From Unz Review

Andrei Martyanov

August 18, 2018

There is Russian Left and Chinese Left and they look completely different next to Western Left. But we may move even further–so called Western Left is not really Left, it is a brand assigned to it by people who practice faux-scholarship. Reality and a driving force of the Western Left is not so much Marxism, to which this W.Left appeals when it suites it, but still good ol’ liberalism. Western Left is a pinnacle of liberalism, it is its final form which atomized society utterly and in doing so undermined its foundation. The United States was a perfect nation to do so, it is the same as it is a perfect nation, as an example, for organizing Holocaust industry and selling it as a guilt medicine and use it as a coercion tool, the practice also imposed on war-torn Europe by its alleged “liberators”. It is also a perfect country to subvert its foreign and defense policies because the United States doesn’t know what REAL war is. Even rabid Russophobe Richard Pipes openly admitted it. In the end, United States never formed as a true nation. In many respects popular American 20th “history” of Russia is so consistently associated with “Jewishness” (apart from obvious ignorance of those who write it) because it is projection of own complex of inferiority. Russia changed Jews, Jews changed the United States and this inequality will exist and this is one which bothers greatly many of those WASPies in the US who have to face the fact that Russia didn’t sell out to Jews, while the United States today is effectively run by them in key sectors of national activity. This Russia-USSR-Bolsheviks-Jews-GULAG mantra is needed as a therapy for very many Americans in order to block out how they, and others, sold out their country to these very same Jews. Especially against the background of once great country literally turning into the third world multicultural cloaca with grim or no prospects at all. Sad, especially when one looks at purely American phenomenon of a vast strata of Christian Zionists loyal to Israel–an exhibit A of America’s failure to form as a cohesive nation.

August 16, 2018

My favorite military truism is that War (conflict, in general) is a very democratic affair–the enemy has the say too. It is like in life, one has to be aware not only about others but primarily of him(her) self, with own weaknesses, failures and such. In the end, the existential Russian 19th century intelligentsia questions: What To Do and Who Is Guilty matters a great deal. We observe today an utter (self)destruction of what used to be Anglo-Saxon (dominated) world. It is a drawn out process but it is short in historic terms. It started in 1939 in earnest and these were not Jews who did it, they sure helped, the seeds of own destruction were carried within liberalism and financial capitalism its spawned. Same goes for hysterical Russophobia which fits WASP “elites” just fine–all that are symptoms, not causes. But then again, Russian is a new Jew today–it is well-known that Russians control everything in America, from sewer and garbage disposal to media and POTUS. Damn, Russians are good. Suck on it, Jews!;-)

August 15, 2018

The United States, unlike Russia, DOES have Jewish and Israeli influence problem. It is difficult to deny it after 26 standing ovations by the joint session of US Congress to Bibi. I cringed from disgust and I am Russian. So, I wouldn’t call what Phil Giraldi does “tired”. Another matter that, and Phil addresses it once in a while, Israeli influence issue must always be used in connection to Christian Zionist enablers of this atrocity and those, so called “Christians”, are a very large strata of the American society. Their loyalty to Israel trumps that to the United States. It is impossible to ignore and it is revolting.

June 16, 2018

Western “intellectuals” are really “good” at situational awareness in a sense of being dumb as fvcks, including Barbara Lerner who is as versed in real history, I am sure, as I am in Torah. I repeat–most of Western, especially American, “intellectual”-class has no clue what warfare is. It is like explaining to children what Fermat’s Theorem is. Other than that–I am very safe in my ignorance and am very ready to be “useless”. I am sure I will have a blast discussing with both Jewish and waspy morons what the real war is. As I already stated–US and Jews are created for each-other, Jews can sell and establish Holocaust guilt industry only in US, which has no idea what real warfare is.