nothing more than a particular segment of Swedes.

Anyone who thinks the selection criteria are free of the usual academic and professional politicking are simply deluding themselves.

There are two major push/pull incentives for the rampant “massaging” of Chinese applicants to U.S. schools. The first is that the placement agents have a significant financial incentive to get these children placed and qualifications be damned. The second is that the schools too have a financial incentive to take their parent’s fat tuition payments.

The Chinese educational system is a perpetual motion machine that gradually grinds down students as they constantly struggle against one another for supremacy. It’s akin Soviet-American arms race substituting hours studying for nuclear weapons. It’s a merciless system that rewards failure with humiliation and destitution.

The Chinese students that end up at American Universities for undergraduate study are not middle class, rather they are the exceptionally affluent. These students are generally those who were ground up by the Chinese education system and could not make it into a prestigious Chinese university (Beida, Qinghua, Fudan, etc) and would otherwise be forced to settle for a mediocre Chinese school but had the fortune of wealthy parents who are able to buy the cachet of a Western degree.

The English ability of the majority of these students is absolutely atrocious and is a huge handicap. It’s akin to taking US students who studied the mandatory foreign language requirements in high school and sending them off to a French Ecole.

For all the problems of the Chinese educational system, it does have one redeeming feature in that the Gao Kao is the paramount decider of a student’s future. The Gao Kao is essentially the SAT injected with steroids that lasts for a grueling 9 hours that is designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. For all it’s faults and criticism, it is the most objective measure of student capability and is not subject to outside influence.

The U.S. system of relying on recommendation letters, application essays, and GPA are purposefully design to be “holistic”, in other words they are in effect designed to admit unqualified applicants for the nebulous affirmative action calculations and henceforth are easy for Chinese students to game.

The problem of poorly qualified but wealthy Chinese students washing up at Western schools has a simple two step solution, so simple in fact that the reason it has not been taken likely means that no one wants this “problem” solved.

Base admissions of Chinese students to U.S. Universities on the same guidelines as Chinese universities. This means adopting Gao Kao scores instead of recommendation letters, essays, and GPA’s. The second is a face-to-face (or webcam-to-webcame) test of a students English language proficiency.

I’m a “Han Chauvinist” in the Marxist parlance and I believe that there should be near Zero Chinese immigration to the West and vice versa.

What many Chinese-Americans do not realize, having not followed the logic of hyper reactionary (correct) thinking down the rabbit hole is that immigration to the West is collective long term self-genocide. Miscegenation rates are high while birth rates are low. Each succeeding generation becomes smaller and smaller. Even worse, the selection effects of assortative mating (higher female outmarriage) are pushing each succeeding generation to be more like the host culture at large.

The inevitable result will be demographic collapse followed by the extinction of our cultural and biological distinctiveness. Within several generations, all that remain of those who call themselves Chinese will be people like her.


Red headed white purveyors of vulgar chinoiserie.

Generations more and even that will be gone and all that will remain of the Han are some mitochondrial DNA markers.

Many Chinese may see this and may not care. Finding the immediate advantages of emigration to be beneficial to them and their immediate progeny. The problem they fail to see is that their descendants will inevitably be strangers.

As someone who wants my race and people to prosper and preserve, all I can say is that immigration to the West is the first step into a long slow gentle death.