Jew-white couples

What is prompting me to create this? Learning that fucking Caroline Kennedy (JFK’s daughter) who is US Ambassador to Japan also married a Jew.

Few things to note. Somebody said to me that based on his observation and knowledge, Jewishness is more defined by elite social connection than by blood. This is evidenced by a number of Jew-white marriages, usually with the Jew as the man, implying that Jews have now conquered whites.

On this, I shall quote Andrei Martyanov,

August 18, 2018

In many respects popular American 20th “history” of Russia is so consistently associated with “Jewishness” (apart from obvious ignorance of those who write it) because it is projection of own complex of inferiority. Russia changed Jews, Jews changed the United States and this inequality will exist and this is one which bothers greatly many of those WASPies in the US who have to face the fact that Russia didn’t sell out to Jews, while the United States today is effectively run by them in key sectors of national activity. This Russia-USSR-Bolsheviks-Jews-GULAG mantra is needed as a therapy for very many Americans in order to block out how they, and others, sold out their country to these very same Jews. Especially against the background of once great country literally turning into the third world multicultural cloaca with grim or no prospects at all. Sad, especially when one looks at purely American phenomenon of a vast strata of Christian Zionists loyal to Israel–an exhibit A of America’s failure to form as a cohesive nation.

This left quite an impression on me. Obviously, since I’m culturally distant to all three groups referenced above, I cannot really judge from any personal experience. But I feel like I can see where this is coming from. I can see how Russian/Soviet culture and system assimilated Jews much more than the American one, which the Jews have managed to very much tame for the benefit of their own, for the benefit of Israel. I can see how whites in America cucked out to Jews much more than Russians did. Of course, the Jews overperformed in the Soviet system as well, being highly talented, but still mostly so in a subordinate context to the culture. I know that during the Cold War, the USSR supported the Arab countries. The Jews there could not manipulate the system to support Israel anywhere near as much as the Jews have done in America. In America, we even see elite white women willingly accepting the conquest of elite Jewish men, which just goes to show how easily white sell themselves out to Jews. This is of course quite a complicated social phenomenon that I can’t understand to any depth at this point, perhaps I can get Товарищ Мартьянов to enlighten me as time passes. In any case, I’m make the list.

  • Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
  • James Rothschild and Nicky Hilton
  • Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy
  • More to come

Jewish-Chinese couples are also increasingly common. Most prominent now is perhaps Amy Chua with that Jed Rubenfeld. There’s also Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Like it or not, marrying a socially connected Jewish man is still very much a ticket to success in American society. Apparently, many Jewish males have a thing for Chinese women or something like that.

In terms of 崇洋媚外, Chinese women are definitely much worse than Chinese men. I guess it has much to do with more conformism and liberal tendency in females. The Chinese who go through the American system who can see through and reject toxic American liberalism tend to be almost always male. After all, it’s more socially acceptable to be a weird guy than to be a weird girl.

Returning to the primary matter of discussion here, I ask myself what is it about American culture versus Russian culture that enables such easy Jewish cultural conquest. I guess one might that judge that Russian culture has more soul and substance than Anglo culture, making it harder for an outsider to penetrate. There is also, as Martyanov would say, that Americans’ not having had a war at home in the 20th century makes America the perfect nation “for organizing Holocaust industry and selling it as a guilt medicine and using it as a coercion tool.”

I’ll conclude with that while the English language is fine for technical, for culture and propaganda, it is relatively bland and tasteless, but because Americans don’t really learn foreign languages, they haven’t seen any better. This comes from someone for the most part native to Chinese language and culture and with some “second-hand” knowledge of the Russian language and Soviet culture too. There is quite a degree of linguistic and political shield and antidote that the Chinese language provides for the decadence and depravity of the American cultural and political climate.

I’ve recently seen many knowledgeable regard America as doomed by culture, despite being materially rich. As for that, we can only see what happens in decades to come.